Be careful what you wish for

By Tereshky 
2 parts
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Guys are Going to Notice

CJ slammed the door to his dorm room. “Pathetic… that’s what that was…. Just pathetic…” He didn’t understand, he was a nice guy, he had career ambitions, but all the girls wanted from his was friendship. He was particularly desolated today. He’d just asked Carly if she wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. They’d been hanging out so much recently, she’d be so nice, he just knew he was doing everything right. He also knew that she had nothing to do when she told him she’d be busy. She’d told him a few days ago that she never did anything during the school week and here she was suddenly busy every day.

“What is it about me that they hate?” He said looking into a mirror. In truth he knew. His bony shoulders sagged under his t-shirt. His stick thin arms, rather than filling his sleeves, rattled around inside of them like a puzzle piece that didn’t fit. His torso had no shape whatsoever. It was just a wiry frame that clothes were draped over rather than fitted, as if they were hanging out to dry.

People liked him. He had a great since of humor. It’s just that they always wanted to be his friend and never anything more. Every time a girl rejected him it just sent his confidence tumbling to the ground in shattered pieces. He felt sure it would work this time. He’d been working on Carly for a month. She had begun texting him to hang out after class when she was bored. Surely if anyone would say yes, it’d be her.

His phone began to buzz from his best friend Tom. He’d told him about the rejection. Tom was always there to swoop in and pick up the shattered pieces. “Hey man, why don’t we go out tonight, get your mind off Carly,” he texted. CJ sighed, he probably should, he thought. But for now he needed to lie down.

Later that night he and Tom were at a local dive bar. It was the only one that would take CJ’s fake ID. He was almost 21 but he had the face of a 17-year-old. “Don’t worry about her man,” Tom said. “There’s plenty of chicks out there. You just gotta find the right one!”

CJ looked into the mirror behind the bar. “Yeah, I just have to find one who’s into adopting lost puppies.” He said, thinking he looked like a stray that had been out on the streets for too long.

“Don’t worry man, you’ve got this. I know this girl who just turned single. She may need a shoulder to cry on!”

“Every time girls lean on my shoulder they complain that’s too bony and poking them in the head,” CJ said getting tipsy.

“Wel,l let her cry on your back. You’ve got to keep trying man.” Tom said, realizing it was time for his friend to get back to his dorm. The two paid up and made their way out to the street then suddenly the worst thing that could have happened occurred. Carly walked past arm and arm with a lacrosse player. CJ looked at his bulging biceps that stretched his t-shirt realizing he’d never have that kind of a frame.

“Awww fuck…” was all he said. It was bad enough getting rejected but then getting showed all the ways he didn’t measure up in so clear a way was devastating. Suddenly the alcohol hit and he ran to a bush to throw up.

He got back to the dorm alone around eleven that night a complete mess. He kicked his work table, causing the ceramic mascot to fall to the floor and break in half.

“Jesus, CJ, you should be more careful. That little guy had sentimental value after all,” came a voice from behind.

CJ whipped around, and then quickly stabilized himself as he was still very tipsy. “Who’re you?” He stammered. He was staring at an olive-skinned man, wearing a grey Stetson, leather gloves, and a dark overcoat, open at the front, revealing a matching three piece suit. “What’re you? The Mafia?”

“Well, I suppose that would be one way to end your misery. But no, your life isn’t quite that interesting,” the figure said in reply.

“Well then, who’re you and how’d you get in here?” CJ asked.

“The name’s Jack. But I believe the question you should be asking is what I can do for you.” He walked up to the lopsided student. “All your life people have looked down on you for your size. People tease you, call you a refugee, even your family pokes fun at how many of your ribs they can see. You must be tired of that, but fortunately for you, I can help.”

“Look, I don’t know what yer sellin’ but…” CJ was suddenly interrupted as Jack put gloved finger to his mouth.

“Clarence John Stevens, you should listen more than you speak. Why do you think Carly chose that man over you?” Jack asked.

“Well because he’s got muscles and I’m… wait how do you know my name or any of this?”

“I know everything about you Clarence. I also know how to help. It’s your lucky night. I can give you anything you ask for.” He reached into his suit and pulled out a card that simply had the name Jack the Giver, written on it in fine flowing script. “Just take the card and make a wish.”

CJ took the card and stared at it. “Uhhhh…. What?”

“Just make a wish, unless you’d rather spend the rest of your life like this.” Jack replied.

“Fine. Then I wish I had muscles… like crazy muscles… like a sex machine. All the guys like that lacrosse player are gonna look at me and take notice!” CJ said as his mind wandered drunkenly and as soon as he finished the card burst into flame and burned away without a trace burning his fingertips. “What the hell, man!” he shouted to Jack, but when he looked up the room was empty. The only evidence that anything had just happened was the tingling pain in his fingers.

“Jesus, I need to stop with the tequila…” he said, pulling his shirt off and collapsing on his bed and passing out.

The next morning CJ woke up with a splitting headache. His body felt funny and he told himself that he should probably take the morning to recoup from last night. Sitting up in bed he stared at the mirror hanging on his wall and gasped. Instead of ribs he was looking at a pair of pecs. His arms were thick and shapely. He looked like a swimmer.

“Oh shit… I’m having a stroke…” he said, thinking he was hallucinating. He looked down and felt his torso, the abs he was seeing were real. He could feel them individually. He cupped his right pec in his hand, feeling its size and weight. “Jesus, I look like a model. That crackpot wasn’t joking.” He stood up and pulled his jeans off, his lower body was toned too and the bulge in his briefs was impressive too.

He got ready and put his clothes on for the day. For the first time in his life they fit him beautifully. Things were going to be different now. He couldn’t wait to show his friends, what would they say? He couldn’t wait to see. He didn’t have long to wait before he ran into Tom who was waiting for him on his way to class.

“Hey, man.” Tom was startled at this stranger who came up to him.

“Uh… hey…” He felt like he looked familiar but couldn’t remember where he’d seen him before.”

“You don’t recognize me? It’s CJ.”

Tom squinted, he did look a lot like CJ, particularly the face but… it couldn’t be. His voice was deeper and… that body. “Ha ha, nice try man. Is he hiding in the bushes somewhere? I’m impressed, the two of you could be twins almost.”

“No seriously… it’s me… I uhhh… something happened last night after you dropped me off at the dorm.”

“What…?” The two went back and forth for a few minutes until Tom felt like testing it. “Okay, if it’s really you tell me one thing that I’ve only told to you that you’d never tell to anyone else.”

“You mean that you’re secretly into guys?” CJ whispered. “You know I’d never tell anyone that without your permission.”

“Shit, man!” Tom stared blankly at his now-hot friend. “Is this some new protein supplement or something?”

“It’s much, much weirder.” CJ said, and he told him what happened. Then he pulled up his shirt and flashed his abs.

“Well… I guess some people get all the luck,” Tom said, feeling up his friend’s six pack to see that it was real. CJ flexed it for him which made Tom’s cock twitch. He quickly pulled away. “So… are you going to try it again with Carly now?”

“Fuck her, man,” CJ said. “There are plenty of chicks on this campus that didn’t break my fucking heart.” They walked together to the meal hall CJ noticed people checking him out. Curious girls and jealous guys, and dudes looking to measure up were all eyeing him. Not to mention Tom. He could see his friend checking him out whenever he thought he wasn’t looking. He didn’t know what to make of that. More pressing on his mind however, was a table of hot girls. One was particularly hot and she’d been seriously checking him out since he sat down.

“Excuse me, Tom,” he said, walking over to her. “Hey, my name’s CJ, I was wondering if you were busy tonight.”

“Uh yeah, we’ve having a girls’ night—” one of her friends started to say and the girl gave her a stone glare to shut her up.

“My name’s Briana, you have something in mind?” she said.

“Dinner at 6?” And they exchanged numbers. CJ’s mind was blown how easy it was with the right body. He couldn’t think of anything else but his date until they arrived at the Italian restaurant at the same time. They walk in together and start to chat away. He’d never had anyone look at him the way she was staring and realized he was actually going to get laid tonight. The idea made him horny and a strange thing happened.

His balls seemed to vibrate and gurgle as if they were hungry for action. They began to swell. He could feel them getting tighter in his briefs.

“Yeah, so I’ve been into sports all my life, I’m just too busy to sign up for anything varsity…” He was saying when he felt his pecs bounce in his shirt. “Whoa, sorry, I guess I just…” It happened again this time his biceps flexed with his pecs. “What the…” Suddenly his entire torso was flexing in unison. But each time his shirt felt a little tighter. He was beginning to grow again.

“What’s happening… to you?” Briana said.

“I uhh… don’t…” Suddenly his polo shirt began to rip at the V. “Sorry, I have to” riiiip another convulsive burst of growth ripped his shirt right in half in the middle of the restaurant. “I’ve got to run,” he said, jumping up, nearly knocking over the table. He reached in his wallet and threw some cash down and ran out.

He tugged at the shirt that was pinned on his arms but another flex caused his sleeves to pop off, leaving his shirtless. His unfulfilled balls continued to vibrate and swell until they grew to the size of large lemons and caused his 8’’ soft cock to soak into his jeans. He ran into his dorm in a blind panic and struggled to pull off his tight jeans before they ripped apart.

“Uhhh hello?” CJ looked up to see Tom sitting at his desk staring at him.

“What are you doing here?” CJ asked in a panic.

“Studying? You said I could study here while you were out.” Tom looked at him. “What were you doing without your… whoa, you’ve been growing again.” He looked at his friend’s completely jacked bod as he struggled with his jeans. He looked like an NFL quaterback. His giant package bounced around in his briefs as he struggled to get them off before they burst. Tom blushed. “Maybe I should leave if you’ve got company coming.”

“No! Please stay! I don’t know what’s happening!” He said as he finally got his pants off and collapsed on the bed. “I was eating with Briana and my body started swelling again… in the restaurant… god, I was so close to getting laid!” he said banging the wall in frustration. “I’m so fucking horny and I had to hide back here!”

Tom watched CJ stretch himself out on the bed, his large semi-hard cock poked out of the top of his briefs and one of the lemon sized nuts bulged from one of the leg holes. CJ had gone from someone he wouldn’t have looked twice at to a complete fantasy just lying there. “I mean, there are worse problems…”

“God, these briefs are killing me.” he groaned.

“Then why don’t I leave and you can take them off,” Tom said trying to do his best to be supportive but he felt like if he staid in the room much longer he wasn’t going to be able to control himself.

“No, please, don’t leave me. I… don’t want to be more alone than I was before this started,” CJ said. He pulled his briefs off and looked at his huge package. “Fuck man this is crazy…”

“Uh… yeah… crazy.” Tom couldn’t control his throbbing hard on as his friend checked himself out completely naked.

CJ was so horny from his unfulfilled date that he couldn’t help but touch his 10’’ member. Some cum started to flow when suddenly he was interrupted. “Awww fuck man, you can’t just do that in front of me,” Tom said. The words were hardly out of his mouth before he was going down on CJ’s massive cock, flipping his ball cap on backwards to suck it properly.

CJ was shocked by the suddenness of it and he grabbed his friend to push him off but it felt so good having his cock sucked. No one had ever given him a blow job before and Tom was clearly an expert. “Whoa… you’re really good at this…”

“I go to this basement club in the city. I’ve got lots of practice.” Tom said taking his mouth the swollen cock for just long enough to talk before diving back down on it.

That only made CJ’s balls more excited and they began to swell again, flooding his brain with sex hormones. His entire body felt incredible as his muscles grew tighter and tighter, and the pounds slowly pile on again. This time less violently. Tom pulled his shirt off. He’d been working out since high school, his body was pretty fit. CJ watched his toned friend work on his cock, the hormones and endorphins imprinting this as hot into his malleable brain that had never done anything sexual with anyone before. He let out some groans…

Tom was encouraged and pulled the rest of his clothes off. Fucking his towering friend was going to be the hottest night of his life. He didn’t realize that CJ had grown five pounds since they started. Tom clambered up on top of the massive bod in front of him and wedged the cock between his ass cheeks and started to jerk it with his ass.

“Whoa… what are we doing?” CJ groaned. “I’m not gay.”

“Nobody said you were, stud. We can stop if you want,” he said, slowing down. He’d dealt with virgins before. It was always good to take things slowly.

“No… it’s just… not how I imagined my first time.”

“I think you’re just too much man for only one gender. The girls are gonna love riding that massive pole,” Tom said to egg him on.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Tom said as he placed his hole on the tip of CJ’s cock. “Just like this,” he said as he sank down on that massive member. As his cheeks got spread apart his eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure. “Fuck yeah!” they both grunted. Tom looked amazing going up and down on that huge member wearing nothing but a choker necklace and a backwards cap. That vision along with the feeling of his ass wrapping itself around his massive meat wear seared into CJ’s brain as the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Tom reached for his phone and started snapping pics of him riding that huge monster, getting as much of CJ in the frame as possible.

It wasn’t long until he came inside Tom. There was so much cum Tom could feel it pumping him up as he reached down and felt his abs curving around his filling belly. Without warning him came too and pulled out, gushing cum out all over the place as he did. They looked at each other and blushed. “That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had,” Tom said, looking down, “I was going to go eat but I think I’m full now,” He said holding his ab lined food/cum baby.

The two of them cuddled for the rest of the night and Tom helped him clean up in the morning. “I think we should shower off now,” Tom whispered to his 250-pound friend. But the showers were out in the hall. Tom grabbed two towels and they wrapped them around their waists and went out to shower. Tom didn’t give a fuck about what anybody thought anymore, he’d just had his mind blown by a massive virgin. They went out into the hall wearing towels so they could shower off in the communal bathrooms.

CJ picked the largest shower stall for himself and began to lather up but soon Tom poked his head in. “Mind if I join?” he asked without really waiting for an answer. He just went down on that massive cock as the water poured all over them. Fortunately for them it was 10 a.m. by this point and most people had already showered.

However, the bathroom wasn’t completely empty and it wasn’t difficult to see what they were doing. Suddenly the shower curtain ripped open and to their shock it was the lacrosse player that they had seen two nights earlier. “What’s going on in here?”

“Uhh… nothing man… we just…” CJ was at a loss for words at being caught like this.

“A bit risky isn’t it? I know the RA really well and she reports shit like this.” he said sternly. Then he whipped off his towel. “I also know she won’t be out of class until three,” he said with a grin. Pushing the two of them back into the stall and closing the curtain.

Tom gasped. “I didn’t know you were into guys, Mike.”

He grinned, “I didn’t know I was either… but this seemed super hot. Who’s your friend?” He said stroking CJ’s enormous dick.

“Uh… Mike… this is… Chris…” Tom said realizing that they didn’t really have any other explanation than to re-introduce him as someone new. “He just enrolled.”

“Fuck yeah…” Mike said before licking CJ’s enormous pecs. “Damn that’s fuckin hot.” Tom got doubly aroused by what was happening and began to play with Mike’s nips while putting his cock head against Mike’s ass hole. Mike began to thrust against Tom’s cock as he went down on CJ.

“Uggnnn… not really… gay—” CJ groaned as the two boys went to town on his enormous body which swelled by a few more pounds. His meaty pecs bounced with delight as the hands on his skin stimulated him in ways he never knew were possible.

“Fuck it, neither am I… who cares… we’re all having fun,” Mike moaned.

“But… fuck… what about… Carly…?” CJ groaned getting hard.

“Who fuckin’ cares, man?” Mike said. “She was like two nights ago.”

CJ let loose several jets of cum all over Mike and Tom. Just as Tyrone from the football team walked in. All three of them stood there frozen, covered in jizz as the powerful black tight end, wearing nothing but a towel, stared at them in apparent confusion.

“Uhhh maybe we should take this back to the room…” Tom said, turning red and toweling himself off.

“Mind if I join?” Tyrone grinned.

Three weeks later there was a new attraction at the Tom’s favorite club. CJ, or “Chris” as he now called himself, the new stripper / rent boy. People paid all kinds of money to fuck him in the back room. All kinds of guys got turned on by Chris, which is why you should be careful what you wish for. One drunken line about your male rivals could alter how it comes true. “All the guys like that lacrosse player are gonna look at me and take notice!” And they did.

Loads of Success

Mark Lannar was a stripper, or exotic dancer as he liked to call himself. He’d been doing it for 20 years. His stage name was Big Mark, and it fit him. Every part of him was big. Standing at 6’4’’ and 280 pounds, his muscles bulged under the tight clothes that he preferred to wear, showing off his impressive arms and chest. His pants were tight enough to show off his gigantic ass that he could move in ways that made people crazy.

The problem was, he was getting bigger, and not in the way he wanted. At 38 it was getting hard to maintain his impressive muscles and not sport a bulging gut. Sure there were a ton of guys into that but the real money came from older gents who were looking for youth and definition. The young twinks just didn’t tip well enough and the manager at the club was getting tired of him not pulling in the cash that he used to.

He had made a good living bouncing his ass on stage ever since he was 18 but the money was starting to dry up. The dim lights were no longer enough to conceal that he was getting older. He had started making extra money on the side giving hand jobs but the problem with that was, he wasn’t gay. All of his adult life he’d bounced from girlfriend to girlfriend. What the real number was he couldn’t say but it was definitely over a dozen.

The current one was named Cathy or Carly or something… it really didn’t matter. She was just the last in a long line of women that he’d given his youth to, only now as the money stopped coming in as quickly, he seemed like much less of an attractive prospect on that front as well. If Cindy found out what he was doing on the side to pay the rent, that would really be the last straw.

One night the manager came up to him after close for a frank conversation. “Listen Mark, I think it’s time you looked for another job. What are you still doing hanging around here? This is a young man’s game and I think the clock is running out.”

“Whaddya mean Tom? I’m as big as I ever was!” he said, flexing his impressive bicep.

“That’s the problem, you’re bigger than you ever were,” Tom said patting him on his gut. “Only some of the kids are into you now and to be honest, nobody wants a daddy who gets his money thrown at him on a stage every night. There’s other things you can do.”

“Like what? This is my life. It’s all I know!” Mark slammed his fist against the wall.

“That’s why I’m telling you this now. I’ll give you until the end of the year to figure something out but if you haven’t found something by then, I’ll need to hand your stage time over to a younger guy. We’ve got bills to pay too.” He said walking away.

Mark cashed out his singles for twenties and went out to his car. He’d been able to buy it new with cash 10 years ago. Now it was less of a status symbol. He didn’t drive home. There were a few pit stops to make first. Several older gentlemen needed to be satisfied before he could go to bed or there wouldn’t be money to buy gas tomorrow.

It was well after 2 a.m. before he walked into his apartment. Colleen was still up watching TV, which was unusual for her. At least he thought it was unusual. They’d only known each other for six months and he’d really only been living with her for two.

“You know I did you a big favor letting you move in here,” she said. “Where were you tonight?”

“You know I work late, Babe,” he said.

“Clearly… but not at the club. I called down there an hour ago and they’d already closed for the night. Matter of fact, I’ve been doing that for a couple of weeks now. Turns out they never stay open that late Monday to Thursday and you’ve been rolling in here at 2 or 3 in the morning.” She pressed him further but never liked any explanation that she received.

“Look, this isn’t working out. Either you’re whoring around, or drinking the night away and I’m not really up for either. I want you to sleep out here and figure out some place else to live by the end of the week,” she said, marching off to the bedroom.

Mark watched as Connie slammed the door behind her. “Well, fuck…” he said to himself and wandered back outside. He knew where he could go to sleep on a bed. He walked out to the car and started sending out text messages to old fuck buddies and flings who might still be up.

“Try Tina, she’s usually up for company after that messy breakup she had this summer.”

“That’s right!” Mark said. “I’ll call Ti… wait a minute, who are you?!” he said, swinging around. He jumped and hit his head against the top of his sedan. In his back seat sat a man in a wide-brimmed Stetson. In the dim light from the streetlamps he could see he was wearing a grey three-piece suit and an overcoat but the face was in shadow.

“A friend. Right now probably your only friend who can truly help you.”

“You don’t sound like anyone I know. Now you’ve got five seconds to get out before I snap you in half.” As big as he was, Mark wasn’t afraid of much. “5…4…3…2…1…” The intruder said nothing and the enormous stripper lunged his thick arm back to grab him by the neck but the stranger was too quick. Like a springing cobra a gloved hand seized his wrist in an iron grip and squeezed it like a vice. Mark moaned in pain, he’d never met anyone so strong.

“Isn’t this just your entire life in miniature?” the stranger said. “Your friends offer you a helping hand and you lash out at them. That poor girl up there for instance. She let you stay with her for $300 a month and you come home with jizz spots on your shirt.”

“What does Kate have to do with this?” he whined through the pain.

“It’s Kelly, you idiot! You’ve slept around so much you barely remember her name!” Mark could only writhe in pain under the iron grip of the stranger. “Oh, sorry,” the man said and let him go. “Now if you won’t attack me for the next five minutes I can get back to helping you with your problem. My name’s Jack.”

“Right now, my problem is a pissed off girlfriend,” Mark answered rubbing his throbbing wrist.

“Right now, you don’t have a girlfriend. But forget about her for now, she’s not your problem. You want to live the life you’ve always lived, banging whoever you want with a job that makes strangers gasp at your magnificent physique. So your real problem is time. That belly that you can’t seem to flatten anymore, those hairs that are turning grey, those wrinkles you can’t iron out. But I can help with that.”

“What’re you gonna do? Make me 20 again?” he laughed.

“What’s the point of making you 20 again? You’ll just wind up in the same situation. What you want is a different kind of body. One that changes in different ways. Instead of weaker you can grow stronger, a body that people will pay just to have a glimpse of, one that time cannot touch… provided you do what’s required,” he said pulling out a card and handing it to Mark.

“What do I do with this?” he asked.

“You make a wish,” Jack replied.

“Like I just wish? For whatever I want?”

“For whatever you want,” Jack replied.

“Then I wish for the body you just talked about,” he said and the card burst into flames and filled the car up with smoke. Mark opened the door to clear it as he coughed. “What the fuck was that?!” he shouted, but the stranger was gone. He stood there waiting for something to change but he felt nothing and after fifteen minutes he texted Tina and found himself a bed for the night.

The next few weeks didn’t really go that well for Mark. He was couch surfing and tips were way down. Nothing seemed to be all that different from before, apart from a parking ticket he couldn’t pay. He had begun to wonder if he had hallucinated the entire scenario with Jack when one night after leaving the club he heard a familiar voice.

“What’s the problem Marky? You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Look pal, you had your laugh from that wish gag, now leave me alone,” Mark said with annoyance.

“Odd…” Jack said musingly as he stepped into the light. “You should look much different than you did unless… unless you haven’t been doing what’s required,” Jack said.


“You’ve been fucking guys, right?” Jack said.

“No… why should I do that?” Mark said.

“Ohhh… right… you’re a stripper, not a prostitute… My mistake. If only I had remembered… I would have worked things out differently. I thought guys were fucking you quite regularly. That explains things.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well… it’s just that with your new body…” Jack said with a grin. “Guys have to cum inside of it in order for it to change. Swallowing works, but anal is better. I should have explained but I just figured you’d discover it on your own. I’m kind of a sucker for surprises.”

“Wait… that’s how I get what I want!?” he shouted. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Hey, Mark! Who you shouting at?” the bouncer said opening the door to the club.

“This guy over here expects me to…” He looked back to where Jack had been standing but he was gone. “I… just some nut…” he said and stomped off to his car.

Several more weeks passed and things had not improved for him. Jack’s words never left his mind though. He was getting desperate for money, which is why after a worse-than-usual night he found himself in the alley behind the club on his knees in front of a customer who’d been propositioning him for months. He had the six crisp twenties tucked in his back pocket as the man’s dick slid in and out of his mouth. His back pocket was tucked in a locker inside the club because the man had only agreed to pay that much if he took off everything but his underwear.

He had practiced being turned on by guys for so long it wasn’t difficult for him to perform, sliding his head back and forth along the shaft like it was his favorite thing in the world. He gyrated his body rhythmically and bounced his pecs, hoping to get a few more bucks out of the guy after they were done. He had the right moves because after two minutes he could taste a mouthful of salty jizz. His first instinct was to spit it out but he forced it down.

The customer was satisfied. “Fuck that was hot! You swallowed my whole load!”

“Yeah, man,” he said, pretending that he enjoyed it. “So fuckin…. gnnnn—” Suddenly his body convulsed and his muscles began to flex on their own. Mark felt his cock go hard and he began to blow not one but three loads into his skimpy underwear. Beads of sweat gathered on his skin as his orgasms sent waves of pleasure through his body and he crumpled onto the ground. The other man pulled his dick into his pants and walked away down the alley, no doubt thinking the big guy was on drugs.

Suddenly a door opened it was another stripper. “Mark! What are you doing out here? You’re on after Kyle!”

“Thanks, Jake…” Mark said, catching his breath. He walked back in, passing Jake who was taking another man out back. He went into the small changing room and looked in the mirror and gasped. He looked better than he had all year. His face looked more refreshed than it had in a long time and his definition looked like he’d been on a several-week cutting spree. He could even see the faint outline of his abs on his muscle gut again.

“And heeeeere’s Big Mark!” He heard from the speakers and he rushed out on stage, forgetting to change his cum soaked briefs. Filled with new confidence he performed the hell out of the song and for the first time in months brought in a good haul of dollars. He was feeling pleased with himself as he went back to the locker room to pull out the sticky bills.

He peeled off his briefs and piled the money in his locker and toweled himself off. “Ummm… congrats man, looks like you’ve been taking better care of yourself lately.” It was his manager.

“Thanks, Tom, I just decided to take what you were saying seriously,” he said without hiding anything. Tom had seen them all changing thousands of times.

“Yeah, well… seeing how you performed tonight… I think we can work out a way to keep you on rotation,” he said, his boner visible through his jeans.

Mark knew what that meant. He had known it was coming. The offer every dancer got when they were in danger of getting tossed. He’d been dreading this moment but after what he’d just done in the alley he figured it wasn’t the worst thing he could do for a buck.

“Oh? You think we can work something out?” he said walking over to Tom until his pecs were practically against his face, his eyes smoldering with manufactured lust. He had no interest in Tom but you didn’t get far in this industry without being a good actor. He really wanted to keep his job but was also curious to see whether the trick would work a second time so he reached over Tom’s shoulder and locked the door.

Tom unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and Mark immediately dropped down on all fours and began to suck on the hard cock, bucking the lower half of his body as if his huge ass were taking an invisible cock. He let out some low groans to make Tom think he was enjoying it and started playing with his own nipple. He knew what Tom liked, they all did. His office was covered in porn. “You like that daddy?” he said in his most submissive voice.

“Fuck yeah…” Tom grunted before shoving his employee’s head back on his shaft. He knew Mark liked girls but he liked the idea that he was breaking this straight boy so much that he let himself believe it. “Worship it…”

Mark let his voice go higher and higher to make Tom think he was close when suddenly he felt two hands shove his head against the cock so firmly he started to choke on it. “Fuckin… take… every… drop…” he said as he blasted his jizz directly down Mark’s throat. As Tom pulled away, Mark felt his entire body flex again as his pecs tightened up even more. His cock shot a load of cum up to his pecs, unencumbered by his belly, which had tucked in another inch. His muscle gut had definite defined abs now and more of his minor muscles became visible. Mark leaned back against a locker, his orgasm was just getting stronger.

Tom had shut his eyes while he blew his load, he wiggled his cock playfully and looked down at Mark. “Damn, Mark, that was… holy fuck…” His employee was panting on the floor, spurting jizz all over himself, load after load, until his cock had run dry and there was nothing left to shoot. He gaped at his body. Mark looked even hotter than he had on stage. The changes were minor enough that he wondered whether his mind was playing tricks on him but you could clearly see a six pack on that rounded gut, which seemed much flatter than he remembered. “Fuck, that’s hot. Glad you enjoyed.”

Tom tossed a towel on the panting Mark and left him in there to clean himself up. He sat there on the floor thinking about what had just happened. Looking in the mirror he saw his abs the way they had been last year, only his pecs seemed slightly larger than before, which was amazing given the thin layer of fat that had begun to build up on them was gone.

“You seemed to enjoy that.” Mark looked up and saw Jack leaning against the wall. “Are you sure you’re straight?”

“I’m a good actor,” Mark replied.

Jack grabbed a ridding crop that someone had been using as a prop earlier and ran it along the cum dripping off his pecs. “Yes, I see… great acting skills there…”

“I can’t help that! It just happened!” Mark shouted.

“I think you’ll find that no one can help what makes them get off.” Jack grinned. “Oh, I think I should warn you this all resets.”

“What?” Mark said gaping back at him.

“Oh yes.” Jack grinned. “If you go 48 hours without someone cumming inside of you, you swell back to the size you were, plus however many pounds and wrinkles you would have accumulated in the interim.”

“But I’m not into…” Mark began to protest.

“Success!?” Jack interrupted. “I said I would give you a body if you what was required. This is required. It’s not a horrible deal. You just need to find someone who wants to unload into that massive ass of yours.”

“Jesus, Mark, do it somewhere else!” Nate, another stripper, shouted as he came in to change and found Mark naked and alone, covered in cum. Jack had seemingly vanished as there was no one else in the room.

Mark toweled off and reached for a clean pair of sexy undies. “Uhhh sorry I just…”

“Ha forget it, I was just kidding, you think I haven’t seen worse in this place?” said Nate. “By the way, saw your performance out there. You’re looking great. Good to see you getting back in the swing of things.” He looked Mark over, he looked like he’d been at a health spa for the last six months. Nate was 23 with the body of an Olympic swimmer looking to make a little extra cash on the side. He’d had a crush on Mark even in his decline. He saw him as a muscle daddy and the fact that he was straight made him even more irresistible to Nate.

“So what did you find to jerk off to in a place like this?” Nate asked getting closer to Mark. He stood at about 5’8’’ so his face could have easily lodged itself between those meaty pecs. He’d wanted to lick those things so badly.

Not wanting to admit what had just happened he pointed at the mirror. “Just checkin’ out my progress man, guess I got a little carried away.”

“Not gonna lie, that’s really fucking hot.” Nate never really hid how he felt about anything. His hand found its way up to Mark’s right pec. “Too bad you play for the wrong team.”

Mark looked at himself in the mirror. After only two loads people were noticing a big difference, he could see it too. What would happen with a third? “I might be willing to switch sides for one night.” He went on, “As long as you don’t tell anyone… aaaaand as long as you’ve got your own place. I don’t think the chick I’m staying with would approve.”

Nate smiled. “My roommate’s asleep and doesn’t care who I bring home.”

“Well, in that case… I think it’s time we had a sleepover,” Mark said patting Nate on the ass.

Nate’s apartment was dark as they walked in the door after 2 a.m. The two made their way to his bedroom. Mark could feel two long arms sliding up his chest and pinning him against the wall as Nate stood on his tip toes to try and plant his lips against his friend’s mouth but Mark wasn’t interested in making out.

“What? No kiss?” Nate said, grinding against the massive body in front of him.

“Actually I was hoping to kiss you a little south of the mouth.” Mark said picking Nate up and putting him on the bed. He unbuttoned Nate’s pants and pulled out his cock and started to go down on it. It was an odd task he had, trying to get a mouthful of cum without actually bothering with sex.

“Heh, slow down tiger, we should get more comfy,” Nate said, pulling off their shirts. Mark could feel him groping his big pecs. He felt hands pulling down his pants and underwear. Soon they were both naked and Mark could feel that small muscular body grinding up against him. His cock was actually hard, hoping for another shot of cum. “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first saw you.”

“Let me show you what I want to do,” Mark said working is way down to the cock, and slowly sliding it in and out of his mouth. He went to town on that cock for fifteen minutes but all he got was pre. “How do I get you off, stud?” he asked.

“I don’t usually get off from just a blow job but what’s the rush? We’ve got all night,” Nate said.

But Mark was getting desperate. He needed more jizz. He cut on the light so he could position himself correctly and straddled Nate’s waist with his legs. He’d never bottomed before but it couldn’t be that hard. To Nate’s surprise the giant of a man lowered himself down on his cock and began to ride him like a pole. Mark cringed as he tried to hide the pain of his first penetration. “I… uh… never expected you to be a bottom.”

Nate had always fantasized about getting dommed by his fellow stripper but Mark had moves from twenty years of dancing and it wasn’t long before he felt weak with pleasure. Mark reached behind Nate and pulled his face against that massive body as it went up and down. Nate licked every part of that he could reach before groaning in delight and blowing his load.

Mark instantly felt an explosion of pleasure exploding in his ass as he entered into the most intense orgasm of his life. Nate felt blast after blast of cum on his face and chest and gasped as he watched the big guy on top of him changing before his eyes. His gut shrank to little more than a muffin top as his biceps and pecs appeared to be expanding, or was it just his body fat receding. Mark collapsed on top of Nate, unable to hold himself up any longer.

“Jesus, what’s happening to you?” It took at least five minutes before Mark stopped orgasming and another couple of minutes for him to catch his breath so he could answer. But eventually he told Nate the entire story. “OMG… I can’t believe it but… look at the results…”

Mark had to look at himself in the mirror. Once in the bathroom, he clicked the light on and checked out his progress with Nate’s arms draped around him from behind, his semi-hard cock pressed against Mark’s leg. His face was losing the signs of abuse his lifestyle had etched on it. His pecs looked meatier than they ever had and his veins were bulging on his muscular arms.

“Let’s do it here,” Mark said.


“In front of the mirror!” Mark grunted and shoved his ass into Nate’s crotch. “I want to see it happen!”

“O… K….” Even without all of the strange changes, Nate had never pictured being the giver with Mark. Far from the image of the domineering top that the big guy had portrayed, he was becoming a demanding bottom. Still he had a super-hot bod and the strangeness of the situation was kind of turning Nate on, causing his cock to perk up as Mark bent over the sink.

Nate slid inside him once again and pounded away at his massive colleague, watching those ass cheeks jiggle. This time Mark didn’t need to act. The anticipation of another massive orgasm made him grunt in pleasure, squeezing Nate’s cock with his large bubble butt. He was so incredibly turned on by his new body, feeling up his chest, abs and arms.

Pound after pound, Mark’s reflection was all enrapturing even as he felt an explosion of pleasure up his ass. He fought the urge to close his eyes as the second load of cum shot its way into him, causing his traps and delts to tighten into greater relief than they had since he was in his twenties. The valley between his pecs became shredded with ridges as he flexed those meaty pecs. His six-pack came into full relief as his own cock tried to jizz all over the bathroom but was firing dry after the night’s activities.

“Awww fuck…. More!” The two of them fucked until Nate didn’t have any more loads to blow… and by morning Mark’s face looked like he was 25 again.

Things changed for Mark. After reaching the promised body type, the changes slowed so much that if you weren’t looking for them, it was easy to miss. People at work called him the Cum Dumpster behind his back because he couldn’t go a single day without someone fucking him. But he was big, bigger than ever before as he twirled around on his pole, making the crowds go wild. He never really had to worry about rent again because there was always someone willing to take him home.

He never became fully gay, which made it extremely difficult for him to top. That shattered his dom image, but since his facial features had become smooth and boyish again, his new subby image seemed to fit. The sight of a cock always made him horny and hungry which was just as well but his favorite sex position was one where he could watch himself get fucked in a mirror.

So you see, even when you don’t get what you want the way you wanted it, sometimes things do workout when Jack is involved, if you’re not too picky.

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