Wrap your arms around me

by NBCK99

Bruce loves being touched so much that his lover’s hands just aren’t quite enough—until they meet a cocky stranger named Jackson.

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I am a very tactile person. Okay, so that’s actually a serious understatement. Human touch is like jolts of electricity for me, and I’ve always had fantasies about big, strong hands on my neck, my back, my shoulders, my hips, my chest. I have this desperation to be completely enveloped by another person. As a teenager, I quickly started trying to make my fantasy a reality, but it proved difficult. I was always taller than most people, and I quickly grew to be a 6’4” young man with a solid build. It’s pretty hard to feel enveloped when everyone around you is inches shorter than you.

I went through high school and college feeling perpetually dissatisfied. Plenty of hot guys wanted to worship my larger than life body, but that didn’t do anything for my fantasies. Still, it was gratifying. I was constantly told how hot I was, how beautiful my green eyes were, how cute my disheveled sandy blond hair was. And guys just loved to feel my hard-earned muscles. Sometimes I would get two or three guys together and just let them rub their hands all along my biceps and abs and pecs and quads. Those body worship sessions were amazing, but I always wanted more.

Around the time I graduated college, I met Marco. I surprised myself by agreeing to a date. He was hot, but he wasn’t really my type physically. He was a good six inches shorter than me, with a lanky swimmer’s build rather than the muscular build I usually go for. Still, his great personality and his very kissable lips won out. Before I knew it, we were an item, and we got serious pretty quickly. Unfortunately, my love for Marco didn’t soothe my unfulfilled fantasies. I would press our bodies together, his dark, tanned skin against my pale skin, and I would wish we could trade places so that he was the muscle giant holding me in his arms.

It didn’t help that Marco had trouble handling my cock. I’m already a lot taller than the average guy, plus I’m proportionally well endowed. The result is a foot-long cock worthy of a porn star. Actually, I’ve been told multiple times that between my hot face, my big muscles, and my huge cock, I would make the perfect porn star. But that’s getting off topic. The point is, I think it made Marco feel a bit inadequate. He’s always been a very caring person, and he never cared more about my happiness than in the bedroom. That’s why I had to tell him about my fantasies. I knew it would be painful for him to hear that I wasn’t feeling satisfied, but it would be worse to lie to him.

I can’t say Marco was eager to experiment, but he was willing to do whatever it took to make our sex life better. He introduced me to his old fuck buddy from college, and the three of us fooled around a few times. We met up a few times with an old friend of mine too, and we even took a few guys home from bars. I loved the feeling of four hands roving over my body, and I loved feeling two bodies pressing up against mine, but somehow I always needed more.

One Friday night, everything changed, although we had no inkling at the time. I sat perched on my bar stool, feeling pleasantly tipsy and drinking in the sight of my beautiful boyfriend. Sensing my mood, Marco pulled my head down for a kiss. “Want to head home soon?” he asked seductively. His sexy voice, with the tiniest hint of an accent, rang in my ears. I just nodded with a goofy grin on my face. Marco glanced at our empty glasses. “One more drink, and then we’re leaving,” he informed me. Whatever you say, I thought dreamily. As he walked from our table to the bar, I watched the sway of his hips.

“Hey, handsome,” a voice called from behind me. I turned around to see a guy with jet black hair and skin paler than mine. His face was even hotter than Marco’s. He had big, dark eyes that you could get lost in, and he wore a slight smirk that I imagined was his default facial expression.

“Uh, I’m here with my boyfriend,” I told him, nodding toward the two glasses on the table.

His smirk grew into a cocky grin. “I flirt with who I want,” he said. “The name’s Jackson, by the way.” I couldn’t stop staring at his face. There was something otherworldly about him. In a split second, I made a decision, hoping Marco would be okay with it.

“Well Jackson,” I said, “if you’re going to flirt, you’ll have to flirt with both of us. My boyfriend is at the bar buying another round of drinks. By the way, the name’s Bruce.”

Jackson took the hint. “These drinks are on me,” he said with a wink. And then he was off to the bar to find Marco. I had never met someone with such confidence. I began to imagine his hands exploring my body, and I started getting hard. I hoped Marco wouldn’t get mad at me for this. He had planned a night for just the two of us, and once again I was getting a third person involved.

I shouldn’t have worried. When they came back to the table, Marco was fawning over Jackson just like I had. Now that I saw the two together, I could see that Jackson’s lanky build was pretty similar to Marco’s, but he was a couple inches taller. Jackson was very respectful of the fact that Marco and I were a couple. I hadn’t expected that. As we got ready to leave, he looked into my eyes, and I was mesmerized. I caught just a flicker of a glance toward Marco, a silent request for permission, before he pulled my head down for a deep kiss. I felt Marco’s hand on my arm, and I was in heaven. I couldn’t explain how, but my sense of touch was ramped up even further than normal in that moment. Jackson’s tongue on mine, Marco’s fingers gliding along my skin, it made my body feel energized in a way it never had before. One look at Marco confirmed that Jackson was coming home with us.

Inside our apartment, I watched as Jackson kissed Marco while removing his shirt. I never thought I could be so turned on watching Marco kiss another man. Once both men had bare torsos, I could see that Jackson’s pale, lanky body lacked the muscle definition that Marco had. And yet somehow, instead of looking skinny, he looked long and lithe and powerful. The same energy that radiated from his eyes emanated from every inch of his body. I positioned myself behind Jackson and started unbuckling his belt. Marco helped, and soon all three of us were shaking off our clothes, standing perfectly nude, and breathing softly on each other’s necks.

As we kissed and groped each other, we all shifted positions, and suddenly I was sandwiched with Marco in front of me and Jackson behind. Four hands roved over my body while two mouths kissed me. Marco planted a big, sloppy kiss on my lips as Jackson lightly kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear. It wasn’t quite the same as my fantasies, but I had never been lost in pleasure the way I was at that moment. I had also never been so turned on, and the three of us continually found new and unique ways to pleasure each other throughout the night. Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep.

After that, Jackson became a regular part of our life. Marco and I were closer than ever, but we also spent a lot of time with our third partner. We would hang out casually and get to know each other, and then we would return to the apartment and explore each other’s bodies in new ways. I had never been happier, but Marco gradually became dissatisfied. It took some courage, but I finally talked to him about it.

“It’s nothing,” Marco said, the lie clear in his eyes. I couldn’t leave it at that, so I kept pushing. Marco sighed heavily. “I’m so happy you’re happy,” he finally said, “but whatever happened to us? Jackson used to be something new and exciting, but now I don’t know what he is.”

I didn’t like where this was going. “I don’t love him,” I stated firmly. “I like him a lot, but you’re the one I love, the one I need.”

“Then why do I feel I like you would be unhappy without him?” Marco asked. That stung. How could I explain that Marco meant everything to me, that I could never leave him? How could I explain that to him when we both knew our sex life would be stale without Jackson’s intervention?

“Wrap your arms around me,” I commanded. The warmth of his body felt wonderful against me. His hands, though smaller than mine, held me protectively. It wasn’t enough, my body craved more, but I wanted Marco to know that his touch was all I needed. Large as I was, I relaxed my whole body and allowed myself to melt into him. “My body aches to feel this sensation a hundred times stronger, but I’m happy if you’re the one holding me.”

Marco gently kissed me on the cheek. Then he kissed me on the mouth. And then his kisses weren’t so gentle, and he was practically ripping my clothes off me. An hour later, I lay on the bed with Marco pinning me down. “I would do anything to make your fantasies come true,” he whispered. “Anything.” I fervently wished that he could truly turn my fantasy to reality.

The next time we met up with Jackson, he had a glint in his eye. Combined with his perpetual smirk, it made him look like some mischievous sprite. As we entered the apartment after a night at our favorite bar, he randomly remarked, “You two are truly in love.”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

Marco cocked his head to the side and looked at Jackson oddly. “Where did that come from?” he asked.

Jackson grinned, the mischievous light in his eyes growing. “I can only work my magic with the help of true love,” he stated. Marco and I both turned to stare at him.

“What is up with you?” Marco demanded. “Listen, you’re hot and everything, but you’ve always been a bit weird. Is this some sort of mind game?”

Jackson’s grin grew even wider, and he laughed out loud. “I don’t play mind games. I’m not a siren, you know.”

I decided to take the bait. “Okay, then what are you?” I asked.

“Think of me as a cross between Cupid and a fairy godmother.” I was tempted to believe him just because he managed to say it with a straight face. Marco was not nearly so credulous.

“How in the hell did you manage to appear sane for two months?” Marco asked.

“The Romans somehow confused Cupid with Eros and worshipped him as the god of love,” Jackson continued as if Marco hadn’t said anything. “But Cupid is actually a fairy. Essentially, he’s a fairy godfather who specializes in granting wishes for people in love. There are a handful of us with that specialty. We can only cast spells when aided by the power of true love.”

I tried to take all of that in, but I just awkwardly stared with my mouth hanging open. “Cupid can only work his magic on straight lovers, but I specialize in wishes for gay couples,” Jackson added, the glint in his eyes returning.

Marco was about to speak, probably to reiterate that Jackson was totally crazy, when Jackson’s skin began to glow. It wasn’t bright, but it certainly wasn’t natural either. “You recently made a wish,” Jackson stated, addressing both of us. “Marco, you wished that you could turn Bruce’s fantasies into reality. Bruce, you wished the exact same thing.”

Marco was clearly still weirded out, but he was also in awe. He couldn’t seem to decide whether to gape at me or at Jackson. “When two lovers wish for the same thing, I can make that wish come true,” Jackson informed us. “Kiss,” he commanded. We obeyed.

The whole thing was just completely surreal. I mean, who just says they’re a fairy godfather and they’re going to grant your wishes? On the other hand, my kiss with Marco felt literally magical. If my hyper-sensitive body processed kisses as jolts of electricity, then this was a lightning bolt. I had never experienced such desperation to get naked and hold Marco’s body against my own.

“Wrap your arms around me,” I breathed. Marco grabbed me and held me in the tightest bear hug he could manage. I felt it more deeply than I ever had before, like his skin on mine was breathing life into my very cells. Then I felt Jackson’s breath on the back of my neck, and he snaked his arms around my waist. It was just like the first night we had met, and I realized that that night had been touched by magic too.

Just the feeling of four hands on by torso and two bodies pressed against mine was enough to get me aroused, but just as things were getting good Marco pulled away.

“What is happening to me?” he asked. “I feel… I feel so strange.”

Jackson’s voice floated dreamily from behind me. “You wished you could make Bruce’s fantasy into reality. Your wish is being granted.” Marco shuddered, and suddenly he thrust his arms out to the side. His breathing became heavy, and I could sense energy pulsing through him in time with his breath. Suddenly his arms and shoulders seemed to grow. His muscles looked thicker, bulkier. Then I noticed his hands. They were alternating between flexing as hard as they could and curling into fists. And then they were doing both at once. His fingers writhed and split as one right hand flexed and a second one curled. The tension in Marco’s arms grew, and he seemed to pull his arms backwards and forwards at the same time. Starting at the wrist, his arms slowly divided until he had four arms—two front arms, and two back arms. His biceps and triceps seemed thicker than before, and his shoulders had grown considerably to support the two new limbs.

Marco stared at his body in awe. I noticed that his hands seemed larger and longer now too. All four of them. I became weak at the knees, and I would have fallen to the floor if Jackson hadn’t held me up. Marco took a step forward and tentatively placed his front left hand on my chest. As he stroked my pecs, he used his front right hand to pull me in for a long, deep kiss. Two more hands wrapped themselves around my waist just above Jackson’s hands. I clung to my lover like a life preserver, and I lifted him up until he was on his tip-toes so that I could look him in the eyes.

“Tell me to hold you,” Marco breathed. “Tell me you need more.”

“I do,” I whispered desperately. “I need more and more of you.” And then Marco was standing with his feet flat on the floor, but he was still looking me in the eyes. I felt his body grow as he pressed it against me. I felt his lats and shoulders get wider, and I felt his pecs grow round and heavy until they were at least as large as mine. I felt his arms get even thicker. I even felt his cock, which was already rigid, grow until it nearly matched my own. At the same time, Jackson ground his own rigid cock against my ass.

Jackson whispered in my ear. “This is the strongest reaction I’ve ever seen when I granted a wish. Your love is strong indeed. I think Marco is only just getting started.” Those words were both hot and surprising. Just getting started? Marco had already developed an ability to hold me in a way that no one else could. What more could happen?

Marco leaned in to whisper in my other ear. “Tell me to hold you tighter,” he urged me. “Tell me you need more.” I realized I did need more. This was beyond what I had ever imagined could happen in real life, but my fantasies had delved far deeper.

“I need more of you,” I breathed. “I need your arms around me, all of them.” In response, Marco let go. Once again he writhed with energy, and he took a few steps back to give himself some space. He gasped loudly and flung four of his arms out to the side. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but when I saw his shoulders start rising I knew. Everything below Marco’s pecs remained still, but the rest of him lifted up as if being pulled into the air. His pecs and arms stretched, and then separated.

Now I had to look up to Marco. He had to be around 7 feet tall. Above his pecs, which were larger than ever, there were two more bulbous pecs. From each set of pecs, four arms thrust out to the side. A pair of massive shoulders topped it all off. As I stared at my boyfriend’s beautiful torso, I saw that his abs had blossomed into a deeply carved 8-pack. I reached out to touch his abs, and it was like another lightning strike. The slightest touch of Marco’s body left me breathless.

Marco was experimentally moving each of his arms, first one by one, and then at once. His eyes were glazed over as if he was in a waking dream. Tentatively he reached out a trembling hand toward me. This was it, this was what I needed. Suddenly his hands were on my shoulders, my chest, my hips, just like I had imagined for so long. One hand reached out to squeeze my cock, and I gasped. Electric didn’t even begin to describe that thrill.

I would say that Jackson was forgotten in my lust for Marco, but that’s not quite true. As Marco kissed me and groped me and pressed his larger body against mine, I was still constantly aware of Jackson’s body against mine from behind. As much as I wanted to share this moment exclusively with Marco, I didn’t want to lose Jackson’s presence.

As if sensing my thoughts, Jackson whispered, “You haven’t gotten to the finale yet.” He proceeded to squeeze himself between me and my lover, reaching up to kiss Marco. I must have sensed what was to come, because I instinctively moved around to hold Marco from behind. The newly grown behemoth stood out between me and Jackson. He was inches taller than me and a good foot taller than Jackson, and his muscles were at least as large as my own. For a few minutes, I just clung to my boyfriend and kissed his back and neck.

After a while I decided I wanted Marco all to myself, so I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him toward me. To my astonishment, Marco’s whole back rippled with energy. He stepped backward and into my arms, but at the same time he stood perfectly still. My mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

I looked up at Marco and saw that his hair was short and he had stubble on his face. That wasn’t right. “You can call me Nico,” he said. I was frozen. I couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening. Even as Nico faced me, Marco’s body was still clinging to Jackson.

Marco turned away from Jackson and faced me. “He’s my twin… I think. At least that’s what everyone else will think.” My brain came back to life, and I very nearly came right then. My amazing, gorgeous lover had a doppelganger? This couldn’t be real.

Marco and Nico’s identical looks of lust and love made me swoon. “Tell me you need to be wrapped up between us,” Marco breathed.

“Tell us to hold you,” Nico added.

“Wrap your arms around me,” I begged. Marco forcefully pulled me into his embrace, and Nico positioned himself behind me, his foot-long boner pressed against my ass. Being sandwiched between Marco and Jackson was nothing compared to this. Sixteen big, masculine hands roved explored my body while two huge, muscular bodies pressed against me from either side.

I reached up to kiss Marco, and Nico gasped behind me. “I felt that,” he said in astonishment. “I felt you kiss him.” He began to kiss my neck and pressed up against me even more. I was in ecstasy, but things were still just heating up. Marcus dropped to his knees in front of me and licked my cock, and Nico moaned. “I felt that too,” Nico gasped. Marco’s hands were still on me, and now I felt hands grabbing me from my feet all the way up to my neck. My whole body shivered in delight.

Nico was getting more and more worked up, and he positioned himself to enter me from behind. I had never taken a dick so huge, but I was ready. With the overwhelming sensation of touch all over my skin, I could only imagine how it would feel to have him inside me. He probed gently at first, eliciting sighs and moans from me, before inserting himself with a powerful thrust. I cried out in ecstasy. Almost simultaneously, Marco wrapped his lips around my cock. Nico pulled my head around so we could kiss, and I realized I was giving each of my twins double pleasure. Marco could feel my lips on Nico’s, my tongue in his mouth, and Nico could taste my cock in Marco’s mouth. I kissed Nico even deeper.

Nico was clearly as overwhelmed by pleasure as I was, and he began to thrust harder and harder. Meanwhile, Marco was taking more and more of my cock, taking me to the brink. Just as I erupted into Marco’s mouth, Nico started cumming. Marco had freed up a spare hand to service his own cock, and he started cumming as well. It dawned on me that my twin lovers were each feeling each other’s orgasms as well as their own. Of course I was so lost in pleasure that that thought, and any others I had at that moment, only skimmed along the surface of my mind.

Somehow the three of us eventually ended up on the bed, with me once again sandwiched between my twin lovers. Later I would realize that Jackson had mysteriously vanished at some point in the night, but for the moment, I could only think of the wonderful sensation of being enveloped in my lovers’ arms.

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