Uncle Matt’s farm

by StevePwrBear

 Steve visits his uncle’s farm and discovers something unexpected about his heritage. Winner of Metabods 2005 Meta Story Contest.

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It was a cool August evening the night my parents got in a huge fight and my dad hit me. He said it was an accident, but how accidental can a fist be? I had just turned 21 and had been home from college for a about week. It was the end of my summer vacation. I went to Ohio U in Athens, Ohio, but my family lived in Flatbush, Kentucky. I was there to spend my birthday with old friends and my family. College was great, but home was home. Or so I thought. As I tore out of my parent’s home, the crisp night air slicing through my enraged body felt ice on a hot stove. I loved my father, don’t get me wrong, but the pain on my left cheek begged to differ.

Let me start a little earlier in the day. I had spent my birthday morning with a hangover. My friends took me out the night before and poured alcohol down my throat like water through a hose. In fact, at one point there was a huge hose down my throat, belonging to the local “straight” quarterback, Billy Jeffries. But I digress and I’ll have more on that in a second. Let’s go back even a little further; back to the beginning of when I started wanting what I was about to finally receive.

I’ve always had a big body, not really fat, just big and bulky. Ever since I was a kid, I was always bigger than most all my classmates. My mother said it was from her side of the family. She said that the men were always large and strong as an ox. I do remember visiting my grandparent’s farm every now and then, and I remember how large and solid my grandfather was. He used to put his finger out and instead of telling my to pull it, he told me to grab on as tight as I could, then he would lift me, effortlessly, up and onto his shoulders, never wincing or even struggling in the least. He did this all with just his index finger. The first time he did that I was 7 and weighed 84lbs. Through my childhood it seemed that he kept growing bigger just as fast as I did. I could never seem to gain any height on him. For years I never saw him without his clothes on. He was always a very private type of man when it came to that.

When I was 12 he took me back out behind the barn to help him fix one of the walls that was starting to sag outward. It was an extremely hot July day and the humidity was so strong that you could literally sweat just standing still. When we got back there, he looked over at me, bitched about how incredibly hot it was and he told be to get comfortable. Then he began to slowly unbutton his shirt. Grandpa’s clothes were always pretty loose fitting, which only made him look like he was bigger yet. With every inch of skin that came into focus, more and more muscle tried to escape. Finally, after what seemed a lifetime, he took off his shirt and for the first time I saw what my mother talked about. He was massive. The man was 62 years old and had a body larger and more virile looking than a bodybuilder I have seen to this day. Veins snaked down over every inch of him, winding through the peaks and valleys of his titan like form. His arms were as thick as a large coffee cans and harder looking than concrete. His chest…My god, his chest stuck out well over 6 inches from his body. They were gigantic and you could see the muscle strands through his deep rich tanned skin. They were so heavy with muscle they curved downward to meet two of the largest and hardest looking nipples that looked as if they could be milked like a cow. Each nipple was well over an inch long and his sweat from the hot summer day, caused droplets to hang off of them like raindrops on edge of a tree branch. His back was as wide as I was tall and he literally had an 8-pack of rock around his abdomen. With every movement you could see the power and god like strength that coursed through him.

As he bent over to lay his sweat soaked shirt down on the woodpile I actually could not take my eyes off of him. I only had my shirt halfway over my head as I used it to sneak staring at him. Feelings began to swell inside of me that I had never felt before. Suddenly in a split second, he was no longer my grandpa, but an idol, a hero, and a God for me to worship. I knew that it was soooo wrong for me to feel this way, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted him to show off for me, to hold me up high above him, to let me touch his magnificence. I wanted to be close to him, to honor and obey him completely, to be a part of his body. Yes, that’s it, I wanted to BE him.

As he started to stand back up erect, he was facing away from me as he called for me to come over where he was. I didn’t move, but I had managed to get my shirt all the way off.

“Steven, get over here and help me, will ya?”

I didn’t budge.

He turned around and saw my awe and began to laugh. “It’s okay boy, I know what you’re going through. I did the same thing, the first time I saw my father naked as a young tike just your age. You don’t have to be afraid; this is who we are and what you will become, someday. You just need a little help from you’re Uncle. He’ll make it so good for you, just like he did for all the men in our family. Come over here and touch my arms.”

I was immobile.

“It’s okay, son. I want you to feel what only another man in our line can feel. Come here my boy and I’ll take you to a place you’ve never been, but someday you’ll never return from. A place of Gods.” With that, he struck a most muscular pose and I fainted.

That’s all I could remember from that day. It was never discussed and he never took his shirt off in front of me again. Sadly, 2 years later, my grandpa died in a boating accident late at night. His body was never recovered. Since then I have worked hard at becoming just like him and my passion for being a huge muscle beast has been my secret lover.

My fantasies to become a huge muscleman with massive bulges and pure Herculean power and strength increased daily. I fantasized about being big in so many different ways, growing up. Starting the day after being behind the barn, I would fantasize that I was a huge muscle giant walking through a town of villagers, crushing houses made of Popsicle sticks, and occasionally stepping on a Fisher Price figure or army man. I loved the height factor, but my real fetish was to have muscle and power along with height. As a kid, I never really worked out, because I was always big. In high school, some would say that I looked like a football lineman for a pro team or a big time wrestler. I was, at that time, 5’11” tall with a wide chest and big arms, thick legs, a tight round plump ass, and a pretty solid stomach. I played football in high school and lifted weights daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day, which helped me to be as big or bigger than any of the other guys on the team. I just looked “thick.” My problem was that I just couldn’t seem to cut any definition, so it looked like I was overweight. All through my upper teenage years I was becoming obsessed with growing and lifting. Because of my insatiable desire, I did grow and daily I felt myself getting stronger and bigger. Sometimes I’d cum just by lifting, feeling the power and strength of my muscles and getting off on it. My sexual awareness was going through the roof. I knew that I had feelings for men, but I never had the guts to follow through with it. Now in college, I wanted to be bigger than anyone I ever knew: Even bigger than Billy Jeffries.

He was our star quarterback, and at over 6’7” tall, packed with massive muscle, and the looks of a god, he was the biggest any college had ever seen. All I could say about him was he was completely massive. He looked more like a fullback than quarterback. Most quarterbacks are more slender and wiry enough to dodge an oncoming lineman, but not Billy. He was quick, but he would have 2 or 3 bruisers hanging off of him and they still couldn’t put him down. And with his fantastic 21” guns, the man could throw the ball from one end zone to the other. Billy told me that he was from Covington, Kentucky and that we had played against each other in high school at an All State Game. I said I would have remembered him, but that I just couldn’t place him. He said a lot had changed over the last year. He said that he visited a friend of his in Flatbush every now and then, since he started at Ohio U. Billy and I became pretty close friends and since I didn’t have a car, Billy was usually my ride back home. He never stayed with me, but would travel out into the country and visit his friend.

Billy was a huge fantasy of mine since I began at Ohio U. He had always joked around in the locker room with me and made fun of how big I was all over. Yes I did have a bigger than average cock at 5” soft, but hard it was 9 1/2 “ long and 5 3/4” thick. I was proud of my cock, it was the biggest that I knew of, except for Billy’s. He was even larger than me and I think the only one on the team that was. So he had a right to tease me I guess. Sometimes, his fat jokes hurt a little, thought. But I knew he liked me as a friend and teammate. His body was completely flawless. I mean there wasn’t a mistake or imperfection on him. He reminded me of a much younger version of my grandpa. At first, I actually had to turn away from looking at him naked in the locker room, for fear of not only getting rock hard, but awestruck like I was with grandpa. Slowly, though, after about a year of being friends, he became my fantasy man to lust over and over with my fist around my cock. Then just before this last time we came home, things seemed to change some.

I was beginning to wonder (or hope) that he might have liked me a little more than just friends, but I would denounce it as me projecting that he liked me that way. Although, there were many times that I would catch him staring at me. Once, I was sure that I saw his cock start to get hard but he covered it up quickly with his towel. Then, one day, two weeks ago, after I thought everyone had left the locker room, he caught me alone in the large community shower whacking off, I immediately covered up the best I could and said I was sorry; that I was just really horny. I was mortified that he would make fun of me, but instead he said it was cool and he would give me some privacy. But he didn’t try and leave the shower area, at first. I could see that he seemed just as uncomfortable as I was. I thought DAMN he was embarrassed too, then he sighed really heavily and turned around, but as his massive naked frame left the tile, I thought I saw his tree vine start to harden. God I was so horny and after seeing him getting hard again, I stroked myself to my full mast again. I couldn’t help myself. Just like that day with behind the barn, again that huge muscle god of a friend was my idol, my secret lust. It took a little while though to get off, since there wasn’t much privacy, especially since he kept walking by naked and what looked to be “over semi hard” status.

I was just about to shoot when I felt his hand grab my ass and I lost it. I shot all over the shower wall with an orgasm that must have lasted 30 seconds long. Billy just stood there and watched me convulse and cum over and over. He cheered and congratulated me on my load and then started to laugh, calling me a “cum exploding freak”. I was hurt at first but then he took his one finger and lift off some of my cum from the wall and spread it on my chest like the letter “A”. He said, “Now you’re a marked, bitch,” and again he started laughing with his half hard cock bouncing up and down with every chuckle.

What I didn’t realize till later, now thinking back was that he was semi hard the whole time. Anyway, I felt really embarrassed and I grabbed my towel and left in a hurry. As I turned the corner to go out of the shower I though that I saw him lick his finger, but I was too ashamed of myself to take a second, more direct look. I exited the shower, and got to my locker. My heart was pounding a mile a minute, but over the thumbing of blood in my head I swore I heard him jacking that huge monster amidst the echoes of the shower walls. That was the last straw and without even touching myself again, I began to cum all over the locker room floor. I knew I had to have this stud, somehow, someway.

After that day, though, just like my grandfather, he seemed more aloof than ever before. He didn’t talk to me as much out of football practice and on the way home this last time, we hardly spoke or looked at each other. That was until he came into the bar bathroom.

As I said before, I was taking a much-needed leak, with my piss-hard cock out when the bathroom door opened. It was Billy, with a really big smile on his face. I was shocked to see him since the only thing he said when he dropped me off at my parents was that he wasn’t sure he was going to go back to school anytime soon and that I probably should find another ride back. My heart sank then and I thought I had lost my friend, or worse yet my secret lust. For the next 5 days I never saw him anywhere around town. I figured he was staying with his friend in Flatbush.

But now here he was locking the bathroom door (it was a one urinal, one stall type of room with a lock on the door). He lifted his hand way back and smacked my ass, saying Happy Birthday as he walked into the stall next the urinal I was at. I heard him unzip his pants but no sound of him peeing. I looked down at the glossy black tile floor and notice a distorted reflection of him in the stall. It looked like he was jerking off. As I was still peeing, I instantly became rock hard. I thought I heard him start breathing heavier.

“Where have you been, bro?” I asked hesitantly.

“At the farm with my friend. He says he knows you, but he doesn’t think you know him. He’s a great guy and he’s taught me a lot.” Billy answered, but his voice seemed to be raspy and lower. “I’d like you to meet him. He told me that I should apologize to you for that day in the shower. I shouldn’t have gotten you all worked up like that. I’m sorry, dude. I…I was having some fun with you. I like you.”

“I like you too, Billy.”

“Call me Bill, now.” His voice was definitely lower and his breathing was getting louder. “I need to ask you something.”

“Sure, what?”

“Don’t panic when I ask it, okay?”

“No problem. What’s up?”

“Did you get a boner when you saw your grandpa behind the barn?”

The breath in me was gone and the world closed in around me in that instant. Images, questions and chaos poured through me. ‘How the fuck did he know about that?’ ‘What was he getting at?’ ‘I was only 12, but…’ ‘Oh my god, I do remember. After all these years, I remember what happened. I remember, I was rock hard with my first hard-on when I saw grandpa. I remember now. I remember him noticing my hard-on. I remember touching his massive arms and feeling electricity course through me. I remember feeling like something new, that day. I remember being changed.’ I answered Billy. “YES.”

It felt so natural to admit it. I felt alive and free. I felt amazing.

“Good,” he said, “then it’s time you know all about me and what’s in store for you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I said as I remembered that that was how my grandfather talked that day. I started to step back to look into the stall, but Billy commanded.


I looked down at the reflection of him again, and I was sure he was jerking his cock. It looked huge. So without shaking the last drops of beer-induced piss out of my shaft, I started to jerk my meat too. The bathroom was getting really warm and I was tired of pussy footing around, so I got bold, turned around and flung open the stall door. I almost came immediately.

There stood Billy and he was fucking HUGE. He must’ve been over 7” tall and wide and muscular as fuck. He had such a lustfully crazed look in his eyes and he was visibly larger and taller than I had ever seen him. He was enormous and god like, just like my grandpa. I realized that I hadn’t ever looked up because if I would have, I would have seen him looking over the stall wall at me. His cock was well over a foot long and thicker than a 20 oz bottle of pop. His entire frame was causing the walls of the stall to buckle outward. He smiled at me and waved his massive schlong at me, saying, “It’s time we do this, Steve. I’ve wanted you for soo fucking long. Now it’s your birthday and I want to give you your present.”

With that he grabbed me, lifting me up off the ground and kissed me hard. I felt his long tongue probe the entire cavity of my mouth. It was incredibly long and I felt it lick and tickle the back of my throat. As he held me I felt him to begin to grow bigger. I was in ecstasy.

Then there was a knock on the door, with Terry Gilroy yelling, “Are you done in there yet? I’ve really gotta take a shit.”

Billy released his hold on me and in an amazing moment was back at his normal height and his cock had lost 2” to its normal hard length. I rubbed my eyes and thought I must’ve been really drunk and imagined him that big.

“Yeah, were done for now.” Billy said as we tucked ourselves back in and he opened the door. Before we unlocked the door, Billy wiped the precum off of his cock and fed me his soaked finger. It fucking tingled.

Terry came flying in and slammed the stall door closed, and we quickly heard why he was in such a hurry. I hope he had the decency to clean up in there.

Billy grabbed my arm and said, “Let’s go outta here. I know somewhere else, close by, where we can go.” “I’m so excited to be with you, Steve that we have to move quickly, ‘cause I can’t hold myself down to my normal size very much longer.” He literally pulled me out of one of the back doors of the bar and into the alley. He looked quickly to see if there was anyone there and to our luck it was deserted. He grabbed me around the waist and picked me up like rolled up sleeping bag under his massive arm and carried my into a cubby hole area that was dark but not too dark enough to not be able to see each other. I looked around and there was no way that I could see where anyone could come up on us or see us. Then I turned back to Billy. He bent down, kissed me, and started to grow again. He stood straight up and I knew he was now over 7 feet tall, probably almost 8 and his cock had torn through his pants and by the time it stopped growing I knew it was at least 14” long now. As he grew every bit of his clothing stretched to its limit till every garment shredded off of him. He must have stopped at about 10 feet tall. His crotch was almost right in front of me. I looked up at him and came in my pants. He laughed in a deep brooding way and he said. “Take it. Take it Steve. I want you to know what it’s like. You want to be a muscle god.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could as I struggled to gobble down his huge musclemeat monster. It was really difficult and painful at first but eventually I was getting all of the head passed my teeth and as more precum exiting his giant cock hole I was taking more and more of him in, till my mouth no longer hurt. Instead it felt amazingly elastic. More and more of his cock slid in with incredible ease. Then I plunged down on him to the hilt and smelled the musky odor of his crotch as my nose pressed against his pelvic bone. My throat, like my mouth, felt elastic and tight as his thick rod stretched me completely, filling up my throat as it went deeper and deeper in me. With his hands on the back of my head he held me there for a couple of seconds and I started to feel even better and it was less of a strain. Then he started to fuck my mouth like a pro. I was amazed at myself for being able to take him, but I figured that since I started college I had learned to work my mouth and throat muscles as well as control my breathing. Little did I know that may cock sucking abilities weren’t the case and Billy loved that. My hands traveled all over his body. Every single inch of him was solid granite. I grabbed his silver dollar nipples and tugged and squeezed as hard as I could. His moans told me how much he was pleased. He grabbed my torso, lifting me off the ground and held me there in mid air as he pumped his thick monster in and out of my hungry mouth. The strength on this guy was incredible. While he was still fucking my face, he turned me over so my cock was aimed at the sky and he brought me up to his own mouth so we could 69 vertically. I could taste large amounts of precum squirting from him and the more I tasted it, the less my mouth, throat and for that matter, entire body hurt. Eventually he was able to pull his cock almost completely out and then shove it back down my throat with it not being a struggle at all for me. My face was covered in a mixture of my saliva and his precum and my whole head was tingling. That’s when I felt the burning in my stomach. It started light and built in intensity like a rushing river heating up my entire body.

My own cock was going in and out of Billy’s hungry mouth, too. And with every suck of him, it felt like my cock was filling more and more of his mouth up. At one point he engulfed my balls and I did every thing I could not to cum because I wanted this to last forever. Billy started to grow some more and I could feel him gaining size against my skin. I was so far into a euphoric state that I grabbed his ass and shoved his cock so hard down my throat that his balls stung as they smacked my forehead. This was it for him. He buried his face down on my cock and then in a huge and violent burst that was so strong and intense I felt him cum like a rocket blasting off, with strong shots of cum smashing into me for about a full 2 minutes straight, filling my satisfied stomach with his hot cum. I didn’t need to swallow since his cock was halfway down my throat and I took every drop he had. Immediately, the burning heat that was flowing through me stopped and I’m not sure what happened next but right before I passed out, it felt like my body was expanding and hot as hell with my cock exploding in the most intense orgasm I had ever felt in my life.

When I woke up, only about 5 minutes later, I was completely naked and my clothes were torn and lay shredded on the ground around me. Billy was even larger than before at almost 15 feet high and with a soft cock as large as he was when hard earlier. The giant football star had a 14” SOFT cock. He was completely naked, as well, since he had totally ripped his clothes to shreds and he was taking a tattered blanket to wrap around his massive frame. Billy told me that that was the very best blowjob he had ever gotten and asked if I could help him out whenever he really needed it. I told him of course but next time it would be 10 times better.

He said, “You have no idea, Cousin” and gave me a kiss as he knelt down, giving my uncut cock a tug. Then he said something that I know I will never forget.

He told me that I was in for some great times and that a whole new world was going to be opening up, because of my Grandfather and my Uncle Matt. I had no idea what he was talking about. The next day on my birthday, He said I would find out.

As I slept that night, I had visions of different types of men growing into gigantically huge muscle gods with various styles and magnitudes to their bodies. There were smooth college men to 70-year-old daddies that grew thick coats of facial and body hair in various degrees covering their mammoth proportionate muscles. Then some would grow no hair at all and actually become bald all over their slick, silky, tanned Herculean frames. There were blonds, brunettes, redheads, silver and coal black types. Hundreds and hundreds of gods were displayed before me, and the strangest thing of all was that I felt what each and every one of them felt as they grew: The power, euphoria and an overwhelming feeling of lust and a godlike existence.

The next day, which was my birthday, I awoke with a huge headache and was sick to my stomach. I felt completely hung over, but my whole body felt different. I couldn’t explain it, but even with this massive hangover, the rest of my body felt like a million bucks. I was still very groggy when I got up to take a much-needed piss. Cloudy images of the muscle gods still roamed my thoughts. As I walked to the bathroom I felt really heavy, like I had packed on quite a few pounds. I thought it must have been all the beer I drank. As I started to piss, I could feel it coming. It was a mixture of a feeling like I was going to be sick and horny at the same time. I thought, ‘How fucking twisted is this?’ At that moment the feeling of being sick took over and I puked twice to the only god that I wish I never had to worship; Porcelain.

I got up off my knees, again, and went back by bed feeling actually refreshed and invigorated. Not only was the urge to purge gone; the feeling of my cock growing and getting heavier by the second was turning my hormones into overdrive. I felt the insatiable need to whack off. By that time I laid back down I was more awake and I noticed that while my head was almost touching my headboard, my feet were hanging over the foot of the bed. I thought that was really odd as well, but exciting too, and I started to get even harder. The harder I got, the more the hangover went away and the more amazing I felt. In fact I was feeling like a million bucks. The muscles in my body felt like I had just had a massive workout and I could feel the pump in them, filling them up. I started to remember how awesome it was to suck Billy’s huge cock and not even have to strain my mouth or gag. My cock became harder. I was still trying to rationalize all of this to the point of thinking that I must’ve been able to take Billy’s cock by all of the practice I had had with the football coach who was extremely thick as well as some of the other campus men, but none of them was ever over 14” like Billy was.

As I thought about how that big soft cock got harder and longer in my mouth, I started to get so horny my cock was hurting with throbbing pressure so I brought my pleasure tool out from beneath the covers and grabbed it so I could feel it getting harder and bigger in my hand. Damn, it really was bigger, almost an inch, I thought. I stopped rationalizing and knew Billy had done something to me and I fucking loved him for it.

I loved the feeling of something growing. Flashes of my childhood, that had been lost down memory lane, came back to me as I remembered how I use to get a really great and funny feeling watching The Incredible Hulk show and seeing David Banner growing and getting huge. My little penis would get really hard and I would want to touch it with all my heart . Watching reruns as I got older, especially after the time behind the barn, it would sometimes cause me to just cum right in my pants as the mild manner Banner grew to his incredible alter ego. I wanted so much to see a mammoth green cock rip right through his pants and cum all over the screen. I’m sure there would have been many a people dying to see that.

Now, as I lay there, my adult cock felt amazing getting plumper and growing bigger causing my fingers to spread wider. It was already rock solid like the end result of an erection, but it kept growing bigger and bigger. With each stroke it got heavier and thicker: God what a feeling. By the time it stopped it’s mutation it was well over 12” long and about 7” thick. I started grabbing my big wand with both hands and fucking them. My balls, which were larger as well, being about the size of two extra large eggs, were pounding on the mattress and flying up against my fists as I pumped with an incredible fury. My ass was bucking and I wished for Billy’s cock to be in it. Visions of my dream gods touching and feeling me caused me to begin to lose control. Flashes of my grandpa posing for me and egging me on began. He was still the most beautiful specimen of muscle I had ever seen, and even though I knew how wrong it was to desire him, I did. I was on the threshold of no return. The feeling of the purest euphoria was upon me and I was going to let go. That’s when I heard the latch on my unlocked door start to move.

Cursing amidst a whisper, I quickly threw the covers over me and sat up, acting as best I could, that I had just woken up. Luckily it took my mom a bit to come into my room. If it weren’t for the tricky latch on the door she would have caught me jerking off. I barely had enough time to tuck my cock down under my legs so she wouldn’t see the giant circus tent that I’m sure would have been created. The whole time she was there, I had a hard time concentrating on what she was saying. All I could think of was Billy, my grandpa and the other huge bodied men and my huge throbbing cock under my legs for which I so desperately wanted to feel explode all over me.

As my mom came in, she told me Happy Birthday and asked if I really wanted to go back to college today or stay longer. I told her that I had to get back today to start getting ready for the next semester. She sighed and said that dad couldn’t drive me to Billy’s place across town. His work was keeping him at the office longer. But she and I both knew that he just wanted to get shit faced. She said I still had a week before school started and if I would want, I could spend a couple of days with her brother, Matt. He had a farm outside of town about 20 miles away and that Matt said he would love to see me because he hadn’t seen me since I was 6 years old.

I had a flash of what Billy said last night about my Uncle Matt. I wondered if there was a connection.

Mom said that Matt had called last night and told her that he would drive me all the way back to college in a couple of days if it was alright with me. He said he had some “BIG” (she threw her hands out in a broad stoke as if to emphasize the word) plans for me.

I pictured Billy’s enormous cock driving into my mouth and my cock started soaking my bed in precum.

I told me Mom it was fine, but that I didn’t even remember an Uncle Matt. She said it was here half brother from Grandpa’s first marriage. She told me how fond of me he was, that I was a star athlete in college and all. Matt told her that, while I stayed with him, he could show me some pointers on how to improve my game, too. The whole time she told me this, I wondered how much she really knew about grandpa and the other men on her side of the family.

More thoughts of Billy poured into my brain as I could envision him growing over 20 feet tall, fucking and dominating me with his size and muscle. God I wished she would just stop talking and leave. My cock continued shooting precum and the restraint I was going through was only making me hornier.

She continued saying that Matt never came around much because my dad and him didn’t like each other very much. She said that Matt and my dad used to be great friends, but they had a huge falling out one day and they never spoke to each other after that. She didn’t know what it was about and Matt nor my father would talk about it. Because of this, my mom had only talked to Matt on the phone when my father wasn’t around and she hadn’t seen him herself in over 20 years. She said that that was the main reason she never told me about him. I told her it was fine and that I would be glad to stay with Uncle Matt. She left the room smiling and went to call him.

Almost on her housecoat-tails, I got up to lock the door, bolting it so there would be no more interruptions until I was through enjoying my new improved body and as I walked back to my bed, I turned to look at myself in the mirror. God almighty, I really was bigger. My whole body must’ve grown a 3-4 inches overnight. I looked awesome. I felt my new, bigger, and thicker and to my incredibly overjoyed glee, more cut body all over. I felt the best I have ever felt in my life. I pinched my harder, thicker quarter sized nipples, while intermittently squeezing and pounding my thicker, harder chest. I kissed and sucked my rock hard biceps and arms. I played with my fuller and harder ass. I grabbed my new big thick 12” cock and proceeded to give it my full attention; studying it and worshiping it as well as my huge sack of 2 gloriously hot apple-sized nuts. I looked at myself, almost in awe and completely amazed at how I looked. I brought my cock up next to my body and the head was only an inch below the cleft of my chest. I let it go and it sprang back down and back up, smacking into my torso. Then as if on a suspended wire, it came to rest at an almost perfect 45% angle. Thick pearls of precum oozed out of it and ran down the long length of it. I took my hand, spreading the glistening juice all over it till it was shiny and glossy.

Thinking of another fantasy of mine, I pulled my cock back up attempting to bend over to touch it with my lips. I was astonished when they met with ease. I licked the large bulbous head sticking my tongue into my piss hole, tasting my own precum for the first time. Still with ease, I bent further down and took the head of my serpent into my mouth and started to slowly go down the shaft as far as I could, finally stopping with a good 5 inches in my hungry oral cavity. I sucked on myself for a good 10 minutes until I could feel the cum turning and rising up from my balls, which gave me enough time to clamp the base my cock holding off the eruption since I wanted this to last as long as I could stand it. Little did I know at the time, that I would’ve been able to cum and cum as often as I liked since my new balls were continually producing cum at 20 times the rate of a normal man. I stood back up and admired my new built and cut body running my hands over every inch of myself. Periodically, I would bend over to taste more of my nectar that began to pour periodically from my golden shaft.

I was pleased when I found that both of my thick larger hands still didn’t engulf all of my cock as I began to fuck my fists. Gazing from the mirrored image to my own real body as feverishly pumped for over a half an hour marveling at how fantastic I looked.

I know all of this sounds so conceited, but try and look at it from this perspective. If you’ve ever seen someone you thought would normally not even give you the time of day, let alone have sex with you, and then completely to your amazement, he says he wants you and you can have the opportunity of a lifetime, I’m sure you wouldn’t pass it up, but instead take it, glorify in it and wanted it to last forever. Well, the body that was making love to me in the mirror was just that. A stranger to whom I had longed for all my life and now he was mine. HE wanted ME.

During the course of the late morning and most of the afternoon, I explored every possible way to make love to myself. I used toys, furniture, weights, lotions, gels, incense, tight clothes to burst out of, and just about everything and anything that could cause me pleasure. When I was finally ready to cum, I was standing about 4 feet from my bed with my huge cock fucking both hands as I was hitting a most muscular pose. Since I had held off cumming for over 8 times, there was so much back building of cum that the intensity of the first shot knocked me back onto my bed and as I came with shot after shot, spraying my entire room and it had so much force, for so far up, that I actually hit the ceiling, literally causing a cum fountain. I must’ve cum for 30 seconds without the feeling of it ebbing away. Not wasting any precious time, I raised my legs up over my head, shoving my cock halfway down into my mouth filling me with my own love. It was the best masturbatory experience I had ever had. I licked my hands and body as clean as I could and took a shower jacking and cumming in huge amounts again. I must have spent a good portion of the day paying homage to myself. Finally, after cumming about 6 times without a diminishing amount, I then realized that I could cum as often I wanted to without feeling tired or having my libido calm down. But since I had chores around the house, I decided to hold off till later. From the point of my mom coming unannounced into my room till I finally exited my sexual haven, I had taken 8 showers and spent 5 hours of the day in self-bliss.

My dad worked most of that day, but of course, had gone to Clancy’s, a bar on Market Street, after getting out of work at his normal time. My dad never could hold his liquor well and always had come home from an early evening of “Happy Hour.” This time, he wasn’t smashed, but well on his way. My mom being the ever truthful and open wife told my father that I was leaving to spend some time with a friend. But when my father quizzed her further, she let it spill that Uncle Matt was on his way over to pick me up and that I was going to stay with him for a couple of days and he would take me back to college. That’s when the shit hit the fan.

My dad started screaming about how he would never let me be subjected to a freak like Uncle Matt. He said Matt and his “friends” were going to corrupt me, make me grotesque like they were and he would have a freak for a son. He talked about experiments and strange going-ons at the farm. He said that there was no way in Hell that I was going to leave this house with that Monster. With that, he pushed my mom down onto the couch and stormed toward me as I sat there with a fire building in me that I had never felt before.

I yelled at him for pushing mom and stood up out of my chair to meet him face to face, but I was now a foot taller than him. I had been sitting down the whole time this had been happening, so my father hadn’t noticed my change. Since last night, I was now not only taller than my father but bigger in size and thickness, too. He stumbled backward with a shocked look on his face and I stood my ground. As I looked down at him, I said I was going whether he liked it or not and that I was an adult now and there was nothing he could do to stop me. That’s when he must have balled up his hand into a fist while at the same time tripping on the rug as he lunged like a madman towards me, landing his fist square on my jaw. He stumbled to the floor and I fell back into the chair holding my cheek in more of disbelief than in pain at what had just happened. Amazingly his punch didn’t hurt that bad, but it did sting, especially my pride, which strangely made my clothes feel a little tighter.

My emotions weren’t as sturdy. Complete anger immediately rose inside me and as we stood up I looked down into his eyes with a hatred I had never felt before. I picked him up with one hand and stared at him face to face. There was shock and fear in his eyes. I noticed how much smaller he was then me now and the feeling of an incredible power welled up inside of me. My clothes felt even tighter as I could feel my muscles contracting and expanding. My tank top started to fray at the seams, which only turned me on and made the feeling of power accelerate inside me. I felt like the Incredible Hulk. I wasn’t turning green or growing as fast as he did on the show, but it was more in a way that hardly was noticeable to them. Basically my exterior body looked as if I were inhaling for an extended period of time. The only obvious change was that my tank top and shorts were slightly ripping as my arms and legs were getting larger with more definition.

Being face to face with me, my father could see and feel the changes and he knew he was now much smaller than his son and he became subordinate. He started to apologize, pleading for me not to hurt him. He started to cry and turned into a blubbering fool. I felt some sort of satisfaction from that and my cock stirred. This time though, instead of growing harder and thicker it seemed to have a mind of it’s own and it started to pulsate and snake down my leg out of the hole in my shorts. I looked down at it and my father followed my gaze.

“Jesus Christ, you…you’re one of them. Please don’t hurt me. I can’t go through that again. I’m not like you; I’m just a regular guy. Please, dear God, don’t make me do it. I…I’ll die this time. You’re just too big. PLEASE DON’T, I LOVE YOU SON, BUT I CAN’T TAKE IT.”

I looked back up at him and realizing that he was afraid of my cock, let alone the rest of me, I said. “You’re fucking pathetic!!” and I threw him aside onto the couch causing his head to hit the wall, knocking him out with a pounding thud that shook the house. I grabbed my things and kissed and hugged my mother gently and told her how much I loved her. She replied that she loved me too, and told me to enjoy the adventures that were before me, since I was finally meeting my Uncle Matt.

She KNEW. I lifted her up and at that moment I knew she would be okay. I felt the back of my tank top start to rip more at the seams. I was started to grow some more, but not from anger, but from love this time. My body was now almost uncontrollable. Such pleasure and power was rushing through me that I knew it was time to go and meet my Uncle. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door. Now my cock was not only getting longer and thicker but it was starting to harden more than it had ever been. I could hardly walk for fear of my cock tearing through my already tight gym shorts. I had to get out of there. I threw on my jacket, which now hardly fit me and I bolted out the door.

That’s exactly when Uncle Matt’s pickup turned into the drive.

The second the warm glow of the headlights hit my face, I felt better. I was so glad that he was here and I could just hop in and tell him to go, go, go. I didn’t want to see my father anytime soon and the sorrow and loneliness that would be on my mother’s face was going to be a little too much to bear.

My clothes felt tighter. My gym shorts were literally hugging my ass with skin tightness due to the pulling of my hardening cock. My tank shirt was slowly tearing at the seams, centimeters at a time, as it was straining to hold me in as well. God this felt so fucking good, but I had no control of it at all. My body did whatever it felt like doing. I wondered that if my intense emotions inside had triggered this new growth spurt, and if calming myself down, would make me return to normal, just like David Banner? I tried to think of anything neutral.

I ran around the front of the truck and I peered into who was driving the Ford F150. The figure behind the wheel was huge and filled over half of the front seat. My god, this was my Uncle? The door opened from the inside and pushing it was the most massive hand and arm I had ever seen. Fear and intense horniness took over and my shirt tore a little more.

“Come on and get in and let’s start this thing right, little guy,” the extremely deep bass voice said from inside.

“Sure, let’s get outta here, I’m done with being at home. They’re driving me nuts and I’m not little.” I exclaimed with a renewed confidence, as I threw my stuff in the back bed and jumped in the passenger side. As I stretched to get in the big 4x4 I heard and felt a larger tear in my shorts.

I shut the door as his massive arm shifted the gears and we were in reverse and on the road in a flash. I was a little afraid to look at much more than the arm in fear that I would either scream in fear of the “Monster” that dad had called him or cream myself immediately as I’m sure I would explode out from my clothes, all from just being in his presence. Only as we would pass a streetlight would I get a quick glimpse of this mammoth man. God, my uncle was HUGE! I know how wrong it was that I was excited about my grandpa, and how my anger turned me on in front of my father, but I didn’t care if the man seated next to me was related to me or not. I wanted this man. Hell, he was only related by marriage, I thought. So Fuck It. I felt two more tears in my shorts.

Then he laid his hand on my lap and said, “I’m not your Uncle. The Name is Lloyd. I’m you’re Uncle’s…a…partner at the farm. We are really looking forward to getting to know you out there. We have a lot planned for you and it should be a lot of fun and good times. I’m sure you’ll be leaving there a changed man.” He squeezed my leg. “Hmmmm, very nice quads there. Your uncle said you played football?”

“Yes, sir I do. I’m 1st string, All-State and now one of the top ranked centers east of the Mississippi.” The back of my tank ripped again.

“Center…aaay…. well that sounds just about right. With those quads…I mean. You have to be really strong in your legs and all.”

“I sure am, sir. Really strong, see, “ I said as I flexed them as he squeezed. The left leg of my shorts instantly shown more skin as my shorts ripped some more. Even though I could tell he was holding back his strength, the pressure of his squeeze was like a vise. I started to get harder yet in my cock.

“Wow, very, very nice. I bet your ass is rock solid too, huh. The girls must love that ass.”

I chuckled and said, “ Yeah they do sir. But I’m not too sure they’re ever gonna get a crack at it.” I put my hand on top of his and gave it a squeeze of my own. I’m usually not so brazen about my come-ons, but there was something about this man that made me feel very comfortable around him and besides that ever since the encounter with Billy the night before, I had been horny as fuck. Not even my massive orgasms in the morning had subsided my urges. Hell, for even a moment, I probably could have fucked…well…you know.

Even though I could see him only in shadows and glimpses, I was getting completely rock hard for him and I’m sure he could see my cock making quite a tent out of my gym shorts. I continued my forwardness, “With a grip like yours, I bet you could have a crack at it.”

With that he took his hand off my leg and shoved it under me, literally picking me up off the seat with just that one hand and he squeezed my ass so hard it pushed my cock through my jockstrap and shredded through my gym shorts, springing it out into fresh air. I almost immediately came thinking about the Hulk.

“Oh yeah, really hard ass and muscular too. OH, what do we have here, what a fucking nice piece of boy cock too. You think I could handle that?”

“God, I fucking hope so, sir.” I said as I started to buck my hips.

“The thing is boy, I don’t think you could handle me.” Lloyd said as he pulled his hand out from under me and flexed his huge bicep instantly ripping the tight tee shirt he had on under his overalls. His bicep kept getting bigger and bigger the longer he held the flex and as it did, my cock got harder and harder. God I wanted to feel him growing. I involuntarily put my hand up to feel his growing muscle. My eyes must have been huge looking at him, cause I could see his teeth as he smiled really broadly. I turned toward him in the seat and started to lick his massive gun. As I held it, I could’ve swore that it continued to grow just like Billy did last night and I did today. Now I knew there was a connection with Billy, Lloyd and Uncle Matt and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was. I heard him moan and he put me in a headlock and pulled the truck off the road skidding to a halt. . “GET OUT”


“You heard me, get out and get in the bed of the fucking truck, RIGHT NOW. I’m going to show you something.”

“Okay,” And I did as I was told. I didn’t want to piss him off; I just wanted to obey the huge muscle god.

“You better not touch that cock of yours and get off, boy, or I’ll fucking tan your hide. You hear me?” He started the truck back up and pulled back onto the road.

“Yes, sir, I promise, sir.” God, was this really happening?

We were only on the road for less than a mile when we came upon a gated dirt road that went into some of the thickest looking forest I’ve ever seen. Lloyd turned off the pavement and told me to open the gate. I did, as I was told, not so much that he told me too, but that I was hoping for my fantasy to come true. Still, being ordered around by this behemoth was very erotic and enticing, maybe even a big turn on, since my cock was still half hard. I got back in the bed of the truck and we went down the long dirt road. About 3 miles down he turned left and we stopped at a small clearing next to a pond. I had no clue where we were, other than I knew that there was no one for miles around. With his massive size he could beat the shit out of me and left me for dead and no one would ever know, but I knew deep inside his intentions were totally on the up and up. Growing up, I hoped.

He got out of the truck, grabbed me under my shoulders and lifted me effortlessly out of the truck bed and over his head. As he lowered me down he stopped where my cock was right as his mouth and he engulfed my entire prick down his throat. He had suction like an industrial Hoover and I became instantly hard as a rock and then with a loud POP, which almost made me cum, he released my cock. He set me on the ground and said, “Follow me, son. You’re going to get a birthday present you’ll never going to fucking forget. Young Billy was only the beginning.”

BINGO, I thought. I fucking knew it. This was all connected somehow. God, this is too much.

As we walked toward the water, I was now able to see just how huge this man really was. He was by far the largest being on earth I had EVER seen. He must’ve stood about 8 ft tall and was completely packed with muscle. He was as massive in muscle or more than Jay Cutler or any other bodybuilder. I could see him involuntarily flexing his ass muscles with ever step he took. His shoulders must have measured about 3—4 feet across and his thighs were as large as an oak tree. He chest looked completely ripped under that white t-shirt and it spread across him like two humungous mounds of granite pillows. Billy would have looked like a mere weakling compared to this man. Only my grandpa came close.

He stopped and turned around. His face was the most beautiful face I had ever seen. He had dark hair that was long and flowing and the finely chiseled features everywhere. I could tell his eyes were Dark Ocean blue and his lips were full and pouted a little. He put his hands on his hips and motioned for me to come closer with his head. I did so and when I got about 3 feet in front of him he said to stop. He didn’t say anything for about 2 minutes. He just looked at me with such an incredible lust in his eyes that I felt totally drawn to him. My whole body was excited at the prospect of even being within a few feet of this God. I started to walk towards him.

“STOP, DON’T MOVE A STEP CLOSER. Stay right where you are. I’m getting a good last look at you. You are going to be one of the best, I’m sure of it. WOW! You Uncle said you were a sight to behold and you’re really beyond that.”

“Thank you, sir. But I’m nothing compared to you. God, I just want to touch you; to feel your magnificence. What do you want me to do for you, sir?”

“Steve, I want you to see, feel and be something that’s beyond your wildest fantasies. Today you’re a man and it’s time you know why your father thinks your Uncle Matt is a freak or monster. Your Uncle is not the type of freak that your father has made him out to be. He is a giving, generous and loving man who only wants the best out of this life. I’m about to show you the most amazing gift that I have ever been given, and that gift was from your Uncle. He sent me to get you and give you this gift as well. But before I could I had be sure that this is something you have wanted all your life. Billy was the test; the beginning to get you acclimated, so you would be able to really get your gift from me if we thought you could handle it. I now know you can. Your Uncle can’t do it himself, at the moment, because he is tending to other men in our bloodline, just like you. He will meet us back at the farm, when we get there and then you will get your final treatment from him. Now this next bit is very important so listen carefully.”

“I am, sir.”

“I fucking love it when you call me sir. It shows respect and you are definitely going to respect me for the next 2 ½ hours. You will do whatever I want and you will be obedient. Do you understand this and do you agree?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, but nevertheless, it really won’t matter once we begin because you won’t have a choice. First off, whatever you do, I’m telling you that the most important thing is that you don’t move or say anything unless your told too or made too. Second, whatever happens to you, go with it. It will make things that much easier on you if you totally give in to what is going to happen. Don’t fucking fight this, OKAY!”

“Yes SIR. I want this, sir. I want whatever you have to offer me.”

“Good boy!! Now, you’re going to witness something that you have never witnessed before. What happened to you last night is minuscule compared to what you’re going to experience now. Then you’re going to go through something that only a very few men on this earth have ever felt before. Billy gave you your first stage last night. I’m sure you’ve noticed some BIG changes in your body?”

“God, yes, sir. It’s been amazing. I feel so big and powerful and turned on all the time.”

“Well, now you’re going to go through the second phase with me and the third stage with your equal, which is someone who has been predestined to go through this with you. You’ll find that out later. Then you will have the final stage with your Uncle. Remember, you’re going to change, Steve. You’re going to become something you’ve always dreamed of. I’m also sure that you have figured out that your grandfather was one of us, correct?”

“Yes sir, I knew he was someone special and now I realize just how special.” “Well he is a very special man. You’ll soon find out just how amazingly special he is. I want you to remember how you feel about him, and how badly you want to be big, because it’s not going to be all fun and games, either. You’re going to feel massive amounts of pain, but even higher amounts of pure pleasure. Don’t scream or run, because there is no one around that will hear you. I’m not saying that to scare you, but this will be quite a shock. Are you ready?”

“I…I guess.” Inside I was saying to myself. ‘If it’s what I think and am praying for, then HELL YEAH I’m ready.’ My cock was again on its way to becoming hard as a rock and it was beginning to poke it’s way out of the new hole that Lloyd had made for me, in my shorts. He looked down and noticed my growing cock.

“Yeah, I think your ready, son.”

Boy, I was ready for anything. I’ve wanted to be with a mammoth muscle man all my life and I was finally going to have my dream come true. Little did I know that it was going to change my life forever and cause me to never see my Mom again?

Lloyd smiled and closed his eyes. His put his hands on his hips and started to softly chant some kind of dialect that I couldn’t understand. I immediately noticed that the birds and insects became silent. I couldn’t hear the crickets anymore either, or any noises at all except what sounded like a low rumbling. Very soon, I started to feel the ground shake all around me. I thought Kentucky was experiencing its very first large earthquake. My first instinct was to run for cover but I remembered what Lloyd had said about not running and then I saw Lloyd’s eyes open and I realized where the shaking was coming from. It was coming from him.

Lloyd’s body started to tremble. This must’ve been turning him on too as I noticed a huge bulge snaking down his right leg underneath the overalls. It stopped for a moment just below mid thigh and I thought to myself, “Dear God, He must be over 15 inches long.” Then it started back up again. The thickness was over one-third as big as the thickness of his massive leg. His body started to shake and vibrate even more. Then I noticed a dark trail of wetness coming from wherever the head had been and his flowing precum was accenting the shape of his cock even more. The ground was really shaking now and then he began to vibrate intensely. His cock finally stopped just below his knee. My mouth watered and my asshole puckered for his jean snake. The vibrations were so intense that his body was almost humming. I know what your thinking and your right. His body and the ground weren’t shaking with a violent type of sensation but more of a continuous vibration, like a vibrator. The lower half of his right leg was now soaked with all the precum pouring out of him, making a pool of it under his foot.

The ground was vibrating so much it started to tickle my feet. I felt a strange sensation go up my legs to my pelvis, hitting my cock and balls, causing my own cock to begin precumming like crazy, just like Lloyd was doing. Then the feeling went up my torso till my entire body was vibrating almost as much as his. The sensation was overwhelming and I felt completely relaxed and invigorated at the same time. My cock was more rigid than I had ever known it to be and as it stood out of my shorts it was flinging huge amounts of precum all over the place. I couldn’t resist the feeling and I was just about to cum when he yelled the word “NOW” and I realized my prayers might be right, as my all time fantasy was about to happen.

The vibrations slowed and stopped but the will to cum in me was stronger than ever. I took a couple of deep breaths, trying to relax and the feeling of an explosive orgasm slowly went away. Then I saw Lloyd’s start to actually pulsate. His entire body was beating like a heart would, pumping itself up like a bodybuilder did before the big contest. It was really strange though, because Lloyd wasn’t actually flexing his body; his body was flexing itself. Lloyd hadn’t moved his legs or arms at all since all of this had started. Larger and larger his muscles became as they filled with blood like he was going through a massive workout, but all he was doing was standing there with his hands on his hips. He wasn’t actually growing taller, but it really looked like he was getting a massive pump.

I noticed that Lloyd’s eyes had rolled back in his head and I could tell he was in some sort of trance. His breathing increased with every breath and his inhales were becoming so powerful that I could feel the pull towards him with every breath, but amazingly his exhales were only normal size. Where was all that air going? As I looked closer I could see that he was actually using the oxygen to inflate himself. “But that’s impossible.” I thought. Or was it. The more oxygen he brought inside him, the more the blood would flow into his muscles, and the bigger those mammoth muscles would become. I noticed that his cock was getting thicker too, as well as the bulge in his crotch was showing more and more as his balls must have been increasing. The fabric of his overalls was straining like crazy trying to hold in his massive tool.

Again the earth around us rumbled, but this time it was due to the incredibly low bass sound of Lloyd’s moans in between his awesome breathes. His moans became louder and louder to the point of massive growls. Even the sound of the man before me was turning me on. Again my cock was harder than ever in my life. I never thought that I could be more turned on then I was with Billy, and then I was even turned on my in the morning with my self indulgence, but now my cock literally ached with sexual heightness and my insatiability was growing beyond a normal realm of erogenous pleasure. My anticipation of what I was hoping was going to happen and everything I was experiencing so far, was beyond my wildest fantasies already. I was completely enthralled with this man before me. I started to get dizzy from the colossal lust and power I was experiencing and I had to close my eyes for a second. With my eyes closed, I could feel the sound of his booming voice hitting me on my chest and sinking into my flesh. God I felt more fucking alive then ever.

The second that I opened my eyes back up, Lloyds massive arms suddenly rose sharply above his head and there was a type of an invisible shock wave that blew out from his body which knocked me on my ass as well as toppling over a couple of 30 ft. trees. It was definitely loud enough to produce a huge, long echo that bounced off the valley walls. The blast of energy felt like a Mack truck had hit me, but as I stumbled back to my feet I could feel the actual energy from the shock wave start to radiate through me. It felt like my own body was expanding but I couldn’t see any physical changes. My balls began to pulsate just like Lloyd’s body had been. It felt like I was having the most intense workout and sexual experience of my life. Every muscle in my body was tightening and becoming harder and harder, though I still wasn’t growing bigger. My arms felt like they were going to explode in size and even my face felt tighter. I could feel my legs becoming huge tree trunks of muscle and my ass became literally rock hard. I felt my abs tighten and I pulled up my shirt and looked at my stomach. No Change. There was no change anywhere physically on me, but the feeling inside of me was exploding with power and ecstasy.

Then, even strongest feelings of lust came over me that I had ever had. My mind went blank and visions of muscle, cum, cocks and giant men rushed in. But unlike the dream I had after being with Billy, every image of every man was of Lloyd. I didn’t care about anything or anyone else in the world at all. Not my Mom or Dad, not Billy, Grandpa, or even Uncle Matt. All I knew is how much I wanted to be huge like him. No, actually I wanted to be a complete part of him. My entire body literally ached to be like him and to have him. My cock started to pulsate like crazy and even stronger and more intense huge waves of pleasure over took me, completely. I had to be a part of this man. I had to feel him. I yearned to be him, to touch him, to experience all that he was feeling. I could feel an even larger build up of an explosion in me and I embraced it. I gave myself freely, remembering what Lloyd had said. Not only was my cock like a rock, my body started to become very rigid and then I no longer had control of myself. The energy blast from Lloyd had taken complete control over me and I had no choice whatsoever to fight it. I was more than eager to let it.

Levels of ecstasy were building one on top of another. Wave after wave of sexual intensity filled up so much inside of me that I couldn’t control myself, nor did I want to. I welcomed the impending result, whatever it may be. It felt that my whole body was going to explode. I saw Lloyd’s arms fall back down to shoulder height and then outstretch themselves towards me. A blinding electrical current shot from his fingertips and targeted my crotch.

Now I could feel my balls going into another sort of overdrive. They were only pulsating, they moving around in my sack and I could tell they were growing. Again, there had been the intense pain of being shocked, but it quickly went away. It was replaced by a feeling that was amazingly even more powerful, like it was energizing me more than I already was. I looked down just to see if it was like before with the rest of my body. To my joy, it wasn’t. I could see my balls getting larger. I felt them against my legs pushing them apart, as they needed more room to grow. Bigger and heavier they became, filling up with so much cum and pressure I could feel it turning and boiling inside. Then all of the lust and euphoria I was feeling want straight to my balls. I started to scream in pleasure, and with each shout, my voice seemed to get lower, till I was shaking the ground myself with my own moaning and groaning.

I couldn’t contain the new intense feeling and I let out a type of sonic boom scream as I started to cum, but not in a normal way with shot after shot; it was more like one continuous flow and I was hitting and pouring it all over Lloyd’s body over 6 feet away. Whatever this man had done to me, I was in purest form of euphoria, being his pawn in this game of muscle and power. I involuntarily arched my back, throwing my arms back and I embraced what was happening as I let my seed stream out from my body and soak the wall of muscle in front of me. Up his body my white cream flowed soaking his clothes against his body, showing me every curve and mound. My body moved around like an unmanned fire hose that was spraying everywhere. My cum was soaking not only Lloyd, but also 20-30 feet all around us.

I was made to regain my stability and aimed back at him as he opened his mouth and inhaled again as my large stream of cum was sucked into it by the incredible vacuum force. His inhalation was so strong, that my entire body started to be pulled toward him and by the time he closed his mouth to swallow I was only about 2 feet away from him. He let out a huge growl and then he began to actually glow. His entire body underneath his clothes was actually radiating a dull soft auburn light. It was getting brighter and brighter, but not blinding. I was being enticed by him like being a moth to the flame. He had completely entranced me.

I was now able to freely move my body so I raised my hand to touch him on the arm and the millisecond that our skin met I felt continuous bursts of energy, which started the most amazing sight I had ever seen.

First, his groans and growls became louder and he began to grunt like a wild animal. He actually snarled and gnashed his teeth together almost biting me. I pulled my hand away as I started to notice his shirt beginning to quickly shred from his body exposing inch by inch of golden moonlit skin and a huge and sensuous chest that I yearned to touch. As his t-shirt literally exploded off of him, it hung out of his overalls. He must’ve known how much I wanted to touch him, to feel his immense body, because I felt his hand behind my back as he pulled me into him, burying my face between his massive mounds of what was his chest. I hadn’t really noticed so much with my eyes before, other than seeing his shirt rip off of him, but he wasn’t just growing, his body was multiplying. Muscles on top of muscles were getting larger, longer and fuller. I could feel him getting larger and larger under me. Suddenly I felt my feet leave the ground. I tasted my own salty cum as licked the mounds of his open chest. When my tongue found one of his succulently enormous nipples I felt a huge growth spurt that cause me to almost suffocate as his nipple extended and filled my mouth.

His overalls no longer had any room in them for his body either. The next item to give was both straps off of his shoulders. As the buttons popped off, one of them had so much force that it shot out one of the trucks tires over fifteen feet away flattening it instantly. The rest of the jean fabric of the overalls became so tight as it pulled across his growing body they were beginning to dig into his flesh. As if he was the muscular dough in a Croissant roll can, the overalls weren’t able to contain him anymore and the fabric exploded and shredded like cheesecloth. The tightly woven material ripped apart with strands of white and blue threads flying everywhere. His entire chest heaved around my head as I clung with my teeth to his giant sized nipple. In fact his whole body seemed to engulf mine. I felt as though I would smoother in ecstasy. When his body finally rebounded he had instantly grown larger than Billy had been . His large hand that was holding me against him went under my ass and as the last bit of overalls fell to the ground, the man was completely naked and still growing beneath me. I licked everywhere I could reach my mouth. His massive arms, his chest, his stomach and his armpits all were licked clean of the mixture of my cum and his sweat.

Next I felt his other huge hand on my back again, and I felt what was left of my shirt being ripped from my body as well as my torn shorts. The strength on him was colossal now. It was completely effortless for him to strip me, shredding my own clothes in the process, instantly, while he held my now 282lbs body up with his one hand. The cool night air added another tingling sensation, as I now was naked feeling of this man becoming a giant monster of muscle right under me. As I felt him skin-to-skin, it was becoming too much for my senses to handle. I felt as if I was going insane with lust and hungry for more. I thought that he had put his hand under my ass, as if to get a better hold of me, but it wasn’t for the reason I thought. He had another plan as I felt his middle finger slowly play with my hole and he entered me. I screamed in pleasure and pain as his already 8” finger grew inside me, opening my ass wider and wider and sending my further and further into a sexual frenzy. He finger fucked me with such force that he would sometimes exit my ass and then plummet his appendage to the hilt. When his finger became over 12 inches long, as he was now well over 20 feet high, it pushed so hard against my prostate that I almost passed out from the intensity. The pain was excruciating but the pleasure was even more intense. His massive finger continued moving in and out of me with an increasingly ferocious pace and I started to cum in huge violent bursts that was soaking most all of me and more of Lloyd’s enormous torso. After about a minute of completely soaking us to the bone and muscle, I finally stopped my orgasm, but Lloyd didn’t stop growing or fucking me with his expanding fuck tool. Little did I realize it, but he had inserted 2 and then 3 fingers up my ass and were opening me up for larger things to come. I was in such a state of utopia that, any coherent thoughts were gone and there was no ebbing of my pleasure. My orgasms hadn’t even phased out any of my insatiable lust. This was completely incredible.

He grunted some more and as I looked down below I noticed the ground getting further and further away. I thought that he must have now been almost 25 feet tall. By the feel of his fingers, the middle one must have been over 14” now. How was I taking this huge size of him, could only be answered that he had primed me in the process. I never had a man in me bigger than Billy up my ass and I now realized how I had managed that. They had the ability to change not only their own bodies, but others as well, and all by a means that was still unobtainable to me. But now all I wanted to was to be completely filled by him. I shuddered at the prospect of that main appendage of his.

He continued to ram his finger in me with such force my cock was getting a hand job from the muscles on his torso. Then in one huge thrust to his knuckles, I shot one final huge glob of cum straight up and over his head. This must’ve been the right signal for him, because he exited his fingers from me when the middle was about 16” long. I was beginning to become somewhat frightened at the thought of his cock. I didn’t even want to look down at it, just yet.

He was now bigger than some of the surrounding trees but there was no one for miles so any passersby wouldn’t notice him. He not only was getting taller, but I could tell that he was getting wider and bigger everywhere, because the next thing I felt was something hard and large as a tree trunk against my right leg. I looked down and saw that there was a 3-foot cock rising and pulsating under and beside me. There was enough precum coming out of it to fill a large mortar bucket. In fact the puddle it was making on the ground looked large enough to fill a kiddy pool. My cock was still pulsating and hard as a rock and the need for more was still as strong as ever.

I looked up at Lloyd’s face and his eyes were open and looking down at me with the same intense lust as before, but something else that made me to continue to look into them. He spoke in a low giant’s size voice. “NOW IT SHALL BEGIN FOR YOU. YOUR NOW WILL HAVE YOUR NEW LIFE.”

I was unable to look away as the power Lloyd’s piercing eyes looked deep at me, no rather into me. At first I didn’t realize it but he was actually hypnotizing me to be ready for what was to come next. As Lloyd later told me, he had to hypnotize me otherwise I never would have been able to carry through with everything. Also that my encounter with Billy was to give my body the elasticity I would need now. If I wouldn’t have been hypnotized and made unaware of the excruciating pain that my body was about to undergo, I probably would have died.

As I looked into his eyes, his mind control on me was amazing. He spoke with his mouth for the last time, “ YOU MUST WANT THIS WITH ALL YOUR WILL AND SOUL. DO YOU MY BOY?”

“I do sir!”


I nodded yes, not so much that I was answering his questions, it was that I had wanted this all my life and I could not resist him, even if I had wanted to. The power he had over me right at that moment was so strong; that I was completely useless to deny what was about to happen next. The feeling of yearning for this was more than I could bear. I felt a tear of joy run down my right cheek, as I was able to hear him even though his mouth did not move again.


I nodded again.


I nodded that I did, but I never once thought about trying to look away or escape what was happening to me. All I saw was a paradise there that I had never known before. My entire body tingled with pleasure. I longed to be there, to be a part of this God of a man who would show me my true calling. His eyes were all that I could look at and I felt a complete peace within them.

With his massive hands on my shoulders, holding me in place like an action figure for him to play with, he completely overtook my thoughts and being. I was his puppet and I was his to own. As soon as he knew that I was completely under his spell he started transferring the information I needed to start my change. First, He showed me how he was going to change me with figures of his cock down my throat and up my ass, filling me with his cum. He showed me the end product of me and every fiber of my being had gone rabid for it. I was going to be as massive as he was and he would make me big or smaller, depending on how he wanted me for a particular task or day. I would always be massively strong, but he and Uncle Matt would change my height to suit him. With the strength he would give me I would be able to lift anything that was over 5,000 times my own weight. When I would be small and tiny as an ant, I would still be able to lift a normal sized human being. And when he would make me a Titan, like he was now, I would literally be able to lift buildings and the heaviest items on earth. He asked in my head one last time if that was what I really wanted and I replied by starting to cum uncontrollably and I continued to cum as I looked into this man who had completely taken me. Our eyes never shut or blinked once.

He told me what I needed to do. I know that sounds insane but he really talked to me, through his eyes now instead of his mouth. They told me to empty myself of all of my sperm. That any of my own sperm would be useless and hold back the change in me. I was to completely empty myself dry until it was only painful dry orgasms. After that had happened, he told me I was to drink from him, swallowing all of his cum and when my stomach could take no more I was to let him enter my ass where he would complete the replacement of my sperm with his. His eyes told me he would fill me with more than I needed. He said all of this and as he had total control over my mind and body as I continued to cum He told me that I would feel no pain when he entered me and my body would start to change itself. He said that I would have no control over the change this time, but that after I had completed the process, I would be able to change every part of myself at will and with almost instantaneous results. The only time that it would follow an uncontrollable pattern is when I was in the mode that he had been going through now, with me. He said that up until this point, I still had the option to stop my change, but after I drink his cum, there would be no going back, ever. I would be a permanent muscle god and a loyal member of Uncle Matt’s Farm. He told me he would give me a moment to think about it and if I had been enjoying the feeling of what had happened so far, that that was only the beginning.

I was feeling the best I ever had in my life and it was all because of this man. How could I even know what pain is, as I looked into his soul. He told me how I would love what was going to happen and I already knew that to be true. I loved every second of it. I told him to finish my change and that I had never wanted anything more in my life. Then he told me to obey him and to start to drink from his cock.

He lowered me back onto the ground and I stood with his large cock dangling a foot above my head. Long thick strands of precum covered my face and body and it sent shards of electricity through me. He bent his knees slightly and for some insane reason I knew what I had to do. I open my mouth as wide as I could onto his cock and took in as much of it as I could, which was only the tip of his head. I licked the head and stuck my tongue into his piss hole. It fit perfectly and I stared to tongue fuck him. I was instantly rewarded as I could feel rivers of cum flowing up his shaft to me. I pulled out my tongue but held my lips firmly against his head just in time as the sweetest and most pungent tasting cum flowed into me. At first I wasn’t even able to keep 1/3 of his juice in me long enough to swallow it, but that soon changed. In a matter of a minute, there was no need to swallow as he started to shove the entire head into my mouth completely filling it. At first I started to choke and gag, because I was unable to breath and Lloyd eased up a bit. Then every few seconds the flow would stop long enough for me to take a breath and then it would start all over again. I would occasionally get a taste of his cum as it would pass my tongue and it was the saltiest and sweetest taste I’ve ever had. It felt like gallons of it were pouring into me. My stomach started to grow as the juice filled me up. My stomach looked as if I were 9 months pregnant before it suddenly started to spasm like crazy as almost all of his semen immediately started to absorb into my body. My stomach decreased in size to even smaller then it had been all along. I noticed that a 4 pack started to show and then 2 more abs above those came quickly into view. Soon I was looking at a super hard and cut 8-pack.

I started feeling a heat rise inside of me that was radiating outward. I could see the definition cutting through my body as his muscle juice spread throughout me. I looked like a chiseled work of art. It made me incredibly hornier than I already was and I shoved more of his enormous shaft into my mouth and I could feel it stretching my esophagus with every thrust. My mouth felt completely elastic and my jaw actually dislocated. There was no pain only complete joy and pleasure.

That’s when the same feeling of growth I had before started up again. Only this time I noticed that my body WAS expanding. The definition was already there, but now I could feel my muscles building at an incredible rate. My legs ballooned up to the size of tree trunks and I noticed that Lloyd’s cock was lowering further down my throat but not because he was pushing it there, it was because I was getting taller. At the same time it was snaking down in me I could feel my throat expanding to accommodate it and soon I was actually able to breath freely as well. Slowly, his entire 3-foot cock was completely inside and I could feel it in the pit of my stomach, continually filling me with his muscle juice. I opened my mouth wider and I was able to fit one of his giant balls in there and as I grew the other ball was simple to engulf. But this time I had grown almost tall enough that I only had to tilt my head back a little to take him in. Then I must’ve stopped growing because I no longer needed to tilt my head; in fact his pelvis was now in perfect position.

I felt so charged up with life and strong as hell. I glanced down at myself and was shocked. I was fucking HUGE!!! I must have had a 70” chest and 30” biceps and I was at least 16 feet tall. In fact my chest was so large and my arms were so strong that I had unconsciously picked Lloyd up off the ground and was holding him in mid air as he filled me up and I kept growing. In fact I felt large growth spurts now. I was in awe of my own massive amounts of strength. This man must have weighted over a ton and I picked him up like he was a twig. I could tell this was turning on Lloyd more than ever because he was literally face fucking me by this time and I was helping him by grabbing the sides of his massive ass and pushing and pulling him out of my mouth. He had grabbed a tree branch over 50 feet off the ground for stability as he fucked my face. With each thrust of his cock, I could feel him literally fucking my throat.

His blasts of cum in me were getting stronger and I could feel the circumference of his cock increase with every shot, too. He was now pumping his cock almost completely out of my mouth and shoving it to the hilt every time, just like he had done with his finger in my ass. Over and over he came for what seemed like hours and then he abruptly stopped.

He pulled his beat red cock out of my mouth, letting go of the tree branch and dropping to the ground with an earth-shattering thud and turned around behind him to grab a small dogwood tree uprooting it. He brought it around and told me to bite down on it when he told me too. Then after he laid it in front of me, he told me to bend over and get ready. This giant man moved with amazing swiftness as he grabbed my head pushing me down on all fours and then took a hold of my hips. The entire ground beneath us was shaking and when he got into position he didn’t mince words. I knew he had been waiting for this moment, since we met and he wasn’t about to prolong it any more.


My mouth was on the way down when I felt his enormous shaft literally ram my ass like a rocket. I felt only a small amount of actual pain, but more of an intense pressure, like that of the rush of bullet into its target, being pushed in at an incredible speed. My ass immediately clamped around him in a joyous viselike grip and he began fucking me so hard that I had to grab onto a couple of trees to steady myself and to give him something immobile to ram his huge cock into. The whole time he was fucking me, he was still cumming in huge amounts. He ended up picking my legs up and was pulling me into him as he was thrusting. It was all I could do to hold onto those big oak trees. Leaves and branches were showering us from the violence the trees and I were receiving.

There was so much cum that he was still pumping in me faster than what my body could absorb, that with every thrust of his cock, massive amounts of his cum was shooting out of any escape area of my ass that it could find. Lloyd was soaked with his own cum. Then he stopped ramming into me and slowly began to almost completely go out of me and slowly right back in up to his balls, as his cock was still amply flowing his muscle cum into me. Because he fucking was slower, it gave it more time to absorb into the lining of my ass. This whole time I had continued to grow. I was now over 25 feet tall, if I would have been standing I would have been almost as wide as the side of a house. Lloyd had grown more too and was now over 45 feet tall and his truck could have sat very comfortably on his chest. It seemed that he was calming down, but then he said.

“Here comes the last of it, son.” He bellowed. And an incredible final surge of cum shoot so hard into me that it caused me to begin to cum myself. That must have been when Lloyd knew I was full of what I needed. He pulled out of me and I let me back down onto the ground. I was around 25 feet high and still able to look up into my master’s eyes and was ready for the next command, when he grabbed my face and gave me the most sensual and romantic kiss I have ever had. This in turn, broke the spell and I was able to feel the effects of his work on me. I was in shear Muscle God Heaven.

Lloyd grabbed me again and hugged me in the most sensuous bear hug, I had ever had. We held each other for what seemed to be forever. Lloyd took me by the waist and we kissed and felt each other all over. I could tell that Lloyd was just as incredibly turned on as I was. His moans and grunts were causing the ground below to rumble, again.

He stopped kissing me to ask, “How do you feel, buddy?” as his mammoth cock ground against my hard as rock body. I wasn’t sure how to answer him, because of all the different feelings I was feeling at that moment, but I tried my best.

“Fucking invincible, HUGE, erotic, like a God, and there’s so much power and strength running through me continuously that I feel like I’m going to explode. I feel fucking powerful as hell! Whatever you did to me, I’m forever in your debt. I am your student, loyal subject and I’m hoping, something more. I am proud to be an eternal member of Uncle Matt’s Farm and my loyalty to you and my Uncle is complete and pure. I also have this insatiable need to show off my strength.” I said as I released him and I bent over and literally lifted his pickup and held it with ease over my head.

“Whoooaaa, careful son, that’s not paid for just yet,” as he laughed and playfully grabbed my aching and hard cock.

“It feels so fucking light. Jesus I must be the strongest man in the world.”

“Nope, not THE strongest.” Lloyd said as he picked me up as well as the truck I was holding, clear up and over his own head. I was in such shock from the colossal amount of strength from this God of a man, that I started to lose my grip on the truck. Lloyd noticed this and immediately put me back down hard on the ground. You could hear the earthquake this cause all around us. As I set the “toy” truck back down I stood back up and he slapped my chest hard, grabbing my nipple and pulling me close to him so he could kiss me hard and deep some more. Now that I’m thinking about our tongues intertwining, I can safely say that his tongue was probably about a foot long whereas mine was about 10 inches. He broke from our kiss to say, “Do you want to know why I’ve made you this big and strong, boy?”

“Well, sir it has kinda crossed my mind, but right now I don’t really care. I’m just in love with it.”

“You should care, cause you’ve been giving the best gift in the world. And it’s a gift that is actually from your Uncle.”

“My Uncle? I thought you did this to me.”

“But who do you think, did this to me? Your Uncle. He’s had this planned for you for quite some time and he was gracious enough to let me do the honors. He knew how I felt about you and he thought you might take this easier coming from someone that wasn’t as intimidating as he was.”

“Intimidating?! MY GOD, if he is more intimidating then you then I would have lost consciousness at the mere sight of him.”

“You would have, most all do. Now remember Steve, you will always stay super humanly strong, but you have the ability to change your height from 1 inch to over 100 feet. And as a safety measure, since I am the one who made you, you’re change can be overridden by me and I can make you as big or as little as I feel.”

“So Lloyd,” I said with a smirk on my face, “How do you feel for me?”

“Does this answer your question?” Lloyd said as he lifted me over his head, 65 feet above the ground and started to press my body. Every time he lowered me toward him my cock dove deep into his gapping mouth. It was pure euphoria for both of us. We were so heavily into each other that we didn’t see the small Tonka sized car driving toward us through the woods.

It was a cop car.

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