Twin workout

by pkak2k12

 Mr. Average Charlie joins the gym only to find the only other early customers are Hank, the strong silent hunk from class and his twink twin, Jamie. Which will Charlie go for—Hank, Jamie, or both?

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It’s my first day at the gym and of course Hank’s there. I decided to start on a day when the school soccer league was on but of course he doesn’t go to watch. It really doesn’t help that I have a massive crush on him. Six foot five and built like a tank, his bicep has more strength in it than my entire upper body. Charlie Average here with normal height, normal build, nothing special. I get pass marks but don’t excel, I’m all right at sports but not good enough for any teams, heck I only measure up average beneath the belt too, so porn acting is probably out of the question. And here I am in a new cheap tracksuit about to show my inferior skills to the biggest buffest guy in school.

I suppose I have the one up on his twin brother, Jamie. They are such opposites. Hank is tall, buff, has chiselled features, and that aura of manliness. Jamie is shorter than average, skinny, and still has that boyish look to him. Hank was really protective about Jamie though, so I guess he has someone to keep the bullies away from him. He is cute though, so plenty of the girls appreciate his looks, and I guess I kinda find him attractive too. It was a crime how they were both so different, but both sexy to me?

“Oh, hey.”

I nearly jumped as I was pulled from my wandering imagination. I was now staring at the huge pecs of Hank, his gym vest tight against his huge muscletits. It took me a second of pure willpower to stop staring as I looked up to his face. Damn he could easily pass for a hot stud in his 20s. Quick, say something back!

“H-hey…” Okay, that was something, but terrible.

“Charlie, right? Are you not catching the soccer?” Hank asked, his emerald eyes boring into mine. I could smell the faint musk of someone already an hour into their workout mixing with a designer cologne. I wish I could afford to smell that good.

“Oh, nah. It’s not my thing,” I replied. It was true, soccer wasn’t my sport of choice. I preferred swimming and basketball, though watching other sports had its own merits, especially when it comes with tight uniforms. “I thought I could, erm…” I felt so embarrassed.

“It’s cool, I don’t care much for it either,” Hank replied. “It’s usually quiet until noon. You been here before?”

I think Hank had said more words to me in the past 30 seconds than in the past three years of high school. “No.” I shook my head.

“You want a spotter? I don’t mind,” Hank asked me. “It’s just me and Jamie here so far.”

“Jamie’s here too?” I asked without even thinking about it.

“Yeah, he likes to use the pool when no one else is here,” Hank told me, he patted a huge powerful arm to my back. I nearly stumbled forward, he has so much strength behind those arms. Maybe Jamie was self-conscious about himself, like me…

“Here, let’s do some warmups first.” Hank was strangely talkative today. It was like he was a completely different person than in school. In school he had that stoic silence, mysterious and a little scary. He felt much more approachable as he began to work almost like an instructor. Words were being said to me and my body was following the instructions, but my mind was focused on this side of Hank. He still has that sternness, but a gentleness was also visible, something hidden beneath his usual school facade perhaps.

I watched as he squatted, and dear lord is his ass fantastic, a perfect muscle bubble butt. How I’d love to have something like that, and his huge, muscled thighs. I mimicked his stretches but felt a sharp pain, wincing. I just pulled my calf. Hank seemed to notice too.

“Sit down,” he instructed and I limped the few steps to the bench. Hank looked to my leg and rolled up my tracksuit pant leg, showing my much inferior calves. My feelings of shame were quelled as his hands touched my bare leg, it was like a static shock to my system. Despite how much power he had shown earlier, his touch was so gentle and careful.

“It’ll feel better in a minute,” Hank told me, lightly massaging the spot. I could feel a hint of pain, but it was soothing. It was something to behold as his huge shoulders rolled, the muscles twitching before he kneaded a spot on my leg. It felt so nice.

“H-how do you know about this?” I asked. I thought since he was actually talking to me like a normal person I could maybe find out something about this mysterious hunk.

“Phys Ed and Biology,” Hank replied. “I want to be a physiotherapist.”

That was a strange turn. I didn’t see Hank as a bookish type, but I guess he did well in a couple of subjects. He never really talked about his grades, or much at all when at school.

“Cool, I guess.” I tried to play it cool, obviously failing. “Is being two hundred pounds of muscle a prerequisite?” Fuck, did I reveal I’d been eyeing him too much?

“Two twelve,” Hank corrected. “And no, I just like to keep in shape.” He removed his hands and gently rolled my trouser leg back down. “Try circling your ankles for thirty seconds,” he advised. “Though you might want to give it a few minutes before getting onto the machines.” He nodded at me.

I looked down and I could feel the blood flow to my face. My perfectly average endowment had made a simple tent within the slightly baggy clothing. I felt such shame, popping a 5 inch boner in front of this stud, I hope it’ll grow a little more before I hit 20. He wouldn’t tell anyone, right? My hands immediately went to cover my embarrassment.

“It’s cool, man. Just happens.” Hank gave me a smile. “Just head over when you’re ready to get back to training.” With that he got up and wandered over to the weights. I was in disbelief. Hank was definitely on the jock side of the equation, I was sure he’d point and laugh. Maybe he’ll keep it as fuel in case he needs to impress people at school. The next couple of minutes were painstaking as I tried to calm Charlie Jr. down, thinking about anything that could go wrong.

Hank did give me plenty of eye candy whilst working out though. He had taken a barbell and was doing squats with the weights on his shoulder. Each squat lowering and lifting what must be three hundred pounds of weights, plus the bar, piling into those tree trunk legs, his mighty ass stretching his pants. It really didn’t help with getting my boner down, however I eventually managed to overcome my physical pining.

Hank let out a small groan as he pulled the weight overhead and lowered it to the ground in front of him. “Ready?” He asked me. “This is probably a bit much to start with, how about we try some dumbbell curls?” I slowly nodded, surprised at his relentless endurance. I followed Hank and listened to his tips as he picked out some starting weights for me to try.

The next hour seemed to fly by. Hank was straight with his words and supportive with pacing me in my exercising, telling me when to rest and when to start the next set. It was always a pleasure to see him show which muscles each exercise was training and his example sets. He had definitely not skipped any day; legs, arms, chest. I could see each area bulge with his potential, and could also see he carried a decent bulge in the front of his pants, too. Hank was really Mr. Perfect.

“All right, that’s good,” he told me as I dropped the weighted bar back to the ground. My arms and legs were sore, my breathing was somewhat laboured, but I had loved every moment of this morning. “Work too much and you’ll exhaust yourself for the next few days. You’ll need to pace yourself. Go hit the showers and maybe I’ll see you next weekend?”

Hank left his question with a hopeful inflection. Did he actually like having me around? No, maybe he was just enticing someone to get gym membership, training for him and learning some instructing. Either way, yes I wanted to come back again. “I’ll think about it,” I told Hank, turning to head for the changing rooms. I sniffed my pits and grimaced; I needed a shower, bad.

The door to the changing room opened before my hand reached the handle as I managed to sluggishly step out of the way before the door struck me. A mop of mildly wet blond hair was in front of me, someone a handful of inches shorter than me. I looked down into the pretty face of Jamie, Hank’s twin brother. You wouldn’t be able to tell they were twins if you weren’t told, but Jamie has the same green in his eyes. However, his gaze was warmer as he looked back into my eyes, locked in this glance for a few seconds.

Jamie then glanced down at my sweaty form. “You need a shower,” he told me before stepping around me and heading towards the weights room. I paused for a few seconds, watching Jamie leave. I guess he had something in common with his brother, those baggy pants definitely had two globes of sculpted ass cheeks contained within. Maybe I was becoming an ass man, that’s two I’d seen since entering this place that I’d started lusting for, and I’d only seen three people; those two and the attendant at the front desk.

However Jamie was right, I needed a shower. I found the changing room empty and made my way to the showers. It was group showers, which I hated. I guess being average I shouldn’t have anything to hide, but I’d feel much more confident if I had a few extra inches down below. However I was the only guy in here, so I took advantage of that and stripped down, grabbing the towel from my locker and off to get cleaned. The water was surprisingly warm and had decent pressure, it was better than the school showers at least. I just stood beneath the water for the first couple of minutes, letting the droplets hit my aching shoulders. I was definitely going to curse myself tomorrow morning, but it had definitely been worth it.

I closed my eyes and let the water run over my face, my mind bringing up pictures of the workout. Raising dumbbells, stretches, Hank’s impeccable pecs. No, damn it. This was not the time to fantasise about that, I didn’t need to bone up in the showers. My mind made multiple passing thoughts about how I was alone and could probably masturbate without anyone finding out, but I didn’t want to risk it, especially with my crush potentially coming to grab his shower at any minute.

That then made me think where was Hank? I thought he’d likely be wrapping up, he was there before me today, and obviously had been pumping iron for a bit. Perhaps spotting and coaching me was more of a rest period for him so he was making up for it. I decided I should go back in and thank him before leaving; it’d likely start getting the afternoon customers soon anyway.

I towelled off and managed not to end up having to wait for Charlie Jr. this time and headed back to the weight room. Maybe I should offer to hang out with him at school, then again that might be a bit forward. He’d been really kind to me today, I didn’t want to mess up what had happened so far. My hair was still a little damp as I brushed my hand through it. Hopefully I didn’t look desperate to make friends. I took a deep breath before heading back into the weight room, only to find it empty. Strange, I was sure that Jamie was headed this way to find Hank. Maybe they had gone to one of the other rooms to do some wind down exercises.

“Damn, you’re pent up.”

I stopped in my tracks. I faint groaning was coming from the storage closet. No, that couldn’t be right, it’s so cliche. I’ve seen enough weird stuff on the internet to know what probably was behind there, but my curiosity was getting the better of me. That statement could be for me too, I was feeling super pent up, too. My dick twitched in anticipation as I went to the door, hearing another grunt from behind the door, it was so guttural, so primal. I pulled my phone out, I wanted to record this. Shit, it looks like the battery died. Well, now or never I suppose.

The visage I saw upon opening the door is etched into my mind and will be there forever. Leaning on a box, his back pressed to the wall and eyes closed in exquisite ecstasy, was Hank. I took in every muscled inch of his naked body, his sweaty pecs glistening as his tank top lay in a pile on the floor and his pants at his ankles. Obscuring my view was the still clothed twink of a twin, Jamie, running one hand over the rock hard abs of Hank, the other working around a part of Hank I longed to see, but couldn’t at that moment.

“That’s right, slut,” Jamie told Hank, my presence unnoticed by the short cutie with a big ass. “You aren’t gonna cum until I say so.” I gasped, this scene was way too hot, the stroking movement of Jamie’s hand meant he was caressing something huge! My own dick was fighting with my tight brief beneath my casualwear.

“Fuck, Charlie!” Hank jumped as he spotted me staring at the pair. There was sheer terror in his eyes at my discovering of them. I just stared in awe as he scrambled to pull his shorts up, Jamie turning around with a similar look of surprise. That’s when I lost it. Hank was ripped, his body having a light dusting of hair beneath his arms and a treasure trail leading to a thick uncut cock. It must’ve been nine or ten inches long and really thick, the head flaring as he was on the edge of coming, at least until I interrupted these two sexy twins. His pubic hair was trimmed, neat and obviously he had used product on making his two heavy looking balls look enticing in their smooth low hanging sack.

However what I wasn’t prepared for was the bulge in Jamie’s pants. It was enormous. As a perverted lover of cock, my estimates were that this cute big bottomed femboy was packing even more than his stud of a brother. The pants were tented something fierce. Shit, how did I become the guy with the tiny dick in this situation, and why did I find it so fucking arousing right now?

“Oh, you,” Jamie said calmly. “Hank was just saying how he’d love if you were here.” The sudden shock seemed to have vanished as Jamie took control of the situation. I neither ran nor responded, I was still trying to process the erotic scenario. How was this happening? Actually that didn’t matter, I just wanted it to keep going.

Jamie looked down at my own tented trousers, paling in comparison to his. “Well guess you’re liking what you see. Why don’t you close the door and I’ll let you know all about Hank’s desperate need to have you ram your hard dick into his tight muscled ass?” As if ensorcelled by the hung short twin with perfectly cute features, I stepped forward and closed the door behind me.

Hank had gone very quiet and was holding his jock over his huge erection, the sweat soaked piece of clothing resting on either side of his thick girthy member. It didn’t do much to hide it, more made it enticing to me as I took in his amazing physique. Powerful, tall, handsome, well endowed. He had just the right amount of body hair, light dusting on all the important areas, but smooth muscles everywhere else.

“You know…” Jamie’s sexy voice teased. “Hank and I have been checking you out for half of this semester.” The twink’s hands tucked onto my hips, slipping beneath my shirt. “You’re pretty cute, you know, Charlie.”

“I-I am?” I stammered. I was taken back by the hands feeling my flesh. I had instinctively moved one hand to try and stop Jamie’s, but it just ended up brushing his.

“Yep, isn’t that right, Hank?” Jamie’s gaze went from my perfectly average bod to the chiselled features of his twin.

Hank sheepishly nodded. He was so timid at this moment; I couldn’t believe how submissive he was, how shy he was being. Did he really have that much of a crush on me, Charlie the lord of being average? I saw his cock flex beneath the draped jockstrap, wanting for relief. My own cock was harder than it had ever been. I wondered if it was as hard at Hank’s.

“Why don’t you remove that smelly jock and take a look for yourself?” Jamie asked, his hands moving to my ass and pushing forward slightly, grabbing a feel in the action. “Hey, you’ve got a pretty nice ass.”

Shit, I wasn’t used to being complimented in this way. My head was spinning, heart racing, boner painfully erect, balls wanting to blast in my pants. Did I nod off in the changing room and start a fantasy? No, I could feel the caress of Jamie. He was pulling my shirt up and. Oh. Oh, that thing pressing into the top of my leg, it was enormous. Fuck, how had I forgotten about the monstrous bulge that the “smaller” twin was packing?

Hank quietly removed his hands, putting them behind him as he let me closer. I was going to reach for it but Jamie was adamant of me going shirtless before doing so. I felt so inferior as I did, barely any muscle definition and my shadow not able to cover the massive pec and abs of Hank. My hands trembled as I reached for the jockstrap. The musky scent of Hank’s post workout flooded into my nose as I took the garment away. His cock was beautiful. It pointed straight at me, near ten inches of girthy cock with a faint curve up, the mushroomy head unveiled beyond the pulled back foreskin. A large glob of pre was dying to drip out as the heft balls beneath must be churning with the need for release.

“Can I…?” I began to ask.

“Oh, you don’t need permission.” Jamie told me, his hands now sliding into my waistband, caressing my hips. “He’s a bottom bitch, you tell him what you want to do.”

“Please…” Hank’s eyes bore into mine. Before he had a steely gaze, dark and stoic; now, it was fragile and needy.

I cleared my throat. “I’m going to… to stroke your huge dick,” I told Hank. My words were forced, I was so nervous. I’d never even gotten to first base before. My hand grasped his member at the base, it was too thick for one of my hands to encompass. It throbbed with my touch, the blob of pre began to droop. I almost creamed my pants there.

Then Jamie pulled my pants off of me, my own five inch, average for my age, penis pointed towards Hank’s. It looked miniscule in comparison, barely half the length of his and a fair bit thinner. I took a wary step towards Hank, the gap between their heads closing as they began to touch. I could feel the warmth of his post workout body on the tip of my dick as his pre began drooling over the top of my shaft.

Slowly my hand began to move up Hank’s thick dick. I would’ve topped out on my own, but his kept going as I could feel every twitch of the member in my grasp. God, I hope my handjob skills are all right, I pretty much practice every night on my own.

“You can go faster,” Jamie whispered to me. “He can take it.” I could feel Jamie’s monster throb in its fabric containment as he reached around me. One of his small boyish hands began to reciprocate the motion on my own dick as the other caressed my balls. I felt them contract as I almost creamed from the touch alone. I let out a gasp of euphoria, mimicking the expert hands of Jamie on his brother. I began to pick up the pace as my own breath got shorter, my eyes went from the amazing package I was fondling to the huge swollen pecs, raising and lowering as Jamie was getting just as short on breath.

“Nngh,” Hank grunted. “I can’t… hold it…” He barely got his words out before I saw his hefty balls retract. I could feel the power of his ejaculation rise through that thick dick as a spray of cum blasted straight at my chest. There was so much, he must’ve not jacked off for weeks as it wasn’t just the one. Another four equally potent blasts covered my chest.

I was about to blow myself, but then I felt Jamie lightly squeeze down on my cock. “Guess you outlasted him. I’m impressed, Charlie. We have a little thing where if you outlast Hank here, you get a reward.”

Hank was panting, his dick still throbbing hard as he tried to catch his breath. The taller teen nodded as he began to turn around. My god, that bubble butt is perfect. I could see each twitch of those packed muscles as he began to present a clean tight hole to me.

“It’s all yours, Charlie.” Jamie beckoned as my hands groped the glorious glutes, barely able to squish that tense muscle. “Trust me, it feels even better on the inside.”

Hank’s puckered hole quivered in anticipation. This was it, I was going to lose my virginity. Charlie Average, the closeted gay kid with no excelling features or skills, was going to be topping the biggest hunkiest guy in the whole school. The warmth of his mighty cheeks resonated through my hands.

“He’s used to taking it, but he’ll still want loosening,” Jamie told me. “Shuffle over, allow me. It’s one of my favourites.”

I simply took a step to one side, already missing the touch of Hank’s beautiful behind as Jamie took my place. The smaller twin had removed his shirt and pants, now wearing just a jockstrap. Whilst his body was lean and had slight muscle, the jock was struggling to hold anything in it, his dick was even longer and thicker than Hank’s. It must have been a foot long, if not a little longer, and the jock was bulging from a pair of heavy orbs that sat beneath. I was gobsmacked, that would look huge on anyone, but someone who was below average height, barely over five feet, it was positively enormous. A heavy vein throbbed down the massive tool, pulsing in excitement.

Jamie knelt down and spread his legs a little as my view went from his ridiculous endowments to his ridiculous behind. I had seen porn stars that would be jealous of how shapely and big Jamie’s ass was, if he didn’t have the big dick, he would easily pass for a bottom heavy girl. Jamie’s hand began working on Hank’s tight hole.

Hank let out a small moan as the second finger made its way inside of him. “Think I touched something good,” Jamie chuckled and gave me a wink. I could feel my face blush at seeing his cute face, lightly freckled, looking up at me with such confidence. Shit, was I falling for him, too?

“He loves this part.” Jamie then turned his attention back to Hank, removing his fingers and burying his face between Hank’s chiselled buttocks. The massively hung twink was licking that hole so ravenously, it was like he hadn’t eaten in days. I watched Jamie move his head back slightly, his tongue moved rapidly and expertly, he had definitely done this many times before.

Then Jamie slowly got up from kneeling, his head still buried in Hank’s behind. His back was almost horizontal as the big soft curves of his own ass were on display, tightened up by the jock. I didn’t need any further pointers as my hand reached out, caressing one cheek then the other. There was more give than his twin’s, soft and squishy. I imagine that fondling breasts would feel just the same, but this was so much nicer and on an amazingly cute guy. I couldn’t get enough.

“Mmm, I think he’s ready for you.” Jamie came up for air, licking his lips. “Having fun back there?”

I could only nod, his skin was silky smooth and I wanted to run my hands everywhere, from his shapely hips to his skinny legs, his hairless back and shoulders and especially to his gigantic junk. However, I was being presented with my prize, Hank’s muscled bubble butt, pulled wide to give me access to the tight puckered hole.

Jamie patted Hank’s back as the huge burly brother leaned again on the boxes in the closet, just the right height for him to straddle for me to not have to reach up. Jamie then climbed up onto Hank’s back, though Hank’s muscular core seemed to barely notice the added weight of his smaller twin. Jamie’s thick footlong plus fuckstick ran down Hank’s spine, the mushroom-like head throbbing at the edge of Hank’s toned cheeks.

“Wait, what about condoms?” I asked, some level of sanity managing to breach the horny rampage I was about to leap into.

“We’re both clean, so if you’re clean we’re good,” Jamie replied simply. “Also, Hank loves it raw, don’t you?” The smaller twin patted the larger twin’s ass.

“Just fuck me, please,” Hank’s voice almost barked, some of that gruff stoic exterior seeming to shine through, but with a hint of desperation.

“You heard him.” Jamie beckoned me closer. As I stepped up to the bent over form of Hank, Jamie’s hands grabbed my own, guiding me and placing mine onto Hank’s hips. I felt the strong muscled tense as his whole bubble butt flexed in anticipation. My breathing spiked as I lined myself up, probing the area in front of me with my rock hard erection. I could feel the warmth exuding from Hank’s behind as the very tip of my member made contact with its target.

Accepting me instantly, it was like Hank’s body was pulling me in as I slowly thrust a couple of inches in. This was it. I was losing my virginity. My cock almost exploded from the contracting muscles around the front half of my cock as I had to put all my mental focus on not cumming prematurely.

“You can go balls deep,” Jamie smirked. “He’s able to take plenty back there.” As is to emphasise it he leaned back a bit, letting his obscenely oversized cock hang heavily in front of me.

I went all the way to the hilt as I heard a small moan from Hank. I glanced back to Jamie’s ridiculous tool; how was Hank still so tight after being fucked by that thing? I couldn’t complain though, his warm insides were heavenly, and if I was big enough to hit his love button, then this was perfect.

“P-please…” Hank murmured. “You can go as fast as you want.”

Light a switch being flicked in my mind my hips immediately pulled back, rhythmically pulling back several inches, until just the head of my own average endowment was left in, then gilded back until I was balls deep. There was a wet “plap” as I struck into the slightly sweaty backside of Hank. God, this was amazing. I thrust a few more times, hearing Hank grunt every time I bottomed out. My hands gripped Hank’s hips tighter as I began to ram harder, his insides were all I wanted to feel right now, gripping tightly on my tool as my balls hit against his taint.

Lost in the euphoria, I was brought back to the room by a hand gently touching my chest. “Wow, your heart is beating hard.” Jamie told me, now leaning a little forward again. “Looks like Hank’s getting what he wants, but what about me?” The short, but well hung, cutie smiled sweetly, putting a hand onto his cock, it barely covered any of it. “Think you can please both of us at once?”

There was no way I could take Jamie’s cock. Hank’s was massive and I could feel my insides squirm thinking about that huge hunk slamming his thick rod into me. Jamie’s was somehow even bigger than his buff twin’s, and there is was, lightly swaying in front of me, an alluring aroma greeting me as it lingered close to my face.

“T-there’s no way I-I…” I shook my head, fearing for my organs. I was still a virgin, and from what sex ed and internet searches had told me, anything over 8 inches would be painful, and this was well beyond that.

A cute giggle came from Jamie, his freckled face flashing me an alluring look as his green eyes glimmered with perverse pleasure. “I guess I am a little big, huh? Well, the upside is you can give me a BJ and handjob at the same time.”

“Keep going,” Hank’s deeper voice pleaded. I hadn’t realised I had stopped thrusting my perfectly average piece into him, the head of my dick the only part still penetrating that solid slab of ass. I leaned forward a little, this was probably the hottest and riskiest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and maybe will ever do, as my hips began to move again, feeling the tight insides of Hank rubbing along my shaft.

I opened wide as my mouth came to greet the fat bulbous head of Jamie’s twink dick. Christ, it was huge, I nearly coughed from attempting to cover his head.

“Careful with the teeth, cutie,” Jamie commanded me. I wasn’t sure I could get my mouth much wider without it hurting, but the jaw ache would just be something I could live with. Another few inches of Jamie’s enormous shaft were pushed into my mouth, and I could feel it hitting the back of my throat, making me gag. I was not a natural born dick sucker, apparently, and there were still so many inches to go. I had to pull back, coughing.

“Yeah, that usually happens on the first try.” Jamie’s tone could’ve been either sympathising, or mocking. “Still, you nearly got half way, I’m impressed.” He shuffled a little, balancing on the broad solid muscle wall of Hank’s back as he spread his legs wider. I could see the slight squish of his short frame’s cute butt. Had Jamie ever taken Hank’s, I wondered.

“That should be easier for you.” Jamie’s cock was now pointing slightly more vertically, the sheer weight of his manhood causing it to bow towards me slightly. “Give it another try.”

My hips still pushing on their own, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to that magnificent release.

I really didn’t want to be first to bow out, so I took the dive. Leaning down I inhaled as much of Jamie’s massive erection as I could. The taste was fantastic, I hadn’t contemplated the taste of dick before, but Jamie’s definitely had a slightly salty hint, but also sweet. I stopped before I got to the very back of my throat again, bobbing in time to with my dogging in Hank’s ass. I was surprised Hank was managing to stay so rigid this entire time.

“Mmm, yes,” Jamie purred. “Now work the rest of me with your hand.”

I had to remove one of my hands from Hank’s solid hips, the other helping me keep balanced in this three-way. I grasped around the base of Jamie’s dick. I could barely touch my thumb to my finger, his girth definitely outclassed my own. I heard another cute moan, this time from Jamie as I began moving my hand in tandem with my mouth, applying what suction I could, hoping it would feel even better.

“That’s good,” Jamie told me. “Keep going.”

That was all the words I needed to hear. Sucking harder than I had ever done, though admittedly this was my first time on a cock, I began to speed up. My hips pressed hard into Hank, trying to push him forward, but his powerful core was unshakable despite my best efforts. I was unsure what was harder, Hank’s muscles or Jamie’s dick.

“F-fuck…” Hank whimpered. “I’m close.”

Really? I couldn’t see exactly, my head locked into the repeated movement of taking in around 7 inches of twink dick whilst pumping the other half a foot, but I could see one of Hanks powerful arms moving, the muscles of his shoulder rippling as he was rhythmically moving it up and down, a movement any horny guy recognised.

Risking the slip, I let go of Hank’s hips with my other hand and leaned my cock as deep as it would go into his ass. My throat was embedded with possibly the eighth and ninth inch of Jamie’s dick for a second as I reached around Hank’s solid midsection. There, my hand grasped onto Hank’s, moving alongside it. Hank’s dick was almost as thick as Jamie’s, a battle for my hand size, to be sure.

“Ah!” Hank moaned in surprise. It was strange, uncharacteristically high pitched for him. His hand loosened its grip, letting me take over.

“Wow, you sure you’re not a, mmm, a pro?” Jamie’s hand had moved to, whilst one helped him balance precariously on Hank, the other began to circle his own cute hole, a finger getting lost between his round bouncy boy cheeks. Jamie was fingering himself, and Hank was being filled by me. I was the only one missing something in their ass, though I’d need plenty of practice if I wanted to try and take either of these monster cocks.

“Ohh…” Hank’s whole body tensed. My hand slid back down his manhood and I could feelt the throbbing of his cock, he was about to come.

“Let it all out, Hank,” Jamie told his twin. “Come for him.”

“Hnng!” I could feel it, every pulse running down his shaft as a split second later a small splat hit the surface Hank was leaning against.

“Mmph.” I tried to warn Hank I was about to come too, but with Jamie filling my mouth the best he got was a muffled moan. I let out four shots of seed into Hank, each one like a shotgun blast from my loins. I had never come so hard before, the exhilaration from the scenario better than any fantasy I had imagined or porn I had viewed. My hands gripped tight on both twins’ dicks as I finished my load, exhausted. Jamie was still spurting though, it must’ve been a dozen shots of thick manly cum that blasted out before he was left with a slow trickle, drooling onto my hand.

“Wow, both of you together.” Jamie tried to sound high and mighty, but his voice cracked from his own self-stimulation and my mouth still locked around the top half of his cock. I breathed as heavily as I could through my nose as my hand moved from the thick shaft to Jamie’s balls. Like the cock, they were equally impressive and massive, though barely any hair upon them. I gave them a light squeeze, not to hurt, but enough that he would feel the sensation.

“Fuck,” Jamie squealed before I felt the pulse. His balls were getting ready to release their load, and it was likely to be just like Hank’s. I braced myself, bringing my mouth to envelop only the thick head and my hands to work Jamie’s shaft. Again, there was a throb as the first load went up his long shaft. It exploded into my mouth and I nearly choked. There was more in that first shot than my entire load! The seconds slowed down as I realised that he wasn’t a one and done, another throb began as he let out a feminine moan, the load working up his dick.

I tried to hold as much of Jamie’s load as I could, but it was a futile effort, the second load filled my mouth completely before the third came, then the fourth. More and more shots sprayed me in the face, covering my cheeks and jaw with thick, potent, boy sperm. It smelled heavenly and tasted great. Jamie squirmed as the cum loads died down a little, still managing to get several shots on my upper chest before it drooled onto Hank’s back. The three of us slipped to the floor, Hank’s mighty endurance giving was as he legs buckled. Jamie slid down Hank’s back, landing in a pool of his own jizz, his legs still splayed out and massive dick still half hard. I, like Hank, was on my knees, though I was gasping for air after downing a whole mouthful of Jamie’s jizz.

After a couple of minutes we were all facing one another, naked, our erections dying down. Hank and Jamie were still somewhat at half mast, but I was spent. “So, Hank,” Jamie said, breaking the silence. “I think he likes you. Like, like-likes you.”

“I think so, too.” Hank had reached over to his gym bag, taking out a set of wipes to share around. “Umm, would you like to, you know…” He was blushing a little, even after all that had happened. “Wanna come for another workout session together?”

How could I say no?


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