by Derek Williams

 Austin is a cocky young escort. When he meets up with an older client, he finds himself losing his youth and transforming into a sexually charged musclebeast.

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I let out one last grunt, driving my feet into the floor as I completed my squat. The last rep always kills me—it should—but I love that moment where the bar crashes back into the rack and my body shakes from the effort.

I glanced around to see if I’d attracted any attention. Unfortunately the gym was relatively empty, the few guys who were working out in the mid-afternoon had their headphones in, laser focussed on their own workouts.

Too bad for them. I’m one hot piece of ass, and it’s a privilege to watch me work.

I gave myself a grin in the mirror and pushed back my dark hair. It’s always getting in my eyes, but it looks fantastic when it’s styled up—really gives me that boyish look. I’ve got high cheekbones, a defined jaw, and a nose that’s the right balance between ‘cute’ and ‘hawkish’. Genetics handed me that ‘boy next door’ vibe.

Most guys would settle for naturally good looks, but not me. I’ve visited the gym religiously since college. For the past seven years I’ve been pushing weights, building an instagram-worthy physique that grabs attention wherever I go.

My watch buzzed at me, letting me know I had a notification. I grabbed my phone to check—I had a new prospect lined up.

In addition to being a minor instagram celebrity and occasional bartender, I also do some escort work. Usually lonely guys who want a sympathetic ear during dinner, followed by the hottest sex they’ve ever had.

Bottom, top, I don’t care—it’s all about the cash. I charge $400 a night, the meal’s on you, and you better take me someplace nice.

There’s a little website in town where a bunch of us sell our services. It’s pretty sweet—guys can request an evening with me, but I make the final decision.

I pulled up the app—the client for tonight was named ‘Jack’ and his photo was depressing. He was in his late forties, maybe his early fifties. I hate that.

Jack wanted to meet for a beer, then head back to his hotel room to fuck me. A pretty standard nights work for me, but I briefly considered turning him down. I hate letting old guys fuck me—they’ve got flabby guts and weak bodies. It’s fuckin’ disgusting.

I bit my lip. It had been a couple nights since my last ‘date’, and I’d spent a lot of money on bottle service last night… my bank account could really use the top-up. Lucky the app had a texting function so I could negotiate without giving this guy my actual number.

“Hey Jack!” I texted back. “Sorry there’s a mixup on my profile. 400 is just my rate for young dudes. It’s double that for older guys. Nothing personal man, just business.”

It only took a second for Jack to respond.

“No problem,” Jack texted. “8 PM at the Hearthstone?”

I recognized the bar. It’s a nice place downtown, kinda touristy, but near all the nicest hotels. Plus they had a decent scotch list…

“Sounds good!” I texted. “Looking forward to it ;)”

I couldn’t really turn down that much cash, and besides… the guy was so old, he’d probably want to go to bed early. I doubt he’d stay up past ten, then I could slip out. $800 richer.

I hoped he wouldn’t be too flabby.

I showed up to the bar. Eight o’clock on the dot.

I was definitely the best looking guy there. Maybe I don’t appreciate the older clients as much, but I still go all out for them. My hair was casually styled, my suit jacket was well fitted, and the top three buttons of my dress shirt were open to give a tantalizing glimpse of my chest.

It wasn’t enough that the client wanted me. The waitress had to want me. The other patrons had to want me. Hell, I wanted the hotel desk clerk to be tempted.

And trust me, they would be.

Jack was already there, sitting at a table near the fireplace. He’d put in some effort, wearing a nice button down shirt and slicking back his hair. He had a mostly-empty beer in front of him already, and I doubted it was his first.

He caught my eye and waved. I adjusted my collar once more, checked my hair in the window, and put on my game face. It was time to work.

I turned a few heads. Jack was already getting some jealous stares.

“Want a beer?” he asked. “They’ve got a really good citrus one on tap.”

“I’m more of a whiskey guy,” I said, picking up the menu. “I don’t drink beer. Too many calories for me.”

“Yeah,” Jack said, giving himself a pat on his heavy gut. “I guess that’s true. Kinda weird to me—when I was your age, guys didn’t count calories.”

“We do now,” I shrugged. “At least if you wanna look like this.”

My scotch arrived and Jack got another beer. He was a little drunk and eager to ramble. All I had to do was look good and smile approvingly.

“Man Austin, I miss being your age,” Jack said. “Your profile said you’re twenty-five, right?”

“Yeah,” I smiled.

“That’s the perfect age,” Jack said wistfully, taking another long drink. “Young enough to be young, y’know? But old enough that you’re a man.”

“I guess so,” I said, nodding along.

“And everything’s still tight, y’know?” Jack rambled. “Tight skin. Tight muscles. Tight ass.”

“Absolutely,” I agreed. “And tonight it’s all yours.”

“I’m counting on it,” Jack burped. “Twenty-five is the perfect age… I don’t know why I ever let it go.”

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a few grey hairs,” I lied. “You wouldn’t believe how many of my friends love a Daddy.”

“Yeah,” Jack laughed. “That’s why your fee doubles for old dudes.”

I winced. He had me there.

“Relax,” he said. “I don’t care. I just wanna fuck you tonight.”

“You’re gonna,” I said with a grin.

“Good,” Jack laughed, finishing off his beer with one last long pull. He let out a burp, tossed some cash on table, and stood. “Let’s head up to my suite,” he said. “The night’s not gettin’ any younger.”

I threw back my scotch.

Jack led us out of the bar, cutting across the street and heading straight for his hotel. I’ve fucked a few guys there before. Sometimes I’ll even stop at the bar downstairs for a nightcap after—they make a great old fashioned.

The desk clerk gave me a knowing smirk. Some hotels care about this stuff, but these guys don’t, just so long as you keep it discreet.

Jack looked nervous on the elevator ride.

“Hey, you doin’ okay?” I asked gently.

“Yeah,” he said. “It’s just… it’s been a while since I’ve done this.”

I gave him a warm smile. Jack seemed like a harmless old guy, even if he was a little pathetic. We rode all the way to the penthouse suite—I smirked as we got off the elevator, wondering if Jack was trying to impress me or something.

“Do you need to take anything?” I asked smoothly as we headed for the bedroom. “There’s no rush, we’ve got all the time in the world.”

“I’m okay,” Jack laughed, finally breaking the tension. “I might have gotten grey, but don’t worry, all the equipment still works.”

Jack unbuttoned his shirt, leaving it hanging open over his hairy chest and soft gut.

“Get undressed,” he said, fumbling with his belt buckle. “Strip right down. I wanna fuck you.”

“Yes sir,” I said eagerly, knowing that would turn him on even more.

I hung my jacket on a chair, then unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it on the floor. The room was pristine, though there were a few pieces of luggage in the corner. Dude must have just gotten into town. Hadn’t even unpacked yet.

I rubbed my hand up my washboard abs and gave my pecs a squeeze.

“You like what you see?” I asked, enjoying the way he wanted me.

“Take off your pants,” he insisted. “I wanna fuck you.”

I kicked out of my dress shoes and socks, then I undid my belt and dropped my pants on the carpet. I stepped out of them, naked except for a pair of tight black trunks. My body was tanned and smooth, the perfect picture of youth.

“Yeah,” Jack said, sitting on the bed in only his briefs. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I want. Now get naked.”

I squeezed my bulge teasingly, then worked my trunks down my legs. My cock sprang out, eager and ready.

Jack tossed his briefs to the side.

“Come over here,” Jack ordered. “I want you to bend over the bed. I’m gonna fuck you now.”

“What?” I said innocently. “No foreplay?”

“Now,” Jack smirked.

I strode confidently over to the bed and planted my elbows on the mattress. I heard a bottle of lube pop open behind me and Jack tenderly massaged some into my shaved hole.

“Mmmm…” I moaned. “Don’t worry about going slow Daddy… I like it rough.”

I knew he’d like that. Calling him Daddy.

I felt his cock against my hole. Hard and ready.

“Mmmm…” I moaned as he slipped inside. “Yeah… that’s it.”

I felt a sharp shock pass through me, like a lightning bolt had jumped from his cock and hit me.

“Mmmph,” I said, unable to form words. I felt paralyzed—totally unable to move as Jack’s cock started to pound me. It took all my effort just to breathe.

“You’re feeling it,” Jack said, taking hold of my hips and using me like a sex doll. “Good. I haven’t done this in a while… it’s good to know my old tricks still work.”

“Mmmmpgh!” I shouted.

“Well, you see, I’ve got this special power,” Jack explained. “Every year, on my birthday, if I fuck a young person, I get to take their youth. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad—you’re also going to gain some muscle. About five pounds for every year I steal.”

“Mmmpfff!!” I screamed in rage.

“I wasn’t lying you know,” Jack said, thrusting in and out of my ass. “Twenty-five is the perfect age. Young enough to be young, old enough to be a man. For a long time I gave myself a gift, every year on my 26th birthday… find some twenty-five year old whore, fuck the year out of him… they barely even noticed it, but it kept me young forever.”

He was a total fucking psychopath.


“Can you feel it Austin?” Jack asked from behind me. “Can you feel the years piling onto you? I thought I was done—I thought I was ready to finally grow old and die, but I don’t think I really want that. Tonight is my 50th birthday, and I think I’m ready to turn twenty-five again.”

I could feel it. My body was fixed in space, unable to move, even as I felt it shift and grow. My skin itched, it’s tan perfection distorted and stretched as pound after pound of mature muscle piled onto my bones. My joints strained under the weight, years of wear and tear manifesting every time Jack thrust his cock into my loosening hole.

He was getting harder inside of me, his cock firmer and firmer as he pulled more youth from my body. The fucker was rejuvenating himself, and he was doing it at my expense.

My chest itched and I gasped for air. This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be…

“Fuck!” I heard Jack say behind me, his voice sounding deep and confident. “Fuck yeah! You’re gonna be a new man tonight!”

His cock jumped inside me, pulsing as it flooded my ass with hot cum. He drained his balls into me, slapping my growing ass the whole time.

I collapsed on the bed, exhausted and spent. I barely managed to roll over.

Jack was standing above me, a shit-eating look on his face.

“What do you think?” he asked, flexing his biceps for me.

Jack towered over me, young and hot. His hair had darkened to a pitch black. His belly was gone, replaced with taut skin over well developed abs. His pecs were round, his biceps were peaked, and his cock was a masterpiece. I would have fucked him for free.

“Oh my god,” I rumbled, my voice impossibly low.

“Yeah,” Jack said, cracking his neck. “That’s better.”

I grunted, sitting up with far too much effort. The closet had mirrored doors and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

“Oh my god…” I repeated, staring at the hairy old man in the glass. I was… fuck, I was old. My hair had gone grey, and my beard was thick with salt and pepper. My body was hairy all over. No wonder I itched.

And I was a fuckin’ beast. I used to be about 170, a good balance between muscle and beauty. Now I was at least 300… maybe more… big juicy pecs, tree trunk arms… I was a fuckin’ beast.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” I wailed.

“Don’t worry… Daddy,” Jack laughed, getting down on his knees in front of me. “I’m not just going to steal your youth… I’m gonna give you a gift too…”

His lips wrapped around my cock, bringing it to life. It slowly grew hard as he sucked. Fuck me, the kid had a talented mouth.

I moaned with pleasure.

“See Daddy, once I start sucking someone off, they get horny,” Jack said, licking along my shaft. He reached one hand up and palmed a thick pec, massaging it and stimulating my nipple.

“Yeah…” I mumbled. “So horny.”

“That’s right,” Jack said, licking around my cockhead. “Soooo horny. And part of my magic… you’ll stay horny until I finish the job. No matter how long that takes.”

“Mmmmm….” I moaned as he dived onto my cock again. He was really deepthroating my cock and it felt amazing. My massive body shook with pleasure.

I could feel myself building to an orgasm. It wouldn’t be long now. Fuck, why was I so turned on? The bastard stole my youth… the bastard turned me into a sideshow freak…

Jack lifted his mouth off my trembling pole.

“And that’s how I’m gonna leave you Daddy,” the young man smirked. “Hot and horny. Forever.”

Jack stood and walked towards the suitcases. He grabbed a small bag off the top and unzipped it, pulling out a set of dark clothes.

“Wait…” I gasped. “Please, Jack… just get me off, please!”

“No can do,” Jack shrugged. Playing like he was innocent. He pulled on a black pair of boxer briefs, snug against his tight ass.

“C’mon man, I’m ready to fuckin’ burst.”

“Don’t worry, you can cum all by yourself,” Jack said, tugging on a pair of dark wash jeans. “And it’ll be a release—it will! But until I suck you off, you’ll stay so horny. So desperate for cock.”

“Why are you…” I gasped, working my cock furiously.

“That’s right,” he said, pulling a black v-neck tee over his torso. It was so hot on him… the way it hugged against his biceps. I used to look like that. Just an hour ago…

“Unf…” I moaned, pumping on my cock.

“I figure, if I’m gonna send a new muscle Daddy out into the world, let’s make sure he’s good and sexually charged, y’know?” Jack laughed. “I’ve been planning this for months. It’s my little fantasy.”

Jack laced up his footwear. Black skate shoes over a pair of red socks.

“You fucker…” I gasped, feeling my heavy balls churning. “I’ll get you…”

“No, I don’t think you will,” Jack said, taking a small container of hair creme and rubbing some into his black mop. He spiked his short hair up unevenly, giving himself a bedhead look. “I think you’ll be too busy whoring yourself out. After all… you’ve gotta take care of that cock.”

I grunted. I was almost ready to blow…

“Yeah,” Jack said, taking a look at himself in the mirror. “That’s exactly what I needed.”

I gasped, blowing my load all over my massive hairy chest. I fell back on the bed, relieved it was finally over. My cock was finally satisfied.

“Goodbye Austin,” Jack said from the door. “Help yourself to the suitcases. Maybe something will fit?”

I heard the lock click behind him.

“Wait!” I called weakly, struggling against the afterglow. “Wait, you can’t just leave me like this!”

After a long ten minutes, I finally felt like I could move. Ten minutes of accepting that with each second, Jack was getting away with my youth. A slow resignation hit me—I was stuck in this body now, a bodybuilder whore with an insatiable lust.

Eventually I got to my feet and stumbled into the bathroom. I flicked on the vanity lights and took a good look at my new body.

I was bulky. Heavy with mature muscle. Itchy with curly grey hairs that seemed to cover my entire body. My neatly manscaped pubes had exploded into a tangled grey thicket. My smooth jaw was covered in a bushy salt-and-pepper beard. My chest hair was matted down with drying cum.

I felt my cock jump as my eyes roamed over my thick body. It was familiar and alien, all at the same time. Utterly impossible… and yet, there in the mirror. I felt a glimmer of hope—I knew I’d never be a hot twenty-five year old stud again… but I was gonna be the hottest muscle Daddy. The biggest. The horniest.

Hot water washed my sweat and cum away. Jack might be an asshole, but at least he sprang for a nice hotel room. The shower was big enough, even for a beast like me, and the waterfall showerhead felt so good as it rinsed me clean.

I worked shampoo through my tangled hair, then conditioner. If I was going to be trapped in this body, I was going to make it look good.

My hand kept slipping down to my cock. I was half-hard again and I couldn’t stop casually groping myself. I’d cum… what? Half an hour ago? God, I was almost ready to go again. Part of me wished Jack would come back and finish sucking me off, relieve me of my horniness… but that part was becoming a distant echo.

“Yeah…” I mumbled, feeling thick fingers around my balls. “I’m so fuckin’ hot…”

I flicked on the fan and smirked as the mirror cleared. I pushed my grey hair out of my eyes—there was still had a lot to work with. A fantastic maturity that was going to drive the boys wild. Whether it was my barrel chest or my powerful back or my wide ass… yeah, I might be old, but men would fight each other to ride this body.

I raided the suitcases and found that Jack had planned for me. I started with the shaving kit, taking an electric razor and trimming my beard down to a long stubble. With my beard trimmed right, my jaw looked hyper masculine, fitting right in with my massive bulk.

Then it was back to the suitcases. I found an XXL pair of slacks that hugged my backside, showing off the thickness of my cheeks. There was a tailored dress shirt with a subtle stripe pattern… yeah, that showed off my wide chest and shoulders. I felt compelled to leave the top three buttons undone, eager to show off my hairy pecs… like they could have closed anyways.

I groped my cock through the slacks, incredibly aware of how my hard-on was showing through the fabric.

I was horny as fuck… and I wanted everyone to know.

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