Trying on my first rubber suit

by James Rubberman

 A young man who just wanted to feel rubber against his skin from the waist down tries out a very nice-feeling suit, only to get more of an experience than he bargained for.

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I had been getting my courage up for weeks to visit a new rubber wear shop in the next town. Finally this morning I drove over there.

The shop was pretty discrete and had wet suit in the window. I walked in and a pleasant guy asked could he help me.

I told him I wanted to try a waist-to-toe rubber suit for fun purposes and did they have any?

He told me his name was Carl. “Would you like to come upstairs with me and have a look around?” he said. We went into a large well lit room and he turned and said, “Here we are, errr—?”

“James,” I told him.

“Here we are, James,” he said, gesturing. “All colours and varieties. This rack are all waist to toe, built-in cock and ball sheath; the ones on this rack are similar but go from the neck down to toes, and the top is finished like a short sleeved T shirt. This rack is the same with full sleeves and gloves all in one—just leaves your head exposed.”

I was a right old boner on, a fact Carl had spotted. “Great boner there, James. It’d look good in rubber. Fancy letting me suck you off before you try a suit on?”

Why not, I thought. “Yeah, love you to,” I said and dropped my pants. I came out commando (it does save time) so my cock sprang out. Carl got straight down on it and gave me a blow job of a lifetime. I shot my load and I came and came, which surprised me. He stood up and I was still dripping cum, it was leaking from his mouth, too, and before I could recover he kissed me long and hard and managed to blow a load of my cum back into my mouth which I had to swallow as his tongue was probing my mouth. I was about to bollock him when I realised how nice my cum tasted, so left it. He took me to a bathroom and I showered and cleaned myself up. I walked back into the rubber room and selected a waist to toe maroon suit. It looked a bit on the small side, but Carl said it would stretch and he would help me with it.

He told one of the other guys he was fitting up a client and we went into another large room with long mirrors and a hospital style bed. “James, would you strip off completely please, as it will make fitting so much easier, and lay on the bed.”

I did as bidden. Carl covered me from the chest downwards in fine talcum powder and turned the maroon bottoms inside out, he slowly rolled the feet of the suit over my toes and ankles, ensuring each toe was in the foot fully.

He asked me to gently pull the waist upwards whilst he eased out any creases on my calves and over my knees, he leaned over my head and chest from the back of me and pulled it up to my groin.

“Ever worn a cock ring James?” he asked.

“No, why?”

“Well, it will help to click your balls and cock into the sheath.”

“Fine by me,” I replied.

Carl went and came back with a broad rubber ring which he stretch and pulled over my cock and balls. Fucking hell, it was tight, but I had to admit it kept my balls and cock in one place!

He rubbed lube on my equipment and carefully pulled up the suit until my cock was going inside the sheath, then he stretched the sheath open and pulled it completely over my cock and balls, and it fucking hurt. The waist was now sat snugly around my waist, he asked me to turn over and I saw him with a thick plastic short baton in his hand, “Just got to push the rubber sleeve down inside your anus so you can take cock, just bear with me.”

“Shit, Carl,” I yelled as he got started. “What the fuck are you ramming in my arse? A fucking police baton?”

“Just hold on James, soon be in you will hear a loud pop and that’s when the tube with the ring on the end has clicked inside you. It will prevent the sleeve moving when you have sex.”

I did not think of the implications of what he said at that time. When he had finished he told me to stand up and see what I thought.

My lower body felt most odd. I slowly got off the bed with Carl’s help and walked over to the mirror. “Fucking hell, Carl, it looks amazing.” The suit looked like a second skin, and fitted to perfection. I am fairly tall, as in 6’2”, and as ex-rugby I had pretty hefty thighs, and it conformed to every curve. My cock looked enormous. Carl measured it at 11 full inches and nearly solid as well. My balls filled the sheath sack and felt warm and were gently swaying with latent power… most odd.

I asked Carl if he had a belt to go over the seam where the trousers met my waist, to stop the rubber curling over, although I was surprised that it actually gripped pretty well. He gave me a black rubber belt which stretched around my waist and fastened with Velcro. It left a fairly smooth surface so I could slip my jeans on. My cock and balls gave me a pretty hefty bulge which I thought looked bloody good. So did Carl, as he dropped his hand onto my jeans zip and said, “Great equipment inside there, James,” and gently rubbed my crotch, which did not help my condition one bit.

“Hang on, Carl,” I said. “How long do I keep these on for? I really only wanted to try a pair on, but I admit I want these, so what now?” I asked

“No probs, James,” said Carl. “Pay for these and come back in the morning for a refit if necessary. I think might be a good idea to sleep in them as they’re difficult to take off on your own, you might not get them back on as well as this fit.”

I settled the bill—pretty cheap and I love them anyway. I was just a little concerned about the way my cock seems to have increased in length and girth, and my balls are bigger too I think the sheath and ball-bag may have got too much padding in and some needs removing.

I skipped a shower, as I did want to chance causing any damage, but by 10 p.m. that night I was dying for a piss and kicking myself for never asking what would happen if I pissed inside the suit. I grabbed my rubber covered cock, and had a good look at the tip. It looked like there was a small hole in the tip, so I took a chance and sat on the toilet and let go, a strong stream of piss exited from the tip no problem, thank fuck for that.

I slept well, then woke up and wondered why the sheets were tented so much and remembered I still had my rubber suit on with its padded cock sheath. I thought I would take a chance and removed the rubber Velcro held belt and take off my rubber tights. Except… this was a bit odd, I couldn’t get my fingers between the waist of the rubber and my skin. It seemed to be completely smooth. Something’s deffo not right here, I thought.

Spot on 9 a.m. I phoned Carl and told him I had major problems with the suit. He told me to go straight around to the shop.

I went in and he took me upstairs. “Right James, what it is the problem with your rubber bottoms?” Carl asked.

I took my T shirt off and removed my tracksuit bottom, my rock hard cock sprang out, all of 12” now, and my balls were hanging just at the back like oranges.

“I cannot remove the suit,” I told Carl. “There is nowhere to push my finger in.” Carl started to go very red and put his hand on my waist where the rubber ended and the flesh started. it was not only completely smooth but the transition from rubber to flesh was invisible, it simply changed into pink flesh.

Carl looked at me. “I am so fucking sorry, James. I used the wrong powder yesterday. The powder I used is a special blend that permanently adheres the rubber to the wearer’s body. It actually grows in to the wearer’s flesh and can never be removed. Your penis grows to fill the sheath, as do your balls. You penis is now a living, feeling part of you… except it’s rubber. Check your cock closely, you’ll see what I mean.”

I grabbed my foot long rubber cock and examined it, Carl was right, the prominent maroon veins were no longer just thick ridges, they were pulsing with hidden life. I started to stroke my cock and it grew another 2 inches. Pre cum oozed from the tip and suddenly my balls tightened and I shot a copious amount of thick hot cum out. It hit James’s face and dripped down his nose and chin, and before I could move another load flew from my cock tip. I tried to push my rock hard cock downwards but to no avail it started shooting all over his face and then the wall, after a few minutes it slowed down, but to my horror it started firing thick wads of cum which hit James, the wall, and the floor like thrown eggs.

It stopped and I looked at James and said nothing. I had never fired cum like that before. I put my hand around to my ass hole and that was leaking fluid too. Carl came around to my back and I felt his cock playing around the entrance. Suddenly he started to push in. I felt him push down and then heard a loud pop and he was inside. He worked my passage up and down. Fucking hell, his cock felt huge. Shit I could feel his cock, so my skin really was rubber now. Then I felt a massive pressure as he let his load erupt inside me. I loved it…..

Carl pulled out and turned to me. I licked his cock clean and then he reciprocated by licking my hole clean.

I could see he was flushed but still worried about his mistake. “Actually Carl, you have done me a favour,” I reassured him. “I wanted a way I could keep this on all the time. Plus I have a bigger cock and balls, and a gaping butt hole, too. I will go home and get showered and see what I can get up to tonight.”

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