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Trevor: Pho around and find out

by Ziel

Simon and Trevor swing by a local eatery on their way home where they run into a mutual friend. Another minuscule mutual friend somehow makes a big scene.

The Life and Tinies of Trevor, #7 4,585 words Added Jun 2024 431 views 5.0 stars (1 vote)

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Simon slowed his trot as he approached the street corner. He gave the button on the pole a quick tap and then turned his attention to his tiny passenger who was along for the ride inside the hood of his jacket.

“So… have you given any thought to dinner?” Simon asked between pants.

“Yeah! There’s that pho place on the way back to the apartment, right? It’s totally a soup day, today!” Trevor cheered.

“You got it, dude,” Simon replied and gave his tiny boyfriend a thumbs up.

Once the light changed, Simon continued his jog across the street and towards the apartment that he and Trevor shared. The afternoon was cool and drizzling so foot traffic was limited, but Simon was definitely drawing some attention from the few people that were out and about. His jogging shorts did nothing to hide the sheer size of his semi. His massive cock and heavy balls swung noticeably with each step he took.

Simon was so hung that he often drew attention when he was out jogging, but his dick was even more of a draw than normal. Simon had been swinging a semi for pretty much his entire jog. He was so hot and bothered that he even had a steady dribble of pre seeping out the tip of his massive cock. In many ways, he was thankful for the drizzle because the dampness of the rain hid the dampness from his dick.

As Simon stepped through the doorway to the noodle place, the ringing bell let the guy behind the counter know they were there. A split second later, Simon heard, “Simooonnn, my mannnn!” Coming from the guy working the desk.

“Bao! I didn’t know you were working tonight!” Simon responded.

“Yeah, man. Helping out the folks and all. Is Trevor with you?” the guy at the register asked.

“Sure thing. He’s right here,” Simon replied and tugged at the hem of his hood to reveal his passenger.

“My mannn!” Bao said again. This time he held his pointer finger out towards Trevor.

This wasn’t Trevor’s first time doing this greeting with Bao. He balled up a fist and pounded the tip of Bao’s finger. Upon impact, they both pulled back their hand and gave an enthusiastic explosion noise to go along with their explosive hand motion.

Bao then turned his attention back towards Simon. “The usual?” He asked.

“Yeah. The usual. I should probably mix it up sometime, but…” Simon replied.

“It ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?” Bao replied. “Besides. You two are sharing an order, right? Gotta get something you both like.”

“Yep. Although Trevor is not picky about what he eats,” Simon replied.

“Must be nice to have such a cheap date. I wish I could share an order when I go out with my girl,” Bao teased.

“Trevor would be the first to tell you that there are some definite advantages to his size,” Simon replied with a chuckle.

“Hell yeah!” Bao cheered.

“Yeah. I’m glad he’s taking it in stride. I don’t think I would have adapted nearly as well,” Simon replied.

“Yeah. He always seemed like he wouldn’t let anything dampen his spirits,” Bao replied.

Trevor crept closer to his boyfriend’s ear so he could speak directly to Simon and said, “I’m right here. You trying to make me blush?”

“Oh, hush. Take your compliment,” Simon teased.

“Yeah, dude. I was downstairs when it all went down. I didn’t even lose an inch and was inconsolable for a week!” Bao chimed in.

“Wow. A whole inch,” Trevor replied. His voice was dripping with so much sarcasm that even Bao noticed, and he couldn’t even hear what Trevor was saying!

“Hey! We all cope in different ways!” Bao protested. “I’m just glad it took the inch from the top and not the bottom, if you know what I am saying!” Bao added before busting out laughing so hard and so loud that many of the people in the small diner turned to look.

There was a moment where Simon and Trevor were left standing there waiting for Bao to finish laughing. By the time Bao finally calmed down, a white to-go bag had already been placed on the counter beside him.

“Right. Soup’s up,” Bao said and handed the bag to Simon. He flashed a cheesy double thumbs up and added, “Enjoy it, dudes.”

“I’m sure we will,” Simon replied. He gave Bao a wave and added, “try not to have too much fun without us.”

“I’ll have as much fun as a dude can have when stuck at work by himself. Bring some more friends with you next time. It gets boring here!” Bao replied with a laugh.

“I’ll think about it,” Simon replied playfully as he turned and made his way out of the storefront.

“You should have told him,” Trevor replied.

“I considered it, but I don’t think he would have been ready for that.” Simon said.

“Well, he’s the one who asked you to bring more friends. It’s not our fault he didn’t specify which,” Trevor replied with a laugh.

“Haha. Yeah. I wonder how much of that Rex heard,” Simon replied.

“I’ll ask him for ya,” Trevor said. He then crawled over the hem of Simon’s hood and gestured for his much larger boyfriend to give him a lift. Simon held out his palm for Trevor to climb onto, and then, after giving a good look around to make sure no one else was watching, reached his hand down into the front of his jogging shorts.

The inside of Simon’s shorts was like a sauna. The air was hot and humid, and the smell of sweat and balls filled Trevor’s nostrils… however, there was another scent filling Simon’s shorts– the scent of pre.

The under-mesh of Simon’s running shorts pressed tight against his fat cock and balls. Trevor had to shimmy and crawl his way down along the length of his lover’s impressively huge cock. Simon was massive even by normal people’s standards, and for the shrunken Trevor, Simon’s enormous cock was as long as a water slide and far thicker. Eventually, however, Trevor reached the tip of Simon’s pre-drooling semi.

Trevor sidled up beside Simon’s slit and glanced around for the sand-sized speck of his friend. Trevor soon found Rex stuck to the lip of Simon’s fat cock. Rex was suspended in the fluid that seeped from Simon’s cock. Rex was so small that even just a single bead of pre could envelop his entire body.

Trevor licked his thumb and pressed it against the speck that was his friend. Rex’s body clung to Trevor’s fingertip as he pulled it back and lifted it up towards his ear.

“Hey. We got pho for dinner. You want any?” Trevor asked.

“Oh, hell yeah!” Rex cheered.

“Thought you might. By the way, you’ll never guess who we ran into at the register,” Trevor replied.

“Never say never. It’s not like they have many people working there. It’s a family business after all,” Rex replied.

“Way to spoil it,” Trevor teased. “Although, you might get a kick out of this. Bao asked Simon to bring more friends with him.”

“No way. Did you tell him about me?” Rex asked.

“Nah. It would have been hilarious, but we’d rather you be where he could see, and fishing you out while in line woulda been a tad gauche,” Trevor replied.

“If it were me, I would just whipped my dick out and let him see if he could find… well… me… but that only works if I’m both the big and the guy in the … well… you know what I’m trying to say,” Rex mumbled.

“Haha. Yeah, yeah. You never did miss a chance to whip it out, but that’s not the kinda noodles they serve there,” Trevor teased.

“Still, it woulda been hilarious,” Rex replied.

“It would have been fun, yeah. Next time, you’re going to have to ride shotgun with me. I bet Bao would get a kick out of seeing you now,” Trevor said.

“How about you ride down here with me, instead,” Rex said.

“As much fun as that would be, it would defeat the purpose if Simon has to fish both of us out of his shorts. Bao would expect it from you, but I’d have to do some explaining,” Trevor replied.

“Just tell him I made you do it, duh,” Rex said.

“Yeah. I’m sure he’ll believe that you could bully me into doing anything,” Trevor replied playfully.

“I can be very persuasive,” Rex replied.

“Oh, I know,” Trevor said playfully.

“Anyway, does that mean it’s dinner time?” Rex asked.

“In a few. We’re still at the shop. Wanna come with us for the trip home?” Trevor asked.

“Nah. You can come get me when we get back to base camp,” Rex replied.

“Pff. I swear you love Simon’s dick almost as much as I do,” Trevor said.

“Can you blame me!? It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” Rex shouted.

“Right. Right. Well, I’ll let you and Simon Jr. get back to your play date,” Trevor replied.

“You should join me in here sometime,” Rex replied.

“I’m not that small,” Trevor said wistfully.

“Must suck to suck,” Rex teased.

“I’ll show you sucking,” Trevor sassed back.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time!” Rex replied and started cackling.

Trevor pulled his hand back and stared at the tiny figure that was still stuck to his thumb. “You think you’re real funny, huh. Well, I’m about to be hilarious,” Trevor said.

Trevor shoved his arm so deep into Simon’s slit that he could feel the pre dripping down his shoulder blade. With just a quick flick, Trevor sent Rex sailing deeper into the dark cavern of Simon’s cock.

By the time Trevor pulled his arm back, Simon’s chubby was dangerously close to being a full-blown stiffy. No doubt, Simon was struggling to hide the bulge of his enormous rod while waiting for Trevor to finish his conversation with Rex. Trevor gave the head of his boyfriend’s cock a playful slap as if he was spanking a bro in the locker room. The impact caused Simon’s already nearly rigid rod to give a lurch of excitement.

Pleased with his handiwork, Trevor turned and began his climb up the mesh under-shorts of Simon’s joggers. The combination of strain of scaling the mesh wall and the sheer heat of his stuffy enclosure left Trevor drenched head to toe by the time he managed to reach the waistband of Simon’s joggers. Once Trevor was close enough to the top that Simon could discreetly fish him out, Simon reached down and plucked his little lover out of his shorts.

Simon quickly lifted Trevor up to his face and whispered, “What the hell were you doing in there?”

“I gave Rex the good news. He said he’d love some pho,” Trevor explained.

“Yeah? But did that require you to get so hands-on with my dick? Need I remind you we’re in public?” Simon asked.

“It’s fine. No one would believe you even if you told them what was happening,” Trevor replied.

“That’s not the point. It’s kinda hard to hide it when I pop wood in public!” Simon hissed.

“I’m sure your audience appreciated the show,” Trevor teased.

“Ha ha…” Simon said flatly. “But seriously, what were you doing?”

“Rex was being a dick, so I fed him to yours,” Trevor explained.

“Y-you what!?” Simon shouted in a hushed whisper.

“Yep. Shoved him right in,” Trevor said.

“We gotta get him out,” Simon said.

“Why? He’s having the time of his life,” Trevor replied.

“Yeah. Sure, he’s loving it, but I’ll never get this beast to go down as long as I know he’s in there!” Simon hissed.

Trevor leaned over the edge of Simon’s palm and stared down. From his position eyelevel with his lover, it looked like he was hundreds of feet in the air. It was like he was sitting on scaffolding at a skyscraper construction site instead of in the palm of his boyfriend. Still, Trevor wasn’t afraid of heights, nor was he focused on the ground. He was instead fixated on the swelling bulge in his boyfriend’s cute, little jogging shorts.

Simon’s rod was looking certifiably obscene at this point. Simon’s foot-long cock was nearly rock hard and dribbling pre. The front of his pre-soaked shorts was looking as damp as the paper bag full of condensation-soaked soup tubs.

“Ooooh. You like having a little guy in your dick, don’t you Simon,” Trevor teased.

Trevor had turned back to glance at his boyfriend, but the tremble he felt through Simon’s arm clued him in to the fact that there was action to behold elsewhere. Trevor once more leaned over the side of Simon’s palm and glanced down at the impressive tent in Simon’s shorts. Simon’s massive rod was so hard that it had begun to buck and lurch.

“Woah. You’re not gonna last long at that rate,” Trevor said.

“You think!?” Simon hissed.

Simon didn’t dare slam his hand that had Trevor in it down on his crotch, but his other arm was full of pho! With no other options, he turned back to the counter, set his bag down, and muttered a hurried, “Watch the food. I have to take care of this” to the guy behind the counter.

Bao glanced down at the obscene tent in Simon’s shorts and said, “Aww, bro. I didn’t think you liked me like that!”

“Shut up! Watch the food!” Simon hissed before bolting to the bathroom. Simon hurriedly pulled his shorts off, slammed his back against the nearby wall, dropped Trevor off on his shoulder, and began cranking.

“Woah. You’re really into this! I’m gonna have to shove him in there more often,” Trevor commented as he watched his boyfriend stroke his fat hog with both hands.

“You try that, and I’ll take away underwear privileged for both of you,” Simon moaned between strokes.

“Testy…” Trevor teased.

Trevor glanced over and watched as his lover’s gigantic face trembled with bliss. It was times like this that Trevor loved being so small. He got to enjoy his boyfriend’s handsome features in Ultra-High Def. Trevor loved the look on Simon’s face when he was about to cum. He loved the way Simon chewed his lower lip. He loved the red flush that filled Simon’s cheeks. He loved the way Simon’s damp hair framed his cute face. Judging by the way Simon’s body was shuddering, it didn’t look like he’d last long.

“You look about to blow. Aren’t you worried about Rex?” Trevor asked.

“Just gotta… not cum too hard…” Simon said between soft moans.

“Right. I’ll get down there and make sure he hasn’t leaked out yet,” Trevor said.

Trevor grabbed onto the drawstring of Simon’s hoodie and began to rappel his way down the front of Simon’s shirt down towards Simon’s massive, rigid, shuddering cock. Trevor kicked off from Simon’s midsection and leaped towards the huge, shuddering, puffed-up head of Simon’s fully-boned cock.

Whoa!” Simon yelled as he saw Trevor take flight. He quickly let go of his cock and scooped Trevor up in both hands.

“What were you thinking!?” Simon roared quietly at the tiny figure that was once again in the palm of his hand.

Trevor was now soaked head to toe in Simon’s pre. Simon’s cock had been leaking like a sieve which had caused his hands to be completely coated in the stuff. His hands were so heavily slicked that heavy dollops of clear pre dripped between his fingers onto the tile floor below.

Trevor was just about to defend himself. After all, it was an easy jump, but before he could speak up, the door slammed open, and Bao charged in.

“Is everything all right? I heard yelling!” Bao said. He was so out of breath that it was clear he had sprinted from behind the counter the second he heard Simon shout.

Simon turned and stared at the new arrival in silence. He was too mortified to speak. What could he say? He was caught in the bathroom of a small diner clad in nothing but sneakers and a shirt. His huge rod was fully hard and openly on display. Pre oozed from the head of his massive cock. To make matters worse, he now held his little lover in the palm of his pre-soaked hands.

“It-it’s not what it looks like…” Simon murmured.

Bao just started laughing which just made Simon even more mortified. “It’s cool, dude!” Bao managed to choke out between laughs. “I know it’s hard to handle this much animal magnetism!”

“It’s not you!” Simon began to shout. He was about to say something more, but before he could mention Rex, Simon got overwhelmed by all the different experiences that had rolled into one incredibly hot, incredibly horny, and incredibly embarrassing ordeal. In the moment, the excitement of getting caught jacking it had distracted from his mission to flush Rex out of his system, but now that Rex was back in the forefront of Simon’s mind, Simon was once again hot and bothered about having a tiny guy spelunking in his cock. He was already close to cumming from stroking, and the new arrival just pushed him over the edge.

“Oh… shit…” Simon murmured as he realized what was about to happen. He quickly clasped both hands around his cock, which meant Trevor was along for the ride. Simon tried his hardest to block the flow of cum from his cockhead, but all he really ended up doing was mashing Trevor face down against his quivering slit.

Simon couldn’t stop it. His cock lurched hard and cum erupted from his dick. The blast was so intense that it gushed through his fingertips and sprayed across the bathroom. Bits of jizz splattered against the mirrors above the sink which were against the opposite wall. Bits of cum splashed into the nearby urinals, and massive wads of spunk crashed down on the tile floor below.

“Oh fuck! Rex!” Simon cried out.

“What? Rex!?” Bao asked.

Simon didn’t respond. He immediately lifted his cum coated hands to his face and began scouting for signs of his speck-sized friend.

“Do you see him?” Simon asked the cum-coated figure of his boyfriend.

“I couldn’t see anything!” Trevor replied as he wiped thick wads of jizz out of his eyes.

Simon quickly dropped to his hands and knees and sat Trevor down next to him before scouring the floor for signs of their friend. He was so fixated on finding Rex that he didn’t even realize that he had his whole bare ass, balls, cock, and taint aimed in Bao’s direction. Bao had a clear line of sight to Simon’s exposed asshole.

“I’ll… get a mop…” Bao said and quietly excused himself.

Meanwhile, Trevor and Simon scoured every inch of the bathroom floor, but try as they might, they could not find any sign of Rex.

Meanwhile, in a world far below what Simon and Trevor could see, Rex was coming down from a climax of his own. It didn’t take him long to realize that Simon’s had been shuddering, and the steady stream of pre made it clear that Simon was close to blowing. Just being bathed in pre and being adrift deep inside another man’s cock made Rex so horny that he was excitedly stroking his own cock. Yet before he could cum, he was hit from behind by an intense blast of warm, thick spunk. The shot had launched him clear of Simon’s cock and sent him flying through the air. Rex hit the mirror with a thud. The protective cocoon of cum splatted as he did so.

Rex suddenly found himself pinned against the mirror seemingly thousands of feet above the tile floor below. Rex knew he could survive the fall. He was too tiny to generate any speed when he fell, but getting unstuck from the thick layer of spunk was another issue. He struggled and strained against the warm, gooey confines of his friend’s wad. He soon began to realize that he was just too weak and puny to even begin to break free, but before he lost hope, he realized that gravity was working in his favor. The splatter of cum was slowly oozing down the front of the mirror. The wad of jizz landed with a plop on the sink. The impact was enough to jostle Rex loose from his gooey prison.

Rex glanced around to try and get a feel for his location and figure the best way to reconnect with his pals. He could barely make out the shape of Trevor far below. Trevor was the obvious choice since he could easily see Rex, but Simon was closer. All Rex had to do was take a flying leap, and he’d be able to land on Simon. Rex hopped off the side of the sink, but he had underestimated how much the cum residue which clung to his tiny body would impact how fast he fell. Instead of floating gracefully through the air, he sank like a rock and hit the floor with a hard thud.

Rex was durable, but the impact was hard enough to knock the wind even out of his chest. He slowly staggered to his feet and looked around at his surroundings. What he saw looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. He found himself in the space between the urinal and the sink– a dark corner against the wall that rarely saw bleach. In this place, mold and mildew sprouted up like bushes around Rex’s ankles. Rex was so tiny that small bacteria were the size of house plants. He was so tiny that he could even see the still wriggling eel-like sperm cells that had writhed in the mass of cum he had been stuck in mere moments before.

Rex knew he needed to reconvene with his friends before the local fauna decided to investigate, but Simon looked to be miles away at his size. It was sure to be a long hike, and that was if Simon didn’t get up and wander off.

It was at this point that Bao returned with a mop bucket and some washrags. “I put a do not enter sign up, so we’ve got a little time,” he said.

“Don’t mop yet. We need to find Rex first,” Simon said.

“Yeah. I heard you say that. What happened to him?” Bao asked.

“Well… He was… and then I…” Simon stammered.

Bao merely began howling with laughter.

“Yeah. That sounds like Rex all right. Honestly, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t using his size to fool around with guys,” Bao replied.

“Anyway. Help me look,” Simon said.

“Yeah, sure. I’m worried too, but what am I looking for?” Bao asked.

“Oh yeah. You haven’t seen him since… well… you know.” Simon murmured.

“Yeah, so. How small are we talking?” Bao asked. He held his pointer finger and thumb together about an inch and then slowly put them closer and closer together, but no matter how close his fingers got, Simon still kept shaking his head “no.”

“You have got to be shitting me,” Bao said.

“I wish I was,” Simon said as he continued to scurry around on his hands and knees searching.

“Wow… I want to see that,” Bao said.

With Trevor and Simon focused on the floor, Bao decided to clean up the jizz off the walls. He didn’t expect to find anything, but he checked each splatter for an occupant, just to be safe. He didn’t notice anything until he got to the mirror. Bao wasn’t even sure what he saw or why he noticed it. It was a cum smear like any other, but something felt weird about this.

“Hey, so… I’m no Cum Scene Investigator or nothing, but does this look normal to you?” He asked.

Simon held his palm out for Trevor to climb on and then went over towards the sink to inspect what Bao had spotted. Simon looked at the splatter, but it didn’t seem that remarkable to him. One thing was for sure, there was no passenger in it, but Trevor waved for Simon to set him down.

“You see something?” Simon asked.

Trevor hopped off of Simon’s hand and onto the rim of the sink. Trevor then glanced back up at Bao and Simon. Trevor knew he was too small to hear from that far away, but he had gotten good at charades since getting shrunk. He pointed to the rim of the sink and made his hand look like a figure walking and then pointed towards the edge.

“Do you think he jumped?” Bao asked.

Trevor nodded. Simon gripped the bridge of his nose and let out a sigh.

Trevor beckoned for someone to give him a lift. Simon reached down, picked Trevor up, and put him down on the floor next to where Rex would have jumped from. Now that he was in roughly the right area, it didn’t take Trevor long to find their minuscule companion. Trevor reached down, plucked the sand-sized stud from the grout between the tiles, and lifted the tiny figure up to his ear.

Simon picked up Trevor once more and lifted him up to his face. “What did he say?” he asked.

“He said he wants to go again!” Trevor shouted up at the two giants that were now leaning over and staring at him.

“Unbelievable…” Simon said with a huff.

“No. That tracks,” Bao replied.

“If it were physically possible, I would choke him…” Simon grumbled.

The Life and Tinies of Trevor, #7 4,585 words Added Jun 2024 431 views 5.0 stars (1 vote)

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