Transforming roommate’s dick

by CThotguy

Step 1: Slip a cake of cock-transforming soap into the shower stall just before your hunky roommate needs to rinse off. Step 2: Stand back and enjoy the show.

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He was your college roommate. He was straight, you were gay. You were cool with each other. He had a girlfriend and you had your tricks. Only thing was you really wanted him in the worst way. Sad to say he was totally straight and there was no way you were going to get him into bed.

But you had your magical bar of soap. You knew you shouldn't use it on him. He was cool, he didn't deserve to be manipulated. But you were horny beyond belief, he was fucking hot and you had to have him. It was as simple as that.

So, while he was at the gym, you went in the bathroom, got rid of his soap and replaced it with yours. He had a thing about showering at the gym. You threw yourself in front of the tv, grabbed a beer and waited impatiently for him to get home.

After about half an hour of a mindless sitcom and then some channel surfing you heard his car in the drive. He came in, threw his gym bag on the floor and you two made small talk.

You don't remember what you talked about. It was irrelevant. You were too busy trying to be cool and casual while not checking him out. You'd seen him with his shirt off loads of times, but he was shy and you hadn't yet seen him completely naked.

He was here in front of you, sweaty from his workout. His hair was slick from sweat and his face glistened. His pecs were thrusting against his tank top, the front scooped down low enough to reveal the tight definition. His arms were pumped and as he lifted his arm to finish off his sports drink you caught a glimpse of his pit hair, matted together, a few droplets sliding down his skin. His legs, ever powerful, thrust from his shorts like tree trunks, muscled, tan and toned. And that mystery of his crotch, the tantalizing bulge so near, but so far away, so enticing

He threw his drink in the trash and headed down the hall to the shower. The door was open a crack and you could hear the water turn, the shower door slide as he got in and then it slid shut again.

You got up, took off your shirt and wandered down the hall in your shorts. Normally you wouldn't go in when he was taking a shower, but you were horny and didn't care.

You pushed the door open to the bathroom and said, “I gotta shave. Mind if I do that while you're showering?”

He had his back to you, he was shampooing his hair you could see through the glass. “Um, sure,” he answered.

The sink was right next to the shower. You ran the water and got out the shave crème, lathering up your face.

Meanwhile you could see him rinsing the shampoo from his hair. You saw him pick up the soap and rub it in his hands. By now you could feel your cock start to rise in your shorts. The steam and water on the glass prevented you from getting a clear view of him completely, but you knew the fun would begin now.

In the shower he picked up the soap and lathered up his hands. With the soap in one hand he ran it over his shoulders and chest while the other hand worked the lather around making sure to get all the sweat off his skin.

This lather felt funny, tingly. Hmmm. Must be some new kinda antibacterial soap, he guessed. He lathered his arms. They felt good after the workout. He made sure to get a good lather on his chest, enjoying feeling how firm and strong his pecs were. His roommate was shaving in the sink next to the shower. He felt a little weird about that, since he was straight as the roomie was gay as he'd caught him checking out his body a few times. He didn't mind as long as he kept to himself, he was ok with it.

His nipples really stood up when the bar of soap went over them. It felt good in an erotic way. Guess he'd better call his girlfriend and make a trip over to her place tonight, he decided. Hehehe.

Then he soaped his washboard stomach and abs. The soap had by this time drizzled down over most of his body and he could feel a tingling sensation just about everywhere.

He reached behind him and soaped his back, lower back and reached down and soaped his ass, spreading his cheeks and rubbing the soap along his ass crack. His body felt strangely electric. Must be the combination of just having worked out and this new soap. He lathered up his crotch good, making sure his pubes would be nice and clean for when he fucked his girlfriend later.

Then he took his flaccid dick in one hand, the bar of soap in the other and ran it up and down the length of it. He peeled the foreskin back and watched the head peek out, nice and healthy pink, the piss slit suddenly covered in foam. He took the soap and ran it under his balls. He realized his entire body was covered with soap.

You could see him lathering himself up. The more he worked the soap into his body, the more your dick grew. It was painful, wrapped to one side. Not really caring if he saw or not, you reached down, stuck your hand down the front of your shorts and adjusted it so your dick stood straight up. The head poked obviously over the top of your shorts. You knew with the steam he wouldn't be able to see and you could adjust it quickly if he got out, but for now it felt good to be standing hard and proud.

In the shower he turned around a couple of times and let the jets of water start taking the soap off his glistening body, the soap bubbles making a puddle around his feet.

He looked down and admired himself. His hard work at the gym was paying off and he had a great body, one he was proud of. He felt energized and rejunvenated. The water worked its way over his muscles, some getting caught in his pleasure trail and pubes and then cascading off onto the shower floor.

He turned his back to the water and let it wash over him. Then he turned around and let it wash over his front. It was so relaxing in the water. He looked down again at himself. He felt so good, so incredible, a feeling of confidence in himself. The other feeling was one of undeniable horniness. Just knowing how his girlfriend got so turned on by his muscles and how she'd do anything in bed for him made him think of all the things he'd made her do.

While his mind had been wandering down this track he hadn't realized that blood had slowly started to enter his cock and the usual transformation was occuring. His heart started to beat a little faster as he felt the power of familiar pleasure as his cock went from being flaccid to the blood flowing into it causing it to thicken up. He put his hands on his hips with his back to the water feeling the spray against his back.

Once his cock had plumped up it entered the next phase: lengthening. It had been resting over his balls and now slowly as it had started to engorge it lengthened the way it had been facing, in a downward direction towards the floor, the foreskin riding downwards as well.

He had forgotten about his roommate on the other side, shaving. You, of course, had finished shaving by now and were splashing water on your face, painfully aware of your own erection. A drop of precum had been glistening on the piss slit for the last few minutes, but as you bent to wash your face it had smeared over the top of your dick, feeling all nice and gooey.

In the shower his dick had entered the next phase: rising. Once it had lengthened pointing downwards, its next trick was to defy gravity. Ever so slowly it started to lift, to rise. In a matter of several seconds it was sticking straight out from his body.

At this point the next phase happened. As it plumped up and grew, the foreskin could no longer contain the angry head demanding that its needs be met. The head started to push against the foreskin, enlarged to the point it could no longer be contained. As it pushed the supple skin gave way, peeling back. The sensation of the skin releasing the foreskin out was so intense, so pleasurable he closed his eyes. The piss slit appeared and then part of the head.

His dick entered the final phase: complete arousal. It stood straight up, just under nine inches, thick and jutting, throbbing out from his body at an angle, the foreskin retracted somewhat, but not all the way, from around the head.

He couldn't help himself. He knew you were on the other side of the door and might see him, but he'd just give himself a few strokes and then stop. Besides it was steamy in the bathroom and you really wouldn't be able to see what he was doing. That's what he told himself.

He reached down and grabbed his dick at the base and slowly slid his hand up taking the foreskin back over the head. He loved jerking off. But this time felt somewhat different. The pleasure was more intense.

He settled back on the balls of his feet and started to get a rhythm going, his hand moving lazily up and down his hard dick. Something felt different. He wasn't sure what. He looked down at himself.

He did a doubletake. It looked like his dick was bigger, somehow longer than usual. That couldn't be. It was so weird, though. He continued to stroke himself in that same lazy manner, the slow, easy pace. But he kept watching his dick as he stroked. And this time he felt like it was continuing to get hard, like it was still only semi-erect, but he knew it was fully erect.

He took his hand off it and looked at it. It was bigger. There was no doubt about it. His hands and eyes sure knew his dick and how big it was and somehow it had grown. Not a lot, maybe a quarter of an inch. He had measured his dick once and knew it to be 8 and 3/4 inches long, so now he'd reached the nine inch mark. Woo hoo!

His chest swelled with pride and he eagerly wrapped his hand around his dick again and continued stroking, this time somewhat quicker. Again, he had that same sensation as if he was semi-erect and not quite there yet. He grabbed the base of his cock and thrust forward, watching. Unbelievably he watched with his own eyes as his cock continued to lengthen another inch to 10 rock hard inches.

He also noticed that his fingers weren't quite touching as he stroked it. Was it getting thicker too as it was lengthening? He grabbed his dick tightly and noticed where his fingers met. As he watched he felt his hear beat a steady rhythm and his cock followed this beat. As his heart beat so did his cock throb. As it throbbed it did thicken as he looked on in wonder. It felt so powerful. He had a real man's dick now, if he wasn't sure before. He would have no shame of showering at the gym anymore.

His cock felt fuller, but unbelievably it still did not feel like it was completely hard. It was thrusting up, the head now past his navel. He slowly moved his hand the full length and in doing so felt it grow some more. He concentrated and pushed harder into his hand watching it grow until he knew it had to be about 11 inches by now. He didn't know how this could be happening, but he was so turned on and excited he didn't care.

It was still getting thicker too. He watched as his hand seemed to take forever riding the entire length of his dick. He watched as the head enlarged further and the entire length throbbed the head up past his navel, past his pleasure trail.

It must be going over 12 inches now. He was trembling with excitement. As it hit 13 inches he felt it was at a complete erection and would go no further. The size and thickness of his dick was so exciting, so new, so foreign to him. He couldn't believe this monster was on his body. He had to show someone.

Without thinking, he threw the shower door open, thrusting his hips forward, saying, “Dude, you're not gonna believe this. Take a look at me.”

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