Transformation in the boundary waters

by Krisiar

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Jeremy and Zack were best friends, and this camping trip was the best idea they’d ever had. At first, they were also going to invite their friends Warren and Dean, but they wanted to go somewhere else, watch their friend Oliver at the most important wrestling meet of his life. So Jeremy and Zack went to the Boundary Waters all by themselves, lugging the pack of food, canoeing through the beautiful lakes, and basking in the sun on the promontory of the campsite they had found seven long, long portages in.

“Three fucking two-hundred-rod portages in a row,” said Jeremy, remembering the hours of hauling the canoes and the packs like a donkey. “No wonder we’re the only ones on the entire lake.”

“It was worth it,” replied Zack. “Place is goddamned paradise.”

The trees were high, the spot where they had their tent was level and dry, and in front of them was a gently sloping promontory of stone that dipped into the water, which was warm enough for comfort and cool enough to be refreshing. They were swimming whenever they weren’t canoeing around and catching fish.

“You want to take a dip?” asked Zack.

“Sure!” said Jeremy, peeling off his shirt and running like a lunatic into the water. Whooping wildly, he splashed Zack with the cool water and then struck out for the diving rock about fifteen yards out. It was a perfect rock for swimming. Maybe it was a bit of a chore to keep heaving their legs up and over the underwater ledge, but once they had their feet up their they could step up on top of the rock and jump off down the sheer cliff about 8 feet out of the water.

“Woo hoo!” cried Jeremy, already diving as Zack neared the rock. He jumped clear over Zack’s head and plunged deep into the waters.

Zack heaved his leg onto the ledge, lifted himself up, and walked to the top of the crag. As Jeremy surfaced, he whipped his shock of dark red hair back and rubbed the lakewater out of his eyes.

“Whoo!” said Jeremy. “A little warmer than yesterday! Must be all that sun. Dive in, Zack!”

Zack was about to, but he thought he could see a shimmering down on the lakebed. That was impossible, though, the lakebed was easily 20 feet down, and the glinting of the sun on the surface was too much to be able to discern anything that far underneath. Still, he could see a silver glowing from down there. He should have been afraid, but instead, Zack felt drawn to it, and he dove down directly above it.

The lakewater was surprisingly clear, and as Zack opened his eyes, it didn’t irritate them at all. He swam down, now positive that something silver was glimmering down there. He pulled aside a few strands of weeds and saw a small silver box—shining brightly—wedged between a couple of rocks. He pulled it loose and pushed off for the surface, gasping for air.

“Hell of a dive!” said Jeremy.

“Look what I found down there,” said Zack, showing Jeremy the silver box.

“The hell is that?” asked Jeremy.

“I dunno. Let’s get back to shore and check it out.”

“Aww, but we just got in!”

“I want to find out what this is,” insisted Zack, and he immediately began swimming back to the campside. Jeremy followed reluctantly.

The box, upon closer inspection, was inscribed with all sorts of markings. They looked like runes, to Zack. They certainly weren’t part of the English alphabet, and nor did they appear Hebrew or Arabic or Asian in origin. A master of languages, Zack was perplexed.

“Maybe it’s Native American,” suggested Jeremy.

“The Ojibway,” said Zack, “who lived around here didn’t have silver to mine and they didn’t know advanced metallurgy. I don’t think they had their own written language, either. This is a hell of a puzzle.”

And as soon as he finished his sentence, the box started to glow. From inside came a whirring sound like gears and springs going, and there was a ticking like a clock. It sped up, faster and faster, and Zack and Jeremy started to get a little worried that the thing was a bomb. But suddenly, right as it seemed like the ticking and whirring and glowing couldn’t get any more intense, it all stopped. Dead. Nothing. Silence except for the everyday sounds of the Boundary Waters.

“The hell was that?” said Zack.

“Holy shit,” said Jeremy, pointing at Zack. “You’re growing.”

“What?” said Zack, looking down. But looking down, he understood.

He was, indeed, growing. Before his eyes, his arms were lengthening. They weren’t only lengthening, though, they were becoming crowded with muscle. Whereas before he had been stringy with just a little bit of fat on him, that fat was evaporating away, and the leanness was being built upon with hard muscle. His forearms and biceps were rock hard within seconds. His pecs became slabs of muscle, large and formed, with great big nipples pointing slightly outward.

“You’re growing, too!” Zack yelled at Jeremy.

But Jeremy was already wholly aware of this. Standing, looking at himself, his feet popped and ballooned to size 20, and his calves grew into diamond-shaped muscles. His quads bulged and his ass transformed into a beautiful bubble of hard, manly muscle. His arms and pecs had swelled to the size of Zack’s already, if not bigger.

Both of them were also swiftly becoming aware of the growing tightness in their swim trunks. The bulge in Zack’s red shorts was growing bigger and bigger, like Zack was hiding a fire hose in there. Jeremy was in the same situation, only his balls were growing bigger than his dick was, feeling them heavy and full, smooth and low-hanging, as his dick threatened to tear his black trunks in two.

“Dude, this is fucking sweet!” said Zack.

“I know, right?” said Jeremy, panting. “I’ve always wanted to have big fucking muscles, and it looks like we’re going to be the biggest studs in the world by the time we’re done! And speaking of studs, I feel like a fucking horse with this cock between my legs! Prety soon I’m going to—”

And with that, both of their trunks split, revealing that, though they were both still soft, they were easily 18” long already and beefy as all hell, their balls low and sweaty. They were still growing, too, their cocks and balls and their legs quite hairless. In fact, most of the hair on their bodies had vanished except for a dusting of hot stubble on their chests and necks, making them look rough and manly. The hair which had covered Zack’s belly had disappeared completely to reveal a great 8-pack of abs, more cut than any man they’d ever seen. Jeremy was still holding onto a 6-pack of equal musculature, only his obliques were much more defined, like a coat of medieval scale-mail.

Then Jeremy felt like he had a piercing headache, and he collapsed onto all fours for a second. He yelled in pain, though the swelling of his cock and muscles all over felt so good, he could only force out what sounded more like a moan or a grunt. More red facial hair poked out onto his face, and a sexy goatee grew at the tip of his chin as Jeremy felt two spindly horns grow from his skull. They felt like goat horns to him, and he felt as his ears became pointed and large. His legs became coated in a short, hide-like fur, not at all like human hair, that left his cock, ass, and feet completely bare. Jeremy stood up, transformed, looking all over his muscle-bound faun body. Then he looked over at Zack.

Zack was jacking himself off furiously, working hard to move his hands up and down a shaft that was easily four feet long when hard, and he noticed that Zack had a second pair of legs behind him. He was completely smooth, too, except for that stubbly chest and face! He was a hot muscular boytaur with two four-foot-long dicks, one of which obviously had already spewed cum everywhere and was lying limp behind his rear legs.

“Zack!” cried out Jeremy, admiring his faun body and horns. “I think that silver box transformed us into mythical nature men! Stud-gods of nature!”

“Fuck yeah!” said Zack, and his last cock shot cum right at Jeremy. He opened his mouth and caught the first shot of cum right in his mouth, swallowing. It tasted like sweat and sun. They truly were gods of nature. “We’ve got to be at least 12 feet tall now,” said Zack. “The tents look like shorts we’d wear now!”

“Good thing you’re still naked,” said Jeremy, coming towards Zack. “Come here!”

Jeremy took the weakened Zack by his rear ass and plunged his muscular faun-cock straight into Jeremy, plowing him right there on the rocky promontory. Huge and bound with pecs and arms and legs that gods would envy, they fucked and kissed, two demi-stud-gods of nature. Jeremy pumped and moaned as his huge cock worked through every inch of Zack’s boytaur ass.

“Holy shit, Jeremy,” said Zack, towering over the campsite alongside his buddy, “Your furry faun legs feel great against my rear legs. Keep going, man.”

Jeremy ran his hands all over Zack’s muscles, tweaking his nipples and worshipping the small of his back between his two sets of legs until he got really close, pulled his faun-cock out of Zack’s ass, and came all over his boytaur back. As Jeremy grunted and shot, Zack’s dicks became instantly hard again and he was overcome with a third and fourth orgasm, shooting buckets of cum everywhere, all over their tent, all into the lake. They were two stories tall by now. If anyone were to find this lake, Zack and Jeremy would be sure to give them some hospitality.

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