You have that effect on me

by Krisiar

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It was five o’clock, and Danny walked over to Tim’s cubicle. He looked nice in his grey suit and his green tie, but it was sweltering in the office, and he was baking underneath that slick two-piece.

“Hey, Tim,” he said. “Just checking to see how far you’ve gotten.”

“I’m working on it, sir,” he said, looking up. His forehead was caked in sweat, and he wiped it with his sleeve and said, “Christ it’s hot in here. It’s hard to concentrate. Why’d I have to stay here after hours anyway?”

“Because you’re behind,” Danny replied. He took his pocket square out and wiped the perspiration that had collected on his thick black glasses. “Now, I know it’s hot, but there’s nothing we can do about it. The windows are all open—well, all the ones that do open, anyway. Just tough it out. I need this done by tonight. Also, tighten that tie: just since nobody else is still here doesn’t mean you can slack on the dress code.”

“All right, sir,” Tim said, slightly annoyed as he tightened his tie. He wiped his brow and turned once more to his computer.

But Danny didn’t walk away, and Tim knew it. He had lusted after his boss for a long time now, and it was taking considerable effort to not keep glancing sideways to see Danny’s sizeable package. Plus, Danny’s suitcoat was open, and through the thin fabric of his white dress shirt, Tim could see that his nipples were nice and brown and hard, and that chest was visibly sweaty. Feeling his cock hardening, Tim willed himself to keep his eyes trained on the screen. He gripped the fabric of his green shirt and attempted to fan his chest, which was caked in beads of sweat.

“I suppose,” said Danny, after taking just a few steps back to his corner office, “I suppose because nobody else is here… I suppose we can lose our jackets. Just don’t tell anyone in HR.”

“Thanks,” replied Tim, abandoning his jacket and throwing it to a clear space in his cubicle. “Much better.”

“Don’t mention it,” said Danny. He took off his own suit jacket and folded it over his arm, and Tim couldn’t help but see that his dampened white shirt was tight against a well-muscled, lean torso, his nipples even more visible thanks to all that sweat that had now drenched his chest and pits. “What time do you think you’ll finalize those reports by?”

“Uh, I—” Tim had trouble talking. His boss was just too fucking hot. He had always known he was attractive, but he’d had no idea what sort of body Danny was hiding under there. “I might have… Maybe been finished by three if Cathy hadn’t left, but I have to finish her work too. Eight o’clock, maybe.”

“Hmm,” grumbled Danny. “Well… Since I have to be here as long as you are… I suppose you can just get comfortable. Forget the dress code—do what you have to. I’ll be in my corner office.”

With that, Tim immediately slackened his tie and watched his boss walk back to his room. As he walked away, Tim could not resist staring at his boss’s ass. It was so perfect. His grey slacks were pasted on his glutes, practically, a beautiful, round pair of cheeks. Within seconds, Tim was tenting; he was glad his boss wasn’t here to see it.

Danny must not have been watching Tim—or he just trusted that he would get right to work. Whatever reason, once back in his corner office, Tim’s boss started shedding his clothing. First came the shirt, and he kicked back on his chair, letting his fan blow the cold air over a great torso, his nipples hardening. He really had an exceptional set of abs, and an admirable chest. He had a body like a model—sizeable muscles all around, but still quite trim. He was unusually hairless for a man of 28.

Tim had lusted after Danny for some time now. It was unbearable for him to watch his boss in so perfect a position, and so Tim unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a sweaty, well-sculpted chest of his own. He rubbed his crotch.

“Damn,” he muttered, stroking his cock through his pants, “Why’s the boss have to be so fucking hot? Damn—”

He rubbed his crotch even more, feeling it stiffen to full mast. He shook his head—the heat must have been getting to him. He turned back to his computer, but he could not help but think of his boss’s muscles, the heat becoming unbearable and eventually forcing him to abandon the workstation completely and turn to see that his boss was shucking his gray slacks as well. Rapt with attention, dying to see that ass in only underwear, Tim got more than he had ever dreamed.

Danny, sweaty and glistening, pulled down his pants to reveal that he was wearing only a black jockstrap as underwear. His ass was just as perfect as Tim had imagined it to be—it jutted out a full six inches from his legs and back, two nice fleshy balloons with a dusting of red hair on them. Throwing his pants on the chair across the desk from him, he leaned back in his swivel chair and put his shoes up on the table. Now Tim could see that his boss’s muscles did not just stop at the glamour ones: his legs were beefy as well, cut like a motherfucker, magnificently shaped. Not to mention, that basket in the jock was sizeable… He leaned back in the cool air and began fingering his left nipple absentmindedly. Tim couldn’t believe he was seeing this.

Resolute, Tim turned back to the computer. He knew what he was going to do, and it made typing out everything that much easier. In five minutes, he had finished what he needed. He turned around once done and saw his boss run his hand through his short shock of red hair, and Tim licked his lips. He saved his work and then crept up to the corner office. He cracked open the door without a sound and stood there in the doorway.

“Anything else you need?” Tim said.

Danny wheeled around in his swivel chair and saw Tim there before him. Tim had taken everything off except for a black pair of boxer briefs which left little to the imagination. His 8-incher was at full mast, and Danny wanted every piece of it as he saw it contoured perfectly by the fabric. He grew aroused instantly, beads of sweat increasing on his temples, and the perspiration on his chest pooled in the grooves between his pecs and in the deep crevasse between his awesome abs.

“I, ah—” stammered Danny, “Are you… Done with your work?”

Slowly, his black jockstrap began to expand. His cock was growing harder, lengthening. Sweat streamed down his torso as he nervously tried to keep up appearances, the sweat soaking into the waistband of his straining black jock.

“Yes,” replied Tim, “But it looks like you could still use help with something.”

Tim saw those abs of Danny’s, incredibly cut and more massive than his own, and he watched as his boss’s cock kept growing. It was impossible… It was already so huge… How was it still going? No matter—Tim walked over and reached out, massaging Danny’s biceps. Tim’s own muscles now seemed paltry in comparison to Danny’s, which we like a god’s.

“Oh, so you like my arms?” Danny said, accepting that Tim was going to please his employer. He flexed his bicep and the muscle jumped, bulging, becoming as huge as a softball. Unable to stop himself, Tim lowered his lips onto the enormous bicep and kissed it tenderly, licking it, lapping up its strength. He ran his hand down Danny’s abs and felt his cock in that fucking sexy black jockstrap. That cock had long ago matched Tim’s own 8”, but the jockstrap was starting to tear at the waistband as it grew even huger, throbbing, pulsating.

Tim had to look down and see it. That anaconda between his legs, it was gigantic. It was still growing, now about twelve inches long, and seeming like it still had some to go. Tim rubbed it through the straining jock, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Danny clench all of the muscles of his body, and he grunted lightly out of pleasure. His muscles were all cut and shimmering with sweat. The more turned on Danny got, the more those muscles all seemed to bulge and teem with power… They even looked like they were bigger than five seconds ago, Tim thought.

“I feel almost unworthy in the presence of you,” Tim said. “Christ, this body… It’s amazing, sir.”

Danny couldn’t vocalize—he was too turned on. He moaned in pleasure as Tim bent down and ran his tongue over his big brown nipple. Those nipples must have been hardwired right to Danny’s dick, as it shot out four more inches, to 16”, a huge monstercock, and that was it for the jock. It shredded apart to expose the massive forearm-length dick to the open air. It curved upwards, and it was leaking precum all down the full height of it.

Tim’s hand was magnetized to the cock once the jock was gone. He ran his finger all along the top of the cock, collecting the precum in his hand, and he sucked his fingers dry. “Delicious,” Tim said, rubbing the tip with his forefinger. To be frank, he felt unworthy touching his divinely sculpted boss. By that time, Danny’s whole body was rock hard, and his cock needless to say was as tough as titanium. He was so strong and boned, and he reached out to feel his employee’s muscles for the first time. Tim’s pecs were to die for, and he found himself running his hands all the way over Tim’s muscles, squeezing them, fingering those pinkish nipples.

“Shit, Tim,” moaned Danny, “I wish I had this chest. Look at how beautiful it is, look at how it bulges out, like a girl’s tits, only muscular… If only I had pecs like you.”

Tim closed his eyes in pleasure—the touch of Danny’s hands on his muscletits plus those words out of his bosses mouth were overwhelming. He blushed. To be envied by this Adonis was impossible, incredible. He couldn’t believe he was here, doing this, having his sexy fucking boss massage his huge slab of chest muscle.

Suddenly, Danny stood up. Tim watched a bead of sweat fall off of his nipples and then Danny scooped Tim up into his arms, lifting him clean off the floor. His biceps and shoulder bulged and coursed with power, veins popping out from underneath the freckled skin as Danny lifted Tim up to his face. He buried his nose into Tim’s pecs and began to suckle at Tim’s pink nipples. He started sucking them like he expected milk to come out of them, then he licked the salty-sweet groove between those two globes of pectorals, getting out all the perspiration. Then he lifted Tim even higher so he could get his teeth around the waistband of Tim’s boxers. Smirking, he bit down tight and tore Tim’s boxer briefs clean off of his body, exposing the 8” uncut dick to the cool air in front of the fan. It stuck out, bare to the world.

“Well, Tim!” exclaimed Danny, still hefting Tim around in his arms. “You sure aren’t deficient in that department! Now let’s see if I can get that cock a little bigger.”

“I could never get it as big as you, sir,” Tim replied, looking into his boss’s green eyes.

Cradling Tim ever closer, Danny went down on him, putting his lips around the swollen cockhead and sucking, driving him wild with his tongue darting all along the shaft. With Tim’s legs in his right hand and his torso on Danny’s left arm, he pumped Tim’s cock in and out of his mouth. He took it all, deepthroating the eight incher.

Strangely, Tim’s cock seemed to vibrate, shudder. It almost seemed to swell while in Danny’s mouth. As by some magic, Tim himself felt his cock tingling and stiffening. It seemed to grow about two inches. It felt like he was cumming… only what was coming out of his cock was even more cock—

“Damn, sir,” panted Tim, “What’s happening? You’ve got a great—mouth… among other things—”

Danny let the engorged cock pop out of his mouth. He could plainly see that it had lengthened. Slightly taken aback, Danny let Tim back down onto the ground. He towered over Tim. At 6’5”, he was a huge wall of a man, with his muscles bulging and caked in sweat. He adjusted his thick glasses on his nose to get a better look at Tim. Jesus, he was attractive. With ears that stuck out just slightly and that lean, lithe body with big pecs, he had movie-star good looks. He wanted every part of Tim, and he started leaking hard when Tim got down on his knees and moved towards him.

Tim gripped Danny’s manhood in his hand. He had deepthroated many huge cocks but nothing close to Danny’s. He moved his mouth down to it and licked the leaking precum. He swallowed it—it tasted fantastic, and as he gulped it down, Danny noticed his jawline become more defined and his nipples seemed to enlarge in diameter and length. Nonetheless, Tim continued, teasing Danny’s cock with his tongue before taking it all. He choked ¾ of the way down. Try as he might, it seemed impossible to fully engulf this godly cock… but Tim was not one to give up. He moved his lips and tongue all over Danny’s monster dick, and all the while, Danny noticed Tim’s biceps swelling to the size of baseballs. Peering over his back, he also saw Tim’s back becoming corded and defined, and his ass was filling out, too.

While looking down, Danny felt a warmth that appeared to radiate from Tim’s contact with the cock. Danny watched as the grooves and lines between his own abs deepen—his muscles were becoming more cut. How was this possible? His Apollo’s belt along his hips grew into canyon-like grooves, and his balls seemed to droop and grow larger. He twisted around and saw his ass swelling up before his very eyes: those two glutes were now the size of volleyballs, almost looking like they were breathing with power, surging with muscle, and Danny watched as Tim’s finger appeared from between his legs and made its way into the crevasse of muscle and up against his hole.

“Oh god, yes!” moaned Danny out loud, his voice somehow deeper. “Yes, Tim, feel my hole! Tease it. Feel how tender it is between these two huge slabs of ass—”

Tim swirled his finger around Danny’s hole before plunging it in, and he heard Danny moan in pleasure. This was the hottest moment of Tim’s life, and he knew it as he was going through with it. He had lusted for so long after his boss that this was mind-boggling… How was this happening? And how was it that he was feeling stronger by the second—? His throat felt wider as Danny’s 16” monster snaked down his throat. He was in heaven with his tongue on Danny’s cock and his finger in his ass. But he could wait no longer.

Tim released his finger from Danny’s hole, ceasing his boss’s sighs of pleasure. Leaning over the side of Danny’s executive desk, spreading his legs and showing off an ass that was clearly larger than before, Tim said, “Give me everything you have, sir.”

Danny’s cock bobbed up and down. It knew what it wanted, and Danny knew what it wanted: it wanted Tim’s flawless chest, and those big arms and powerful long legs… and he also knew he wouldn’t be able to resist for long. So, right there and then, Danny hoisted up Tim’s legs and let Tim’s shoes rest on his shoulders. Once Tim looked ready, Danny slid the ping-pong ball sized head in.

“I’ve never met anyone who can take it all,” said Danny with about two inches in, “But your body… I can’t explain it… Is it growing? Do you think you can take it all?”

“I try my hardest,” panted Tim, “With anything I do. You know that. I’ll give it my all.”

With a smirk, Danny understood, and he pushed all sixteen inches straight up into Tim’s guts, his low-hangers slapping against his ass, he pushed in with such speed. Tim moaned and yelled, loving every inch of Danny’s python as Danny ran his fingers all over Tim’s cut abs and his 31” waistline.

“It feels so fucking good, sir!” cried out Tim. “Your cock… Oh, Jesus, everything… It’s so huge… It’s getting better… It’s getting bigger—!”

Danny felt it. It was unmistakable. His grabbed Tim’s legs for support as he felt his already enormous cock growing, lengthening, thickening… He thrusted in and out of Tim, ten inches out and in… then twelve… then sixteen… then eighteen, and his cockhead was nowhere in sight… He pushed all the way in and knew it had to be close to two feet long. He leaned over Tim, still fucking him hard, and tweaked Tim’s nipples.

Suddenly, a spurt of cum shot out of both nipples. It had to be cum—there was nothing else it could be. Danny licked up the liquid and felt it changing him… Stubble grew all across his face, and his tongue lengthened, becoming thicker and juicier… Danny squeeze Tim’s sizeable chest only to watch it grow stronger, the nipples grow darker, rounder, more prominent, and more nipple cum was milked out, sustaining Danny’s godly muscles.

“How the fuck is this happening?!” yelled Tim in between pants of horny pleasure, “I’m so fucking big now… And you are, too, sir!—My nipples… I’m leaking muscle milk out of my huge fucking chest… I’m—I’m… I’M… HOLY SHIT!”

With only a moment’s warning, Tim’s nipples suddenly came everywhere, shooting out twin torrents of cum that hit Danny’s abs at full force with the strength of a garden hose. Then, Tim’s true cock started gushing like a fountain, drenching them both in jizz that did not subside for 10 seconds… the 10 seconds it took for Danny to go over the edge.

Danny’s whole physique clenched, flexed in anticipation. His abs hardened, his chest was bolstered with muscle, and his basketball-sized asscheeks engorged even more as Danny had to take three steps back and withdraw his entire 26” monsterdick from Tim’s ass. The moment the head felt the cool air of the office fan, jet after jet of cum shot out and coated the windows of the corner office. Tim’s was still shooting, as were his cumming nipples, so four continuous streams of cum were going at the same time, covering the ground in a thin sticky layer of seed as the two men bellowed in release.

Panting, his balls slowly starting to recover, Danny leaned over Tim’s cum-soaked body and kissed him. “Holy… Fucking… Shit—”

“Well, sir,” said Tim, licking his lips. “You and I may have gotten stronger… But we both taste delicious.”

Danny looked down and saw his rippling torso glimmering with sweat and semen. On a whim, he darted out his tongue and started lapping up the juice off Tim’s abs. Then he moved down to Tim’s now one-foot-long cock and, in one single motion, licked all the way up from the tip of his dick to his abs, up through the division of his beefy chest, up his neck, and then right into Tim’s mouth, and they shared the taste of each other’s manly muscle cum together. It wasn’t until Danny and Tim had gazed into each other’s eyes for about a full minute when Danny realized he was boned once again.

“That didn’t take long,” Tim said.

“Haha,” answered Danny, “You have an effect on me—”

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