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Tiger troubles

by Meddler Incs

Greg hopes for big muscles from a new experimental growth hormone—only he’s not counting the side effects, or his new brothers in fur, muscle, and cock.

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Part 1 Greg hopes for big muscles from a new experimental growth hormone—only he’s not counting the side effects, or his new brothers in fur, muscle, and cock. (added: 15 Dec 2014)
Part 2 Greg wakes up having grown bigger than big, but he’s also not quite human—and the follow-up at the doctor’s office doesn’t go quite how he expects, either. (added: 2 Sep 2016)
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Part 1

The needle pierced his flesh. Greg gulped in pain as the drug was injected. “Dammit, that stings.”

“Sorry about that,” the doctor said, removing the syringe, putting on the stainless steel table, and taking up another. “One more, and we’ll call it a day.” He expertly put the tip almost, but not quite, at the previous mark and injected another mix of chemicals. “There,” he said, removing it and lightly rubbing the area with an alcohol-soaked pad. “How are you feeling?”

“Okay, I guess,” Greg said. Already he could feel himself get slightly light-headed. “How quickly does this work?”

“I do not know,” the doctor said. He glanced warily at the man. “Are you alright? A lot of guys would kill for this chance, you know.”

“I know,” Greg said, slowly rising from the seat and putting his shirt back on. ”A new steroid in production, recombinant DNA, blah blah blah.” He smiled a bit to lessen the sarcasm.

The doctor smiled back, picking up a clipboard and making a few notations. “I am to remind you right now that you are one of the twenty to be chosen for the double-blind procedure, the contents of the two syringes are either a harmless placebo or the experimental growth hormone tetra-ingenti-gemma-23, TIG-23 for short. Another doctor will be looking after you in twenty-four hours to see the results.” He looked at Greg. “Any questions?”

“Anything that I can’t do right now? What about side-effects?”

The doctor shook his head. “Nothing I can think of. You can do everything as usual. And, of course, if you feel anything amiss, you have my number.” He opened the door and led Greg out to another room. He motioned to a severe-looking woman in starched whites. “Nurse, take down his information while I get the other subject in.”

“Of course, doctor,” the nurse said as the door closed. After she did Greg for his info, she passed over a small notepad. “Write here for anything you feel within the time period so we can see how you are doing.”

Greg opened the door of his apartment and tossed his bag on the floor. He slipped off his shoes and walked to the kitchen. After fixing himself a sandwich and a glass of root beer, he sat on the sofa and flipped through the stations. He settled on cartoons, and soon he was finished with the lunch, entertained by the craziness of Tom and Jerry. He felt somewhat tired, and his eyelids fluttered down for a moment before he opened them and took out the notepad from his pocket. Tiredness, he wrote. Maybe drowsiness. He put the pad on the table and succumbed to the sleep.

He dreamed of sex. Of rutting. Of men, roughly hewed and massive, ramming their equally massive members deep into hungry mouths and beefy rumps. Of overflowing rivers of cum and deep growls of pleasure. Of callused hands touching him, rubbing him, coaxing him to join them. The phone woke him up before he could.

Greg stretched, yawned, and answered it. And then hung it up when he heard a computerized pitch start about outdoor aluminum siding. “Damned telemarketers,” he growled. He scratched his chest when he realized he was horny. Not just a mild diversion, but full-blown, get-ready-to-blow over-sexuality.

He rushed to the bathroom and quickly shucked his shorts and underwear, showing off a much-improved set of equipment. The fact barely registered before he grasped his cock and started stroking.

“Aww, fuck,” he moaned, throwing his head back, and letting the waves of orgasmic pleasure overcome him. He felt himself buckle against his hand, feeling the appendage be coated with his essence and lubing the strokes. A few moments later, and the orgasm subsided to a pleasant afterglow.

“The hell was that?” he said aloud. He shook himself out of the glow and focused on the mirror, which was streaked with ropes of thick cum. “Oh fuck!” He reached over to get a roll of paper when he felt the urge rise again. An overwhelming wave of lust that could not be denied. He felt himself stroke himself to orgasm repeatedly. His mind clouded over with images of the dream, and he shot all the harder.

A half-hour later, and he finally drug himself into the shower, his urges finally sated and his three-inch cock now enlarged to a hefty seven. The hot water cleared his head somewhat as it washed off his essence. Was this a side-effect, he thought.

Greg got out of the shower and glanced at the mess on the mirror and sink. With a sigh, he went to get paper towels and cleaner and got the area cleaned up. He then noticed the other change.

He was big. Bigger than his pencil-thin physic he had before the shots, he had a wrestler build now. He raised an arm and flexed it, showing off a nice bulge under the skin. He also noticed a trail of hair developing between his now-visible abs, a pale white swath. Yeah, he thought. Definitely got the hormone.

A scribbled note later on the pad later and he looked at the mirror image again. He saw the swath of hair was noticeably spreading out and starting to cover his transformed chest and inch across the cobblestone abs. He passed a hand across the muscled torso and shuddered as it brushed a pec nub.

Instantly, his cock sprang up, ready and seeking attention. Unthinkingly, he grabbed it and stroked out another heavy orgasm, wasting the work he put into cleaning the sink and mirror. The deep moans issuing from his mouth echoed all over the apartment.

“Wow,” he said, smiling from the pleasure. He felt like he could rub one out anytime he wanted, no matter how many times he could. The urge to do it was there, just in the back of his mind. But right now, he felt another urge well up. He passed by a gym on the trip home; it was time to test this new body out.

He ignored the mess; instead, he got into clean clothes and left.

The moment Greg stepped in the gym, he knew he had come home. He stood there for a moment, absorbing the sounds of the weights clanging, the guys grunting, the rough thump of rock. He grinned stupidly for a moment before going to the front desk and paying the day’s visit.

The weights felt like puzzle pieces fitting together. He was doing things he never did: bench press, arm curls, squats, lat extensions, and more. So much more. He just wanted to lift hard and heavy; although, they never were heavy. A few struggles with the weights, and soon it was as if he was lifting nothing at all.

After dropping a pair of dumbbells to the floor, he stood, drenched in sweat, and flexed in front of the mirror. He was bigger than before, he noticed. A junior bodybuilder, now. He lifted the shirt to flex his abs and noticed the trail thickened to cover the entire set of abs, the hair now a greyish-white instead of the black he usually had.


His eyes flickered up to the thick mop of hair, noticing that the black was fading to an orange-red in some places. He raked a hand and noticed the change going down to the scalp. The hell?

“Looking good, kid!” a guy said, slapping a hand on Greg shoulder. He leaned over and whispered, “I take it your one of the test subjects?”

“Hm?” Greg turned to look at the other guy, his eyes roaming across the colorful hair patches, the thick build, the heavy bulge in his shorts. He felt his cock twitch slightly.

“Yeah, you’re one of the guys,” he said, smiling at Greg. “I’m Felix. I take it you also had some things to take of today?” He guffawed loudly. Greg weakly smiled back and he looked around. No one was near them, but that didn’t stop him from whispering. “I can’t believe how much I had.”

“Hey, no need to whisper, dude,” Felix said. “We’re all guys here, and that means we can talk candid about things. Like jerking off.”

Greg’s cock gave another twitch.

“I mean,” Felix said nonchalantly, “I’ve been full of juice. My balls have been pumping out loads of the stuff, and I have lots more ready for unloading. And my cock, dude, it must be ten inches now, and so danged thick. And so fucking sensitive.” He leaned closer and grinned. “Want to feel it?”

Greg frantically shook his head. “N-no. Not right now.” Felix grinned as if he had all the time in the world. “I getcha. After we’re alone, then, we’ll get some things done.” He slapped Greg’s shoulder again and walked to the locker room.

Greg took a calming breath, the urge to lift still strong and sure. He took one look again at the mirror and got back into the workout.

He pushed himself hard, feeling that he was scratching an itch deep in the muscles with every rep, every flex. With every lift, he felt himself grow ever so slightly. He kept on palming his muscles in between sets and growled with pleasure as he felt the growing bulk.

With the last rep, he sat exhausted on the bench. He rose and looked at the mirror again, feeling the extra mass rub against him. He raised an arm and felt his chest and abs with the other. Fuck, he was getting huge.

And with that thought, the urge to cum came back in full force. He shuddered with the feeling, and he tried not to collapse on the floor in lust. He quickly walked to the locker room, trying to hold back pulling his already rock-hard cock out and rubbing out a load right there and then. It didn’t work though; the moment he went in, he heard a deep moan.

“Fuck—so huge—so fucking huge—”

Greg crept deeper into the area, looking into the restrooms to find Felix, his shorts shimmied down and a giant of a cock in his hands, in front of a mirror, the reflection covered with cum.

“Hey dude,” Felix said, turning around and shaking the giant appendage a bit. “Must have grown some. Feels at least twelve.” He grinned widely before turning back to the blurred mirror. “I’m on fuckin’ fire, dude!” he moaned out as his cock shot out a thick rope of cum.

“Fuck,” Greg said softly, entranced by the sight. His own cock throbbed lustfully in its own cage. He cupped the bulge and moaned as it pulsed against his hand.

“Come on, dude,” Felix said as he stroked himself to another orgasm. “Let’s see what you got.”

“N-no, that’s alright.” Greg said, back away, trying to control this undeniable urge at least until he got home. “I’ll see you later,” he added as he turned and bumped into someone.

“Watch where ya going, kid,” a baritone voice said. “And get that thing back in your shorts, dude,” it continued.

Greg looked up to find a chiseled profile with a five o’clock shadow steadily deepening. He wore a deep red singlet that didn’t hide any of his powerlifter frame. “Sorry, didn’t mean to bump into you.” He looked into his eyes and noticed that the man’s pupils were slowly, ever so slowly, changing shape into slits. “What happening to your eyes?”

The man glared for a moment, then grinned, showing off a set of oddly-shaped incisors. “None of your business, kid.” He glanced at Felix, still rubbing himself. “I told you to put that away.”

“Fuck you,” Felix said before letting his monster go and pulling up his shorts. He looked at the guy and raised an eyebrow. “You’re one of the subjects, huh?”

Greg took a closer look. Sure enough, his hair was changing colors to orange and black. He also noticed the nose was oddly shaped to something unfamiliar. Do I look like that already, he wondered. The man shrugged, the shoulders and traps melding into one. “Eh, we’re not supposed to talk about that. Just record the results and come back tomorrow for another dose.” He eyed the other two. “I take it you two are also?”

Greg nodded and caught a whiff of something undeniably masculine from the man. He glanced down and saw a huge, hard pole pushing itself against the fabric. A wet spot formed at the tip. “Damn, you’re huge,” he blurted.

The man stepped back. “I ain’t no fag, kid, so don’t you get any ideas.” A heavy hand adjusted it, and he moaned softly. “Fuck, I need to get this out. So damned horny.” He rubbed it more, making the spot grow in size and wetness. He snapped out of it, glared at the two, and then walking out without a single word.

“Damn,” Felix said, eying the retreating figure. “That’s one tight ass he has.” Greg nodded for a moment before the urge hit again. He needed to cum, and cum now! “Oh fuck,” he growled out.

“Hey, let me help you with that,” Felix said, reaching over to cup Greg’s heavy bulge.

“No, it’s okay,” Greg said, but it was too late. Felix started to fondle the heavy package. “Oh fuck—”

“Yeah, bro,” Felix said, digging into the shorts and the briefs. “Let me see.” He pulled out an extremely long cock, much bigger than before, and far more sensitive. He gave it a few rubs, and it quickly stiffened to a massive thirteen inches.

“Damn, bro,” Felix said in awe, rubbing the veined surface and causing Greg to pant heavily in lust. “You’re fucking huge! Can barely wrap my hand around it. Fuck.” With that, he kneeled and started to suckle the head.

The sensations were too much for Greg to cope. His eyes rolled back and his mouth opened into a soundless moan as he shot into his partner’s eager mouth. His orgasm was powerful and overwhelming.

He felt another hand on his cock. “Aw fuck, you’re huge.”

Greg tried to focus on the newcomer. It was the guy from before, but his singlet was halfway off, the lycra peeled away to show a thick pelt of white fur all over his chest and abs. A cock to rival his own was rock hard and leaking a steady drip of pre. Without a single word, Greg reached over and groped the guy’s member, causing him to sharply inhale. “Fuck!” He moaned out when Greg leaned over to lick the clear fluid off the helmet. “Awfuckgonnacum!” the man groaned.

Acting on instincts he didn’t know he had, Greg clamped his mouth around the head and started to chug down the thick fluid. Both hands stroked and rubbed the huge cock, the guy’s moans driving his own cock to shoot harder into Felix’s mouth.

A few minutes later, the three separated, their cocks softening slightly but no way satiated. “Hell,” Greg breathed out, moving his tongue around the mouth to catch any remaining drops of cum deposited.

“The fuck was that?”

“If that is a side-effect of the drug,” Felix said, standing up and showing off a dripping cock, “I would gladly do another dose.”

“Let me help you with that, kid,” the other guy said before kneeling and burying the entire length in his mouth and throat. Felix moaned and shuddered as he shot deeply.

Greg heard footsteps. He tucked himself in his shorts and quickly walked out of the room and the gym, brushing past one of the staff heading to the changing room. He is going to have one hell of a surprise, Greg thought to himself, smirking a bit. He felt the urge come back again, his balls swelling with another load, and he walked faster.

Greg slammed the apartment door shut and tore his shirt off. The shorts followed after, his hands frantically grabbing at his stiff organ, moaning as the fingers rubbed and stroked. He felt the urge to cum rising, and he quickly bent over to shove the cock into his mouth moments before he went into another mindbending orgasm.

When he finished swallowing his essence, he stood up, his mind sizzling with lust and his body pumped and huge. In the back of his mind, he knew something was seriously wrong, but he didn’t care. He needed to cum.

Greg walked to the bathroom and stood slack-jawed at the reflection looking back. He was huge. Bigger than the other guy, he thought, flexing an arm and seeing it explode into a football mass of bulk. That’s when he noticed the other change.

“The hell?” he said as he rubbed his torso, the fingers disappearing in a heavy pelt of greyish white. The fur covered almost his entire front and, he noticed, a good portion of his arms and legs; however, the fur did nothing to hide the mass he gained. In fact, he thought as he posed, this isn’t half bad. Hot, even. “What in the world is happening to me?” he said.

The questing fingers found a chest nub, and his knees buckled. “Awfuck!” he moaned as the fingers unthinkingly played with it, pulling and giving it a hard pinch. That was enough stimulation to provoke his cock to dribble another load, the juice oozing down and soaking into the fuzz coating his balls.

A shower, and a few more orgasms later, he went back to the living room, the urge now shortly satiated. Instead, he swerved to the kitchen and opened the fridge, eating leftovers at first, then tearing into the packages of raw meat and eggs. Then he pillaged the pantry, shoving handful after handful of cereal into his hungry maw, then the bread and the makeshift ramen noodles. He drank the entire milk gallon, then another of water.

He padded over to the sofa and plopped himself down. He noticed the notepad and picked it up, noticing a patch of orange and black hair developing on the back of the hand and the arm. Instead of freaking out, he grabbed a pen and started to write.

“Abnormal hair growth,” he said, putting the words on paper, “both color and area.” He flexed an arm. “Quick muscle growth, at least two-hundred pounds of muscle.” The hand went down to clutch his turgid member. A wave of lust crashed against his mind. “Bigger cock and balls. So much bigger. Fuck.”

He couldn’t resist the urge the moment he touched his cock. He put down the pad, and he slowly teased himself to orgasm, playing with his nubs and his cock, until the entire thing came together with a crescendo of overwhelming pleasure. He roared as he felt the hot ropes of cum splattered against his face and chest. A few minutes later, when he felt the orgasm subside into a sultry afterglow and tired panting, he felt the wave crash again, stronger this time. He moaned deeply as he continued playing with himself, happily diving into this pool of inexhaustible lust he had. This continued for several hours, the steady buildup and the explosion happening over and over again, as he groped and worshipped his muscles, his new form, before closing his eyes and drifting to dreamless sleep.


Part 2

The phone broke through his cloud of sleep.

“Fuck,” Greg said, turning around in the sofa and knocking a few things off the table as he searched for the source of the ringing. He turned it on. “Hello?”

“Greg,” the doctor’s voice said on the other end. “Just reminding you to come back to the clinic and get the other two shots. What time should I put you down for?”

“Wha?” Greg said drowsily.

The doctor didn’t pay attention to the question. “I’ll put you down for ten. That should give you enough time to get dressed. I will see you then. And don’t forget about the notebook, please.” The line clicked off before Greg could get another word out.

He rose groggily from the sofa, his mind a mass of confusion. He vaguely remembered what happened last night. All he could remember was seeing how huge he was...

The thought caused his cock to throb painfully against his belly, and he clutched it without thought, causing a tidal wave of pleasure to crash against his mind.

“Fuuuuck...” he moaned out, leaning back and spreading his legs. The action caused his cock to burble out a thick wad of pre that soaked into his hand. The feeling of the sticky warmth was too much to deny, and he started to stroke himself to his first orgasm of the day. He shimmied down the seat a bit and reached down to his ass with the other hand, the fingers teasing and lightly probing the tight pucker there.

He groaned deeply, his cock drooling more of the pre, to which he used to wet his fingers for additional play. After a few gentle probes, he pushed a finger into his ass, then two, then three.

“Ah fuck yes!” he yelled out, surprised at the amount he could take with such ease. He started to fuck himself on his fingers, moaning and groaning as he rode himself into an orgasmic pleasure so strong that he cried in joy, his cock shooting out streams of thick, hot, and sticky cum.

The orgasm melted into a magnificent feeling of relaxation. Greg sighed in deep satisfaction, leaning back and rubbing the load into his furry chest.

Wait, what?

He glanced down to see a thick mass of pectoral muscle that reminded Greg of two huge pillows. Covering them was a heavy pelt of white fur, the coat mixed with streaks of his cum. He reached up to grope the pecs. Yep, he thought as he felt the solid muscle, these are mine. And they are huge.

Then he brushed against a chest nub.

He groaned, his hand instinctively rubbing it harder, the fingers pinching and twisting the sensitive eraser-sized flesh as the other started to stroke his cock. Waves of pleasure cascaded though his mind as he milked himself to another mind-blowing orgasm.

“Fuck...” he said afterwards, slowly rubbing his cock and his balls. He was certain that they were both bigger, but he didn’t care. He would be more than happy than to keep jerking off all day. But he needed to make the appointment.

He rose up and stumbled a bit, trying to adjust to his surroundings. Everything looks smaller, he thought as he went to the bathroom. He glanced at the mirror and froze in shock at what it showed him.

He was huge. Bigger than big. Easily bigger than the guys from the gym. Combined, even! Every muscle defined and covered in white fur with black stripes. And his faceHe leaned over the sink to look closer. He pressed against the oddly-shaped nose, flattened against a pouchy muzzle. Steely grey eyes replaced his brown ones, the pupils slightly oblong. He opened his mouth and found his teeth unchanged. The ears gave the appearance of being higher than they usually were, but a quick inspection told him they were not.

“Wow,” he said, noticing his voice deepened to a rich bass. “Damn,” he said, to make sure it was not a trick of the ears. He stepped back from the sink and gave a good look at himself. He turned sideways a bit so he could see a thick, powerlifter rump, high and bulky. And his cock! He swore loudly when he saw the piece of equipment dangling down between his legs. Much thicker than last night, almost as thick as a can of sauce. With balls the size of mangos, encased in a heavily furred sack.

He raised an arm and flexed it, the bicep forming into a football of heavy muscle. He leaned over and nuzzled it, rumbling deeply at the size. He felt his cock stiffen, and he grabbed it, rubbing slowly, and getting his hand slicked up with the sudden river of pre.

He couldn’t resist this, and he didn’t want to. He breathed deeply, inhaling a rich manly scent that caused his cock to spit out more pre. He nuzzled harder, slowly extending the arm then flexing it back to massive hardness. He moaned softly, lost in the pleasures of self-worship. His mind cast back to the two he saw at the gym, and imagined them bigger, thicker.

Another tidal wave of lust, and he came again, this time so strongly that his knees buckled. He fell against a wall, pinching his eyes shut and moaning at the insane pleasure he was feeling. He was stroking with two hands now, thrusting himself in their grip as he kept on shooting on the mirror, on the sink, everywhere.

The orgasm petered to the afterglow, and he opened his eyes to find the bathroom covered in his essence. He stood up and took a deep breath, finding that the room stank his musk, the rich scent making his cock twitch. He growled softly, eager for another session, but he needed to get to that appointment.

Showering took longer than possible, seeing he needed to wash all that fur on him. After a few mistakes with a bar of soap, he grabbed the shampoo bottle and squeezed the contents all over, lathering up and rinsing. His hands lingered over the chest and his cock, but he desisted.

After using several towels to dry off, he went to the bedroom and gazed in admiration of how the full-length mirror there showed him. Must be easily three hundred pounds, he thought to himself as he flexed. The fur did nothing to hide the build. In fact, it only added to show how huge he was. Too big for all of his clothes, he was sure.

He scoured the closets and drawers for something to wear and found a loose pair of shorts and a ratty tank top. Unfortunately, no underwear. He snorted at that. He could go out naked, he thought to himself eyeing himself again in the mirror. He flexed an arm. Let the world see this amazing hunk of beef with this amazing cock...

Without thinking, a hand started to fondle said cock, once again causing a wave of pleasure splash itself in his mind. The other hand went to the ballsack, gently squeezing those heavy balls, feeling them churn as they made another load of juice, then edging back to play with his rump and its tight pucker again.

“Fuck,” he moaned out, needing this so badly. A part of him worried that this constant need for sex was a side-effect, but the rest of him was enjoying the feel of his fingers in him, enough to blast out another heavy load on the mirror and the carpet.

Greg walked into the doctor’s office to find the doctor sitting where the nurse was the previous day. He was speaking on the phone.

“...I do not know what is going on,” Greg overheard as he walked to the desk. “The compound is not supposed to work this way...Yes, I know, but I don’t know....” The doctor trailed off as he saw Greg only in a pair of skin-tight shorts. “We have another one. I’ll call you back.” He hung up the phone and eyed Greg up and down. “And who might you be?”

“Greg Owst,” Greg said. “I have an appointment in a few minutes.”

“Ah yes,” the doctor said, picking up a clipboard and making a notation on the paperwork there. “You have your notepad? Ah good,” he added as it was handed over. He cleared his throat. “We will begin the, erm, second injection in a moment.” He flipped the pages. “Hm. Yes. Just as before.”

“Before?” Greg asked.

“We have had a few like you change into what you are now,” the doctor said, putting down the notepad. “To, erm, protect the confidentiality of the testers, I am doing this personally.” He stood up.

“Now, if you can go to the room on your left,” he continued, waving to the hallway, “feel free to make yourself comfortable.”

As Greg walked down the corridor, he could swear he heard loud growls and yelling, the noises causing his cock to swell. When he opened the waiting area door, he found out why.

The room was filled with burly tiger men, just like him, in all acts of fornication. Cocks were slamming deeply into eager mouths and asses, several sometimes in the same holes. Fountains of cum splashing against thick fur-covered muscle. Deep groans of pleasure filled the room.

“Hey guys,” one said, eyeing Greg, “we got a new one.” He pulled out of the hole he was plowing, and walked over. He was bigger than Greg was and lightly furred. “Pleased to meet you.” Before Greg could respond, he was kissed deeply. Greg melted in the other stud’s embrace.

“Fuck,” Greg said when they separated.

“Never thought you’d ask,” the other said, smirking. He dug into Greg’s shorts and gave his cock a solid stroke.


The other chuckled and bent down, pulling Greg’s shorts down to the floor. “Damn, that’s a thick cock,” he said, nuzzling it and licking it for a few minutes before swallowing almost all of it down his throat.

Greg shuddered deeply, his balls immediately shooting their load down the other guy’s throat. He then felt a hand feeling his rump.

“I bet you never been fucked by one of these cocks,” a deep voice growled. Greg felt fingers probe his tightness, making him to bend over for further entry.

“Yeah,” the voice said. “That’s what I’m talking about.” Greg groaned when he felt the fingers removed, but he groaned louder when he felt something much bigger shove its way into him.

“So you are saying that the compound was not supposed to be tested yet?” the doctor asked to the newcomer.

“I am very sorry,” the lady said. She was dressed primly in starched white. “As much as it pains me to say this, this was a mix-up on our end. Human error indeed caused this to happen, and we can only manage to control it as much as we could.”

The doctor looked down at the clipboard. “Ten people were supposed to be given the compound, and we got ten in the back room.” He paused as they heard a loud moan echoing down the hallway. “It’s the same symptoms: abnormal growth of hair, muscle, and male organs, with an increased sexual drive. Also, a few mentioned on how they were suddenly fascinated with males, when they were originally straight.” He put the clipboard down and shook his head. “What now?”

“Damage control,” the lady said. “We could put them in our facilities for further study, perhaps find a cure.”

The doctor shrugged. “It might work. But part of me is curious about this. Call it a doctor’s interest.”


Another shrug. “Just about the hows and whys, that’s all.”

“We’re still looking into that. Oddly enough, I have to say that your office is the only one that has this happening.”

“Human error again?”

“I would say so.” They rose from their seats. “I need to notify my supervisors about this. I will call back in an hour or so to inform you what our next step is.”

After he escorted her to the door, he turned around to find one of the patients coming out of the hallway.

“We are trying to find a solution to your problem,” the doctor said. “Please return to the room.”

“Problem?” the man said. He was heavily furred, a magnificent pelt of white and black, and heavily built. His cock was arching past his navel—almost touching the lower chest—and drooling. “What problem, doc? I mean, look at me, dude.” He flexed hugely in a double-bi pose. “So fuckin’ huge, dude.”

“Please return to the room, sir.” The doctor stepped close to escort the man-beast back, but was arrested by a rich scent of cinnamon and cloves. “What is that?” He involuntarily breathed deeper.

“This,” the man said, and he grabbed the doctor by the collar and pressed him against his armpit.

The doctor moaned deeply, suddenly lost in a lustful haze. He started to nuzzle the thick muscle, taking deep breaths of the scent.

“Heh, looks like you’re getting into it, doc! Here.” He shoved the doctor to his thick cock, forcing the head into his questing mouth. “Take it all, dude!”

The doctor didn’t know what was going on until he heard a deep growl, and his mouth overflowing with thick goo. He instinctively swallowed a few mouthfuls before pulling back and letting the rest streak his face and hair. He panted heavily, feeling a sleepy feeling suddenly overtook him.

“Wha—” he started before his eyelids fluttered, and he fell to the floor fast asleep.

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Ladder of the heavens by Ziel "Someone suggested that I do a story with piercings and jewelry that caused growth in the owner. I made use of some other suggestions as well so this story features a wide array of kinks including muscle/dick growth and even a touch of shrinkage, and there’s even a cute little *spoiler* with a *spoiler**spoiler*" 11k words Added May 2015 19k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Decrease

Simon says by BRK My goofy, fun-loving shop owner loves staging these ridiculous competitions with us, but this latest one is definitely the craziest. 2 parts 7,732 words Added May 2013 Updated 30 Jun 2017 23k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Extra digits•Multi-abs•Multicock•Multiarm•Multilimb•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Suggestion

Student body president by BRK Being a warlock at school can be a pain—especially if everybody knows. 2,906 words Added Sep 2004 25k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Self-suck•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Stretchy•Size Increase•Witch/Warlock/Wizard•Complete

Sugar packets by RdyRoger Envious of other guys who can grow muscle like it’s nothing, David decides to try some sugar packets left behind by some beachgoing studs. 4 parts 12k words Added Jul 2002 28k views 5.0 stars (6 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength •M/M

Transform: Phone sex by Also Known As Converting a guy to be one of the Transformed is easy enough in person. But what about over the phone? 5,573 words Added Jan 2014 14k views 5.0 stars (6 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase•Infectious •M/M•M/M/M

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