Three-legged bros

by BRK

 Matteo’s stream-of-consciousness account of how, basically, the only thing hotter than having three legs is having an insanely hot brother with three legs.

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All the guys in my family have three legs. I should be inured to it, I know, but seeing them gives me such a rush. I still get turned on by it, especially if I’ve been around two-legged people all day. Every time I see one of my family members walking around on three legs or lounging about with their legs casually stretched out before them in chairs and sofas, my blood heats up, my pulse quickens, and my big, thick cocks feel a rush of heady arousal.

I even dream about them. For as long as I can remember I’ve been waking up every day with twin hard-ons that won’t quit until I force out gushers of jizz onto my tight abs. Double-fisted jerk-off sessions are a permanent part of my morning routine and I’m pretty sure they always will be. As I stroke my fat cocks I prowl through memories of all the hot three-legged men I know, imagining them gathered around me, as turned on as I am, as they slowly remove their three-legged jeans, exposing their muscled thighs, defined calves, large, strong feet, and, of course, their massive erections.

My brother Pedro’s are my favorites. He’s a year younger than me, thrilled about finally joining me at college (we both commute from the sprawling house in the ‘burbs our parents gave us to share). But where I’m the indoor type, always up for an afternoon of shoot-’em-up video games or curled up in a corner of our big cushy living room sofa with a gothic novel on my tablet’s e-reader app, he’s the opposite—constantly out running, swimming, playing touch football with my cousins and their friends, any way he could find to be active and get his heart pumping, his firm, lightly hairy legs glistening with sweat in the three-legged shorts he’s usually wearing.

He’s even hornier than I am, too, and boned practically all the time. At any moment he might shift his weight or dig his hand in his pockets and the heads of his cocks will appear, just for a moment, over the stiff waistband of his shorts. He’s not even self-conscious about it. Being hung and boned and randy is just the way life is for him, and he’s like, it’s a cool way to be, I guess.

He has a posse, of course. Even I kind of do. Something about us tends to draw two-legged hotties toward us—that’s probably why I have those boner-daydreams with groups of guys around me, because we always have, like, groups of guys. Even online, I draw guys to me. I have at least eight guy friends that are always there for group gaming, joking over the headset about how I should get them to make character mods with three legs and two big cocks or how the orcs in the game would have to team up to fuck me in the ass or whatever, or skyping me shirtless just to get a reaction out of me and talking about sucking dick and stuff, asking if they’d made me hard yet, and of course they have, twice over. A couple of them live close enough they come over a lot to game with me in person, staying over in one of the guest rooms even. Lately they’re around a lot, along with these two blazingly movie-star-hot guys from one of my classes who look nothing alike, gorgeous in completely different ways except for them having exactly the same green eyes, who just started palling around with me and doing lunch after class and coming home with me a lot and staying over in the same bed in the second guest room just so I’d be thinking about them snuggling through the night a couple bedrooms over, as if I weren’t already riled up from my own natural horniness and from Pedro being the hottest three-legged guy ever. Anyway, those two—Dean, who looks like a fighter pilot with short blond hair, and Lucas, who has these dark eyebrows and a killer grin and looks like he should have his own TV show where people just stare at him and he makes them get all bothered just by smiling at them—they’ve started this thing where they’re always touching each other in this really seductive way while watching me, just chatting with each other but watching me and smiling, just to see me blush and bone up. Which, of course, I do. They want to be around me, and they especially want to be around me when I completely horned up and boned, probably because we three-legged guys sort of radiate the raw sexual pleasure we’re feeling and guys want to feel it and bask in it and dial it up as high as it can go. Yesterday I came down to breakfast and when I turned on the light they were kissing shirtless in the kitchen. They’d been waiting for me, and grinned when I grumbled at them and had to adjust myself on both sides in my boxer-briefs before getting out the milk.

Pedro has that horned up/pleasure emission thing in spades, a lot worse than me, probably worse than anyone in our family ever, and so there’s always a crowd of hot, muscled, totally hung guys around him, usually shirtless and out in our huge back yard playing volleyball or touch football or swimming or wrestling or building stuff or whatever. God, watching him run and exert himself, wearing just, like, a pair of dark gray gym shorts and working up a sweat, I can run to my room and cum a giant double load after just watching him from the patio doors for fifteen minutes like that. At least five of Pedro’s guys have pretty much moved in and sleep in the remaining two guest bedrooms, though sometimes a couple or three of them are camped out on the floor in Pedro’s room because they just want to be near him so bad. I think he’s actually stopped making them sleep on the floor, ‘cause the last few mornings the pair of guys he’s come out of his room with have been stuck to him like glue, and Pedro’s had this big smile and his lips are kind of bruised. I think he’s at least making out with them, and maybe he’s letting them suck him. That would explain why it’s in batches of two.

So usually when Pedro and I are hanging out together watching TV or whatever on our bigscreen there’s a few guys around, all curled up on the big couch next to us or sitting on the floor with their backs to the couch and picking up my feet and putting them in their laps and rubbing them while we all watch Netflix or old superhero movies. Pedro’s started doing this thing where he lays on the couch with his feet in my lap while he watches, except more and more it’s all three of his hairy thighs in my lap and his feet in Lucas’s lap (‘cause that’s who’s usually sitting next to me on that side, him and Dean), and sometimes one of his posse is at the other end so Pedro had a lap to put his head in, usually that shaggy-haired guy Alexander with all the Instagram followers on account of his super-sexy seven-pack abs that he honestly never covers up, not that Pedro ever covers up his own ten-pack, and actually I’m shirtless pretty often too. Not because my abs are as hot as Pedro’s or Alexander’s, I mean, they’re tight and all, but, look. Our legs are long and our torsos are long to match, which is good because it would look weird otherwise, but that also means that the extra-long shirts are a thing for us and they just make you look bean-poley if you’re not all filled out with these hard, bulging muscles like Pedro, so I usually don’t bother.

Anyway, sitting there on the big couch with Pedro’s legs in my lap is pretty much normal now and it’s a total distraction, partly because his legs are nice and I keep looking at them and partly because I can feel his three tight, round buttcheeks against the side of my thigh, but mostly because I don’t know where to put my hands. I mean, my left hand is fine, I guess, it just ends up on his knees, but… my right hand? Either it goes in one of his crotches, or if I keep going to the right it’ll end up on his big, long erections that he always has (and that I always have because he always has), or I can drop my hand on his yummy ten-pack, which is almost as much of a draw for my fingers as the crotches option or the boners option, and sort of ignore how the heads of his pre-dripping cocks are subtly protruding from his waistband mere inches from my thumb as I stroke his ab muscles. That’s what I’ve been going for, though, ‘cause I don’t want to start just jacking Pedro off while we’re lying there chilling out watching movies. Or, no, okay, I do want to do that, and also maybe relieve the pressure on my own aching stiffies, the one he gives me just by lying there and breathing, and yeah, if I put it to a vote the guys who hang out with us would vote yes a thousand percent. And maybe… I dunno. I dunno. Pedro is always hard around me, and I’m always hard around him on account of how amazing he looks and the hotness waves he sends out like a fucking sun, if suns got you horny instead of baking your skin—but we’ve never done anything about it, right? We just enjoy being boned around each other. I’ve only kissed him, like, once, and that was an accident, we were hugging at his high school graduation and our mouths kind of ended up mashing each other while we hugged real tight and the moment got away from us for a second, and, sure, it was hot, but that was just that one time and I only think about it when I’m jerking off in the mornings and filling my head with Pedro hotness moments. Of which there’s a lot, as you can imagine, so the accidental kiss doesn’t even come up every time. Only most of the time.

So most of the time when we’re hanging out together it’s like, he’s boned, and I’m boned, and the guys hanging out with us are boned, and his three sexy legs are across my lap and my hand is lying on his ten-pack sort of pretending to idly stroke his abs like it’s not something I really want to be doing with my tongue instead of my hand, and we’re both, like sixty percent of the way to an orgasm all the time like that. And then some of the guys are making out with each other as the movie or the show isn’t holding all our attention, and then I suddenly have to clamber out from under Pedro and get my feet back from the guys who’ve been fondling them this whole time and hurry up to my room and blow, like three double loads of hot cum on my chest, painting myself with twin jizz stripes over and over every night, and I know the guys have gone into the next room and they can feel it and they’re cumming too because of how much our orgasms just bleed out of us into people, and I am so glad Pedro and I have our own bathroom (it’s one of those connecting kinds) so I can take a shower without having to go out into the hallway covered in my own spunk.

Then, this afternoon… whoa, this afternoon.

It’s Saturday, right? I finish this paper I had to write, more or less ignoring Lucas and Dean, who’ve managed to rope Alexander into their game and are all piled on my bed experimenting with various forms of three-way kissing (including three mouths together, two mouths together and mouth on neck, two mouths together with third guy in between, etc.), and I’m all hard from being around that, because, okay, I can write a paper while I’m all horned up and boned and needing to cum because otherwise I’d have flunked out of fourth grade, but it’s not like I could really, actually ignore all of that and not get turned on. So I tromp downstairs all hotted up to see if Pedro wants to do dinner yet and I get downstairs and find that Pedro and his guys are playing this really intense game of rugby in the back yard that seems to involve a lot of grabbing each other and piling onto each other, and they’re all dirty and sweaty and having a great time and I’m standing there at the patio screen door staring and almost ready to blow, and my guys are crowded around me so we’re all pressed together, bare chests and shoulders and backs and arms, and somebody’s stroking my ass and I’m really going to lose it. Then Pedro looks looked up at me, his hair damp from sweat, and he smiles this brilliant, radiant smile at me that almost stops my heart, and I swear, honest to god, I just start shooting just from that, my cocks spitting these big ropes of cum straight up out of my shorts and all over my face and my bare chest. And Pedro’s eyes get big and then he smiles even wider.

And I call out, “Uh, pizza?” through the screen, because what am I going to say? Dude, your smile made me blow my wads, kudos, good job?

“Sounds really good,” he says with a wink, and I kind of want to cum again.

So I order a stack of pizzas, which we do a lot because, you know, pizza, it’s awesome. And we eat, me and Pedro and Lucas and Dean and Alexander and six other guys who are basically just a crowd of hunks to me (I basically know them as Redheaded Lumberjack Guy, Muscles For Days Guy, Super-Bendy Guy, Heterochromia Guy, Looks Like One of the Patriota Twins Guy, and Korean Drama Star Guy) and then we all go to the media room with the big TV and the big couch where I keep having that problem with my hands, and Pedro lies down and lifts his three bare feet up to let me in under him, and of course I do just that, and the rest of the guys settle in around us, Alexander sitting on the other side so Pedro can put his head in his lap, Lucas next to me with Pedro’s feet actually in his lap and with his arm around my shoulder like he’s been doing lately, and my extra-large bare feet being claimed for stroking and just holding onto and stuff by three of the guys sitting in front of the couch. Korean Drama Star Guy, who’s got my middle foot, puts on Batman Beyond because it’s his turn and he knows I’m obsessed with it, and we turn down the lights and start watching, and I honestly don’t know whether to be all “okay, cool” or “it’s one of those nights where everyone’s into me and I get ramped up and beyond horny because they’re feeding off me and I’m feeding off them”.

We get an episode or two in and I’m getting into it and feeling okay about being all boned and everything, and all the guys around me being boned up too. I’m stroking Pedro’s ten-pack and I’m actually not being too distracted by it because it’s this really good balance of watching a show I like and having friends over and cuddling with Pedro and being turned on. And then I feel Pedro holding my wrist—the one I’m stroking his abs with. I slow down but don’t stop, and he just holds it for a while, like he wants me to feel the warmth of his hand, which is kind of nice. And then, after a few minutes, he kind of starts redirecting my caresses… lower.

I glance over at him, and he’s watching the show, and we’re all watching the show, but he’s steadily moving my hand down, lower, lower, one ab at a time, until my palm is sliding up onto the blue canvas shorts he’s wearing—only what’s really happening is that he’s moving my hand up onto his left-crotch monster boner with the thin canvas of his shorts barely between my hand and the hard heat of his shaft. I almost gasp, and my breath definitely hitches, and suddenly they’re all aware of what’s going on. And they’re all still and tense, waiting with this palpable eagerness, and they want me to do it so bad it’s almost moving my hand for me. So I close my hand around his cock through the fabric and squeeze.

And Pedro, he lets out a long, low moan, like “unnnnhhhhhhhhh,” like he’s been waiting for me to do that for years.

“Fuu-u-u-uuuck,” says Lucas, who’s watching us now, forget the show, and so are Dean and Alexander, and Muscles For Days Guy who’s next to Alexander and Patriota Twins Guy next to Dean, but I can’t really worry about them because my life kind of just changed forever and my heart is pounding so loud I think it might explode right the fuck out of my chest. I squeeze Pedro’s cock again, and then Pedro looks at me, like, skewers me with those amazing brown eyes of his, and fuck, I almost, almost came again.

No point in stopping now, right? So I watch my left hand as I lift it up off Pedro’s knees, and everyone else is watching too because even the guys on the floor have scooted around to face us and stare avidly at what’s going on up here on the couch (still without letting go of my feet), and Terry McGinnis is jet-booting around Future Gotham and absolutely no one is paying any attention to him. I watch, Pedro watches, we all watch as I move my hand across, skimming the air over his legs like a plane flying over the landscape between it and its destination, and my heart is hammering so loud as my hand comes in for a landing on his right-crotch monster hard-on. It feels amazing under my hand, the warmth flying through the canvas into me. I can’t hold back. I squeeze both cocks hard, and Pedro gasps and says, “Yeah, do it, Matty, I’m close!”

I think, “I can’t believe it, I’m jacking Pedro in front of everyone,” but it’s not really true because I don’t even get as far as jacking. I squeeze again and then sort of move the squeezes down in the direction of his balls. Pedro start panting, eyes wide and nodding at me. I do it again, moving the squeezes down another couple inches, then suddenly up, squeezing his shafts firmly through his shorts all the way up to the head. Pedro cries out my name, “Matty! Fuck, Matty!” and then starts shooting hard from both cocks, spraying these geyser eruptions so intense that Alexander is getting spattered and there’s cum spraying all over Pedro’s long, beautiful sculpted torso and his sweet, beautiful sexy Adonis face, and suddenly I’m cumming again, still without anyone touching me, like it’s my thing now just to cum hands free all the fucking time because of how fucking hot Pedro is. And Pedro’s still cumming, like my orgasm’s boosting his to another level, which it probably is, and I’m cumming harder, jizz flying up into my hair and behind us onto the wall, and onto Lucas because my left cock lists that way a little, and I realize Lucas is cumming in his shorts, hard, and fuck, they’re all cumming, like this was what we’d been building up to all this time, only this wasn’t the climax, this was the beginning.

I stare at Pedro, and he starts laughing, and I’m laughing too, though my heart is still pounding hard and I’m still kind of cumming. Pedro gets to his feet, all the guys looking up at him in awe, myself included, just because he’s so amazingly hot, and he says, “We’ve got first dibs on the upstairs shower” and reaches a hand out to pull me up. Only Korean Drama Star Guy still has my foot so I lose my balance a little and Pedro grabs me and I grab him and we’re in this really tight hug all of a sudden. And wouldn’t you know our mouths accidentally mash together again, only we decide it isn’t an accident and we just hold each other close, our cummy chests sticking together as we kiss, and I think to myself, I could do this forever. And the way Pedro’s kissing me, I know he’s thinking exactly the same thing.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Three legged race” by Josh Dugan.


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