The trophy shelf

by Cockatrice

Connor is not looking for a long term relationship, but after seeing something on his fuckbuddy’s shelf, he has a change of heart… of sorts.

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The door had barely closed when Connor and Dominic continued their make out session. Entangled in their lovemaking, the horny couple made their way through Dominic’s flat to his bedroom where they quickly shucked off their clothes without letting go of each other.

As Connor was gently laid on the bed, Dominic looked him in the eyes. “I think I’m in love with you.”

“I bet you say that to all of them,” Connor replied with a smile. It wasn’t their first date, if one even wanted to call them dates. Connor told himself he was only looking for a fuckbuddy, nothing binding. He just broke up with his boyfriend two months ago and all he wanted was someone to plow his ass, no strings attached. However, it was the first time they met in Dominic’s flat, which was probably why he was feeling especially romantic today.

Dominic glanced up at the shelf above the bed as if he was looking at something in particular, though Connor couldn’t see anything but the underside of the board from his vantage point.

“Heh, touché,” Dominic smirked back down at Connor before coming down to nibble at his ear. “But I meant it every time.”

“How about you show me that love.” Connor closed his eyes. “Rather than talking about it.”

“Will do,” Dominic replied before roaming further down, teasing Connor’s balls and dick, before taking the shaft into his mouth.

Dominic was cute and considerate. Connor was used to hookups just trying to get to the action as quickly as possible, but Dominic took his time. Either he enjoyed all that foreplay, or he was trying to win Connor over. Not that it mattered, Connor was very upfront to Dominic about not looking for a relationship.

Dominic’s tongue proved to be quite experienced—or a natural. Either way, Connor found himself lost in bliss when Dominic stopped and started roaming his tongue under Connor’s balls, as Dominic’s hands kneaded his lover’s buttocks—the signal to get to the next stage.

Connor decided to savour the moment for a few more minutes—he knew Dominic wouldn’t mind—before sitting up and guiding Dominic’s head with a hand to his face for a kiss.

Dominic managed to break away from the magnetic pull of Connor’s lips to grab some lube and a condom from the nightstand and handed the lube to Connor. While Dominic put on the condom, Connor watched him as he slathered the lube around his asshole.

By the time they were done, both men were rock hard at that point and Connor laid back to let Dominic enter him. After some quick positioning, Dominic lifted Connors legs up and maneuvered his cock into Connor’s shiny hole. The thrusts were slow and careful at first, spreading the lube evenly and stretching Connor’s sphincter. But as time and lust progressed, so quickened the pace.

As they reached the climax, Connor was stretching the sheets taut with his hands, while Dominic was moaning loudly.

Heavily panting, Dominic pulled out and peeled the condom off his dick, carefully tying the end into a knot before tossing it into the bin by the wall.

As Dominic laid down on the bed, Connor turned to him. “Maybe you do love me after all.”

Dominic smiled. “And does it change your mind?”

“Listen, you’re cute and I wouldn’t even be opposed to being boyfriends, but I’m really not looking for anything longterm right now.” Connor’s own words somehow felt practised and mechanical even to him.

Dominic closed his eyes. “It’s fine, take all the time you need.”

Connor rolled his eyes. Dominic was growing on him, but the last breakup was still too recent and the thought of a new relationship produced an emptiness in his stomach, rather than butterflies. Even if a part of him liked Dominic, Connor wasn’t ready yet. Torn out of his afterglow, he sat up, feeling his own cooled cum run down his stomach.

“You know, you’re making me like submissive tops,” Connor said but got no reaction. Looking back he saw Dominic sleeping behind him. Not tired himself, Connor decided to go take a shower.

Connor’s shower thoughts ran in circles, back and forth between liking Dominic and not wanting a relationship. It seemed there was no solution to this conundrum. What exactly was Connor afraid of? And why did he start doubting his own words? This was supposed to be something easy, just a fuckbuddy to meet every other day, nothing to worry about and yet…

Why can’t love ever be simple?

Once Connor was finished a good half hour later, he toweled himself off and returned to the bedroom.

Before he could lay down on the bed however, Connor saw something strange on the shelf. It looked like Dominic had put oddly shaped balloons there. Intrigued, Connor stepped closer and wasn’t entirely sure what he was looking at at first. On the shelf were seven tiny… people, except their bellies were swollen to grotesque proportions, their skin see-through and their abdomen ended in a knot. Then Connor noticed that the end of the knot looked like the open end of a condom and suddenly he realized they were filled with a white fluid, extending their bellies.

Connor was hypnotized. He had never seen anything like this. As curiosity got the better of him, Connor carefully tapped his index finger on the belly of the little condom-person closest to him. To his surprise it felt warm, as if it was a living person.

Connor immediately withdrew his hand as the arms of the condom-person moved, rubbing across the belly while the eyes stayed closed. Connor couldn’t help but swear under his breath.

“Oh, I haven’t shown you my trophy shelf yet,” Dominic’s somewhat sleepy voice sounded from the bed.

Connor looked at Dominic, who had one eye open. “Trophy shelf?” He asked.

Dominic let out a short chuckle before propping himself up on one elbow. “One of my exes called it that.” He craned his neck to look at the shelf. “It’s the third from the left.”

Connor took a moment to stare at the shelf and back at Dominic, then back at the shelf and finally at Dominic again. “You mean, they’re people?”

“Yeah, you never heard of it?”

Connor recalled the transformation technology that was invented a couple years ago, but he only heard about it being used to enhance people, give athletes muscles made of metal cords and turning the limbs of construction workers into hard rubber to prevent injuries, but he never heard about it being used to turn a human into something else entirely. “I mean, I heard about transformation, but not like this.”

“Yeah, it’s not very common.” Dominic nodded towards the shelf. “This condom transformation is used by sperm banks. The condom bodies keep the sperm inside fresh, even at room temperature. But you never see the people post-transformation, so only few know about it.”

“Why do you have them at home?”

“That’s a long story.” Dominic let out an amused breath. “Basically, Rick over there, in the middle, was my first serious boyfriend, you know. He worked at a sperm bank and one day brought home a condom potion and wanted me to fill him up. I didn’t really want to do it at first, because it’s permanent, right? But the things you do for your loved ones… I kept him in a drawer for a long time. He didn’t really mind and I felt weird letting my ex sit out in the open when inviting new dates over. Eventually I showed him to my new boyfriend, the one on the far left, next to you. Of course, as luck would have it, he was also into being turned into a condom and filled up with cum… I decided to own it and put them on a shelf. No reason to keep it a secret, huh? Turns out that a lot more people are into that than I initially thought. Five more guys I invited over for a date saw my trophy shelf and wanted to be added to it, so I did.”

Connor was mesmerized, his eyes glued to the bloated condom people. When he finally pried his eyes away and turned to Dominic, he found him asleep again.

Connor decided to join him and crawled into bed as well, after turning off the lights.

During the night, his mind kept wheeling around the condom people. For some reason he didn’t even understand himself, the thought of being turned into a condom and being filled with cum made him hard. Even once he finally fell asleep, his dreams were dominated by the subject.

Connor woke up in the morning well before Dominic, which gave him plenty of time to think about the situation. In a sudden morning epiphany, Connor realized why the thought of being turned into an elastic cum reservoir appealed to him: He can be close to his special someone and share a special bond while not having any of the responsibilities that come with a regular relationship. He’d become a receptacle for his boyfriend’s love in more ways than one without any of the strings attached. No expectations, no obligations, just unconditional bliss.

Plus, he had to admit, the thought of being stretched taut with Dominic’s squirming seed sent a strange sexual energy through his body he had never experienced before.

When the morning sun’s rays became too strong for even Dominic to ignore, Connor impatiently waited for him to wake up.

As the first sleepy groans came from Connor’s left, he turned to Dominic. “Good morning.”

Dominic let out a long yawn, while stretching his arms and legs, before turning to Connor and opening his eyes. “Good morning, handsome.”

“Can I ask you for something?” Connor replied.

Dominic closed his eyes again. “Can it wait until after I’m out of bed?”

“I suppose so, sure.”

“What is it?” Dominic asked regardless.

Connor decided to be blunt. “I want you to turn me into a condom like these guys and fill me up.”

Suddenly Dominic’s eyes flew open. A few moments later, having processed Connor’s request, he propped himself up, his face still sleepy, but his eyes clearly awake.

Dominic possibly waited for Connor to elaborate, but he honestly didn’t know what else to say.

“Are you sure?” Dominic’s face looked disappointed, almost sad.

“I had an entire night to think about it,” Connor said. “So, yes.”

Dominic sat up on the edge of the bed, facing Connor with his back. “I was hoping what we had was, I don’t know, different.”

“I told you from the start I was not looking for a relationship,” Connor clarified. “This is more special than we would have gotten otherwise.”

Dominic looked back over his shoulder, his face almost pained. “Why do you have to make it sound so passionless?”

“I’m sorry.” Connor moved over to Dominic and put his chin on his shoulder. “I just… During the night I realized this is what I wanted. It’s not because of you. You’re cute and I like you, but…” Connor ran out of words.

A long silence followed.

Dominic was the first to speak. “Okay.”

“Okay?” Connor wanted to make sure.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Dominic said, his voice laced with resolve and sadness.

“Don’t be sad,” Connor tried to reassure him. “You’re a good guy and you will find someone you deserve.”

“I have a shelf full of guys I deserve,” Dominic remarked. “But it’s fine. No point changing someone’s mind.”

“Thanks.” Connor pecked Dominic on his cheek, now realizing this was the most intimate thing he did to Dominic outside of their makeout sessions.

“Do you wanna do it now or wait?” Dominic wanted to know.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to do it as soon as possible.”

“All right, one moment.” Dominic got up and walked out of the room. When he returned, he had a glass of water, a pack of pills and a small flask with a pipe eyedropper lid.

“Okay, one last chance,” Dominic said. “ Are you sure?”

“Absolutely,” Connor said without a second thought.

“Well then, hold this,” Dominic said as he handed Connor the glass of water. He then popped a pill out of a blister and put it in his mouth, grabbing Connor’s hand holding the glass and took a sip.

“What’s that for?” Connor asked while Dominic was opening the flask.

“The pill or the potion?”

“The pill, both.”

“Well, the condom potion is for you, obviously.” Dominic was squeezing a small drop of amber fluid out of the eyedropper into the glass that Connor was holding. “The pill is for me, increases cum production. You can’t expect me to fill you up like the others in one go without help.” Dominic nodded towards the shelf.

Connor got hard, just thinking about joining the others on the shelf, his belly distended into a smooth orb.

“When you’re ready, drink.” Dominic looked at the glass.

Now second thoughts crept up in Connor’s mind, but they were quickly drowned as Connor downed the glass of water. “Wow, tastes like… condom…”

“The potion works immediately. Your taste buds have just been condomified. The taste shouldn’t last though.” Dominic got up. “Anyway, the transformation will take about half an hour, about the same time the pill needs to take effect. I’ll go have some breakfast and then I’ll be back, ok?”

Connor nodded, the taste in his mouth already fading.

“Oh before I forget.” Dominic caught himself. “You won’t be able to talk after the transformation, no lungs and all. Any last words?”

Connor thought for a moment. “I think I’m in love with you too.” Yes, it was cheesy, but he felt like Dominic deserved it.

Dominic’s face lit up for the first time since Connor made his request. “Well then, you enjoy the transformation while I enjoy a nice saturday morning breakfast.”

Connor couldn’t help but notice Dominic’s change in behaviour. Where he came across as careful, almost shy, he had now taken the reigns of the conversation, which Connor thought made sense, seeing as Dominic would be owning him soon enough, displaying him as a trophy in his room.

Connor took a look back at the condom people behind him on the shelf but was distracted immediately by a warm feeling spreading over his entire body. Then another wave washed over him, and another. The warmth was now coming in rapid pulses, almost at the same rate as his heartbeat.

Eventually they ebbed out. Connor looked down on him to see if there was any difference, but he still looked like he did before.

Then he noticed the subtle changes, his body hair was gone or quickly receding back into his body. Connor brought one of his hands to his face and realized that his skin had become perfectly smooth without any visible pores or wrinkles. Even the small moles on his forearm were gone. He brought his other hand up and felt over his skin only to find it as smooth as it looked. Not only that but he could swear that in the seconds he was rubbing his skin, it became slightly more slippery, as if it was covering itself with a thin film of lube.

Curious about the loss of hair, Connor reached up to his head and found the hair on his head to clump together, forming irregular shapes of the same latex-like material that covered the rest of his body.

Connor was feeling over his torso, until he eventually reached his dick, which was entirely flaccid, but still felt amazing to the touch. Connor decided to play with it a little, until he felt it recede into his body. Startled at first he realized quickly that his lower body would turn into the condom opening and there would be no room for his original dick, not that he would get much use out of it anyway, especially in its flaccid state.

After his dick and balls had completely receded back into his body, leaving a smooth patch of latex-skin over his crotch, his legs were next. First both legs fused together before they shrank and lost definition until Connor’s lower body ended in a stump with a smooth crotch on the front and a butt in the back.

Connor explored his stump a little, feeling the taint connect his asshole with the area that used to feature his cock and balls. His buttocks were still there, two round globes merging with the skin where his legs used to be. Curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to test how his asshole would feel now that it was self-lubricating. Connor slid one finger in, and then another, his asshole being perfectly smooth and slick. To his surprise there was no pain when he quickly slid in a third finger, the latex-like skin eagerly stretching to accommodate anything that was being shoved into him.

Connor might have inserted his whole hand if another sensation wouldn’t fill his entire being, or rather, hollow him out. Suddenly there was the feeling of emptiness spreading inside him and he felt with both hands over his body to see if anything would change.

As it felt as if the emptiness inside him was reaching his skin, his body became more pliable and then, he became transparent. In fact he could see the folds of the blanket under him. But that was less fascinating to him than the fact that he could now poke dents into his body. Of course they would immediately pop back once he removed his hand, but it was fun changing his shape like that.

Connor was interrupted by another feeling in his asshole region. Through his transparent body, he could see what was happening: His asshole was expanding while the edge became smoother and turned into a ring. Once it was finished, the ring tipped over by its own weight, with the opening up. Connor’s asshole, and in fact his entire lower body, had turned into the opening of a condom.

Carefully, as if to not disturb a dream, Connor took the ring of his condom opening in his hand and was immediately rewarded with the familiar feeling of playing with his asshole. Not only was his ass turned into the opening, it even retained all the sensations.

As he was playing with his opening, he saw the edge move on its own accord and quickly removed his hand to get a better view. It took a few seconds to realize what was happening: His body was rolling up. He was being rolled into the condom ring to make it easier for Dominic to roll him onto his dick later.

To make the rolling process more comfortable, Connor flipped his end over so that the opening was now facing the sheets. After doing so he felt the pull of the condom drawing him towards the ring more quickly than before and he wondered if the rolling process sped up. A few seconds later however, he realized that he was now shrinking on top of it all. Of course he was, how else would he fit on Dominic’s dick.

Connor was watching his torso get pulled into his ring. As his body was coiled inside the edge, he felt the underside of his ass, which was now technically his entire insides slide over the blankets below him. Meanwhile his body kept shrinking and the formerly smooth blanket assumed a more rough texture, the net of woven threads becoming more visible to Connor at his increasingly small size.

Distracted by the gentle feeling in his asshole and the changing perspective of his surroundings, Connor was taken a little by surprise when the shrinking and the feelings stopped. Looking down on him he saw that his body was mostly coiled up into the standard condom disc, except for his pecs, arms, shoulders and head.

Connor waited a few moments to see if anything else would happen, but he figured he had reached his final size and form. He was now a condom, ready to be used.

Some small part of him regretted that he had no dick anymore, because looking down his body made him incredibly horny. Luckily, Connor still had another erogenous zone.

As Dominic was apparently still busy with breakfast, Connor decided to have some more fun with himself to pass the time. He tentatively put one arm under his body, then the other. He could already feel his asshole, or at least what felt like his asshole, because he was pretty sure it was actually the inner part of his midsection. Savoring every moment with closed eyes, he then pushed both hands through the folds in the middle, until he was resting on his elbows.

When he opened his eyes and looked down on him, he saw his hands inside of his pecs, his fingers close to where his collarbone would be. He experimented with rubbing his fingers against his skin from the inside and was rewarded with pure pleasure.

Even though Connor was thoroughly distracted, the lack of a heartbeat or his own moaning alerted him to the sound of Dominic’s footsteps approaching the bedroom and he quickly pulled out his arms. He was here for Dominic now. If he wanted to play with himself, he wouldn’t have needed to be turned into a condom.

“Well then, here we are,” Dominic said as he entered the room.

The first thing Connor noticed was Dominic’s throbbing dick, swollen with lust, angry veins pumping even more blood into his love rod. Meanwhile Dominic’s balls must have tripled or even quadrupled in size, no doubt an effect of the pills. The normally wrinkly skin had become smooth and shiny.

“You said you wanted to do this as soon as possible.” Dominic spread his own leaking precum over his dick. “So let’s not waste any time.”

As Dominic crawled onto the bed, Connor felt the cushion below him wobbling by the weight. Dominic seemingly became bigger and bigger as he was coming closer, a giant of a man looming over Connor’s fragile, hollow body.

Then Dominic picked Connor up and brought him to his face to get a closer look. Without a further word, Dominic turned around to lay down on the bed, resting on the pillows at the head end.

“I’d ask you if you’re ready, but it’s a little bit too late for that now,” Dominic said as he lowered Connor to his crotch. “So here it goes.”

Rather than putting him on his cock right away, Dominic held Connor in front of his dick for a few seconds to let the small condom man see what he’d deal with in the next minutes.

The sight of Dominic’s throbbing cock made Connor feel a need he’d never experienced before. Connor never thought of himself as desperate for dick, but right now he needed to be on that cock. One of his arms involuntarily reached out, but he was too far away.

After a few seconds, Dominic picked up Connor with his other hand and moved him to the tip of his dick, the former asshole of the little condom man hovering over the red cockhead. Then with deliberate indulgence, Dominic lowered Connor onto his meat. The moment the cock entered Connor’s body a wave of pleasure pulsed through his entire being.

Dominic slowly unrolled Connor onto his dick and Connor felt the throbbing meat fill his entire body, which now felt like one giant asshole. Connor would have moaned the entire time, if he wasn’t mute.

After some seconds, Dominic was done and Connor could feel his entire body clinging to the hot cock. He felt himself blush, but wasn’t sure whether he was still capable of that or if he simply felt Dominic’s heat.

At last Connor opened his eyes and looked down his body. The sight was the hottest he had ever seen. His body was enveloping Dominic’s entire dick, with the condom opening starting where Dominic’s trimmed pubes stopped. Dominic’s bulging veins were visible under Connor’s transparent skin and as Connor worked his way up, he saw that his chest had wrapped around Dominic’s cockhead, the pecs distorted by the glans’ corona.

Connor moved his hands to touch his chest. Part of it felt so surreal. His torso and lower body were not even shaped like that of a human anymore. He looked more like a penis with arms and a head than a person and yet he wasn’t even that.

His hands felt over the rim of Dominic’s glans, which elicited some moans out of the giant. Connor wondered how much more aroused Dominic could get before he shot his load. Looking down into his neck, he saw the slit aimed at his head.

“If you keep massaging me, I might cum without even touching myself,” Dominic said.

Connor understood this as an implied request, one he was all too happy to oblige. He immediately went to work, roaming his hands over his whole body, and through it, over the massive dick beneath. Meanwhile, Dominic’s member was whipping Connor back and forth through its throbbing.

As Connor was exploring Dominic’s dick by touch, running his hands over every vein, every fold of skin and even the frenulum between his ‘shoulder blades’, he wondered what it would be like to actually be someone’s dick. Would it be possible with current transformation technology? He didn’t even know this was possible until last night. He found the thought of having his owner’s blood -and other body fluids- run through his very body to be indescribably hot as well as the thought of throbbing himself, and not being throbbed by the dick he was rolled onto. On the other hand, he would quite possibly miss the sensation of being filled up to the brim, first with cockmeat and then with cum.

The cum! He almost forgot about it. He would soon be bloated with Dominic’s hot seed. The thought kicked Connor’s lust into overdrive, and he found himself squeezing and massaging his chest with his hands. When Dominic threw his head back he knew his lover was nearing the edge as well.

And then there it was. Connor was by now so attuned to Dominic’s throbs that he could feel the difference, even if the latest jerk was otherwise indistinguishable from the others. This time the throb seemed to come from a different direction. It wasn’t the movement of blood being pumped into it from the outside, it was as if the dick itself was drawing something in.

Connor knew immediately what was happening, even if just on an instinctual level. A mere split second later he felt a hot sensation fill his head. And again. And again.

As Dominic was shooting his load into Connor’s body, he brought down his hand and grabbed his dick, not to jerk himself off, but to slowly slide Connor up as he was getting filled. His balls had stored much more cum than could fit in Connor’s head after all.

Lost in a haze of bliss, Connor did not even notice Dominic’s hand or that he was slowly sliding off of his lover’s dick. All he could feel was the hot feeling filling him up as Dominic kept ejaculating into Connor’s condom body.

Connor’s upper body was now hanging down due to the weight of the cum inside of him. Meanwhile Dominic’s torrent did not seem to stop as more and more of the white fluid shot into Connor’s body.

Eventually Connor was only hanging onto Dominic’s body by his lower end. Only now did he open his eyes and took a look at himself. He found most of his vision obscured by his distended belly hanging down in front of his face.

Dominic too was nearing the end of his orgasm, squeezing the last few drops out of his dick. When he was done, he picked Connor up and carefully tied a knot into his lower end.

Then he put the little condom man on the bed. Connor was now one of his trophies. Well, ‘trophies’. It’s not like he had to do anything to get them.

“How are you feeling?” Dominic panted.

Connor couldn’t really reply. He merely looked at Dominic through lust filled eyes while massaging his round belly.

Dominic of course did not expect any other reaction. “All right.”

Then he picked Connor up, arranged some things on his shelf to make room and placed Connor between two of the other condom guys, both of them smiling at the new arrival before tending to their bellies again.

Connor was still too lost in the sensations to really notice anything around him, but he did feel Dominic lowering his face onto him and kissing his belly.

Dominic smiled down at Connor. “Hope you enjoy your new life.”

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