The smell of lust

by Seth Peterson

 I did a thing!! Okay, I accidentally bathed myself in extremely potent, gay-causing, transformative pheromone juice. But it’s all good, right??

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I let out a short little cheer as the test came back successful. For months I had been developing a unique formula in BioMed class, and (being the super genius I was) I had been successful from the first test. However, that was in BioMed. My uber-sinister motives took place inside my room, where I had been working for quite some time. I had been running experiments at home, testing them on the lab rats in school, and then going back and forth between the two. It was annoyingly tedious work, but the ends justified the means now!

So, let me explain, if I may. In BioMed, we had been testing the effectiveness of multiple compounds on dopamine levels in rats. Some lowered said levels, some raised them, and some kept them the same. Easy stuff. Observed symptoms included depression, increased activity, contentment, all that jazz. But I is smart. I figured out how to take it to the next level. By smuggling home chemicals (it’s actually quite easy), I created a few compounds of my own using the same principles. My results were beyond wonderful.

First, some rats exhibited severe pleasure to the compounds, similar to that of an orgasm. In essence, orgasm-causing liquid. Second, some rats showed a heavily increased sex drive. Those little f*ckers could go at it for nearly an hour, rest for two minutes, and be ready for it again. Third, some rats showed an innate submission to the other rats. They seemed almost to relish the feeling of being pushed around. Of course, there was dozens of failures, but after many many tries, I had three compounds that would work wonders! …if I knew what to do with them.

That’s my problem. I go for it…and then forget what I wanted to do afterward. This was a highly concentrated solution, with no human testing. What caused orgasms in rats could cause tumors in people. No dice. But it had been fun. I’d do something with it eventually. And as it turned out, eventually meant the next day. It was totally an accident, totally a stupid move, totally the dumbest thing imaginable…and yet, it worked.

I had been collecting my numerous formulas to organize. I had just grabbed a few when…lo and behold, I had tripped. Yep, I tripped. Holding the potential for the next Black Death. Aren’t I clever? Anyway, the contents smashed all over me. I immediately stood bolt upright and ran to take a shower. I mean I sprinted. Biology is a scary thing to mess with! I washed all the stuff off me and promptly disposed of the wet clothes. I grabbed my journal and wrote down exactly what had happened. Minus the stupid trip, of course…I would need to document exactly what happened to me over the next couple days. I was, quite frankly, very scared. I took inventory. I had smashed…the sex drive and orgasm tubes, as well as one that made some rats sweat at a higher rate than usual. I had no idea what that would create, and I was not very intent on finding out.

But, as I would find out, my fears were for naught. I would find out in some rather unfortunate circumstances, but I would find out nevertheless. I was at my friend’s Halloween party, masquerading as the gorgeous entity that is Slenderman. We had finished trick or treating, and had just settled in to watch The Babadook. Sleep is for the weak, anyway. Now, I was grabbing some food when my friend’s brother Frank walked in. Frank was also my good friend, and was quite possibly one of the nicest people I’d ever met. Not obnoxiously positive or anything, just undeniably kind and selfless. He was pretty cute, but not overly stunning or anything. We were really just friends. Well, he walked in and I could just tell something was wrong. He had that air about him where you just know.

“Are you okay, Frank?”

He didn’t answer. Oh yeah, something was wrong…and I had a sinking feeling I knew what.

“Frank…what’s wrong?”

He looked at me and my heart broke. He had a fierce pain in his eyes, one I doubt I’ll forget.

“She cheated on me.”

“Oh my god, Frank…”

I stood in silence, completely unsure of what to do. Tears sprang to my eyes and I covered my mouth as he stood there, his hands trembling slightly. He looked absolutely hopeless, and it hurt me as much as it did him. To see my confident, gentle, wonderful friend hurt like that…it burned me, it did. Finally he shook his head, tears forming in his eyes as well.

“I don’t know what to do.”

I could only stare, the tears beginning to drip down my face. He looked at me sadly and I shook my head slowly.

“I’m so sorry, Frank.”

He hugged me fiercely and I gripped him tightly, as if I could squeeze the pain from him. We stayed like that for a little while, both our hearts in turmoil. He pulled away, his expression slightly better.

“Thanks, Seth.”

“Any time.”

He pulled me in again, although it was much shorter this time. His expression turned slightly puzzled and I cocked my head as he drew back.


“You smell…really good.”

“Do I?”


“Can’t be. I’ve been walking around in a Latex suit for two hours.”

He chuckled slightly.

“No, I mean it. Like pina coladas or something.”



He sighed in resignation.

“Two years…I loved her so much and she does this to me. I’ve never felt so empty before.”

He slowly sank to the ground and I sat beside him. I put my hand on his shoulder as tears fell down his face.

“I’m always here for you, Frank. Always.”

He nodded sadly.

“Thanks. I can totally see why you’re gay, though.”

I chuckled sadly as Frank gave me an equally sad smile. Then his nose twitched again.

“There it is again.”

He turned and sniffed gingerly.

“Yeah, it’s definitely you.”

I was slightly confused, as I am anosmic (meaning I can’t smell, you uneducated swines), but figured maybe it was my deodorant? Although something was telling me my earlier chemical bath had a say in it.

“That’s really odd…no one’s ever told me that before.”

He realized how odd it was to be sniffing me and stood.

“Yeah…hey, thanks for being here for me.”

I remained seated.

“Any time. I won’t ever leave you, man.”

He smiled sadly and turned.

“Yeah…that you won’t.”

He went up to his room, myself watching sadly. Poor fellow. And people wondered why I liked guys. I sighed, wiped the tears from my eyes, and went to go watch some lady awkwardly vibrate herself while her son watched. Fun time.

After an hour and a half of clutching each other in sheer terror, screaming as one of our jerk friends kept screaming at random intervals, and constantly glancing backward for the monster, we finished that horrifying film I will never watch again, so help me God. It was around my pick up time, so I got ready to leave. I wanted to make sure Frank was okay, but he was still up in his room. I pursed my lips in concern, but decided to text him later. I said goodbye and left. At home, I recorded my observation.

“Possible…olfactory…stimulus…noted. Await…further…data…before…concluding.”

I snapped the book shut and went about continuing to restock and replicate my supply. No telling when I might need another batch for an anti-zombie government project one day.

The following week kept my journal very busy. It all started Monday when I walked into school. Frank and I had, like, every class together due to odd yet gratifying schedule coincidences. I sat next to him first period, not wanting to push the issue but desperately wanting to help him.



He knew what I wanted.

“Thanks for being there for me. You’re a good friend.”

“Of course, Frank. You’re not so bad yourself.”

He smiled and I grinned back. Then our teacher started her spiel about relative dating (and not the kind in Alabama, class!) and we paid attention. However, I did notice that throughout the period, Frank inched closer and closer to me. I paid it no mind at first, but quickly realized his intentions. Curious, intrigued, and hopeful, I slowly inched toward him as well. Then I heard the sound of him sniffing. It was quick little breaths at first, but as I got closer, the inhales grew deeper and longer.

My mind raced as I tried to connect the dots. Clearly the chemicals were affecting my friend. But why him? Why not every else in the vicinity? There were other people close enough to me, and yet only Frank seemed to be obsessed with my scent. Moreover, what was it about my scent? Olfactory stimulation, I had said. Well, yeah, obviously. I snuck a glance out of my peripheral. Frank seemed almost in a daze, his breaths as long as he could make them. Thankfully, it was only audible to me, or we would’ve had some problems. It was like a drug, his brain craving more and more as the time went on.

Then it hit me: pheromones. The formula that made the rats sweat was converting itself to force its way out in the form of sex hormones. The other two were escaping the same way…the result was this. Frank was inhaling literally thousands of molecules every second that heavily boosted sex drive and dopamine levels. My eyes widened as I realized the repercussions of this. I had to find a way to counteract it…and soon. But…as I thought, my evil little mind clicked something else. What would Frank go to achieve pleasure? The animal instincts inside humans were still instincts. Would they assume further contact with me would increase pleasure? It was likely. And as guilty as I felt about doing it to my good friend, there was little I could do in such a short time. And was it so bad, anyway? He was single, now, anyway.

As it turns out, even if I had discovered a countermeasure by next period, it would still have been too late. Frank and I always walked together for the classes we had, but he walked very close to me to second period. Like, boyfriend close. I couldn’t decide if I was weirded out or if I should get a boner. Frank made the choice easy for me. Sighing in frustration, he grabbed my arm roughly. Before I could even react, he pulled me into the nearest bathroom and pushed me into a stall, locking the door. I was so shocked I couldn’t so much as blink as he tore my backpack off and unzipped my jacket. Finally I got my voice back as he stripped my jacket off me.

“What fresh Hell is this?!”

He actually tore my shirt open and pushed his face into my chest. Yeah, boner vs weird was not a hard choice right now.

“You…smell…so fucking good, Seth. I need…you…oh my God.”

He grabbed me and pushed his face against my bare skin. My hands trembled as I tried to comprehend what was going on. Frank pulled the rest of my shirt off and yanked my arm up, burying his nose in my pits. Of course…the natural pheromone producer for men. Women produced theirs from their head, as they were biologically shorter. Of course now my armpits were attracting my guy friend who, as I suspected, was not going to be just be a friend for much longer. Frank seemed content to inhale my pit scent, pushing his face into my hair as my hand grabbed his reddish-blond hair. This was…something else!

“So…hot…I’m so…ah…”

He could barely form words as grabbed my shoulder roughly and pulled me even harder against him, thoroughly determined to smell as much of me as he could. Still very unsure of his innate sexuality, I chanced a squeeze of his ass. It felt beautifully tight through his sweatpants, but the touch seemed to break whatever spell I had on him. He snapped back like he had been shot as his eyes darted around.


He blushed profusely, grabbed his bag, and all but sprinted from the bathroom. I stood gawking for a minute or so, but zipped up my jacket and followed, rapidly texting myself notes for later. What a development!

Frank would not make eye contact with me for the rest of the day. But it was not that I had made anything awkward; he knew the fault had been his. All I had to do was forgive him and things would return to normal. But I had to figure out what was happening to me first. I’d give him a fresh start tomorrow. And who knew…? Maybe he’d do it again. It had been a delightful experience!

I was writing furiously in my journal when my phone buzzed. I opened my phone and held to my ear even as I continued to write.


“Seth…it’s…it’s Frank.”

“Hey, Frank! What’s up?”

I made it sound like nothing had happened. I’m a good actor.

“I…um…I’m so sorry about what happened. I…uh…”

“About what?”


“What happened?”

“I…I mean…in the bathroom…”

“Hey, water under the bridge. I attribute it to psychological trauma mixed with a furious case of homo-erotic BO!”

I did not mention the noxious chemical bath I had been exposed to.


I soothed my voice. I did actually mean what I was about to say, though. As hot as it had been, he was still my good friend.

“Frank. It’s okay. Really it is.”

A wisp of static that was him sighing.

“Thank you.”

“Of course.”

I pressed the end call button and sat back. My gaze drifted to my journal and I pushed up my glasses as I went back to it.


I paused before scratching out that last word.

“Limit…inhibitions. Further…analysis…forthcoming.”

I turned off my desk light and undressed for bed, eagerly awaiting what tomorrow would bring.

The next day brought the next advancement in my research. Frank looked genuinely uncomfortable as I sat down next to him. He avoided my eyes, but I lightly tapped his shoulder. He looked up at me and I smiled warmly.

“What do I say about awkwardness, Frank?”

He rolled his eyes.

“It’s not awkward unless you make it awkward.”

“Bingo. I’m not going to make it awkward. Are you?”

He flushed, but sighed.


I clapped my hands.

“Good! That’s settled, then.”

He smiled gratifyingly.

“What did I do to deserve a friend like you?”

“You’re related to your sister.”

He nodded and chuckled slightly.

“I am that.”

The class went by without incident. No further sexual advances like last time. Second period, however, brought something new. I could see that Frank was visibly struggling with trying to avoid smelling me. He squirmed every so often, desperately trying to keep away from me. But forty-five minutes of sitting five feet from me gnawed at his resolve like a rat on a wire. Finally, he had to give in. He leaned in slightly and took a deep inhale. I smiled guiltily. I was inconsolably excited, even if my hopes were nastily wicked. As soon as he took that one whiff, he was lost. All throughout second period, Frank grew more and more addicted to my smell.

At period’s end, I made a plan. It was a horrible, terrible plan that I may or may not hate myself for later on, but it was a plan. As we left for third period, Frank was inevitably walking closer and closer to me.

“Hey…let’s go this way. Avoid the traffic.”

I took him down the one hallway that no one ever uses. As I expected, totally deserted. Fishing a pen out of my pocket stealthily, I dropped it just to his left. On instinct, I bent down to grab it.

“My bad.”

My body crossed across his as I picked up my pen. The proximity was too much for him. As I straightened, his hand shot to my throat and pinned me to the wall. Shocked but not turned off by his act of domination, I grinned as he pushed his face to my clothes.

“Yes…so good…”

He maneuvered across my body and pushed his lips into my neck as he took massively deep breaths. I shuddered at the feel. His lips felt magically hot and moist as they traced against my neck. He looked up at me, his eyes clearing for a brief moment. I expected him to take off like last time, but this time he met my eyes, and then pushed his lips into mine. My brain tried to realize what had just happened, failed, and promptly shut down. As a result, I just kind of sat there in sheer confusion as Frank pulled away, his expression pained.

“I’m so sorry, I…I…”

Then I got my brain back. Grabbing his shirt, I pulled him into me, my lips slamming into his as I actually felt my body give off a slight whiff of pheromones. Like a little ‘poof’ from my armpits. The result: instant sex drive boost. I literally watched Frank’s pupils dilate as the scent reached his nose. Then he rammed his tongue into my mouth so quickly I almost choked, his nose desperately inhaling my scent. I rubbed my tongue on his as our lips pressed against each other, his hands fondling the growing bulge in my sweatpants. My hand went around to cup his nice firm ass as more and more of my scent oozed from my pores.

Frank went into his trance again as my smell poured into his nose. The hornier I got, the more pheromones I oozed, until it was nearly a viable cloud around us. It seemed to have a very positive effect on Frank, who was almost drooling as he shoved his face into my body. I touched his shoulder as the late bell rang.

“Want to find a bathroom?”

He shook his head, still dazed.

“My car. Come on.”

I blinked in pleasure as I was led outside. His car…? Huh, first time for everything! Frank never strayed an inch from me, trying to inhale as much of me as he could. My cock was straining against my sweatpants, and the result was a continuous stream of chemical-laced sweat from my pores. Frank eager shoved me into the back seat and just about ripped my clothes off. I managed to pull off my shirt before he tore it open, and no sooner had I done so then he buried his face in my sweaty pits. He actually moaned in pleasure and I felt his tongue twisting at my pit hair. I trembled in pleasure as his nails pulled at my skin, his palms sweaty and warm.

Stripping me to my boxers, Frank blinked, like he was hearing some odd noise. His nose twitched and he slipped down my stomach until he arrived at my abs. I bit my lip in anticipation and felt my pulsing cock spurt a touch of pre. Frank twitched visibly and I watched a tiny bead of saliva fall from his mouth. Apparently pheromones accumulated down under! Frank savagely pulled my underwear off and my cock sprang upward, smacking Frank on the cheek. The response was immediate and powerful. Frank jerked like a freight train had hit him and I heard a slight tearing sound. I would figure out what that tearing sound was later, but at the moment, I literally thought it was him ripping my underwear to get to my dick. Well, as it turns out, Frank was not really fully gay (I would figure this out later, too), just completely enamored by my pheromones. As a result, he did not pleasure me (total damnation), but just kind of sat there trembling as he inhaled the scent of my oozing cock.

Whenever my dick would begin to settle down, Frank would pump it hard until more pre leaked from my slit, further causing him to slip into libido overdrive. Despite my desperate moans and pleas, Frank was lost in my spell, and lost all sense of how to draw things out. It took very little time for him to cause me to…well, you get the idea. Well, let me tell you, as soon as that happened, both our lives changed quite a bit. Frank jerked once, probably creamed his own pants, and passed out on top of me. I lay there trembling for a little while, my brain frantically trying to process what had just happened. My eyes drifted to Frank’s comatose frame and I leaned in. He was still breathing…everything seemed normal, thankfully. I still had no idea the full effects of my noxious formula. I took the time to clean up (I am quite the neat freak and bodily fluids are just a touch icky to me). Checking my phone, I still saw that I had about ten minutes until I had to actually go to class again. I spent it stroking Frank’s delightfully soft, silky hair and gently feeling his body. I didn’t want to betray his trust and go under his shirt, although I was sorely tempted. As I was massaging his warm arms, I noticed a slight tear at his shoulder seam. I rolled my eyes as I pictured how hard he must have been going at it to tear his clothes. This had the possibility to be fun…very fun. I left quietly, making sure my dear friend was comfortable and safe in the back seat of his car.

My phone buzzed toward the end of the day and I checked it. Oh, it was Frank! I opened the text, excited yet apprehensive. No telling what he would be saying.

I blacked out after we got to my car…what the heck happened, Seth?

I thought about it. That dazed look he got was truly a daze. He remembered little to nothing depending on how intense the level of pheromones got. However…he blacked out after the car…meaning he had meant to kiss me. If I had been unsure of his sexuality before, I was a little more than skeptical now.

You passed out. I tucked you in and went on my way. Are you okay?

I’m fine. But…something feels really weird.

That would be the absurd amount of chemicals in you wearing off.

Oh? That’s odd. Are you sick?

No…more like I’ve got a hundred butterflies in my stomach. Seth…do you want to be my boyfriend?

I probably passed out myself, but I doubt it. I hate cliches. Whatever did happen, my vision blurred for a second or two and my breathing came out airy and weak. Had Frank just…? I reread the text three times, and, with a stupid grin on my face, texted him back.

I would love to.

Cool. So…do you want to go somewhere tonight?

I was blushing so hard I probably looked like a muppet.

Aww. I’d love to, but I have rehearsal until seven tonight. Otherwise, I’d love to!

Oh, okay! No prob. See you tomorrow, then!

You got it, Frank! Ta.

I snapped my phone shut (yes, snapped. Get over it) and collapsed in my chair. What a beautiful turn of events!

That evening, after my delightful four-hour rehearsal, I pushed up my glasses and started writing in my journal.

“It…is…unknown…if formula…affects…innate…sexuality. What…is known…is…that…higher…concentrations…of…pheromones…cause…severe…inhibitions…to…memory. More…tomorrow.”

I snapped my journal shut and sighed in contentment. This day had gone wonderfully! I couldn’t imagine how it could get any better! Of course…life loved to throw a cute little monkey wrench into my plans. And it would in the week to come (Spoiler!).

Well, the next day was the windup to the fated wrench throw. I waited oh-so-nervously for my new boyfriend in Bio, and my heart literally skipped a beat every few seconds as I thought about it. I was very much in love, and it was different than it usually was. I have countless lust targets (I am a gay, horny teenager. Surprise!), but they were just that. Frank was cute, yeah, but he wasn’t gorgeous or anything. His kind nature, goofy mannerisms, and sparkling persona were magic to me, and I was very much eager to prove to him how I could make him happy, unlike that nasty minx that had cheated on him. So I was very much under pressure to try to be as perfect as I could to him. Turns out…that wouldn’t be too difficult.

As Frank walked in, my heart tried to commit suicide and was savagely stopped by my fearless brain. My breath caught, but my excitement turned into slight confusion? Had he…gotten taller? No, it couldn’t be. My brain was just making him out to be better than he was. Happened all the time. He saw me, smiled shyly, and sat next to me.


I grinned.


He shuddered happily and I realized maybe my personality and stunning good looks were not exactly what he liked about me. It made me just a little sad to think that my literal chemistry was attracting him to me, but I figured without it, I wouldn’t have this at all.

“You smell amazing. You always do…”

He pushed his nose against my neck and I stiffened.

“Hey hey hey! Not here, Frank! Come on!”

He pulled away quickly, but thankfully no one had seen. Class hadn’t started yet.

“Sorry…I can’t help it. It’s like an addiction.”

“Yeah…I noticed. Relax, we’ll get plenty of time eventually.”

He grinned at the thought and went to grab our lab binders. Such a gentleman, that one. The period started, and unlike before, Frank didn’t try to stop his instincts. He leaned closer to me, his hand occasionally flitting across my thigh as he inhaled my powerful scent. I must have boned myself four times in forty minutes, and Frank noticed, even if he didn’t see it. His body kept trembling slightly and I smiled to myself as his leg pressed against mine.

The next three periods were spent very much like this, with his desire overwhelming him every class. I hardly minded at all, and he was very much in control this time around. No one noticed our subtle displays of affection. As our morning together ended, we crept to an unused corner on the way to my next class. He took a quick look and, satisfied no one was coming, put his arms around my neck. I cuddled up to him, but again my brain clicked something.

“All right. I thought I noticed something earlier, but now I’m sure. I used to be, like, a quarter inch taller than you. Now you’re my height if not taller.”

Frank pulled me in tighter.

“You sure? I’m pretty sure I was always taller than you.”

I sniffed.

“You were not.”

He chuckled and I hummed happily as it vibrated my body.

“You’re so warm, Frank.”

I turned so that his arms were crossed across my chest. I pressed against him as he took deep breaths of my hair. I felt his hard dick pushing against my ass and whistled.

“Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?”

He took a whiff of my neck and bumped his cock against my ass.

“Maybe a little of both.”

I groaned in pleasure and he bumped me again.

“You like this?”

“Fuck yeah…”

He began to slowly grind against me and my brain nearly shut down. KINKY FANTASY ALERT! Then the bell went off and he cursed.

“I’m going to be late. See you tomorrow?”

I turned and kissed him lightly.

“Count on it.”

He returned the kiss, much wetter. I didn’t mind at all.

“If you’re gonna kiss, mean it.”

He turned and walked off. I tilted my head. When had he gotten so dominant? I took notice of his sweatpants. Maybe they were higher on his ankles…? I shook my head. Stop looking for things that aren’t there, fool ya fool!

The next day proved to me that there was more going on that I had previously thought. When Frank walked into Bio the next morning, I did a slight double take. We were the first two in, and he kissed me as he walked to the table.

“Morning, Seth.”

“You’re taller. I know it.”

He smiled, a little confused.

“Still on about that? I think you’re a little excited.”

“I’m not making it up, dude! The top of my head comes up to the bottom of your hair! Yesterday we were even! I swear!”

He chuckled and shook his head.

“You’re obsessed…although, my pants feel a little shorter…”

“Speaking of hair, you do anything different?”

He ran a hand through it.


“It looks…longer, almost.”

“All right. Now you’re definitely making stuff up.”

I sighed.

“I’m not crazy, man. You’re taller, I know it.”

“Maybe I am. Would that be bad?”

I blushed.

“Not at all.”

He smiled and kissed me again.

“I didn’t think so.”

Then the door opened and three other kids walked in. We sat down and he let his hand rest on my thigh.

“So…hear me out. This weekend my folks are away…and I was hoping you could have a nice little sleepover with me.”

I blushed hard and looked at him. He winked at me and rubbed my thigh gently. As I began to breathe harder, his hand traveled up my thigh as his nostrils flared. I boned as he began to massage my firm cock…when had he gotten so confident?! Or maybe he’d always been like this and I had never gotten to know this side. Either way…it was slightly hot. At the end of the period, he smacked my butt. Hard.

“Can I count on you showing up?”

I blushed.

“You know it.”

The rest of the day went as erotically as the prior. But this time, Frank was much more handsy, with his fingers traveling across my cock rather than my thigh. He was getting bolder, and I was in heaven. We went to the same corner as last time, but Frank kept pulling me.

“What’s wrong?”

“I want more of you…my car. Come on…”

“But class, dude…”

“Who the fuck cares?! Live a little!”

Whoa…something was going on! That wasn’t like Frank at all! I kind of liked it, too! Very domineering! KINKY FANTASY ALERT! He just about dragged me into his car and roughly through me to the seat. He clamped a hand on my hard cock and I moaned.

“I’m so stiff, Frank…”

He growled and pulled my sweatpants down. My cock stabbed upward and he whistled.

“Holy hung…you are big, dude!”


He took a huge inhale of my pre and shuddered. I saw his eyes unfocus and I sighed. Here we go again. This time, though, I watched him fight it. He kept blinking, his eyes shifting in and out. He grabbed my cock, pumped it hard a few times until I juiced slightly, and then shoved his face down onto it. I moaned sharply as he gorged himself on my shaft, his lust forcing him to deep throat. He choked without realizing it and continued to push, his eyes watering with the effort. The result was oral intake of seriously juiced pheromones, and it visibly rocked him as he tried sucking more out of me. He bobbed, realizing how to coax more out, and I groaned as his tongue probed my slit. He quickly realized that he’d get a better result by pumping my shaft first, and promptly did so. I gasped loudly and ran my hand through Frank’s incredibly silky hair.

Well, once again…I didn’t last long. My shaft throbbed and Frank shoved his mouth over the head, swallowing my load. He all but screamed in pleasure and twitched multiple times before collapsing on top of me yet again, his whole body trembling. I smiled and rolled him over to stare at his cute face. My eyebrows knit…all right, now I was sure his hair was longer. It almost reached his eyes at this point where earlier it had been just above his eyebrows. My mind churning, I situated my boyfriend and went back to class. I texted to myself as I walked back into school.

“Subject…exhibits…hormonal…stimulus…and…growth…upon…continuous…exposure. Follicle…growth…is also…stimulated. Personality…also…exhibits…changes. Subject…is possibly…more aggressive…and dominant. Look…into…regression.”

I sighed wistfully and went through the rest of the day. I got texted by Frank during 7th period.

Did it happen again?

Yeah. No big deal, though! You wanna come to 8th and hang out?

Naw…I feel like shit. I’m gonna go home. I’ll see you tomorrow…for our little get together, sexy.

Hehe…looking forward to it.

That evening, I was in my lab, examining some of the effects on the rats. Certain chemicals were disgustingly appealing, but the risk was also extreme. Just because one had worked did NOT mean others would. Although…three working was a touch of a coincidence. Smiling slightly, I grabbed two specific formulas and began mixing them. Who knew…? Maybe things would work out after all!

The next day brought the next advancement. No denying it…I was obsessed. I was dreading the effects of my two new additions, but I was sure it would be fun. I was eagerly awaiting Frank, but he didn’t seem to show. As I was getting nervous, my phone buzzed.

Meet me in my car. We’re skipping.

What? Frank, what are you saying?

Don’t be a pussy. Man up and come to my car, babe.

Why was I so attracted to power…? Damnation! Grumbling to myself, I snuck out the side door and went to Frank’s parking spot. He was reclining against the fender and my heart jumped a little. Something was very wrong here…and made me instantly regret having splashed more chemicals on myself. He was a good inch or two taller than me now, and his hair hung down in front of his eyes slightly. His arms and legs seemed darker, too…But his shirt seemed tighter around his arms and chest…and his ass seemed a touch tighter. Was he getting more muscle? But the most odd development was his ears. They were taller…and slightly pointed, like an elf’s. Was my boyfriend turning into an elf…?

He saw me, licked his lips, and smiled at me. I noticed with fascination that his teeth were slightly sharper. It looked HOT. What was going on…? He grabbed my ass hard and pulled me in to slip his tongue into my mouth. It felt longer, and I almost gagged on it. I do love tongue. KINKY FANTASY ALERT! He pulled out and massaged my hard cock.

“We’re going back to my place. Everyone’s out, so it’s just you and me, cutie.”

I started to say something, but he actually pulled me by my dick and threw me in the back seat.

“Shut up and be a good boy…and I’ll give you a treat when we get home.”

I was basically too stunned to do anything, so I sat in silence while he drove. I was so turned on I actually found myself rubbing my stiff organ. Frank had never been so dominant…something was affecting him…and I liked it. He glanced in the back mirror and grinned that toothy grin of his.

“Go ahead, babe. I don’t get distracted easy.”

I smiled and, nervously, pulled my hard eight inches out and began stroking it. Frank licked his lips and glanced in the back mirror as I watched his new, hairier arm begin to massage his own bulge. His let his tongue loll out slightly as I began oozing pre slightly. He was a fantastic driver, even doing three things at once. As I stroked, I noticed his hair was actually growing before my eyes. It took me a while to figure it out, but I realized at one intersection it was halfway down his neck, and at the next it was nearly to his shoulders. His back also seemed to be growing, his shirt growing further outward from the back of the seat.

We got to his house and Frank turned in his seat. I blinked. His ears were longer…and his pecs had swelled outward.

“That was so hot…can’t wait to get you in bed, babe.”

He opened the door and got out, and I followed. I nearly gasped in shock and excitement. His shirt, normal sized as of ten minutes ago, was now one or two inches above his belly button, exposing some sweet abs and…a very hairy stomach. Frank wasn’t that hairy…not at all! He was probably six foot or so by now, and I was feeling short. I liked feeling short…KINKY FANTASY ALERT! He took my hand and pulled my cock back out of my pants.

“Looks great, man.”

He pumped it a few times and bent, licking the bead that oozed from my head.

“So tasty…”

He pulled me inside and just about dragged me upstairs.

“Can’t wait…to fuck you…”

Whoa wait what?

“Whoa wait what?”

He opened his door and hurled me to his bed.

“Frank, wait…”

He growled.

“No…I’ve been waiting all day…I want you now.”

My eyes widened as I noticed his shirt stretching itself across his frame. He was growing before me, and I was loving it. He tore his shirt open, exposing his newly grown pecs and…incredibly hairy body. Frank wasn’t hairy! And yet…any exposed skin was quickly disappearing. I watched one particular patch grow darker and darker until it was brown like the rest of him. Frank roughly shoved my head into the pillow and I heard him pull off his pants. I lifted my head and my eyes bulged.

His cock was morphed. No way was it human or natural! Easily eight or nine inches, it was a dark, dark pink and swollen thicker than any guy I’d ever seen. The head was flared far wider than any person’s, and pointier at the end. It looked just like a…holy shit, there it was. Dog. Frank was turning into a dog. It all made sense, even if it didn’t make sense. He ripped my pants off and licked his lips.

“Yeah…open up for me, bitch…”

“Frank, no…I don’t…”

He smacked my ass and I bit my lip.

“Shut the fuck up, Seth. You’re mine.”

I tried to do anything, really…but Frank pinned my hand to the bed with his…well, fuck, those weren’t quite hands, anymore. They were a savage mix of paws and hands, and they were strong. I attributed that to Frank’s visibly swelling biceps. My cock spurted more pre in excitement and Frank twitched hard. His paws bloated outward, pads forming on his palm. His cock trembled and grew an inch or two, the head further distending. Frank grunted in shock and his lips swelled outward slightly. He pulled his hands…paws to his face and I took the opportunity to roll off the bed and into the bathroom. I shut the door and locked it, now slightly afraid of what my boyfriend was going to do. I expected him to break the door or something, but he was in the midst of a frantic spurt of some kind.

I heard him moaning and grunting, and heard the bed creak and groan in protest as he fell onto it. This went on for a few minutes, with his grunts growing in frequency…but decreasing in pitch. I pumped my cock as I imagined how big Frank was getting as his grunts hit an octave usually only heard in porn vids. Finally the noises stopped. I waited tensely, but then a knock at the door made me look up.

“Seth…um…you can come out, now…I’m sorry about before.”

His voice was super deep and guttural, but velvet smooth and rich. And that new attitude…well, that may have been my doing. Too much aggression is not a good thing! My cock trembling with anticipation, I opened the door…and found myself looking at a giant, hairy pec. My gaze went up…and my heart almost stopped.

Frank was a wolf. An honest-to-god anthro wolf. A long muzzle protruded from his face, with slightly sharp teeth and what had to be a long-ass tongue. His ears were long, hairy, and pointed, but his eyes were the same. My gaze traveled down to look at his bulging, rippling body, covered in fine, brown-blond hair and swollen muscles. His hands and feet were paws, and his cock was fully wolf now, long and flared, easily ten inches and dripping pre. My hand wonderingly went to stoke it and I watched his long tail swish in happiness. God, he must have been six five at least! He grinned and looked himself over.

“Cool, huh…?”


“I feel so big…so powerful.”

“You look huge…”

My hand felt his firm, rounded pec and his tongue rolled out. He caught my gaze and bent. I kissed his long muzzle, totally unsure of the feeling. Let me tell you…it’s like kissing a regular face, but weird. His tongue just about suffocated me. And I loved it. He picked me up as if I weighed nothing and put me on the bed.


I grinned and spread my legs.

“Now that you’ve asked nicely…yes, you may.”

He grinned, nervous, and lubed his cock with his own pre.

“You have any STDs, Frank?”

His eyes widened.

“No…! But…I don’t know about dog-TDs…”

I smiled. There was my Frankie.

“I have faith…go ahead…”

He grinned his toothy grin and positioned his cock at my opening. I was quite nervous, to be honest. First times were rough, and a ten-inch wolf cock was probably not a great way to be safe. Regardless, I was disturbingly excited, and I felt a massive buzz as his pointed tip slid into my hole. I gasped in pain as his enormously wide head began to push into my ass. He growled low in his throat and trembled. I sensed my submission drug was heavily at odds with Frank’s innate alpha instincts. As if on cue, Frank blinked twice and then thrust hard. His entire cock slid into me at once. It felt like a hot poker burning my insides. I screamed and Frank shook himself out of it.

“Oh my god, Seth, I’m so sorry…I swear…”

I leaned forward, grabbed his neck, and pulled him close.

“Fuck me with everything you have, dog boy.”

He was stunned for a brief second, but quickly licked his lips and thrust again. I screamed in pain, but forced myself to take it. It would get better, right…? He pushed me to the bed and slid in and out, his massive shaft opening my hole impossibly wide. He leaned in and began licking my neck up, his tongue thick and hot with saliva. I gasped in pain and pleasure and Frank took the opportunity to slide his tongue across my mouth. I moaned in barely-concealed lust and rubbed Frank’s large, fuzzy muzzle. He growled again and licked harder, his wet saliva coating my face. His thrusts grew faster and harder, his bulging cock pounding into me. The pain became less fire-like and more dull, and the feeling of his point stabbing my prostate became more apparent. The more he pushed, the better it felt.

Soon I stopped whimpering and started moaning. Frank kept running his tongue across my mouth, his hot saliva slicking my skin. I suddenly felt his evident cock throb heavily. Frank let out a long howl and I felt my insides pulse with his fat dick.

“Oh god, no…”

Then he shot. And boy, did he shoot. It felt really weird, but not nearly as nasty as I thought it would have. His pulsing cock erupted inside me, and Frank buried his tongue in my mouth. I gagged as it slid nearly down my throat, and Frank grinned.


Then he collapsed on the bed, his cock coated in his own spunk and his tongue hanging out. I turned to rub his warm coat, but realized he had passed out again. Every time! My insides felt gross and slick, and before I could do anything about it, I found my eyelids closing. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

My eyelids flickered open and I groaned. God, I felt sore. My ass was raw with pain, but at least I felt clean again. I looked the clock to find it was nearly two hours later. Sighing in contentment, I moved my hand to rub Frank’s hairy stomach. My hand, instead, found something bloated, warm, and slightly squishy. My eyes widened and I whirled to find myself looking at…whoa. Frank had changed. Not subtly like before, but massively. Well, probably more of my doing. The two drugs, revealed! Submission and enhancement. The first one caused rats to, well, naturally submit to the other, more dominant rats. The second drastically increased the effectiveness of all the other drugs. I’m guessing whatever was happening to Frank was now increasing exponentially over hours, instead of days.

Frank was a cow. A fully morphed, fully changed cow. And not a bull, either. He had an udder. And it was gorgeous. KINKY FANTASY ALERT! His muzzle had softened slightly, and his ears had shrunk. His muscles had swollen even further, his biceps and pecs even more defined due to the shorter hairs. His coat was still brown-blond, but speckled with black splotches. His hands were back, but his feet were hooves. But the gigantic, fat, swollen udder dangling from his pelvis took the cake. It was the size of a prize watermelon, and was actually growing as I watched it. Four stupidly thick teats plumped and quivered, wobbling erotically in the air. Each was easily the size of a normal person’s cock! As my hand realized that this was, in fact, not a wolf but a cow (surprise mother fuckers!), it quickly realized that teats were a kinky fantasy of mine! It rubbed one gingerly, only for said teat to quiver heavily before pulsing rhythmically, white fluid beginning to ooze from the opening. I jerked my hand back in shock as Frank’s other three teats quickly followed suit, milk dribbling from each in small drips. Frank groaned, opened his eyes, looked down in confusion, at me, then sharply back at his body.


He rolled off the bed and stood. My breath caught as I took in his full figure, as well as his extra three or four inches of height. His six pack had completely vanished, to be replaced by a large, gorged belly that was visibly growing with his udder. His hips were delightfully wide, with a long wiry tail swishing around his giant butt. As soon as he went from lying down to standing up, his teats got access to a lot more milk, and promptly went from dripping milk to trickling it. He moaned in annoyance, but his eyes closed tight in pleasure.

“This is so messy…!”

He pitched forward as his udder underwent a massive growth, growing like a balloon. His belly heaved outward and he gave it an experimental poke. His finger sunk right in and he moaned in pleasure.

“It’s milk…my belly’s full of milk!”

I walked up to him and wonderingly squished his belly. It sloshed and wobbled, enveloping my hands. I laughed in wonder and slapped it. It wobbled heavily and began to grow faster, his udder beginning to look like a beach ball with teats. Milk flowed in rivulets down his giant pink milker, and his belly growled loudly. Frank groaned.

“I’m so heavy…I love it.”

I knelt and took a massive, spurting teat in my hand. I looked up at Frank, his massive swelling belly starting to block his view. He bit his lip and I shoved the fat teat into my mouth, feeling the warm flesh trail across my tongue as it swelled bigger. I gave an experimental suck and Frank gave a sharp moan. His stomach erupted outward and his udder gurgled. Milk poured into my mouth and I moaned in pleasure. It was disgustingly sweet, like egg nog. But it was so good! I massaged Frank’s giant udder, forcing milk to pour into my mouth. Unfortunately, his other three teats thought they were getting milked, too, because they pumped milk onto the floor in torrents. His belly gurgled and wobbled, but stopped growing as it reached the size of a giant pillow. His udder kept growing, but much slower as milk gushed onto the floor and into my mouth.

Frank grunted sharply and clapped a hand to his chest. I couldn’t see past his huge belly, but I heard the slap…and the gurgling that followed. Milk dripped onto my back and I pulled off his milky teat for a brief second to see what was happening. His big, hunky pecs were plumping out, his fur stretching as milk quickly inflated his bulging chest. Smiling in awe, I continued to suck on Frank’s spurting teat. As I guzzled his copious milk, I felt all my soreness vanishing. As his warm, creamy dairy filled my stomach, my ass lost all the pain from earlier’s beating. Frank continued to swell bigger and bigger, his udder touching the ground. Milk streamed onto my back as his tits filled with milk. Frank groaned.

“I’m so…BIG.”

I sucked and sucked, but Frank’s milk never seemed to end, just exploding from his udder and tits in jets. Frank threw his head back and groaned loudly as two brand new teats shot out of his udder, quickly bulking to the size of the others. They twitched once, and then began pumping milk as fast as the originals. I quickly began to get full, but kept gulping for Frank’s sake. Frank let out a low moo as everything seemed to swell bigger, his udder actually pushing me across the floor as it grew. His belly slapped massively against his udder and merged with it, his whole abdomen growing pink and growing three more giant pairs of teats. Frank now had an udder the size of two pumpkins, with eight quivering, lactating teats.

“What the fuuuuck?!”

I slapped his giant udder and was rewarded with a torrent of milk gushing onto my body. I heard Frank groan in pleasure and noticed his udder was just beginning to lift his feet off the floor. My stomach felt sickeningly fat, and I had to pull away. I looked normal…perhaps I had been expecting some growth of my own. Frank was anything but, though…still growing, his udder taking up nearly half his body.

“Uhhhh…help me walk, Seth…”

He pitched forward, his feet meeting the floor. His udder trailed slightly under him as he waddled into the bathroom, his pendulous boobs and udder bouncing heavily with each step. Milk sprayed across the room and I hefted his udder so he could move a little easier, fluid soaking my skin. We finally made it into the bathroom and Frank heaved himself into the bathtub. Milk formed a veritable river, flowing down the drain at an alarming rate. Frank sighed.

“That’s better…”

He looked the way we came, sighing at the white trail left behind.

“I really don’t wanna clean that puddle in my room…”

“More like lake…”

He threw his head back and groaned, even though it came out as a moo. I rubbed his giant udder, watching it continue to fill the tub.

“How big can it get?”

I shrugged.


He fingered a massive, bloated tit, watching his finger sink into the flesh. He gasped and flushed, moaning in pleasure. I watched his breast lift upward as two new ones burst forward underneath his first pair.

“Fuuuck…this is hot and all, but I don’t know how much milk I can handle!”

His second pair of tits quickly swelled bigger than his first pair, bouncing against the top of his behemoth udder.

“Awwwww, yeah….!”

His udder gurgled warmly and his breasts shuddered. Frank gasped once and passed out, his growth finally stopped. I chuckled and kissed his soft muzzle. My lips trailed down his thick neck to caress his fat boobs and gigantic udder. Milk kept oozing out of his teats, and I watched Frank’s muzzle slowly start to lengthen. My mind churning in fascination and lust, I grabbed some towels, eager not to spoil the surprise. I went into the other room and started cleaning the soaked floor, way too excited to think straight.

Cleaning took a whole hour and a lot of towels from the hall closet. Frank had soaked basically everything, and the floor was covered in a layer of milk. I felt amazing afterward…maybe Frank’s meal had boosted my energy or something. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I had just gotten the last patch and was standing up when two enormous, powerful hands fell across my chest, followed by two basketball-sized, hairy biceps. I jumped in shock and felt a huge, squishy…something push into my back. A long muzzle came into view and I put my hand to my heart.

“Give me a heart attack, babe.”

He chuckled.


His voice was even deeper than the wolf morph, but I still couldn’t tell what he was…or what the hell was pushing into my back. I pulled away and turned and basically died of a lust attack. My boyfriend was a horse. A horse! Dog to wolf to cow to horse! FUCK YES! My journal was going to be happy tonight! Easily seven feet tall, I only came up to the bottom of his gargantuan pecs. His muzzle was long, soft, and his ears flicked back and forth. His long blond mane went down to form a long, swishy tail. His enormously thick body had lost any of its fat, and was so muscular it seemed fake. Basketball-sized biceps, bowling ball pecs, a solid eight pack, and an ass so firm it looked permanently flexed. His thick thighs and big calves were so massive you could see them even through the hair. But…the big rubber thingie that had been poking my back…? His dick. When I say horse…HORSE.

His cock slapped lightly against his pecs, the head so preposterously flared it covered both his nipples. The shaft was massive, thick, and unlike a real horse, super hard. The giant sheath barely contained the blotched, thick cock, and it was relatively clear where all Frank’s milk had gone. Each of his nuts was the size of a wrecking ball, and barely hoisted above the ground. Even as I watched, both cock and balls swelled slightly, his dick stretching effortlessly toward his chin.

“Sick, huh…? A little cleaner than the cow, too.”

I watched the huge bulge in his throat bob as he spoke, my cock hard for the thousandth time today. My hand touched his giant shaft ring and he whinnied in pleasure.

“It’s super sensitive…careful.”

I pumped it once and his whole body spasmed, his hooves trembling on the floor. His nostrils flared as his breath came heavy. He tossed his head as his cock pulsed, growing to tap his neck.

“I’m growing like an inch every thirty seconds, Seth…”

I tensed my fist around his ring, causing him to chuff in pleasure.

“I can feel…the horse in me…it’s so horny…”

I had wanted to suck him off, but some part of me knew I could take him. Somehow…I bent over, exposing my…THE FUCK?! My ass was enormous! My hips had grown so massive they poked a good foot from the front! How had I not noticed that?! Frank snorted.

“You did some growing, too, I see.”

He positioned his still-growing cock near my ass.

“You sure?”

I shook my head.

“No…but somehow, I think I’ll be fine.”

He shrugged and pushed his foot-wide head into me. It popped in so easily I almost gasped, and I felt my hole open impossibly wide to fit him. There was no pain…just pure bliss as my insides expanded to fit him. Thank you, calcium! Frank let out another whinny as he slid his cock into me, the massive shaft stretching my hole to extremes. Where his wolf cock had hilted, his horse cock was only halfway in. Frank looked at me, and I nodded firmly. He slid all the way in and I felt the head blossom deep inside me. God, was he up my intestine or something?! Frank snorted and held the position for a little while, too enamored with the feeling to start pumping. I heard him huff loudly and turned to watch another couple inches of dick slip inside me without him even pushing. He was growing fast, and I was somehow taking all of him.

Then Frank started pumping, his cock ripping into me. I groaned as I felt otherwise blinding pain turn into a mere tingle. His giant balls pushed me forward as he started hilting, his nuts smashing me with every thrust. I felt his huge hands lock onto my hips and push hard. I turned my head to watch his muscles expand and swell, his cock still pushing further into me. I heard a dull ‘thump’ and Frank grunted.

“My nuts went the way of the udder…”

“That…uh!…big, huh?”

“I’m so horny…can’t imagine how much cum is in these…”

“I don’t wanna know…”

He thrust again, his shaft swelling larger with every second.

“Sure you do…”

He pumped faster and faster and I felt a slight ‘pop’ in me. I looked down in shock and horror to find the telltale shape of his head pushing against the skin of my stomach.

“Oh man…”

Frank snorted in humor.

“Good look on you.”

I watched the bulge snake further up my stomach as Frank fucked me ruthlessly. I watched the bulge in me swell larger and larger, and then quiver. Frank whinnied long and loud and I watched bulges snake down his shaft and into me. The head suddenly erupted, coating my insides in hot cum. I moaned as Frank grabbed my ass and shoved hard. His balls quivered endlessly as rope after rope shot into me. My stomach began to stretch, distended by all the spunk in it. Frank came for nearly five minutes straight, his cock never slowing to pump round after round into me. Only after my stomach was the size of a soccer ball did he pull out, his gigantic cock covered in cum. He lifted it and licked the shaft hungrily, the head a good foot above his muzzle.

“So good…”

He collapsed onto the bed, unconscious. I sighed in annoyance. Stay awake for once, Frank! Then my own eyelids flickered. Way too much fun for now…I couldn’t help but collapse on the bed as my body desperately tried to purge gallons of cum.

I jerked awake, my mind awhirl. I instantly looked to the side, but Frank was nowhere to be found. I looked down. Stomach was regular size again, thank god. I hopped off the bed and looked in the bathroom. Nothing. Where had he gone?


A voice so low and loud it seemed to boom sounded from the kitchen.

“Yeah, hon?”

I started, but walked into the kitchen…and was promptly decked by…something. I fell to the floor and looked around for the thing that had knocked me over. Then I followed my line of sight. Oh good god, it was a tail. A huge, thick, smooth tail. Connected to…a dragon. A huge, muscular, gorgeous dragon. It turned and saw me.

“Oh god, was that me?! I’m so sorry…I’m getting used to this.”

My heart stopped. Frank looked up at his massive, thick, blood-red shaft, swollen to the size of the room. It was touching the ceiling, and the ceiling was easily eight feet. Frank himself was almost that tall, too!

“Yeah…that too.”

His skin was bluish-grey and smooth, his snout long and his ears slightly pointed. If his muscles had been big before, they were beyond massive now, especially with no fur covering them. Pumpkin-sized pecs with gigantic, quivering nipples, watermelon-sized biceps, a diamond-cut ten pack, enormous legs with massive calves, a gigantic butt connected to a long, thick tail. A broad back with two big muscular wings folded behind him, a thick neck, and that COCK. Sheathed, thick, and long, with two bulging, giant nuts dangling beneath it.

“You…are gorgeous…”

He flexed his arms and watched them seemingly expand.

“I’m not growing like before…and I haven’t changed since the horse.”

“That’s good…”

“Yeah…and it’s a little after seven, so I figured I’d make dinner.”

“Aw…you’re so sweet.”


I came around to take a look. Well, let me tell you loyal viewers, giant dragon claws do not naturally hold pans. Food was everywhere. He blushed and grumbled low in his throat.

“You’re adorable, even seven and a half feet tall with a cock that could impale me.”

He licked his lips with a long, forked tongue.

“Wanna see if you can fit?”

I shook my head.

“Maybe later. I’m way too tired…”

He looked down.


“Naw, it’s fine. Let’s have some dinner.”

I took the pan, my hand rubbing his.

“Quesadillas good?”

He nodded.

“Although…I may need a little more than usual.”

I chuckled and rubbed his enormous abs…I only came up to his lower set, anyway.

“I got you…”

A little more turned out to be seventeen more than me. He let out a huge belch and flopped down on the floor, his long tail curling around me.

“That was delicious. Thanks, Seth.”

“Anytime, Frank.”

He slowly fell asleep, my body cuddled against his huge, muscular pecs. His enormous cock slid back into its sheath, allowing me to recline against my boyfriend’s giant body. I fished my phone out of my pocket and texted slowly.

“Subject…is…*eye roll* subject to…intense…changes…ranging from…anthropomorphic…traits…to full…bodily…morphs. Each change…retains…some…traits…but base…pattern…varies in…exponentially…decreasing…time.”

I snapped it shut and slowly fell asleep, my body being lulled by Frank’s giant lungs. Maybe he’d be different tomorrow…maybe he wouldn’t. Who knew…? He was gorgeous either way…and he was all mine.


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