The lamp

by Neltharion5

 An archaeologist, an oil lamp (with requisite genie), and three wishes.

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I was on an archeological dig in Egypt many years ago, and one day at about noon, my foreman told me they had made an astonishing discovery and that I should come see for myself. He took me to the site and to my utter surprise, one of the worker presented me with a classic Egyptian oil lamp. I asked the foreman why this was such a astonishing discovery. He said that the workers believe that a genie lives within the lamp. According to legend, he will kill any who rub his lamp save the one who is meant to have it.

So I took the lamp back to my tent. Of course, I usually don’t put much stock into local legends. The lamp needed a good polishing so I began polishing it. While I rubbed the lamp, magenta smoke emerged from the spout. I was so startled that I dropped the lamp. Along with the smoke came the top half of a supremely muscular man, floating in midair. The genie yawned and stretched his arms. He flexed a few times admiring his brawn. The genie resounded in a deep husky voice, “Tremble before me, o’ mortal.”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Fear for your life, o’ mortal, for I am an all-powerful genie.” I cowered before him. The genie raised his arm with a wrathful look in his eye.

I managed to say, “Surely, I am the one who you are meant to serve.”

The genie looked me over and said, “Yes, indeed you are.”


“Your wish is my command.”

“How many do I get? Three?”

“Yes, three, and then I will seal myself with the desert again, master.”

I mumbled to myself, “What should my first wish be?”

“May I make a suggestion, master?”


“Wish to be the most powerful man that has ever lived.”

Sounded good to me. “I wish to be the most powerful man that has ever lived.”

Suddenly, I was no longer in the tent on the Egyptian sands. I was on a dais addressing ten thousand prostrate. In my left hand was the lamp and in my right was a piece of paper. There was absolute silence as I looked at the paper. I decided to read the speech.

“For the first time in earth’s history, its people are not plagued by war and genocide. We are no longer cursed with famine and turmoil. There is no despair for the past or anxiety for the future. There is only hope for what we can accomplish now that we are united under one unwavering hand.” Saying those words, I felt vested with all the greatness of humanity.

The ten thousand before me suddenly rose to their feet and began clapping. Another man in a suit addressed me from behind the dais, “My lord, what would you like to do now?”

“What is my title?” I asked him.

“You have many titles, but most pertinent tend to be Emperor of the Earth, Lord of All the World, and King of All Mankind. Which do you prefer?”

“Emperor of the Earth. Take me to my private residence,” I said.

“Which, my liege?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“May I make a suggestion, sire?”

“Of course.”

“You usually prefer to retire in your South Hampton mansion for various different reasons, one of which is locality to your capital.”

“And your name is…?”

“Thomas Van Buren, your personal valet.”

“Take me there.”

“Yes, sir.” Tom and I boarded my own jet. Not long after, we landed in my own private airfield outside my own mansion. I was escorted inside. The elegance was unmatched by anything I had seen before. Such craftsmanship, such masonry. Tom asked me, “What would you like to do now, my liege?”

“How many swimming pool are there in this mansion?”

“Three, my lord. Two indoor. Also, there are four hot tubs and one sauna.”

Suddenly, I was hit with a wave of lethargy. “Take me to my bedroom, Tom.”

He did, and it was as lavish as the rest of the dwelling. “Wow!” The sheets were silk. The towels were Egyptian cotton. The comforter quilted down. God, the control, the affluence. It was nearly too much for me.

“Would you like for me to turn down the bed, sir?”

“Yes, please.”

As he did, he asked, “Would you like to have some company this evening?”


“Your harem is just down the hall.”


“That is one of the other reasons you usually prefer retiring here. Your largest harem in located on these grounds.” At this point, my mouth was nearly drooling. I had not had sex in a very long time. I could not risk it. Egypt is not a very free place when it comes to alternative lifestyles. An odd euphemism if there ever was one. What am I thinking? I am the Lord of All the World. It doesn’t have to be alternative.

I laughed. “Please…” was all I could get out amidst the laughter.

“How many, sire?”

My lethargy was replaced with insatiable lust, an appetite for sexual fulfillment. “Two,” I said.


“One of each… No, both men.”

“Very hairy, lightly hairy, or waxed.”

“Lightly hairy and waxed.”

“Male A is lightly hairy, and Male B is waxed.” Tom pushed some buttons on his blackberry. “Penis size: average, above average, or extreme?”

“Male A above average, Male B extreme.”

Tom made the indications on his blackberry.“Build: demure, athletic, or muscular?”

“Both muscular.”

“Pectoral voluptuousness: conservative, enhanced, or ridiculous?”

“Male A ridiculous, Male B enhanced.”

“Buttocks-shape: apple tush, shelf-like, or bubble butt?”

“Male A shelf-like, Male B apple tush.”

Tom pushed two more buttons on the touch-screen and asked, “Any other specifications you desire, my lord?”

“No, send them in in five.”

“I almost forgot,” said Tom. “Would you like them naked, fully clothed or in their underwear when they enter, sir?”

“Both in their underwear, please.”

Tom made the final adjustment and asked, “Anything else, sir?”

“No. Return late in the morning with my breakfast.” I placed the lamp at my beside.

“Goodnight, my lord,” said Tom as he exited.

I was down to my own underwear so quickly I surprised myself.

So these guys will have to… obey my every whim, right?

Yeah, I guess so.

There was a knock on the door.

“Enter slowly,” I ordered.

The door opened. Two men emerged.

The first had long blond hair and wore burgundy boxers. He showed tremendous pectoral development with a blond brush between them. He had massively built arms, and when he crossed them across his sweet muscular man tits, it made my dick twitch in my underwear. Seeing my attraction to his chest, he now flexed it, and as he did, I could see the full beauty of amazingly hot chest.

The second had black hair and blue eyes. He was nearly as muscular as the first, but I could see in that the hefty bulge in his blue briefs would more than make up for it. He had the sort of heartbreaking good-looks of the superman, and when he winked at me, I nearly fell from the attraction. His perfectly cobbled hairless abs made him seem too fantastic to be real.

I stood there, licking my lips, drinking in their delicious images, losing track of time yet yearning for fulfillment. Eventually, the blond one asked, “Introductions?”

“Yes, of course,” I said.

“I’m Harry,” the blond guy with the nips of his overdeveloped chest pointed toward the floor.

“My name is Richard,” said the other, smiling, his angularly beautiful face complete with two cute-as-hell dimples.

“I assume you know who I am,” I said.

“Naturally,” said Harry.

“Any suggestions?” I asked.

“We had in mind to start a three-man line with you in the middle,” said Richard.

“Good, but first I want to see you two naked,” I said.

“As you wish,” responded Harry while he shucked his underwear. He was a good six inches flaccid which meant he would be at least eight hard.

I looked over to Richard who had done the same. Whoa! This guy was huge. He was easily nine inches soft while hard he would probably be more than a foot.

Richard got onto the bed, turned onto his front, and pushed to his knees with his head on the pillow and ass pointed up for me. I got behind him and placed the tip at his entrance. I pushed in accompanied by a squishing sound as my precum was forced out to make room. It was a bit odd for me, but after a few strokes, and with him concentrating on squeezing his ass muscles, I adjusted.

“Ah, that’s it,” I purred. “This is great.”

I was getting into a good rhythm. Richard reached back and stroked his own dick to life as Harry prepared to mount me.

I felt the bed sag as Harry got on. Looking between his legs, Richard could see him take position behind me. When he was ready to make penetration, Harry pushed me against Richard’s ass, burying me in him to the hilt.

“Ah… That… feels… so… fantastic,” I cooed.

When he was in deep, Harry took charge, stroking my ass with his full strength. Each inward stroke would slam into my ass with a loud smack and force me into Richards’s own ass. He was pounded flat onto the sheets after a few impacts. When Harry would pull out, I would try to rise, sliding part way out of Richard, only to be slammed back.

“I’m… I’m… cumming…” I announced as I unloaded in Richard’s guts.

Harry didn’t slack the pace and the continued stimulation, front and rear, kept me hard. I was moaning almost continuously. I don’t know if I was even capable of coherent speech so overcome with pleasure was I. At last, Harry gave a tremendous lunge, sandwiching my body between them. I could feel him unloading, his prick bucking inside my guts beat against my back. Richard shot his own load into the sheets as I added a new increment to his soggy intestines.

After a few minutes to let us recover, Harry stood up, holding my to his body and pulling his dick from Richard’s ass. Richard sat up on the bed, seemly trying, not completely successfully, to hold all the love juice inside him. Harry slid out while still supporting a somewhat dazed me with one arm around his chest. I was also having some trouble closing my ass once Harry withdrew and soon my inner thighs were coated with the leakage.

“Everyone, shower, now,” I ordered. Harry half carried me into the bath while Richard followed.

The stall shower was built for five so it was anything but tight. Richard faced my back, and Harry faced my front. They shared the delightful chore of washing me. Richard took the opportunity to slide up my ass as I spread my legs slightly to improve his access. Now Richard’s enormous dick parted my ass cheeks as it came inside me. Meanwhile, Richard reached around me to stroke my own pulsating member. Harry puckered his ass in my direction and stood in an accepting stance ready for me.

I made full penetration with Harry at my front. I began an short undulating motion of his hips. The heat from my ass seemed to spread through their bodies. The air felt warm in spite of the cooling spray of the shower. Richard now teased my nipples.

The contractions of Harry’s ass in time with those of Richard’s dick brought me off for a third time. They finished washing me, and after watching them both towel off, I dried myself, and we all returned to my bed.

I slept like a rock.

I awoke between them.

“What’s with this lamp?” Richard asked reaching for it.

“No! You will not touch that lamp under pain of death!” I yelled.

“I’m sorry,” said Richard as he pulled his hand back. “I didn’t mean to anger you, my liege.”

“Do you really want to know how I became so powerful?” I asked them.

“Yeah,” said Harry.

“It has something to do with the lamp, doesn’t it?” asked Richard.

“Yes. In the lamp, there is a genie who gives me wishes. Well, actually, I’ve only used one so far but, boy, was a it a good one.”

“You wished to be King of the World, right?” asked Richard.

“Not exactly…” I said.

“Well, what did you wish?” asked Harry.

“For something he could only get by being King of the World,” said Richard.

“A male harem?” asked Harry.

“No, I simply wished to be the most powerful man that has ever lived.”

“What were you before you found the lamp?” asked Harry.

“Before you became Emperor of the Earth?” asked Richard.

“I was an archaeologist, tenured at Harvard, digging in Egypt,” I said.

“So you found the lamp in Egypt?” asked Harry.

“Yes, in the Matruh region of Egypt. Very remote. We were digging on a grant from Harvard. I was the university’s representation. There were fifty-two of us. Forty-five local diggers. Four supervisors, a mix of locals and English-speakers. My personal translator. And finally, a graduate student I handpicked from Harvard, an exquisite specimen of the female sex, but that’s not why I picked her. I picked her because she is a top student if not the top student in her class.”

“You say that almost as if you want her sexually,” said Harry.

“I do, or rather, I did,” I said.

“I thought… I thought you were gay?” asked Richard.

“I’m bisexual, but I prefer men, and I identify more with homosexuality, but this woman was amazing. Smart. Beautiful. Strong willed. But now that I think about it, you two are just as good as her. You two are smart, beautiful, and strong-willed. I’m glad I have you… and every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in the world.”

“That means a lot coming from you,” said Richard.

“Yeah, thanks,” said Harry.

“Hey, did you wish to become immortal yet?” asked Richard.

“Whoa! Great idea!” I exclaimed. “Okay, guys. I’ll see you two later tonight.”

“As you wish, my liege,” said Richard exiting.

“I can’t wait to have you again, my lord,” said Harry as he left.

I rubbed the lamp. The genie came out.

“I wish to be immortal.”

“Well played, my master. Your wish is my…”

“Hold on a sec,” I said. “What’s your definition of immortal?”

“Eternally young and indestructible. You would no longer feel pain, and your body would be perfected.”

“What do you mean my body would be perfected?”

“All immortal beings have perfect bodies as evidenced by the third principle, the principle of universal beauty: what is beautiful is also healthy,” said the genie.

“How big would I get?” I asked with lust in my voice.

“It depends on where you mean, but you should know my power is fueled by your desire… so you would only become precisely what you desire to become.”

“Okay, continue.”

“Your wish is my command.” Something changed within me suddenly. It was a sudden surge of confidence following by a lingering plateau of powerful emotion.

Prideful emotion. I was finally able to be the leader I was meant to be. I could now forge a utopia with my bare hands. At last, I can rule the world forever and be all the wiser for it.

Wondrous emotion. I felt happy. What an understatement! I felt ecstatic! So joyful that nothing could contain my exuberance or express it for that matter.

Sexual emotion. I felt sexy. Hot. Blazingly hot. How hot would it be to see myself transform?

I need a mirror.

“Mirror!” I yelled in advertently as I attempted to stumble into my walk-in where I knew there was one.

“Command recognized,” purred the digitally female voice of the mansion. One section of wall turned into a mirror.

Just as I was about to look, I hesitated, but only for a moment. Should I remove my clothes or would hulking out of them be all the more sexually elevating?

Somewhat more rugged, my shoulders noticeably wider than my waist, my tee-shirt sleeves pulled up my arms.

Even my face looked darkly handsome, but probably not completely perfected. I noticed the hem of my shirt crawling up my waist. The skin of my waist stretched tanned and smooth, and I gasped as I saw a crease form and deepen to a valley between firm muscles. My head was rising, and my jaw was growing, square and prominent.

My shirt tightened about my chest and back, and I saw the muscles in my arms swell, filling the shirt sleeves tightly, stretching, overflowing them. My entire stomach was revealed, clean-cut abs, my stomach fat evaporating above hard flat muscles as the shirt shrank and distorted to a tight band over my chest and my thickening and widening back. The stitches were groaning and popping. My jaw and face were square and forceful, lightly tanned and firming, and damn beautiful, a small cleft appeared in the middle of my chin. My shirt starting ripping apart, bursting.

My arms kept growing, my shoulder muscles expanded to huge mountains, my shirt sleeves pulling apart in shreds over the rock-hard bulges. My shirt was converted to a tight tank top. Almost casually the top ripped down each side as I expanded further. Several square feet of gleaming hard smooth chest muscle slid out from behind the helplessly stretched cloth. My back flared out into a huge wedge of muscle and the shirt burst completely, now nothing more than a crumpled strip that lay in my deepening canyon of muscle cleavage.

I felt my denim jeans pull tight about my swelling thighs, and the cuffs slide up my legs. But conversely my belt suddenly slumped, loose, about my shrinking waist. My cock felt like it was erecting, yet staying stubbornly soft. It felt increasingly confined in my pants. The bulge was already obscene and getting bigger. It pushed the pants out and down, piling up over out the top, spilling over. I still had my briefs, but they were stretched tight as a drum and starting to rip as a vast mass of bulging flesh overflowing them, expanding out on all sides. It kept growing, larger and heavier, stretching the briefs until they were nothing more than an afterthought of puny white straps. It was the genitals of a god, a dozen times bigger than any I had ever seen before. The head alone overflowed the poor straining briefs.

My pants legs, painfully tight, suddenly burst with an extraordinary loud ripping noise, and my pants were loose wreckage. My long rock-hard legs gleamed with powerful bulges and curves of muscle. My body was absolutely incredible! It was so hard and defined and absolutely unstoppably huge!

My arms were those of the greatest bodybuilder ever, each muscle an eye-popping giant swelling monster. I raised my arms and placed them on the walls. There was no need to flex. The muscles leaped, huge and impossibly thick. My shoulders peaked almost to the level of my ears. I swung my arms forward and my shredded shirt disappeared as my inches-deep cleavage closed completely around it.

I looked at my face in the mirror, and I gasped… for I was shockingly beautiful. I had high cheek bones, an angular jaw, and a perfectly straight nose. A deep cleft separated two powerfully gorgeous knobs of my chin. My lips puckered pink, lush and seductive. I was a composite of all the most handsome male models in the world.

My cock surged to life. I looked down just in time to see it contemptuously rip apart my briefs My huge nuts, bigger than softballs, fell and bounced, halfway down my leg, but my cock-head passed them. It went lower than my knees. I turned to look at my ass in the mirror. I was stunned by its voluptuousness, its tight sensuality. I bent down and put my head between my legs to examine my butt hole in the mirror. It puckered for me like my lips. My asshole was pink, soft and inviting.

I inserted a finger. My ass clamped down on my finger and rhythmically massaged it. The next person who gets inside of me is really gonna have a field day!

In response to the ass play, my member began swelling and lengthening with fantastic speed. I stood upright. It stiffened and swung up so fast I felt the wind on it. It eased smoothly into position, 30 degrees from vertical, and swelled even longer and thicker as it stiffened and grew so hard I almost cried with joy, it felt so good. I grabbed and tore away the remains of my clothes, they shredded like tissue against my unstoppable strength.

Now clear cum oozed from my cock tip, then flowed copiously. It ran down all sides of my shaft, down my legs, it dripped on the floor, making a spreading puddle. I was unbelievably well lubricated! Needless to say, I couldn’t bear to not touch it, and when I did I almost fell from the sensation. I didn’t, instead I stayed there, staring at my new body in the mirror, and stroking my new dick. It was absolutely solid as iron, coated frictionless with precum, and was so sensitive I swam in ecstasy with each touch.

I jerked off 103 times in the next two and a half hours. And even the last time I came I was still shooting like a fire hose. I finally took a shower. I called Tom to get me clothes. I wanted to have sex with him on the spot, but I controlled myself until after I was dressed to consider it.

I cupped his ass and dug his fingers in deep, pulling him hard against me. Tom could feel his dick between us, I was growing hard and huge and his own prick filled up and shoved against his khakis. I dived in again, plunging his tongue into his welcoming mouth.

Suddenly, he felt my hand on my chest. I’d pulled his shirt untucked and moved my touch along his body. There were my fingers on his nipple, plucking and rubbing, and he felt that erotic electric shock travel direct to his hardening dick. A sexual thrill ran through him, his balls tingled and now I was undoing his belt.

Talented, I was. One hand was behind his neck, holding our lips in that lingering, passionate kiss and the other was unbuckling him and now pulling his pants open and digging down inside his shorts, roughly, pulling me free, tugging his hot hardness into the open air. I broke the kiss and looked down, smiling, then at him again and said, “Mm, yeah, I knew you’d be huge.” My voice was low. His hands crawled under my shirt and found the heavy mounds of my pecs. I had melons under there, thick and muscular. He felt me move, felt my muscle flexing under my warm, sleek skin.

Now I spit a gob into my hand and set my fist to his dick, jerking him off as I kissed him hard. Tom found my thick nipples and grabbed hold, twisting and pinching them hard like he knew I wanted. I moaned into his mouth and my kiss became hungrier, more insistent, deeper still.

I had pulled out his dick and his pants were barely hanging onto his hips, he had his hands under my shirt torturing my nips and we kissed deep and true, two men, near to fucking. I was getting so hot that I think even if the world ended, I would not have noticed. I felt powerful, magical. He could feel my hands on him, and feel the air on his skin. Now I broke the kiss and ours eyes met. We were both breathing hard, Tom could feel my muscled chest expand with every intake, feel my muscles flexing. He wanted to see me naked, see my body in its perfect glory, but before he could speak, I was on my knees and now my mouth was swallowing him, sucking against his stiff heat, licking his head and shaft and sucking deeply.

Tom’s hands, left with nothing to grasp, kneaded the air. His eyes rolled back in his head as the intense pleasure I delivered shook him entirely. I shoved his pants down to his ankles and moved my hands back up his legs, over his calves and behind his knees, inching upwards until I grabbed his cheeks in my firm hands and moved a talented digit against the softness of his hole. I teased him as I sucked him, small circles around before moving inside gently, very gently.

Tom’s toes curled. His dick stretched. I had two fingers inside him, and he adjusted his stance to allow easier entry. I looked up at him, my mouth full of his cock, my lips shiny with his juice. He was moaning loudly, gulping air, sweat poured off his skin, his shirt was soaked and sticking to him so he pulled it off, over his head, and tossed it aside, now naked from the ankles up.

Tom felt my mouth leave his cock and looked down. I was stripping my shirt off, too. My shoulders bunched and separated, the muscles distinct and bulging. He was shaking with desire, I rose slowly to his feet, undoing my jeans as I rose. I was much taller than him, I stank of sex and sweat, and as I shoved his pants down my body my fat prick bounced and wavered, looking a foot long at least.

“Bend over,” I said. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He got onto my bed, and I entered him, shoving in deep and all at once. I started fucking him hard, the whole table moving. His ass burned, I was huge, I filled him entirely and he felt something give, suddenly squirting his load on the table, unable to stop, it was shoved from him as I pounded my ass, pounded his prostate. God, so good, so hard and perfect.

I was grunting, deep and loud. “Fuck me!” Tom yelled. “Fuck me harder!” His balls emptied and his cock tingled, still.

“Take it, boy. Take me on. You’ll feel me inside you for days. Weeks. I’ll always be there.” He felt my weight, my thick heavy muscles as the pressed against him and my breath heated his neck, my tongue licked his ear. “I’ll be with you always, Tom. Always.” I shoved myself fully up his tortured ass and he felt my heat as I came, pumping my lava inside his guts. We both moaned deeply and his rolled my eyes up and he collapsed agains on the bed, wondering how the legs held us up, me on top of him creaming my load in my ass.

Tom mumbled, “They told me about the lamp. Why don’t you wish for unlimited wishes?”

What a great idea!

I rubbed the lamp, and the genie emerged.

“I wish to have unlimited wishes.”

“But you can’t, master. The only limitations your wishes are constrained by is their abundance and the wish to be all-powerful yourself.”


“May I make suggestion, master?”

“Please do.”

“Free me, and I will be forever yours.”

“How can you even be enslaved? You’re omnipotent.”

“My kind ruled the universe eons ago. An underling being used magic even older than time itself to curse us to never be able to wield our magic to serve ourselves but instead to allow us only to serve others with our powers.”

“So… What would the rules be if I freed you?”

“I would still be cursed to only please others. However, once I’m free, I would still have omnipotent powers. I would still be able to give you anything and everything you need and want. And since it will be you that frees me, I swear on the River Styx I will never leave your side.”

“The River of Unbreakable Oaths? That’s all I needed. I wish you free.”

The lamp and the smoke disappeared in a flash of light, but the genie’s torso didn’t. Instead, the genie lowered himself to the floor as his massive legs appeared. He stood taller than me and naked. I nearly choked on my own saliva when I saw his monstrous tool. The titanic flaccid penis coiled on the rug before me.

“Now, my master, fuck me.” He bent over. “I beg you fuck my ass and make me great…” I saw his hole. Beautifully pink against his olive skin. “Make me huge, make me undeniably yours.” I entered him slowing, painfully slow. “Now, master, experience the wonders of my marvelous, miraculous butt hole.”

As I fucked him, he began to grow to new and amazing proportions. God, so big! He was a God. A God of muscle and sex and power. How big was he now? How big would he get?

Stronger and stronger. His shoulders stretched and bulged, round masses doubling in size and rising like bread dough, the skin stretching across his building mass.

His voice grew deeper as he grew larger. His moans of pleasure were so powerful I could feel them in my chest. I could see his arms swelling beyond anything I dreamed of, fat with round, firm power. His ass expanded with more muscle, his legs like tree trunks. He threatened to pull me off my feet as he grew taller, as his legs lengthened, but he bent his knees to keep us together, and he kept on growing.

Then I felt something slapping my thighs and realized it was his balls. Huge! Round, heavy beauties swelling with his seed and dropping lower in their sack, big as eggs, then big as apples! Jesus, I wanted to cum! Jesus!

The genie lost track of time. He lost track of everything but the my fat dick inside him and the deep, powerful waves of orgasmic pleasure enveloping him. He spread myself open to me and swallowed me up with his ass. He wanted me inside deeper, he wanted all of me.

Oh, God, what was happening?

Bigger, you fucker! Bigger and bigger!

Ah, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus. Oh, fuck. Oh, yeah…

I looked down at what I’d done. He was… He was superhuman. Power and strength and physical beauty stretched across his mammoth body, he bulged with it, he was swollen with it. No one had ever been so big, so powerful, so muscular. No one. Ever.

I wanted badly to cum. So, so badly. I hurt with my load. My balls ached. But he had to get bigger! He kept growing, he wasn’t stopping! I was doing this! So much muscle, so fat and firm and huge and strong. Jesus, what must it feel like, to be so… powerful?

Oh, fuck!

I came. I had to. I plunged in deep and I felt my whole body cum. And when I unloaded at last, giving him my male essence, his growth exploded!

What had been a slow, steady, amazing development suddenly turned into an eruption of muscle! I came in his ass, shoving a flood of white heat into his bowels and his whole body was not merely inches bigger, but was blooming with muscle by the foot.

If I wasn’t already coming, I would have creamed even harder. I shot myself inside him, spent, and pulled away as he straightened.

If I thought he was amazing before, nothing prepared me for what my eyes were beholding now. Not merely a giant, but something bigger than that! He had to duck to prevent his head from hitting the ceiling. When he turned around, it seemed like there was nothing but muscle in the room. His muscled back did not begin to prepare me for the onslaught of powerful beauty that hung off his torso and shoulders. His waist was impossibly small and tight, and then there were his six perfect abdominals, big as oranges, leading up to a chest so huge, so muscled, so thick and powerful that I was getting hard all over again.

But my attention was drawn away from the spectacle of his amazing pecs by what was arching up from between his legs. Good God, what a cock! It looked like a third arm, it was so fat and fine and firm. The head was a deep purple and it was clear that he was about to erupt. His gaze was intense and hungry and he was gulping in deep breaths. Two huge balls hung below the giant tool, heavy with their burden. His arms, overwhelmed with brawn, hung at his side and as I watched, I could see his cock plumping and extending and then, suddenly, without him stroking it and me just standing there, he was pumping out a thick, steady stream of pearlescent cream. His whole collection of muscles tensed and bulged bigger still, if that were possible, and his load splattered against the ceiling and splashed down on us both, and the floor and walls.

He came like a fountain, so powerful I could hear him erupt. His prick launched a fat volley and his body tensed again, his hands clenched into fists, and another copious flow fountained from him, again hitting the ceiling and again dropping down on my naked form and his, thick hot drops and streams drizzling all over me.

Again and again he came, each blast as thick and powerful as the first as if his body had been holding this all in and was only now capable of thrusting it free. A dozen heavy explosions of thick cream and then another half-dozen after that, his dick swelling and receding with each release like a pump. His balls gradually decreased in size and his breathing slowed as his huge frame expended the last of his load and the whole room reeked of man scent.

I’d never felt anything like it. It was like an orgasm on top of an orgasm, the deepest and most fulfilling pleasure I ever experienced.

And he was still growing.

Luckily for him and for my house’s ceiling and doorframes, his development seemed to be slowing, but even now I could hardly estimate how big he was or how wide or heavy. The muscles of his legs bulged obscenely as they supported that ever-increasing bulk of fat power spreading and thickening across his chest and shoulders. Was there anything but muscle on him? The skin seemed stretch to the max, paper thin and red with strain.

His was gulping in breaths as he came, his eyes pinched shut. His teeth were clenched, or else I was sure he’d be unleashing deep rumbles and shouts of sexual release to wake the dead. How he held it in now was beyond me, and part of me wanted to hear what such power sounding like, to feel his roar of pleasure shake my bones and pass through me like a tidal wave.

Good god, was he big! His arms looked wider than his head! And that chest! I could stick a frying pan between those pecs and he wouldn’t even have to flex to hold it there. The rippled glory of his tight belly was now a full, bulging carton of eggs. His obliques swelled and lead my eyes like a funnel down his pelvis to that immensity, again, and his hands grasping it as his cargo finally seemed spent and now only ordinary spurts of cream were pumping out, streaming thickly down his inches and puddling on the floor.

His hands slowly dropped to his sides and only now, as his huge wealth of spunk was expended, did he finally open his eyes.

The smile on his face made me cum.

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