The greenhouse effect

by Godzilla

While being tutored in horticulture by Tenji, college runner Aaron mistakes a vial for his iced tea…

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Aaron was bored. He was so bored he could have fallen asleep, except he was sitting up in a hard chair. He couldn't help being sleepy. He was sitting inside a warm, steamy greenhouse, and he hated it. Aaron was the best track runner in all of Vermont. He was used to being on the go, always moving. Unfortunately, he was also failing college horticulture class. Unless he learned more about exotic plants and soon, he might not be able to run track again. He leaned back and pushed a strand of blond hair out of his face. He was stuck in a green lab room, surrounded by huge ferns and vines clinging to the tables. Flowers of all colors bloomed on the tabletops. He had to move a small cactus to make room for his journal.

Aaron was not alone. Sitting across from him was his assigned tutor, Tenji Murato. Tenji was an Asian-American student who seemed really into plants. His dorm room was a two room one attached to the greenhouse so he could be close to them at all times. Despite his flower tending and soil digging, Tenji was no frail boy. Years of hauling young trees and digging whole gardens had given the young man a toned muscular frame. His black hair was tied back with a simple leather thong, and he often went shirtless in the greenhouse, since it was so hot in there. He was sitting across from Aaron, lecturing in his quiet voice on the finer points of the common orchid. Aaron tried to take notes, but it was soo hot and he was soo drowsy. He was also quite thirsty.

Aaron reached for his glass of ice tea he had brought with him. Tenji had gotten up and was bringing over another flower to talk about. Aaron took a long swig then grimaced. This wasn't ice tea! He spat, rubbing his mouth and then noticing the vial he held. It was partially empty with a few letters written on the side. NS-SdEnhncer. As Tenji walked over he suddenly stopped and stared. “What's that in your hand?” Aaron quickly put it down. “Nothing. I just thought it was my tea. You guys need to keep this stuff off the tables. It taste nasty! Oh jeez! It's not like poison or anything?” Tenji picked up the vial and read the label. His soft exotic features looked worried. “Aaron-san, this was fertilizer of a rare sort. I think you need to stay here tonight. You may be in big trouble.” Aaron jumped out of his seat, spreading his arms wide. “Whoa! Excuse me? I can't stay here! I have classes tomorrow, and a track meet! Look Tenji, I appreciate your concern but I feel fine. Really! I do! Lets call it a day and forget this ever happened ok?” Aaron grabbed his notebook and prepared to leave, but Tenji quickly crossed around the table and grabbed Aaron by the shoulder. “Listen to me!” He said harshly into Aaron's ear. “This is no ordinary matter Aaron-san! That was a vial of Non Sanctioned Seed Enhancer. It was meant for plants only! There is no telling what effect it may have on humans! You could be in real danger! I do not think any hospital could help you. Only I with my plant mastery know what we are dealing with! If you care about your body, then you will stay here until I say you can go!” Tenji stared at Aaron's face, awaiting his reply.

By now Aaron was getting scared. He wanted to run and never turn back, but he knew Tenji was right. “What we will tell my folks? And the track team?” Tenji smiled, showing his pearly teeth. “I will go get my instruments ready to study you while you make the necessary phone calls.” And with that Aaron stayed the night at the greenhouse with Tenji studying him from every angle. After a few hours of tests, it was nearing ten o—clock at night. Aaron was completely exhausted, having done little but strip down revealing his slender frame to Tenji's eyes. He felt kind of creeped out by Tenji observing his whole body, but Tenji was attractive and Aaron knew he was trying to help like a doctor, so he did not raise a fuss. Finally Tenji told him, “Aaron-san, I am not quite clear on what to do. Your body has shown no differences except for a higher blood cell count, but other than that you seem ok. I will check up on you tomorrow, and we will see what your condition is like. Aaron brightened, “You mean if I'm in the clear, you'll let me go?” Tenji nodded. Aaron smiled and even gave him a little hug. “Hey man, I appreciate all the fuss your putting up for me. I know I don't listen but if you keep me safe, then I will listen up from now on.” Tenji blushed at this and quickly hooked up a cot next to his room for Aaron to sleep on.

That night Aaron cracked open the door to Tenji's room to watch him get ready for bed. He saw Tenji walk out of his bathroom wearing only a blue towel around his waist. He gasped quietly as he saw Tenji remove it and lay out some silk pajama bottoms. Tenji's hard labor had not only given him a ripped torso with well developed pecs and a six pack, but his thighs and calves were well sized too, and his cock was larger than most, at least eight inches by Aaron's reckoning. He lay in his cot that night having erotic dreams of himself sticking out of a pot and tenji watering him from his stiff outstretched cockhead. He smiled as he felt the cool water running over his face and arms. He felt positively invigorated and content. That night Tenji thought he heard gentle gurgling sounds from the next room, but he dismissed them as coming from the bathroom sink.

The next morning Aaron awoke early like all athletes. His legs felt very warm, like someone had placed a wool blanket over them. In the dark early hours he pulled back his blanket and reached over to hit the light switch on the wall near his head. His groin felt funny, like he had the worst case of morning wood. As the lights clicked on Aaron stared. Lying on his back he saw a pillow of flesh covering his lower legs. He also saw a monstrous tube lying outstretched on his stomach. He suddenly realized it was his own cock! And the silky pink pillow on his legs was his ball sac! He sat up, causing his cock to slide down and plunk onto his nuts with an audible plop noise. He tried to swing his legs out of the cot, and almost screamed from the sensation of his legs moving beneath his balls. He managed to get his legs free and sat there, his swollen cock dangling over his thigh. His balls slid off the cot and landed on the floor, covering his feet. They were easily over three feet across, each orb as big as a basketball.

Aaron screamed for Tenji. “Tenji! Tenji get in here! Something's wrong with me!” Tenji opened the door and stood there gaping. Aaron was standing, albeit hunched from the enormous weight between his legs. His anxiety was causing his newly enlarged cock to throb and stiffen, jutting out at a 45 degree angle and looking over 14 inches long! His balls were even more impressive, each orb sitting on the ground, obviously bulging in the confines of a nut sac that rivaled a garbage bag. Aaron stare at his huge package in disbelief, then held out a hand to Tenji. “Help me..please ..they're too big..” he whimpered, trying to move his feet back. Tenji quickly and carefully walked around Aaron's augmented balls and threw his arm around Aaron's shoulders, trying to help support him. With the sturdy botanists help, Aaron was brought over to a couch and laid down, his cock and balls lying before him, massive and full beyond belief. Aaron had his legs bent up like a pregnant woman so he could keep them free. Tenji ran his hands over Aaron's virile flesh, muttering in Japanese and uttering words like “Amazing! This is too much to believe! Why they effects alone..” Aaron took deep breaths and looked at Tenji helplessly. “What's wrong with me? My junk got huge! It feels so weird! Tenji you must fix this! I can barely move under this burden!” Tenji looked at Aaron's scared face and smiled reassuringly. “Do not worry Aaron-san. I believe we now know what happens to humans who ingest seed enhancer. Your orbs are filled with too much cum. Your body reacted naturally to the chemicals and increased your seed production. You are filled to the limit, so your body increased your limit size. That is why I believe your penis also expanded. A normal penis would explode under this much pressure, but yours is now strong enough to expel it. We must collect samples and get you to a more private place. I think a good orgasm will reduce the swelling.”

Aaron ran his hands over his thick shaft, feeling the flesh tighten to his touch. “You mean I gotta jack all this out of me? And you're going to watch me?” The idea of a sexy Asian boy watching him cum made Aaron excited. His cock suddenly began to pulse, and then slowly grow longer and thicker, engorging with blood. Aaron moaned as he felt his balls begin to shift and churn. Tenji watched the giant genitals throb and bloat up in front of his eyes. He grabbed Aaron's arm and helped him off the couch. “Quickly now! We must get to he lab before you grow too big!” Between the two f them they were able to get Aaron's bulk out of the main room and into the inner sanctum of the greenhouse. There they rested, tired from hauling the prodigious cock and dragging balls across the room. Aaron was practically delirious from the aroused feelings his growing groin was giving him. He could barely think straight. Tenji quickly ran to his lab room and came back with two huge six gallon plastic buckets. He stopped, as he was awestruck by the picturesque scene before him.

A young shoulder length blond haired college boy with a pale, lithe runners body, crouched on his knees on a bed of long green grass beneath a tropical bush festooned with sweet smelling white blossoms, red faced and panting while running his hands over a turgid 2” foot cock jutting above two pulsing balls that were larger than truck tires. Tenji could not help but think of a young fertility god in a mythical garden. He gently walked over and placed the buckets beneath the quivering cockhead. He crouched down next to Aaron and whispered in his ear, “Aaron-sama, I would be happy to help you release your load, since the job looks too big for one.” Aaron looked at him and nodded, too excited to speak. Tenji reverently sat cross-legged between in front of him, and took hold of the aching shaft between his rough hands.

They began to jack Aaron's massive member in the early morning, sunlight streaming through the greenhouse glass walls. Sweat began to shine on Aaron as he rolled his shaft skin back and forth, trying to release the intense pressure his balls were under from the gallons of pent up cum. Tenji quickly stroked his Aaron's cockhead with one hand and squeezed his balls wit the other, coaxing and teasing Aaron with supportive dirty talk. “That's it. Let us get it all out. You are soo big and strong, you are going to blast a big load from those aching balls. Don't hold back Aaron-sama. Give us all the cream you have.” After half an hour, Aaron suddenly began to shake, his legs trembling. Tenji kept up the smooth strokes, using the steady flow of precum from Aaron to reduce the friction. Aaron arched his head back and panted, “Uhhhh Tenji—Guh..Gonna cum!” Tenji pulled the dark purple cockhead down just as it shot forth a huge rope of sperm, splattering against the bottom of the bucket. Tenji continued to milk Aaron, watching pearly streams of college cum blast out, filling the bucket steadily. Aaron could only groan and flail as the orgasm clenched down on him, making all thoughts and fears drown in a sea of frenzied release.

Finally after the second bucket was filled to overflowing, Tenji let go of Aaron's monster cock, letting is fall into the cool grass. Aaron's cock and balls had reduced in size, an almost normal nine inches lying across orange sized balls. Tenji carefully loaded the steaming creamy buckets of sperm onto a cart and took them to the freezer to be stored and analyzed. He walked back and smiled at Aaron sleeping on the grass. Tenji kneeled down and kissed his cheek tenderly. “I knew Aaron-sama would like horticulture soon enough.” He walked back into his lab and began to brainstorm an idea on what to do next.

Epilogue. Aaron did not leave the greenhouse for some time. He knew his condition was unique, and feared what outside interference would do to him. Tenji explained he had he matter in hand, and continued to study Aaron's glands. They learned that he needed to be milked almost every week, and that sunlight and water made his sperm count triple. One sunny day Tenji found Aaron unable to reach his cock because his balls had swollen larger than him, pinning him to the ground. If it had not been for Tenji, poor Aaron might have burst. Aaron missed being able to move gracefully, but once drained by Tenji's willing hands, he had okay movement. He begged Tenji to help increase his mobility. They grew close during this time, definitely becoming lovers. One day Tenji came out of his lab announcing he had the solution to Aaron's mobility increase. That will be told in the second story.


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