The four jocks: Vegas

by NBCK99

When Will spends a week in Vegas with a trio of acrobats, a certain game helps him loosen up and get closer to his friends.

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Will couldn’t believe it had been over two years since he last saw Hassan. They had met in college, but Hassan had dropped out to go pro in gymnastics, and the two hadn’t seen each other in person since. Hassan trained on the East Coast, while Will had moved to Colorado as soon as he graduated, so it was almost impossible to see each other. Although the two had only spent two years together in college, they had lived on the same floor of their dorm both years, and they had instantly formed a close bond. At the moment, Hassan was spending a week in Las Vegas, so Will had driven down to see him. The drive was long, but as long as Will had good scenery and good music, he was fine.

Will had been surprised to hear why his friend was visiting Vegas. “I’m auditioning for an act,” he had explained. “I met these guys at the gymnastics gym where I practice. They have this duo acrobatic act, and they just got a job in Vegas. They said their show is auditioning guys to do tumbling and trampoline tricks and stuff.” Will had watched his friend’s trampoline trick videos on social media. The guy was good. Well, Hassan had trained with the same coaches that Olympic gymnasts used, so Will wasn’t exactly surprised by his friend’s talents.

Will was excited to meet Angelo and Vijay, Hassan’s acrobat friends. Hassan seemed to have really bonded with them. Plus, Hassan seemed to very genuinely believe that Will, Angelo, and Vijay would all become instant friends. He had even told Will that WIll was the missing fourth member of their group. Will was worried he would feel out of place among the three acrobats, but he wasn’t exactly out of shape himself. He had been a competitive skier during college. That’s how he and Hassan had met—their floor was all guys in the school’s athletic programs. And that’s why he immediately moved to Colorado after college. He skied nearly every day during the winter.

When Will met Hassan’s friends, he was instantly struck by how handsome they were as a group. Will included himself in that. He might be a bit scruffy, but he consistently got compliments on his looks, particularly his pale blue eyes. Hassan was also very handsome with his bold Persian nose and his piercing hazel eyes. He was also very short, which was extra noticeable because Will, Angelo, and Vijay were all on the taller side. Angelo had apparently moved from Italy as a teenager, and he looked like the kind of naturally tan, wavy haired Mediterranean man you’d see in a cologne ad. Vijay was a tall Indian man with a square face and a winning smile. He was also very built. Well, Hassan was too, but Vijay’s pecs were so big that his shirt was tight over his chest and completely loose over his stomach. He probably had the biggest pecs Will had seen on someone who wasn’t a bodybuilder.

As Hassan had guessed, Will had bonded with Angelo and Vijay immediately. Will was very laid back. A friend had once described him as a surfer dude who preferred cold weather, and Will thought that was pretty accurate. He even had the shoulder-length dirty blond hair. He had the powerful legs and well defined torso too, but he didn’t tend to think about that. He knew he was very good looking, but was too laid back to think much about his own physical appearance. Angelo and Vijay were fairly laid back too, but they had a playfulness that matched Hassan’s energy well. Vijay was the quietest. He mostly smiled and listened, occasionally adding surprisingly witty comments to the conversation. Angelo was far more animated, and he seemed to go back and forth between relaxed and energized at the drop of a hat. He was also well aware of how good he looked, and he was very keen to assess other guys on how good they looked.

“If you were gay,” Angelo said with his thick accent, “many boys would be interested in you. The stubble look is very in right now, and yours perfectly frames that jawline…” He paused to slowly and deliberately trace Will’s jawline with his eyes.

Vijay gave Hassan a knowing look. “The ‘Angel’ strikes again,” he said. “I don’t know how someone named after an angel turned into the living embodiment of lust.

“Don’t let him kiss you,” Hassan told Will. Will furrowed his brow in response. “Angelo swears that he’s such a good kisser, he could kiss any guy and turn him gay.”

Angelo stuck out his long tongue and wiggled it. “I promise I won’t use my… unique talents unless you want me to, but I have it on good authority that I’m the best. You are all missing out.”

Angelo was so playful that Will didn’t feel at all uncomfortable. In fact, Will had to admit that having such a good-looking person hit on him was a bit of a confidence booster. If Will was gay, he would have assumed Angelo was out of his league.

As the night wore on, the guys headed back to the suite that Hassan, Angelo, and Vijay were sharing. As with everything on the Strip, the suite was expansive and decadent. The guys had already had a couple drinks, but Angelo immediately went to the fridge and pulled out a six pack. Vijay explained that they had stocked up like crazy on groceries so they wouldn’t be tempted to overspend on the Strip.

“Well, now what are we going to do?” Will asked as he opened his beer. He looked over, and Hassan was taking his shirt off, revealing his compact but very muscular body. He was very small—barely 5’5”—but he had the built chest and huge shoulders that all professional gymnasts possessed.

“I dunno,” Hassan said, “I just need to cool down. The heat here is way too much for me. My parents may be from the desert, but I’m from Connecticut.”

“We could always turn up the air conditioning,” Vijay pointed out.

Angelo was already ditching his shirt. “Or we can all start taking off clothes!” he said cheerfully. He eyed his friend up and down. “I have so many friends who would hook up with you,” he told Hassan. Based on Hassan’s facial expression, Will guessed it was about the 1,000th time Hassan had heard that.

Hassan did a slow cartwheel, which had apparently been a nervous habit ever since he had been little. “I still think that is the weirdest nervous habit I have ever seen,” Will told him.

Angelo jumped in and said,” Acrobats and gymnasts are weird. In the best ways, of course.” He casually went into a handstand and slowly lowered his legs into a near-split. “We just like to be upside down.”

Vijay smiled at his acrobatic partner. “I would lift you up like in our act, but I don’t think you would enjoy the taste of ceiling.”

Will was genuinely curious about the act, as he had only heard about it. “So you lift him up over your head and he does a split?” He asked Vijay.

“And then we let go of one hand, and he balances like that,” Vijay said casually. Well, that explained the massive upper body muscles. “Or, Vijay continued, “I do a headstand and then he does a handstand holding onto my feet.” Will found himself really wanting to see this routine. It sounded so beautiful—one huge, powerful man and one long, lean man.

Angelo was still walking around on his hands. “You should definitely take off your shirt, Vijay. Your pecs deserve to be free.” Will had a feeling that was a running gag between the two. Vijay rolled his eyes—and then he started taking off his shirt. Will was stunned. Vijay really did almost look like a bodybuilder. He had maintained a slim waist, and his arms and shoulders were more intensely defined than they were bulky, but he was definitely large. And damn, those pecs. They stuck out in front of him proudly. He sat down on the ground cross-legged, put his hands down in front of him, and pushed himself up until he was upside down, still with his legs crossed.

Angelo walked on his hands to where Will was sitting. “Alright, now you must join in. Shirt off, upside down. Peer pressure!”

Will shook his head violently. Hassan spoke up. “He doesn’t go upside down.”

Will added, “I had a coach who said I should try ski jump tricks because I get good hang time, but I will not try it.” That was the one time Will was ever not laid back.

Angelo, still upside down, laughed. “Ok, acrobats are weird, but a skier who’s afraid of being upside down? Yet not afraid of hitting trees at full speed? That is strange.” He finally stood back up. His slim but ripped torso was right in front of Will. Will didn’t understand why he was enjoying the view so much tonight. “Alright, no handstands for the pretty American boy,” he relented. “But you should still take off your shirt.”

Will really didn’t feel like taking off his shirt. He knew his abs were almost as defined as Angelo’s, but he still somehow felt he wasn’t in the same league as the three acrobats. Still, he was laid back and not inclined to make Angelo frustrated. Plus he was a little drunk. He was feeling playful. And maybe he was feeling something else…

“I’m not going to take off my shirt,” Will told Angelo. The wavy haired skier stood up. At 6’2” he was a little taller than the Italian, but not quite as tall as Vijay. “But I hope this will appease your need for less clothes.” He reached down to unbutton his shorts, and soon they had fallen to his ankles. Will stepped out of his discarded shorts, showing off his long, well-defined legs. He was never one to show off, but for some reason he wanted Angelo’s approval. He received a long, deliberate stare similar to the one Angelo had given his jawline. That stare lingered at his bulge. Will was wearing boxer briefs over his moderately sized package. Well, maybe it looked a little bigger than normal at the moment. He was feeling some sort of sexual tension despite the fact that there weren’t any girls around.

“Should I take mine off too?” Angelo asked, grabbing the waistband of his shorts.

Hassan was quick to intervene. “Nope, we all took off one item of clothing. Everyone’s even.” Vijay nodded.

“Well, if you don’t want me staring at all the pretty muscles,” Angelo said, “I suggest you come up with something else.”

“Oh, I have just the thing!” Hassan replied. “I totally forgot about it.” He started digging through his luggage. I ordered some stuff for the trip online, and this came in the package by accident.” He held up a small, plain box. “THE GAME” was written in large letters on the top. “When I called customer service, they said there was no record of it, so I could just keep it.”

Vijay seemed a bit concerned about that. “Wait, so there was no record of the game at all? Don’t you think that’s suspicious?”

Angelo laughed. “What, do you think the game is cursed?”

“I was just pointing out that it’s kind of bizarre,” Vijay said.

It was kind of bizarre. But then, Will had just taken his shorts off in front of two near-strangers, one of whom was once again staring at his package. He was drunk and having fun. He didn’t mind if it was bizarre.

“I thought it was a divine gift,” Hassan said. “Like I got it just for this moment, something fun and surprising to make our time together more exciting.”

“That was awfully poetic,” Will said with surprise. His friend was many things but poetic was nor usually one of them.

Angelo took the lead. “All in favor of playing?” He raised his hand. Within moments, four hands were raised. Hassan opened the box.

Hassan had a number of little habits besides his slow cartwheels. He got up and walked around the room as he read the directions, mumbling them to himself out loud. He said it was the only way he could read. A couple times, he passed close to Will, and Will heard snatches of the instructions. “…reads a card… desirable… can be used to reverse… lightly intoxicated… unaware.”

Everyone waited for him to take a seat and start explaining the game. At that point, Angelo and Vijay had each grabbed a cushy chair, leaving Hassan to sit on the couch next to Will. He sat… very close. His right shoulder pushed against Will’s side, and he spread his legs wide so that his short but beefy thigh pushed into Will. He and his friend had never really had any physical boundaries between them, but this seemed… intimate. Angelo and Vijay pulled their chairs closer as if they felt it too.

Before Hassan spoke, he grabbed a beer and opened it. “We’re supposed to be lightly intoxicated when we play,” he explained. Vijay, the only one who did not yet have a beer, grabbed a bottle. “It’s really simple. A little weird, but I think it will be fun. The host picks up a card and reads the question. I’ll go first since I read the instructions. We go around clockwise, and everyone gives an answer.” Will made a mental note. That meant Angelo, the Vijay then himself. He wasn’t sure if going last was a good thing or a bad thing. “The host picks a winner and… uh, touches, or… um, kisses the winner to make it official.” He looked straight at Angelo and then at Will. “Don’t let Angelo kiss you,” he reminded Will, adopting a mock serious tone. “After that, the host rotates to the right.” As he said it, he looked to the right. He was inches away from Will, and he had to crane his head a little to look Will in the eye. Again, the simple gesture felt strangely intimate. Maybe Will didn’t realize just how much he had missed his friend.

Hassan grabbed a card from the deck and read it, muttering it to himself first. Louder, he asked, “What should the person to your left have done more this past year?”

He turned to Angelo, who was looking intently at Vijay and his thick muscles. “Flirted with pretty boys. You know, I always tell you that there are a lot of boys who would love your body type. The strong and silent type, it is very popular.” Vijay looked amused. It seemed that one of Angelo’s favorite pastimes was explaining to straight men why they were sexually appealing to guys.

Vijay fixed a disconcerting stare on Will. There was obviously far more going in that brain of his than he let on, and it was unsettling for Will. “Felt proud of his body,” he said. Man, that was going to be hard to beat. Hassan would love that answer. Hassan had always felt that while Will knew he was handsome, he would benefit greatly from taking more pride in the results of his athletic training. Wait, why was Will so concerned about winning? He wasn’t really that competitive—part of why he stopped doing competitive skiing. And he didn’t need to win to be able to touch Hassan. He felt the warmth of Hassan’s body against his left side. And why was he worried about touching Hassan? But he did want to win, and he did want to touch Hassan. Desperately.

He had to think of the perfect answer. “Performing in Las Vegas with Angelo and Vijay.”

“We haven’t even started rehearsing yet,” Vijay said.

“Yeah, but this is like a what if scenario, right? So what if you had gotten the job a year ago and you were already doing shows? And what if Hassan had already gotten into the show too? I could have come down to visit by now. I’d have probably already seen the show.”

The wheels were turning in Hassan’s head. “I really like your answer,” he told Will. “You wished me and the guys success, and you wished you could see me more. But Vijay’s answer is my favorite. You know I’ve always wanted what’s best for you.” He motioned for Vijay to get up and come closer. Almost as if by instinct, Hassan reached his left hand out to touch Vijay’s pec. Without thinking, Will did the same. Hassan slid his right hand along Will’s and wrapped it around Will’s neck. His left hand moved away from Vijay’s pec and around to his neck. “I still like your answer too, Will,” he said as he pulled his two friends in for a hug. But this wasn’t just a friendly hug. It was something more. It was warm and deliberate, and… what? Sensual. Yeah, that was it.

As the hug ended, Will took another sip of his beer. He wasn’t sure how much more he should have, because he definitely felt lightheaded. Hassan moved his hand down from Will’s neck to his bare torso and left it there. Vijay sat back in his chair and smiled appreciatively at Will’s nearly naked body. Angelo was doing a lot more than just smiling. He was staring as if he’d never seen Will’s abs before. Of course, this was not Angelo’s first time seeing Will’s abs. The three acrobats were often shirtless, so Will was often shirtless too. After all, he couldn’t just let Angelo show off his abs without reminding everyone how toned his own body was.

Thankfully, Will had gotten to see the guys several times in the past year. He’d first met Angelo and Vijay when Hassan came out to audition last year. Since then they had come up to see him in Colorado between the end of rehearsals and the show’s debut, and he had gone down to see the show. He couldn’t get over how beautiful their bodies were when they performed their various stunts. But then, he knew his body was just as beautiful. He was very flattered by how much Angelo enjoyed his body. He even found the attention a bit arousing.

Will broke out of his thoughts when he suddenly realized it was his turn. He took the deck from Hassan. “What is the most noticeable feature of the person across from you? Should it be increased or decreased?” Angelo was across from him. He wondered what answer the cute Italian would give. But first it was Hassan’s turn.

“His pecs,” Hassan said, looking across at Vijay. Well, no one could really argue with that. “And increased.” Vijay’s eyebrows rose. “If they’re your best asset, you might as well have as much as possible, right?” Will couldn’t argue with that logic.

Angelo made a show of scanning Will’s barely clothed body up and down a few times. Will didn’t mind. He enjoyed the attention, and he honestly didn’t know what Angelo would think was his most noticeable feature. He was fairly tall, but not as tall as Vijay. His muscles weren’t bulky like Vijay’s, but they weren’t as compact as Hassan’s or as lean and Angelo’s. He had some body hair, but just a light dusting. It wasn’t thick like the patch of black hair between Vijay’s pecs. His dick was probably slightly above average, a good, solid dick, but surely it didn’t create enough of a bulge to make it his most noticeable feature.

While Will was thinking about his own body, he realized that Angelo had shifted his gaze and was now staring him in the eye. “His sexy eyes,” Angelo said. “And they should definitely be sexier. Like, so sexy that if he just looks at you, it makes you want to kiss him.” Will was definitely getting turned on now. There was something about the way Angelo said it, like Will needed to be an object of lust. Like it was his destiny.

When Will turned to Vijay, the man smiled at his smaller friend Hassan. “I only say this because it’s the truth,” Vijay said. “His height.” Hassan rolled his eyes, but the others laughed. No matter how thick his muscles got or how big his bulge was—when had Will started noticing that?—Hassan’s diminutive height would always be one of his more noticeable features. “And,” Vijay added, “it should be decreased.”

“That’s not fair!” Hassan said, but the others started laughing even harder.

Will really didn’t know which answer to choose. He actually liked all of them, even Vijay’s. If Hassan was even smaller and more compact, it would probably make him even cuter. When had Will decided that Hassan was cute? Will was definitely intrigued by Angelo’s idea. What if he really did exude raw sexuality just from his eyes? And he liked Hassan’s answer. Well, that was his least favorite, but he still liked it. He mostly liked having an excuse to feel physically intimate with his close friend. He remembered that Hassan was pressed tightly into his side. Well, more physically intimate.

Will took another drink of his beer. Somehow it was almost gone already. Time to be playful. He motioned to Angelo. “Come here.” As Angelo got up from his seat, Will said, “I’m not letting you kiss me. You can try turning me gay some other time.”

“Challenge accepted,” Angelo replied. “And I will hold you to that. But I don’t know how much of a challenge it will be.”

Will stood up and motioned for Vijay and Hassan to stand up with him. He pressed his right hand against Vijay’s pec as if that would spread magical power to grow the big man’s pecs. “Hug me,” he told Angelo, and the man happily obliged, pressing his bare torso into Will’s. Something was happening. Will could feel it, like wishes coming true one by one. He turned his eyes—his icy blue, boner-inducing, kiss-me-now eyes—to Hassan. And as he leaned over Angelo’s shoulder, Hassan went on his tiptoes, bursting with desperate need, and they kissed.

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