The flame on twelve wheels

by TFWizard

Two friends find life is more fun with three legs, especially on skates.

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Part 1: Stephen Two friends find life is more fun with three legs, especially on skates. (added: 1 Mar 2005)
Part 2: Showing it to John
Part 3: The first test in the rink
Part 4: Word gets around
Part 5: Skating at the Doctor’s office
Part 6: The Race
Part 7: Christmas presents
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This story involves teenagers, but it isn’t about sex, just friendship.


Part 1: Stephen

The clock was ticking… Only 14 seconds left in the game…

John skated from the opposite side of the rink, and made the turn past the curved edges of the wall. The ball was rolling fast, and he had to struggle to keep it under control by gently pushing it with his hockey stick. John decided to attack the goal by racing straight down the middle, heading right at the goalie.

When he passed the center line, he heard one of his teammates shout.

“John! Pass the ball! I’m open!” Stephen shouted, as the boy skated just left of the goal. John looked on both sides and realized that Stephen was wide open.

Only 11 seconds left. It was now or never. John passed the ball to Stephen.

The crowd at the “Roller Ranch” roller skating rink was on its feet. The Flames were tied one goal against the Hawks, and they needed a goal right now to win the game. If they remained scoreless, then they would be forced to play another fifteen minutes in overtime.

Stephen caught the ball with his hockey stick. He immediately turned towards his sacred target. His goal was to hit the ball against the net at the other end of the rink. He was only a few feet away.

“Go Flames Go! Go Flames Go!!” the crowd roared, as the clock slowly ticked away the last chance for the Flames to win the game. All eyes in the crowd were on Stephen.

Only 6 seconds were left on the clock. Stephen came within ten feet of the goal. The goalie moved directly in front of him.

Only 4 seconds were left on the clock. Stephen allowed the eight wheels on his roller hockey skates to come to a complete stop, as he swung the stick as far back as possible, with the little, blue ball rolling just in front of him on the rubber floor.

Only 3 seconds were left on the clock. Stephen slapped his stick hard against the blue rubber ball. The ball flew into the goal, landing exactly in the far right corner of the goal, just when the goalie tried his best to reach and to catch the ball with his left glove. He missed the ball by barely an inch. The ball smashed into the red net, which was hanging from the back posts. The umpire looked over the ball one more time.

Only 2 seconds were left on the clock. The red light, which was hanging from the top, red post behind the goalie, went on. The crowd immediately erupted in cheers as the scoreboard changed score. It was 2 goals to 1 for the Flames.

All the players were cheering, and Stephen and John raised their sticks up high in triumph. It was another great win for the Flames roller hockey team!

John and Stephen skated towards the side of the rink, where their teammates awaited them and received them with cheers.

“That was a great finish!” John said to his teammate. “It went down to the wire!”

After the team members lined up to shake hands with their opponents, the boys skated towards the wooden benches that were lined up on the carpet, just outside where the rubber floor ended. They skated over there and sat down to drink some water, as the parents, friends and teammates walked past them to congratulate them on their win.

Once they were cooled off, most kids and their parents were getting ready to leave. It was another great Friday night, and the kids were just getting geared up for the weekend. Stephen lived just three blocks away from the skating rink, but he knew a shortcut that went through a small park. This shortcut would get him home in only ten minutes.

Stephen was carrying his backpack around his shoulder. His skates were in the pack, and he was now just wearing his tennis shoes. He was tired and thirsty. One of the parents had offered him a ride home, but he denied it. He lived so close by, that he didn’t mind the short stroll through the park. He walked and walked. He enjoyed walking in between the tall trees and the thick grass. It gave him time to think about his week and about what he was going to do this weekend.

Stephen was only twelve years old. He was just over 5 feet tall. He had black hair and brown eyes. He was skinny and short. But he also had strong, powerful legs. They were strong because of the countless hours he had spent running, skating, and walking. His legs were of the utmost importance to him. He had thick quads and well defined calf muscles. He enjoyed being able to run far, to jump high, and to skate fast. He was one of the fastest skaters on the team, likely because of his short stature and his short, powerful legs. He was proud of his muscular legs, and he longed for the day when he could go skating again.

As he was about to enter the most dense part of the park, where tall trees were the closest to each other, he heard a light groan, coming from the grass. For a moment, Stephen froze. He stopped walking, so that the sound of his feet stepping on the grass would stop. He could then hear where the sound was coming from. There was another moan, and Stephen guessed where it was coming from, and he began to walk in the direction of the sound. Was there some animal? Was it perhaps a raccoon? Or was it a squirrel?

Stephen walked over and saw a short man, lying on the grass. He had a red suit on with black boots. He looked human, except he was only about three feet tall. And he had three legs.

Stephen got a little closer to him. The little man was dazed for a moment. Then he opened his eyes, and he shouted out of fear. He was obviously very scared when he saw Stephen, who was carefully approaching him.

“I’m not going to hurt you!” Stephen said with a smile, as he approached the tiny man. The man was still sitting on the grass, but he was trembling when he saw the boy. Then the man looked up and pointed at an object, which was stuck between two branches. It was only a few feet from the ground. It was impossible for the little man to reach, but Stephen, who was two feet taller than the little man, was easily able to get to it.

Stephen then reached out his hands and grabbed hold of the little, triangular shaped object which was stuck in the tree. It was like a small airplane of some sort.

He grabbed the light, 4 foot long object and lifted it up, just to get it off the branches. Then he set it on the grass by his feet. Stephen just stood up and watched, but the little man was obviously still scared of him. Stephen then took two steps back, when it dawned on him that the man was an alien, and the object in the tree was a space ship.

The three-legged man then carefully stood up. He cautiously walked over to the ship, and entered it through an opening on the top of the ship. A metallic cover rose up, revealing a seat for the man to sit in. The three-legged man then climbed into the seat, and the cover closed the opening. It was the last time Stephen would see the man.

Then the space ship slowly came to life, as it silently rose four feet above the ground. It turned slightly, until the point of the spacecraft was aiming directly at Stephen. The boy was actually wondering what was going on, and became frightened. Why was the space ship hovering there, hanging just ten feet in front of him? Was he supposed to move? Or just walk away?

A blue beam of light suddenly came from the pointy nose of the spacecraft, striking Stephen in the chest. The ray itself didn’t hurt, but it made his body all frozen. For about ten seconds, Stephen couldn’t move! What was going on?

After ten seconds, the beam disappeared. The space ship then tilted its nose slightly upwards, as it slowly began to fly away. When it was just over Stephen’s head, a small piece of paper came falling from one of the wings. The paper landed right in the boy’s right hand. In very strange hand writing, the message just said, “Thank You. Think about having three legs, and your wish will come true. Think about two legs, and it will disappear.”

Stephen took the piece of paper and stared at it for a few moments. Suddenly the paper started to disintegrate, and the writing faded. Within moments, the paper had disappeared. There was no trace of the space ship, the alien, or the piece of paper which was left behind, with a message for Stephen. The only thing that was left was Stephen’s memory of the whole encounter with the alien, and the strange thank you note from the alien. But what did it mean? Feeling tired and hungry, Stephen decided to hurry home. He would think about it later, after he had taken a shower and enjoyed his supper with his mom.

Stephen’s mom was divorced and Stephen lived alone with her in the house. His mother was a secretary at some accounting firm, and she would come home every night and prepare a small meal for the two of them. She knew that Stephen always came home late on Fridays, since he played hockey on Friday nights.

But Stephen was running very late tonight, and she became worried. But she was relieved to see him as he finally walked in the door.

“How was the game, Stephen?” Carla asked her son. She could usually tell by looking at his face whether the game went well or not. But it looked good tonight, because Stephen had a wide grin on his face.

“We won 2 goals to 1, and I scored the winning goal with 2 seconds on the clock remaining, mom!” The young roller hockey player said cheerfully.

“Congratulations champ! Why don’t you take a good shower so you can wash off all that sweat from your body, okay?” Carla said, while running her hands over his short, jet black hair. Then the boy grabbed some clothes and walked into the small bathroom next to his room, closing the door behind him.

He turned the water on and stepped into the bathtub. He loved taking showers with warm water, it totally relaxed him. After he completely washed his body and his hair, he got out of the tub, he dried off, and he walked into his bedroom. He was looking for some clothes, when he stood before the mirror, completely naked.

He was alone in his room, for his mother was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. As he stood there, looking over his body in the mirror, he began to think about the events of the day, which was about to end. He gained a few scars and bruises, since he crashed into several other players and ended up slipping over the rubber floor of the roller skating rink. But luckily it was nothing serious. It was a great game; they won by one goal, and he was the one credited with the winning goal for his team. What a great evening it was!

Then he remembered the strange thing he saw while walking home after the game. Did he really come across a three-legged man, who was only three feet tall, who was laying face down in the grass by a tall tree? And was there really a small spaceship that was stuck between the branches of one of the trees? Did he really encounter an alien, or was it just a dream? For a moment, Stephen began to believe that he must have tripped over a branch, hit his head against a tree stump, and became unconscious for a minute or so. Then he remembered the blue ray coming from the space ship. What was that all about? And the strange, tingling feeling that came over his entire body? And was there a note, written by the alien, which talked about wishing for three legs? It almost seemed ridiculous at first.

He stood there, in front of the mirror, and wondered out loud. What would happen if he were to really wish for a third leg?

“I wish I had a third leg…” he whispered.

Suddenly he noticed how his body became wider, as his torso and his chest became slightly more muscular. His body was changing. And within moments, the boy gasped as he noticed a stump forming just in between the two legs. It was as wide as his two legs, as it rapidly grew longer and longer, as it started to resemble another quadriceps. A knee formed below it, and then came the calf muscle. Below that came another ankle and finally there appeared a third foot, with a full set of toes. The leg was an exact copy of the other two, and just as muscular. In fact, it even seemed stronger than the other two.

Stephen stood there, gaping at the third leg. Then he turned sideways, and swung the leg in front of him, like he was kicking a soccer ball. He then tried standing on his toes, standing on all fifteen of them! What a sight it was!

He then turned towards the mirror and bent his three knees, like he was getting down into a squat. It was amazing, having three legs! He leaped in the air, going straight up, before landing on his three feet. He was astonished when it seemed like he was suddenly able to jump a foot higher than he had ever reached before.

He then shifted the weight in his body, leaning left and then to the right, as he watched the third leg as it moved along with the other two. What a weird site it was, having three legs! For a moment he thought about the idea of running, or swimming, or even skating… He could perhaps try playing roller hockey with three legs? He wondered what it would be like.

“Stephen! Let’s have dinner, buddy!” Carla shouted from the living room.

Oh no! What was he going to do? What would his mother say, when she would see him, with three legs? The first thing that crossed his mind was that he had to get rid of the leg before his mother would see him!

“I wish I had only two legs!” he thought, as he looked over his leg in the mirror. And indeed, the leg slowly faded away to nothing, as it disappeared from sight. His jaw dropped wide open, when he realized that he just wished his leg to disappear. Wow!

He quickly put on his underwear and his shorts. Then he looked in the mirror once more, to make sure that the leg was really gone. Did he really make it disappear? Or was it all just a dream? He passed his hands below his legs and felt it. The leg was really gone.

“Stephen?” Carla called out once more.

What a relief! He realized that he could make his third leg appear and disappear whenever he wanted to! This was awesome.

He quickly ran to the kitchen and sat down at the table besides his mother. But he wouldn’t say a word about this, for this was going to be his secret. He wanted to experiment with his first leg. But, how long could he keep this a secret?

He just smiled as he chewed his food. And he couldn’t wait to try it out again. To grow a third leg was an incredible feeling.


Part 2: Showing it to John

As soon as Stephen woke up the following morning, he ran to the living room and grabbed hold of the cordless telephone. He immediately ran to his bedroom and shut the door, before jumping on his bed again. He called John and asked his buddy down the street if he could come over as soon as possible because he was just dying to show him something. John was also his partner on the hockey team, his classmate and his best friend, so Stephen figured that it was the least he could do is to show his leg to his best friend from school.

Stephen just put on his running shorts, his white athletic socks, his tank top and then his tennis shoes. He told his mother where he was going, before he ran out the door. John’s house was about four blocks away from his house, so he figured it would only take him a few minutes to get there. In his backpack on his back, he had an extra set of tennis shoes and an extra pair of white athletic socks. He figured he might use the extra shoe and sock.

After walking past one block, he sat down on the curb on the side of the road and decided it was time to try his new secret third leg. He removed his shoes at first; not knowing which side of the foot the third leg would be on. Then he uttered his silent wish to have a new leg, and he immediately felt a tingling sensation in his groin, just between the two legs.

Suddenly, there it came. A small stump appeared in between the two legs, which started to separate the two other legs from each other, as his body started to widen a bit, in order to accommodate for the extra leg. As the stump continued to grow, his body continued to widen by a good 10 inches or so. It grew longer and longer, forming the quadriceps muscles which were parts of the top half of the leg.

A few seconds later, the calves started to form, and the muscle just grew out of the bottom of the stump. Finally, the ankles appeared, and eventually the foot finished the growth. Five new toes were placed at the end of the third foot, which was placed neatly in between the other two legs. The middle leg continued to conform and adjust itself, so that it was exactly the same height, width, and length of the other two. What seemed and looked really weird to Stephen at first, would eventually feel like it was very normal and natural to him, He would now have three legs to walk on, instead of two!

His middle leg had a right foot on it, so Stephen set the backpack down and then opened the flap on the top of the bag and he pulled out a sock and another right sneaker. Once he placed the sock on his middle foot he quivered with the feeling of a third sock on his third foot then he put on his right sneaker, that he pulled out of his backpack and tied the laces, he stood up and bounced around the balls of his three feet. What a feeling it was, to have three feet, three legs, and three sets of muscles which were holding up the rest of his body! He felt the additional strength that he needed in order to run and to jump, to leap and to glide, and eventually to skate or to swim. He looked down and then decided that he was not going to care what everybody else would think about him as the boy with three legs. No, he would just enjoy himself and use the third leg to his advantage!

Stephen then gently placed his Middle right foot in front of him, and then he placed his two outer feet in front of him alternating legs, and finally picking up speed, Stephen began to feel the awesome sense of walking on three legs. It seemed like his stride was smoother than ever before. Not only that, but it seemed like he was almost gliding on air, instead of walking over the stretch of road which was located in a suburb of a major city. Luckily there was no traffic at all, and he was able to walk for a few yards, before he decided to pick up the pace.

Then he swung his legs back and forth faster. With each step, he began to feel the additional power that he had in his legs, just by having three legs to run on instead of just two. And indeed, it seemed like he was able to run faster than before, and it was like a dream to him. He was flying! He was gliding! He was soaring over the pavement. He just began to realize for a moment how cool it would be if not only he could walk or run on three legs, but that he might also skate on them as well someday. He just thought for a moment about perhaps even playing hockey on three skates! That was awesome!

No sooner had he actually started to feel completely comfortable with running down his neighborhood street on three legs, but he finally reached John’s house. He slowed down when he realized that he had already arrived. Then he turned around, and he saw that indeed he had reached the house in less time than he had expected. Wow, that was fast! In a way, it almost seemed a pity that he had reached his friend’s house so soon, he could have easily gone around the block once more, just to get better accustomed to having his awesome, third leg. Then he decided why not? He then picked up his stride again and ran past the house. He turned the corner and went down another street, figuring that as long as he continued to turn down the same corners, he would eventually end up back on John’s street again.

About ten minutes had gone by, and Stephen finally reached the house of his friend for the second time. The cool thing was that he wasn’t even feeling so tired. But he didn’t want to shock his friend or his mom right away, and so he sat down and removed the sneaker from his middle foot, before he wished for his third leg to disappear again. He looked down and realized that indeed, the leg started to fade away, and the sock deflated to the ground, and he was looking like a normal teenager again! He then picked up his tennis shoe and sock and walked up to the door of John’s house and pressed the button, when John’s mother opened the door and let him in.

Stephen ran up the stairs to John’s room, where his buddy was using the computer to chat online. Then Stephen told him his cool secret.

“Dude! I got struck by some ray from an alien’s spaceship and now I can grow a third leg whenever I want!” he smiled at his classmate.

John just looked at him with his mouth open at first, until he started laughing at him in disbelief.

“Say what?” John said, as he continued to laugh. Stephen decided that it was just easier to show the leg to his friend, instead of trying to explain what he was talking about, let alone trying to describe what it was like to have three legs.

While John was still cracking up over Stephen’s remark, which just sounded too weird to believe, Stephen just stood up and walked over to the center of the bedroom. Then he made his silent wish once again, and within moments, his body started to adjust itself in order to make room for the third leg to appear in between the other two.

John abruptly quit laughing as he saw what seemed to be impossible: A stump was forming in between Stephen’s two legs. Suddenly, John found himself gasping in horror, as he saw that Stephen was indeed telling the truth! He had three legs!

Within just a minute or so, the stump had grown and a full size third leg had appeared, that was attached from under Stephen’s waist.

“Holy cow! This is amazing! You got three legs?” John shouted in disbelief.

Stephen just stared at him and grinned, as he walked a circle around the room, showing off his third leg to his unbelieving classmate and teammate. Stephen then just stood still and hopped in the air a few times, showing his friend how easy it was to jump on fifteen toes, or three feet. He showed him his thick calves and his quadriceps on all three legs, which were giving him additional support and strength.

“Want to see what it’s like?” Stephen said, as he gave his buddy a big smile on his face. Of course, John had no idea what he was talking about, but Stephen somehow had a feeling inside of him that he had also gained the ability to remove his third leg and to give it to others. He was the only one who could detach his third leg, and who could attach it to his friend(s). All he had to do was touch the leg with his hands and then make a silent wish. As Stephen reached down and held on to his leg, he made his wish then wiggled the leg loose, and was able to detatch the leg from his own body, without feeling pain or spilling blood all over! The top of the leg was neatly covered, and it seemed that the leg and the bone was neatly disconnected and separated from the rest of his body, when Stephen made his wish he then ordered John to stand up straight in front of him, and Stephen bent down before him.

Stephen placed the leg close to John’s groin, John suddenly felt his body adjust in width, in order to make room for the additional leg and when that had happened, the leg neatly found its place in between John’s two other legs, and the leg adjusted itself to the height, color, and length of John’s other two legs. Within moments, John was standing in his bedroom on three legs as well.

“No way….” He was able to mumble to Stephen, “This is just too weird!” John then slowly walked around the room, slowly but surely getting used to having three legs instead of two. Stephen could only smile back, when he though of all the possibilities which would lie before them.

“But… My mother is going to freak out when she sees this!” John shouted back at his buddy.

“No, I can make it disappear again, if you want to!” Stephen replied. Just then Stephen made his silent wish, and John’s middle leg slowly began to fade away, and his body readjusted itself so that he was looking like a normal kid again.

“There you go, it’s gone now!” Stephen grinned.

“Can you imagine playing hockey on three legs, and wearing 3 rollerblades?” John wondered out loud.

“Oh, I just ran over here using my three legs, and it was awesome! I can run much faster than before. You should give that a try first!”

“Let’s do it!” John replied excitedly.

The two boys then ran down the stairs, and John told his mother that he was going for a walk around the block with his friend Stephen.

When the two boys were standing on the street, John grabbed his extra sneakers out of his backpack. He figured that the two boys would end up wearing three shoes each that day, as Stephen concentrated on growing a leg for John, and then growing another leg for himself. What a great day this was going to be for the two boys!


Part 3: The first test in the rink

“Alright, John…” Stephen said to his partner as they were walking down the street. “Are you ready to give this a shot?”

“Heck, yes! Let's do this!” John replied excitedly.

Stephen then stopped walking and faced John. He closed his eyes for a moment and started to concentrate. The boys were at the park and they were in the Men's Room, so there was nobody around to see them.

Stephen took his pants off and stood there naked, so that he had no clothing in the way of his third leg.

Within minutes, the stump started to appear, as his body readjusted in width in order to accommodate the third leg in the center of his body.

First, there came the stump, then the quads, then the knee. John just stood in awe, as he witnessed ho quickly and how easily Stephen was now able to grow that third leg on his body.

Then, there came the kneecap, which formed just below the quadriceps. Finally there came the calves, the ankles, and then there came the foot with five toes. As soon as the leg was done growing, Stephen opened his eyes and bent down.

“Spread your legs out a little” Stephen said to John, who was also naked by now.

Stephen then removed the leg from his body, and walked towards John, while holding the leg in his hands. He then pressed the leg just below John's groin, and the magic started working on him as well.

At first John's body adjusted as his torso widened enough to allow room for the additional limb. Then the leg magically fused together, to form one unit along with the other two legs. The leg adjusted itself and grew to the exact form, width, and length of the other two legs, so that the third leg would match the others.

“Alright, now put your clothes and the running shoes on!” Stephen said to him. While John was getting dressed, Stephen repeated the process all over again, and allowed his power to grow another third leg, just under his groin. Within minutes, his leg had formed as well, and he went ahead and got dressed up. Only this time, he wore three shoes instead of two.

The two boys put their clothes along with their skates in their backpacks, as they left the restroom and headed towards the street. From there on, they started heading for the skating rink. John had a little difficulty getting used to running on three legs for the first few minutes, but Stephen assured him that that was normal in that it would only be a matter of time before he would have grown accustomed to it.

When the two boys had reached the skating rink, they entered through the back door, which was unlocked. When they came to the door which led to the rink, Stephen bent down and grabbed a small key, which was located under the floor mat by the door.

“This is a family secret…” Stephen chuckled, as he showed John the key. “Don't ever tell anyone that you have seen me get this key. I can practically come in here whenever I want to!”

With that said Stephen unlocked the door and opened it, flipping several light switches as he walked in the large skating hall. The boys then walked over to the rink, where they placed their bags on the floor and removed their skates from them.

“I brought an extra pair of skates,” Stephen said to his buddy. “That way, we can both skate on the rink on twelve wheels, instead of eight!”

Both Stephen and John sat down to remove their 3 pairs of shoes that they were wearing at that moment. They decided to keep the white athletic socks on, and Stephen started lacing up his inline skates while John continued to wiggle the fifteen toes that he had, on the ends of his three feet.

“This is so weird” John said to Stephen. “It just feels awesome, having three legs! Who would have thought that we would come here tonight, and skate on three skates each rather than two?”

“Well, this is also my first time doing it, so it will be a learning process for both of us. That way, we can help each other out. Are you ready for some fun?” Stephen replied. With that said, Both Stephen and John carefully skated over to the large floor. They both had to get used to stroking over the floor with four wheels alternating with eight during ever stroke.

Stephen skated with his middle leg first, and then with his two outer legs. He had to get used to adjusting and shifting his balance, but it was doable. The same thing was for John, who at first got his legs tangled up and took a fall as soon as he rolled on to the smooth floor. “We need to practice skating on three legs, dudeâ?¦” John mumbled to his buddy.

“No sweat… I can handle that!” Stephen responded. From that moment on, the two boys practiced skating on three legs for the next two hours. What would they try next?


Part 4: Word gets around

Several students were hanging out near the track behind the gym. They were located on the other side of the high school from where the classrooms were, and Stephen and john decided to go take a look to see what was going on.

Ralph was one of the track stars, and he was also practicing for the high jump, when Stephen and John walked up to the bleachers. They sat down at the bottom row of seats, and several parents of the other kids joined them.

One lady came over to Stephen and introduced herself.

“Hi, are you Stephen? I'm Ralph's mother! How are you?” she said to him.

“I'm fine. I just came here to watch the try-outs…” he responded shyly.

While they were watching the races, one of the other boys came up to where John and Stephen were sitting, and he began to tease them.

“I bet you guys can't run like these guys do!” Jake said to them. Jake was a little guy with a big mouth who liked to brag while at school. “Running takes much more effort than skating on an ice hockey team…”

“Excuse me?” John responded with an expression of shock on his face. “It's much harder to skate than it is to run. Plus, you need to carry a stick in your hands, you need to keep your balance while you're gliding over the rink, and you need to always watch out for the puck and the defenders on the other side of the rink. With track, all you need to do is run…”

“Well, I bet Ralph can run much faster than either one of you!” Jake said to them, leaving an evil grin on his face.

“Alright then” Stephen replied to the little boy. “I'll show you!”

Stephen got up from where he was sitting in the bleachers and he walked down to the track. He entered the field through a chain-linked gate, and he finally found himself standing on the track. Just when Ralph came up from behind him, he started running besides him.

At first Stephen was able to keep up. But Ralph was taller and more experienced, and the slender boy just kept on running when Stephen started to get tired. They had maybe gone just two laps, when Stephen started to feel like he was losing out. Then he decided to give himself a slight advantage.

Stephen pulled out and walked off the track, much to the amusement of Ralph and Jake. He then walked over to the restroom, so it seemed like he left the track just because he had to use the bathroom, not because he was too tired.

So when he was in the bathroom, he made sure that he was all alone. Then he put on his special underwear, which had 3 holes in it. He closed his eyes and concentrated, and suddenly a stump appeared just below his torso, in between his two legs.

Within moments, the stump had grown to form a new set of quads. Then came a brand new kneecap, before the growth continued on, and it formed a new calf muscle as well. Finally, the growth ended up with the heel, the ankle, and the foot. Finally, Stephen had his third leg back, and he was ready for action.

“Alright” Stephen said to himself, as he posed before the mirror in the empty bathroom. “I love this… I can grow my third leg whenever I want to! This is so awesome!”

He then grabbed an extra shoe and a sock out of his backpack, before he eventually found himself tying three sets of shoelaces. When he was all done, he stood up and glanced at himself in the mirror.

Stephen then ran out the restroom and headed straight for the track. Without even waiting for Ralph to complete his lap, he just started running at full speed. He was running first with both his legs before him, then his third leg, which was in the middle between the other two. He picked up the pace and he immediately felt the difference between having three legs as compared to having only two.

He raced down the track at great speed, and a huge smile came on his face when he saw Ralph running before him. He picked up the pace even more, and it was just a matter of seconds before he had actually caught up with the sprinter and found himself running right besides Ralph, but using three legs this time.

All the people in the bleachers were looking over and they were pointing their fingers at Stephen. They were all wondering of course how it seemed possible that the boy was suddenly able to run on the

After awhile, Stephen decided to pick up the pace even more, and he slowly started to pull away from Ralph, and he was now in the lead for the very first time. He was well aware of the fact that they only had one more lap to go, so he decided to increase his lead as much as possible.

Stephen continued to pull away even further, and within minutes he had given himself a significant lead over Ralph. Not only that, but he was approaching the finish line, which was right where the bleachers were standing. It was also very encouraging to hear John cheering him on, while Jake and Ralph's mother were looking on in complete amazement. Ralph's mother then grabbed her cell phone and placed a phone call to Stephen's mother.

In the meantime, Stephen finally crossed the finish line and slowed down, before he finally stumbled off the track in order to comer to the bench where they had all the water jugs set up with ice and cold water. He was incredibly thirsty, and he was yearning to get something to drink. He was wet, tired and sweaty, but he felt great, knowing that he had shown his friends that he was able to run fast, even though he wasn't a runner on the track at all.

When Stephen finally made it back to the bleachers, he sat down besides Jake and John. Of course, everyone was amazed when they saw that he now had three legs!

“Hey Stephen” Jake wondered. “How did you end up with three legs?”

Stephen was about to tell him his story, when Ralph's mother came up to him and handed him her cell phone.

It was Stephen's mother, and she was wondering where he was. He told her that he was at the track behind the school, and she wanted to know what the commotion was about. She was hearing stories about Stephen walking around with three legs, and she asked him to come home right away.

Stephen immediately said goodbye to everyone, and then he jumped from the bleachers, landing on all three feet. He than headed towards the street and quickly ran home, knowing that his mother would be very concerned about him.

As soon as he arrived home, he wished for the third, middle leg to disappear. When it slowly faded away and disappeared, he quietly opened the front door to the house and he walked in.

“Hey Stephen, what's this I hear about you having three legs?” Stephen's mother asked him curiously when he walked in the door.

“Oh it's a long story, mom… Everything's okay… Honest…” he tried to comfort his curious, but deeply concerned mother.

Stephen then sat down on the chair in the kitchen and calmly told her how he got the ability to grow a third leg.

When he was done, she could only stare at him with a complete look of astonishment on her face, filled with a deep concern that something might be wrong with him health wise.

“I think we're going to go see the doctor tomorrow, just to have you checked out, okay?” she said to him.


Part 5: Skating at the Doctor’s office

While his mom was driving him over to the doctor’s office, Stephen was pondering what he would do at the practice, once he’s in the room with his physician. Should he show him his third leg? Would that be such a good idea? His mom would find out anyway, so what would be the worse that could happen? Or should he just keep it a secret from the rest of the world? Stephen knew that something like this would eventually end up being impossible to keep hidden from his mom, and sooner or later he would have to show her his leg anyway. But would the doctor’s office be the right place to show off his third leg? He thought about it some more, and he came to the conclusion that he would much rather just come clean and spill the beans so he could get the secret talent out and in the open, without having to worry about keeping something like this a secret from his own mother.

When the nurse called Stephen’s name, he was a little worried about what the reaction would be once they see him grow a third leg. Would they treat him differently? Would he be considered some kind of a freak? Would he be subjected to all kinds of tests or experiments? It was a tough thing to think about…

Doctor Julian was an older man, with a white mustache and glasses and a white beard. He walked in the room and greeted both Stephen and his mom, before he asked Stephen to undress and to sit up on the bed, which was in the middle of the small room. Stephen sat on the edge of the bed, with his two legs hanging from the edge, while the Doctor asked the nurse to take his weight, his temperature, his blood pressure, and to measure his height. Stephen felt a little nervous at first, but the nervousness then calmed down when the doctor looked him over and confirmed that he seemed to be healthy.

It was at that moment that his mother brought up the story about him having a third leg.

“Doctor, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I heard some people tell me that they saw Stephen running on the track at his school with three legs, instead of two!” she said to the doctor in a slight feeling of panic and concern.

“A third leg? That’s impossible! Look at him, he only has two legs, just like the rest of us!” the doctor chuckled.

“I realize that he has two legs at the moment, but I heard different accounts from several different people, where they mentioned to me that they saw that Stephen has the ability to grow an additional leg, at the bottom of his waist!” she replied to the physician.

“That seems very unusual! I’ve never heard of a human being who had the ability to grow a third leg before!” the doctor chuckled in disbelief.

“Stephen!” his mother ordered him sternly. “Show the doctor your third leg!”

“Awww mom…” Stephen whined, knowing that he could get himself in trouble if he showed the doctor his leg, but he could get in even more trouble if he didn’t and ended up being disobedient with mom!

“Do it, Stephen!” she said, in a serious tone of voice.

“Alright, alright….” He complained, as he slowly slid off the edge of the bed and stood in the middle of the room while he had both feet on the ground.

Stephen then tilted his head up slightly as he closed his eyes. He removed his underwear first, allowing him to stand in the doctor’s office completely naked. Suddenly, the small, thick stump appeared just under his waist, and it quickly took shape and grew longer, until it had formed the upper part of a third, human leg!

“Oh my God!” his mom said, as the doctor gasped in disbelief. “I don’t believe it…”

“Wow… this is highly unusual!” the doctor said out of complete astonishment.

The leg continued to grow long, as the end of the leg had formed the foot, which now counted exactly five toes at the end of the foot. Each toe was shaped just like the toes on the other feet, but this one had all toes about the same size, since the foot was not the left foot, nor the one on the right. It was a middle foot, and the toes showed that as well.

Finally, the leg had grown the knee, and a calf. When it had finally grown to be just as long as the other two legs, the doctor asked him gently if the boy could sit back on the edge of the table, which was in the middle of the room.

The doctor took his time to examine Stephen’s foot on all sides and he left to go to another room so he could retrieve his digital camera. He proceeded to take a series of photos of him with his third leg, until he was done taking pictures of his third leg.

“What are you gonna do to me now?” Stephen said, obviously out of deep concern for his future.

“I just want to take some pictures of you, and then I will need to ask you some questions.” The doctor replied. “First of all, how did you get this?”

Stephen started to tell the story about the alien who was trapped under a tree in the woods, where Stephen gently rescued him, when the alien gave him the ability to grow a third leg as his reward for helping him.

“Please, don’t make me do all kinds of weird tests or anything!” Stephen pleaded with the doctor. “It’s a secret! Please don’t tell anybody… Please!”

“Alright… Most people won’t believe me, anyway!” the doctor said. “I want to examine you thoroughly first, and then I’ll take a good look at your leg.”

The doctor looked at everything, and he had Stephen get up and turn in every way, since wanted to take a good look at his third leg. Stephen was absolutely relieved when the doctor concluded that he was perfectly normal, and that he had nothing to fear about his secret going out, as long as the doctor stuck to his end of the bargain.

“Well, you’re perfectly alright. You’re third leg is as strong as the other two; it’s just really weird to see how it just grows like that! It almost seems like some genetic mutation has occurred in your body! It just grows a third leg like it were the same as the other two, but it is not linked to the growth of the rest of your body, rather it seems to be linked to your mind. You just will it to grow, and it just pops out. I don’t see anything wrong with it…” the doctor said calmly.

“Doctor, my son is a human being with a heart and soul, and with flesh and bones. I don’t want him to be treated like an alien, a freak show, or some sort of unusual mutant or something like that! All I care about, is knowing whether or not he’s alright…” Stephen’s mother asked him specifically.

“Well, he’s healthy…” the doctor finally responded. “There is no point in me creating a medical uproar over a kid who can grow a third leg whenever he wants to, since most people will probably consider it a hoax anyways, and that would put my name and my practice on the line! Especially the part about him being mutated by an alien, is a hard pill to swallow. I can see that his body has undergone some sort of change, but I can’t come up with a medical or a scientific explanation for how he got changed. And I have no scientific proof that he has been seen by an alien…”

“Alright, then! We’re not going to bring in the police, the medical community, or the FBI for that matter! I want my son to enjoy a life that is as normal as possible, even if he has an ability that makes him seem completely different from everyone else…” his mother insisted.

“Don’t worry, I won’t make a report about this…” the doctor assured Stephen and his mom, which was a great relief to them. Now that this was finally brought out into the open, Stephen could allow his leg to shrink back, so that he could put all his clothes on. That way, he could walk through the reception area of the doctor’s office, without having tons of people staring at his third leg!

Stephen and his mom finally made it out of the office, and back into the car. His mom told him to only show his best friends his third leg, and not to make a big deal about it to others.

But to Stephen, the most important thing was that he didn’t have to keep his third leg a secret from his mom. And for that, he was extremely grateful. He could now make his third leg appear whenever he wanted to, without having to be concerned about his mother finding out about it from others. So, from this point on, he was looking forward to having some fun with his third leg!


Part 6: The Race

“Stephen! Stephen!” John shouted, as he ran down the hallway with a piece of paper in his hand.

Stephen was John’s best friend, and Stephen was just getting a drink from the water fountain, which was located just besides the lockers, near the main entrance to the building where all the classrooms were located.

“What’s this?” Stephen wondered, as he took the piece of paper from his friend’s hand.

“There’s going to be a race in town! It will be held the next weekend at the downtown skate park! When I saw that, I figured that you’d be the very first person I’d show it to!” John replied, while still panting from running down the hallway.

“Wow! Thanks, John!” Stephen replied with a wide grin on his face. “I think I’ll definitely register for this!”

“Look here!” John said, as he pointed to a large heading on the sheet. “The grand prize is a thousand Dollars in cold hard cash!”

“Sweet! I’m sold! I’ll register for this right away!” Stephen cheered. He loved racing on his skates, and a thousand dollars was more than enough motivation for the teen to sign up for the race.

Stephen folded the piece of paper and put it in the side pocket of the backpack, as the two boys walked out the door of the main building.

When the big day finally arrived, Stephen showed up at the Start of the race wearing his shorts, t-shirt, and his skates hanging from the laces, while dangling over his shoulders. He also had his backpack with him, where he kept a dry towel and an extra t-shirt. He also kept a third skate in his bag, which he decided to keep hidden for the time being.

Several of the racers were just wondering around, and some of them were already wearing their inline skates. Most of them were wearing just their regular skates, which had four wheels attached to the blade, which was attached to the bottom of their skate boot. Several racers were actually wearing speed skates, which had five wheels per blade! One of these racers knew Stephen from school, and he skated right up to him while he was buying a sports-drink from the snack bar.

“Hi Stephen! Are you going to participate in today’s race?” Justin asked his friend. Justin was very good at racing, and he wore the most expensive kind of skates that were available on the market.

“Yeah! Wow! You’re reading to go top speed, huh?” Stephen wondered out loud, as he was looking at his friend’s skates.

“I have ten wheels on my feet! The more wheels you got, the faster you’ll go!” Justin bragged, as he showed off his speed skates to Stephen.

“I bet those skates were very expensive!” Stephen laughed.

“Oh, these babies were about six-hundred Dollars! They’re made to be worn by the pros!” Justin chuckled.

“Well, we’ll just need to wait till the end of the race to see who came in the fastest!” Stephen responded.

“I’m not worried” Just replied. “It’s impossible to wear more than ten wheels! And skates with six wheels don’t exist!”

“What if someone were to wear three skates, instead of two?” Stephen asked his friend. “That way, he’ll be skating on twelve wheels, instead of ten!”

“Yeah! But nobody has three legs…”

Stephen just laughed, a she turned around and started to walk towards the place where the race was about to get started.

“We’ll see about that…” he said to him, a she walked to a wooden bench by the start block.

Stephen sat down and removed his tennis shoes. Then he took his backpack, and quickly walked into the men’s bathroom. When he was standing there completely naked, he turned towards the large mirror which was hanging from the wall.

Suddenly, a stump started to grow from his waist. His body widened a little bit, so that there was enough room below his waist for the third leg. The stump started to lengthen until it was hanging to the point where the knee was supposed to form. A third kneecap had formed hanging from the stump, and then the rest of the leg followed. Within seconds, Stephen was walking in the bathroom while having three legs coming from his waist instead of the normal two.

He sat down and opened the backpack, where he pulled another white, athletic sock, and a third skate. Each of his skates had four wheels, and he had three legs! So, he knew that he had a great chance of winning the race, since he got to participate in this event while skating on three skates, with a total of twelve wheels beneath his feet!

Stephen patiently laced up his three skates, before he finally got up and skated a lazy circle in the bathroom.

“I’m the Flame on twelve wheels, and I’m gonna win this race for sure!” Stephen cheered to himself. Then he bent down and grabbed his empty backpack, before he skated out of the restroom to the start block.

All the skaters were looking at him. Nobody could understand how Stephen could skate on three legs and wear three skates at the same time. But nobody could disqualify him either, because there was no rule saying that a participant could only skate on two skates with two legs.

Stephen lined up in the start block, with Justin right next to him. Neither boy said a word to the other, but Justin looked at him with shock. How could Stephen pull this off?

As soon as the shot was fired, about 18 skaters sped down the road, as they headed down several marked streets which had signs posted everywhere, which indicated where the skaters were supposed to go. Justin and Stephen were going almost neck-on-neck, and the two boys were leading the rest of the pack during the entire race!

Whenever it seemed like Justin would pull away and come ahead in the race, Stephen would just increase the power, while he was taking turns skating with his two legs forward, alternating with the leg in the middle. He was cruising over the street with a dozen wheels, more than any other skater on the course, and he knew it!

Within seconds, one of the officials waved the checkered white and black flag, indicating that the skaters were approaching the finish line. Justin was still ahead, but he was followed very closely by Stephen. Stephen decided to give it his all, and he went full speed, rapidly stroking his three legs over the pavement. He began to catch up to Justin, and he was tied with him in first place. Within seconds, Stephen pulled ahead by just six feet, and he was now leading the race in first place! Stephen threw his arms up in the air when he crossed the finish line first. He won the race as the fastest skater!

Justin came in second, and he bowed his head in defeat. How could Stephen beat him like that? But they were still friends, and he took his defeat like a man, as he quietly skated over to his buddy, who was skating over to the side of the street where he was surrounded by several of his classmates.

“I don’t know how you were able to pull it off to come in here and skate on three skates, but you certainly did it and you won! Congratulations, dude!” Justin said to Stephen, as he shook his hand.

“You were great, and you put up a fight! But, it’s like you said, the one with the most wheels wins!” Stephen chuckled.

“You gotta show me how to grow a third leg like that!” Justin chuckled.

“Sure! I’ll show you, one of these day!” Stephen said, as he accepted his trophy from one of the officials.

“Thanks, dude… You were great!”

Stephen and Justin left the race area and decided to skate home. Justin didn’t have any hard feelings towards his friend. All he wanted was to experience the thrill of skating on three skates, which was only possible if he were to grow a third leg. But Stephen was determined to show him that very soon!


Part 7: Christmas presents

It was Christmas morning. Stephen was sound asleep. He had stayed up late the night before, playing video games with his cousins. They were allowed to open just a few presents, which were neatly placed in gift wrapped boxes under the Christmas tree.

Stephen drifted into a deep sleep, which was marked with a strange dream sequence. He found himself walking outside, alone on the street in his neighborhood, when a very bright light flashed before him. Stephen froze in an instant, as he was overcome with fear. His heart started pounding and he broke out in a sweat, when he realized that he was suddenly being confronted with an alien creature, which had appeared out of nowhere.

When Stephen looked down at him, he noticed that the creature was the same alien, which had given him the ability to grow a third leg, almost six months before! Even though Stephen could not understand what the strange creature was saying to him, he realized that the alien was harmless. The alien was calm and appeared to be smiling at him. The three-legged man walked closer to Stephen.

Stephen realized that his legs were frozen. He couldn’t turn around or walk away. He tried to scream, at first, but he couldn’t come up with the energy to let out a loud scream. He stood in terror, as the alien extended his right hand, walking closer to the boy, while extended his index finger.

When the alien was close enough, he gently poked his finger on Stephen’s forehead. It appeared as if some strange code had entered his mind, explaining to him what the alien wanted. The alien wanted Stephen to know that he was pleased with all the transformations which had occurred, since the creature had met Stephen for the very first time. Stephen had made very good use of his ability to grow a third leg, and he would now be rewarded. His gift would now be taken to the next level, meaning that not only could Stephen cause a third leg to grow on his own body, but on other people as well!

Somehow, Stephen understood that all he had to do was concentrate on the person before him, and a third leg, identical to the other two, would appear. He would grow a third leg under his waist, and Stephen also had the ability to make it disappear again.

When the alien had communicated his message to him, he turned around, saying that this additional enhancement was a reward for being such a great ambassador of the three-legged peoples of other worlds. With that said the alien vanished into thin air, Stephen was left standing alone on the street, before he woke up with a startle and sat up straight in his bed.

Stephen leaped out of bed. It was already seven o’clock in the morning. His cousin, Jordan, was visiting from Florida. Jordan was fourteen, a year older than Stephen. Stephen knew that Jordan also liked to go skating, so he decided to pull a great surprise on him. He grabbed two packs of athletic socks, which he had received for Christmas, and he pulled out 3 pairs of identical socks. He kept one pair for himself, and then he set aside one pair for Jordan. He split up the third pair of socks, putting one sock in his bag, and the remaining sock in Jordan’s bag. He then grabbed some gift wrapping paper and tape, and he wrapped the plastic bag with the 3 socks in it. Finally, he grabbed a label, and wrote Jordan’s name on it with a marker.

Stephen went back to his room and crawled back on his bed. He fell asleep, only to be woken up an hour later by Jordan. His cousin wanted to start opening up some presents, and Stephen thought it was a great idea. As soon as he jumped out of bed, the two boys ran to the living room, where they huddled up by the large Christmas tree.

Jordan asked Stephen to open up a present. He grabbed a box, which had his name on it, and handed it to him. Stephen ripped the gift wrapping paper off, and finally tore the lid off the cardboard box. Another sheet of paper flew out of the box, revealing a brand new pair of hiking boots.

Now it was Jordan’s turn. Stephen grabbed the gift wrapped package, which was shaped a bit round, indicating that there was something inside of it that was not wrapped in a box. It had Jordan’s name written on it, in his own handwriting.

As soon as Stephen handed the bag to Jordan, the cousin eagerly ripped the colored gift wrapping paper off the bag, revealing three white, athletic socks.

At first, Jordan looked back at his cousin in confusion. Why three socks? Stephen then told him to stand up and then wait. As soon as Jordan got up, while still holding the three socks in his hand, Stephen made a silent wish, for Jordan to grow a third leg, right now.

Jordan gasped as he looked down at his waist. He began to feel something growing from just under his waist and between his other two legs. His body grew a little wider, as the stump slowly grew to about 3 inches. His legs were spread apart further, and the third leg continued to grow as soon as he stopped growing wider.

The stump was as wide as his other legs, and it continued to grow longer, until it grew a new knee. From that point on, the rest of the leg quickly followed, ending with the ankle and the foot. When the center leg had finally finished growing, Jordan carefully took a few steps, as he tried to get used to walking on three legs. Stephen cheerfully explained that this was the reason why he had given him three socks, so that he could put them on his three legs.

Stephen quickly grew a third leg of his own, before sitting down, and placing the three socks over his three bare feet. When done, the two boys walked to the garage, where they placed their skates on their feet. Stephen had an additional pair, which he split up, so that he and Jordan could wear an additional third skate.

Once they had the skates on, the two boys went skating. They spent the rest of the day cruising down the streets on three skates. It was a great Christmas for the two boys!

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