The damsel in growth

by Rice Sawyer

The dynamic between a cute femboy and his masculine lover changes after one of them orders a strange object off the internet.

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“Hey, hun. C’mon, stop playing around with that. You can’t trust anything from such a shady site.” The guy who spoke was at least into his mid-twenties. His name was Daisuke. He had ebony hair that looked akin to an anime character and was wearing joggers and a long sleeve olive green t-shirt. He had on navy and white shoes that matched his glasses. Footsteps were heard while he was sitting down on the sofa.

“I don’t really mind looking at this thing all day,” said another voice, Yuuka. This one had brown eyes and brown hair. He was skinny and wore mostly loose attire, mostly his more muscular boyfriend’s. He was 5’9” while his boyfriend was 5’8”.

“I don’t want to be seeing anything weird happening around me, Yuuka,” Daisuke protested as the boy sat on his lap.

“Don’t worry, Daisuke, nothing will happen.” Yuuka had feline ears and a tail, which was basically due to a science mishap they had had in school.

Daisuke looked down at his boyfriend’s ass, immensely colossal and plump as ever, even in loose pants. “You know babe, maybe we can have some fun today.”

Yuuka bopped him on the head. “Nu.”

Daisuke chuckled and nodded. “Fine—but maybe later on?”

Yuuka nodded and sat there, gnawing on a rice cracker he had from his pocket.

Today turned to nighttime as Yuuka slumbered on the bed and Daisuke hugged him gently from behind. Yuuka groaned a little before abstracting himself from him and going to the bathroom.

“I’ll be waiting babe,” his boyfriend said as he lay his head down and closed his eyes.

Yuuka knelt over into the bathroom’s toilet as it felt like he needed to regurgitate. However, all Yuuka felt was a pain in his legs which caused him to sit down. Before Yuuka’s eyes, his legs started to lengthen a little. “Nya!” he cried and covered his mouth as the growth steadily increased a few inches.

Once the pain subsided, he got up and looked in the mirror. Daisuke always had a fetish for “magnification” and was always a macrophallic type of person. so seeing his height transmuted from 5’9” to 6’1” was surprisingly great for them both.

Yuuka then walked out of the bathroom, a little more confident as he laid down and Daisuke held him. Daisuke was oblivious to the magnification as he rubbed Yuuka’s bulge. Now mind you, Yuuka’s dick wasn’t genuinely the best. It was a bit below average, shy of 5” in length when hard. The only thing he had going for him was nice thick thighs that would put a puerile girl to shame and a nice bubble butt. Yuuka had an hourglass figure, in some ways more girly than manly. Yuuka always wished he was a female. Fortuitously, Daisuke was able to make it transpire by treating him as such.

Once the mood was right, Yuuka turned and took out his boyfriend’s dick. It was manly, sizably voluminous and throbbing as always. He would never wear a condom because he thought of them as a pain in the ass—mostly because they always broke whenever he would slide one on. His balls and dick was always musky, but in a good way. Yuuka proceeded to inhale the scent before shoving it all down his throat. Daisuke moaned out as he grabbed onto the bedsheets. He felt his dick being ministered to as if by a horny girl.

Loud slurping was heard while he laid there and Yuuka couldn’t help himself by bobbing his head up and down on his shaft. He slammed down to the base as he sucked it and hugged his dick tightly in his throat.

“Wish I can have this every day—” Daisuke would say to himself as he rubbed his boy’s bed hair.

Yuuka then purred loudly, sending vibrations down his pole and making him buck his hips. Then out of nowhere, Yuuka pulled back just said the word, “Grow”.

And once that happened, Daisuke indeed started to bigger in Yuuka’s mouth, by another few inches. Daisuke saw this and felt the magnification before orgasming a sultry load down Yuuka’s throat, which he swallowed greedily before letting out another purr. Yuuka then proceeded to suction him again and Yuuka said it again, “Grow”, at which Yuuka indeed did grow. However, it wasn’t a slow one, as Yuuka shot up two extra feet!

Daisuke then leaned his head back before his balls was taken into the other person’s mouth. Yuuka shook his ass while it was in the air as it additionally seemed to be a bit more sizably voluminous. Yuuka boobed is head expertly while nuzzling his hand. “I-I want to do more lewd things to you.”

Yuuka looked him and was confused. “Nya?”

Daisuke told him he wanted him to sit on his lap. Yuuka whined but then ceased and turned around. Yuuka had a collar on his neck at all times, just not the leash. “Don’t worry, you’ll suck more after,” Daisuke said.

Seeing Yuuka being more immense than him was a turn on… he didn’t even consider the sitting down part as he visually examined him placing his nice, sizably voluminous butt on his lap. Just that was enough to make him cum. He looked at Yuuka’s shoulders, conspicuously blushing just from realizing how much larger he was than him.

He then leaned back, as Yuuka felt his arms moving to his legs and then pulling them up and locking his arms behind his head as he put him into a full nelson. “I haven’t done this in a while, though it’s scarcely difficult with your height. It’ll still pleasure us.” Daisuke wasn’t skinny. He was well fit and had a vigorous core. He had decent muscles, enough to where he was considered “ripped” or “swole” by his friends.

Yuuka then felt his throbbing dick slamming straight into ass, hitting the prostate immediately. The taller feline hybrid hissed and squirted out precum from the sudden slamming. Yuuka could feel his arms locked up—if he was to use much force, he could’ve broken out, but from how they were positioned, Daisuke’s dick was already buried deep inside his sultry, warm folds before bouncing him with his thrusts.

As this was going on, Yuuka thumped his tail on him, while being a moaning mess. He was leaking cum as his prostate was getting bullied, though not too hard since he was now a lot more taller. This went on for about several minutes before Daisuke orgasmed once again, shooting a potent load to coat his insides. “I want to keep doing this with you, all night…” he said in between pants.

Yuuka nodded. “Breeding with Papa?”

Daisuke nodded as he released him and then let him slump over. “Turn over, and face me.” Yuuka got up on his knees and looked down at him. Daisuke looks up at him. “I forgot I even told you to grow, my fault…” Yuuka felt Daisuke’s hands on his as he moved his legs to the side of his hips as his legs was stretched on the bed. “But bigger is better—well, no matter what size you are, it’s always better with you—”

Yuuka then felt Daisuke’s hands on his plushy ass, which Daisuke liked to use. It was a place that he called his property in his mind. Looking at his Yuuka’s ass while he stretched after a load, or just gazing at it in general… watching those hips sway was always erotic, even from a simple hip sashay and tail wagging. Then Yuuka felt him grabbing his waist and pulling him down hard on his dick. Yuuka shuddered and bucked his hips, his smaller cock twitching and prematurely orgasming again. It was nice to feel his small cock twitching and bouncing on his stomach as Yuuka bucked his hips.

The thrusts went deep. Every time he would slam him down, he would push up, connecting to his sweet spot. His stomach should be deformed from how immense Daisuke was, but not this time. Only a little since Yuuka was taller than him by a lot. Daisuke felt how the bed shook, wrapping his arms around him as he moaned, taking in his scent. Yuuka could hear the panting and the thrusting he was doing with every thrust, his warmth bathing his chest as he stayed closed to him. Yuuka used his arms to hold him close while he was being bounced on his dick. Each wet slapping sound was heard just from him going down on him. The lovemaking went on for a few hours before they came again and went to sleep.

In the morning, Daisuke woke and heard Yuuka up cooking breakfast. He smirked to himself. His buddies might extol the virtues of having a traditional woman, but he already had one, a fine one at that additionally. Yuuka would cook and clean and do what a housewife was supposed to do. Daisuke rubbed his eyes and looked the bedsheets, seeing them a mess. He folded them up and replaced them with clean bedsheets and pillows.

He then walked with the old sheets to the bathroom, opening up the cupboard underneath the sink and dropping them into the laundry basket there. He took a shower, brushed his teeth, washed his face, manscaped, and shaved his facial hair. After that, he did his face routine and put on a bathrobe. He wandered out to the kitchen, but stopped to stare as Yuuka was still bigger, and naked!

Yuuka turned his head and smiled. “I made breakfast. I’ll get some clothes on later.”

Daisuke blushed more as he rubbed his eyes and pinched himself to wonder if this was a dream come true. He walked up and asked Yuuka to measure himself. When he did, Yuuka was 8 feet tall! Daisuke was still 5’8”. He asked Yuuka if he wanted a big sausage. Yuuka blushed and got on his knees dutifully while Daisuke opened his bathrobe to showed him his throbbing dick. Yuuka took it into his mouth, slamming it in as Daisuke had to held onto the counter so as to not fall.

Soon enough, Daisuke orgasmed, but something changed. He seemed to be smaller. Not his dick that was shooting into his boyfriend, but like he was getting shorter. He tapped Yuuka’s head as he looked him and asked him to measure him. Daisuke was 5’6”! He had shrunk two inches.

Yuuka’s eyes sparkled as he had a grin on his face and tackled him down, then engulfed his mouth on his dick. Daisuke saw the dangerous glint and wanted to run, but with feline-like reflexes, it was difficult. Yuuka also seemed to have greener eyes than before and more akin to a feline. He was moaning loudly. Yuuka swayed his ass in the air while he moaned, sucking and taking in loud slurps as Daisuke writhed in gratification.

All this pleasure soon built up and he orgasmed and again and again and again. Yuuka was drinking it down as Daisuke shrank and shrank and shrank. Yuuka then looked down at the more diminutive ascendant guy before he burps softly, licking his lips and growing bigger. His body pulsed as he grew and grew: 8’2”, then 8’5”… 8’9”… 9’0”.

He stood up, hitting his head on the ceiling before crouching down. Yuuka then grabbed his body and stood him up as he was 4’8” now. “Let’s make that even—” Yuuka said. He then crouched and with nowhere else to go, Daisuke’s body was slammed against the fridge as his dick was taken by force. Yuuka’s mouth slammed down on his base and he sucked harder than ever.

Daisuke, with a feckless push, tried to get off the growing human feline, but he wasn’t able to resist thanks to how good he was feeling and from the orgasms. Soon enough, Daisuke came again and Yuuka swallowed it with a loud gulp. Daisuke heard the gulps and knew he was shrinking from each of them and Yuuka, in turn, growing inch by inch. Daisuke felt himself getting more diminutive, with his back sliding down on the cold refrigerator. Yuuka shook his ass as it pressed against the other wall and then pulled away, looking down at him and the tape measure which measured him to be around 4 foot precisely.

Yuuka chuckled and gave him his plate of breakfast, feeding him. Daisuke opened his mouth as he was being fed by the 10-foot cat-man housewife.

Days passed and Daisuke didn’t seem to be shrinking any further. Whenever he would go to work, he was back to his normal height, but as soon he stepped foot on the welcoming mat he was shrunken down again. The door opened and he saw his 10-foot housewife looking down at him and picking him up.

They had to move into a new, larger house, but when Covid-19 hit things changed. Daisuke was now working from home and it was both a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because, not only was he getting paid $500+ every week, he was able to see Yuuka walking around cleaning, giving him a nice show with his hips and tail swaying with every motion. It was also bad, because now Yuuka could truly take control for once and take more of his height by imbibing Daisuke’s semen if he wanted to. Fortunately that wasn’t the case… for the time being, anyway.


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