The beast with a billion boners

by Ziel

 Occult book store employees Lee and Gavin discover a comic book called "Beast with a Billion Boners." They figure they’ve both seen enough hentai to know where this is going. They were wrong. Some tentacle fun, raunchy gay smut, and even some shrinking and macro/micro sizeplay ensue.

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It looked like it was going to be another slow night at work for Lee and his buddy Gavin. The little hole in the wall book shop that the two worked at had seen a surge of business in the weeks leading up to Halloween—thanks in no small part to the store’s reputation for carrying occult books and other such supernatural objects, but the hype and the rush had long since died down. Now they just saw a few stragglers staggering in for a few last minute party favors or decorations.

“I can’t believe old Rupe’s got up both working tonight. There’s no way this is a two person job.” Gavin grumbled.

“You heard what he said. This is the night that spirits are at their strongest. It’s best to have both of us working in case something happened.” Lee replied sagely.

“Spirits.” Gavin replied flippantly with an over-exaggerated roll of the eyes for good measure. “I haven’t seen so much as a flickering light bulb he whole time I’ve been here. Old Rupe’s too good at his job. Everything’s been so thoroughly exorcised by the time it hits the shelves that it may as well be a kid’s toy.”

“You sound like you actually want something to happen.” Lee replied.

“Well, no. Not really. I know enough to know not to go fucking with ghosts, but maybe a friendly little poltergeist once in a while wouldn’t hurt. You know the cute ones that move chairs and turn the lights on in the middle of the night.” Gavin replied.

“I’ll be sure to tell Casper that his services are requested next time I see him.” Lee responded sarcastically.

“See if you can book Slimer while you’re at it. That tubbo is adorable.” Gavin replied playfully.

“Adorable… ” Lee muttered. It was now his turn to scoff and roll his eyes. He sighed and added, “You’re the only person I know of who would say that.”

“What? He is! He’s so fat and cuddly—Like a pug made of pustulence.” Gavin retorted.

“Eww. Don’t hug him. He’ll probably pop like a zit.” Lee said while grimacing in disgust.

“I bet he’d pop more like a waterballoo- hey wait a sec. What’s this? We got a new book in?” Gavin asked. He was halfway through what he thought to be a witty retort when he noticed a booklet laying on the boss’s desk.

“I wouldn’t touch that. You know Mr. Giles says that the stuff on his desk hasn’t been cleared for sale yet.” Lee replied warily.

“Whatever. It looks harmless enough.” Gavin replied.

“I wouldn’t be so sure. You know what Mr. Giles always says about books.” Lee said. He then changed his tone of voice and even his posture to mimic that of their boss, “Books make excellent mediums for spirit bec—”

“—Because they contain an entire world within the pages.” Gavin finished. Gavin shook his head and sighed, “It’s not even a book. It’s just a comic. It’s like 6 pages. That’s not much of a world for a spirit to inhabit. It’s probably just sitting on the desk because Rupe thought it was too low brow for us to sell.”

“I suppose… still, you shouldn’t be touching stuff on Mr. Giles’ desk.” Lee grumbled.

“It’s fine. He wouldn’t leave anything dangerous just sitting out like this. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to spend some quality time with this low brow literature.” Gavin said casually as he strode towards the back of the shop with the comic book in hand.

“You’re not taking it into the can with you, are you? We can’t sell it if you get poo gas all over it!” Lee shouted back.

“We’re not gonna be selling it anyway, so what’s the difference?” Gavin called back as he turned the corner and vanished from view.

Lee sighed slumped back in his seat at the register. It was impossible to argue with Gavin sometimes. Once he got an idea in his head he wouldn’t let anyone talk him out of it. It was part of what made him so fun to talk to, but at the same time it made him frustrating as hell too.

Lee whiled away the minutes at the front register. He tried to stay occupied, but there was only so many times he could reread the same newspaper or tidy up the shelves. The longer he waited the more his curiosity began to get the better of him. It was less that he was curious about the ratty looking comic book. It was just that it was strange for Gavin to be gone so long. He may act like a listless slacker, but he rarely shirked his work for more than a few minutes at a time. It was going on a full hour since he had stepped out. There was no way a simple potty break could take that long even if it was a number two.

Lee got up from his seat and set out to check on his friend. He rounded the corner to the narrow hallway behind the sales floor. The first thing he noticed was that there were no lights turned on anywhere even in the restroom. Lee turned on the overhead light and trudged down the hallway to check on his pal, but as he got closer and closer to the restroom at the end of the hall this vague sense of uneasiness grew and grew. By the time he reached the door he had goosebumps all over his body. His hair was standing on end.

Lee gentle rapped his knuckles against the door and waited for a response. There was no answer. He waited a moment and tried again, but the results were the same. He placed his hand on the doorknob and steadily worked up the nerve to go in. Lee took a deep breath to steady his nerves and then slowly twisted the knob. The door creaked eerily as the door slowly opened to reveal a completely dark room. Lee fumbled awkwardly to find the light switch, and when he found it he flipped it on.

The light flickered to life illuminating the small restroom, and Lee was shocked at what he saw. The place was empty! It didn’t look like anyone had been in there since he had cleaned it a few hours ago. Even the wastebasket was still empty.

Lee let out a sigh and shook his head. He had spent too much time surrounded by ghost stories and haunted artifacts. He had let his imagination run away with him. He had no doubt that Gavin was perfectly fine. In fact, Lee half expected his buddy to leap out from behind a corner at any second yelling “BOO! GOTCHA!” That certainly sounded like Gavin’s style, and it was so boring in the store tonight that Gavin was probably itching to start some mischief.

Lee shut off the lights and closed the door behind him and trudged back out to the floor. On his way down the hallway he noticed something laying on the floor. At first he thought nothing of it and only went over to pick it up because it bothered him to leave shit lying about, but as he bent down to pick it up he realized that it was the comic book that Gavin had been carrying earlier.

“Wow. He got bored of that quick.” Lee muttered to himself as he picked up the discarded comic. He eyed it suspiciously at first, but the more he looked at it the more it seemed harmless enough. It didn’t have the typical eerie vibe he expected from a cursed artifact. It seemed that Gavin was right. It was just a shitty old comic book and a poorly done one at that. Lee doubted they could get more than a buck fifty for such a pulpy piece of schlock.

Lee trudged back to his seat by the register and plopped down to wait for Gavin to get bored of whatever game he was playing. Lee sat there for what felt like ages. As he waited his own boredom began to get the better of him. He looked around for anything to read while he waited, but nothing seemed interesting. The only thing that even vaguely piqued his interest was the ratty looking old comic book lying on the check-out counter.

Lee scooped up the comic book and looked over the cover. The cover had a comical mass of wriggling tentacles and spooky looking font which read “The Beast with a Billion Boners!”

Lee chuckled at the horrible title and the silly drawing. “So it’s one of THOSE comics.” He said and casually opened the comic to the first page.

The second his eyes fell upon the picture on the first page, Lee’s jaw dropped. There was no way that was real. It had to be some sort of trick, but who had done it? Lee had seen Gavin’s drawings. Gavin simply did not have the skill to make something like this. Had he gotten a friend to do it? Had Mr. Giles himself created this? That last option seemed far more unlikely than the other ideas. The shop owner was not the type for practical jokes especially one of this nature.

Lee stared in shock and awe at the first page. On it was depicted a very familiar hallway… and a very familiar looking young man. There was no mistaking it; his tight, torn jeans; his loose, disheveled flannel shirt; even the grey beanie he wore pulled down over his shaggy blond hair; all of it looked exactly like Gavin!

Lee read the speech bubble beside the figure on the page. Even the words sounded like the sort of foul mouthed stuff Gavin would spout. “Fuckin’ finally. The lights are back on. It was dark as shit there.” The bubble read.

Lee looked over to the next page, and saw that the figure on the page was looking right at him. There was no doubt about it. It was Gavin! His bright blue eyes were open wide in shock as he stared up from within the page.

“Holy shit! Lee!? You’re huge!” The speech bubble read. This reaction was not too surprising given the situation, but there was another bubble right below it—a smaller, cloudy looking speech bubble that denoted an internal thought. “Shit… he’s even hotter at that size… ” The thought bubble read.

“What? He thinks I’m hot?” Lee sputtered. He was somehow more shocked by that little tidbit than about finding out his buddy was trapped in a comic book.

Lee was torn. On one hand he knew this was a freaky situation. He knew he should get some help, but on the other hand who could he even call? The only person who could even help Gavin would be the shop owner himself, and Lee did not expect to see Rupert back for a few more hours.

“Hey, Gavin. Can ya hear me?” Lee asked. He waited for a moment for a reply, but of course the picture on the page remained the same. Lee hesitantly turned the page, and was greeted by a response from his friend.

“Yeah. I can hear ya. It’s weird though. I feel like I’m hearing you through some shitty-ass PA system.” The words on the page read.

“Yeah, well I have to read your replies on the page, so that’s a thing we’ll have to deal with.” Lee replied.

“Page? What are you talking about?” Gavin asked.

“Oh… you don’t know? This is gonna sound weird, but you know that comic book you picked up? Well… you’re kind of inside of it.” Lee explained.

“Oh. That would explain a lot.” Gavin replied.

“What? That’s all you have to say?” Lee sputtered in shock.

Gavin shrugged in reply. “You should see it from my side. I’m in a room or hallway or something, but I can’t see more than five feet in any direction. It just gets all dark, and then there’s you looming over me like some giant staring into a shoebox terrarium.” Gavin explained, but there was another thought bubble under his speech bubble which read, “a fuckin’ hot giant at that.”

Lee had to struggle to keep from smirking. He didn’t want to admit it, but seeing his pal in such a tiny state was strangely cute. Lee had always thought that Gavin was pretty cute, but seeing his buddy in such a shrunken state just amplified that. That wasn’t the only reason Lee had to stifle his smirk though. It seemed that Gavin was completely oblivious that he could literally read Gavin’s thoughts, and Lee didn’t want to let slip that little bit of intel. There were many reasons for this—not the least of which being how awkward the situation would turn if Gavin knew Lee could see his pining for his bigger buddy.

“So… what do we do now?” Lee asked.

“I dunno. How does it look on your end? Am I moving?” Gavin asked.

“Not exactly. You’re frozen in place, but each time I turn the page I get caught up on everything that’s happened so to speak.” Lee explained.

“So then keep reading. We’re gonna Jumanji the shit outta this shit.” Gavin replied dramatically.

“Say what?” Lee sputtered.

“You know. Like the movie? Look. All you’ve got to do is get to the end of the story and maybe it’ll bust me out.” Gavin explained.

“I’m not sure it works that way, but ok… ” Lee replied skeptically. Lee was hesitant to do as his friend asked, but he didn’t have any better ideas.

Lee began to turn the page to continue his conversation with his pal, but he paused right before doing so. A new idea popped into his head. If what Gavin said was true, why not just skip straight to the end? It could save them both a lot of time and trouble.

Lee flipped right to the last page of the book, but what he saw was not reassuring. Lee stared at the page for a moment just trying to make sense of what he was seeing. It wasn’t that the page was blank. There were boxes there for comic panels to go into, and even those boxes weren’t blank per se, but Lee had no idea what was supposed to be in them. It looked white and slimy, but that didn’t make any sense.

Lee grimaced and flipped back to the page he had been on. As much as he hated to admit it his best bet was to keep going with the story in order. Maybe that would clear stuff up.

Lee was surprised to see that Gavin no longer seemed to be paying attention to him. The figure on the page was instead focused on something in the shadows. Lee had no idea what it was. He couldn’t see anything there, but he could hear it. The corners of the page were covered in sound effects. There was something there, and it was skittering and slithering ever closer.

“Gavin… I think you should run… ” Lee said under his breath.

“Run!? Where would I go? There’s literally nothing outside of this hall.” Gavin shouted back.

“I don’t know! Just pick a direction, but you can’t stay there.” Lee shouted back.

Lee quickly turned the page to see Gavin hauling ass down the hallway. The sounds of skittering and slithering were getting louder and louder. Whatever it was that Gavin was running from was gaining on him quickly.

Lee glanced over to the other page and saw the Gavin had run from the hallway and had turned the corner into the main room of the little shop. The comic world version of the shop was seemingly identical to the one Lee was in except for the fact that Gavin was in one and Lee was in the other. That wasn’t the only difference though. Something else was in the comic world with Gavin. That much was clear.

Lee stared at the page looking for any sign of the creature that was tailing his pal, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He was just about to turn the page when he spotted something in the corner of the page. It was small, but it was definitely out of place. It looked almost like an octopus tentacle slithering its way out of the air conditioning vent in the corner of the room. It looked like all those hours spent finding Waldo on his lunch breaks was finally paying off.

“Check the vent!” Lee shouted as he turned the page.

The next page was a dramatic shot of Gavin glancing over his shoulder. There were action lines, motion blur, and the whole nine yards. It was clear that Gavin had spotted his pursuer, but that still didn’t help much. Lee still had no idea just what it was Gavin had seen… that was until he glanced over to the next page.

“This is what I’ve been running from?” Gavin asked as he knelt down before the tiny creature. The creature itself wasn’t particularly intimidating. It looked to be the size of a small cat, but its actual shape was near impossible to distinguish. It appeared to be nothing but a writhing mass of tendrils. It looked more like a living, breathing Koosh ball than any sort of nefarious monster.

Lee gasped as he noticed the position of his friend’s hand. It looked almost as if Gavin was trying to reach out and pet the creature. “Don’t touch it!” Lee shouted at the book. He quickly flipped the page only to find that his warning had either come too late or had been completely ignored. Gavin was already petting the strange creature like he would a cat. The creature in turn seemed more than to return the affection. Its various tendrils were wagging like the tails of a hundred excited puppies.

Lee literally brought his palm up against his forehead and grumbled, “idiot” under his breath, but then his gaze fell upon the next page of the comic book. It was another close up shot of Gavin’s face, but his expression was far different than it had been before. Gavin’s eyes were glazed over and his cheeks were flushed red with arousal. His breaths were coming out so hot and heavy that Lee could actually see the moisture of his labored gasps.

“I told you not to touch it.” Lee grumbled as he flipped the page again.

Lee gasped again as he gaze fell upon the next scene, but the reason was much different than last time. The next shot featured only Gavin in the scene. Gavin’s eyes were still glazed over, but he was no longer looking at the creature. Instead he was now staring straight up at Lee himself. Gavin looked even hornier than before. He even had beads of sweat rolling down his handsome face.

“You worry too much… It’s friendly… ” Gavin murmured in reply. It was clear that Gavin was trying to play it cool, but the thought bubbles told a different story. Gavin’s thoughts were erratic and scattered. The page was filled with different thought bubbles all saying different things.

‘Has it always been this hot in here?’

‘I need to get this shirt off… ’

‘I should take more than the shirt off… ’

‘… but what if Lee sees me… ’

‘… I hope Lee sees me… ’

‘… it’s so hot… ’

‘… he’s so hot… ’

Lee couldn’t bring himself to look to the next page yet. Gavin had his flannel, button up shirt pulled up only halfway, but Lee could already see more than he had ever hoped to see. Gavin was cut. His lithe, toned abs were openly on display. Lee’s eyes traced every ridge and contour of his pal’s defined muscles. Lee’s eyes caught sight of Gavin’s dusty blond treasure trail. His gaze followed the path of steadily thickening hair until it reached the waistband of Gavin’s skin-tight, skinny jeans.

Gavin’s jeans may have hidden the rest of the treasure trail from Lee’s gaze, but it didn’t hide much else. Lee could make out the very size and shape of Gavin’s rock hard cock. He could even see a wet splotch off to the side as pre seeped through the denim. Gavin was so turned on that his cock was leaking like a faucet.

Lee tried to look away, but it was the hottest thing he had ever seen. It was as if his darkest, dirtiest fantasies were playing out before him. Lee’s free hand steadily drifted towards his own crotch. He stroked the swelling bulge of his hardening cock through the front of his own slacks.

Lee steadily managed to work up the nerve to glance towards the next page, and his ragged breath caught in his throat at what he saw. Gavin looked even more lewd than before. He had already completely discarded his shirt and his cap along with it. His disheveled, shaggy blond hair framed his handsome face perfectly. He had already undone the fly of his jeans and was slowly pushing the tight denim down his shapely thighs. His pants now rode so low on his hips that Lee could see every last bit of Gavin’s well-kept, blond bush as well as a bit of Gavin’s thick cock.

“You’re watching me… aren’t you…?” Gavin asked, but Lee couldn’t quite be sure the manner in which Gavin asked the question. Lee was reading the words not hearing them, and Gavin’s face looked just as lusty and flushed with arousal as before. Fortunately the thought bubbles helped fill in the rest of the pieces.

‘I can’t believe I’m stripping in front of Lee… ’

‘… he’s so huge… so hot… ’

‘… is he jacking off…?’

‘… does he find me hot too…?’

“God… you’re so hot… ” Lee murmured under his breath.

Lee was so fixated on the lewd figure of his friend that he scarcely noticed the other looming figure on the page. The creature from before was still there, but it was much bigger than before… and it seemed to be growing even still!

Lee flipped the next page over once more. He was already feeling like he could cream at any second, and the next image didn’t help matters at all. Gavin had his jeans down to his knees. His big, thick dick was standing straight at attention. The lusty gaze and the devilish smirk on his face seemed to be daring Lee to look. Gavin didn’t speak at all on this page, but there were plenty of thought bubbles scattered around to fill in the blanks.

‘He’s watching me… ’

‘… he thinks I’m hot too…?’

‘… look at him staring at my cock… ’

‘… I want to see his cock… ’

Lee fumbled awkwardly with the button up fly on his pants. His hands were shaking, but it wasn’t from fear. He was more turned on than he had ever been in his life. In some small corner of his mind he knew that this was a messed up situation. He knew he should be focused on helping his friend, but Gavin seemed to be enjoying every second of it, and there wasn’t much either of them could do but enjoy the ride for now.

Lee let out a sigh of relief as his fully boned cock slipped free of its khaki prison. He had never been much of one have a lot of pre, but he was so turned on that his cock glistened in the dim light of the overhead lamp.

An idea popped into Lee’s head. If he was going to go ahead and show Gavin his dick he may as well let his pal see all of it. He grabbed the comic book off the counter and propped it up against the side of the counter so that it rested on his knees. His cock now towered between the two pages.

Lee’s gaze fell upon the other page. Gavin was now fully nude and pressed against the page like a kid trying to stare into the penguin tank at Sea World. It was as if he was on the other side of a glass pane instead of trapped inside a panel of a comic book. The tip of his dick pressed against the barrier between worlds. Pre tricked down the page like rain on a window.

“Fucking Christ… it’s huge…!” Gavin gasped.

Lee couldn’t suppress his grin. His eight and a half inches was longer than the page was tall. The thick, puffy head of his huge cock loomed over the comic book and even poked up over the edge of the counter. He knew he was hung, but he couldn’t even begin to fathom how huge his dick must look to his buddy. Fortunately the thought bubbles gave him a good indication of just how huge it seemed as well as what Gavin thought of it.

‘It’s bigger than I am!’

‘… I want to touch it… ’

‘… I need to feel it… ’

‘… why can’t I get through this wall!?’

Lee turned the page once more and gasped at what he saw. He could no longer ignore the growing mass in the background. The strange creature from before was nowhere near as small and cuddle as it had been. It loomed over Gavin and filled the entire background of the scene.

Lee quickly looked over to the next page to see that Gavin was mirroring his look of shock. Gavin was still staring straight up at his pal, but it wasn’t like he had to look behind him to know what was happening. The tendrils were already starting to close around his body. The beast had tentacles wrapped around Gavin’s chest, his arms, his legs… and even his cock.

Lee didn’t know what to say. He had no warnings he could give his friend at this point. He had taken too long to spot the danger. Gavin was already trapped. With no other options available to him, Lee did the only thing he could think to do. He turned the page.

The next page showed much of the same, but Gavin’s expression was far different than it had been before. He no longer seemed afraid or even surprised. The lusty, glazed over look had returned to his eyes. The flush of arousal had returned to his face. The page was edges of the page were buried under his scattered thoughts.

‘It’s… there!?’

‘… wow… that actually feels pretty good… ’

‘… mmm… yeah… deeper… ’

‘… it’s so warm… and soft… ’

‘… more… ’

Lee glanced over to the next page. Gavin was no longer making any attempt to fight back or even resist. He was now resting atop of bed of wriggling, writhing tendril, and he looked like he was in ecstasy. Tentacles lifted up his legs and spread them wide as a particularly huge, thick tendril slithered its way up his ass. Lee could actually see Gavin’s gut bulging from the wriggling mass deep inside of him.

Gavin couldn’t speak, and it wasn’t just because he was lost in the throes of orgasmic bliss. He had tendrils slithering down every opening imaginable; his cock, his ass, and even his throat! It was all he could do to just moan blissfully, but his thought bubbles filled in the blanks well enough.

‘You’re still watching, aren’t you, Lee…?’

‘… I want you to watch… ’

‘… it feels so good… ’

‘… I want to share this with you… ’

Lee knew he shouldn’t be watching. He knew he should seek some help, but it was so hot and he was so horny. He had never seen anything so erotic in his life, and Gavin seemed to be loving every second of it. Lee was so into it that he hardly noticed his free hand slip down and grip his huge, rigid dick. He didn’t even realize what he was doing even as he stroked his huge cock.

Lee was so close to cumming that he was doubled over and shuddering. He wasn’t even thinking about not damaging the book. All he could think about was how he didn’t want it to end just yet. He wanted to enjoy this moment for a bit longer. He wanted to watch his buddy writhing in ecstasy as the tentacles on the page had their way with him.

Lee’s eyes drifted towards the other page. Gavin was looking right at him. A sly smirk played at the corner of his lips even as he moaned orgasmically, and the words on the page spoke to him in more ways than one.

‘… come on… do it… ’

‘… I want to see you cum… ’

‘… cover me with it… ’

Lee couldn’t resist. He was so close to blowing as it was, and seeing his friend pleading to be drenched in jizz was more than he could take. Lee inhaled sharply. He struggled to hold back for just a second more, but that was as much as he could take. A low, passionate groan escaped his throat. His cock lurched hard in his hands. Jizz erupted from the tip of his dick. Heavy volleys of spunk rained down on the printed paper and began to soak into the pages.

Lee had never cum like that before, but he couldn’t remember the last time he had been that horny. He came again and again. He poured wad after thick, gooey wad onto the page. Soon the pages were drenched in jizz. The images on both sides were completely obscured under spunk leaving Gavin and the beast completely hidden from view.

Lee slumped back in his chair. That was the single most amazing orgasm of his life. His mind and body were still reeling from the sheer intensity of it. He was so overwhelmed and overcome by the afterglow that he couldn’t even focus on the book on his lap or the plight of his friend.

Lee didn’t have time to enjoy bask in the afterglow though. Mere moments after busting the biggest nut of his life Lee was snapped out of his daze by the jangle of the small door over the front entrance of the shop. They had a customer!

Lee quickly tucked his dick into his pants and hopped up from his seat. The grimy comic book slid from his lap and landed with a splat on the hardwood floor. Lee discretely nudged it under the table and scampered off to go intercept the new arrivals.

While Lee was busy with playing shopkeeper in the real world, the action in the comic world was just as hot and heavy as ever. Gavin was literally bathing in jizz. The thick load had seeped into the comic panel and flooded every cubic inch of space in the tiny world. Gaven was suspended in a mixture of cum and tentacles. The tendrils writhed and wriggled all over his body. The warm, sticky jizz oozed over his bare skin. Every inch of flesh on his body tingled with arousal. His very body felt warm with hormones.

As Gavin floated in the warm, thick mud bath of jizz, he felt the barrier pressing down against him, but it felt different than before. It was no longer as solid as a sheet of plexiglass. The torrent of cum had permeated even the barrier causing it so soften and warp.

Gavin didn’t have time to explore this new development. He heard a familiar dinging of a bell and then everything went topsy-turvy on him. He was buffeted this way and that. If not for the creature holding him in place he probably would have sunk deep into the pool of spunk.

Once things settles down, Gavin began to realize something strange. He was once again pressed against the barrier, but there was something else there with him… or rather someone! There was too much spunk coating his face for him to open his eyes, but he could feel everything as vividly as if he were seeing it. He could feel the other guy’s body pressed against his. He could feel the other guy’s cock grinding against his own. Gavin wanted to reach out and touch the guy, but the barrier still blocked his way. The barrier had lost much of its strength and consistency. It felt like a giant sheet of saran wrap had been stretched out between the two of them, but it was still too strong for him to break through. For the time being at least, Gavin had to accept that there would be a thin, stretchy layer separating them.

Gavin’s lips found those of the other guy’s. He was so hot and bothered that he just wanted to kiss the guy. The other guy seemed more than happy to return the favor. Their lips touched, but that was as far as they could go. Gavin tried to snake his tongue into the other guy’s mouth, but he simply could not breach the barrier. Gavin could feel the other guy’s tongue bumping against the barrier as well. Whoever it was on the other side wanted the same thing that he did.

As the two guys continued to bump and grind against each other the barrier continued to weaken. Soon Gavin was able to reach his arms through the barrier. The weakening forcefield still refused to break, but it had become so stretchy that he could shove his arms through it and the barrier would cling to his arms like a skintight glove.

The other guy apparently had the same idea. Gavin could feel the guy’s arms reaching around him. He could feel the guy’s hands gripping his firm, muscular butt. He could feel the guy’s fingertips digging into the soft, supple flesh of his bubbly booty. The guy’s grip was so passionate. His grasp was so firm. Gavin loved every second of it, but it would have been so much more sensual had it not felt like the other guy was wearing latex gloves.

Gavin noticed something odd, but he was too fixated on attempting to make out with the mysterious new arrival to really think too much about it. The other dude’s body began to feel warmer… softer… realer. It took Gavin a moment to realize what had happened. His fingertips had pierced the barrier!

Spurred on by this new realization Gavin once again locked lips with the guy in earnest. He slid his tongue into the other guy’s mouth, but this time the barrier did not have the strength to block him. Gavin’s tongue brushed sensually against the other guy’s, and the other guy was quick to return the favor. Without the barrier to seal them off, not only could their tongues touch, but Lee’s copious spunk was free to seep into their mouths.

As the two dudes gasped, and panted, and kissed, gobs of jizz seeped into their mouth. The new addition of warm, mellow spunk made the passionate kiss even more intense. The thick wads were passed back and forth between them and was quickly reduced to a foaming, frothing mass.

The two dudes were more turned on than they had ever been in their life. Their entire bodies were wracked with pleasure inside and out. They both wanted to cum. They needed to cum, but it was simply not possible. The mass of tentacles still had a grip on their dicks. Thin, wriggling tendrils writhed within their cocks which simultaneously amplified their already mind blowing pleasure, but prevented any spunk from leaving their dicks. The two dudes were trapped in a perpetual state of orgasmic bliss and maddening frustration.

Meanwhile Lee had just finished ringing up the two last minute Halloween shoppers and had sent them on their way. He tried his best to maintain his cool and composure, but he was still as horny as he had ever been. His face was still flushed red with arousal, and he still had sweat dripping down his face. The shoppers had kept asking him if he was alright, but Lee had played it off as just allergies.

As soon as the shoppers were out the door, Lee hopped back into his seat behind the counter, and fished the comic book out from beneath the table. The book was coated and caked with cooling jizz. Lee crinkled his nose at the mess he made, but he didn’t let it deter him. He quickly opened the book to the page he was on… or tried to anyway.

The thick, sticky spunk had fused the pages together. He just couldn’t seem to get them apart. Lee slowly managed to work the corner of the pages apart, and from there he slowly and steadily peeled the two pages apart. It was a slow process because he didn’t dare rip the book. There was no telling what would happen to his buddy if the pages ended up ripped. Lee had done more than enough damage to the book already. He didn’t dare risk any more.

Once Lee got the page started he flipped the book around and slowly pulled down on the page like he was delicately trying to open up the centerfold. With gravity on his side things went much smoother. In fact once Lee got the page started, gravity was more than happy to finish. The weight of the spunk trapped between the pages pushed the pages apart. The once fused pages fell open, and out tumbled thick dollops of jizz… as well as a few extra passengers.

The two dudes landed with a plop on the countertop. They were both jarred and confused, but one thing they did know was that they were no longer floating in a pool of spunk. They both wiped their eyes clean as best they could and then looked out at the world around them.

“What the fuck!?” They both yelled in unison.

They both scrambled across the countertop until they were kneeling face to face with one another. They both gave each other a few experimental pokes and prods. They both compared height and compared build, but try as they might they couldn’t find any differences. “No way… are you… me?” They both asked in unison.

They both turned towards Lee and said, “Dude, are you seeing this…. Shit… ” Their voices trailed off as they stared up at their pal in awe.

Lee stared down at the two Gavins. He was as confused as he was turned on. On one hand he had successfully managed to get Gavin out of the book, but now there were two of them and neither one was over six inches tall. They were tiny! Even Lee’s dick was taller than either Gavin was now. A fact that was not lost of Lee… or his dick.

Lee’s cock stirred back to life in his pants, but it wasn’t just the view of two tiny, fully nude versions of his friend standing before him that caused the rush of arousal. There was another factor at work there… a factor that was currently scurrying its way up Lee’s pant leg.

Lee’s eyes began to glaze over. His breathing grew shallower. His face had already been tinged pink, but it steadily turned a few shades redder as his arousal grew and grew. He couldn’t think about anything other than how hot the whole situation was. All he wanted to do was get off, and he didn’t care if his buddy saw him do it… in fact some part of Lee hoped that one or both Gavins would help him out.

Lee slowly shimmied his pants down along his hips. His dick was still hidden away in his tighty-whities, but his undies weren’t doing a very good job of hiding anything. Lee’s huge cock strained against his briefs. Pre seeped through the white fabric causing it to cling to his huge cock. The very size, shape, and even color of his cock could be seen through the front of his briefs.

Once Lee had his pants around his ankles he wasted no time in pushing down his briefs as well. His huge dick swung free. A hail of pre arced through the air and splattered against the countertop. The Gavins were well within the splash zone, and they made no effort to try and dodge. In fact it seemed as if they even moved closer to ensure that some of it got on them.

“Woah… It’s huge… ” The Gavins said in unison as they stared at the towering cock. From their perspective it looked to be almost ten feet tall. It was far taller than either of them and far, far thicker.

Lee only had one hand around his dick even though there was plenty of room for both. As Lee stroked his cock his other hand slid up his shirt and caressed his chest and abs. His skin felt so warm and tingly. It was almost as if his entire body was as sensitive as his dick. He needed to explore every inch of his body and see for himself.

“He’s really into it… ” The Gavin on the left murmured.

“Yeah… are you thinking what I’m thinking?” The other Gavin replied.

The first Gavin smirked at his twin. “As if you even had to ask.” He replied.

The two Gavins exchanged playful grins and then took off towards the end of the counter. They both leapt in unison and landed on their buddy’s lap. They scampered up Lee’s legs and rushed towards Lee’s enormous cock.

The twins stood at the base of the towering cock and stared up at it in awe. It was almost twice as tall as they were and as thick as an oak tree, but they were not about to be outdone just yet.

Lee at first thought he had a couple mice running up his leg. For a brief moment his fear of rodents overpowered his supercharged arousal. Lee let go of his dick and prepared to bolt from his seat, but upon seeing the two identical versions of his shrunken pal, Lee’s arousal once more took over.

The two Gavins glanced over towards one another and exchanged another impish grin. They then looked up at their titanic pal and flashed him a sly wink.

“Just sit back and relax.” The first Gavin said.

“Yeah. We’re gonna make you feel reeeel good.” The second Gavin added.

Lee was too horny to refuse. All he could think about was getting off, and the twins seemed to be more than interested in getting him there. Lee let out a contented sigh and slowly slunk down in his seat while the twins set to work lovingly stroking his enormous cock.

Lee’s cock was far larger than either Gavin, but the twins were not about to be outdone. They had never seen such a fantastic specimen in their life and there was no way they were going to pass this up. The two of them clambered up to Lee’s cock and clutched it like a Koala clutches a tree. They still couldn’t pull themselves up it, but they were more than happy just to stroke it and grind against it. Their hands dug into the soft, sensitive ridge along the underside of Lee’s cock. Their feet dug softly into Lee’s enormous nuts. Each motion they made, each stroke, each shift of their weight send shudders of bliss through Lee’s body.

With his pals working his cock. Lee’s other hand was free to explore other parts of his oversensitive body, and he had the perfect spot already picked out. He kicked his feet up onto the counter and slowly slid down in his seat until his back rested comfortably on the stool. The position made it far easier for the twins to manhandle his cock, but that was merely a bonus. Lee’s real goal was to get his ass out in the open so he could have some fun with it.

Lee took a moment to suck on his fingers and get them nice and slick before he slid his hand down towards his exposed ass. His body trembled as his palm rubbed across the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs, but that was only part of what had him so worked up. The two Gavin’s had adjusted to the change in altitude with ease. The two of them were now sitting atop Lee’s enormously thick dick as if they were riding a Clydesdale.

The way their legs gripped his sensitive cock and the way their bubbly booties weighed down on the puffy ridge of his dick felt fantastic, but it wasn’t nearly as mind blowing as Lee would have expected. Lee managed to focus long enough to glance down and see just what it was they were up to. To his surprised they were sitting there in match of rock, paper, scissors.

“Ro! Sham! Bo!” they both yelled and threw their hands out. They both came up scissors. “Ro! Sham! Bo!” they both yelled and threw out their hands again. They both came up rock. This continued on and on. “Ro! Sham! Bo!” Both came up rock. “Ro! Sham! Bo!” both came up rock.

“What are you…?” Lee murmured groggily.

“We’re trying to decide who tops!” One of the Gavins shouted up at him.

“This is ridiculous… ” Lee muttered. He then fumbled awkwardly for a coin from the small ash tray where customers dropped the spare pennies from their purchases.

“You. You’re heads.” Lee said as he pointed to the twin that was seated closer to the tip of his dick. Lee then half-assedly flipped the coin. It bounced off his hand and plopped onto the hardwood floor. It would have rolled away had it not been for the puddle of spunk beneath him. The coin hit the sticky patch and flopped over on its side.

Lee glanced over at the coin and said, “Tails.”

“Yess!!” The ‘Heads’ Gavin cheered.

“Dammit… I wanted to be the middle… ” The other Gavin grumbled.

“Wait… what…?” Lee murmured groggily.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” The Heads Gavin replied lecherously.

Lee didn’t have it in him to ask for further clarification. The haze that clung to his mind was more intense than ever. He just wanted to cum and these two seemed to know how to make that happen.

The Gavins hopped off of Lee’s dick and trudged across their pal’s flat abs until they were staring down the head of their buddy’s gargantuan cock. The tip of Lee’s enormous cock was leaking pre like a sieve which was just fine for the Gavins. They both scooped up handfuls of the stuff and poured it over their cocks causing their dicks to glisten and gleam in the pale lamplight.

The first Gavin stepped forward and lined his dick up with the shuddering slit of his pal’s gigantic cock. Gavin was no slouch in the dick department, but at his shrunken size his cock was small enough to slide right inside his pal’s fantastically massive meat. The first Gavin let out a soft sigh of bliss as he slid his dick in.

“How is it?” The second Gavin asked giddily.

“Fantastic… ” The first moaned breathily. It was a tight fit but not tight enough to hurt. It was absolutely perfect. The warm, soft linings of his buddy’s gigantic cock gripped his dick perfectly, and the shudders and quivers of arousal coursing through Lee’s engorged cockhead reverberated through Gavin’s dick.

The fist Gavin leaned forward and latched onto the swollen, spongy tip of his pal’s giant cock with both hands. Lee was already trembling from the sheer intensity of his ecstasy beforehand, but once Gavin clamped down and started plowing his cock deeper into the giant cockhead, Lee was full on shuddering. It wasn’t just the feeling of Gavin’s tiny dick filling his slit perfectly. With each thrust Gavin’s hips mashed against the oversensitive tip of Lee’s dick. Gavin’s groin was like a thumb that was playfully teasing the head Lee’s already overstimulated cock.

“My turn.” The second Gavin said. He hastily took his place right behind his twin and slowly slid his dick into his double’s juicy ass. It would have been much easier to do had the first Gavin been holding still, but the second quickly matched his twin’s pace and joined in on the fun. His twin’s ass felt every bit as fantastic as he had hoped. His thick dick had slid in with only the slightest of resistance. He had expected as much though. He had trained his way up to dildo’s far thicker and longer than his own cock, but he never dreamed that he’d be reaping the benefits firsthand in such a way.

The two Gavins worked in perfect unison. As one pulled back so did the other. As one pushed forward so did the other. The addition of the second twin added that much more force to the steady pistoning that was teasing the tip of Lee’s oversensitive cock, but of the three, the front Gavin had by far the best seat in the house.

Not only did he have Lee’s fantastic cock gripping his dick, but he also had an exact duplicate of his own thick cock buried deep within his ass. He had never dreamed of something like this happening. He had played with dildos before, but they paled in comparison to the real thing. He could feel the warmth, the life of the fat cock deep within him. He could feel it tremble and buck within him. He just knew his double wouldn’t last long, and Gavin could not wait to feel the twin’s spunk pumped into him.

Lee actually managed to last longer than the twins, but a lot of that had to do with the fact that the Gavins hadn’t cum yet tonight. Their balls were feeling beyond blue before they got to this point. Their stamina was shot.

The front Gavin doubled over and latched onto his pal’s gigantic, puffy cock head with all his might. He dug his dick in deeper than before. He mashed his hips harder against the soft, spongy tissue tip of Lee’s oversensitive dick. His whole body quivered and shook. He let out a loud, low moan, and then that was it. The damn broke. His dick lurched. Shots of spunk erupted forth and gushed out into his pal’s enormous cock.

The loads were so small that Lee couldn’t even feel them, but he could certainly feel his buddy clinging to his cockhead as if clutching for dear life to a bit of flotsam. Gavin’s shudders reverberated through his cock and brought Lee even closer to blowing his load.

Meanwhile the rear Gavin had already reached his limit. Feeling his twin’s ass clench around his cock finally pushed him over the edge. He gripped his twin’s hips tighter, dug his cock in deeper, and let lose. Soft, subtle whimper escaped his lips as he pumped shot after sticky shot of spooge into his double’s ass. It was the biggest, most powerful climax of his life. His mind felt hazy. His body felt tingly, and his balls ached blissfully from the sheer volume of spunk they had pumped.

The rear Gavin slumped forward against his twin. His mind was hazy, and he just felt so fantastic that he could hardly think about how weird it was to be spooning himself, but the twins didn’t have long to revel in the afterglow. Lee was ready to blow.

Lee’s whole body trembled. Try as he might there was no way he could hold back any longer nor did he want to. Everything was so perfect. He felt so fantastic. A loud, whining cry split the air. A thick rope of spunk shot out of his dick. The twins were instantly blown aside. The volley of spunk knocked them both flat on their asses, but Lee didn’t stop cumming there. The twins were bombarded with shot after gooey shot of spunk. The warm, sticky spooge clung to their skin and soaked into their hair. The thick layer of spunk over them made their bodies feel heavy, but neither twin seemed to care. They had no interest in moving anyway. They wanted to just lie back and soak in the afterglow… and in Lee’s spooge.

Soon all three guys were completely spent. Lee sunk even deeper into his chair, and the two Gavin’s cuddled in each other’s arms as they rested atop their pal’s cum covered abs. The layer of jizz that clung to their bodies was steadily cooling and hardening, but they felt so fantastic that they just didn’t care.

The three of them stayed like that for a while until suddenly the bell over the door chimed again. Everything happened so fast after that. Lee sat bolt upright in the seat and pulled his shirt hastily down over his cum covered abs. The two Gavins were sent tumbling down into Lee’s lap where they grabbed onto his fat chubbed up cock to steady themselves. Lee hastily pulled his grimy briefs up over his cum covered dick with the twins still along for the ride. Lee managed to quickly pull his pants up, chunk the jizz-soaked remnants of the comic book into the trashcan, and spread the newspaper out over the splotch of dried cum on the countertop just in time for their boss to come around the corner.

“Hmm? Are you here alone today?” The greying man said to Lee.

“Y-yessir… Gavin was feeling sick so he ducked out early. I told him I could handle the shop alone. It’s fine… sir.” Lee stammered awkwardly.

The shop owner eyed his young, jittery employee skeptically for a moment, but after a bit he seemed to ease off. The look of concern in his eyes didn’t fade though. “Are you sure you’re fine to be working the shop? You’re looking a bit under the weather yourself.” The owner said.

“Well… I think Gavin might have given me something.” Lee replied nervously.

“Well get home and get some rest. You can brief me on sales once you’ve recovered.” The owner said while shooing his younger employee.

“Yes sir… right, sir… I’ll be going.” Lee stammered. He then turned and staggered awkwardly out of the store, but it wasn’t just that he was nervous about lying that made him so jittery. He still had both iterations of his bud nuzzling against his dick. At this rate he was gonna be boned again in a matter of minutes.

Lee ducked out of the shop and set off on his way home. He knew that he would have to spill the beans to the boss eventually, but for now he wanted to enjoy this new turn of events for a bit longer.

What Lee didn’t know was that he had a third tiny passenger in the back pocket of his pants—a tiny passenger who had countless duplicates pouring out of the pages of the ruined comic book which sat at the bottom of the waste bin by the check-out counter. These countless beasts scurried through the book store in search of new books to infest, new worlds to burrow into, and new pages in which to multiply.


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