Sweat it out

by Egi

 Working out is hard enough when you're scrawny and shy. Sometimes you need a partner to help fill you out with some unconventional methods.

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Linus’s workout bag accidentally latched onto the door as he tried entering his new gym. His light complexion turned beet red as he struggled to remove it as the other gym goers stuck behind them started piling up. With one final hard yank, the door released its grip on his bag. Well, most of it anyways. An entire side of what was once bag still dangled in the middle of the door. It waved a little from the wind outside, like a flag of surrender for Linus before he could take three steps into the gym.

Linus groaned as all the contents of his bag fell to the floor, the doubt about joining a gym invading his mind once again as he picked up his water bottles, protein bars and street clothes. The crazy high price was bad enough, but now he’d made a fool of himself just like he thought he would.

Now Linus didn’t need to go to a gym, not by a long shot. The clumsy young man consistently exercised six days a week. Doing all sorts of calisthenics and high interval training made Linus an incredibly healthy individual. He joked his heart rate was down to four BPM with how much cardio he did. He managed to turn his smooth, slender body into an endurance machine. But Linus want to push into new territory, make something new of his body. The boyish charm of his short slim twink body was not lost on him, but he wanted some OOMF, like the white highlights streaked throughout his green hair. He wanted some definition, some muscles, so when the sweat down his chest he could feel it travel across each individual ab. Nothing too crazy, Linus thought, but enough to admire his handiwork in a mirror rather than blank canvas he body looked like now.

But while you can do push ups and crunches and burpees at home, there’s no room for weights. His own body weight leaned him out, so Linus knew additional weight would be necessary for him to bulk up. Linus passed one of the national chain gyms every day on his drive to school, so it made sense to stop by and workout after a day of class. However, Linus knew the reason why he exclusively worked out at home up until this point and his current predicament illustrated exactly why. Linus was more nervous than a pig at a Texas family reunion. He feared everyone would judge his small frame, his lack of muscles, his inability to exercise correctly at all. Being only 5’5” and 115 pounds meant many guys were bigger, taller, and more intimidating than Linus, so the shy boy kept his exercise personal and discreet.

Here he was though, in a gym, looking like an idiot in his own mind, wondering if he could pretend he came into the wrong building. No, he thought… this gym is like a megachurch; no way could I accidentally waltz in here. With everything in the bowl of his arms, Linus scurried towards the men’s locker room. As he neared the swivel door, it quickly swung in his direction. Linus stumbled backwards, almost losing his footing as his water. The man rushing past Linus stopped.

“Oop, sorry little buddy, didn’t see ya there,” the other student spoke to the ground, picking up the few clothes and water bottle Linus dropped avoiding the door. “Have a good workout dude!” After putting Linus’s stuff back on the pile, the guy bolted. Linus hadn’t even seen his face.

Linus was not enjoying his first eventful trip to the gym. He’d already klutzed things up twice and he hadn’t even broken a sweat. “Could this get any worse already,” the young man mumbled to himself. His quiet whining audibly echoed throughout the vast locker room. Linus froze, hoping no one responded, and surprisingly no one did. Strolling down past rows of lockers, he realized he was alone. He also realized he was definitely in a men’s locker room as a strong odor infiltrated his nose. Reaching his own locker, Linus let go of his breath, finally being able to put down his belongings. Luckily, today Linus could change in privacy.

It’s not that being naked in front of guys was a problem, but them being naked in front of him worried him. The gay teen feared a hot gym goer could waltz right past him in all of his seductive glory and Linus would be stuck with a boner for everyone to see. Even thinking about a hot guy started chubbing up Linus’s 5-incher which tented the workout shorts he just changed into. This gym thing would take some effort, Linus mused.

After letting his locker room hard-on settle down, Linus finally made it into the gym. Dressed in a light purple tank top and black runners shorts, Linus felt the breeze from the industrial strength fan whirring overhead. Linus also felt exposed. No guy or gal in the gym even looked in his direction, but that didn’t stop the anxiety ramping up inside him. Linus moved slowly towards the weight room which he thanked his lucky stars was only occupied by a couple women.

All in all, he finished a typical, almost boring full body weight routine. From calves to neck, he lifted for every body part. And it all passed without incident. His embarrassment and anxiety turned out to be just a few extra calories burned from all the blushing Linus had done. His body felt taxed but not spent, and he returned to the locker room with more relaxed steps.

Walking into the locker room, Linus chuckled to himself at how much he overreacted to his first day at the gym. However, something quickly interrupted his inner thoughts. That locker room smell. Before it was just in the background of his mind, but now it struck him front and center. Linus started taking shorter breaths to avoid experiencing the sweat and toil of his fellow gym mates. The gym didn’t clean the locker rooms until closing and Linus had just found that out the hard way. He quickly changed into his street clothes, not even noticing a few other guys walk past his row of lockers.

For the next week, Linus continued his new weight routine at the gym. Each time he came he gained a little… not confidence, but a comfortability with the gym. He knew what to do there and he did it efficiently and without any problems. He started to understand the machines, the protocols for wiping them down and all other little bits of gym etiquette. Linus was well on his way to becoming a regular! He’d even gotten used to the locker room smell.

On his one week anniversary at the gym, he strolled into the locker room with a new gym bag and a smile. Usually when he came in, the locker room had no more than ten guys of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Linus all but forgot his fear of the dreaded public erection. As he walked towards his locker, he saw another guy in his row. Usually Linus would pass them by, maybe say a hello, but it looked like this guy had the locker opposite Linus’s. As the short, budding gym bunny approached his locker mate, the anxiety started creeping in. the closer he got, the more beautiful this guy started looking. A mess of light brown hair obscured the mystery man’s face, but the only clothing he had on was a white towel wrapped around his waist. His torso lay completely bare and magnificent. It looked like a bulkier swimmer’s build. His arms were long and lean but still had noticeable bumps in the bi and tris. His pecs clearly protruded over a solid six pack, but did not look inflated or bulbous, only strong, lean and dense. But while his muscles were sizable, his definition exaggerated everything to an even higher degree. Ridges in his lats complemented the deep cuts in his six-pack. And most importantly, his lower torso had a clearly visible tapered V leading Linus to look down a trail that was abruptly stopped short by the guy’s towel.

Linus ogled the man, who was text on his phone, for just a bit too long. He missed his own locker. Once he too a few embarrassed steps back, he quickly turned to his locker. Linus didn’t want to the distract the guy and he definitely wanted to distract himself from staring any longer. Linus struggled to put his workout shorts on as the boner he got from looking at the gorgeous man fought with the pant’s waistband. Thankfully, he got them over, but a clear point in his white shorts meant Linus would need to stay still for a couple minutes.

“Oh hey buddy! I remember you!” Linus’s stomach dropped when he heard the other guy start talking towards him. “Yeah! The green hair kid. Sorry about knocking your stuff over again dude,” the hunk apologized to Linus.

The excitement of such a hot guy talking to Linus did not help his crotch swelling to go down at all. But Linus didn’t want to be rude so he awkwardly tilted his head around to answer his locker mate.

“N-no big de—” Linus cut himself off upon seeing the man’s face. His stupidly beautiful face. Calming blue eyes, looking concerned with why Linus had stopped, stared back at the teenager. A slight caring smile mellowed out the sharp features on his face. His short, messy brown hair swayed ever so gently as he cocked his head becoming puzzled by Linus’s silence.

“—deal,” Linus forced out.

“Something go down the wrong chute man? Be careful! Hehe.” Linus saw the hunk’s muscles become even more defined with his chuckle.

“Yeah, uh, yeah,” Linus stammered. Talking to people scared him enough. Talking to hot people while hiding a rock hard boner should be an Olympic sport.

“Well, locker buddy, hi. My name’s Sean. Nice to meet you without your hands full.”

Linus saw Sean extend his hand and knew he’d have to do something. Running away wouldn’t work; locker room floors are dangerously slippery. Are backwards handshakes cool, Linus thought to himself. In a flash moment, Linus grabbed his tank top, held it with one hand over his bulging shorts and turned to shake Sean’s hand.

Crisis averted.

After a “manly” hand shake, Sean gave a big grin and headed off to the sauna, leaving a shirtless Linus feeling distressed, confused, feeble and aroused.

A deep sigh let out all of those emotions for Linus. Trying to regain his composure, Linus took in a deep breath, a dangerous thing to do in a nasty smelling locker room. However, instead of old man stank, Linus whiffed a much nicer, almost sweet aroma. Like if Axe body spray actually smelled good.

That guy must pour on the cologne, Linus mused while putting his shirt on. Finally, the situation was over and Linus unclenched every muscle in his body. Except his dick; that one took a little while longer to come down from the festivities. Not like that, ya perv.

He hoped he never saw Sean again. He hoped he saw Sean every day.

Sadly, the former seemed to be reality. For the next week, Linus’s heartrate would pick up as he approached the locker room. His dick would start chubbing up thinking of Sean’s unbelievably hot body, its image seared in Linus’s memory. Unfortunately, their paths didn’t cross that week. Linus knew Sean visited the gym, as the same aroma he smelled when they met whirled around his locker. Linus latched onto the sweet but slightly funky smell, savouring it more and more every day as his only reminder of Sean. He knew it silly to be obsessing over a guy he’d only talked to for five minutes, but he couldn’t get Sean out of his head. His cute, unassuming face, his lean, hard, sculpted body, and some unspoken aura about the young stud all raced about in Linus’s head. The young man didn’t dare do anything in the gym, but his fantasy sessions at home were now dominated by Sean’s hot and powerful presence.

Sean’s allure started motivating Linus to go to the gym and even stay a little longer in hopes of running into his dream man. His workouts went from an hour to an hour and a half. Linus upped his reps, increased the weights a little more, and pushed a little harder each session. He wanted to make a good second impression on Sean, but he also started seeing some fruits of his labour. He saw light indents on his formerly flat tummy. When walking, he occasionally felt his calves tense and become defined through his skin. His workout tank-top hung ever so slightly higher as his shoulder’s started growing muscle and his pecs pushed out a little from his chest. Linus gained five pounds of muscle in a couple weeks, beginner gains but motivating nonetheless. Things were going well. Except for the lack of Sean.

Starting the third week at the gym, Linus resigned himself to Sean-less meetings in the locker room, his strong cologne or whatever it was his only reminder. However, after a particularly intense workout, as Linus entered the locker room, the smell of Sean was there and it was there in force. Linus smelled the mixture of sweet and sweat from the entrance, and it only became heavier as he approached his and Sean’s locker row. Turning the corner, his heart and cock both jumped a little seeing Sean back, his unmistakable back packed with dense muscle. Sean once again only wore a towel. Despite a loose wrap, Linus could spy a couple bumps, Sean’s round, supple butt. Staring at the imprint of the bubble butt, Linus didn’t even see the bench and rammed his knee straight into its corner.

A combination of every swear word Linus knew blurted out of his mouth, catching Sean’s attention. Craning his neck, Sean’s startled expression turned to one of excitement upon viewing Linus grasping at his bruised knee.

“Green Hair! Hey, how’s it goi—are you okay?” Sean’s concern interrupted his own excitement. Linus could only point to his knee as the pain prevented him from talking.

“Heh, yeah gotta watch out for that,” Sean said.

Linus limped over to his locker, a convenient way to hide his hard cock from Sean. He’d dreamed of seeing Sean again, but Linus buried himself in his locker, trying to make himself as small as possible. As he stripped off his own sweaty shirt, Sean turned around.

“Looking good green hair!”

“Thanks,” Linus meekly replied

“The gym’s been treating you well, you look different from the last time we met. In a good way, ya know?”

“Thanks,” Linus couldn’t think of anything else to say. His fantasy was complimenting HIM. His dick throbbed at the thought so he tried to direct it upwards to lessen the bulge. He still couldn’t face Sean.

“Is everything okay… uh, sorry, what was your name?”


“Cool, like the Charlie Brown character! I love that guy”

“Me too!” Linus’s love of Peanuts betrayed him once again, as he whipped around to agree with Sean, with only his workout shorts there to try to conceal his hard-on. Linus immediately starting blushing when he saw Sean, but not because of his own slightly visible bulge. It was because of Sean. Not because of his ripped, defined upper body, although that was still incredible, but the lower half of his body. The towel still covered everything below his V-tapered waist, but it could not hide a monstrous bulge from showing. Linus saw a huge piece of man meat pressing against the thick towel, stretching about 8 inches down from Sean’s groin. Linus could even see the hump where the huge mushroom head bulged out. Only his own hard cock pulsing and pushing out his workout shorts a little stopped Linus’s admiration of Sean’s dick.

“That’s great man! But I guess I don’t like them as much as you,” Sean said with a laugh. Linus’s blush took on a new shad of deep red. His crush saw him, hard, bulging, and was laughing at him. Linus quickly turned his back to Sean and his huge bulge.

“Hey hey, don’t fret Linus,” Sean pleaded. “We’re both guys. I know how it goes. The testosterone’s pumpin’, you’re feeling good about yourself and, boom! No reason boner. Happens to the best of us.”

The embarrassment and Sean’s frank talk about his genitals actually started calming Linus down. He still sported a solid semi, but he could push it down his leg without anything too noticeable. Not that it mattered since Sean already noticed it. Turning to face Sean once again, Linus saw the biggest grin on the hunk’s face. Nothing in the world could bother him looking at that beautiful, calming face. Linus smiled back in his own dorky way.

“There we go! Can’t have my locker mate feelin’ bad, can I?” Sean said. “We should head to the showers, ya think?”

Linus’s smile faded. “Showers?! Oh, uh, no, I kinda don’t shower in…. public. You go ahead. It was nice talking to you.” Linus hustled to pull off his shorts and get on his street clothes. He got them down.

“Aw, c’mon man, you should shower. It’s a great way to cool down from an intense workout. And besides,” Sean said, placing his hand on Linus’s shoulder, “you stink man.”

Sean’s playful touch sent goosebumps reverberating throughout Linus. His hand felt soft and warm. His powerful cologne got even stronger. Linus started getting hard again. He quickly shrugged off Sean’s hand and turned around only in his boxers to put his foot down. However, he came face to face with Sean’s, well, face again and the small resistance he mustered up melted away.

“Okay, fine,” Linus said, defeated.

“Great!” Sean beamed. “Here’s an extra towel of mine, it’s really soft.”

“Do you have a bathing suit I could borrow too?” Linus asked.

“Bathing suit? It’s a shower dude. You shower without clothes on, duh! I’ve seen everything anyways,” Sean laughed very hard at his own joke.

Linus did not laugh, giving Sean the stink eye, or as much as he could to his crush. Taking the towel, Linus attempted to do a reverse strip dance. With one hand he held the towel while the other one pulled down his boxers. As his semi—hard cock bounced out of his boxers, Linus quickly wrapped the towel around his waist, leaving ample room in front for any unforeseen developments. All wrapped up, he was ready to do something he swore he never would.

“Nice one,” Sean said complimenting Linus on his clothing dance. “C’mon.”

As the two young men walked to the shower, Linus learned more about Sean. Despite being far above him in size and stature, Linus was actually older than Sean. They were both sophomores, but Linus had two months on Sean. The chit chat on the way settled Linus down just in time for his anxiety to ramp back up.

Reaching, the steamy open showers let the reality of his situation sink in. It got even worse when Sean walked into the misty room, leaving Linus to follow. Seeing Sean take a showerhead on the right side of the room, Linus took the direct opposite, scanning every inch of the showers to make sure no one else was there to see him.

The short, green-haired twink quickly faced the wall, took off his towel and turned on the water. After two seconds of intense cold, the shower heated up and Linus started rinsing his hair. He had to admit, the shower felt nice. He could feel every droplet ease his still tensed muscles. And with his eyes closed, he could pretend he was at home

“Hey! Linus! Need some soap,” Sean pulled Linus out of his meditative experience with his question.

“No thanks, I’m good,” Linus said to the wall.

“What’s that dude, I didn’t hear ya. Turn around.”

“I said I’m fine.” Again to the wall, but louder.

“What’s that? Are you sure?” Linus heard Sean’s voice more clearly. He heard his footsteps approach his shower-head. Linus knew he’d screw this up somehow, so he turned to stop his crush.

“I’m fine. Really!” Linus said forcefully. Sean was standing in the middle of the room on his way to give Linus some soap. And while the steam from the shower’s made everything a little blurry, Linus could still see Sean in all of his glory.

It was all glorious. His light brown hair was matted down, covering up some of his gorgeous face. Water dripped down across his hard, upper torso. Individual drops cascaded over his beefy pecs before slithering down his abs. The water continued falling down his smooth frame, making it down to something Linus had never seen before. He saw the bulge, but he didn’t believe it. But now, completely exposed and soaking wet, dripping huge droplets off of a long foreskin, Linus understood what a monster cock was. It hung outwards from his crotch a good two or three inches before drooping down. It looked completely soft but at least 7 thick inches long. As Sean motioned the soap to Linus, his entire package swayed, including a set of baseball sized balls.

Linus could only stand, completely frozen. Excluding his own expanding dick, which had started pointing straight out right towards Sean. If Linus couldn’t express his lust for Sean, his hard cock would. Finally, after what seemed an eternity to Linus, he shook quickly shook his head and turned back around, his hard-on almost colliding with the tile wall he was standing so close to it.

“Alright, suit yourself,” Sean stated nonchalantly before returning to his own shower. Linus heard the footsteps get softer. Then he heard the water stop hitting the floor and start hitting Sean’s perfect body once again. That was his chance. He turned off the shower, wrapped his towel and bolted out of there.

Back at his locker, Linus quickly hoisted up his boxers, getting them soaked in the process. He couldn’t handle any more nudity. Not his own, not Sean’s. He didn’t want to think about naked anymore. Not his embarrassing erections in front of a practical stranger. Not Sean’s thick, long, mouth-watering cock that he needed to su—NO! None of that.

Still dripping wet, Linus started wiping himself down as quick as possible. As he covered his head drying his hair, Sean walked back to his locker, not saying anything, with his head down, towel dutifully wrapped around his massive cock. Done drying his hair, Linus saw Sean once again, himself still dripping from the shower and steam coming off his muscles. Linus stared intently at the floor.

“Good shower?” Sean asked.

Linus mumbled a positive with as little effort as possible. Sean looked concerned and anxious himself.

“Uhhm. A-are you okay?” Sean’s voice quivered. “I uh, I didn’t mean to pressure you into doing anything. Are you okay? I just asked that, sorry.”

Linus noticed Sean’s nervousness, confused why a hot guy like him would ever be nervous really. “No, no it’s fine Sean. I just got hot in there, too much steam ya know?” Linus tried to grin but it turned into an “I’m a dumbass” face.

The acknowledgement perked Sean back up. “Yeah, it can get kinda swampy in there, shoulda told you about that.” The conversation stalled again. Sean searched around the room, up and down Linus, trying to find something. “I like your hair!” he blurted out.

The random compliment bewildered Linus. He felt he needed to say something back.

“Thanks, I like your dick.” Linus smiled warmly trying to reciprocate the courtesy. Looking at Sean, he was puzzled. Sean had a ha-ha grin, not a thank you grin. A nanosecond later, Linus realized what he said. Sean started laughing as Linus looked for anything to cover his face, to hide from his embarrassment. But he couldn’t find anything large enough to hide from that. Realizing his defeat, Linus drooped his head down, considering taking up the fetal position.

Sean couldn’t contain himself anymore. He laughed long and hard, clutching at his sides. His lean muscles tensed and tightened with each laugh. “Well Thanks Linus!” he managed to get in between his giggle party. Sean laughed for so hard and so long, the towel started loosening on his waist. Eventually, it fell flat on the ground, exposing the giant cock to Linus once again. Sean stared down for a second, then laughed even harder. Linus saw the soft, huge meat sway and slap against Sean’s thighs as his hung crush continued laughing. His own much smaller member hardened again for what seemed like the twentieth time today. As it poked through his wet boxers, Linus had given up. Being mortified seemed pointless now. He had a steel hard erection looking at the most beautiful man in existence and he just had to accept. He even started chuckling himself while getting a good long look at Sean’s huge long cock.

Sean finally came down from his laughing fit, wiping a tear from his eye, staring at Linus and his hard 5-incher. Sean saw Linus’s grayish-blue eyes shimmering through his hair, his cute innocence on full display at the mishap. Sean felt his own member starting to pump up, and he needed to ask Linus now.

With Linus’s eyes still transfixed on his dick, Sean spoke up. “Did you really mean that? You like this?” Sean grabbed the middle of his shaft, lifted it up and then let it fall back down onto his thighs and oversized balls.

Linus paused, then nodded.

“Really?! But, it’s so big, and… and wait, does that mean you’re gay?” Sean looked intently waiting for Linus’s answer.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Linus spoke softly, but Sean’s face lit up upon hearing his affirmation.

“No way! Me too!” Sean belted out.

“Really?” Linus perked up in surprise.

“Yeah, dude, that’s why I did that stuff in the shower, because I…”

“You were trying to seduce me?” Linus’s question seemed impossible for him. Did his crush like him too?

“No no no, not like that Linus. I mean, sorta kinda, but, no. It’s just you’re so cute and when I saw you with that bulge I thought I might be able to take a chan—”

Linus interrupted leaning closer to Sean to make sure he was real, “You think I’m cute?”

“Yeah, super cute,” Sean answered. “With your trim body, and soft face with that cool green hair that goes so well with your eyes. Even seeing you with all that stuff in your arms the day we ran into each other, I hurried on my way cuz I didn’t want to stare at you. And I’m normally a pretty shy guy ya know, with my condition and all. But this time I wanted to be upfront. I didn’t want to let you get away or seem like I wasn’t interested. But I guess I came on pretty strong, I’m not really good at flirting, ya know, and I can’t be subtle with something like this between my legs. All my effort has been trying to stay soft in front of you. I just, I just..”

Linus was floored. How such an Adonis could be falling for him blew his mind. He stood there, awestruck at Sean’s words. But while his brain couldn’t act, his dick sure could, and his brain below the belts, now budding with a bead of pre, told the smaller student to get over that bench and get close to Sean. Getting so close, Sean’s pungent musky, scent almost overwhelmed Linus.

“Sean, I think you’re the hottest person I’ve ever seen. I like your face and I like your body, but I don’t like your dick. I love your dick. I’m shy too, but if we both like each other, maybe we could uh. I don’t know…”

As Linus trailed off the two sophomores stared at each other, Linus looking up, Sean looking down. They leaned closer and closer to each other, until Linus’s dick poked into Sean’s own massive member. The contact, the heat, the spark was more than enough to push the boys over the edge as they embraced each other. First a few soft, small kisses, but soon they become more passionate and deep. Both boys tried to get as much of the other as possible. Neither of them were experienced in kissing, but their intense want guided their bodies, rhythmically kissing each other, their tongues dancing across their mouths. As they made out, Linus started exploring Sean’s tight frame. Starting with his back, Linus traced his hand across each hard muscle, feeling even more as Sean periodically flexed. Before he could get to the front though, his rational side butt in and pushed Sean away.

Wait!” Linus beckoned. “What if someone sees us?”

Sean laughed. “Let’s see if anyone’s here then. Is anyone else in the locker room?” Sean yelled out to the empty locker room, only to feel Linus nuzzle into his abs holding him closer. Sean held him tighter too. “I think we’re alone Linus, we can probably continue...”

“Yes, yes, yes! Continue,” Linus exclaimed with a newfound confidence.

“Yeah, okay, slow down there boner boy,” Sean’s slight quip calmed Linus down a bit. “First you need to know about my, uh, condition. It’s called ‘hypersudoriparosis arousal’. You look smart but I don’t think you know what that means. Basically, I sweat, like a lot. I don’t know if you’ve smelled anything—” Linus feigned ignorance. “—but I have to shower after almost any activity or I start sweating. And I keep sweating. So yeah, it can get pretty slippery, and the excitement from what we’re doing makes it worse.”

“So we just need some towels?” Linus asked impatiently.

“Towels will help, yes, but it has a side effect. Apparently, my hormones from puberty mixed with the sweat creates some arousal-fueled growth. Look, my body wasn’t always this defined and my dick certainly wasn’t always this big. My doctor always confuses me, but when I sweat too much, I grow. And so will you.”

Linus wanted to smack his head on his locker to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. A sweet, hot guy that wants to be with him, little ole Linus, has near magical sweat that grows people? Despite his unreal excitement, Linus remained calm. “What grows, exactly?”

“Everything really. It first happened to me when I started jerking off. Sometimes I would have a nice session, a good two or three hours. You’ve done that before right?” Linus’s dick throbbed a little thinking about his dream man pumping his monster cock for hours on end. “Anyways, sometimes I’d stroke for hours and I’d start sweating. As a kid I was used to the sweat, but the smell that came with it while jerking off was different. Good different. Apparently people really like the smell of themselves, go figure, but I did too. I took some deep breaths of my new scent. It made me feel powerful. It made me so horny I thought I would explode. I kinda did. After a few hours the powerful feeling spread all over my body. My arms, my legs, my chest, my dick. I felt it coursing through my body, welling up like a dam. Eventually the dam burst, and I started growing. Not by much mind you, but I saw my arms get bigger. My legs got wider. My chest started obscuring my dick. But only for a second as that grew too, and that seemed to grow a little more dramatically, as you can see.”

“How are you not the size of a minivan now if you grow when you jerk off?” Linus curiously asked.

“I don’t know really. Sometimes I grow, sometimes I don’t. I think it has to do with time or something. Like if I don’t release and cool down, then it happens. I’ve had some close calls in gym, heh… So are you okay with some sweat and maybe that other thing too?”

Linus, beyond hard at this point, only answered by quickly embracing Sean, grinding his dick into Sean’s own hardening member. Both boys made out with a renewed passion, Sean especially knowing that Linus accepted all of him. Linus had only made out with a mirror before and was seriously impressed by the real deal. Linus savoured Sean’s soft lips, lingering longer and longer with each kiss. Sean felt Linus’s hot breath on him as the twink’s green hair tickled his forehead. Linus was so cute with his eyes closed enjoying the make-out session, but also so hot with the sexual energy Sean felt buzzing off his partner.

Linus resumed his exploration of Sean’s body, drifting down to his tight firm butt before caressing the front of Sean’s torso. One hand immediately gravitated towards Sean’s rock-hard six pack while the other drifted from bulging shoulders to peaked biceps to pillowy but firm pecs. Each stop on Linus’s hand journey received a kiss of approval, before the twink settled back to Sean’s mouth and tongue. Sean’s own hands busied themselves with lowering Linus’s wet boxers. Linus’s incredibly hard erection bounced up between his and Sean’s stomachs, getting precum on both of them.

The continued French kissing and Linus’s exploration of Sean’s body eventually led to Sean’s cock. One of Linus’s hands slowly inched down from his washboard abs, getting lower and lower until it reached Sean’s smooth shaven crotch. Linus cooed at the warmth he felt emanating from Sean’s monster cock. His one hand had no chance of wrapping around a dick as thick as a coke can, but Linus hefted up what he could fit in his hand.

As he started stroking Sean, he felt the weight of the heavy member and the impressive vein structure started pumping blood into the 8-inch softie. Each full stroke, up and down, took more than a second as the cock kept increasing in length. Linus starting squeezing with more force, bringing Sean’s foreskin down, exposing a fat, glossy and engorged purple head. Sean’s cock felt more and more rigid, increasing its already heavy weight as it got thicker and longer and bigger. Eventually the weight on Linus’s hands decreased as Sean’s supersized cock lifted itself up, pointing out from his gorgeous torso, then at a 30 degree angle, bumping and pulsing with each of Linus’s strokes.

Linus reluctantly broke his prolonged kiss with Sean and settled down lower to help his hands with the giant cock. Looking down, Linus’s eyes bugged out. Sean’s dick was almost as long as one of Linus’s arms and easily dwarfed its thickness. It had to be 16 or 17 inches long as it jutted proudly out of Sean’s crotch. Linus used both arms and his tongue to pleasure the huge erection. Going up one side and down the other, licking every inch of Sean’s veiny monster, fondling Sean’s huge orange sized balls. Linus’s handiwork managed to squeeze some much need lubrication out of Sean’s enormous cockhead. Linus spread the flow of precum over Sean’s cock, making it slick. Linus also took some pre on his other hand and mixed it with his own pre fountain coming from his 5-incher. Then Linus started licking up the rest from Sean’s purple head.

The taste was almost as incredible as the smell. Sean’s pre was thicker and more savoury than Linus’s own production. He lapped up the dew like a hungry wolf. But as good as Sean tasted, Linus almost lost himself in Sean’s musk. He wasn’t lying about the sweat production. Linus saw countless bead dripping down Sean’s hard body, each one of them contributing to his lover’s intoxicating aroma. The smell matched Sean’s description. Breathing it in, Linus could feel Sean’s essence, his sexual energy, infiltrating him. Sean’s musk filled Linus with power, permeating across his small frame. Each breath drew him closer and closer to Sean, the manly funk welling up in him, drowning his senses in bliss.

Linus wanted more, and the most intense source was Sean’s cock. Sean already seemed lost in his own scent, the powerful musk charging his body with sensitivity as his hands explored his own hard muscles. Linus gave Sean even more pleasure, driving his mouth down on Sean’s thick knob. The twink’s small mouth only reached halfway down Sean’s head, but the muscled teen still groaned in ecstasy feeling the hot breath on his cock. Linus took a slow, methodical rhythm, coaxing more groans out of the delirious Sean. Linus bobbed his head, getting a little lower each time as his jaw started relaxing. Although almost as thick as an apple, Linus worked his way down Sean, eventually engulfing the whole head in his mouth. As he sucked and slurped at the delicious cockhead, he inhaled more and more of the intoxicating scent that was burying him. It gave even more energy and a deeper craving for even more of Sean. All of his hot, slick, sexy body.

Sean reached his breaking point as Linus stuck his tongue into Sean’s huge slit. Feeling part of Linus inside him was too much. His massive balls in their loose sack flexed tightly, signaling the eruption to come.

“W-watch out Linus,” Sean struggled to say in the throes of orgasm.

Linus peaked his eyes up, seeing Sean’s muscular frame from a whole new angle, before hot cum shot into his mouth. Sean’s cum tasted just as good and sweat with even more creamy thickness as Linus positioned himself to have the fountain of cum shoot directly down his throat. Linus was determined to keep up with the volume shooting out of Sean while enjoying every drop. After more than half a dozen shots, Linus felts Sean’s cockhead un-tense and let it out of his mouth, but not before giving it one last hard suck.

“Oh my god, dude, you’re a master.”

Sean’s cock, still mostly hard flopped out, looking longer than ever. While Sean’s face looked calm and relaxed after his powerful orgasm his body still looked tense. Everything looked tighter to Linus. But before he could examine Sean’s new growth, the bigger sophomore started lying down on the bench.

“What are you doing?” Linus asked still in a daze.

Sean had slightly more control. “You helped me with mine, now I gotta help you with yours,” Sean motioned to Linus’s straining cock. It looked angry, on a new level of hardness. “You probably can’t take me, but I think I can handle you.”

Linus took that as a challenge. Sean lied on the bench, long cock currently reaching up to his pecs, still quivering from the orgasm. Linus then straddled the bench, looking at Sean’s supple bubble butt. Linus was still a virgin, but the power and energy Sean’s musk sent throughout him let Linus act on instinct alone. After smearing his member with the stream of pre coming from his cock, Linus spread Sean’s soft butt open. While the rest of him was so big and strong, Sean’s hole still looked cute. Linus eased his shaft close to to it, his cock twitching feeling Sean’s body heat. Linus lined up his leaking head before slowly pushing in. When half of his head was in, Linus thrust the rest in.

Sean gasped in pleasure. Linus got the rest of his 5 inches in relatively easy, gently rocking his hips as the new sensations of fucking a guy washed over him. The muscle’s gripping onto Linus’s cock were as strong as the rest of Sean. Linus could not believe the warm suction squeezing his dick, pulling him even further into Sean. His rhythmic picked up in tempo. Overwhelmed with pleasure, Linus closed his eyes but could hear Sean’s low, constant moaning as the twink fucked him.

The other thing Linus noticed was Sean’s sweat. Before it was strong, but now it was all consuming. Linus felt it lubricating Sean’s hole as he thrust in and out. He felt his hands become slicker as he was holding onto Sean’s legs. It was pushing Linus further. Opening his eyes, he saw Sean steaming. Literally, so much sweat and musk had gotten Sean so hot and aroused it was trying to escape him as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Sean’s 18-inch cock was at full mast and nestled in Sean’s own mouth. The cloud of sex flying off Sean swirled around Linus, who greedily took in as much of the manly scent as possible. Each breath tensed his body further, filled him with sexual energy, pushed him even deeper into Sean. He thrust faster and faster, the waves of arousal pushing him further. He needed to cum, needed to release all of this pent up energy that was through his entire body. With one solid thrust, Linus clenched his six pack and thrust deeply into Sean, groaning all the way.

Linus may have shot more than Sean’s massive cock. He felt like he was spewing an endless hose of cum into Sean in strong, long bursts. The power of Sean’s scent surfaced all around his body, pumping up his muscles larger and larger. Pecs started protruding from his flat chat. The rivets in his six-pack became crevices while individual muscles on his thighs became visible. His shoulders widened out, bulging with more muscle bunching up on his shoulders. Small hills started forming on his biceps, eventually growing out into the size of water wings. All the while Linus felt his back tighten and crunch with denser, bigger muscle.

The end of his cum seemed to mark the end of his growth. After a mind-bending minute, Linus finally opened his eyes, seeing that Sean had also cum again all over his face.

“Sean, that was, amazing,” Linus muttered out of breath. Sean shook himself of his own post-cum daze and looked at the newly toned Linus.

“You look amazing,” Sean said with the most genuine sincerity. “Let’s see what’s changed man.”

“Sure, I feel stronger! I look stronger. I—”

“Maybe you should get out of me first before going any further, cowboy,” Sean said with a chuckle.

No matter how much he grew, Linus still blushed. He started backing up to remove his balls deep cock from Sean. But when he should have pulled out, it looked like he was only halfway done. Five inches had come and gone and more than half of Linus’s dick was still inside of Sean. Linus backed out even faster, wanting to see his newly grown cock in all of its glory. With an audible pop and a groan from Sean, Linus’s cock sprung free, still completely hard and sticking straight out.

Linus easily doubled his old size. There had to be almost a foot long of cock on his body and a thickness that the twink’s two hands couldn’t encompass. As Linus stroked his new cock, he caught sight of his newly enlarged arms, which led to an entire inspection of the newly formed, newly muscled Linus. Exploring the crevices and cuts in his new frame and looking down at his own new monster cock sent Linus over the edge again. His hands free orgasm shot onto the bench, Sean’s 20-inch cock and even over his head.

Shocked at his newfound sexual prowess, Linus stared at his lover. Sean idly licked up Linus’s sweet cum on his cock, savouring the twink’s flavour and smiling.

“Before you say anything else, let’s take a shower,” Sean said before leaning up from the bench and kissing Linus on the cheek.

Linus had a great workout going today. He really felt pumped up to lift hard today. He’d be seeing Sean again today, so he wanted to be in his best condition to compete with his muscled boyfriend. Linus’s own progress had continued steadily since his musk driven growth. Tank tops no longer covered his whole torso. Workout pants were getting tighter because of his growing legs. Even his calves were strongly defined, having a noticeable bulge even while relaxed.

But even with all that, today was damn good. He increased his max weight on every exercise. He could somehow bench 200 pounds, almost twice his body weight. He thought he could hear the seams tearing on his pants as his thighs bulged during his squats. But now was the fun part. The most dude bro exercise ever: Bicep curls. Linus had been at the gym long enough to know that every guy wanted to bicep curl, to see the their arm jump up, to feel it course with blood, and feel the pleasant tingle of a pumped up arm for the rest of the day. Linus was no different; he just didn’t want to admit it. Grabbing two 40-pound dumbbells, he sat on a bench far away from other lifters. A newfound body and boyfriend made him happy, but you can’t just fix shy.

Regardless, Linus started lifting. The first two reps challenged him, but the more he did, the easier they became. He could feel his biceps actively pushing harder, lifting them faster and faster. He felt an energy welling up in him, like the pump after a good lift. But this pump kept growing. It started in his arms that were now buzzing. He could felt like he could life these for 20 more reps. However the vibrations spread to his chest and shoulders. Linus started breathing heavily, this new power overtaking him. He felt his tank top push out further. The pumped feeling continued down through his six pack. It felt like each ab was being given a charlie horse, squeezing tighter and tighter. Linus continued focusing on the curls while enjoying the new feeling.

Unfortunately, a new, stronger, more arousing feeling was taking over. The buzzing now centered on Linus’s crotch. The pumping went straight for Linus’s 5-inch softie, chubbing it up. It quickly got to a semi, straining against his shorts. The pumps were getting stronger and stronger though, forcing his cock bigger and bigger. Eventually his shorts couldn’t handle the amount of cock anymore and Linus’s foot long cock poked down through his left leg. Linus was helpless. He was still lifting the weights and had to deal with a steel hard erection out in public. It pulsed and throbbed hard, a bead of pre even spurting down onto the floor. Linus even swore he saw it jump up another inch in length. With a lean hot twink like himself now lifting weights with over a foot of cock jutting from his shorts, Linus started attracting onlookers. A couple guys, all with visible bulges themselves, gathered around Linus. Just a few more reps, Linus thought. Just one more and I’ll be able to run to the locker room. With one last hard push, Linus cranked out his 30th rep of curls, simultaneously shooting a thick rope of cum onto the mirror in front of him. Utterly confused but even hornier, Linus wondered what the hell was going on. Then he smelled a familiar scent, a musky one that reminded him of his boyfriend. But Sean was nowhere in sight as steam started escaping Linus’s hot tense body.

“Time to call up the ‘boyf’ I guess,” Sean muttered, rushing to the locker room to fully relieve himself.


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