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Logan by Egi A simple tale of a small guy growing bigger. 3 parts 7,284 words Added Jun 2017 Updated 16 Jun 2017 17k views 4.1 stars (14 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength

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No reason boner by Egi While slogging through high school, Quinn becomes inconvenienced by something that happens to every teenager. However, this problem is much more serious for him, and maybe isn’t actually a problem at all. 8 parts 14k words Added Jun 2017 Updated 9 Mar 2018 27k views 4.9 stars (22 votes) •Cock Growth•Self-suck•Gradual Change •t/t

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Porn can be healthy by Egi Zack is a healthy, horny young man who, like any other boy, likes to look at porn. Always one for novelty, Zack comes across the perfect website for him and his needs! 2 parts 8,693 words Added May 2017 Updated 19 May 2017 29k views 4.9 stars (45 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Social Media•Infectious •M

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Sweat it out by Egi Working out is hard enough when you're scrawny and shy. Sometimes you need a partner to help fill you out with some unconventional methods. 2 parts 8,184 words Added Jun 2017 17k views 4.8 stars (13 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Man Scent•Infectious •M/M

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