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I had no idea how in the world I had gotten the assignment. It seemed that no one could have been more ill fitted for the job. I remember how surprised I was when my editor told me I'd be going in undercover for an expose on the new company in town, STUDS.

I was working for a less than reputable newspaper. OK, it was a downright sleazy tabloid, but a writer has got to make a living somehow, right? Anyway, STUDS was one of these hunk-o-rama calendar and dancing companies. They had a local club where women by the hundreds would go to see hunky men bare it all to Top 40 Hits. STUDS also put out a hot calendar so women could have their very own hottie plastered to their walls, staring at them with his deep baby blues. For a month at least, then behind the next page was a hunk to rival the one from the month before. Personally, I too had one of these calendars. Except I taped the picture of the current month's stud to the ceiling above my bed, then prayed to God that the tape lost it's sticky. The men that worked for STUDS were just about the biggest, most gorgeous creatures on earth. I had seen other men around, even other professional men in porns or gay strip joints. But these guys were amazing. Their facial features were flawless, their skin as smooth as it was the day they were born. Except now it had a deep, rich tan. They all shared the same amazing physique. Amazingly broad shoulders. Biceps that made footballs blush and forearms like steel. Throughout their muscled bods ran thick veins, which stood out proudly. Perhaps their most breath-taking feature were their chests. These men had huge slabs of beef for pectorials that made you wonder why they don't just fall forward with the massive weight. Each pec was chisled and cut perfectly, protruding out from the body inches and inches. Between them was a divide that seemed so deep, it looked like water had carved out a canyon. The nipples were perfect as well, the size of a quarter and perfectly round. God, what I would have given to have felt up one of those chests. Little did I know…

To call the abs on these men 6-packs would have been in insult. 8-pack, or hell, even 10 on some of them was more like it. Gave a new meaning to the term washboard abs. In fact, it seemed these men redefined the term “hunk” just by existing. They had muscled legs that looked like they could hold on to you for hours. And although they were never nude, anyone could tell that the STUD men were hung like horses. In each picture of every calendar, these scantily clad men were owners of a perversely huge bulge between their legs. No matter what the pose or setting, these bulges caught the eye, and drew all attention towards them. The STUD men wore tiny bikinis, or posing straps, or sometimes jock straps which did very little to hide their overly generous endowment. In fact, it looked as if the picture was taken only moments before the bikini burst from the strain of all the weight of their meat. Lucky bikini! Shit, what I wouldn't have given to have seen one of these huge sets exposed. Again, little did I know…

STUDS had been an overnight sensation, and I was lucky enough to live in the same town as their headquarters. However, it wasn't long before some questions arised, especially around my office, where just about anything becomes a front page story. Where did all these physically perfect men come from? Where had they been before? Why didn't anyone ever see them around town, grocery shopping or in the gym? It was because of these questions that my editor decided to do a story on them. He thought that the only way to do a “proper” story, however, was to get someone on the inside. His plan was to get me into the STUDS office as a secretary.

I went into the STUDS office complex (which was immense, much like the studs themselves) the next day. I was surprised again by how fast I got an interview and was hired on the spot. It seemed like they really needed a good secretary. I went down the hall to their own physician and took the customary drug test. He also insisted on a blood analysis. I thought this was strange, but, who's to argue. The very next day, I was sitting in a desk, answering phones. “Hello, you've reached the STUDS company. How may I help you?”

A week went by, and I didn't see anything unusual. That is what bothered me. I didn't see any huge muscle men around, I didn't see photographers or anything that would make you think that this was anything other than a lawyer's firm. My editor was getting upset that I hadn't gotten anything good for a story. Apparently the headline “STUDS Company is Uninteresting” doesn't make for good sales. He was just about to pull me out of there in lost hope when I got called in, unexpectedly, into the Senior Executive in Charge of Model Recruitment's office. This meeting would certainly change my life…

As soon as I walked into his office, I knew that this man was built. I sprong an immediate erection. He wasn't nearly as big as the STUD models, but he still had the physique that most men would kill for. Even through his shirt, I saw muscles rippling with his every movement, and he had broad shoulders and a thick neck. He stood up to shake my hand and I saw that even he had a full basket that was staining against the fly of his pants. He introduced himself as David, and we both took our seats, his behind the desk, and mine in front.

“Kevin,” he said, “I'll cut right to the point. My job here is to find men who have the potential of becoming a model for us. I believe that you would be excellent.”

I nearly fell out of my chair. Me? A STUD? No way. I certainly wasn't gorgeous. That, however, seemed the last of my problems. I was downright scrawny. No fat, but no muscle, either. And so far as the cock and balls go, I was still coming to grips that I'd be a measly 5 inches erect all my life. It must have been all this that made me laugh.

“Oh, don't laugh, Kevin. I know what you're thinking; you just can't believe that you would be a STUD. Well, your physical results from the doctor have come in, and you have the perfect blood type and construction for it.”

Blood type and construction…what the hell was he talking about?

“Just sign here, and we'll take care of the rest.” In a blind stupor, I signed his paper. It sounded like I might be getting a story after all, and besides, this might allow me to get a glimpse or two at some real STUD beef.

I was escorted down the hall, and into an elevator. Once there, I was taken through a hallway connecting the office to another building that was hidden back behind it. I hadn't even noticed this building before. Once there, I was amazed to see that it looked a lot like a hotel, or country club. The halls were lined with doors. Each door sported a name of one of the huge men I had grown to obsess. I was even more surprised when I was taken to my room room, with “Kevin” written on the door. This must all have been some mistake. My escorts put me in my room, and then proceded to hit me over the head with the lamp.

After I gained conciousness, I knew I felt different…Then I figured it out. Not only did I have a raging headache from being knocked out, I had a sore arm from a shot. I could see a small needle prick in the vein of my elbow.

I got up, and walked around the room. It was lavishy furnished. I went into the bathroom, and stared at myself in the mirror. How did I get here? Who are they fooling? I'm no STUD. Then I began to feel warm. Tingly, even. This was too weird, and I thought I must have a concussion from the “lamp over the head incident” so I went to go lie back down. It wasn't until I turned to go out of the bathroom until I noticed that I seemed a little bit taller. Again, I rode this off as being a side effect of my extreme headache. I walked out the bathroom door, and smacked my right shoulder into the wall. This pissed me off…you'd figure that I'd been walking through doorways all my life, and by now I would know how wide I was. It wasn't like I was any bigger than when I went it. But then it started. I WAS bigger. I looked in the mirror totally in awe, as the tingling got more intense. I was growing…

I was growing! My shoulders continued to expand, as did my neck. I was feeling very warm, almost hot, and this was really turning me on. My first thought was to take off my shirt and pants and watch this transformation take place; then I decided that I loved the feeling of my clothes growing tighter and tighter on my body. My shoulders were pushing out my shirt to the limits by now. That is when I noticed the growth in my biceps.

Slowly, very slowly, as if being blown up like a hot air balloon, my biceps expanded. I thought I even heard a faint streaching sound. Perhaps my skin was growing tighter…or my muscles were straining against their confindes. As I watched in amazement, my biceps expanded. Bigger and bigger they grew, until I had arms like softballs. But they certainly didn't stop there! Bigger! BIGGER! I heard the ripping of fabric, as my arms began to break free. After one final attempt to contain my mass, my shirt failed, and the arms tore away, ripping to shreads. Now my melon sized biceps were exposed. They seemed pumped and hard, even though I wasn't flexing. Flexing! That seemed like a good idea. I flexed in a the same double bicep pose I'd seen my favorite STUDS pose in. The pure estacy that ran through me nearly made me faint. I'm glad I didn't, because I would have missed the best part of my growing experience.

I was so in awe with my bulging biceps (which were now like two ripe cantalopes) that I almost ignored the growing tingling in my chest. I began to feel a tightening, like I was inhaling, and not stopping to breath out. But I wasn't inhaling. My chest was expanding. Under my shirt, I saw my pectorials twitch to life. I had never had any pecs to speak of before, and so this was the birth of something new, something amzaing. Under my shirt, I saw muscle beginning to form, and slowly, very slowly, my shirt began to tighten on my body. My pecs continued to rise and began to build in mass. Each pec was now about 5 or 6 inches across. I would have been happy there, but I kept growing. Soon, bulges formed under my shirt which was trying it's hardest to restrain my growth. My body would not stop, however, and the shirt did have it's limits. As my pecs began to increase in mass more and more, my shirt strained. I felt it pull tight against my chest and back, causing my two huge pecs to bulge obsenely. My nipples protruded proudly, standing out for all to see. My pecs grew heavy with their size…I reached up to my chest and felt them. There was more meat there than I could grab with my hands, as my pecs passed grew to be more than 7, 8 now 9 inches across. Again the sound of ripping fabric, and my shirt was no more.

I nearly creamed my pants upon sight of my glorious chest. Not only was it perfectly formed, but my whole body it seemed had gained a healty tan. Now freed from my shirt, my nipples really sprung to life. They expanded from the size of dimes, to nickels to quarters. Perfectly round and brown and oh so warm to the touch. I could not help myself so I started feeling up my chest. I had imagined so many times about doing this same thing to a STUD model, I could hardly believe that this was MY body. My pecs continued to bulge and ripple under the skin, but so did another area of my body. The whole time I had been horny, but now my erection became intesely hard. I had never been this hard in my life, and I involuntarily jacked off my cock. It seemed thicker, and more sensitive. It only took about 10 seconds flat for me to blow my load all over the sink. My cock softened, but then began to twitch. My balls began to churn like I was going to blow another load.

I quickly took off my pants, exposing my thighs and calves which had expanded with muscular defintion. I stood now only in my briefs, and watched in pure joy at the bulge between my legs. I had put my cock back into my briefs after jacking it off…I wanted to see if my underwear could do any better than my shirt did. My balls continued churning, and I saw them heave up and down through the fabric of my briefs. My cock and balls became very warm, and tingly, like the rest of my body. My cock, though soft, began to twich more and more until I realized that with every twitch, it was growing. Soon, the twitches stopped, and I was pleased with a constant growth in my basket. Painfully slowly, my cock began to get heavier. My balls grew in size, keeping their round shape, but growing bigger and bigger. By looking at the nice bulge in my briefs, I guessed my balls were now like golf balls, and my cock was about 6 inches soft. Certainly a nice package…but not for a STUD.

I continued to grow, and the added weight caused my briefs to sag. The pouch grew heavy with the added load. My cock was now over 7 inches soft. My balls, now the size of tennis balls, pushed my briefs out away from my body. They were doing their best to hold my bulging package, but I knew they couldn't last much longer. And from staring at STUD pictures for hours, I knew that I was to be much bigger. My cock throbbed and ballooned out to over 9 inches, still totally soft. My briefs were riding up my butt crack to try to compensate, but it did no good. With one final ripping sound, I was naked, standing in front of the mirror, watching the final part of my amazing growth experience. My balls churned and expanded out to be the size of oranges, ripe with juice. I thought my growing was over until I felt that wonderful tingle in my ass. I had never really had an ass before, and I had forgotten that this part of me would grow as well. I watched it grow in the mirror, as my ass checks swelled into a lucious bubblebutt. I grabbed my ass and felt it expand into my hands and tighten. I wished with all my heart that I could lick my own ass. However, there was a part of me I could lick, quite easily.

This thought made my cock spring to life. It had stopped growing at 10 inches, completely soft. Now it began to harden. My eyes widened at the pure sexual feelings that flowed through my body and into my cock. Although my growth was done, this part of me continued to grow as I grew erect. 10 inches became 11, which became 12 and bigger and bigger. I held my hardening cock with two hands, and hefted it into my mouth. The feeling of my warm tounge against it caused it to bone up faster. When I was totally hard, I was breath-taken by the sight of the beautiful and unbelieveablely immense and powerful shaft before me, standing a full 16 inches erect. Eat your heart out, porn stars! I sucked myself dry that afternoon. I blew load after load into my mouth. My balls churned out more and more cum, load after load after load. When I couldn't down anymore, I let it blow all over my rippled chest. The feeling of my own cum flowing down the deep crevice between my own two masses of pectorial meat made me instantly hard again. I had no idea STUDS had such a sex drive! Of course, I dreamed they did, but nothing like this! And to make it all better, my complexion had evened out into a beautiful tan. My face seemed prettier, more symmetric, and my eyes seemed deeper, my lips fuller, my hair shinier. I was a STUD. After I felt I had pleasured myself enough, I walked out of the bathroom, and went to the closet. My headache had vanished and I was in the mood to find some other STUDS. The clothes in the closet all seemed way too small, but that was fine with me. I managed to squeeze my torso into a tight white shirt. I didn't bother trying to find any underwear, I didn't imagine there was any on earth that could contain my meat. I grabbed a pair of tight leather pants. It took my 10 minutes to arrange my cock so I could walk. I tried putting it down the right leg, the left leg, nothing worked. So, I let it bulge obsenely right in the middle. It looked like I was trying to smuggle a football in my pants. I wasn't modest at all. I was flaunting it, as a STUD should. And speaking of STUDS, it was time I went and found some…

I walked out of my room and enjoyed the pure feeling of my maniless and sexuality. I had never felt more alive, more ready for action and more sexy in my whole life. I followed the signs in the hall directing me to the “Muscle Lounge.” That sounded like a fine place for a STUD like myself to go. Once I opened the door to the lounge and viewed my surroundings, I knew I had found the right place.

Never before, I am convinced, has there been such a collection of hot, sexy and muscled studs in one room. There were about 12 or 13 guys all doing there own thing. Some were working out with weights, or running on the machines. I gazed long enough to watch their amazing muscles ripple and strain under the weights they lifted. I drooled over the runners, as my eyes fixed on the two bouncing slabs of beef that were their chests. A handful were sitting around a table playing strip poker, an exciting game even when the guys you're playing with aren't super STUDS. The rest were sitting on a comfortable looking couch, watching a gay porn video on the TV. Wait a minute…I took a double take. It WAS a gay porn, two males (though not nearly as stocked as I was) were having sex in this video. I took a step closer and noticed that all the guys on the couch had their massive cocks in their hands, jacking them off. No way! I couldn't believe my luck. I had always dreamed that the STUDS were gay, but I had never really expected it. They certainly were not lacking female attention. This proof of their homosexuality caused a little stir in my cock. I felt my bulge grow tight against my unbelieveably tight pants. Apparently I let out a bit of a gasp as well, because all heads in the room turned to me.

One of the guys lifting dumbells stood up, walked on over and shook my hand.

“Hey, I'm Chad. You must be the new guy.”

“I guess so. Nice to meet you, Chad, I'm Kevin.”

“Well,” Chad said, “Welcome to the group. This is pretty much what we do, unless we're at a photo shoot, or training for our dance club. You're welcome to join in whatever you think is fun. Working out is great, as is the card game. If you're feeling hot, there's always a porn on the TV. Make yourself at home.”

“Thanks,” I replied. I was bummed he didn't mention continuous group orgies as one of the daily activities.

“So, let's see how you turned out,” Chad said.

I was confused, at first, but Chad then placed his hands on my biceps and chest and said, “Hmmm…feels real big. Why don't you give us all a look?”

I was excited by his invitation to show off. Slowly, tanzilizingly slow, I peeled off my skin-tight shirt, revealing first my cut abs, then my glorious chest. As I removed my shirt, my biceps burst from the confines of the sleeves. My muscles seemed to expand, now that they were free and open.

A low whisper ran through the room, and all eyes were focused on me. “Shit, man!” Chad said, “That stuff really works on you well! You're the biggest one here!”

I didn't believe him until I began looking around. Now that my muscles were visable to me again, I started comparing my chest, my abs and my huge arms to the guys around me. It did seem like I was a few inches bigger than than the biggest guy there.

“How can that be?” I asked.

“Well,” answered Chad, “Your results all depend on your body chemical make-up. Some of us responded to the shot well, some of us just average. Daniel over there in the corner is the smallest.” With that, a couple of the guys gave joking punches to Daniel, who was the smallest guy there (although still amazingly built)

“And you,” continued Chad, “Are the biggest we've seen!” The guys nodded in agreement. “And from the looks of it,” Chad went on, his eyes drifting lower, “You're muscles aren't the only thing that responded to the medicine well.”

The insane bulge in my pants once again shot to life.

“Want to see?” I asked, as innocently as I could.

“Hell yeah!” came the reply from one of the card players. The guys on the couch had forgotten their porn and were now jacking off at the sight of me.

“OK” I replied. I would give them a show to remember. My cock continued to swell, cramped up in my pants as it was. The leather offered very little streaching room, but my cock was not to be weakened. My erection continued growing, bigger and bigger. My pants were telling it that it could go no further, but my cock was telling my pants that it would win out. I started grabbing my crotch through the pants. A few of the guys got up and walked closer to me, as if they couldn't believe the size of my package. By now my pants were being forced to steach. The sound of ripping leather now was audible, and this was even more exciting, not only to me, but to all the guys. Soon, they were cheering me on. “Rip outta there!”

“Bulge out, bulge out!!!” My cock needed no encouragement, but their desire to see my meat up close and personal fueled my sexual fire. It wasn't long before my pants could take no more. My manmeat burst from the fly of my pants in a flash of ripping leather. I was now exposing my cock and huge balls. Cries of amazement erupted from the room and their hungry eyes looked upon my endowment. This combined with the cries of sexual orgasm, as a few of the guys on the couch came upon sight of my cock.

“Oh my fucking God!” Chad exclaimed. “None of us are nearly that big!”

“Wait, boys” I replied, feeling a new sense of power and authority. “My tool isn't done yet…”

And it was true, I wasn't yet all the way hard. As my erection grew still, the guys were dumbfounded. Finally, I was my full 16 inches of throbbing beef, complete with a set of balls that hung low and were huge.

Chad could wait no longer. He grabbed my tool and shoved it into his warm mouth, and began sucking. He tried to take as much has he could, and I could see his throat bulge as my cock entered. He manged to take in about half of my meat. I'm convinced today that Chad could suck a watermelon through a gardenhose. He went to town on my piece while the other guys ran to the cabinets and got out their oils and lotions. I was helped to the ground, spread out and then 12 pairs of hands began rubbing oil, lotion and lubes all over my huge body. Never in my life had I experienced such estacy. This feeling even rivaled the feeling of my growth itself.

I felt myself nearing climax. Chad felt this too, and his eyes widened as my cock grew stiffer in his hot mouth. I blew my load long and deep into his muscled bod. He swallowed as much as he possibly could, but my cum was flowing too quick for him. It overflowed out of his mouth like a river, onto the guys around him. They all lapped it up as well. The sight of Chad trying his hardest to drink as much of my cum as he could, while the rest poured from his hungry lips aroused me even more. My cock stayed hard, and my orgasm lasted for minutes. Chad finally had to back off, or choke. As he gasped for air, the only thing he could say was “Holy fuck!” My cock continued spurting hot cum onto me and the other STUDS like an erupting fountain. The guys began taking turns placing their warm lips around my cock head and drinking down my milky juice. Finally, when I finished cumming, all the guys looked at me in pure amazement. As my cock grew hard once again, all eyes were drawn to it.

Chad looked at my cock wide-eyed, “No way! You're not getting hard again, already are you?” I smiled a devious smile as the boys began to fight over who would suck me off first. I knew I was going to like it h ere.

I learned later that the evening of my first night, Chad paid a visit to David. David called in the doctor that examined me.

“OK, doc,” Chad said, “How did he get so fuckin' huge?”

“Well,” answered the doctor, “His body make-up is perfect for the growth horomone we use. The horomone took to him immediately and the results were magnified.”

“Oh, I see…” replied Chad. It was obvious that he was thinking something up.

“What's on your mind, Chad?” asked David.

“It's just that Kevin seems almost TOO big to be a model for us. And dancing with that big of a bulge is going to be impossible. I was thinking that maybe he wouldn't be a regular STUD like the rest of us. Besides, showing him to the public would bring automatic attention to the STUD company. They might discover what you're up to…”

“What are you getting at?” asked David, now more curious. “Kevin is amazing,” Chad continued, “And the rest of us are obsessed with him. You know how sexual the drug has made all of us. We're animals!” The doctor nodded in agreement.

“It's just that some of the guys and I think that Kevin might be better as a sort of idol, a sex machine for the rest of us, if you will.”

“What do you mean?” asked David again, but this time, stroking his hard cock under his desk.

“What if Kevin wasn't a model or dancer, but if he was our sex slave, so to speak. The regular guys could go to him whenever we wanted and please him. It would fulfill a need for all of us. We would please his mighty cock and incredible body, and we would have our sexual desires filled.”

“I see you're point, Chad.” David was thinking that he might take a turn or two with the new STUD as well. “I think that is a fine idea. I'll tell Kevin first thing tomorrow, and providing that it is OK with him, it will be official.”

“Great!” said Chad. “There's just one more t hing…”


“Since Kevin will now be kept inside, without fear of the public discovering his huge body…” Chad paused.

“Yes???” asked David anxiously.

“…we were wondering if the doctor could give him another dose. His make-up is perfect for it, you said it yourself, Doc. Shoot him up with another dose, and let's see what happens!”

David exchanged wide-eyed glances with the doctor. The thought of Kevin being even bigger made David cum right in his pants. Chad saw this, and said, “I'm glad you like the idea!”

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