Sheepish Sean

by johnnyacolin

 Shy college freshman Sean gets a growth spurt that’s alarming enough to pay a visit to the doctor.

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Embarrassed beyond belief, Sean sat on the table in Dr. William’s office. His father, Tom, overly concerned and needing answers had not only forced him to have their family doctor check him out but had also come back to the exam room with him despite his protests.

“So, I hear we’re having some concerns downstairs, huh, Sean?” said Dr. Williams, flipping back the intake form as he walked into the room without looking up.

“Errr, I mean I am not in any pain or anything, but—” Sean began to answer only to be cut off by his dad.

“His penis has had an abrupt growth spurt while he was away at college, and it’s concerning,” Sean’s dad blurted out. “He told me he took one of my supplements when he was home at Christmas break and then I came home to see his massive bulge at the pool…” Sean’s dad trailed off with a sense of disbelief at what he was saying.

“No worries, we will get him checked out,” Dr. Williams said picking up where Dad left off. “Not uncommon to still have growth spurts at 18. Probably just coming into your prime,” the doctor added, winking at Sean in a futile attempt to ease the tension. “Let’s go ahead drop your pants so we can see what’s going.”

Sean looked at his father hoping he would read his expression and bow out of the exam room, but to Sean’s dismay, he didn’t budge. Hesitantly Sean undid his jeans and slowly started to pull his pants and stretched out briefs down.

Dr. Williams whistled in astonishment as Sean’s cock spilled out of his underwear and said, “I see the concern, you have clearly grown quite a bit since your last physical.”

Startled by the whistle, Sean had let go of his pants and both his briefs and jeans fell to rest around his ankles. His soft penis hung halfway down his thigh and his inflated bull balls hung resting on his thighs, pushing his cock out and on display. When he had gone away for college, he was just average: 5’ 9”, 150 pounds, average cock. He was still average in every way, but he had noticed his underwear slowly getting tighter over the course of his freshmen year. He assumed he’d been doing his laundry wrong until his father caught him trying to get a little tan in his speedo while he was home house sitting for his parents away on vacation. That miscommunication of when they’d be back and mistaken belief no one would find him wearing a far too small speedo from his high school swim days out by the pool had led to him being drug into see the doctor.

Sheepishly, Sean looked over at his father who was clearly shocked at seeing it uncovered for the first time since his growth. He had locked his eyes on Sean’s cock and had an expression of pure disbelief.

“Let me glove up and we will take a closer look,” Dr. Williams said, snapping on a latex glove. “I know it’s awkward, but try to relax.” He began gently feeling around Sean’s lower abdomen. “Any pain here?” Dr. Williams asked.

“Nope,” gulped Sean, trying to clear his mind and zone out. He could already feel blood rushing toward his cock and really did not want to pop a fully exposed boner in front of his dad, let alone Dr. Williams.

“Welp, no hernia or anything off yet. Go ahead and have a seat back on the table. Are you sexually active?” asked Dr. Williams.

“Nothing beyond hand jobs, sir,” Sean said, wishing he was lying. He’d been far too shy to come out yet at college despite the opportunity. And with his growing cock he didn’t really want guys only seeing his dick and not him.

“And no other strange growth spurts?” the doctor asked, now feeling around the base of Sean’s cock.

“No sir,” Sean gasped, feeling the cold latex hand now massaging his right testicle.

Dr. Williams hummed quizzically, now massaging Sean’s left testicle in his hand. “Well, your testicles are definitely much larger than average, but nothing feels alarming,” he said, moving his hands now to Sean’s slowly plumping shaft. Sean bit his lip and looked away from Dr. Williams’s hands on his cock, hoping to fight off a full-on boner. Aware of how uncomfortable Sean was feeling, Dr. Williams attempted to reassure him. “Oh don’t be embarrassed, erections happen all the time during physicals. Not the first I’ve seen and for sure not the last.”

“I’ll try, sir,” Sean said, even though he was certain he would die right there in the room from sheer awkwardness. Still feeling underneath the shaft, Dr. Williams’s glove caught Sean’s foreskin and accidentally pulled it back to reveal half of Sean’s swelling head. Sean let out a slight grunt at the sensation.

Responding to the grunt, Dr. Williams asked, “Does it hurt to fully retract your foreskin?”

“No sir,” Sean panted, “just a little sensitive.”

“Well, we will be careful then,” replied Dr. Williams, returning to feel around Sean’s thickening shaft, but the foreskin movement had sealed the deal and Sean knew there was no holding back from a full erection now. He’d already ballooned up to a chubby 9 inches easily and couldn’t keep his thoughts on anything to make it go down.

“All right, son, if you would please go ahead and lie back on the table,” Dr. Williams directed. Sean looked again at his father who still looked aghast. Laying back on the table, Sean’s growing erection was even more obvious, slightly rising and slowly swelling. Turning away to jot some notes on Sean’s chart, the doctor asked, “So you took one of your father’s supplements over Christmas break? XXXtreme Men?”

“Yes, sir, I just took one on a whim,” Sean said, looking down at his cock, which was now standing straight up toward the ceiling and at beer can thickness, towering straight up towards the ceiling. He was getting harder now and couldn’t help but flex his cock to alleviate the throbbing, despite his father’s shocked eyes locked on him. He resisted the strong urge to touch it to soothe the throbbing while Dr. Williams’s back was turned.

“Hmmm, well, normally those kinds of supplements are completely false advertising for placebo pills,” said Dr. Williams, now looking online to try and find the supplier with his back still to Sean. “Ah yes, here we go, that company went out of business last year for fraud. I am guessing it didn’t do anything for you, Tom?” he asked before turning back around to find Sean’s cock standing straight up. “Jesus!” exclaimed Dr. Williams, “I mean, I am sorry for the unprofessional outburst, but I just thought you were already fully erect before. Are you now?”

Embarrassed, Sean quickly sat up, lifted his t-shirt and shoved the majority of his hardening cock under it out of view as best he could. “Yes sir,” Sean stammered. “It’s almost fully hard.” He glanced at his father, who was still staring in disbelief at the tent Sean’s cock had made of his t-shirt. A spot of precum was soaking through his shirt right between his pecs and he could feel his cock head shifting further out of his foreskin.

“Almost?” Dr. Williams paused with a somewhat shocked look. Eyeing the tent of Sean’s shirt, he paused in slight disbelief. “Well, bud, I understand that it feels awkward, but I need to take another look. Can you remove your shirt? I promise neither of us are judging you, we’re all men here. We’ve all seen a hard penis before,” Dr. Williams added in a reassuring tone.

Sean looked at his father, who gave him his first nod of reserved encouragement since being there despite his shocked expression. Reluctantly Sean removed his shirt letting his monster spring to attention now out in full view. The head was now deep red and glistening with precum half out of his foreskin. Both Dr. Williams and Tom stared at him in bewilderment.

“Wow, I see now why your father is concerned,” Dr. Williams said with a nod. “I’ve seen plenty of penises in this office and this is easily larger than I’ve ever seen soft or erect.” Feeling an odd sense of pride and embarrassment, Sean’s cock flexed against his will, bobbing and sending a string of precum slowly dangling toward the floor. “Are you still getting hard, Sean?” Dr. Williams asked.

“Clearly he is,” Sean’s dad exclaimed. Sean’s head was now turning purple and forcing its way further out of the foreskin, drooling pre cum. Sean’s cock was now uncomfortably throbbing at full mast pointing straight out and slightly up in front him, and it took every ounce of composure to not give himself a stroke right there despite the awkwardness.

“Yes, well, I thought it was fully erect just a moment ago, but clearly I was wrong,” chuckled Dr. Williams. “Is this about as hard as you get, Sean?” Dr. Williams asked.

“Yes, sir,” Sean said sheepishly.

Recognizing the concern on Sean’s face, Dr. Williams comforted him. “Don’t be embarrassed, its completely natural to get erections. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Now,” he went on, “I normally wouldn’t suggest this, but in this case, I think we need to take your measurements so we can track this if things persist to grow at a rapid rate.” He pulled a cloth tape measure from a drawer. Sean grew even more mortified knowing his cock was not only going to be on record, but that his father was there to hear just how big he was.

“Are you sure? I mean, can I just do it and tell you?” Sean asked pleadingly.

“Most men lie about their penis size so we can’t exactly trust self-reporting. Not that you’d lie about this… But anyway, you don’t have to worry, Sean, this is confidential. Now, can you hold it steady for me there bud?” Dr. Williams asked and Sean reluctantly wrapped his hand around the base of his throbbing cock to try to hold it still. Placing the tape around the center of Sean’s shaft, Dr. Williams pulled it tight and said, “9 inches around”. Sean’s cock bucked uncontrollably at the sound of the number and flexed off the tape measure on its own accord. Dr. Williams quickly caught the neck of Sean’s sack before his balls could tighten up around the base of his cock. “Easy, big guy,” Dr. Williams quipped, and Sean let out a thankful grunt. Next Dr. Williams placed the tape at the base of Sean’s cock and slowly extended to the tip. All three men’s eyes widened when the tip pushed just slightly past 14 inches.

“Damn, son!” blurted out Sean’s father and then covered his mouth remembering the awkwardness of the situation and surprise at his sudden sense of pride. Sean’s cock flexed fully hard.

“Well, he is clearly a big boy,” Dr. Williams said, holding in a chuckle.

“Big? He’s huge!” stammered Tom. Sean went red in the face and his cock bucked again. “This can’t be normal.”

“Aside from the fact that you’re over double average size, everything seems normal and in order, young man. I would like you to follow up though if you notice any further growth or an abnormality, and we will need to do some blood work, take a urine sample, and a semen sample just to cover our bases, but I doubt that pill had any damaging effects if it even did this. You’ve honestly probably just hit your last growth spurt.” Dr. Williams made a few more notes on Sean’s file.

“A semen sample?” Sean’s dad said seeming to snap out of his mix of pride and disbelief. “I am not sure that’s necessary, Doctor.”

“We just need to make sure this isn’t something related to or affecting fertility. Clearly it shouldn’t take him too long once we step out and let him do his business,” said Dr. Williams, nodding toward Sean’s purpling cock. Sean’s face went even more red and another dollop precum dripped out his freely bobbing head. He knew it wouldn’t take him long at this point, but the idea of them standing in the hallway waiting for him to shoot his load was mortifying.

“Sean, you need to ejaculate into this cup and then let us know when you’re done. Then we’ll have a nurse collect a blood sample as well and let you complete the urine sample on your way out,” Dr. Williams explained.

Looking again at Sean’s fully erect massive cock standing straight out from him and then the semen collection cup, Dr. Williams paused with a thought and then said, “If you need to use both hands to finish up, you might try setting the cup on this stool and standing over it.” He set the cup on the stool and motioned to the floor next to the stool.

Sean awkwardly nodded that he did and wrapped his hand around the base of his cock to show the men how he couldn’t fully reach one hand around. They both nodded at him with understanding and started for the door. As they did so Sean stood up and slid his hand up to the head of his cock to hold it steady as he moved over to the stool. He forgot his pants were still around his ankles and stumbled, forcing back his foreskin all the way to expose his full, glistening head in the fumble. Doing so sent a wave through his groin that he knew too well.

Sean quickly tried to force his foreskin back over his now full helmet head, but it wouldn’t budge. He used both hands to squeeze the shaft just under his now exposed head to hold back from shooting and grunted in agony. His kiwi sized testicles tightened all the way up and his purple head had flared out to the size of a tennis ball. A small trickle of semen slipped out his cock slit and both men were staring at him with a mix of concern and pity. Recognizing the shaft squeezing technique from their own experiences, the pumping muscle of his cock, they knew that the poor boy wasn’t going to be able to hold back long enough for them to exit the room.

Biting his lip and holding both hands tight around the neck of his cock Sean quickly positioned his head towards the cup as best he could. Sean looked at the two men pleadingly, hoping they would either run out or look away or disappear in that instant, but his muscles were already spasming for release, and the men weren’t making any attempt to leave.

Red in the face and sweating, Sean whimpered, knowing that there was no turning back from the ledge. He was too embarrassed to tell them he was about to cum. His head was swollen to capacity and instinct was telling him to stroke instead of squeeze. Sean could only bring himself to grunt out “I am gonna shoot!” in a last-ditch effort to snap them out of their staring trance and give him the decency of cumming in private. His cock bucked violently from the base forcing Sean to loosen his grip and he fired the first shot of cum over the stool to land square on Dr. Williams’s shoe. Sean groaned from the feeling of his cock trying to pulse out cum without being stroked. Both men, aware of the uncomfortable feeling themselves, felt even more pity for him. Sean moved one of his hands to the base of his cock and the other hovered ready to stroke the head. He was fighting back tears and straining to not stoke his cock in front of them, but his bucking cock was begging to be stroked. Sean looked at the two men who were clearly lost in a trance. Grunting like a wild animal, he started stroking his erupting cock; one hand stroking the shaft, one hand stroking the head.

Realizing that Sean indeed needed both hands to work his massive manhood, Dr. Williams grabbed the cup and held it out to Sean’s pulsing head. “Here ya go, bud,” Dr. Williams directed, and Sean thrust the tip of his tennis ball sized head to cover the whole rim of the cup and grunted harder, giving semen like a bull. Catching five large spurts Dr. Williams pulled away, put the cap on and stepped back to let Sean finish. He wanted to turn his back and aim away from the men, but his legs were busy holding up his bucking hips and his hands were only useful for getting the massive load out. Sean leaned back to rest his ass on to the table still stroking and grunting, thrusting into his hands while covering his chest with the rest of his cum. With the last spurt, he squeezed the base of his cock and forced the last bit out slowly letting it drool down his massive shaft. Panting, Sean looked at the two men simultaneously relieved and utterly embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” Sean said out of breath, “I just couldn’t… it just…”

“It’s okay, son,” Sean’s Dad said with a mix of reassurance and pity. “Trust me, we understand that feeling.”

Snapping out of his shock from what just happened and how much cum was now all over the floor and Sean, Dr. Williams handed Sean a roll of paper towels and said, “We’ll step out now and let you clean up.”

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