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 At his boss’s behest, Bronas does a little self-care on the job.

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Bronas yawned so hard he nearly fell out of his chair. He’d been fighting sleep with sips of coffee for an hour now. But the emails just kept coming. Coming and coming and coming.

Bronas peeked out his office blinds. Didn’t seem like his boss had even made it in yet. The calendar in his window still had yesterday’s affirmation: “Take some time to for care for yourself.” Bronas figured if he had the boss’s approval, he might as well practice some self-care.

Dick in hand, Bronas browsed his favorite pornographic websites. He usually opted for lighter fare, but the taboo of whacking it in the office had him feeling devilish. He clicked on a random video featuring men in animal masks. Woah! Too much too fast. And too hard. And too long! He retreated to the homepage, wondering how else he could spice things up.

He settled on a video of a handsome man sucking his own cock. Immediately, Bronas was stiff as a board. He’d always been happy with his cock. It landed at an even six inches, purportedly average but he had his suspicions about the average man overreporting. He liked to think he was at least in the 60th percentile. Perhaps if his dick could be an inch or so bigger that wouldn’t be so bad.

Bronas knew how to handle his cock and brought himself to the point of orgasm effortlessly. Just as he felt his balls about to slip and his “ejac-” to “-ulate,” he let go, breathing deep to reset his system. He could never let himself finish right away.

Head a little clearer, Bronas refocused on the gentleman in the video, who’d managed to wedge his entire member down his throat. He looked peaceful balanced between the pleasure of giving and the ecstasy of taking. Of course, Bronas had tried to suck himself off before. Twice actually, once in high school and again in college. No luck either time. He yawned again, wanting nothing more than to feel like the guy in the video.

Bronas snaked his head downward, finding his tongue on his cock easier than he’d expected. He traced circles around the slit and his body quivered. He smushed his tongue against it and he quaked. And this was just the tip of pleasure! Bronas had to have more.

Somehow, he had more to give and with a thrust of the hips his head was in his mouth. It settled in, warm and welcome. Bronas hadn’t known he could be so horny. He could fuck his face for hours. He needed to.

With that thought, Bronas bucked and his cock shot even deeper down his throat. He could taste the flow of precum as his cock deliciously throbbed. It was unreal, he’d never been this hard before. He didn’t even realize he could get this hard.

Another wave of pleasure propelled Bronas to take even more of himself, burying his nose in his balls. His scent was intoxicating. He lay in his chair, curled into a cochlea, blowing his own mind. His dick bucked and didn’t stop bucking. No way was this normal. Bronas was at the base but his dick curled deeper into him. It must’ve gotten at least an inch longer. And judging from the pressure on his lips, it was wider too!

Fear urged Bronas to pull back but bliss stuck him on the shaft. His brain zeroed out, overwhelmed by the totality of his pleasure. His ejaculation finally conjuncted once, then twice, then many, many more times as Bronas doused his insides with his own semen.

Every muscle relaxed, Bronas allowed his cock to flop out of his mouth. It was easily nine inches, but it must’ve been even bigger at full mast. The part of Bronas built to worry drowned in horny bliss. He wrapped a hand around his new piece, finding his fingers could just encircle it as it kicked back to life. Already he was ready to go again.

But accompanying the resurgence of his cock was a warmth in his belly where his seed now pooled. Bronas’s body seized with his cock. His hands clawed. His toes gripped. His dick tickled his lips. Bronas wouldn’t be getting back to his emails anytime soon.


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