Ryan’s secret

by BRK

A group online stroke session gets hotter the more inches are involved.

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So one night after I came home from the gym I was really bored and horny … a bad combination, you'll agree. I really should have just gone to the movies or something, but I knew my hardon wasn't going to go away any time soon. Whenever I saw that guy at the gym, the one with the broad shoulders and magnificently sculpted body, with big bulges in all the right places, I was always rock hard from the moment I laid eyes on him till I hit a body-shuddering climax in the privacy of my own apartment.

Well, that night I sat down in front of my computer, fingering my erection through my worn jeans, I bit the bullet and went on line. I stopped by a couple of my favorite porn web sites, but they didn't have anything new since my last j/o session (which just happened to correspond with my last workout, two nights before—this guy had been getting me to the gym four times a week at least, which if nothing else was making for startlingly delicious progress on my own bod). Then I noticed that one of my regular sites had recently added live chat rooms. Intrigued, I entered the chatting zone to see if anyone else was as bored and horny (and creative) as I was.

The first few rooms had names like “Gay romance” and “Hot guys seeking same.” (I thought, what is this, AOL?) But then I noticed a room called “Fantasy bods.” Eagerly I entered the room. I was asked to give myself a handle, and without thinking I went with the handle I always use: Footlong. I had long since decided that eleven inches was close enough to use this handle without fear of disappointment. (I've had a couple of dates with guys I met online. I love the look on their faces when I tell hem I lied about my dick—it's only eleven inches. Usually they say something like, “Um, that's O.K.!”)

Both of the guys already in the room reacted immediately when I came in. One was called PsychicFuck. The other was MayanRyan. The following exchange ensued:

*MayanRyan: Hey footlong … welcome to the party!
*PsychicFuck: hey dude … man, u r for real!
*MayanRyan: Can you see it?
*PsychicFuck: oh yeah—it's a good 12 inches and it's rock hard. take it out dude!

I was a little taken aback by this—but just for a minute. I figured PF's stock in trade was to pretend to be psychic in order to enhance the fantasy. I eagerly went along, shucking my pants and starting to pull on my slab with long, slow strokes of my left hand.

*Footlong: How's this?
*PsychicFuck: whew man, he's got it out and it's gorgeous
*MayanRyan: how's the rest of him? ;)
*PsychicFuck: totally fucking hot man. sexy face, really tall, lanky, thick pecs, flat abs, long dark hair, sexy brown eyes… he's going to start feeling my heat really soon!

I was impressed by this—it was a pretty good description of me. Maybe he'd met me in another chat room? Nonetheless I like the way he described me. My dick got even harder. The fact is, and I'm not totally proud of this, but I am really attracted to myself. I would do me any day! (All day.) Of course I'm such a size queen that I always imagine myself with an even bigger cock than the horsecock already thrusting up from my loins.

*Footlong: Hey man, that's spot on! What about our friend?
*PsychicFuck: i keep trying but he's blocking me somehow. still i'm getting really awesome vibes off him…
*MayanRyan: (hee hee)
*Footlong: C'mon Ryan, what's your secret?
*MayanRyan: You have to guess. But I might let you off easy cause u are totally my type.
*Footlong: Psy, can't you see anything?
*PsychicFuck: just hints. bright eyes—big smile—very sensual. i'm strokin man—i get really good readings when i'm strokin—but i swear he's blockin me.
*MayanRyan: We're all strokin
*PsychicFuck: we gotta three-way
*MayanRyan: Maybe that'll help u guys figure it ;)
*PsychicFuck: let me reach out and caress your bods—let me run my hands across your sexy arms.. your broad thick shoulders…
*MayanRyan: Do it man

I took a deep breath and imagined myself with these two guys, who in the absence of information looked a lot like me, sitting at their computers, naked, left hands stroking their cocks. I was about type an interesting fantasy that had been brewing in my mind—we were each using a weird new kind of experimental lube and our cocks were getting longer as we stroked them, very very slowly—when suddenly I felt a strange kind of connection. My mouth dropped open as I felt my room merge with another, and I felt as though in a dream, a deep, rich, sensual dream, a trip in which my sensations were heightened and time stretched and lingered…

In this dream-sensation I was sitting next to a guy I knew had to be PsychicFuck, our rooms overlapping, our computers before us on a table that blurred mine into his. He was compact and pale, built lithe and muscled like a gymnast, with smoldering eyes that seemed incongruous with his blond hair and fair features. With his left hand he was pumping a long, thin cock that curved in toward his tight abs. He was blurred and insubstantial, like a ghost, but the sensation of being next to him was more erotic than any encounter I'd ever had, and when he reached up his free hand to caress my triceps it felt more real than many an anonymous fuck. There was no way I was questioning this—I was going with it!

I felt him touch me and my whole body shuddered. Slowly he stroked my upper body, caressing slowly downward, until his hand fell across my cock. I let him have it and reached across for his. To my amazement I felt it as real as if he were there with me—his hot throbbing member felt outstanding in my trembling hand.

Through all of this I had forgotten about the third member of our party. I could dimly see him beyond Psy, dim and vague, as if he were sitting in a dark, smoky room. I could discern only the slow motion—not of an arm going up and down, stroking, but a body undulating. Every now and then I caught a glimpse of his eyes—they were aroused and amused. They were fixed on me. The shape was broad—I guessed he was built like the sexier kind of football player.

I started to say “Come join us!” but just then Psy brought his lips to mine and simultaneously intensified his stroking, and a wave of erotic passion engulfed my bod and would have crumpled me had I not been sitting down. But I winked at Ryan. He seemed to oblige: His face, and then his shoulders, solidified. Despite his European name he had the gorgeous cafe-au-lait features of an ancient Mayan god, so gorgeous that I nearly forgot Psy, who had started kissing the muscles of my torso and was making his way down to my quivering cock. The body being slowly revealed was superb: first broad, thickly muscled, carefully sculpted shoulders gave way to the tops of what must have been heavy, ponderous, spherical pecs…

We were both standing now. I reached out my hand and though he seemed several feet away my hand rested on that magnificent shoulder. I pulled him toward me and he obliged, his body still undulating. I put my hand behind his neck and we kissed even as Psy wrapped his hot mouth around my slab.

I was in ecstasy—Ryan was an phenomenal kisser and Psy clearly had a postgraduate degree in fellatio. His luscious mouth was hot and tight as he drew my cock in inch by inch and massaged it until i wondered how much pleasure I could take. Meanwhile this broad-shouldered hunk was raping my mouth with his, his long tongue dancing with mine as we kissed each other better than I'd ever had before.

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