Roommate juice

by TheSizeKing

Jacob, a nerdy and skinny college student, gets randomly assigned to live with a transfer student his junior year. Braden, the transfer, makes quite an entrance on move-in day. 

2 parts 3,219 words Added Dec 2023 Updated 23 Mar 2024 14k views 4.6 stars (22 votes)

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Part 1 Jacob, a nerdy and skinny college student, gets randomly assigned to live with a transfer student his junior year. Braden, the transfer, makes quite an entrance on move-in day.  (added: 2 Dec 2023)
Part 2 Jacob, having been humiliated one too many times, finally comes up with a solution to his problem. But it ends up in the wrong hands—Braden’s his buff, hung roommate.  (added: 23 Mar 2024)
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Part 1

“This goes here, this goes there…. I’ll put that away later…” Jacob mutters to himself, trying to unpack his bags in his too-small dorm room. His first year of college went as expected: poorly. Not because he got bad grades, that was the easy part. The hard part is making friends and being confident. That required much more work.

He had to be matched with a random roommate going into his sophomore year, and the only thing he had been told is that his name is Braden and that he is 21, going into his junior year. Jacob had arrived at his dorm early in the morning, eager to have his room set up before his roommate arrived so he could stay out of the way. “I hope he’s nice and we share some interests…” Jacob thinks while neatly lining up his textbooks on the shelf beside his desk. He keeps slowly unpacking his stuff, humming softly to himself, when all of a sudden the door bursts open, slamming against the wall, making Jacob jump out of his skin and nearly fall over.

“Yo! Anyone here yet?” a deep baritone voice calls out, no human in the door frame yet to accompany the disembodied voice. Jacob hears shuffling and dragging, so he assumes his roommate is getting his stuff together. He walks to the door to greet him, but instead walks face first into a meaty chest.

“Mfff!” Jacob exclaims, the solid, beefy chest that’s all but exploding out of the tank top Braden is wearing almost making Jacob bounce back. He is able to steady himself without falling over.

“Heyyy dude, sorry about that. Didn’t hear you around the corner! You all right? Yeah, you’re fine, walk it off, champ.” Braden’s warm voice tickles Jacob in all the right places, sending shivers down his spine as he finally gets to look at Braden for the first time… all of him this time, not just the pecs.

Jacob has to suppress a gasp. The most beautiful, sexy man stands before him… and it’s his roommate. While Jacob himself stands 6 feet 3 inches tall, Braden towers above him at a staggering 6 feet 10 inches, his head likely able to scrape the top of the door frame. His clean-shaven face, plump juicy lips, chiseled jaw, strong brows, and piercing blue eyes, framed perfectly under lightly tousled reddish-brown hair, is more than enough by itself to turn heads and prolong stares. But it’s everything from the neck down that makes Jacob gawk and stare.

Jacob, a mere 135 pounds soaking wet, is just less than half the size of Braden’s bulging body. Topping out at 230 pounds, Braden’s swollen, un-pumped muscles practically fill Jacob’s entire field of vision. Jacob already had quite the meeting with the pecs, but seeing them at more of a distance makes them somehow even more impressive. The straps of the tank top are stretched thin, the pillows attached to Braden’s chest pushing them out insanely far. His fat round nipples poke out the sides of the suggestion of a shirt, teasing Jacob. Braden’s arms are easily as big around as Jacob’s head, and the shoulders that sit atop them are almost comically large and perfectly round.

Jacob glances down at Braden’s lower half, which is no less impressive. If anything, it makes Jacob more impressed… and turned on. Stuffed into too-small shorts are Braden’s legs, which are each bigger around than Jacob’s torso. The fabric is painted onto him, each muscle separation seen clearly against the bright blue material. His thighs flare out wide and strong, and the calves on the lower half are no less extreme than any other muscle.

The shorts also hide nothing in the groin region. Jacob is sure Braden wore these shorts to highlight it on purpose. Half the reason those shorts are so tight on the legs is because of how much of Braden’s soft bulge they have to attempt to cover. Based on Jacob’s mental calculations and measuring, a hefty, thick 8-inch soft cock is tightly packaged in the pouch. It doesn’t seem like underwear was a consideration either, since the detail of every vein, ridge, and curve of that huge member and swollen balls can be seen on full display at the front.

“I’m… f-fine. I’m fine. Thanks. I’m Jacob. You must be Braden,” Jacob says shakily, his hands fidgeting nervously in front of him, trying his best to conceal the under-average but very rigid boner he is sporting.

“Good. Damn dude, you’re thin. Put some meat on those bones, shrimpy!” Braden says confidently, giving Jacob a firm tap on his shoulder while flexing his other bicep, the baseball sized muscle riddled with veins. Jacob lightly whimpers from the pat and watching such a big arm put on a show just for him.

Braden smirks. He knows he is the top dog, the big alpha everywhere he goes. But having a little wimpy ass skinny nerd for a roommate? The proportions and size difference are even more pronounced, which only makes Braden’s ego stronger. He knows this is going to be an entertaining year. “So are you gonna step aside and let me get my stuff in or are you just gonna be awkward and stare at me the whole time?”

Braden asks cockily, bouncing his pecs without really paying attention to them. Jacob scurries out of the way, back pressed against the cold cinderblock wall of their tight entranceway, and his face turns beet red. “Y-yeah, sorry! You can go on through.”

Braden lifts enormous bags, three in each hand, and shuffles past Jacob. He turns to face him as he shoves past, his big chest rubbing against Jacob’s face again and the prominent bulge jutting out the front rubbing against Jacob’s flat stomach. More shivers, this time with a bit of pre leaking.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it, shrimpy? I like that nickname… shrimpy. That’s what I’m gonna call you from now on, got it?” Jacob watches as Braden walks toward his bed, his backside facing Jacob’s direction, and this new posterior view does not disappoint. His lats flare out from his shoulders exaggeratedly while his waist remains tight, trim, and smooth. The arm holes look like they are about to rip, so overfilled are they with muscle. The hamstrings on the back of his legs are solid pillars, each muscle bigger than Jacob’s whole leg.

Jacob can’t help but go wide-eye stare at the glutes that swallowed the shorts. These two perfect, voluminous, perky, huge glute muscles are clearly fighting for room in this confined space and both are winning. They look to be as big and round as Jacob’s whole head and bounce and shake with each lumbering step Braden took. The deep crack that the fabric is wedged between seemed to go on forever, which only makes the globes that are Braden’s ass more pronounced.

“My name’s Jacob, though…” he says timidly as Braden walks away, but quickly changes it to, “Y-yeah that’s okay!” when Braden gives Jacob a stern, dominating look.

“So what’s your story, shrimpy? I doubt we have anything in common but who knows… you might surprise me. What, cat got your tongue? Speak.”

Braden’s booming voice makes Jacob squeal. He starts mumbling, no words distinguishable, and Braden cuts him off. “Is this gonna be a regular thing with you? I can’t fuckin hear you, dude.”

Jacob’s eyes goew wide, unsure how to handle Braden basically commanding him. He thinks it best to speak up. “I-I’m a junior, I’m a double major in chemistry and biochemistry, umm… that’s pretty much it. That’s all I like.” Jacob can’t take his eyes off of Braden as he starts unpacking things. The movement and flexing of his muscles are hypnotizing.

“Boooooring. Fuckin nerd haha! If you couldn’t tell, I love the gym.” Braden turns around and does a most muscular pose, the already overblown muscles springing to life and getting bigger. Jacob could swear he hears fabric tear, but he can’t be sure.

“Y-yeah, I can tell… Maybe I’ll start going to the gym too…” Jacob says cautiously. He immediately regrets saying that. What is he thinking? How embarrassing. Braden didn’t ask him that.

Braden stops flexing and walks up to Jacob, whose back is still flat against the wall. Jacob holds his breath, unsure what is going to happen next. Braden crosses his arms and looks down at Jacob over his pecs, scoping him up and down. He then laughs. “You? You?! L’il man, you couldn’t curl a 5 pounder.” Braden flexes his bicep again, right in front of Jacob’s face. “Feel it. I said… feel it.”

Jacob gulps and reaches out his hand, placing it on the huge mound. He gasps, seeing his hand become dwarfed by the perfectly round, smooth muscle. “Wow…” he whispers, unable to control his emotions.

That. Is what a real man’s muscle feels like. This is what you could only dream of achieving.” Braden walks away, leaving Jacob a little scared, but anger quickly starts to take over. Braden touched a nerve. Jacob has been teased and ignored all his life. But now? Being dominated and forced to follow commands from someone bigger and stronger than him? No happening. That is going to change this semester.

His chemistry background and access to the science lab are going to work in his favor. And he is going to show Braden up. No more being the big man on campus for him.


Part 2

A few months had gone by, and while Braden and Jacob lived separate lives, whenever they were in the room together, Braden treated Jacob like his own personal assistant. Braden would always have Jacob fetch things for him, he would have Jacob dry his body off after his shower, even give him massages after a long, three-hour workout at the gym. Without showering first, of course. While Jacob absolutely enjoyed this, he also didn’t like the negative aspects of their relationship. Braden would constantly talk down to him, insult him, push him around, and make him feel smaller than he already was, which he couldn’t afford to have happen. 

Jacob had been spending the first half of the semester developing something in the chemistry lab. He had done some tests on the rats that were there, and he thinks he has finally gotten the formula right. He just needed the right time to take it to be able to show up his roommate once and for all. 

Jacob had eaten lunch and immediately gone to the lab to grab the final serum he created, the water bottle-sized container filled with a clear liquid with a slight blue hue. He knew Braden was supposed to be in class (which he rarely attended), but he still peeked around the door to his dorm room to see if anyone was inside first. Coast was clear. He walked into his room and set the bottle down on his desk and started gathering things for his next class, when all of a sudden his stomach started turning into knots. He felt like he was going to be sick. 

“Damn dining hall food! Ugh!!” His stomach was in immense pain, and his mouth started to salivate. He knew what that meant. The communal dorm bathroom was down the hall, so he had no choice but to run, hoping to make it in time so he didn’t end up throwing up all over the hallway. 

A few moments later, Braden walks up the staircase and walks toward his dorm room, mumbling to himself. “Stupid fuckin professor, not giving me an A on my exam even after I gave him that little show in his office! Fuckin pussy bitch!” Braden unlocks the dorm door and slams it shut, leaving a few cracks in the doorframe. He throws his backpack on the bed and paces around the room, trying to calm down. He sees the bottle of blue-ish clear liquid on his roommate’s desk, and stops to look at it. 

No label, no markings, just a bottle with liquid. “Wonder what this little shit is drinking…” Braden unscrews the top and takes a sip, but immediately puts the lid back on and sets it down. It was absolutely disgusting. 

“What the fuck is that shit, dude? Nasty little…” He digs his protein shake out of his bag and takes a swig, hoping to wash the taste off of his tongue. He felt his crotch stir, but thought nothing of it. “Fuck that it disgusting…” 

Braden sat down at his desk chair to try to calm down while absentmindedly rubbing his hands across his thick thighs. He closed his eyes, slowed his breathing, and got more comfortable in the chair, his hands gliding over his muscles. His hand occasionally bumps into his bulge, which is always on display, but it feels different. Braden looks down and gasps. He can see it swell bigger! Slowly, but absolutely getting bigger. His legs were getting thicker as well.

“What the…” Braden stands up and walks to the mirror on his wardrobe, looking at his whole body in the mirror. His whole body was slowly swelling bigger. The tight compression shirt he was wearing was suctioning around his muscles more, making it look like a second skin. His flaring lats pulled the shirt up higher than his waist, so his abs were showing, the 8 bricks getting more defined as the ridges between them deepened. 

His shorts were also having trouble containing their swelling contents, most prominently in his pouch. The already meaty thick, soft bulge was pushing out against the fabric, and when he placed his hand overtop of it, he felt it twitch, which ripped some of the seams. Braden reached down and felt his balls, moaning slightly as he felt them full out in his palm more. 

“I don’t know what’s happening, but I hope it never stops, fuck!” He grinned at his reflection in the mirror, watching my body swell outwards in every direction, distressing his already tight clothing to the point of bursting. It eventually stops, his tanned skin poking through holes that had ripped in his shirt and shorts. 

Braden heard the door open, and he grinned. He grabbed the bottle off of his roommate’s desk and hid it in his wardrobe, closing the door. He started flexing in the mirror, taking stock of his new body, waiting for Jacob to enter and see him in all of his new glory. 

“Hi Braden, what are you—whoa!” Braden does a lat spread, ripping his compression shirt down the middle. “Rrgghh yeahhh….. so much less restricting… oh hey, shrimpy. What do you think of this wingspan?” Braden can see Jacob’s expression in the mirror, and he smirks. 

“H-how did you… you-you’re…. so big…” Jacob stammers, unable to comprehend Braden’s new size. 

“Come over here and help get this stupid shirt off of me. I guess 2XL is too small for me now, huh?” Braden turns around, his pouch in his shorts straining, his jockstrap poking through the seams, his pecs distending the Under Armour logo almost to the point beyond recognition. He does a double bicep pose, the fabric ripping along the length of the football-sized muscle. 

Jacob stays frozen in fear and awe, his roommate now the size of a heavyweight bodybuilder. He is too caught up in the wall of man standing in front of him to even notice that his bottle of serum is missing from his desk. His tiny boner pokes against his pants, the small tent at full mask in mere seconds. 

“You really are a bad listener. Fine, if you won’t come to me, I’ll come to you. Nice boner, by the way.” Braden laughs and lumbers over to Jacob, who blushes and looks down at his crotch, trying to cover it up. Braden squishes his soft bulge into Jacob’s, which makes Jacob yelp, looking up with big doe eyes at Braden. “Damn he looks even bigger up close…” Jacob thinks, gulping loudly. 

“Get. These. Clothes. Off. Of. Me.” With each word, Braden leans in closer and closer to Jacob, his chest bumping into him. Jacob starts to try to take the shirt off the normal way, starting with the sleeves, but found it was stretched too tightly to be able to remove it. Braden then grabs the middle of his shirt and rips it off of himself like wet paper. 

“Ahhh… much better. See that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Braden’s shredded, swollen torso fully exposed. His pecs hang heavily from his chest, nipples starting to point downward, the cleavage between the two hams deep. His cannonball shoulders were easily twice as wide as his trim waist, and his biceps alone were as big as Jacob’s head. Eight tightly packed, ripped abs tapered down to his crotch, a deep but prominent Adonis belt leading the eyes down to a grossly overstuffed pouch. 

“Hmm… quite an improvement would you agree, shrimpy?” Braden ran his hands up and down along his abs, his hand occasionally brushing against his bulge, making it bounce and jiggle, which only made Jacob blush again. He kept glancing down at the big, bouncing package, unable to contain himself, and Braden smirked. “Oh? See something you like down there, little dude? Why don’t you set him free? He’s a bit more…cramped than usual.” 

Jacob’s eyes only grew wider, unable to speak or unglue his eyes from the bulge practically exploding out of the too-small shorts. The more Braden felt up his body, the more it jostled and bounced his cock around, which proved to be too much for the shorts. His strong, massive member, barely contained inside the jockstrap, ripped through, and the strong scent of his manly musk wafted up from the gap in the sides of the pouch, which were easily pushed out from so much meat being stuffed inside. Braden grabbed the base of the package and swung it up and down, and the sounds of it slapping against his abs and thighs filling the room. The tip bumped against Jacob’s own meager boner a few times, and Jacob couldn’t control it anymore. 

With a slight whimper, he came in his pants, a small wet spot forming at the front. Braden laughed in his face while continuing to stroke his own cock, his hand unable to wrap all the way around it due to its thickness. “Fuckin pathetic, dude!! Might want to go clean yourself up.”

Jacob scurries off down the hall, hands covering the front of his pants, leaving Braden to admire himself in all of his naked glory. He grinned, knowing this was just the beginning of Jacob’s humiliation.

2 parts 3,219 words Added Dec 2023 Updated 23 Mar 2024 14k views 4.6 stars (22 votes)

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