The perfect fit

by TheSizeKing

When someone can grow you to whatever size you want, make sure they know how big you want to be. Otherwise things can go a little overboard.

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Part 1 When someone can grow you to whatever size you want, make sure they know how big you want to be. Otherwise things can go a little overboard. (added: 27 Jun 2020)
Part 2  (added: 8 Aug 2020)
Part 3
Part 4 The final two chapters of Kostas’ control over Taylor’s exceptional growth. (added: 22 Aug 2020)
Part 5
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Part 1

“Wow. There has to be a secret that you’re hiding from me, because you are too perfect. Like, my ideal guy.”

Taylor was sitting across from his first ever Grindr date named Kostas. His profile said he was a medical student who volunteers on weekends and likes both dogs and cats. He drives a sporty SUV and likes to build things, but also plays piano and is fine with crying at emotional movies. Pretty much an all-around dream man.

Lucky for Taylor, everything Kostas said about himself in his profile was accurate, and he looked even better than he did in his pictures that he posted, which already made him look like a model. What shocked Taylor the most was that Kostas picked him over all the other, much more muscular and attractive men on the site. He was nothing better than average, so what made Kostas want to date him?

“I promise I’m an open book! You can ask me whatever you want.” Kostas flashed Taylor that brilliantly white, straight tooth smile of his. He subconsciously (or maybe it was on purpose?) bounced his pecs and Taylor watched his tight grey t-shirt jump in response.

Taylor’s eyes flew up to meet Kostas’s, embarrassed. Kostas, quite aware of Taylor’s hazel eyes staring at his chest, smirked but did not speak about it.

“I guess I can ask you what you saw in me on the app.” Taylor blushed but did not break eye contact with Kostas’ deep green eyes.

With a light baritone chuckle, Kostas said “You’re exactly the type I’m looking for.”

Silence. Taylor was absolutely flabbergasted that this 6’3”, 230-pound sexy muscular hunk was into guys that were… average. Kostas reached out a strong hand and rested it on top of Taylor’s clasped hands, and Taylor’s eyes widened when his own hands all but disappeared beneath Kostas’ one.

“I would have assumed that, first, if you weren’t on Grindr, that you were straight. And since you’re not, I would have thought you would go for someone that could keep up with your… stamina and strength.”

“Do you think you won’t be able to?”

“Well, I mean, look at us! We’re, like, polar opposites. You’re like, mega buff, I’m thin as a rail. You’re taller than most everyone around you, and I’m a shrimpy 5’8”. You’ve got the looks of a model, and I’m just…. trying my best, and it doesn’t look like it’s working.”

He grinned again, and squeezed Taylor’s hands a little bit. “I think you’ll find a way to adapt. Besides, I want you as much as you want me. I can see that plain as day.”

Taylor felt his face get hot. He was lucky that there was a table between them, because his 5.5” boner would have been on full display. Taylor couldn’t help but wonder if Kostas’ package matched the rest of him.

“I’m that obvious, huh?”

“Well, I’ve felt just about every guy’s eyes undress me since I walked in here. And I can also feel their jealousy when they saw me sit down with you. You should feel honored.”

“I feel like I fucking won the lottery, actually.”

Kostas laughed and a few veins in his thick neck started to bulge. “See, you’re funny and you don’t even have to try. Just another thing that I’m finding out about you that I like.”

“Oh, there’s more where that came from,” Taylor said in a monotone voice, making Kostas laugh even harder.

“Do you want to get out of here? I mean, I’m feeling good, a little buzzed, but I’m just not vibing anymore.”

“‘Vibing’? What year is this, 2014?” Taylor said playfully.

“Heeey, come on now! I know plenty of people my age who still use that word! Granted, they’re as straight as an arrow, but still!”

Taylor stood up and immediately turned toward the door to hide his still present boner and said, “How old are they, 33?”

Kostas stood up to his full height and looked down at Taylor and said, “No! They’re 28.”

“Ohh, woooooow.” Taylor said as he walked toward the door, trying to get out from under Kostas’ hulking shadow.

Once they left the restaurant and were out on the sidewalk, Kostas grabbed Taylor’s much smaller hand in his and gently pulled Taylor closer as they walked. Taylor nearly melted when he felt the warmth radiating from his much larger date, and was glad to have such a strong man supporting him should his legs give out.

“I had a really good night.” Kostas said after a few minutes of walking in silence.

“Me too. Best night I’ve had in quite some time. I would ask…” Taylor began to say but trailed off.


“No, forget it. It’s too soon.”

“Were you going to ask me to… go…”

Taylor looked up at Kostas and just nodded.

More silence. Until they landed at Taylor’s apartment.


“Sorry, what?”

“Yes. I’ll go up with you.”

Taylor nearly collapsed on the spot. He must have wavered where he stood, because Kostas reached out and steadied Taylor’s shoulder. “I’ll take that as a yes?”

Taylor nodded. Kostas scooped Taylor up by the waist and tossed him over his shoulder, carrying him like a boom box. Taylor got an awesome view of Kostas’ large ass straining the jeans he was wearing, and the bumps and ridges of his back muscles looked so inviting to Taylor’s weak but eager hands.

“What number?”


They approached the door and Taylor was somehow about to fish his keys out of his pocket and hand them to Kostas, who did not seem to be phased in the slightest that he was carrying a whole 130-pound human on his shoulder.

In what seemed like no time at all, Kostas had unlocked the door, walked in, locked the door behind him, and tossed Taylor onto his queen-sized bed before Taylor could articulate that he wanted to take a shower first.

Taylor laid there sprawled out on the bed, and Kyle started lifting up his shirt, revealing one out of his four rows of abs.

“Wait. Before you get all undone, I need to take a shower. I feel all sweaty and gross.”

“That’s okay, baby. I like to get dirty. And besides, you’re going to get much more sweaty when I’m done.”

“Well then. I think I should help you take those… restrictive clothes off. Wouldn’t want you to rip through them.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Kostas said, his voice dripping in sex appeal. Taylor scooched forward to the edge of the bed while Kostas lumbered forward, the two meeting in the middle. Taylor looked up at Kostas and was in awe of just how far away his head looked, and also how his large pecs partially obstructed Taylor’s view of Kostas’ full, thick lips.

Taylor slid both hands under Kostas’ shirt and began to slowly caress his smooth skin, feeling all 8 tight hard abs. As his hands continued to feel their way up Kostas’ trim abdomen, they found their way to his nipples where he gently massaged them as he gave a few tender kisses around the lowest set of abs and the deep Adonis belt.

A deep grumble could be heard from deep within Kostas as he started to get stimulated by Taylor’s light touch. Fuck, he knows exactly how to get me going. This is going to pan out better than I thought, Kostas thought. He raised his swollen arms about his head and allowed Taylor to tug the shirt the rest of the way off of his upper body.

Taylor stopped kissing and let out an audible gasp. Kostas’ upper body was a work of art. While his thin shirt left little to the imagination, seeing his tanned, smooth skin in the soft light coming from his bedside lamp made Kostas look even more ethereal and godly. His pecs were full and round, with the valley between them seeming to go on forever. His shoulders were perfectly round and wide, making his already trim and tight waist look tiny in comparison.

His arms were probably bigger around than Taylor’s own petite waist, and fat veins snaked randomly over their surface. Each prominent forearm muscle twitched and jumped with every slight movement of his powerful, calloused hands. Taylor stood up and began to kiss one of Kostas’ large pecs while gliding his hands over every available inch of taught skin that he could find.

“If you think this is impressive, you should see the lower half.” Kostas whispered, which made Taylor pause only for a moment before slowly starting to give him little kisses down his abs so that he was level with the waistband of Kostas’ jeans again. With one quick motion, Kostas’ belt had flown across the room and the fly of his pants had been yanked down.

Wow, he must have a lot of practice, Kostas said with a grin.

Taylor began to shimmy the tight jeans down around Kostas’ huge thighs, and was almost giddy when he saw that the little white Calvin Klein briefs were not just full, but overstuffed with man meat. The jeans landed on the floor with a heavy thump and Kostas kicked them away so that they would not obstruct him from his performance.

Taylor leaned back a little to take inventory of the lower half of Kostas. He was right, it was impressive. His tree trunk legs were thick and void of any fat, so each individual muscle looked absolutely enormous under the thin skin. Veins travelled down his legs, looking as though they were pumping growth hormones through them.

But the prize hung directly in the middle of Taylor’s field of vision. The skin tight fabric that clung to Kostas’ package was so inviting that Taylor actually began to drool.

“Don’t let that go to waste, babe.” Kostas said, and proceeded to mash his package into Taylor’s already open mouth. Kostas saw Taylor’s eyes widen as the realization hit him that Kostas was completely soft.

Through deep, wet kisses, Taylor asked, “You’re massive! Easily 8 inches while soft.”

“Spot on. But it won’t stay that way for long.” Kostas grinned as his already large member began to pump bigger and bigger, expanding outward in every direction. “You also might want to get these underwear off before I tear through them. It’s happened more times than I can count.”

Taylor yanked them down and grabbed the base of Kostas’ growing cock. He was barely able to fit his hand around it, and he could steadily feel his fingers being spread apart as the girthy cock swelled thicker and thicker. Taylor spit into his other hand and began to stroke the middle of the lengthening phallus, which allowed him to shove the leaking, throbbing cock head into his eager mouth.

Even with two hands wrapped around Kostas’ rod and Taylor’s mouth enveloping a few inches, at least 4 inches were still left untouched. Through the waves of pleasure that were coursing through Taylor’s whole body, he couldn’t help but to guess just how big Kostas was. At the restaurant, he guessed that he was being generous by guessing it was close to 7 inches, but he now realized just how far off he was.

Taylor certainly had his fair share of dicks in him, so he knew a 7-inch dick when he felt one. This one was almost double that.

Taylor soon realized that he had been so engrossed in seeing the size of Kostas’ shaft that he didn’t even think to see how big his jewels were. He certainly wasn’t disappointed when he took one hand away from stroking to grab one of the testicles and found that his hand was too small for even one of them to fit into.

He gave them a gentle squeeze and he felt Kostas tighten up a little and let out a little gasp. Taylor pulled the massive cock out of his mouth and said, “You may think you’re a sexual dynamo, but you’ve got some stiff competition here.”

“Why don’t you show me what you mean?”

In response, Taylor let go of Kostas’ throbbing phallus and let it fall heavily against his ripped legs, making an audible wet slap. Taylor noticed that it hung down almost directly to his knee.

Taylor took off all of his clothes in less than 15 seconds, which impressed Kostas. Shit, he’s eager, he thought as he slowly stroked his dick.

Taylor was laying back on the bed with his legs cocked up, exposing his tight hole.

Kostas gave Taylor’s body a once-over and took stock of what he saw. Taylor was skinny, but not so much that he looked like he was starving himself. He had a faint trace of abs, except for the last row being cushioned by a thin layer of fat. He had no discernable muscle anywhere else, but his ass was tight and round, making him a decent enough bottom. For now.

Kostas walked forward, his still-rigid cock swinging heavily in front of him like a pendulum. He positioned his throbbing cock over top of Taylor’s, and Taylor’s eyes widened when he saw his entire package disappear underneath Kostas’ massive schlong.

“You’re going to rip me in half…” Taylor said, but did not hesitate. If anything, he seemed to relax further.

“You ready?”

“Pound me.”

Kostas then backed up a few steps so that he could line up his slicked cock head with Taylor’s eager hole. He circled the rim a few times and then pushed in, but Taylor’s hole resisted.

“Wow, somebody’s tight. Hope I don’t hurt you.”

“I don’t care if you hurt me. I want every inch of you in me. Understand?”

With a baritone chuckle, Kostas said, “You asked for it.”

He thrust his hips forward much more forcefully this time, and his swollen cock head and a few inches of his girthy cock entered Taylor. Taylor let out a small yelp, but otherwise made no noise. Kostas then began to slowly pump his cock in and out of Taylor, leaving only just the head inside when he pulled back and then entered another inch every time he slammed back down on him. Through it all, Taylor was moaning and writhing with pleasure, which only amped up Kostas’ libido.

After what felt like forever, Taylor felt Kostas’ heavy nuts slam against his ass. Kostas waited there without moving while Taylor began to calm down. Taylor felt his stomach and gasped at how far up his abdomen he could feel Kostas’ cock.

“You’re the biggest guy I’ve ever taken. Holy fuck.”

“It’s not over yet.”

Kostas then began to thrust from base to tip inside Taylor, which caused screams of pleasure to practically bounce off of the walls. Kostas could see little spurts of cum erupting from Taylor’s much smaller package, which he found cute. Kostas then leaned in so that his pumped up arms were straddling Taylor’s torso so that he could get more leverage to slam his massive dick into him. This only seemed to amp up Taylor’s excitement.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Taylor yell.

“I’m gonna cum!”

With one final thrust, Kostas shoved every inch of his member into Taylor, and his balls rested again on Taylor’s ass. Taylor could feel them start to draw up into Kostas and he prepared himself for the immense amount of cum that would soon flood his bowels.

Kostas’ cock head expanded even more, stretching Taylor more than he thought was possible. Stream after stream of the thick, white spunk ejected from Kostas’ dick, and Taylor could have sworn that he could have tasted it in his mouth. Kostas seemed to have no end to his cum supply.

Eventually, cum started to leak out of Taylor’s now stretched ass, and yet Kostas continued to pump more into him.

“Fuck…. Are you ever done?!”

Through labored breaths and waves of orgasmic pleasure, Kostas said, “I forgot to warn you… sorry…” At this point, the throbs were much less frequent and the volume of cum spurting from his raw cock were getting smaller and smaller.

Kostas leaned forward and began to lick Taylor’s own cum off of Taylor’s torso, still impaling Taylor with his rock-hard dick.

“That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. I won’t be able to walk for a week.”

“There’s more where that came from.”

“Speaking of come… I think you might need help cleaning up that pole of yours.”

“And you’re gonna need a long shower to clean up what I did to you.”

Slowly, Kostas began to retract his still-hard cock from Taylor’s ass. With a wet pop, his cock head escaped Taylor’s hole and cum practically poured out. “You’re gonna need new sheets.”

“That’s a later problem. Getting you cleaned off is a now problem.”

Kostas hopped on the bed and straddled Taylor, slowly inching his way up until his dick was in line with Taylor’s open mouth. Taylor’s eager tongue explored every possible inch of Kostas’ dick, only taking a break every so often to swallow the copious amounts of cum that was filling up his mouth. Kostas deeply moaned in pleasure, and even began slowly grinding his hips in rhythm with Taylor.

Taylor pulled away slightly and said, “I have a feeling that you could probably get off again, but I don’t think I can take another cum fountain from you right now. Save it for tomorrow.”

“Fine… but the more pent up I get, the more cum you’ll get. I could go for at least another six rounds, but I’ll get you trained in no time.”

After his softening cock was sufficiently cleaned, Kostas rolled over to the empty side of the bed, his semi still swinging heavily from side to side.

“I haven’t gone that deep in a guy in a long time. You were perfect. For now.” Kostas then leaned in for a kiss, not allowing Taylor to respond.

Taylor was obviously confused by the last statement, and was going to ask Kostas about it, but Kostas’s deep kiss and warm hand slowly stroking his cheek made Taylor forget all about it.

For now, he would just enjoy making out with his fantasy man. For now.


Part 2

It probably wasn’t difficult to figure out that Taylor and Kostas started dating. They rarely spent a night alone in their own apartments, and probably annoyed their neighbors with their nearly nightly sexual excursions. They spent every waking hour together when they weren’t working, and they grew close in a very short period of time.

Kostas encouraged Taylor to go to the gym with him, and Taylor was apprehensive at first.

“I don’t want to go to the gym with a muscle beast like you. You’re going to make me look bad and people will be gawking over you.”

“So what if they do? I’m there for you. You want to get bigger like me? Well you’ve gotta work for it. And why not work with someone that knows how to get big? I know all the little tricks and exercises and diet strategies to get you huge.”

“Yeah… you’re probably right. I should trust you more.”

“Yes you should!”

“Okay, don’t let it go to your head, big guy.”

“We’ll go tomorrow right after lunch. No one is usually there at that time so we can have some privacy.”


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“So this is no one?”

The gym was bustling with people, and the music was blaring.

“Sorry, I’ve been here plenty of times after lunch when people aren’t here. I don’t know why people are here.”

“Well, from the looks that you’re getting, it seems like they’re here for you. I guess people caught wind that you started coming in the afternoon and started coming too.”

“You’re probably right. I’m sorry, hun. Do you want to leave?”

“No, no, it’s okay. I’m here now. Might as well stay.”

“Okay, let’s stretch.”

They both found an open area in the gym and began stretching together. Taylor kept getting distracted by Kostas, who looked absolutely amazing stretching his large muscles for all to see. He was amazed that someone so massive could be so flexible. Kostas at one point dropped slowly into a full split, and his large ass was almost directly in Taylor’s face while he was bending over to stretch.

Taylor quickly stood up and lost his balance, and nearly crashed into a set of weights.

Kostas quickly stood up and went over to help Taylor. “Are you okay? What happened?”

“Your amazing ass was thrust up in my face while I was stretching and you got me all flustered! If you’re going to work out with me, you have to try to be the least sexy as you can.”

Kostas lifted Taylor up with ease and said, “Babe, I can’t promise you that. If me working out these massive balls of steel-like muscle makes you all hot and bothered, that’s not my fault.” Kostas winked.

“It 100% is your fault but I’m okay with it. I’ll just try to focus on the workout and not your god-like body.”

“Fair enough.” Kostas laughed. “What do you want to start on today?”

“Well, my little noodle arms could use a little boost, so let’s do that.”

Kostas guided Taylor through numerous arm exercises, like dumbbell curls, barbell curls, cable cord curls, triceps dips, chin ups, and what seemed like countless others to Taylor. Taylor kept up well, but was barely able to move his arms when he was done.

They got to the locker room and Kostas helped Taylor get his workout shirt off so they could take a shower.

“Woah, buddy, someone’s got a pump going!”

Taylor looked down at his limp arms and gasped. What used to be two twigs was now replaced with a more vascular, muscular version of arms. It was nothing crazy, but he didn’t look like a starving child anymore. He looked more like someone who had played sports throughout middle and high school.

With a shaky voice, Taylor asked, “How did this happen?”

“I don’t know, but you look great! I don’t know if this is going to be a trend with you, but if this is how your body reacts to going to the gym, you may not need my help for much longer!”

Taylor was at a loss for words. This was insane. All the times he had tried to go to the gym to build muscle with no results. All the wasted money on gym memberships. All the sweat that went to waste. How did this happen?

Taylor was too tired and weak to try to figure it out at this point. He followed Kostas to the showers and practically fell into him with exhaustion.

“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll clean you off. I know you’re tired. You worked hard.”


Kostas turned the shower on and just let the water run over their bodies for a minute. He could feel Taylor almost fall over a few times.

He may have overdone it. I’ll reward him well tonight.

Just then, Taylor’s package began to inflate. His eyes flew open and he stood up straight.

“It’s just a boner, bud, calm down.”

“No. No. No it’s not. Trust me, you lathering me up feels good, but not boner good. It’s growing on it’s own.”

“What?” Kostas looked down, and sure enough, Taylor’s average size soft package was slowly expanding outward on its own.

“I don’t know what’s happening, but I don’t want it to stop,” Taylor said, and his growth was sped up by his dick getting hard.

Kostas grins deviously. This is going to be fun.


Part 3

Kostas had always had this unique ability to grow, shrink, and change anything he wanted. He would experiment on all sorts of objects as a kid, and won his fair share of ribbons and prize money for having the biggest vegetables at the state fair. He set records for being the youngest person to ever have the largest food at those fairs, and all of this was before he was 12.

He soon found out, though, that he was able to change his appearance as his body began to wake up. Puberty set in, and he wasn’t happy with his package downstairs, so one day he thought about it being a little bigger, and the next morning, he was.

Once he discovered this power, he slowly began to change little parts of himself that he didn’t like. The mole on his leg that he hated was now gone. He didn’t like his plain brown eyes, so he decided to go green. He cleared up his acne on his own, and slowly but surely grew his muscles.

Through his teen years, he went from being someone that you could easily pass over when scanning a crowd to a stunning athlete that was always the center of attention.

Kostas soon found out he was gay, which didn’t surprise him much. He was so infatuated with his own body that it wasn’t strange for him to like other men’s bodies. Every boyfriend he was with, he would always change a few subtle things about them, until they cheated on him or did him wrong, and then he would permanently change them so that they looked worse than before he met them. It was cruel, but it was the only way he knew how to channel his raging hormones.

But all of that changed when he met Taylor. Taylor seemed to be the perfect fit for him. He could also see how infatuated with Kostas’ size he was, and he knew that he could slowly grow Taylor to a size that matched his desires.

And so he did.

At this point, they had been dating for a few months now, and Taylor had started going to the gym with Kostas to try to get big. Luckily, he didn’t have to try very hard. When Kostas gave Taylor his first little growth spurt, Taylor was hooked. He was shocked that his results were coming along this easily, which motivated him even more to lift heavier and more often. His vigor to build muscles paired with Kostas’ extra help was blowing him up like a balloon.

More impressively, though, was his muscle below the belt. This grew the quickest of all. Taylor was never really shy of his respectable 5 inches below the belt. He knew how to use it well, and he never left anyone feeling dissatisfied. However, when Kostas started adding a quarter of an inch every week, and even boosting his balls every so often, Taylor was floored. He tried to keep it a secret from Kostas at first, but eventually there was a noticeable difference from 5 inches to 7, and Taylor couldn’t conceal it anymore.

Once he revealed that he was somehow growing downstairs too, and he learned that Kostas thought it was the hottest thing in the world, he was never quiet about how much he grew week to week.

The local pride parade was approaching, and Taylor was now a 220 pound muscle stud with a massive 11 inch tool. Kostas thought this was the perfect time to show him off.

“So I was thinking.”

“That’s dangerous.”

“Taylor, you always use that line. Pick a new joke.”


Kostas sighed. “Anyway. I wondered if you wanted to go to the pride parade with me this year. I usually go with a group but I want it to be you and me this time.”

Taylor scootched closer to Kostas on the couch and hugged his swollen arm. “Are you sure? I’ve never been to pride because I didn’t have anyone to go with. Are you sure you want to go with me?”

Kostas was almost surprised that Taylor questioned it. “Of course I want you to go with me! Could you imagine? The two of us, two cute, hung, muscley babes strutting around pride, hand in hand?”

Taylor planted a kiss on Kostas’ warm, round shoulder. “I can imagine it. And I love it.”

Kostas grinned and stood up, saying, “Well, then I can’t wait to show you the outfit I got you!”

Before Taylor could protest, Kostas sprinted toward the bedroom. Taylor heard drawers slamming and plastic rustling. I wonder how he managed to keep this a secret. He sucks at keeping secrets! Taylor smirked. “Do you need help in there?”

A muffled “No, I’m good!” came through the door, and seconds later it flew open and some bright fabric was flung through the air and hit Taylor in the face. “Easy!”

“Sorry, I’m just excited to see you try them on!”

Taylor stood up and walked into the bedroom, leaving Kostas standing right outside the doorway with a beaming, white-toothed smile plastered on his face. “Fine. But promise me you wont catcall or whistle or anything when I come out.”

“Confident in yourself, are we?” Kostas said, giggling.

Taylor shoved his shoulder and closed the door. He tossed the bright blue fabric onto the bed and shimmed off his short shorts. He rubbed his prominent bulge a few times but decided against it, since he would have to find a way to get those shorts over his growing penis.

Picking up the shorts, he wondered how he was going to get them on, even with a soft bulge. They look like they’re child size. He shrugged his shoulders and stepped his feet through the holes and slowly pulled them up over his swollen thighs. He was glad to see that they were extremely stretchy, but they looked like they were painted on his powerful legs.

Once he reached his tight package, he paused. This is going to look ridiculous, he thought. Nevertheless, he persisted, and even had to strain to get the fabric over his bulge. Once it was well covered, he turned around and looked at himself in the mirror.

He gave a light laugh and his jaw dropped. Not only did the shorts highlight the mass of his legs and huge ass, but it did absolutely nothing to cover up how massive he was in the nether regions. If anything, it made it look even bigger, and even the outline of his huge cock head could be seen, even through the jockstrap.

Running his hands lightly over his ass, Taylor couldn’t help but notice how nice and smooth it felt. Feeling aside, he didn’t think he could go out in public like this. He walked over to the door and opened it, and wasn’t in the least bit surprised to see Kostas standing right in front of him, staring down at the shorts. “Whoa.”

“Whoa is right. This looks ridiculous.”

“No you look perfect.” Kostas reached his hand out toward the obvious softball-sized lump in the front of Taylor’s shorts, but Taylor backed up.

“No, sir. Not with these on. I can feel the seams screaming as it is. I can’t risk getting hard in these and having them rip.”

“But I got the super stretchy ones!”

“Yeah, and they’ve reached their super stretchy capacity.”

Kostas’ hand dropped, but the grin on his face was still large. “Regardless, you look insanely hot in them. I can’t wait to see you with some body glitter and a little bit of oil.”

Taylor ran his hands over his abs and smiled. “Yeah, that would look really good. Thanks for the gift, babe. You and I will look stunning at the parade. What are you gonna wear?”

“I’m keeping it a secret. But don’t worry. I’ll make it worth your while.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The day of the parade had arrived and Taylor was getting changed in the bathroom so that Kostas could put on his surprise outfit in the bedroom. He struggled to get the skimpy shorts on again, and was almost convinced that they were even tighter than the first time he wore them. Thinking that this was just a phantom feeling, he shrugged it off and started to adjust his package while he waited for the okay from Kostas.

After a minute or two, Kostas yelled, “I’m ready babe! Come see me!”

Taylor opened the door and saw Kostas standing in front of the bed. Kostas was wearing the same exact short shorts that Taylor was wearing, except they were bright pink. His massive glutes strained the fabric, and the deep crack was highlighted by the tight material. His package was also extremely noticeable, but he had pushed his shaft off to the side so that it didn’t jutt out as much as Taylor’s did.

Kostas was also wearing a leather harness that was stretched tight over his powerful chest. He had a light dusting of hair across his chest, which only made him look more sexy and exude more masculinity. He also had applied some body glitter on his abs, the top of his shelf-like chest, across his jawline on one side, and down the line of his back.

“Holy fuck.”

“Surprise!! Do you like it?”

“What do you think holy fuck means?! Of course I love it! I could just eat you up.” Taylor licked his lips.

“Easy, tiger. Don’t get carried away. Besides, you could use some help with that glitter.”

“Ugh, fine. But when we get back, I am going to tear you to pieces.”

“Good. And the oil and glitter are both edible.”

“Good thinking, smarty pants. Oil me up.”

Kostas grabbed the bottle of body oil and dumped some into his hand. He and Taylor met in the middle of the room and placed his oiled hand on the wide expanse of Taylor’s chest. With slow, circular movements, Kostas spread the oil across Taylor’s pecs. He stopped a little bit at his nipples and rubbed them slightly before moving his hands down Taylor’s rippling abs.

Slowly but surely, a light coating of body oil covered every inch of exposed skin that Taylor was showing. The light coming in through the bedroom window made his body glisten, almost making it look like he was the one giving off the light like some god.

“Glitter time.”

Kostas stuck his finger in the little jar of glitter and traced the sharp cheekbones of Taylor’s chiseled face. A little clump of glitter flaked off and landed on Taylor lips.

“Uh oh. I made a mess. Let me clean it up for you,” Kostas whispered, leaning in for a kiss. They made out for a minute, and Kostas dumped some glitter down the deep crevice between Taylor’s chest. Using a powerful finger, he traced the line all the way down his torso to Taylor bulging crotch.

“Really leading people’s eyes right down to my junk, huh?”

“Just showing off your best assets, babe.” Kostas said with a grin. He took his glitter-filled hand and wiped it along Taylor’s bowling ball shoulder, and whirled him around so that he could apply some to his back. Kostas rammed his package into Taylor’s deep ass crack, and reached his arms underneath Taylor’s so that he could bear hug him from behind.

Giving Taylor a little kiss on his swollen shoulder, Kostas said, “Thanks for agreeing to come with me today. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“Of course. It’s not like I have anything better to do, and I wouldn’t want you to go alone!”

A little bit of the glitter on Kostas’ chest rubbed off on Taylor’s upper back, and Kostas stepped away to look at his handiwork.

“Damn, boy, you’re packing in the front and the back. Glitter looks good on you, too.”

“Of course it does,” Taylor joked, turning around to look at Kostas again.

“We better get going before we miss the whole parade. We wouldn’t want all of this sexy to go to waste.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

They parked their car in a public parking lot in the city that allowed parade goers to park there free of charge. They stepped out of the vehicle and gave themselves a once-over to make sure that they were looking their best before walking toward the direction of the noise of the parade. Once they hit the street, people immediately began to flock over to them in amazement.

They heard all sorts of things, like “Damn, you guys are huge!”, “Holy fuck, you’re both like my biggest fantasy come to life!”, and even “I want you to shove your dicks in my mouth and ass so deep that they touch in the middle!”

Luckily, though, people weren’t so pushy that they tried to touch either guy without invitation. Maybe it was the power that they emanate that slightly intimidated people, or maybe it was the fact that they were linked arm in arm that told people that they were together and weren’t interested in other people.

This didn’t prevent people from taking photos of and with the two hunks. They were getting a lot of attention, but it wasn’t long before Taylor noticed that his already tight shorts were starting to hurt his crotch.

Taylor could feel it happen this time. His eyes immediately flew down to his obvious bulge and he could see his package expanding outward slowly. He looked up again to see if anyone else was noticing, but everyone seemed to be oblivious and were more focused on Kostas’ flexing and showing off.

It doesn’t feel like it’s getting hard, it just feels like it’s getting bigger! What the fuck?! Taylor thought, and he discretely grabbed the bulge and squoze it, noticing the squishy, heavy mass was slowly forcing his fingers apart. After a few moments of continued growth, his jockstrap could no longer contain their contents and his swelling cock head began to poke out the bottom of his shorts and creep down his leg.

At this point, Taylor had managed to cover up his exposed dick and make his way over to Kostas where he whispered in his ear, “Something’s wrong. I need to talk to you privately. Now.” Taylor did not wait for a response and walked over to the sidewalk and sat in the public photobooth that was put up for the parade.

Seconds later, Kostas joined Taylor in the booth. The booth was easily large enough to hold six or seven people, but both Taylor and Kostas filled the space with very little room to move around. Taylor was sitting on the bench with his hands trying to cover his crotch, but it was practically impossible at this point.

“What happened? You look pale.” Kostas said, putting a hand on Taylor’s oiled up shoulder.

“I don’t know what the fuck is happening, but my junk is getting bigger.”

“Maybe you’re just getting a stiffie.”

“No, I know what that feels like, trust me. I even felt my junk just now and it was as soft as ever, just… bigger. I don’t know what happened.”

“Jeez, I don’t either,” Kostas said. He wasn’t going to tell Taylor, but he knew exactly why he was growing. It was all thanks to Kostas. Since we’re both getting so much attention, why not make him the star of the show? Kostas thought. He figured it would be a good cover to have people fawning all over him while he flexed so that Taylor wouldn’t suspect that Kostas had something to do with it. He also picked out really skimpy shorts so there was no way that you could hide how massive Kostas was making him.

“Has it stopped?” Kostas asked.

“I think so, but fuck! I don’t know how big it is now, or why it grew, or what I’m going to do! These shorts were too small to begin with, now there’s no way I’m going to fit back in them.” Taylor removed his hands from his crotch and Kostas faked a gasp.

“See what I mean? It’s huge.”

“Can I look at it?”

“I mean, sure… maybe you can check to see if it’s swollen?”

“Oh, it swelled, alright.” Kostas got down on both knees and gingerly touched Taylor’s cock head and a few inches of exposed shaft. Immediately, Taylor began to get hard.

“It’s getting too tight, and I can’t get these shorts off!” Kostas grabbed the little bit of fabric he could get and ripped the shorts away, exposing Taylor’s expanding package. “Well, you made short order of that.”

“Couldn’t have you in pain. Jesus, man, you’re bigger than me now, and you’re not even fully hard!”

Kostas was now slowly stroking Taylor’s continually lengthening and thickening cock, and pretended to be surprised that his hand couldn’t quite fit around it. He fumbled in his shorts pocket for a little while and fished out a tape measure.

“Where the hell did you get that? And why did you bring it to the parade?”

“I brought it so we could measure our muscles for our adoring fans. Thought it would be fun. I guess it’s having more uses than one today.”

Taylor was now fully hard and had started leaking pre onto the floor of the booth. Kostas stretched the tape measure along the length of his boyfriend’s shaft, loving how skinny the tape looked resting on top of Taylor’s pulsing cock.

“Definitely past the 12 inch mark.”

“Okay, well I was 11 before, and I grew more than an inch for sure. What is it?” Taylor said, trying not to cum on the spot.


Taylor’s mouth dropped. “Oh…. my…. Holy shit. That’s massive. There’s no way that another person has a dick this big. No way.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of his cock head which was now further away from his torso than he thought was possible.

“Oh, that’s for sure. I think the biggest guy ever was like just over 12 inches? You’ve got him beat and then some.” Kostas licked some pre off of Taylor’s cock and continued to slowly stroke the member with both hands.

“And from the looks of it, even your balls decided to join in on the fun.” Taylor’s hands immediately reached for them. He hadn’t even taken the time to check them because he was so focused on his giant penis. Sure enough, his already above average testicles had more than doubled in size, now looking like large oranges. They were resting heavily on the bench and were too big for Taylor’s hands.

“Jesus,” Taylor whispered. “This is too big.”

Whoomp. Kostas decided to add a little surge of growth everywhere just for fun.


“Doesn’t seem like your dick thinks it’s too big, big boy. Besides, you know the only way we’re going to get this bad boy down is to suck you off.”

Taylor looked up at Kostas with concerned yet understanding eyes. “You’re right. That’s not going to do shit for my ripped shorts.”

“We’ll deal with that later. First, this.” Kostas plunged his mouth over his boyfriend’s shaft and shoved the first 5 inches into his mouth with expert precision. Taylor leaned back against the wall and moaned loudly, completely forgetting where he was and the fact that people could probably hear him through the thin walls of the booth.

Kostas continued to swallow more and more of Taylor’s engorged cock while massaging his massive inner thighs. It didn’t take long for Taylor to blow, considering how pleasurable and sensitive his new inches of cock were. Taylor could tell that his loads were much heavier and larger in number, and was even shocked that Kostas was able to consume every last drop.

Kostas continued to suck a little while after Taylor had finished cumming to ensure that he got every last drop. He slowly released Taylor’s dick, which thumped heavily on the bench when it dropped. Taylor’s eyes were still closed, obviously lost in the excitement of the blowjob.

“You awake?”

“Yeah… yeah I’m awake… it was just… so intense…”

“Hopefully it felt good too.”

“Oh, there’s no question about that. It’s definitely true, what they say. The bigger you are, the better it feels.”

“Wouldn’t know!”

“Yes you would, you’re big too! Not as big as me anymore, but still bigger than normal. What are we going to do about my shorts now?”

Kostas stood up and began to reach for his waistband of his shorts.

“Kostas, you know if you give me yours then you won’t have anything to wear.”

“I wore two, just in case something got spilled on either of us or if you busted out of yours. You said when you first tried them on that if you got a boner it would probably rip. And since I knew that we would be getting a lot of attention, it was more than likely. I just didn’t expect… this.”

“Thanks for thinking ahead.” Taylor stood up and took the bright pink pair of shorts from Kostas. Even with the larger shorts, his softening package was still screaming inside their tight confines.

Kostas whistled. “Damn, babe, even soft, you’re bigger than what most normal people dream of having.”

“Thanks for stating the obvious. If I don’t get arrested for public indecency today, it’ll be a miracle.”

Kostas kissed Taylor on the lips, and Taylor could taste a little bit of his own cum on Kostas’ breath.

You’re a miracle.”

“And you’re a dork, but I love you.”

They walked out arm in arm back to the parade, their bulges leading the way.


Part 4

Taylor woke up to Kostas’ equally large frame pressed up against his. Kostas’ above average soft bulge was pressed deep into Taylor’s muscular ass crack and he smiled. He slowly began to grind his hips so that Kostas’ dick glided back and forth down his ass, and Taylor felt it slowly start to get hard.

“Mmmm, good morning, handsome,” Kostas growled, and Taylor could hear the smile on his face.

“Morning.” Taylor rolled over and planted a kiss on Kostas’ full lips. “I’ve been thinking.”

“Uh oh, that’s dangerous.”

“Ha ha. But seriously. How did I get so big so quickly? This is unheard of. All this time in the gym wouldn’t produce these kinds of results in such a short amount of time, and my package should have been finished growing when I was a teen.”

“Are you complaining?” Kostas brushed a strand of hair off of Taylor’s forehead and returned a kiss on Taylor’s smooth brow.

“No, not at all. I just find it odd that despite my efforts for years, I haven’t been able to increase my size anywhere until I met you.”

Kostas froze. He had hoped that Taylor wouldn’t piece it together. He had been careful to make sure his growth was random. He even grew Taylor when they weren’t together. With as calm of a voice as he could muster, Kostas said, “I couldn’t tell ya. I guess your body knew when it found the right person?”

“Maybe. But I should go see a doctor. Maybe there’s something seriously wrong?”

“From my perspective, everything is in tip top shape.”

“But if it’s a serious medical condition, shouldn’t I figure it out and get treated?” Taylor paused. “I do love how big my chest is, though…” He gave them a little bounce.

Now’s my chance to tell him. In my own way, Kostas thought. He stared at Taylor’s meaty chest and just imagined them a little bit fuller, and they started to swell.

Taylor’s hands immediately flew up to his ballooning chest, and his eyes widened when he felt them continue to expand underneath them.

“What the fuck?!”

Kostas tried to act shocked, but his cover was quickly blown when the inevitable drool that escaped his mouth was quickly and loudly sucked back up. Taylor then met Kostas’ bedroom eyes and frowned slightly.

“Do it again.”


“Do it again.”

Kostas stammered, trying to find words to say. Since none were able to be formed, he sighed and expanded Taylor’s hulking chest just a little more. Kostas looked away, beet red and embarrassed.

“Want to tell me what’s going on now?”

“It’s so embarrassing.”

“Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, bucko.”

Kostas met Taylor’s eyes with tears resting in them, and shakily said, “I’ve always had this ability to change people’s appearance at will. That’s how I’ve gotten to be the size I am. But when I met you, I fell in love with you from the beginning. I didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid that you would think I was some kind of freak and I would lose you forever.”

A single tear fell out of Kostas’ eye, and Taylor gently wiped it away. He sat up in bed, noticing how much heftier his chest felt. Kostas followed suit, and they were both sitting up cross legged facing each other. Taylor grabbed both sides of Kostas’ face and held it steady.

“Are you kidding? You’re my perfect man. The perfect fit for me. I mean, I wish you would have told me sooner so I could have been more prepared, but all I’ve ever wanted was to be huge.”

“Are you serious? I mean, what guy doesn’t want to have a couple extra inches downstairs or a bigger chest and arms? I figured I would start with that, but once I kept going and I never heard you complain, I figured I would just keep going.”

“And I’m so glad you did. But now? I want you to blow me up like an inflatable doll. Make me into your biggest fantasy.”

Kostas chuckled a little. “Are you sure? You have no idea what that could really look like.”

Taylor grinned. “All I know is that no matter how big you make me, I would be okay going just a little bit bigger.”


Part 5

“Couple of questions before I get started. Do you want me to grow one thing at a time so you can enjoy each part, or just do the whole thing? And do you want certain parts highlighted more?”

“Good questions.” Taylor rubbed his hands over the wide expanse of his chest, stopping to rub his fat nipple for a while. “I want to do one part at a time. But I want you to finish with my package last. That deserves to be worshipped by both you and me.”

“Sounds fun. I won’t tell you which part I’m going to grow next. Just to make it a little more interesting.”

“As if this isn’t already interesting!” Taylor gestured toward his massive frame. “The only things I want done specifically are to have blue eyes, completely clean skin, no body hair, and have my dick be really thick and my balls be insanely huge. Like, I can’t even think of a measurement because no one has ever been that big. Then again, no one has ever been as big as I am now. But I want you to really blow me up. And I mean it.”

“Done and done. Ready?”

Taylor planted a kiss on Kostas. “Been ready, babe.”

Kostas moved to sit at the end of the bed and face Taylor, and Taylor sat up on his knees so that as much of his large frame could be visible to Kostas.


Taylor could feel every part of his body feel prickly, and he looked down and saw the hair on his chest, abs, legs, and groin area slowly recede back into his body. His body somehow looked even bigger without hair on it, and his package stuck out further than it did before.

“Damn, this is sexy.”

“Just you wait.”

Every scar, bump, mole, or acne scar on Taylor’s magnificent body began to even out and clear, leaving behind smooth, even, tanned skin that radiated warmth. He also felt his vision go blurry for a quick moment, and he realized that his eye color had changed.

“Give me your phone. I want to see the color.”

Kostas tossed Taylor his phone and Taylor opened the front facing camera. Staring back at him was a handsome man with a razor sharp jaw, thick eyebrows, and piercing, icy blue eyes. Taylor audibly gasped.

“Too blue?” Kostas asked.

“No, it’s perfect. I just wasn’t expecting…”

“What, that you would look so hot? It’s okay, I know you know you’re hot. Anyone with a brain could see that.”

“Yeah, I just didn’t want to get too cocky.”

“After I’m done with you, you’ll be nothing but cocky.”

Without warning, Taylor found Kostas getting farther and farther away from him, and he realized that he was getting taller than he thought possible. It came to a screeching halt in a matter of seconds, and he looked up to see that the ceiling fan was at eye level. He could even feel his dark hair scraping the ceiling.

“Fuck, how tall am I?”

“7 feet tall. On the dot. You grew 16 inches. Gotta have a tall frame to fit all that muscle, right?”

Taylor fist pumped and left a small hole in the ceiling. “Whoops. Gonna have to get used to this.”

He then felt his abs start to compress, and he looked down to see another row of abs beginning to form underneath his already existing eight. The crevice between each row got deeper and deeper while each individual muscle began to get rounder and rounder. His obliques cut deeper and deeper, making it look like he had extra muscles that didn’t exist before.

Taylor ran his hand over his abs and laughed at how many bumps and ridges he felt. “This is insane!”

“Oh, I’m just getting started, bucko.”

Taylor’s arms began to slowly expand, and his already 23 inch arms began to inflate out, and the fat veins that fed them started to surface even more. Even with his arms fully extended, it looked as if a basketball had been shoved under his skin and was continuing to inflate. His triceps continued to grow as well, and the horseshoe that was formed while Taylor continued to flex looked so deep that your whole hand would disappear.

Taylor’s shoulders also continued to round out and inflate. His basketball size slowly grew to double that, and his shoulders were now so wide that his upper body was at least four times as wide as his tight waist.

There was an immediate pause in the growth. “I think we need to inspect you up close for a little while before we continue. You look like a gorilla with huge arms that are bigger than the rest of you.”

“That’s exactly what turns me on. Being called a gorilla.” Taylor raised a massive arm and flexed his bicep, noticing how his already round muscle bunched up even more. “Can we measure it? I’m curious.”

“No need. I know all the measurements. You’re 31 inches around. Cold. No telling how big you’ll get with a decent pump.”

Fuck yeah! No person in the world has arms this massive. This powerful. This sexy!”

Kostas crawled toward a much taller Taylor and began to feel up his abs. Even relaxed, Taylor abs were harder than bricks and were so tight that he looked like he was constantly flexing. Each muscle was bigger than his fist, and Taylor had veins running down his lower abdomen to his crotch. Not an ounce of fat existed on his torso, and it showed.

Taylor felt his arms begin to spread apart as his lats began to widen farther than humanly possible. His traps began to swell up toward his ears, framing his powerful neck. Large veins snaked up his neck, and his neck swelled larger than his own head. Bulkier and bulkier his back got, making it more difficult to have his massive arms hang by his side. Taylor rolled his shoulders back and was amazed at how much muscle moved around. If only he could see how massive his back had become.

His legs started next, and Taylor soon had to adjust his stance to accommodate the large influx of muscle being packed onto his frame. The separation between each muscle was extremely deep, and the veins snaking across his thin skin looked like a roadmap. His massive and still-growing hamstrings grew so thick that they collided with his inflating calf muscles. Taylor’s thighs grew so wide that they made his already trim and small waist look even smaller, highlighting his freaky physique.

His already beautifully sculpted ass continued to round out and expand, turning the two globes into actual spheres as opposed to a sphere cut in half. His ass crack seemed to deepen forever and ever, almost inviting something to enter it’s depth. While the taught, smooth surface looked like it belonged on a twink, the sheer mass of each globe emanated raw power and masculinity, each one as big as a soccer ball.

Taylor’s exceptionally voluptuous chest then began to get even larger as Kostas focused all of his efforts on the two ham-sized muscles on Taylor’s chest. Taylor’s nipples also joined in the growth, getting fatter as his chest ballooned. The valley between his monumental pecs got deeper and deeper as they filled out, and the striations that began to appear all but highlighted the immense power that radiated off of them.

Taylor began to flex his chest, and each time he relaxed, his chest had accumulated more size. His chest stuck out at its farthest point several inches from his frame, and his quarter-sized nipples faced straight downward. One final surge of growth coursed through Taylor’s mighty chest and subsided, leaving Taylor to stare at the two pillow pecs resting in front of him.

He took a deep breath in and felt his chest swell even more and scrape the underside of his chin. He flexed them and stuck his tongue down the deep crevice in the middle. He reached his swollen left arm up and reached across to cup his right pec in his hand, and was floored when his hand didn’t even sufficiently cup the underside of the massive muscle. Taylor hefted his pec up slightly and started salivating. He twisted his fat nipple and began to moan.

Kostas, who had been slowly stroking his own 11 inch endowment, reached up with both hands to try to lift up one of Taylor’s pecs. Even he, who was strong and heavily muscled, had difficulty properly holding the mass. “Fuck, you’re massive.”

“A real man’s chest. No shirt will ever properly fit me again. The slightest movement will rip it to shreds. I can’t wait to see these babies pumped up.”

“Can you even see over them?”

“Come kneel right in front of me.”

Kostas shuffled forward and looked up at his hulk of a boyfriend. He laughed when he couldn’t see Taylor’s head. “Babe, you’re huge!! I can’t even see your beautiful face.”

Taylor laughed, and his chest heaved. “I feel like my head is being swallowed by muscles. My traps are overtaking my neck, my chest is heavy and massive, and my delts are like cannonballs. I love this feeling of my head sitting on top of such masculine raw power.”

“You’re quite the specimen.”

“Obviously. My nipples are really sensitive right now. I need you to suck them. Now.”

Kostas took this opportunity to feel what his eyes had created. He slowly began to suck deeply on Taylor’s right nipple, which caused Taylor to moan deeply in pleasure. Kostas then massaged as much of Taylor’s pecs that his hands could reach, and continued to move his hands around Taylor’s delts, biceps, triceps, and diamond-cut abs. He even reached around Taylor’s narrow waits and began to knead the beach ball sized ass that supported Taylor’s powerful frame.

After a few minutes of this sensual foreplay, Kostas broke away from his sucking to say, “Only one area we haven’t… fixed yet.”

This snapped Taylor back to reality. “Now what we’ve really been waiting for! I want to see if I can see my dick when it’s hard over my chest. I probably can’t, but I want it to be big enough where I can see it plain as day over my pecs.”

“Well, your bigger balls will push it out more anyway.”

“That brings up a good point. I’m wondering why I’m not like rock hard right now. This has been the most pleasurable feeling ever and I should be ready to blow, but I’m not.”

“You can thank me for that. I’ve suppressed it. I can’t have you cumming all over the place before we get to the finale. Trust me, when it’s time, you’ll know.”

Taylor bounced his pecs. “Get me hard, babe.”

Taylor’s 8 inch soft log began to harden the moment Kostas’ powerful but gentle hand began to massage it. 8 inches slowly grew to 12 and finally topped out at 14 inches.

“Feel that? Feel how thick that is? I can’t even get my hand around it. Just imagine how much fatter this baby is gonna get when I’m through. It’s gonna be like starting with a pencil and going to a 2 liter bottle of Coke.” He reached down and lightly squeezed one of Taylor’s hairless, smooth balls. “And this little guy. Bigger than a softball. So plump and juicy. This is gonna look like someone put a quarter next to a dinner plate when I’m done with you.”

Taylor caught his breath. He already had a package that he had only dreamed of having, and no guy had a package anywhere close to being as big as his. And if their dick happened to be close in size, his balls far exceeded what his competition had dangling between their skinny legs. Taylor tried to imagine his already inhumanly large cock being thicker and longer than it already was, and he couldn’t wrap his head around having balls that were over four times bigger than what he was already sporting.

“Are you sure you want this? You seem nervous.” Kostas said, giving Taylor’s cock head, which was leaking pre, a gentle kiss.

“Of course I want this! This is like my deepest fantasy. I’m just trying to envision what this is gonna look like. What it’s going to feel like. Or even just how big you’re going to take this.”

“Baby, I’m gonna go until it feels right. It needs to match the rest of you. Massive.”

With a deep breath and a gentle stroke of his member, Taylor said, “Let’s do this.”

The moment the words left his lips he felt a sharp increase in the weight that was tugging at his groin. His already above-average balls were resting on his thighs, and his balls doubled in size in a matter of seconds. They swelled out in every direction, and Taylor gasped at the sound of cum sloshing around inside his swelling testicles. He imagined that they held a few gallons of semen at this point, but bigger and bigger they got, and just when Taylor thought they were going to stop, they kept inflating. Based on his assessment, he guessed that they were slowly approaching his knees from the immense weight they were holding.

His suspicions were confirmed when he felt each of them rest gently on the bed. He was then able to notice just how round they were. Taylor reached down with both hands and placed his hands on top of his balls. He nearly screamed when he noticed how small his hands felt against such smooth, warm, round, extremely large objects.

“These things are—ahh!” Taylor yelled. His voice was still his voice, but it was at least two octaves deeper than it had been before. “What the fuck happened?”

“Well obviously with the increase in ball size and cum volume, you are also producing more testosterone, so your voice is going to be much deeper. It’s super sexy. I love it. Call me baby.”

While still exploring his new and still growing balls, Taylor grumbled, “I love you…. Baby.”

Kostas, who was obviously getting off on this whole experience, immediately came with an incredible amount of force. The sight of seeing his boyfriend grow to unimaginable proportions was easily a rock-hard boner-giver, but hearing his deep masculine voice dripping with sex and virility sent Kostas into one of the deepest orgasms of his life. Kostas pumped over a pint of cum out of his own modest balls onto Taylor’s own, which Taylor then proceeded to smear all over as much of his own testicles as he could.

“Fuck. These things are easily each as big as a beach ball.” Taylor reached underneath one of his swollen balls and hefted it up, feeling its weight by gently massaging it. “This thing is sooooo heavy. Probably at least 25 pounds.” He let go of it, letting it crash back down on the bed. “Imagine if your face was under them. That would probably hurt. But you’d beg me for more. I bet just one of these babies holds a couple of gallons of cum. I’ll probably never run out. I could go round after round after round and never be done.”

“You’re right, Taylor, you’re so right, I would want to be smothered by them! I could spend hours just kissing, massaging, and feeling your titanic testicles. I can’t wait to practically bathe in your warm juices. But I’m not even going to touch you until we get you a fuckstick to match it.”

Taylor’s large 14 inch rod twitched in anticipation. He started slowly stroking his shaft with one hand and kneading his cock head with the other. Kostas then turned his attention to the nicknamed “fuckstick” and slowly began to lengthen it.

Inch after inch of Taylor’s above-average cock began to stretch out from his waist, making 14 inches look puny. Taylor continued to jack off his tool with more enthusiasm, and was getting to the point where he wasn’t able to reach the head of his cock with his hand. Kostas was also helping stroke the insanely long dick, and through Taylor’s ecstasy, he was able to notice how four large hands wasn’t nearly enough to cover its expanse.

Taylor looked down and was able to see his cock head and a few inches of his cock beneath his chest. “Yes yes yes!”

Kostas looked up at Taylor with a grin. “It’s longer. A lot longer. Want to know how long?”

“Yes,” Taylor said deeply.

“26 inches.”

What!!” Taylor yelled in excitement. Kostas could almost see the walls rumble.

“That’s right. Over two whole feet of monster cock.”

“Awww, come on, you can’t just make it an even thirty inches? What’s another four inches on this gargantuan pole?”

Kostas laughed. “You really have a way with words. Besides, the vast majority of Americans have only about 4 inches below the belt anyway. Just think of it as you taking a whole penis away from someone.”

“My dick is already bigger than 5 people combined.”

“So you’re right. What difference does it make adding another one?”

Taylor watched as more of his long cock slowly crept into view. He bent over so that he could see over his massive chest and looked down at Kostas. His bright blue eyes peeking over his pecs made Kostas come again.

“Now that we have the length, how about we add some real heft to this puppy? And I mean it: don’t you dare fucking hold back. If four hands isn’t enough to fit down the length of this thing, then four hands definitely shouldn’t be enough to wrap around the girth. But go slow. I want to feel every pound of dick you add.”

“This is always my favorite part. I’m a sucker for thick dicked boys.”

Kostas resumed stroking as much of Taylor’s cock as he could reach as it slowly but surely began to increase in width. Taylor began yelling, half with pleasure and half with excitement. He was like a little kid at Disney World—living out a childhood dream.

Kostas and Taylor could both feel their fingers being spread apart as the already above-average thickness began to inflate more and more. Taylor’s 7-inch circumference soon turned into 12 inches, and both of them had to use both hands to try to fit all the way around it. One large vein snaked down the top of Taylor’s expanding cock, and smaller veins fanned out from it, feeding the growth. As Taylor’s member grew, the prominent vein also grew, and it was closing in on being around the size of a drinking straw and continuing to get larger.

Kostas took the opportunity to suck on Taylor’s cock head, which was also joining in the expansion. Kostas was laying on his back with Taylor’s cock head in his mouth, both hands stroking the top third of the swelling phallus, and his feet massaging every available inch of the giant testicles that rested heavily on the bed.

Taylor continued to yell, grunt, moan, and whimper as his “fuckstick” turned into a “fucktree”. He was shouting things like “Look at this monster dick!” and “My cock is the biggest in the world!” and even “I can’t wait to ram this massive, impossibly thick rod deep into someone! I’m going to break someone in half!” Taylor’s hands never left his cock, and he squealed with glee when both of his large hands were too small to wrap around his girthy cock.

“Kostas! Look, babe! You’ve turned me into a titan!” Taylor bent over to see over his chest and look at Kostas. Once he saw that Kostas was making out with his continually swelling cock head and had his body practically wrapped around his widening shaft.

“I’ll just leave you be…. Baby.” Hearing “baby” again in that deep, rich, bass voice made Kostas come again, but with much less volume. Taylor removed his hands from his growing cock to flex his engorged muscles and watch them pump up around him. Taylor began to grind his hips lightly against Kostas. It was incredible to feel a whole person underneath his cock, helping him jack off its wide expanse. A steady flow of pre was leaking out of his swelling cock head, and the slight back and forth movement made Kostas’ body a slick and smooth surface from the pre.

Taylor was in heaven. Everything he had ever dreamed about for himself was finally coming true. He had the body he always wanted and then some, he was dating probably the most attractive and caring person, and he was now watching himself get a dick and balls that he had only seen in hyper cartoons. He even embarrassed himself when he drew his own face on the bodies of those excessively muscled and excessively well-endowed cartoons so that he could see what it might look like. He no longer needed to daydream about it. He no longer needed to fantasize. He was his own living fetish.

His muscles at this point were starting to fill with blood, which only made his large frame even bigger. He heard Kostas moan again, and he guessed that Kostas had opened his eyes to see Taylor’s body actively swelling again and was on orgasm number four.

Taylor then decided to see just how far along his expanding cock had grown, so he reached down and tried to grab around the base of his dick. He growled deeply with a grin on his face when he found that two hands had been a thing of the past quite a while ago. He rubbed his hands around the circumference of his still-expanding tool and shuddered.

Easily big enough for four hands. He rested one hand on the top of his dick and felt his dick pulse beneath it. It almost felt like it was alive and had a mind of its own. Taylor closed his eyes and soaked in the feeling. It almost feels like it’s going from soft to hard, even though I’m more hard than I’ve probably ever been. This is incredible.

Before Taylor got too lost in the feeling, he wanted to see how Kostas was doing. Kostas was still wrapped around Taylor’s cock, but he noticed that most of Kostas’ body was hidden underneath his throbbing and leaking dick. The veins on the surface were easily thicker than Taylor’s own meaty thumb, and the large, main vein travelling down the engorged length of Taylor’s shaft being thick enough for Kostas to grab it with his hand. Kostas, in the meantime, was enjoying the taste of his boyfriend’s amazing shaft, his salty pre, and the feeling of many pounds of flesh resting heavily on him, and all of it being just from Taylor’s penis.

“Hey, Kostas. Hey!” Taylor shouted. Kostas was still sucking on his cock head, which was approaching the size of Kostas’ own head, and he didn’t seem to be willing to give up on growing his boyfriend. Taylor could feel Kostas’ abnormally long tongue entering his cockhead slit, which at this point could have probably fit a few fingers.

I’m getting too big. Too much to handle right now, Taylor thought. I have to get him to stop, but I don’t want to hurt him.

Taylor thrusted his him forward, shoving more of his spongy cockhead into Kostas’ face, nearly knocking him off of the bed. This was enough to break him away from his euphoria, and the growth stopped completely. Kostas retracted his tongue and smiled, saying, “Just one more little spurt.”

“Wait, Kostas, hold on—”

Before Taylor could finish his sentence, his entire body had one last, final, large spurt of growth. Every muscle in his body looked like it added another 10 pounds to their already overgrown size. Each muscle surged outward, causing Taylor to look like he had a full body spasm. Veins riddled his musculature, and a light layer of sweat coated his thin skin, which only highlighted his mass. His 7-foot-tall stature surged upward to a staggering 7 foot 5 inches, and some drywall fell around the bed as Taylor’s head crashed through the ceiling.

Taylor’s already gargantuan testicles swelling even larger, filling any available space that may have existed between his swollen thigh muscles and the rest of the mattress. His throbbing phallus stretched to an unprecedented 36 inches, and was bigger around than a steering wheel. Kostas was barely able to wrap his arms around it from underneath. All the while he was vigorously making out with the underside of the glans in the most sensitive spot that he knew Taylor had.

“Kostas!! What the fuck!! I know we were going for extremes here, but you went way further than I asked for! And that was before you decided to add a little extra at the end!”

“Wow…. I didn’t think your voice could get any deeper!! It makes all of this that much more sexy.”

“Are you even listening?! How am I going to be able to function?”

Kostas crawled out from underneath his partner’s still hard tool. He lifted it up when he was out from underneath and let it crash onto the bed, and he could have sworn he heard some wood splintering.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. But you did say that no matter how big I made you, you would be okay with being just a little bigger.”

“A little! I think that last growth spurt was a whole fucking lot bigger! Don’t get me wrong, you were right… you have no idea how amazing it feels to be this fucking huge. But you could have at least let me think about it!”

Kostas, still on all fours, leaned down and gently kissed the top of Taylor’s still throbbing member a few times, and looked up with bedroom eyes at his swollen muscle lover. Still rubbing the top of Taylor’s swollen log, Kostas said with a timid and sensual voice, “I’m really sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m a bad boy and I need punishing.” He then ran his long tongue down one of the large veins.

Taylor reached out and grabbed a hold of Kostas, and nearly laughed at how light his partner was. Kostas was 6 feet tall, but weighed hundreds of pounds less than Taylor. Picking him up was as easy to Taylor as it was for him to pick up a book. He felt Kostas go limp in his strong grasp, obviously submissive to the sexy giant he got to call his boyfriend.

“Shh, shh, shh, don’t worry, love. I’ve got you. I’ve got you. You don’t deserve to be punished, you deserve to be rewarded for your patronage.” Taylor rolled his shoulders back to open up his deep cleavage between his meaty pecs and slowly pulled his shoulders back in to allow his chest to partially swallow Kostas. He then wrapped his arms around him but did not squeeze. He felt a tiny area of wetness dribble down his chest and through the valley of his abs, and he guessed that the fifth orgasm was setting in for Kostas.

Still fully hard, Taylor slowly shifted himself on the bed so that he was laying on his back. He partially propped himself up on the wall so that his chest wouldn’t obstruct his entire field of vision. His 3 foot long throbbing phallus stuck straight up in the air, and pre began to dribble down the underside of his pulsing member. He had to keep his legs spread very wide in order to accommodate his testicles, which Kostas could have easily rested his whole body across without ever touching the bed.

“You want to know what your reward is, baby? I’ll tell you. You get to help me cum. You told me that you had been holding that back on purpose so that I could have it at the end. And you get to help me clean it up when it’s done…. Whenever that will be.”

All Kostas could do was whimper.

“Don’t cry baby boy. I’ve got you. I’ll give you everything you need. Climb on down to that… what was it you called it? A “fuckstick”? Mmmm, I think it’s a bit beyond that at this point. Words defy this beast you’ve created. But he’s waiting for you. That’s for sure.”

Taylor let Kostas go and let his fumble his way over to his still-leaking dick. Taylor was able to see Kostas’ face next to his fat cock as he started to lap up the pre that was starting to dribble off of his ball and was amazed at how small his head looked compared to his shaft. Putting his swollen arms behind his head, he watched Kostas kiss, rub, and squeeze every available inch of dick and balls that he could get his body on.

“Mmmmm… that’s right… feels so fucking good….. You’re amazing….. Don’t stop…. Ahhhh…. Mmmm…. Show daddy what you’re made of….”

Slowly but surely, he could feel it coming. From deep within.

“Kostas. Don’t stop, but just know. Just know it’s gonna break. You need to be ready.”

Kostas nodded his head, and used both hands and his lips to massage Taylor’s most sensitive area. Taylor’s breath was increasing, and his balls defied gravity and started to pull up into him.

“Baby. Time to take a shower.”

With an earth-shattering yell, Taylor’s white-hot orgasm began. He wished he could have been able to witness the spectacle that was his ejaculation, but the pleasure was too intense. His initial estimate was only partially correct. He guessed that he would have gallons of cum stored in his balls. What he didn’t know was exactly how many gallons.

Rockets of cum big enough to overflow a water cup shot out of Taylor’s cock head and splattered on the ceiling, walls, floor, and Kostas. He was practically sticking his face into the oncoming streams in order to cover himself in as much of it as he could. He only seemed to pull away enough to catch a breath before going back down.

Taylor’s other prediction about cumming seemingly endlessly was also correct. Both Kostas and Taylor lost track of time as he continued to spurt gallons of cum out of his giant member. Eventually, after an unknown length of time, the spurts got less forceful and smaller in size until they finally fizzled out and started leaking down the sides.

Taylor, finally returning to reality, looked at a cum-soaked Kostas and asked through his short breaths, “Did you like your little treat, baby? Daddy always delivers.”

“It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

Taylor reached out and wiped away the cum from Kostas’ eyes so he could see. Kostas made eye contact with Taylor as Taylor began to suck the cum from off his fingers.

“You can take as long as you need to clean me up. I’ve got all night.”

“Good thing I didn’t eat dinner today. I love you. I love your size. I love your desire to grow. I love that I could give that to you.”

“I love you too.”

“I think, someday soon, we should try to grow you out of this room.”

Taylor grinned. “Why?”

“Why not?”

Taylor smiled even wider, scooped up more of his cum and licked his fingers clean, and said, “Why not indeed.”

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