Rock and roll

by BRK

 When you make a wish on a magic rock to be able to change people, make sure you make yourself aware of the effects.

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The field trip to the Smithfield Natural History Museum was the second lamest way to spend a morning I could think of, but since the actual lamest was sitting in class over at Smithfield (MA) Regional High lined up in our desks trying to stay awake as Mrs. Stanwyck wandered through her (quite defective) memories of the principles of secondary school science, I was pretty okay with being here, milling around mutant, malformed rocks in square Plexiglas cages, pretending to be reading the info cards when, in fact, I was stalking Bryan Miller.

Okay, “stalking” is a little strong. All I was really doing was hanging back a few paces from him as we moved circuitously through the mazelike museum, staking out a good corner to watch him from as he stopped and studied the bizarre rocks that some town father had assembled for some reason back before my grandparents had discovered fornication. Yeah, so I wasn't all that into it. But weirdly enough, Bryan was. I mean, I knew he paid attention in Mrs. Stanwyck's class, which is a feat in itself, and he got good grades, but I always figured guys as gorgeous as Bryan weren't the brainy type.

God, he was hot. My dick was half-hard in my boxers just watching him. His face was beautiful, with high cheekbones, and easy smile, and bright blue eyes. His hair was just a bit thick, and he'd been growing it out, so it was falling on the broad shoulders of his thin charcoal hoody. But what had really gotten me going the last few months was that Bryan had discovered that he liked working out. For reasons known only to him he was apparently only working his pecs and shoulders, and his thin hoody was now stretched tight across two heavy mounds that hadn't been there a year ago, while the rest of his tall, lanky body was pretty much the same as before. And you know what? I was okay with that. His pecs were amazing, and his long buff arms and legs were amazing too. And his perfect ass, which his tight jeans showed off nicely.

He straightened up from staring at some fossil or other and moved into one of the other rooms. I followed the perfect ass at a safe distance.

This room was a shade darker than the others, and smaller—I couldn't hide in here. I'd lost track of the others and realized they'd all moved off in other directions. It was just Bryan, engrossed in a gray-purple rock the size of a box turtle in another Plexiglas cage. In the dim light it seemed to sparkle slightly. No, not sparkle—shimmer.

I started to back out, to lurk for him to emerge into a more stalkable room. Then I stopped and hesitated. And I said to myself, fuck it, and crept up beside him.

He glanced up at me and flashed a brilliant smile that made me shiver. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey.” That was the sum-total of my eloquence in that moment. If called upon to give my own name or describe my bedroom, I think I wouldn't have managed anything more than “Hey.”

He was fascinated by the rock. Which, come to look at it, was pretty cool looking.

“You're in a my algebra class too,” Bryan was saying. God, was he actually talking to me?

“Uh, yeah. And, uh, gym.”

“Right.” And we just looked at the rock a minute, him in earnest, me in confusion.

I was waiting for him to say he'd seen me looking at him, but I was still hung up on him talking to me at all. Where was his entourage? Gorgeous guys like him always had three or four guys clustered around them, talking about cars and tits. “Hey, um, aren't you friends with Jimmy Loftus?”

He shrugged his perfectly wide shoulders. “Why, you know him?”

“No! No, I just, um, figured you guys hung out all the time.”

Bryan moved around to the next side so he could read the info card. “Sometimes. He's not really all that, um—”


Bryan flashed me another devastating smile. God, I wanted him to smile at me like that all the time. “I was trying to be diplomatic,” he said, still smiling as he returned his attention to the display.

“This rock is probably smarter then he is,” I snorted.

“Heh,” Bryan said. “Well, it does say here that there's a legend this rock grants wishes, so you may be right.”

I knew what I'd wish for. “What kind of wishes?” I said, mostly to keep the conversation going. He was talking to me like we knew each other, like we were friends or something! Or lunchroom mates, anyway.

“Psychomorphic,” he said. When I said nothing he looked up an translated: “Shape transformation.”

“Cool. Well, since you don't need it, can I have it?” I said, jokingly. I thought.

He furrowed his brow. “What do you mean?”

I looked at him, scoping him out without even meaning to. Damn, that charcoal hoody was tight across those pecs. “Nothing,” I said. “Just, you know. You've got the whole package.” I said the last as offhandedly as I could, but really there is no way in the universe to tell a dude he's hot.

My heart was pounding in my chest, and I felt my face redden. But he just said, “Huh.” Then: “So suppose I let you have it. What kind of psychomorphic ability would you wish for?”

“Oh, that's easy.” And then, hoping to get a laugh, I said: “Rock, give me the ability to change anyone without anyone noticing or caring!”

Bryan did laugh, and I laughed too, and I actually felt a little giddy. I wobbled just for a second, and he reached out and steadied me.

“Maybe the rock's smarter than you are, too,” Bryan laughed.

“Probably,” I said, half hurt and half amused. “Why?”

“You forgot to exempt yourself!” Bryan thought this was very funny, but he was laughing with me.

“Shit!” I said. “I'd never even know what I'd done!” He was still touching me on the shoulder. “Like I could say you had two dicks, and I'd never even know I'd changed you!”

“Well, yeah,” Bryan said, slightly embarrassed to be talking about his equipment. “But isn't the point to pick something that isn't already true?”

“Well, yeah.” Actually I'd been thinking about his twin dicks all afternoon. I'd only glimpsed them out in the open a couple of times in the locker room, but everybody knew about them, and no one cared. Weird how guys who are different get picked on, but no one had ever picked on Bryan for that. “I forgot to say two huge dicks.”

Bryan was clearly blushing now. “I dunno about huge,” he muttered. But the evidence, as always, was against him—despite the loose slacks he always wore, I could see the swinging heads of his cocks, one down each leg, brushing his perfect thighs just above his kneecap.

“I do.” Man, those cocks were gorgeous. I wanted to see them, but I never had—Bryan was excused from gym class, and everyone knew why. Not that anyone thought twice about it, but for me, it was luscious cock, in quantity, on the school's hottest guy. “Aw, c'mon, it's not like you're cocky or anything.”

“Can we stop talking about my huge cocks?” he said with a bashful grin.


“Steve!” he said, punching me playfully.

He knows my name. “Hey, we're friends, right?” I said, because I'd really been feeling something like that between us when we'd talked in the halls between classes every once in a while. It wasn't like we hung out, but he seemed to be okay with me.

“Of course.”


“Absolutely. We've been hanging out together all this time, haven't we?” He grinned, and I did too. God, we'd hardly spent any time apart. We talked about everything.

“I feel like we know each other really well,” I said. Well, it was true. We did.

Bryan nodded, his beautiful face content.

“So you can tell me—what would you change about yourself?”

He glanced down. “Well, Hans and Frans do really get in the way a lot.”

“Yeah, but you love it.”

Bryan grinned wickedly at me. “Yeah, I do.” He cocked his head at me. “And so do you,” he added coyly.

I glanced away. “What do you mean?”

“C'mon, Steve, you're my best bud. Of course I can tell you're into my cocks.”

“It's not just your cocks,” I blurted out. I paused for a moment, but I knew our friendship was strong enough to take it. “I—I'm into you.”

He blinked. “Wow. Um—”

“I know I'm not as hot as you,” I broke in. “I wish I were.”

“God, Steve, you're the hottest guy in school!”

“Apart from you.” I grinned luminously.

“Apart from nobody.”

“But I know I'm not—your fantasy.”

Bryan bit his lip. “My fantasy's a bit—weird.”

“Tell me. I know you want to.” Which was a lie—he'd always been secretive about it. But he seemed ready to tell me now.

But still he hesitated. “I do. But—you're going to think it's weird.”

“Naw. If we know each other that well, I bet I already know.”

“You-you do?” Bryan looked suddenly nervous. And I did kind of have an idea. And wow, it was freaky.

But I really cared about Bryan. I touched his buff shoulder. A little lie wouldn't hurt. “And it's fine. I think—I think it's hot.”

Actually not that much of a lie, now I thought about it.

He decided to call my bluff. “All right then,” he said. “Tell me what you think it is. What would you look like if you were my fantasy?”

I glanced down at my superhot jock bod, bulging out of my clothes in all the right places, then glanced up at him and wiggled my eyebrows.

He aimed a half-grin at me. “C'mon.”

I laughed. “Okay, okay. Let's see.” I was pretty sure from all the times we'd talked, and almost gotten affectionate with each other, I knew at least where to start. “First—cocks like yours. Only,” I added, eying him appraisingly, “bigger.”

He smiled, a little chagrinned. “I can't help it,” he said. “I'm a total size queen for guys like you.” My cocks twitched as he glanced down at them. I could feel them rubbing my knees, tingling, wanting to get hard.

“I know,” I said. “I know what turns you on, remember?”

Bryan didn't reply—he was staring at the outline of my thick, heavy cocks in my loose trousers. It was amazing we'd found each other. And yet kind of inevitable.

I knew exactly what he whacked his monsters off too, so the only question now was how to tease him with it. “Tall,” I said. “Like 7 feet, all lanky with extra abs.”

He grinned up at me in amazement. “You knew about the 12-pack abs?”

“I thought it was 10!” I laughed.

“C'mon, silly, my fantasy wouldn't be much of a fantasy if he looked exactly like you,” he said, rubbing my ten-pack playfully through my custom-made tee shirt.

“Fair enough,” I laughed. “What else?”

He glanced at my arms, his eyes shining. I grinned and pulled them up into a beefy double-bi. “I know you want four of these babies.”

“They just look so good on you,” he said, clearly aroused. His cocks were swelling up and growing down his pants legs, and I realized mine were too. I suddenly remembered we were in a museum. And shit! Robbie Larsen from the swim team was standing in the doorway to the alcove we were in, watching us! He was turned on too—he was rubbing his chest without even realizing it.

“We gotta be someplace private,” I said.

“Good thing we are,” Bryan said, climbing onto my bed with me.

“We also gotta be naked.” I said, grinning widely at him.

“How much more naked could we be?” Bryan said, reaching out to caress one of the bone-hard cocks sticking straight up from my groin. I wrapped all my arms around him and leaned down to lick his gorgeous neck. As he moaned I said in his ear, “I'm going to fuck you like I've never fucked you before.”

He smiled and moved my face around for a kiss as he caressed my musclebuff arms. “That's what you always say,” he said, kissing me hard, his tongue sliding into my mouth. It was my turn to moan.

“I love your tongue,” I said, my lips inches from his. “It's like you've got another big cock in there.”

“Exvactly wike,” Bryan said laughing, as usual having a little trouble talking around the thick boner sticking out of his mouth. “Good fing iss nod as big as de ovvers!”

“It's perfect,” I said. God that mouthcock was my favorite part of his impossibly hot bod. I could make out with him for hours. And had.

Our cocks drooled on our pecs as I moved in to kiss/suck him, but he put a hand to my lips and turned to say, “Wobbie, would you shud de dooh?”

I'd forgotten Robbie was here. There he was, naked in the doorway, his tall, buff swimmer's bod slightly damp with sweat, staring at us in awe. His average-sized cock was hard and pointing up at a 45 degree angle. He shut my bedroom door and leaned against it, never taking his eyes off us.

“Look how hard he is,” I said to Bryan. Bryan grinned beautifully at him around his mouthcock. “You must see plenty of ass in the locker room!” I told Robbie.

“Yeah,” he said, mesmerized, “but the guys on the team aren't as hot as you.” His cock twitched, but he seemed afraid to touch it.

“C'mon.” I said. “Don't you all have four arms like me?” I teased.

“Well yeah,” he said, grasping his front hands with his back hands. “But—”

“'But' what? Don't you all have muscle butts like ours too?” I winked.

“Yeah, of course,” he said, rubbing his awesome bubble butt self-consciously with all four hands. “But—” He was looking helplessly at our amazing cocks, and glancing down at his own.

“See, but I heard they use this weird, special kind of chlorine here that makes you grow bigger,” I said, “like a couple inches a year.”

“Whoa, that explains it!” said Robbie, straightening up into his familiar pose of leaning his shoulders against the ceiling, his head bent forward. He always said it was comfortable. “All the swim dudes keep getting taller, but I've been swimming at the high school pool since I was 5!”

I'd already guessed that that was why Robbie was at least a head taller than I was. “Right,” I said, soldiering through with my joke, “but doesn't it also work on cock?”

“Yeah, it must have,” Robbie mused. He was absently jacking his boner with his four big hands as if just realizing how huge it was—which was the length of his leg or more and the thickness all the way down of his luscious swimmer's thighs. He actually had to wear three-legged jeans because of that thing. And I thought I had a lot of equipment to deal with!

“So? You complaining? Your dick is twice as long as mine and as thick as a leg!” I laughed. “It's the biggest dick in the school!”

“Yeah, but…there's only one!” Robbie said with a crooked grin.

“Wook at that gock,” Bryan said in awe. I was now standing behind him, rubbing my boners along his back and getting precum on his shoulders, while rubbing his amazing torso with all four hands and pressing him close to me. “Iss like you god de wiss power afder all!”

“Naw,” I said. “Four-foot-long cock? Too big. If I had the wish power I'd be like, 'I wish Robbie had four foot-long cocks'!”

Bryan laughed. “You have a wish power, huh?” Robbie said, laughing as well, still leaning his shoulders against the ceiling as his four hands continued to fondle his four thick boners. “So how come you're wishing for stuff I already have?”

“Sorry, I meant to say, 'four two-foot boners',” I said with a smirk. Two of my big hands were copying Robbie and stroking Bryan's extra-wide cocks as I continued to hump his muscular back.

“Aw, c'mon, you guys too?” Robbie said, fondling his chest-high, ankle-thick boners. “Just because I'm so tall, nobody believes me when I say they're 24 inches.”

“I bewieve you,” Bryan said.

“C'mon, if we're gonna pretend you have a wish power … ”

I was really enjoying stroking Bryan's cocks, which were amazingly hard. “How about two heads so you can blow us double-dick studs properly?” Bryan's cocks surged in my hands—he liked the idea.

Robbie shook his heads at us. “I wish I knew where you learned to count,” said the left one.

“Maybe I don't believe it because you're not doing it yet,” I said snarkily.

“Yeah!” said Bryan, his cocks somehow even harder in my hands.

Two huge grins spread across Robbie's supercute faces. He knelt and wrapped his warm lips around Bryan's awesome cocks.

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