by erotic wordsmith

Seth’s gift for astral travel lets him land in other people’s bodies. His bigger, meaner cousin Ben’s, for example.

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The best part of what Seth did was that the guys he "possessed" were always fully aware of what Seth was making them do. Most of them raged and howled and seethed inside, but a few even enjoyed his jaded adventures.

It made no difference in the end, except to add spice to the game.

Ever since he was a little boy, Seth knew he was different. Generations in his family were gypsies, occultists, and initiates. His mother had been clairvoyant, his uncle telekinetic. Every person he grew up with had some unusual psychic talent or skill.

Seth's was astral travel, the ability to project his spirit out of his body. In a more gentle man, this ability could've made Seth a wanderer and a dreamer and a psychic adventurer. Since he was a toddler, though, a spirit of bitterness and alienation hung over his hopes like a dark cloud. Lonely, lost, and gay from the time he came into the world, Seth turned to his psychic talents as an escape.

It wasn't until he was 18 that he actually put himself into another's body, though.

It had been an accident, really. Craziness. His 19 year-old cousin Ben had been drunk off his ass, and in a fit that night. Some people are quiet drunks, others can talk up a room, Cousin Ben had been a truly vicious drunk, and he liked to wrestle, and to hurt.

When Ben came at him that night, Seth threw his spirit out of his body to avoid getting beat up… and the momentum somehow carried him right into his cousin Ben.


Seth remembered staggering to the floor, suddenly wildly intoxicated. He felt bigger, taller, heavier. His hands — which were huge — hit the wooden floor with a meaty smack. Sweat soaked the dirty wifebeater that clung to his chiseled, hairy pecs. He felt like he was encased in a clumsy mountain of flesh — muscled, hairy, wet, reeking. In a moment of shock, he saw his own real body lying on the floor in front of him, and he realized he had somehow /become/ Ben!

Fighting a momentary urge to throw up, or to pass out from the alcohol, Seth pulled himself from the floor, and tried to sort out his thoughts. Somewhere in his head, Ben was still there, shocked and weirded out by the whole experience. But Ben felt somehow faded, as if Seth's mind was the one in control. Seth felt as though he had all the access to Ben's memories, personality, and abilities, but it was /Seth/ who was in control.

Seth careened against the walls of the back hallway the switch had happened in, and pulled himself into the downstairs bathroom, where he flicked on the light, and stared at his new face in the mirror.

Ben's sweaty, stubbly face stared back at him, in awe and a little horror. Then, with a surge of dark joy, Seth-who-was-now-Ben smiled. Even drunk and sweaty and dirty, Ben was a hot guy. Hell, he'd played varsity baseball and basketball in high school, and had a college scholarship until he got busted for marijuana last year. Now a local truck mechanic, Ben was still the picture of a young, cocky, blue collar jock from a small town. Hard, flat pecs, rippled six pack, broad shoulders. Midnight black hair buzzed in a military cut. Dark brown eyes— self-assured. Seth ran his hands down his body, pushing through scrubby black hair on his chest and tummy, and sliding under his black mesh shorts and tightie whities, to grab his new cock.

A thrill of sexual energy surged into him, and he felt his new hairy new member swell and expand. He eagerly dropped his shorts and underwear, and stared down at his new equipment.

Poking out from a nest of hair, a huge, uncut hot dog rose towards the ceiling… fuck, Ben was huge! Hard to say how long, but definitely inches bigger than Seth's own little pecker. How strange that Ben never got cut, either…. Seth rolled his fingers over his new foreskin, wet with precum, and shuddered in pleasure.

Somewhere inside his head, the real Ben protested and growled, fighting. Seth shut him out, and slowly jacked himself, his back leaning into the towel rack, his bare feet on the cold linoleum floor. The smell of a cheap air freshener plugged into the wall contrasted with the vodka on his own breath. Seth couldn't help that Ben had handed him his body drunk and tired!

Seth jacked his hands violently over his now swollen cock, not even bothering to soap up or slow down. Suddenly, he burst, gritting his teeth and practically yelling out loud…

"Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit…"

Cum spurted from Ben's gorgeous cock, spitting onto the sink, the mirror, and the vanity. The whole side bathroom was sprayed sticky, and Seth slid to the floor, pleasantly spent. It was then that Seth felt himself pull out of Ben, and move back towards his own body.

But as he made that transition back, Seth already had plans for his cousin Ben for tomorrow night….

To say nothing of all those beautiful boys on his high school football and hockey team…

A hundred different flavors over a hundred nights, and they'd be damned if they could do anything about it. And the real fun was only just beginning!

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