Part time

by NoGoodAlias

The story of a part-time worker at a tuxedo shop, and a chance encounter with a muscle god.

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I had been working a part-time job over the summer to earn some extra cash for when college started up again. I was a tailor at a little tuxedo shop and would measure men who came in for fittings as well as give out suits that had been ordered ahead of time. It was never a busy place and served as an easy second job that I had been working at since last summer.

The shop had seen little foot traffic then, and it saw less now, even on a weekend. It was an hour before closing when I heard the bell above the front door ring. I glanced up from my phone and immediately my gaze was locked.

Standing tall at 6’4”, an adonis of a man strode into the shop like he owned the place. He had a powerlifter’s build, layered in a thick and broad coat of stocky muscle. He had a neck like a tree trunk, which twisted as he glanced around the place. His hair was a short military cut of icy blonde, with a strong jawline, and cheeks dull red from windburn. He wore a brown bomber jacket over his thick arms and a simple green shirt over his broad chest, tan khakis fit to bursting around his massive thighs.

He stepped up to the counter and that’s when I released a breathe I hadn’t realized I had been holding. This man was a hunk of muscle and virility, and it took a moment longer than I’d like to admit before I had regained my composure. My mind had blanked, and in my stupor, I had missed what he had said.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” I asked, voice stricken with the slightest tremble.

“The Smith-Williams wedding,” his deep and sultry voice repeated. “I’m here for my fitting?”

You are an idiot! I thought to myself. How could I have forgotten? People seldom called in ahead of time to schedule fittings, so I assured myself that I wouldn’t forget something so rare. I quickly checked the schedule and sure enough, there was the appointment.

“Oh yes, of course! Would you follow me around back? I’ll start your measurements,” I said, my gestures too forced to convey anything except bashfulness. The stud just let out a little chuckle of amusement and followed.

I directed him further in the back and gestured for him to stand in front of a three-way mirror. I tailed him towards the back and found myself in front of something that could only be described as a gift from on high. This guy had one of the fullest, roundest asses I had ever seen in my life. His massive mounds were so strained against his tight khakis that I expected the seam down the back to give way under the pressure.

I knew right then and there that I needed to see this guy naked, or at least in his underwear. The job had become so monotonous that I needed some action, and this hottie had kindled something deep and carnal within me.

“Do you have a hook I can put this on?” he asked as he took off his jacket. His meaty chest and concrete arms were sturdy, his forearm dusted with blonde hair. I couldn’t bear the thought of letting such eye candy leave me without at least a little taste, so I rolled my dice and took the plunge.

“Okay, so, I’m gonna need you to strip down so I can get a proper fitting,” I managed, hands shaking a bit as I took his coat from his hand and placed it on a hood behind me.

“Strip down for a fitting? I’ve never heard of that before,” he responded, raising an eyebrow and cracking a grin. His quirked smile made everything below the waist-save my raging hard-on- turn to jello. Goddam did this guy know how to work it.

“W-well, you see, it helps ensure a proper fitting,” I lied, hoping that the tremble in my voice wasn’t noticeable.

He just flashed another smile and shrugged, before pulling his shirt up over his head and dropping it to the floor. His chest was dusted with a similar shade of hair to his arms, and his abs were the perfect ratio of fat and muscle. He then kicked off his weighty boots and began to undo his belt.

There was a part of me that raged at the back of my mind, ashamed at my lie and confused at the man’s willingness to strip. It was quickly silenced by the waves of lust that filled me. This stud had power over me.

Though his pants fit the waist, they seemed way too tight everywhere else. His thighs and ass were so large that it amazed me that he was even able to find a pair that fit.

It was something surreal, watching a muscle god like that struggle with something as simple as pulling his pants down. He squirmed and shook until he got halfway, his fat yet firm cheeks bouncing like jelly with each heave. He finally his pants off, and I was graced with a sight so incredible that I have no idea how I managed to keep any modicum of professionalism.

The big muscle stud now stood before me in nothing but black cotton socks and a sheer white thong. The thong was tight, barely fitting the hefty bulge that quivered in its tight package around a garden of blonde pubic hair.

He stood facing me, but I couldn’t for the life of me take my eyes off the reflection of his massive glutes in the mirrors. His ass pushed out so far back that it formed a sort of shelf. The small string of his thong was packed snugly between his fuzzy melons.

It was quite a sight to behold, a muscular beast such as him wearing nothing but a slutty, skimpy thong. Even when fully clothed, his assets left little to the imagination, but like this, they were basically framed.

“It was a gift,” the man said in his virile baritone, noticing the staring that I couldn’t help but partake in.

“W-what…?” I asked, face flushed at the sudden kick back into reality.

“My thong,” he replied. “It was a gift from my fiancée. She told me she loved the way my ass looked in it.”

“Fiancée? You’re the groom?”

“Yep.” He nodded. “I’m Warren Smith.”

“She’s right, by the way,” I stammered out, mouth moving fast than my brain could stop it. “About the, um, thong…” My face must have been as red as a tomato at that point. There was no coming back from a reply like that.

The mans’ reaction was anything but expected. He just smiled and chuckled slightly at my response.

“Don’t worry about it bud. I get it, my ass is huge.” He gave me a deviously self-aware bounce of his butt.

My eyes went wide at that moment. I didn’t know what to say, my reply was just a series of stutters.

“Don’t act so shocked,” his deep voice said. “I know my butt’s enormous. It’s been like that my entire life. It’s just growing bigger as I pack on muscle.” There was a smirk across his face that turned my boner into a rod of metal. I couldn’t believe how horny I was.

“T-that may be where I have trouble fitting you, uh, Warren. Your backside is so large that it may be difficult to find a tuxedo with pants that will fit.”

“No worries. I’ve had my fair share of custom-made pants.” He chuckled again. God, was he good at acting coy.

I was beyond turned on, but I knew we needed to get on with the fitting, so I had him turn around, with his ass now facing me. First, I measured his shoulders and jotted down the measurements. Then I got on my knees. The muscle god’s ass was mere inches from my face, and if possible, my face must have gotten even redder than it was. My eyes drank in the sight and took it all in- and by God was there a ton to take in. It was the fat yet firm, dusted with curly white-blond hairs the deeper it got to the thong, still wedged like no other between his man mountains. It took all of my strength not to shove my face in between those cheeks.

I took whatever the last shred of composure I had and measured the seam down the outside of each of his thick legs, running my hands down them as I did so. After jotting the disproportionate numbers down, I heard the clink of metal hit the floor. I looked towards the sound and found the answer: It was Warren’s ring.

“My bad, I can be clumsy sometimes,” he chuckled, before bending down to his toes for a suspiciously long time. And my God, did I love every minute of it. This stud had to be teasing me, there was no other logical conclusion.

He continued to bend over slowly as his big ass loaves pushed further back. His cheeks parted ever so slightly but were too large to fully separate. They sucked the tiny thong string into the deep valley between his ass cheeks, and as if by instinct, my nose took in a deep breath. It smelled musty and manly, the pinnacle of virility.

After a moment, the stud stood back up, and I covered my nose and mouth to stop myself from sniffing further. After a moment I continued to run my tape measure over his ass and down his legs. After that, I told him that I’d need his legs spread apart to get the inseam. There was another of his sexy chuckles in their deep baritone, and then he spread his legs without hesitation.

I reached under him with the tape measure and felt his hefty balls brush against my hand from within their nylon prison. I was so close that I could have buried my face into Warren’s ass, and being honest, I’m not sure what stopped me from doing so.

I took in his man scent as I measured down both legs. It was a struggle in the position I was in, and I needed him to turn around, despite the absolute heaven I was in so close to him like this.

“I’ll need you to turn around, please,” I managed.

Warren turned, his huge bulge sticking out from his thong now in my face. I did a double-take, but not just due to the view; was his dick… growing? He had to have been getting hard.

Warren’s legs spread, I finished measuring his inseam, taking his hefty bulge in my hand as I made room for the tape. I could barely take it, and it seemed he couldn’t either, as his dick continues to grow in the thong, stretching the already loaded thong to sheerness.

I was certain now, he was as completely turned on by this as I was. My eyes crept up his front, lingering at his growing hardness and his meaty chest until they locked eyes with his. His damn smirk, how could it be so attractive, so inviting?

“Go for it,” he said, eyes still gazing at me.

“W-what? I—” was all I could muster. This couldn’t be real, he couldn’t want this as much as me—could he?

“You heard me,” his deep voice replied. “Go for it.”

He stuck his thumb in his thong and with a bounce, freed his cock and balls from their confines. It was beyond anything I could have hoped. Unlike his ass, which left very little to the imagination, I was surprised about how much size and width managed to hide from me in that thong. It had to be at least 8 inches, and it wasn’t even done growing. It was fat and musky, with a swollen pink head. It trembled as it bounced, I swear I heard it creak as it was a massive barge. Accompanying his fat tool was a pair of two hairy balls, full and taut.

I looked up one last time and he nodded. With quivering fingers, I reached out and took his manhood in my hand. It looked absolutely obese this close, and I struggled to fit my mouth over the swollen head. Even then, a deep moan escaped his lips as it entered my mouth, encouraging me to take in more. As began to suck, feeling his fat cock swell bigger and bigger within me, fighting for room. By the time the gargantuan thing was hard, it had to have been at least 12 inches of pipe that I was choking down. He was definitely a grower.

I caressed his fuzzy balls as I sucked and another groan came out, baritone and aimless like the moo of a cow. His meaty palms found their way to the back of my hand, and with a few guiding pushes he had me swallowing a few more inches. Warren kept whimpering as I took him in as if his huge member was begging for more space to grow.

Now pressed closer to Warren, I reached my hands around and began to grope his massive ass cheeks, feeling their firm doughiness as I continued to suck him off. Reaching back as far as I could, I sent my fingers down his crack, hunting until I felt the warm pucker of a tight pink hole. Warren moaned and stepped back, gesturing for me to take his cock out of my mouth.

“I want you inside me,” he growled. “Fuck me, now. Please.”

He didn’t need to ask twice. I pulled his massive member out of my throat and began undressing as fast as I could. Warren shucked his thing and got on his hands and knees, massive cheeks facing me. His ass was high up and spread as far as he could manage. Even with all his effort, his butt was too big to fully part. Using my hands, I spread his mounds as far as I could and was greeted by a tight hole, puckered and hungry. It was surrounded by a forest of delicious, musky hair, and I ran my tongue down his crack, taking in as much as I could while he moaned and clenched.

I buried my ass deep into his manhole and could swear that his moans shook the very walls. God, he was so tight and so ripe. My tongue was sent digging and he responded with a shake. Suddenly he yelled out, his deep voice ready to command me.

“Fuck me!” he yelled.

I got down lower and spit into my hand, rubbing the saliva over my rock solid cock. It was a nice 7 inches, and it stood at attention, ready for its holy task.

I aimed my cock towards his impatient, puckered hole, and pushed. It was slow at first, and it earned a bellowing moan from Warren. Slowly, I let more of myself into his tiny hole, until I was thrusting and his mounds were jiggling. I watched myself in the mirror, looking at Warren. His eyes were closed and his lips quivered in a smile, opening only to release another moan. I couldn’t believe the sight- Me, a short man of 5’8 and a scrawny frame, fucking a 6’4 muscle god.

I gazed back as my cock went in and out of his hole, dwarfed by his gargantuan butt cheeks.

“Harder! Fuck me harder man!” he said, pushing back. I began picking up speed and grabbing both sides of his beefy ass as I started pounding even harder. Warren was hungry for me and ensured he took as much of me as he could with each stroke.

“Come on buddy, ride that fat ass. Make me cum. I’m so fucking close,” he moaned.

Hearing his dirty talk excited me into a frenzy, and I began pounding his cushions even harder. In the mirror, I saw pure pleasure in his eyes, and he looked back at me, almost at his peak.

“Ah fuck! This is it! I’m gonna blow!” As we reached the fever pitch, I felt his hole tighten around me as thick ropes of jizz hit the mirror in front of him. I counted the fat load- one shot, three shots, five shots, eight!

The sight was too much to bear. I closed my eyes and erupted inside Warren, filling him up with my hot cum.

“That’s it!” he cried out.

I grunted in response, waiting until all my juice filled his bowels before plopping my dick out of his used hole. It looked filled to the brim with my milk.

“Damn…” was all I could muster from my clouded mind.

“Damn, indeed,” Warren chuckled, rising to his feet, his hole still puckered and filled. He looked at me with his smirk. “When do you work next?”

“Monday, why?” I asked.

“I’ll be back, then. For my actual fitting.” he replied nonchalantly, changing back into his clothes.

“Wait, what?” I couldn’t tell if I was still foggy or just confused.

“Come on man, I may be a muscle head but I’m not dumb,” he laughed, running his large hand through my hair and he walked towards the front of the store.

“I saw the way you looked at me when I walked in. I even went along with the whole ‘stripping for a fitting’ bit. So how about Monday we get me fitted for my actual suit, and we can have some… fun after. Deal?”

I stood, flabbergasted as he walked out. Did he have me read like a book the entire time? I watched his fat ass be the last to leave as the door rang close, and with a short laugh to myself, turned towards my clothes.

“Deal,” I said to myself.

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