Orc Cymraeg

by JCS

Jason, a Welsh University student, convinces an old school friend to transform him into an orc.

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‘—Therefore, Homo Sapiens is the default form of people with the ability to absorb elements, such as infernalide, to transform into demi-humans such as Orcs and Tieflings. These elements can also be inherited; otherwise, we would have no demi-human children.’

My biology teacher looked over at the back of our mostly human and entirely fifteen-year-old class where the few born demi-humans in the Rhondda were sat. We weren’t the city where the kinksters went, or the countryside that needed the extra strength of a demi-human, so very few people who stayed here wanted to transform. Although even then, I knew I wanted to change more than anything.

There was one orc in the class, Dylan Jones. He sat at the back where they kept the seats designed for demi-humans. Nearly everyone was glancing at him, though I tried to keep myself facing forwards. However, his visage was at the front of my mind. He was around a foot taller than me, large in every way, especially around his stomach, with neon green skin and large tusks coming out of his mouth. I didn’t follow much of the rest of the lesson.

Shortly after that lesson, we were walking through the school’s plain white corridors, and I was standing just behind Dylan. ‘Hey!’ I called out to him.

He turned around to look down at me, his dark green eyes glancing down. ‘Oh hey, Jason.’

‘I want to ask you something. Can we go somewhere private?’ I nodded my head over to a toilet next to the corridor.

We stood inside the empty room with our backs to the row of stalls. I thought about how I should ask him about it.

‘I want you to transform me!’ I blurted out.

Clearly, I wasn’t thinking that hard.

He looked at me with a slightly raised eyebrow, ‘I can’t. Dad tells me constantly that I can’t do it right now. I don’t know if he means legally or physically.’

‘Oh, not now,’ I assured him. ‘Hell, my parents would kill me. But what about when we’re old enough? I can wait a few years.’ I looked away from him, hiding my slight frown.

‘Okay, I’d do that,’ he put his large hand on my shoulder and smiled at me while walking out of the toilets.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

That would be the last time I heard from him for a few years. We were told his family had moved away, and looking back, it was likely a coincidence, but I spent years thinking it was an attempt to avoid me, even if that didn’t make much sense. Occasionally I messaged Dylan, and he promised to transform me when we were both old enough. However, he never did say why they moved.

A few years later, I hadn’t moved far from the Rhondda, only to Cardiff, for university. Still, there were many more demi-humans down here. A few Tieflings shared my flat and some wolves below us—they got very annoying during full moon nights. There are some orcs across the city. Sometimes, I felt the urge to ask them to transform me into their large sexy form, but something about Dylan made me wait for him.

When the second semester began, I found myself messaging Dylan nearly every day just to see where he was.

JC: Hey, do you plan to come to Cardiff at any point?

DG: God, you really are desperate. I also have work to do, especially with exams right now.

JC: Sorry, I didn’t mean to rush you.

DG: Eh, don’t worry about it. There’s a con in Cardiff in early February that I’m going to if you’d like to meet up then.

As soon as I saw that, I almost dropped my phone in joy. It took a few minutes of hyperventilating to respond.

JC: Sure, that’ll be perfect. I promise I’ll be prepared.

I had three weeks to prepare for my life after the transformation. The uni made it easy enough to change rooms after a transformation, but I still had more personal things to prepare. My old clothes had to be replaced fast enough for me to still be dressed before the transformation.

They were a few demi-human clothes shops around Cardiff which made it easy enough to get some right clothes. They were run by demi-humans who often stared at me when I entered. They were probably aware of what I had planned, especially since I was carrying bags of human clothes to give to charity shops across the town.

A few weeks later, I was waiting outside Cardiff Central station. The modern television building was behind me, while the old station was in front. The plaza was covered on the busy Monday morning full of people entering and exiting both buildings. I was looking for a flash of green within the crowd of several skin tones, both human and not. He knew I would be here, and I was in my last human clothes, which I sent him a photo of yesterday. Eventually, I saw his large green head reaching above the thick crowd. He was at least nine feet tall, taller than I remembered, but he still had the face from when we were in school.

‘Hey, Dylan!’ I yelled, running towards him.

He glanced at me with his enormous soft face, and a slight smirk came over it. ‘Hey, little guy, it’s been a while.’ He lifted me up in his large and muscular arms. He couldn’t do that before, not that I complained about being held by him.

‘He-hey, mate, you’ve changed!’ I said in between, trying to get some breaths in.

‘Yeah, I’ve been around some of my dad’s orc friends up north,’ he looked wistfully off into the distance, ‘It was a good time, not being the only demi-human around town.’ He sighed. ‘Sorry I left you, but dad really wanted us to go up there’, he put me down, smiling.

‘Neat, can we go up there after my transformation?’ I looked up at him, trying to put as much desperation into my eyes as possible.

Dylan smiled as I looked up at him. I had forgotten how beautiful he was, with his large bulky arms and fat rugged face framed by his tusks covered in dark green skin. ‘So shall we go to your place? We’ll need a little privacy.’ His voice was a beautiful deep rumble that seemed to come straight from the depth of his chest and went straight through me.

‘Sure,’ I said.

He wrapped his arm around mine, and we walked down St Mary’s Street to my flat.

We stood inside my tiny room. I had moved my desk to the corner. However, Dylan still struggled to get in, especially since he went straight to the window with his stomach’s side sliding onto my bed, which was groaning under the weight. I assume he thought that I’d have a view of Cardiff’s skyline. Instead, he was looking at a wall.

I decided to break the silence, ‘So everything should be done. Got some orc clothes in my cupboard, so really, it’s up to you.’

He looked over at me, smirking as he did, ‘You know what to do, right?’ he asked, staring into me with his giant green eyes.

‘Well, it’s a type of DNA infusion, so I assume it’s some type of blood transfusion. Why do we need someone more professional to do it? The website I found the other day didn’t mention needing a doctor, just sharing the DNA. I assumed it went through a small cut. What do i-’

He cut me off with a kiss, bending down several feet and inserting his tongue deep into my throat. He pulled back with me, staring into his eyes. ‘It’s a lot less complicated than you think.’

I shook myself out of the shock, ‘S-so, is that enough?’

Dylan walked away from me to the bathroom, ‘I’ll wait in here while you outgrow yourself.’

He closed the door on the toilet as I tried to control my hyperventilating breath. At the same time, my organs began to realign inside of me. It felt like fire was burning within my muscles. Some form of energy was entering every aspect of my body. It was happening. I was going to outgrow my human form and, indeed, be able to become an orc. I felt my dick rise within my trousers. The euphoria of the changes somehow became horny, not that I was complaining.

My heart was racing in my chest. It was like it was growing larger than my ribs could contain it. I looked down, and just underneath my shirt, I saw my skin darkening and taking on a green complexion, slowly growing out from the centre of my chest. Gradually the loose fit of my shirt became tighter as my rib cage expanded and could contain my orcish heart until the top was straining above the growth of both that and the fat on top of it. Slight rips appeared under my growing breasts, turning green as they grew. They also doubled in height, pushing me further away from my lower half. I could feel the weight of my newly orcish chest heave on top of me, shaking heavily as I breathed, and my legs almost buckled under my new weight.

As the green skin grew up my arms, they became fatter, slowly ripping my shirt’s sleeves apart until the growth around my elbows tore them off my shirt. Eventually, the transformation reached my hand, which had more to change than just growth. While my hand was getting fatter, my middle two fingers were forcing themselves together. Once they touched, they began to meld, nearly turning to liquid, fusing to become one giant finger with some excess weight going into the surrounding fingers, growing them as they also turned green and gained large hard nails. While my fingers were changing, my palm widened, allowing my fingers to do the same, and the back of my hand fattened. By the time my hands were finished, each was bigger than my still human head.

The green complexion went down my body onto my stomach, growing massive with fat making it bulky and round. The fat turned my shirt into a crop top exclusively on my chest until it eventually broke off due to my growing plump breasts. I looked down at the giant green orb of my stomach. I lowered my altered hand onto it, and I could push it deep into the fat as I felt both the hand on the stomach and the opposite with the resistance my massive stomach gave me, backed by the green of both body parts coming together.

My waist’s skin turned green, pushing my hips out while making them longer, making me even fatter and creating some rips in my trousers. Just under it, my dick was about as hard as it used to be able to go. As my new colour reached my dick, I could feel it start to grow, straining the front of my trousers and creating a large and tight bulge. I could nearly see the larger veins through the cloth. Eventually, the bulge tore open, revealing the giant uncut green python attempting to hide under my old clothes. My dick was a slightly darker green than the rest of me and had at least doubled in length from before and was wider than both of my human hands were. Hell, I wasn’t sure if I could hold it in just one of my new massive hands.

While I was focused on my new weight, the transformation had reached my legs. This was good because I would have collapsed if they hadn’t. My bones in there had hardened, becoming much stronger than before and able to hold all of the new me up. On top of the bones, the muscles helped make themes stronger. They allowed me to both be able to stand up and also to move, especially with the large amount of fat throughout the body and also building on top of the legs, growing them broader and taller. Eventually, the transformation entered my feet, with them growing at least three times as large as the green skin took it over. The smallest toe merged with the one next to it on each foot, leaving me with a new form of balance on my eight toes.

Once the rest of my body had become an orc, the transformation went to my head, which by now was nearly scrapping my apartment’s roof. I felt fat rolls forming within my neck, widening it to what used to be about the size of one-half of a human chest. My chin heavily widened with fat on top of my growing jaw, which also jutted out my front lip allowing all of my teeth to become sharper and longer. Still, the growth became even more significant as my lower canines became extraordinarily sharp and curved. Growing into tusks that will be visible even if I try to close my mouth, always just within my vision to remind me of what I have become. As my cheeks turned green and fattened, my nose flattened on top of my face making my nostrils flare in front of it, leaving a pig’s snout on the front of my head. The top of my head expanded, creating a wider and broader forehead making me finally hit the roof of my apartment. At the same time, my hair grew rapidly in the back, going past my elbows.

With a feeling of one final crack, my transformation was over, and I was standing in my room bent over with my dick touching the floor and a heavy breath in my chest. Dylan stuck his head, still large but didn’t seem nearly as big as before, around the bathroom door. ‘Looking good. After the con, we have to visit the orc town up north.’

‘Ye-yeah!’ My voice was deeper and louder than before.

I carefully took some of my orc clothes out of their bags. I was barely able to contain my new litre-sized dick within the trousers. They held tight to my fat form, showing off my new, beautiful curves while Dylan watched the whole time.

I would have to arrange to move out of my room. The uni knew I was transforming and told me they had a room prepared, but I still had a lot of stuff that needed to move. I also had to explain this to my parents. However, this afternoon, the joy of the transformation made me forget my worries and enjoy my improved body. We spent the afternoon around Cardiff showing off my body and meeting a few other demi-humans bringing me into this world I was now a part of. Even if I could become human again, I would never dream of being anything other than a beautiful, bulky orc.

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