My Fantasy Shop

by West

 Charlie decides to bite the bullet and find out what that mysterious shop down the street is. What he finds makes him wish he did it sooner.

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The night was just like any other to me: painfully depressing thanks in part to my tiny dick. I had measured it plenty of times before, hoping for a change; only to be disappointed in its 2.95 inch length. That’s hard, by the way. I’m only 1.5 inches soft. 26 years I had been without a date, or any sort of passion-driven relationship, all because of that big tiny problem. I was too embarrassed most of my life to search for one, I knew there are guys out there who can look past it. But for the longest time I couldn’t myself, until tonight. Tonight was the night I would finally try and hookup with someone, anyone. I was beginning to get desperate.

My foggy, sex driven mind had a plan. There was a pop-up corner shop nearby that sold “exquisite and personalized trinkets of pleasure”—or so it claimed.

I took off down the street to the store and was amazed when I entered. Covering the walls were murals of huge dudes getting fucked by huge dudes, shelves stocked full of toys and devices, and a very sexy guy working the register.

“Welcome to your fantasy,” he said. “We offer a wide range of exactly what you’re looking for, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.”

I had to think about what he said for a moment because I was lost in his bright green eyes. The way he talked to me made me feel like the only other person in the world. As he stepped out from behind the counter and approached me I could see he was wearing nothing more than suspenders with a name tag that read “Z”, and a mesh thong. He was quite fit with ample muscles covered in a light dusting of hair all around. His pecs looked meaty without being too large, just enough to bend his suspenders.

“I’m just looking,” I said, which is my natural answer to everything.

“There is no need to look, we have exactly what you need. Allow me to grab it for you.” And with that he turned down an aisle, giving me a good look at his ass bouncing up and down with each step he took. After a few steps he stopped and bent down to grab a pill bottle and return back to me. He approached me even closer than before, mere inches from my body. I looked at him as he uncovered what he brought back, it was in fact a bottle of supplements, though not the normal kind. They were unlabeled—in fact, everything in the store was. Weird.

“One of these will grant what you desire most for 24 hours. They will keep working with diminished effects afterwards. After 48 hours you will return to normal.” The way he said it, I was instantly sold. Damn, he was a good salesman.

I walked behind him back to the register, staring at his bubble butt once again. “The products you see in the shop are free of charge, and come with a demonstration in order for you to understand how they work. We take pride in our products and offer a love guarantee, or we fix it. Would you like the demonstration?” He looked at me with those eyes again, eager for me to answer yes.

All I could manage was a nod of my head, which he happily accepted with a smile. Z pushed a button behind the counter and I heard the door behind him unlock. He signalled me to follow him as he entered through the door. Behind it was a room I could best describe as a bedroom turned up to 10. I had wandered over to the dresser where Z had placed the bottle down with the orders to take 2 with a drink. The only problem was, I had no drink, or so I thought. When I turned around to express my concern, Z was standing behind me fully naked, cock out ready to go.

“Taking the pills with the host’s cum can often improve your well-being,” he explained as his thick 6-inch cock began leaking. I took the cue and popped the pills in my mouth before taking his dick in my hand to direct it into my mouth. Z shot down my throat rope after rope of his cum, filling me up and ensuring the product would work. I swallowed it all along with the pills as Z explained further what they would do.

I stripped off all my clothes, a little embarrassed but ready for my first time. My body was similar to his, I was well built and lean, rising 6’1 tall. Plenty of people had called me hot over the years, but I couldn’t agree with them with my dick in its current state.

He got my ass ready for his cock and pushed himself in. As soon as he was inside me I could feel something changing. At first it felt like a pressure was building up in my groin, the longer Z’s dick was inside me the more pressure built up. Then finally as he began thrusting (which felt amazing by the way) the pressure dissipated and I began to feel a tingling in my own dick. I looked down at my embarrassment. I thought it was just my eyes at first but no, my tiny fucking dick was getting bigger. Slowly it was lengthening its way into the air, I couldn’t help but watch it go. All my life I had wanted it to be bigger and now it finally was. I came to the realization that this was a product of those supplements Z had sold me on. Looking over at him confirmed my speculation.

“As you can see, your dick is in fact growing larger. The pills allow you to both take the size of whoever is fucking you and also the dick that is inside your body. As I continue to fuck you, you will share my 6 inch dick, it will be identical to mine in every way. Since I am the first, you permanently keep this new dick. With others you will lose half the size after 24 hours, and after 48 hours you fully revert. I suggest you don’t let that happen. If someone is smaller than 6 inches, your dick will grow to 1.5 times their size, increasing the smaller they are, up to 2.5 times.”

With a wink Z released his load inside me as my dick grew identical to his own. I still couldn’t believe it, my dick was now a thick 6 inches, Z’s dick was stunning. He told me I was free to continue browsing or leave to get started. I thanked him and headed home.

“Come see me again when you desire something new!”

When I got home I was actually pretty exhausted from what happened so I went to bed early. The next day I woke with some morning wood—my new double-sized wood. I could get used to this. After I showered I stuffed my new 3.5 inch softie into my favorite pair of undies and loved the feeling of it being cradled. Fortunately for me (now at least) I lived in an apartment above a gay bar, so I figured finding a boy for the day shouldn’t be too difficult.

Even though it was 11 o’clock there were plenty of guys inside. One of the cool things about this bar is it was perfect for hookups, if you were there to hook up the bartenders would give you a specially marked glass for your drink, to let others know your intentions. I sat down and ordered a drink with a golden glass as my eyes fell upon a hot ginger a few stools away from me. We eyed each other before he got up and moved next to me.

“The name’s Kendall, and you?” the striking man directed towards me as he held out a hand.

“Charlie,” I replied while reaching out to shake his strong hand. His grip was even stronger than mine and we immediately pulled each other in for a kiss. He was direct, I liked it. We continued chatting with each other while exchanging a kiss here and there. I took a minute to really get a good look at Kendall’s body. His orange hair was dark, he probably dyes it this color. It was kept styled and clean, implying he takes care of himself. Looking at his face I got lost in his eyes again, they were friendly and looked like amber in the bar lighting. The rest of him only complimented his looks, he clearly frequented the gym with muscles in all the right places. His arms were strong, maybe 16 inches cold. The henley he was wearing wasn’t trying to hide his chest at all, the thick muscles pushed against the fabric of his shirt begging to be released. And as my eyes drifted lower, I could see a great bulge nestled in between his muscular legs.

“I live just upstairs, care to take this conversation up there?” My confidence shocked me, a bigger dick meant a bigger boost to that. He nodded, and I grabbed his hand and ushered him to my apartment. The first man I ever brought home and he was gorgeous. Kendall complimented how clean and tidy I kept things while simultaneously removing his shirt. Doing so freed his thick pecs and revealed his 6-pack abs, both of which were covered in a fair amount of hair, certainly a plus for me. I moved closer to him and followed his lead and removed my own shirt to show off my torso. He leaned over and trailed kisses all along my chest and stomach before reaching for the waistband of my shorts to pull them down. Again I followed his lead and did the same to him, but I wasn’t expecting him to have no underwear on at all. With Kendall’s dick now in front of my face I couldn’t help but gawk at its size, what are the odds that he’s huge all over? His big rod hung down at least 5.5 inches totally soft, he was half an inch smaller than me while hard, well not for long.

At this point my heart is racing and I’m getting increasingly horny in anticipation for what was to come. I swallowed two pills and allowed him to remove my undies so we could both be naked. Kendall’s muscular body felt empowering near me, he was big and strong and all mine for the day. I grabbed his dick in my hand and stroked it hard, watching as it grew longer and harder, excited that soon I would have the very same thing. He was hard as steel and maybe 9 inches long. Now I was super horny and eager to take him on.

“Ready to kick this up a notch?” he asked.

“Hell yes, I’m ready for you.” Even my responses were eager. I spread my legs and he began eating my ass. Can’t say I hate the feeling, especially when it’s a total hunk servicing me. Once he deemed my hole ready, he guided his big dick gently inside me. Just like before I felt the pressure build up, but Z let his dick rest inside me whereas Kendall got straight to thrusting. The pleasure I was in was incomparable, even more so as the pressure relieved and my cock began to copy his. It grew even thicker, sprouting a few thick veins across its shaft, and of course got much longer. As Kendall continued ramming me my dick finished copying all 9 inches of his pride and glory. He felt amazing throughout the whole thing, and felt even more amazing attached to me.

We carried on for what must have been an hour, flipping each other over to return the favor every now and then. He wasn’t at all fazed by the fact I now had an exact copy of his dick—maybe that was one of the effects, I’d have to ask Z about it next time I was at the shop. After having hot sex for an hour you start to get sticky, so I led Kendall further into my apartment and into the shower where I soaped up his big muscular body while he did the same to me. Our dicks hung and swung heavily between our legs, perfect mirror images of each other. He took mine in his hand as he began to scrub it, still now aware it was also his own. I quite enjoyed my time caressing my hands across Kendall’s beefy muscles, I had never dreamt of doing such a thing. He felt so strong and masculine, he was what I desired. He also felt passionate with me, reciprocating that I was some of the best sex he’d had in a while.

It was hard to let him go, but we had exchanged numbers and I had a strong feeling I would be seeing him again soon. He kissed me goodbye and gave a light slap on my ass, before walking out my door. Suddenly my dick ached—it too was sad that that absolute hunk of a man just walked out of our lives. At least for now. Plus, I still had a piece of him that I could tell I was going to enjoy for the next couple days.

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