My fantasy

by Unknown

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How often I have lain in bed at night picturing my dream man, what he looks like and what his particular gifts would be. During the picturing my thoughts would stray toward pleasure and lust, causing my own modest member to grow hard and demanding attention, sending my mind to dream up the ideal lover.

Always I think of my man being taller than me, over 6’4” tall. He would of course be strong, stronger than I, and he would have a certain rugged handsomeness that would say “This is a man” Deep voiced, tender, sincere, but having a need for pleasure that would be satisfied by me. A man who works hard, construction perhaps, a man who isn't afraid to sweat, a man who would more than match my modestly muscled frame.

He would, of course, be more of a man than I. And I am very much a man. Gay, yes, but not the lispy, swishy gay that is so obvious in the world. I am a gay man, straight acting, 6' 1” tall, modestly muscled, deep voiced, and appearing to be in my early twenties, though I am fast approaching 34. It would be difficult to be manlier than I, but there are men out there who are, I've seen them, from afar.

My fantasy man is born out of a desire to stop being the top, but to be a total bottom in bed, and out of bed. More often than not with my few lovers I am called to be the man, once, then twice, then it settles into a permanent position for me. Then I grow distance from my lover; the gap grows wider as time moves on, then the relationship dies a slow quiet death.

I am modestly endowed, 7 1/2 inches, and this is my curse, for it seems that those few that I have called my lover, have found a particular joy in my modest size, wanting me to slide my dick inside of them and slowly thrust into them, building to a frenzied fucking that ends with them having all the pleasure and me not quite satisfied.

Therefore, my fantasy man would have to have more than 7 1/2 inches; indeed, I would prefer a man with 10 full thick inches, or more. And he, the man of my hot dreams, would enjoy the feel of stretching my tight asshole. He would love to watch my lips wrapped tight around the thick hard shaft of his giant cock, urging me to take it all, wanting to see me struggle to swallow every inch of his cock. He would be turned on, and desiring to hear me choke and gag as shove my face down his long thick cock shaft, working inch after inch of his incredible slab of man meat deeper and deeper into my tight throat.

My fantasy man would enjoy hearing me moan and grunt and whimper as he stuffs my butt with more cock than I could ever hope to get. He would tell me, horse with lust and pleasure, that he is going to fuck me long, deep and hard. He would urge me to beg for a sound fucking, telling me to tell him how much I love the feel of his giant cock stretching open wide my asshole.

This man would enjoy having his monster cock being worshiped by me, he would desire to have me wrap my hands around his cock and stroke it slowly as I would stare at its massiveness, getting hot and horny as I slid both hands up and down the thick shaft. He would know that I would want his cock to get harder and harder, swelled until the skin was shiny from being stretched so much. He would know that I desired to make each session of long hot sex we had last as long as possible. He would know that my desire to make him happy and feel pure pleasure would make me willing to do anything he asked, anything that would let me service him, showing him that his gigantic cock and balls make him the man I desire.

This man would have a strong desire for pleasure, and would want to be serviced by me for hours at a time. A man with an enormous dick swinging between his legs would naturally have a large appetite for sex. His lusts would be overwhelming in their intensity. His lusts would make him seek out pleasure.

A tall, muscular man like this fantasy man would feel himself to be manlier than most men. He would know that he deserved to be treated like a man. Proudly he would look at his massive 10 plus inches of thick cock and he would know that his cock was made to be used for his extreme pleasure. His huge, low hung balls would be heavy with his man juices, he could feel those juices building through out the day. All of this would add to his desires and his lust.

He would know that size matters.

When he and I would meet, I would not understand his needs and his desire. I would not suspect that I would fall to his animal power, nor that I would soon come to thrill with every aspect of his body. The moment we would meet would be the moment I would lose myself to desire and lust and fulfill my need to be his bottom.

He would bring me under his total thrall, teaching me to do those things that please him the most; How to stroke him, how to kiss him, how to taste him, how to pleasure him, how to gain pleasure from pleasuring him. His desire for pleasure would become my desire to please and gain pleasure.

He would have the equipment for the job; a strong muscled manly body, and a giant cock with a huge set of balls that would require attention. I would attend, with hands and mouth and asshole.

He would desire to have me lick his huge balls, tasting every last square inch of them, soaking them with my saliva, teasing them lightly with my tongue. Once I had completely bathed his balls, he would have me lick his enormous cock shaft, my tongue would lick up and down the whole 10 inches of his swelling tube of man flesh. Each lick getting him hotter and hornier, making his cock grow harder, and harder until his precum would flow.

He would watch me in action, telling me where to lick next. His breathing would become more labored as his lust and pleasure grew. His desire would deepen his already deep voice, and he would delight in seeing me lick every square inch of his cock.

After I had completely washed his whole cock, getting it steel hard and throbbing with pleasure, he would tell me to wrap my lips around his huge cockhead. With not a word I would open my mouth wide to take his cockhead into my mouth, my mouth would be full, but I would work my tongue around the fleshy bulb. I would tease the piss slit, lapping up the flow of precum, enjoying the taste so much I would utter muffled moans of lust.

He would tell me to stroke the shaft of his huge cock with one hand, while my other would massage his huge boiling balls. He would tell me how good it felt to feel me working his cock and balls so well. After a long session of stroking, massaging and slurping on his cock head, he would want me to do more.

He would be so hot and burning with desire for more, he would tell me to start swallowing his cock. He would urge me to take another inch, and then another. He would want to see me struggle down the length of his thick 10 plus inches, knowing that I wanted to have his whole cock buried in my face. With each inch I would take, he would moan louder, his eyes fixed and staring, watching his huge cock getting wedged into my throat.

I would pull up, then dive, trying to take another inch. I would be getting hotter and hotter, my desire to pleasure this man the way he desired would push me to choke and force more of his steel hard monster cock down. My mouth and throat would slowly open and accept this giant intruder, until I finally reached the thick base of his incredible cock.

Once I took it all, I could take it all again. I would then begin to slowly work my lips up and down the long hard shaft of his cock, sucking as hard as I could, working my tongue the best I could over the massively thick shaft, pausing to suck and tongue-lash his cock head every time I pulled back to where I only had his cock head in my mouth.

Then I would proceed to swallow and suck my way back down to the base. Both of my hands would busily massage and caress his huge heavy, cum filled balls.

After several times deep throating his huge cock, he would tell me to twist around to where he could reach my asshole. Once he could reach my asshole, he would start with one finger, pushing it slowly up my hungry, tight ass, opening me up, getting me ready for more.

Having one of his thick, long fingers up my ass would push me to suck harder, to work faster up and down his cock. He would know that he would set me into frenzy just by finger fucking me. He would fuck me for a while with one finger, then he would slip in a second. Finding my prostate, he would massage it, sending me into spasms of pleasure. I would show my desire for more finger play, by swallowing his whole cock in one long slide, burying my nose in his hairy balls, showing him how much I wanted to have his cock deep inside me.

He would tell me that he wants me to squeeze my asshole around his two fingers to show to let him know if I wanted the third finger as well. I would respond automatically, squeezing as hard as I could, moaning and groaning with pleasure, while sucking his massive cock with sweet abandon.

I would want him to fuck me with three fingers, and then I would be ready for his 10 plus thick inches of steel hard cock. He would answer my reply with using three fingers, opening my asshole wide; getting my asshole somewhat prepared.

As he finger fucks me, he asks me if I want him to fuck me with his giant cock. He already knows that I want it, but he wants me to tell him. So each time I pull up from his cock, I gasp “yes” then plunge back on his cock to slurp and swallow, showing him with my mouth how I want to have him fuck my asshole.

His burning lusts would be sending him into a frenzy, he would quickly finger fuck my ass, then pull my mouth off of his enraged, pulsating cock. He would turn me around and on my back, pinning my legs behind my head. Grabbing his cock in one strong hand, he would aim for my hungry ass. Then he would push the huge head against the lips of my asshole.

He would still have to go slowly, though he had three fingers up my ass, his cock is still much thicker, and meets with resistance. He would push his way in, making my ass hole open up. The pleasure and pain of this monster intrusion would make me gasp and groan uncontrollably.

Then, his cock head would slide past the resistance. With one long slow thrust he would push inch after inch of his steely hard cock deeper and deeper into me. I would feel my asshole being stretched to the max, I could feel his cock filling me, reaching deeper into me that his fingers. I would want it all, and I would whimper, “Give it all to me, please”

Then after an eternity, I would feel his groin hard against my asscheeks. I would know then that I had all of his cock inside me. Moaning my pleasure, I would try to squeeze his cock with my over stretched ass muscles.

While watching my face contort and display my lust and pleasure, this man would begin a slow piston like motion, pulling all by his massive cock head out, then sinking his cock all the way in. With each stroke he would go a little faster, push a little harder, building up to a hard, deep slamming fuck fest that would have me moaning and groaning, begging him to fuck me harder.

He would fuck me, long and hard, using his giant cock to pound my prostate and set me on the edge. His own pleasure would build, until he couldn't stand it any more, he would fly into a hard, pounding jackhammer fuck, slamming his cock so hard into me my whole body would shake. On and on this would go, until suddenly he buries his cock all the way in me leaning his weight against me, letting fly his load.

I would feel the scalding hot gobs of his man cream as they blast deep inside of me, this would be the last once of pleasure, and I too would start cumming. Together we would cum shooting our loads in shared orgasm.

Afterwards, he would want to keep his cock buried deep inside me, as we would fall to sleep together. He would smile with present pleasure and with the knowledge that upon awakening in the morning, he would have me suck his cock until he blew his first daily load down my throat.

So would begin a long and pleasurable relationship.

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