Muscle mentor

by Peterbilt

 Brady nervously approaches the godlike Jake in the locker room, and ends up glad he did.

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Brady heard loud voices when he walked into the locker room, just as Ben Jamison was storming out. Obviously, Ben and Jake Wentworth were having words. Jake Wentworth was one of the biggest guys in the gym. Most of the big guys were bulky, with poor definition. Not Jake. He looked like he was carved out of rock. He was standing at his locker in his jockstrap, looking not too happy about something. Brady hesitated, half afraid to even approach his own locker, which was two down from Jake’s, on the lower level.

“What’re you looking at?” Jake growled.

“N-nothing. I mean…nothing, really. You’re standing there, its hard not to see you,” Brady said. He straddled the end of the bench and leaned over to open his locker. Jake didn’t move back an inch. He stood there with his thick legs set apart, as if he was daring Brady to ask him to move. Brady was barely able to open his locker door without it brushing against Jake’s thigh. He’d never seen Jake so surly before. He was usually a quiet, nice guy who went about his workouts and didn’t want to be interrupted. He usually wasn’t. Most of the other guys in the gym were afraid to approach him and talk to him. But Brady had to talk to him. But maybe now wasn’t the time. Yeah, it was! He had been working up his courage for days and he had to talk to him. He swallowed hard, gulping down the lump in his throat. What was he so scared of? What was Jake going to do if he spoke to him; knock him off the bench? “Jake…” Instantly he felt his courage wane and he had to stop and clear his throat. Jake looked down at him. “S-somebody told me you c-could help me get b-bigger,” he stammered.

“Who the hell told you that?” Jake asked with a scowl.

“He s-said I c-couldn’t tell you.”

“Why’re you stammering around?”

“It’s just that you’re so….so big and awesome. I was afraid to talk to you.”

“Shit, being big ain’t nothing to be afraid of. I wasn’t always this big. I used to about your size. Good build, like you, but not big.”

“Then maybe you can help me get bigger?” Brady asked.

“I don’t have time to mess with a workout partner,” he said, shaking his head.

“I didn’t mean that,” Brady said.

“What’d you mean, then?” Jake asked.

“I meant…I hear you can get…I thought you might get me some…some stuff, to help me get bigger…steroids,” he stammered.

“What makes you think I deal in steroids?” Jake asked gruffly.

“It’s around the gym,” Brady said bravely.

Jake shook his head, chuckling softly. “You’re scared shitless to even talk to me, you come right out and ask me to get you some steroids, you’re practically drooling over my muscles and shaking in your shoes….you really want some stuff bad, don’t you?”

“Yes, real bad,” Brady said. “I’d do anything to get some steroids.”

“Well…maybe we can work something out,” Jake said in a more friendly tone.

“Gee, I hope so. Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me yet, you don’t know what you gotta do for it,” Jake said.

“Just tell me. I’ll do anything.”

“Oh, don’t say that unless you mean it,” Jake warned.

“I mean it. Anything,” Brady said.

Jake pulled the front of his jockstrap down and tucked it under his heavy balls. “You ever suck a cock?” he asked.

“No…no, man, I’m straight,” Brady said, rearing back in shock. “I meant to buy them. I can get the money.”

“Well, there is the money, that’s a no-brainer. But there’s my fee on top of that,” Jake said, shaking his huge cock. “My finder’s fee.”

“I couldn’t do that…I…man, I’ve got a girlfriend.”

“She don’t have to know,” Jake said. “Hell, nobody has to know. I never tell anybody who’s taking care of me.”

“You mean…there are other guys w-who…do that, for steroids?”

“Just walk out there in the gym and look around, and see if you can pick ‘em out,” Jake said.

“Oh, man, I didn’t know….Geezs, I had no idea!”

“Well, now you do. Hell, I’m surprised you never walked in on it.”

“They do it….right here…in the locker room?” Brady asked.

“Yeah, in the locker room or back in the showers. Hell, a couple of times, right out in the gym, on the equipment, after closing. But maybe you don’t want the stuff that bad, if you’re too straight to pay the price.”

“I…I wish I could,” Brady said, his shoulders slumped with disappointment. “Couldn’t I just pay?”

“Everybody pays,” Jake said. “That’s the deal. You take care of me twice a week and I get your steroids,” he said matter-of-factly and turned back to his locker. He got a shirt out of his locker and pulled it on.

Brady watched in horror. He was leaving! He was going to cover up all those beautiful muscles and walk out the door and Brady wouldn’t have his steroids and this chance might never come again. Hell, he didn’t know if he could work up the courage to approach the big stud a second time, or if Jake would even bother with him. Pangs of panic made his stomach churn.

“No…w-wait….I…I c-could….t-try it, I guess. I never did it before, but I could try it.”

Jake stood with his jeans in his hands. He hung his jeans back in his locker and turned back to Brady, who was still sitting astraddle the bench. He pulled his jockstrap down again. His huge cock and big, heavy balls fell loose. “So…have at it.”

Despite his sudden rush of courage, Brady couldn’t do it. He gaped at the huge cock in total disbelief that he’d said what he did. But there was no way he could take another guy’s cock in his mouth. Hell, Brady’s cock wouldn’t even fit in his mouth.

“Just open your mouth and I’ll do the rest, till you get used to it on you own,” Jake told him.

Brady was a jangle of nerves from the panic that seized him. What was he doing! My God, he’d just told Jake Wentworth that he would suck his cock! His throat went dry and his breath caught in his lungs; his chest was so tight he couldn’t breath. His ‘couldn’t do it’ gradually turned to ‘hell, I can try it’. He knew he couldn’t hesitate much longer or all would be lost. If Jake turned away again, it was over, and there wouldn’t be another chance. Jake was being more patient now than he expected. He stood there pulling on his cock, making it grow thicker and longer, till it was like a chunk of radiator hose, hanging out over his palm about eight inches. Hanging in an arch, not even hard yet! Geezuss, I can’t take all of that, Brady thought. I couldn’t if I wanted to! But his mind was racing ahead and instinctively, he wet his lips, and Jake, seeing that, thrust his hips forward. His cock arched out over his palm even further and swung majestically, barely an inch from Brady’s lips. My God, how big is he going to get?

“You want it or not?” Jake asked finally when Brady still hesitated.

It’s now or never, Brady thought, and his answer escaped his lips despite his best intentions. “Yes,” he said softly, his head lowered. He could see Jake’s big cock extending further out over his palm, focusing right at his face, almost menacing with its wide slit that would surely spew copious amounts of semen when he shot off.

But he couldn’t find the courage to lift his head and face it.

“Well? Was that a yes-now, or yes-later?” Jake asked. “If you’re waiting till I get you the stuff, I’ve got it right here in my locker.”

“You do?” Brady asked, looking up. “You keep the stuff in your locker?”

“What do you think, I’m gonna set up a display out in the gym?” Jake scoffed. There was a deathly quiet; so deathly that it threatened to bring the curtain down between them and the deal would be off.

“We can wait till you make up your mind…till you’re sure,” Jake said calmly as he flung his jeans out to put them on. “I mean, there’s no rush on my part; only rush is how quick you want the stuff.”

“No, wait, I…I need the stuff now…I didn’t know you had it with you but since you do, I need it now.”

“Well, then you’re gonna have to suck my cock now,” Jake said, sounding rather impatient. “I don’t do business on credit. It’s not pick up now and suck later.”

Still, he couldn’t do it. Nothing in him was strong enough to propel him those few inches to take Jake’s cock in his mouth. God, how could he even ask him…a straight guy…to do it! Jake hunkered himself forward, blatantly sliding his cock along the side of Brady’s face. It hung into the hollow of his neck, hot, like a poker. In his excitement, Brady had forgotten about the door. He froze at the sound of it opening and started to jerk away but Jake held him firm.

“Warming him up, Jake?” the person asked.

“Yeah, he’s a little gun-shy,” Jake replied.

“Yeah, I know that feeling,” the person said.

Brady tried then recognized the voice. It was Scott Showers. Jake eased his grip enough that Brady could move his head and he saw Scott walking back to the showers, skinning his tank-top off on the way. Scott was the perfect example that Brady wanted to follow. He’d been making terrific gains the last couple of months, his six-one frame fairly ballooning with hard, shapely muscle. Brady knew it was steroids. Everybody knew it was steroids. What he didn’t know was that Scott had now obviously been getting the stuff from Jake, which meant he was paying Jake’s fee. Scott Showers was sucking Jake’s cock!!?! He watched Scott’s broad, heavily-muscles shoulders till he was out of sight and realized that Jake had let go of his head.

“Fuck it,” Jake growled and flung his jeans out again. He had one foot up to shove into the leg when Brady suddenly came to his senses and reached out and grabbed his jeans.

“Are you sure?” Jake asked, sounding impatient. “You gotta fuckin’ make up your mind.”

Without further hesitation Brady leaned forward with his eyes closed and his mouth open. Jake guided his cock into his mouth. He trembled as his mouth was filled with hot, meaty cock for the first time. It was so big that the head and a couple of inches of the thick shaft nearly filled his mouth. The dam thing was growing to an unbelievable size. Thicker, and harder, and longer…Shit, the more he took in his mouth, the more there was left. God, he hoped Brady didn’t expect him to take it all the way. The only place for it to go was down his throat, and nobody could do that. Jake worked it around inside Brady’s mouth, probing at his cheeks. Then he eased back, all the way out. It bobbed up and down and quivered violently. “My God, it’s a foot long!” Brady gasped.

“Naw, only ten inches,” Jake said.

Brady was surprised how willingly he opened his mouth when Jake thrust himself at him again.

“There, that’s not so bad is it?” Jake said.

“Huh-uhhhhh.” Brady mumbled around the huge hunk of meat.

“It’s just a little scary at first…the idea of sucking cock for the first time…and taking something this big, I know that’s gotta be a little scary,” Jake said as he moved his cock back and forth between Brady’s lips.

Brady tried to jerk away when he heard the door open again behind him but Jake quickly put his big hands around Brady’s head to hold him in place, and kept pumping his cock in and out of his mouth. Brady couldn’t see who had come in.

“I see you’ve got another customer,” the guy said casually.

“Yeah, a real hungry customer,” Jake said.

Brady stopped trying to wrench free. The horse was out of the barn.

Steve Showers knew what was going down, and now whoever had just walked in sure as hell knew.

“Don’t worry, dude, everybody knows what’s going on around here,” Jake said.

Not everybody, Brady thought. He didn’t know till now, and there had to be a lot of other guys out there who didn’t know. Tears of humiliation and embarrassment began to well up in Brady’s eyes. In his eagerness he hadn’t even thought about guys coming in. How could he be so stupid! Word would get around the gym…but maybe it wouldn’t. He’d never heard any rumors about any of the guys, even though Jake said there were guys servicing him. Scott, for one, for certain. Maybe it was the world’s best-kept secret. Certainly the guy who just walked in didn’t seem to think anything about what was going on; like he saw it every day.

Maybe everybody knew, but nobody was talking, because maybe everybody was in on it.

Brady was startled when he realized that he was no longer just offering his mouth for Jake to fuck, he was reciprocating!…Moving his mouth up and down the thick shaft that distended his lips so. He was sucking Jake’s cock!!! And without any help from Jake.

“Yeah, you’re doing good for a straight guy,” Jake told him.

Well, he was way past saying he would never do such a thing. He was doing it, and he wanted to make it good. He needed those steroids. Jake was the type who wouldn’t settle for somebody going through the motions of giving him a blowjob; it had to be a good blowjob. He would give Jake all the pleasure he could. He wrapped one hand around Jake’s muscular thigh and the other one around his butt. His butt was like a smooth, warm rock. Brady was surprised that he liked the feel of another guy’s muscles in his hands.

“Fuck, kid, you know how to suck cock!” Jake gasped.

Hearing Jake’s raspy tone, Brady backed off. “You’re not going to cum in my mouth, are you?” he asked as he wrapped his hand around the huge cock.

“That’s the whole point of getting your cock sucked,” he said.

Brady moved his hand up and down the thick shaft, pulling the delicate sheath up too, it formed a collar around the head, and then pulled it back. The network of thick, bluish veins under the thin sheath looked like a road map, bulging with his life’s blood. All of a sudden he didn’t mind sucking cock, but he couldn’t take Jake’s load in his mouth, and the idea that Jake might force him scared him.

“I can’t, Jake…I can’t do that,” Brady said.

“Sure you can…if you want some steroids,” Jake said. “Besides, the stuff’s full of protein. Just consider that you’ll be getting a bonus every time I shoot in your mouth. Now get back on my cock.”

Brady dutifully slid his mouth back down on Jake’s huge cock, his mind reeling, still wondering what he would do when Jake went off.

Jake was not only expecting to come in his mouth, he was expecting him to swallow it! And if he tried to refuse, the big muscle stud would probably force him. His stomach twisted up at the thought of it. But he kept on sucking the vein-bulging cock. He told himself that every stroke of his lips up and down the long shaft brought him that much closer to the steroids, and getting bigger. That it was only going to be twice a week. If he could get through it just once and see what it was like, what it tasted like, maybe he could handle it.

Someone else came in and walked past them without saying a word. Brady couldn’t see who it was. He had no choice but to keep sucking, with Brady’s big hands holding his head in place. He reached up and brushed his hands away.

“You don’t have to hold my head,” he said. He wondered how many guys were doing this for Jake. He tried to think of all the really big guys in the gym. Were they all sucking cock for steroids? Well, if they were doing it, he could do it, if it meant he could get as big and muscular as them.

Jake was enjoying the hell out of it. A little too much, Brady suddenly realized. He was snorting and groaning and he had his hands clasped tightly around Brady’s head again and he was force-fucking his mouth. He’s going to cum, Brady thought with horror. He braced himself, as more tears welled up. It’s going to happen…he’s going to shoot his load in my mouth! The next instant he thought Jake was going to pull his cock out, but he pulled it back so just the head was between Brady’s lips.

“Lick it,” Jake told him. “Lick around on the head and help me cum.”

Brady followed Jake’s orders. He licked his cock like a hungry puppy lapping up warm milk. He closed his eyes with anticipation but quickly opened them and shivered as he realized that he wanted to see Jake’s hard abs rippling and twisting as he swung his hips back and forth. Jake let out a gasping groan from somewhere in his belly and his thighs shook and Brady knew for sure that he was coming. The next instant the stuff shot out and splattered against the back of his mouth and slid down into his throat. Another slathered across his tongue, too fast and powerful for him to get any taste from it. But then it was shooting so fast and with so much volume that his mouth was filling up and his tongue was covered in thick, warm man-slime. His first reaction was that it tasted awful. But as he suffered through it, concentrating on the steroids, he decided it wasn’t so bad after all. He still wouldn’t let himself believe that Jake expected him to swallow it. He had a mouthful, for chrissakes—he couldn’t get it down. Not without gagging or worse, throwing up, and that would sure as hell piss Jake off.

As his climax died down, Jake slid his cock through the mouthful of come and before Brady knew what was happening, the big, thick cock was burrowing into his throat! Oh Godd…Ohhh, he’s going to choke me to death…he’s going to kill me with it! But it was okay. His throat muscles parted, even seemed to welcome the huge, rubbery cock, so well-lubricated with cum. He quickly found his face smashed into Jake’s pubes and his balls pressing against his chin, impaled completely on the huge cock. Thankfully, it was loosing some of its rigidity and he could actually swallow around the thick tube in his throat. In the process, he gulped down some cum. Realizing that he could to it, he swallowed again, his throat muscles pulling the thick cook deeper and letting more cum slide down.

“Oh, yeah, milk my cock,” Jake moaned as he twisted his pubes against Brady’s face. After a couple of minutes Jake pulled his cock back out of Brady’s throat. The head dragged across his tongue, pulsing out more globs of come, and then it was gone. It fell against his thigh, leaving a trail of come on Brady’s chin.

“Motherfuck, kid! That was the best first-timer I ever had! If it was your first time.”

Brady nodded a sort of thanks but kept his head lowered as he continued to gulp, trying to swallow all of Jake’s cum. The taste lingered and he worked up spit to try and swallow the taste. He was leaned forward, holding onto the edges of the bench with both hands, gasping for air, stunned at what he’d done; thankful that it was over.

“You did okay, kid,” Jake told him.

“It was my first time,” Brady said. He wanted to get that cleared up.

Jake pressed a bottle against his chest. “First bottle is on me,” he said.

Brady clutched the bottle against his chest with one hand like it was a sacred icon. Jake grabbed his towel and headed back to the showers. Brady heard more water running, then the banter and laughter of the men in the showers. He thought they were probably talking and laughing about him, the new “servicing” recruit.

With the steroids in hand, Brady tried justify what he’d done, and to think of some way to avoid Jake. The justification came easy. He wanted the steroids—needed them—and he had to pay Jake’s price. Avoiding Jake wasn’t so easy. Maybe he could work out at the “Y” till he could figure out another way of getting more steroids then he could go back to the gym if he couldn’t find a way. But Jake would catch on and it would piss him off and there would go his source for the steroids.

He tried to avoid Jake at his next workout. His body felt more alive than ever before as he pumped the heavy weights. His muscles burned and bulged and he thought he could actually see them getting bigger. God, the steroids were working! He was going to get as big as a barn. He hit on the idea of avoiding the locker room altogether. He would shower at home. He was greatly relieved when Jake didn’t say anything as he was leaving the gym without showering.

Brady knew he was only delaying the inevitable. The steroids would last only so long and if he didn’t find another source, he would have to go crawling back, begging Jake for more, and paying his price. And if he didn’t service him twice a week, as they had agreed, he knew there wasn’t much chance that Jake would trust him again. The next day was a day off for Brady. He had to give his muscles a chance to grow. Friday, he was back in the gym, his muscles tingling to be worked.

“You left in a bit of a rush the other night,” Jake said as they met at the water fountain.

“Yeah, I had to get home,” Brady said.

“I hope you don’t have to rush home tonight,” Jake said.

“No, I’m good,” Brady said nervously.

“Yeah, I know you are,” Jake said with a knowing, leering grin.

Brady tried do fight the nervousness all through his workout. There was no need to be nervous, he told himself. He’d done it once, he could do it again. It was just the idea of it….well, stop thinking about it…stop telling yourself over and over that you have to suck Jake’s cock. He tried to dismiss it from his mind for the time he had left to work out but it didn’t work. Every time he looked across the gym at Jake’s bulging muscles his eyes fell instinctively to his crotch. Stop looking at him, he told himself. But that didn’t work either. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of him as he imagined himself getting that big.

Suddenly he realized, with horror, that part of his nervousness was because he was anxious for his workout to be over! God, no! I’m NOT looking forward to it! No, looking forward to getting it over with.

Jake never followed any kind of strict schedule like most of the guys and he didn’t keep a workout log. He just sort of rambled through his workouts and got results. So it was easy and understandable that he stopped working out when Brady was done.

Brady knew he couldn’t slip out of the gym this time. He had to stay and face the music. Or if he didn’t he couldn’t come back and then he would have to find another source. He hurriedly shed his clothes, grabbed a towel and headed back to the shower, like a scared rabbit. He felt somehow safe within the tiled walls of the small, darkened shower room. Shit, it was stupid. Like Jake wasn’t going to come back and find him in the shower. It was like when he was a little boy, he used to hide under a blanket and think nobody could see him. Suddenly he heard another showerhead being turned on. He glanced over his shoulder and saw it was Jake.

“You seemed in a rush again,” Jake observed. “Not trying to skip out on me, are you?”

“No,” Brady replied quickly. “No man. I just thought…I’d rather do it back here in the shower….out of the way of the traffic in the locker room. If that’s okay with you.”

“Sure. Suits me,” Jake agreed as he began soaping up. “Let me get all squeaky clean for you first.”

Brady watched Jake’s muscles, still pumped up and bulging from his workout, and glistened from the water sheeting down. All the water from his upper body seemed to follow the ridges of his deep-cut abs and gather at the bottom to stream down his big cock. It made his cock look like a fire hose. Brady felt weak in his stomach when Jake walked toward him. His knees grew weak and sort of folded under him till his kneecaps were pressing against the tile floor. Jake’s cock swung out in his face. He still couldn’t believe how big it was. He couldn’t believe any man could possess such a big cock. And what the hell good was it? He couldn’t fuck that many women with a cock that size. But then Jake didn’t have to worry about fucking women; he had enough guys taking care of his sexual needs.

Jake jutted his hips out and twisted around, causing his rubbery cock to swing back and forth in Brady’s face. Brady opened his mouth but he couldn’t catch it. Jake was teasing him with it. He felt ridiculous; like a bird vying for food its mother was offering. Finally, Jake let him have it. He leaned in to suck it into his mouth and Jake gave it a little boost and shoved it right down his throat. He almost panicked till he realized how easy it went down. He held it in his throat till it expanded and grew and hardened so much that he couldn’t keep it. He almost choked before Jake let him back off of it.

“Getting easier, ain’t it?” Jake said as he began fucking his face.

Brady prayed nobody else would come in. He felt so vulnerable and exposed in the wide-open shower room, maybe because he was facing the door this time. His prayers went unanswered. He didn’t hear the door but he jumped when someone spoke.

“Ah, collecting your fee, there, Jake?”

“Yeah…he’s paying up real nice,” Jake said, looking over his shoulder.

The next moment, Adam Spicer was standing next to them, pulling on his cock as he watched Brady servicing the big bodybuilder. Adam was another one who had made some pretty phenomenal gains in a short period of time. Brady wondered why he’d never seen any of these other guys doing what he was doing. Maybe Jake’s story was all a hoax. Maybe he was the only one sucking Jake’s cock.

“Does he take the bonus?” Adam asked, his cock growing hard. He was standing like he was offering his cock to Brady.

“Oh, yeah…not many guys don’t take the bonus,” Jake said.

The final humiliation came when Jake shot off in his mouth. He wasn’t expecting it and he choked and gagged and Adam stepped over to watch up close, knowing full well what was happening.

“Man, if you’re going to take it, take it,” Adam told him. “He don’t like it when you loose a drop.”

Brady didn’t loose a drop. He recovered from his choking and gulped Jake’s heavy load down to the last drop. When he was done, Jake pulled his cock out and turned back to his shower, nonchalant as if nothing unusual had happened. Brady stayed there on his knees, slumped over, catching his breath, too humiliated to get up. This better be worth it, he thought. These other guys better be doing what I’m doing. But he couldn’t be sure.

Doubts kept gnawing at his guts. Over the next few days, Brady picked up on some remarks about a supplier that it sounded like some guys were using, instead of Jake. He pin-pointed the guys doing the talking and made it a point to use the equipment and machines close to them. He succeeded in picking up a name and an address. Joey, on Hickory Street.

Yess! He had his alternate source!

He searched the maps in the telephone book but couldn’t find Hickory Street. Finally he called the library. There was no Hickory Street. Okay, it had to be in Springville, the next largest town about thirty miles away.

In Springville, he got directions to Hickory. It was a quasi-residential area with big old houses and smaller businesses interspersed. He didn’t have an address. He stopped at a dry-cleaners and asked about a guy named Joey. The smallish Oriental man gave him a blank look.

“I need to see him,” Brady said.

The man grabbed a scrap of paper and scribbled on it, then turned and rushed to the back, out of sight. Brady picked up the paper. It had 12x2 written on it. Twelve times two….what the hell was that. “Twenty-four,” he murmured. He rushed outside and checked the number of the dry-cleaners. It was 3824. He got in his car and drove back a block. His heart fell when he found 2222 and 2226 with a church sitting between the two buildings. Unless Joey was a priest, somebody was full of shit. He looked at the paper again. This was nuts. It was like he was tracking down the mafia. Then it hit him; 12x12…1212. He drove down another block. Twelve-twelve was a pool hall and tavern. At barely nineteen, he wasn’t old enough to go in but he did anyway. The bartender gave him a scowl but Brady walked right up to the bar. “I need to see Joey,” he said.

The bartended just kept scowling at him.

“Is he here?” Brady asked bravely.

“I need to see some ID,” the bartender said.

“I’m not old enough to be in here, but I’m not here to buy booze,” Brady explained. “I just want to see Joey and here’s where they told me he would be.”

The bartender thought for a minute then walked to the back and disappeared. A moment later he came back to the bar, nodding toward the back. Brady walked through the bar on legs that he doubted would deliver him to Joey even if he did have the courage to speak. He ducked through a door into a hallway. On the left and right were rest rooms. He went further and went through the first door to find a heavy-set man behind a desk.

“Are you Joey?” Brady managed to say in a hoarse voice.

“I could be. Depends,” the man said. He overflowed the office arm-chair and his hands looked like two hams as he folded them together on the desk.

“Does it depend on….on steroids?” Brady asked bravely.

The man scowled and smiled at the same time. His smile broadened as he looked Brady up and down. “You look like you’re already on something,” he said.

“I am…I just started.”

“Come over here,” the man said, cutting him off.

Brady walked over to the desk and the man motioned him to come around. He walked around the desk. The man reached out and felt of his thigh.

“Feels like rock,” he said. “Take off your shirt.”

Obediently, Brady peeled his shirt off and held it in one hand. Joey took it from him and laid it on the desk, then ran his hand across Brady’s stomach. “Looks like your stomach was carved from rock, too,” he said. He moved on up and squeezed Brady’s pecs; or tried to. Brady instinctively tightened his chest muscles, making them so hard that it was difficult to get a finger hold in the taut muscles. “Goddam, kid, with muscles like this, what do you need steroids for?”

“I wanta get bigger,” Brady said. In his mind he was fully expecting to have to exchange sexual favors with this man for the steroids he so desperately wanted. The way the man was feeling him up, he could only hope that it was Joey who wanted to go down on him instead of the other way around.

“Bigger ain’t always better, except here,” Joey said as he groped Brady’s crotch. “And it don’t feel like you need steroids there.”

“I’m okay there….good to go,” Brady said.

“I’ll bet you are,” Joey said. Suddenly he rang a bell that sat on his desk and the bartender appeared at the door. There was no reaction when he saw Brady standing there, shirtless, with Joey groping his crotch.

“What do you think of this boy?” Joey asked.

“He’s nice. Fuckin’ impressive,” the bartender said.

Joey turned to Brady and said, “Take off your jeans. I wanta see your legs.”

Brady undid his jeans and shoved them down, clear down to his ankles, then straightened and flexed his thighs. Joey felt the hard muscles. “Fuckin’ caved out of stone,” he said. “Take ‘em off.”

Brady hesitated, about to say that he could see his legs without him taking his jeans all the way off but he thought better of it. No sense arguing with the guy. He stepped out of his sneakers and pulled his jeans off. Again, Joey took his jeans and laid them on the desk. “Turn around, let’s see your butt,” Joey said.

Brady was feeling uneasy but he turned around. He couldn’t imagine what was going on…why he was being asked to take off his clothes, unless….naw, it would take more than the bartender….he could handle him, and Joey was so big he couldn’t move that fast. He eyed his clothes on the desk, judging whether he could grab them if he had to make a run for it. He jumped at the feel of Joey’s hands on his butt.

“Nice…like a couple of bowling balls.” Then he was pulling his shorts down in back. Brady made a grab for his shorts and held them about half way down his thighs where he could yank them back up if he head to. He gasped when he felt Joey’s lips, giving his butt a big kiss.

“How about it, would you like to have a crack at this?” Joey asked the young bartender.

“Hell, yeah.”

Joey half froze as he turned around. If they meant to fuck him…no way! He tugged at his shorts.

“Holy Fuckin’ Shit!” the bartender exclaimed when he saw Brady’s cock. Brady realized only then that he was getting a hardon, from Joey touching his butt.

“Now there is a thing of power and beauty,” Joey said, gazing at his cock.

The bartended swallowed, so loud that they could hear. “I gotta have that, boss,” he said in a hoarse tone.

“Go over there and get comfortable and let Howard make you feel good,” Joey told Brady, waving him toward a huge, sagging couch.

Brady was relieved but still scared and suspicious; and excited. At least they weren’t talking about fucking him. If the guy just wanted to suck his cock, well…that was business. And he was excited about getting his first blowjob. He took off his shorts and grabbed up the rest of his clothes to take with him to the couch. He laid back against one arm and spread his legs out, his cock towering up over his stomach. Howard, the bartender, went down on his hands and knees on the floor and began nuzzling in under his balls. Brady’s cock twitched and throbbed painfully. Maybe this would work out, he thought. He could easily make the drive to Springville for his steroids, and he wouldn’t have to pay the fee Jake charged; he would be the one getting his cock sucked.

Howard wasted no time moving up his cock. When he had it wet, he pulled it straight up and went down on it.

“Awwwooohhhhhhhhhh!” Brady groaned with disbelief, tossing his head back. Howard moaned deep in his throat as he gulped on the big cock.

“Ohh, Geezuss…Ohhh…OHhh, damn, yeah,” Brady moaned.

“How do you like that, son?” Joey asked with a soft belly laugh.

Son!? The bartender was Joey’s son?

Howard rose up. “Aw, I love it, dad. Thanks for calling me back.”

Joey’s son knew how to suck cock and Brady was glad it was Howard giving him his first suck. He understood Jake’s finder’s fee now; he couldn’t blame him for collecting a blowjob for his services.

“Ohhhhh…Ohhh, suck it…aww, yeah…damn, yeah…all the way down…fuck, yeah, lick my balls,” Brady groaned.

Howard turned him every way but loose. He even tongued his ass. Brady was a little gun-shy about turning his ass up for him and he got a good grip on his pile of clothes in case he tried to fuck him. He would look like a fool running out of the pool hall naked, but so be it. But instead, he felt Howard’s tongue! Howard didn’t make any attempt to fuck him. He just wanted to suck his cock and tongue his ass.

“Look, I don’t know how much longer I can hold off,” Brady gasped at one point.

“You don’t have to. Let it fly,” Howard said.

Brady was so relieved. He still didn’t know the situation he was in; didn’t know what the consequences might be if he didn’t let Joey’s boy get his full satisfaction. He blew his load only minutes later. His cock fairly exploded, filling Howard’s hungry mouth. Howard tried to swallow but choked on the volume of it. He started coughing and rose up and turned his head aside to spit the stuff out right on the cushions of the couch. Brady’s cock kept spewing great streams of come all over his stomach. Finally, Howard recovered in time to recapture the belching cock and savor the final few spurts.

Brady relaxed into the couch, his chest heaving. Howard rose up on his haunches.

“Fuck, dad, I couldn’t handle his load…he comes like a horse,” Howard said.

“Just so you enjoyed it, boy,” Joey said.

Howard shoved himself up and put his hand down to pull Brady to his feet.

“I guess I should’ve asked…not that it matters now…but how old are you, kid?” Howard asked.

“I’m eighteen. I’m good to go,” Brady lied. He had turned nineteen a month ago.

“Man, you can say that again,” Howard said as he was wiping up the come from the couch. “Shit, I hate wasting that.”

Brady was quickly getting dressed. He wanted to see what kind of deal he could make with Joey and then get the hell out of there. Joey was rummaging around in a desk drawer. He brought out a large bottle and plunked it on the desk.

“That’s for your trouble, kid,” he said. “And for being so damned good looking and built and hung, and making my boy, Howard, happy.”

“Thanks,” Brady said as he pulled his shirt down. Joey didn’t say anything else. Brady picked up the bottle. “How’re the chances of getting more…on a steady basis?” he asked.

“Where do you work out?” Joey asked. Brady told him. “I’ve got a dealer in that gym,” Joe said with a frown.

“I’ve heard, but I…I can’t find out who it is,” he lied.

“You know a guy named Jake?”

“Jake Wentworth. Big guy?” Brady said.

“Yeah. Ask Jake. He’ll take care of you.”

Brady’s heart sank. He was back where he’s started except he’d gotten his cock sucked for the first time. He decided to come clean.

“Look, sir…I lied. I knew it was Jake. I’ve gotten stuff from Jake a couple of times, but his price….he really charges.”

“The stuff’s expensive,” Joey said with a shrug. “It’s hard to get, you know that or you wouldn’t be here. Hard to get means it’s expensive.”

“But he charges…extra. Not money. He makes you…do stuff….for him.”

Joey laughed. “I don’t set my dealers’ prices, or their extras,” he said.

“But I could come over here and…Howard could….you know…he could suck my cock anytime he wanted.”

“I wish I could help you out, but it doesn’t work that way,” Joey said with in a polite tone of finality. “I gotta treat my dealers right, and it wouldn’t be right to undermine Jake. You go back to Jake. He’ll take good care of you. You go back to Jake and pay his fee.”

Brady could see there would be no further discussion. Howard walked him back through the bar. He made a quick grab at Brady’s butt on the way.

“Hey, thanks,” he told him. “Sorry dad couldn’t help you out, but that was the finest cock I’ve ever had.”

“Sure…anytime…thanks for this,” he said, holding up the bottle. He was beaten; back to where he’d started, only worse. When this bottle was gone he would have to go crawling back to Jake.

Brady was nervous all over again. He had enough steroids to last him through a cycle without going back to Jake, and the big guy was going to be wondering about that. So he couldn’t use the stuff Joey had given him. If he did, and a full cycle passed, Jake might not supply him with any more stuff. Maybe he could use some from Joey along with the stuff from Jake and make the supply last a little longer for each cycle and Jake wouldn’t catch on. He could say he was using is sparingly, trying to stretch it out.

Brady hated that he had to tell Jake that he needed more steroids. Jake probably knew, and was looking forward to seeing him come groveling for his fix. He was surprised how casually nice the big stud was when he approached him. Since it was his day off from working out, Brady didn’t expect to have to “pay the fee” on the spot. He would have to pay it the next day or so, yeah, but it was a day’s reprieve. He went into the locker, looking for Jake. He wasn’t at his locker.

“Jake?” he called as he went back to the shower room.

“Yeah…back here in the shower,” Jake called back.

Brady turned the corner to the opening of the community shower and stopped in his tracks. There was Jake leaned back against the wall with two guys down on their knees taking turns sucking his cock and his balls. One of them was big Ben Jamison. Brady didn’t know the other kid, but he’d seen him around the gym from time to time. The two looked up but then went back to sucking Jake’s cock and balls.

“Oh, I….I’m sorry, I can catch you later,” Brady said.

“Naw, it’s okay, they’re just getting caught up on their late fees,” Jake said.

“It’s….it’s personal,” Brady said.

“Nothing’s personal in here,” Jake said. “What’d you need?” Jake knew what he needed; he was just forcing him to say it. Anyway, it wasn’t like the two guys on their knees were cops or something. “Jake I….I, uh…need another bottle,” he told him.

“So I heard.”

Brady cringed inside. He knew! Joey had sent the word back! But Jake didn’t seem to be upset.

“Got one in my locker,” he said as he thrust his cock at the two hungry mouths. “Can you wait till we’re done here?”

“Yeah….sure, I’ll wait in the locker room,” Brady said. “Or I can pick it up tomorrow.”

“Naw, this won’t take much longer,” Jake said. “They’re gonna get blasted in a minute or two. Just keep sucking boys….awwwh….yeah, chew on those big balls, kid!”

Brady wanted to stay and watch but it seemed somehow perverted. Hell, he wanted to strip off his clothes and join in! That scared him.

He went back to the locker room to wait. A few minutes later, Jake came back to the locker room drying off, his huge cock swinging like a horse’s cock, and come still oozing from the slit. He snapped open his locker and reached inside for a bottle. “Don’t ever try to do that to me again,” Jake warned, holding the bottle.

“I won’t…I’m sorry Jake, I just thought I could…”

“I know. Just don’t do it again or you’re shit out of luck. You won’t be able to get them from me or Joey,” Jake continued is warning. “I understand you wanting to shop around, but you gotta be careful doing that. You can get hold of some bad stuff. I won’t give you bad stuff.”

“Okay. I won’t,” Brady said. Jake handed him the bottle. Brady took it in exchange for the bills he stuffed in Jake’s hand. “Thanks, man,” he said.

“Looks like it’s working,” Jake said, eyeing him up and down.

“You think so? Can you see a difference?” Brady asked eagerly.

“Fuck, yeah. I’ve heard some other guys make remarks, too.”

“Great. Okay…I…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.

Jake, laughing, reached out and clamped one hand over Brady’s shoulder. “Brady, how come you’re always so nervous around me. And don’t tell me it’s because I’m so big and awesome. Hell, you’ve done it, what….at least a dozen times, so you ought to be getting used to having my cock in your mouth.”

“I don’t ever get used to it,” Brady said hoarsely. “Not that I don’t want to do it,” he added quickly. “I just…you know…its something I have to keep from my girlfriend. And other guys here at the gym knowing…”

“Hell, tell your girlfriend, and if it bothers her that much tell her to fuck off,” Jake said, laughing. “She likes the results, don’t she? Don’t she like all those muscles smashing against her?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, she’s noticed a difference too,” Brady said proudly. “But if she knew how I was doing it…..”

“Hey, just kidding,” Jake said. “And you can see you’re not doing anything the other guys aren’t doing,” he went on. “You just saw Ben and Justin doing me.”

“Justin, was that his name?”

“Yeah. Justin, and he’s serious as hell about getting bigger and harder. Fuck, the kid is only eighteen years old, and look at him.”

“He’s only just eighteen! He looks older,” Brady said.

“Yeah, he does. Acts older, too. He said you’re looking great. He idolizes you, you know.”

“No, I didn’t know. I didn’t know anybody idolized me,” Brady said with a surge of pride.

“Better get use to it,” Jake said. “I don’t know, I think maybe he more than idolizes you. I think he might like you,” he added with a grin.

Brady flushed with embarrassment and turned to go.

“See you tomorrow,” Jake said.

“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.” It was Jakes way of reminding him not to try to run out on him.

That night as he lay in bed, feeling his bulging muscles, Brady had the awful thought, wondering if maybe what Jake said was true, about his semen being full of protein. He said it was almost all protein; over ninety percent. Maybe that’s what was making him grow, as much as the steroids. If Jake was on steroids and the stuff was in his body, it stood to reason that his come had to be full of the stuff. Shit that’s why everybody was seeing results. He really was getting a bonus when he sucked Jake off and swallowed his semen.

Jake didn’t follow any kind of schedule for his workouts but he kept a strict schedule of everyone he provided steroids to; along with their fee payment schedule, he liked to call it. Brady tried to get a peek at it inside his locker door to find out who all was on the list, but Jake was very careful to keep the schedule a well-kept secret. The next day after working out, Brady went back to the showers to wait for Jake to come in and collect his fee. He was surprised to see Justin walk in, looking sleek and sexy with his tanned muscles.

“You waiting on Jake?” the boy asked him.

“Yeah,” Brady said. He supposed the boy recognized him from the day before.

“You’re looking great,” Justin said. “I want to be built like you.”

“I’m trying to get bigger, like Jake,” Brady said.

“I don’t want to get that big and freaky. I want to look more like you do right now,” Justin said. “I was wondering if you would be interested in working out together; maybe you could give me some pointers.”

“I don’t think you need any pointers from me,” Brady said.

“I think you could probably teach me a lot,” Justin said.

Brady suddenly got the impression that the boy wasn’t talking just about lifting weights. He remembered what Jake had said about Justin liking him. “Okay, we can try it,” he said. “Are you waiting on Jake, too?” he asked.


“You were here yesterday,” Brady pointed out.

“I asked to be moved on the schedule, to the same day as you,” Justin said.


“I wanted to do it with you, instead of Ben…pay my fee, I mean.”

“Okay. Yeah, that’ll be great,” Brady said.

“Do you like the taste of cum?” he asked boldly.

“No. I just suck it up, so to speak, and get it over with. It’s the price I have to pay.”

“I sort of do and I sort of don’t,” Justin said. “And Jake says it’s full of protein.”

“Yeah, he told me that, too.”

“Do you believe him?” Justin asked.

“I don’t know, I’m thinking he might be right,” Brady said.

Just then Jake strolled in, naked and studly as ever.

“Ah, my service awaits me,” he said with a wide grin as he walked under one of the shower heads. He turned on the water and began to soap up. “You guys wanta do this for me?” he asked, holding out the soap.

They both moved in on him, without question. If Jake wanted them to wash his body, they would gladly do it. God, he’s turning us all into slaves, Brady thought. When he was showered, the two young bodybuilders went to work on him. The only problem with two guys working him over at the same time, only one of them got his load.

Before, Brady would have gladly given it up to Justin, but he wanted it as much as the younger boy did. They did their best to share it when Jake shot off but ended up loosing a lot of it in the process. When he was satisfied, Jake reached down and pulled them to their feet. Justin left. It was a good time to talk to Jake.

“Jake…I was thinking…if there’s somebody who doesn’t want to pay his fee, I….I’ll take care of it for them,” said rather sheepishly.

A wide grin came across Jake’s handsome. “You’re getting to like it ain’t you?” he said to Brady. “You’re getting to like the taste of cum?”

“You said it’s full of protein, maybe you’re right,” Brady said.

“That’s not a scientific fact,” Jake said.

“Maybe they ought to do some research,” Brady said.

“Naw, we’ll do our own research and keep it our secret,” Jake said.

“Just don’t tell anybody I’m doing it in their place,” Brady said.

Brady’s mind reeled at what Jake had said…that he was getting to like the taste of his come. He wasn’t. He told himself every time that he hated the taste of the stuff, but there was no denying that it was getting easier and easier to take Jake’s big loads and swallow it. And he was getting more than his share; he was getting what should’ve been going to other guys who didn’t want to pay the price and were only to happy to let somebody else do their service for them. And Jake just jacked up the price of their stuff so he was making more money and getting his cock sucked.

It was soon time for another bottle of steroids. He wasn’t so shy and scared about approaching Jake now. He laid his money on the bench and Jake reached in his locker for a bottle. Brady reached up for it but Jake drew it back.

“My fee went up,” he said.

“What? What do you mean? What else do you want me to do? What else is there to…oh, no…no, not that…no, I can’t do that, Jake….” His voice trailed off and he felt weak in the knees. He had to sit down on the bench.

“Hell, I haven’t even told you,” Jake said, laughing.

“But I know what it is,” Brady said. “That’s not what we agreed to. And I’m paying other guys’ fees.”

“At your request,” Jake reminded him. “Thinking about it, I ought to be charging for every load. Hell, my come is probably as potent and powerful as the steroids. Yeah, I oughta be selling my own private stock of protein sauce,” he said, laughing. But his laughter died down and Brady knew they were back to the subject at hand; Jake’s new, higher fee.

“Are any of the other guys paying this new fee?” Brady asked.

“Yeah, a couple. I just raised it a couple of days ago. But they’ll all pay as their turn comes around.”

“You didn’t tell me I would have to…do that,” Brady said.

“I’m telling you now.”

“Jake, please….don’t….don’t make me do that…..”

“Do what?” Jake asked with an evil laugh.

“Fuck me. Don’t fuck me, Jake. Leave me with a little dignity….leave me some of my manhood.”

“Shit, stud, nobody’s questioning your manhood,” Jake declared. “There are a lot of guys in the gym who would like to be half the man you are.”

Brady hated it when Jake stroked his ego like that, even though he didn’t believe he did it intentionally.

“There are? Really?”

“Yeah, I told you Justin wants to be just like you. And somebody else was saying the other day that you must be a tiger in bed.”

“I wish that were true,” Brady mumbled.

“You having trouble in that department?” Jake asked pointedly.

“Not trouble. It’s just that I haven’t…given it as much thought as I used to.”

“Listen, I’ve got something for that….if it’s a hardon problem with your girlfriend,” Jake said.

“You’re a regular medicine man, got something for everything,” Brady said.

“Just about,” Jake agreed, laughing. Then his laughter faded as quickly a before. “So what about it? Do you want the stuff or not?” he asked, holding the bottle loosely in one hand.

“Yes, but…” His voice trailed off as he let his hand fall helplessly at his side; helpless and empty. “Fuck, Jake, I can’t do it.”

“No buts; it’s take it or leave it business,” Jake said as he started to put the bottle back in his locker.

“All right!” Brady snapped. “Okay, I….Just….I’ll do it. Just take it easy.”

With a broad smile, Jake brought the bottle back out and handed it to him. “You’re gonna get so fuckin’ big, nobody’s going to recognize you in a few more months,” he said.

Brady took the bottle and slipped it in his bag, then stood there. Jake raised a questioning brow. Brady held his hands out in a helpless gesture.

“I didn’t know if I….if I had to pay now…your fee, I mean…and where we…if we do that here too.”

“Sure. Hell, yes.”

Brady swallowed hard. “Not with the door unlocked,” he said. “I don’t want other guys walking in on that.”

“We’ll take a bench back in the shower room” Jake said. “Or do it standing up, or bent over…we’ll work it out.”

“Why can’t we go….someplace….your place, maybe?” Brady suggested.

“I don’t take guys to my place. I’ve got my brother living with me and he would not understand.”

“Do I have to do it right now?” Brady asked.

“Now, or tomorrow; I don’t have you on the schedule yet.”

“Tomorrow,” Brady said.

“Great. I like a nice, clean ass, if you know what I mean, so take care of it,” Jake said.

Brady gave him a blank look then his face grew warm with embarrassment as he realized that Jake meant. “Oh, yeah….sure, I’ll take care of it,” he said. He left in a sweat, his head spinning. God, he’s gonna fuck my ass! He expects me to take that big horse cock of his up my ass! He didn’t know if it was going to be twice a week or if every other time he would be sucking his cock. Surely he wouldn’t be expected to do both; that would be servicing the big stud four times a week, plus all the times when he was servicing him for other guys. He dropped by a drug store and bought what he needed to provide Jake with his “nice clean ass.” He couldn’t eat supper and he didn’t sleep that night. He lay in bed thinking about the fate that awaited him; wondering what it would feel like to have Jake’s huge cock shoved in him. He thought about going to see Joey again. It probably wouldn’t do any good but he could try; even if he had to get on his knees and beg.

In the end he accepted his fate with Jake. There simply wasn’t any choice if he wanted to pursue his goal of getting big. He tried to think of a place where they could go, but he didn’t believe Jake would want to do that either. Jake liked being the center of attention in the locker room. He would want guys to walk in and see them.

His workout the next day sucked. He felt funny inside, too. He felt clean, but empty. It was a weird feeling. He couldn’t concentrate and he even couldn’t match the previous day’s reps or weight. All he could think about was what awaited him when he was finished with his workout. He tried to think of some excuse to leave the gym but that would only delay the inevitable. He was going to get fucked, no two ways about it, or he would have to abandon his dream of getting bigger. He might as well get it over with. Maybe, like sucking Jake’s cock, after the first time it wouldn’t be so bad.

Brady saw Jake take a long drink at the fountain, wipe his face with the back of his hand and go into the locker room. He’s going to be waiting on me, Brady thought. Well, let him wait, he wasn’t done with his workout. It was a lie. He was done; he was stalling. Finally, it was no good. If he didn’t appear in the locker room soon, Jake would be out to check on him. He racked the dumbbells after his final set of chest presses and walked over to the fountain. He drank as much water as he could hold then headed into the locker room. The first thing he noticed was that one of the benches was missing, and he heard the showers running. Jake was back in the showers, like he’d said. Brady was thankful that he wasn’t going to do it on a bench right there in the locker room, right in front of the entrance. He took his time getting out of his workout clothes, but it didn’t take long; he wasn’t wearing that much. His hand shook as he picked up a clean towel off the stack, and his legs were suddenly so weak and shaky he didn’t know if he could make it back to the showers. He had a fair idea what a convict might feel like heading for his own execution.

Jake was standing under the shower, his face tilted up in the spray of water, his hands rubbing across his thick pecs and his abs. There was the bench, set under the showers on the other side, and all the showerheads turned on. There was a large tube and a smaller one lying on the bench and a towel that was soaked.

“Sorry I took so long,” Brady said. Why was he apologizing!!? Because he was afraid to say or do the slightest thing that might upset the big bodybuilder.

“No problem. I’ve been getting myself primed,” Jake said.

Brady didn’t know what that meant. What was there to prime? All he needed was a stiff cock and Jake never seemed to have any problem there.

“Give me a minute to shower,” Brady said.

“Take your time. No need to rush things, unless you gotta be somewhere afterwards.”

“No….no, I don’t have to be anywhere,” Brady said. Hell, where would he go except home, where he could crawl into bed and try to forget what was about to happen to him. He soaped up twice, giving special attention to his butt. Jake wanted his ass nice and clean. He turned around from his shower to see Jake sitting on the bench, waiting, stroking his cock.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were ready.”

“Don’t this look like I’m ready?” Jake said, holding his cock at the root and swaying it around.

“It looks menacing,” Brady said.

“You scared?” Jake asked.

“Shitless,” Brady said.

“That’s natural. But don’t worry; I’ve got some stuff here that I’m going to use on you that’ll deaden the pain a little. Its still gonna hurt cause I’m so big, but it won’t hurt as bad.”

“Good. Thanks,” Brady said as he walked over to the bench. “How do you want me?”

“Bent over, for starters,” Jake said.

Brady set one knee on the bench and bent over, taking hold of the sides of the bench with both hands, with his hips twisted toward Jake.

“It’s good the way you’re handling this,” Jake said.

“Do I have a choice?”

“I mean you’re taking it like a man,” Jake said.

“That remains to be seen,” said Brady.

“You will,” Jake assured him. “A macho straight stud like you ain’t gonna be whining and yelling and crying.”

Eyeing Jake’s huge cock as he lubed it up, Brady wondered about that. He couldn’t imagine how the huge hunk of meat was going to fit inside him; how his ass tiny asshole could possibly stretch to fit it. He was soon to find out. He winced as Jake rubbed his finger around his asshole. But it felt strangely good and he sort of relaxed. It felt good when he forced his finger though the hole; better when he drove it deeper, all the way in and touched a spot that made him gasp with pleasure. Brady had to gulp down the moans; the last thing he wanted was to let Jake think he liked what he was doing to him.

But he couldn’t help it and he couldn’t fake it. As Jake drove his thick, long finger in and out of his tight asshole, he was hitting something that sent Brady up the walls; a spot deep inside him that made him feel like he wanted to cum.

“UUhhnnnnn…ohhhhhh,” he gasped, unintentionally.

Jake laughed. “Is that feeling good already?”

“No. It’s not hurting as bad as I thought it would, though,” Brady lied.

“Some guys get to liking it,” Jake said. “Maybe you will too.”

Don’t count on it, Brady thought. He cringed when he felt the heat of Jake’s blunt cockhead pressing against his hole. He braced himself. It’s going to happen, he told himself in panicked silence. He’s gonna fuck me and I’m gonna take it like a man. Jake shoved and the pliable muscles surrounding Brady’s asshole gave way inward but his cock didn’t go in.

“I don’t think its going to fit,” Brady said hopefully, wondering if Jake was every discouraged from doing it to a guy.

Jake didn’t say anything. He tried again, and again. Each time, Brady could feel his asshole giving way, stretching hard around the curvature of the huge cock head. If I take this, I’ll be able to take a ball bat, Brady thought. The head of his cock was indeed the size of a baseball.

Jake clasped his big hands around Brady’s hips, took a firm stance and shoved hard and the tight muscle popped open to accept the huge cudgel. It was a split second of pain before it registered in Brady’s brain that Jake had penetrated his asshole. In that split second, the message reached his brain and the pain suddenly became excruciating. It hurt so bad he couldn’t even cry out; he choked on it. He cringed and gritted his teeth and tears came to his eyes. Jake didn’t seem to realize that he was hurting him so bad, or he didn’t care. The big cock sank deeper and deeper into him, hitting and bumping to stuff in the way, dodging around it, going deeper, and it felt like his asshole was being turned outside in.

Brady was finally able to force the pent-up air out of his lungs. “Geeausssssss!” he gasped before he sucked in another deep breath.

“You’re about there,” Jake said. “Fuck, man, you’re taking it like a real man. Shit, I don’t know where it’s all going but your ass is swallowing it up.”

Brady squeezed the edges of the bench so hard his knuckles were white. He hunched forward when Jake’s cock hit something but it slid past and burrowed deeper till he felt Jake’s thighs and loins pressing against him.

“You got it, dude,” Jake said triumphantly. “Feel that? You took all of it. Feel it?”

“Yesss!” Brady hissed. “Geezusss, Yess, I feel it.”

Jake gave him a moment to get used to it then began fucking him. When he pulled his cock back, his sphincter squeezed so tight around it that it felt like his ass was being pulled inside out. Brady fought to keep from blacking out. Part of him wanted to, but he was afraid to let himself drift away. He didn’t think Jake would stop just because he blacked out.

“Dam, you’re tight,” Jake exclaimed softly.

“Hell yes I’m tight, I’ve never been fucked before, and you’ve got a cock the size of a horse,” Brady snapped over his shoulder.

“Well, now you can say you have been fucked,” Jake said smartly. “Hey, you wanta know something? I never fucked a guy before. You’re my first. And I’m your first; I guess we got each other’s cherry.”

Brady couldn’t look at it quite that way. Jake wasn’t loosing anything; he was gaining everything. He was breaking in a new piece of ass for himself. Even as he swore to himself that he wouldn’t let this happen again, Brady knew he was lying. The pain was dissipating little by little which gave rise to the hope that he could get through it. And if he could get through it once, he could endure it again, and again, and as often as Jake wanted to fuck him. It was just another price he had to pay for the steroids. Everything in life had a price.

His mind seemed to block out the reality of what was happening to him till he slowly came to realize that the pain was gone. There was just the feeling of being stuffed with hot meat, and Jake’s big cock sliding in and out of his guts. Both directions, a certain way he moved his hips, Jake’s cock slid across that spot that he’d found with his fingers. It sent shivers down Brady’s spine and he found himself anticipating the next thrust or withdrawal. Maybe it would be no worse than sucking Jake’s cock, once he got used to it. Actually, maybe it would be better.

Jake was fucking him with a slow, steady rhythm, twisting his hips around in circles as he shoved, making his cock lob around inside Brady’s ass, like a screw drilling a new hole. It had made its path and commanded the entire length of his insides; nothing in its way. Brady’s asshole began to relax and it didn’t’ feel so bad. More than that…it was feeling sort of good.

Too good. He didn’t think he was supposed to like it. He was supposed to be paying the price but he was getting more out of it than the steroids. It got better and better and he couldn’t help shoving back onto Jake’s cock.

“Ahh, I guess it’s feeling okay,” Jake said as he met Brady’s thrust with his own.

“Uhhnnn! Ohhhh…OHhhhhh…Awwwhhhhh…” Brady moaned.

“Yeah, take it, stud…you like my big cock boring you a new asshole, don’t you?”

“Fuck, damn yeah,” Brady gasped. “Ohhh…ohhhh, Jake…Ohhh, that feels so fuckin’ good.”

“Shit, kid, you know how to move that ass….Ohhhhh…ohhhhh, yeah, you know how to fuck!”

“Yeah, damn yeah, not bad for a straight guy,” Brady said. Suddenly he realized that he was going to be deprived of Jake’s load, doing it this way. All that protein sauce was going to be shot in his ass and wasted. With the pain gone, that was worse punishment than being fucked.

“Jake…Jake…,” he cried softly.

“Yeah. Is it feeling good, boy?”

“Yeah, it feels good, Jake, but I’m not gonna get your load this way, man,” Brady said.

“Sure you can. I’ll pull out at the last minute and give it to you in your m mouth, just like always,” Jake said as he withdrew his cock.

Brady cringed at the thought of taking his cock in his mouth right out of his ass but now that it was brought up, he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

Besides, he had cleaned out good. He just hoped it was good enough.

“Turn over on your back,” Jake told him.

He turned over and Jake lifted his legs onto his shoulders and shoved his cock back in him.”


“You like it this way?”

“It goes in deeper this way,” Brady gasped.

“This is the way you’re supposed to get it, then; like a woman.”

“I’m not a woman,” Brady said. He squeezed his asshole as tight as he could as if to prove it.

“AAwwwhhhhhhh! Fuck, you’re gonna squeeze my cock off!”

“Does that feel like a woman?” Brady asked. “You ever had a woman who could squeeze your cock like that with her pussy?”

“No! No…,Godd, Brady, ease up. Shit, you cut off the blood supply.”

Brady was glad he had some power over the big stud. But when he did it again, Jake slammed his cock into him like a pile driver.

“AWWWWWwhhhhhh!” Brady cried. “Awww, you’re gonna tear my asshole apart.”

“I fuckin’ said ease up,” Jake growled.

Brady hadn’t heard anyone come in. He didn’t know there was anyone else in the shower room till he looked up and saw Justin standing there, dripping wet under the shower. His face was a mask of blank disbelief.

“Aw, Mannn, he’s fucking you,” Justin whispered

“Damn right, and you’re next,” Jake said.

“No. No, I…I can’t….c-can’t do that, Jake,” Justin stammered fearfully.

“That’s what he said,” Jake scoffed.

“Maybe he’s gay and likes it. I’m not. I’m straight. I got a steady girlfriend even,” the boy said.

Jake laughed. “Now don’t that sound familiar,” he scoffed. “Hey, Brady tell Justin about your steady girlfriend. Tell Justin about being straight.”

But Brady couldn’t talk. He was being consumed with lust that he’d never experienced before, building up, getting worse, threatening to sear his brain and leave him senseless. He couldn’t even tell Jake to slow down before he made him come. He didn’t want to come. He wanted to go on; wanted Jake to keep on fucking him. Finally, it burst out in the open with a loud swoosh of air that was forced out of his lungs and Brady started moaning aloud.

“Ohhh…Ohhhhhh…Awwww, Jake…Ohhhh, Jake, fuck me…Goddd, fuck me! Don’t stop, Jake….please…d-don’t stop…you’re gonna make me cum…don’t stop, Jake….fuck me…FUCK ME!”

Jake smiled as he pumped his big cock in and out of Brady’s ass like the lone piston in a giant engine. “There’s your straight talk,” he told Justin. “Hear that straight stud talking? Stand there and watch the straight boy shoot. I’m gonna make him come so hard you’d better stand back a little. Don’t tell me you can’t do it, Justin my boy. Fuck, there’s nothing like fucking a straight guy.”

Justin had squatted down at the head of the bench. “Does it really feel good?” he asked Brady.

“Oh, God…if you only knew! I thought I couldn’t take it, just like you, but…. Ohhhhh…Ohhhh, Jake! Jake, fuck me, I’m cumming!!!”

Suddenly the stuff shot out like a cannon, splattering cum all over Justin’s face. He reared back with surprise but then leaned back in with his face against Brady’s face so they were both pelted with thick ropes of cum. Brady wasn’t quite finished when Jake suddenly pulled his cock out of his ass and scrambled to straddle his chest.

“Ohhh…Oh, no…don’t take it out, Jake…keep fucking me…ohhhh, please, Jake, fuck me.”

“You wanted me to shoot it in your mouth. You wanted my protein,” Jake said.

“Oh, Godd…I don’t know what I want,” Brady whimpered like he was half crying.

“Hey, Justin, have you got a hardon?” Jake asked as he squeezed off his cock.

“Like a fuckin’ poker,” Justin said. “I couldn’t’ help it.”

“Get back there and fuck him,” Jake said. “Fuck his eyeballs out.” Jake shoved his cock in Brady’s waiting mouth and released his grip to let his climax erupt.

Brady shook with anticipation as he waited for the explosion. At that instant he groaned as he felt Justin’s cock sliding into his ass. Jake’s cock exploded with thick ropes of hot cum shooting hard in his mouth. He slobbered like a starved wolf to catch it. He didn’t want to miss a drop. It wasn’t just the protein; he wanted Jake’s hot cum right out of his huge, beautiful cock. And Justin was fucking him to a frenzy. He wasn’t as big as Jake but he knew where to put his cock; right across home plate, and every time he slid his cock across that spot, it made Brady squeal with pleasure—so much pleasure that it forced another load out of his aching balls.

“Ohhhhh…Oh, Goddd, I’m gonna cum too!” Justin cried.

“Give it to him,” Jake said. “Come up here and give it to him in his mouth. Don’t waste it.”

Justin jerked his cock free and rushed to the head of the bench where Brady’s mouth was open and waiting to receive his load. Suddenly his young body quaked and he let go.

“Ohnnn…uuhhnnnn…Awwww, fuck,” the boy moaned as he jacked his load into Brady’s mouth.

“MMMmmmm,” Brady moaned as he gathered the warm semen in his mouth.

When it was about to overflow his mouth he swallowed it.

Jake stumbled back to his shower again and Brady and Justin collapsed together on the bench.

“See you fuckers around,” Jake said as he was leaving.

“That was wild,” Justin gasped.

“Yeah. Wild,” Brady agreed.

“Do you think you might change your mind about us working out together?” Justin asked.

“I guess we could,” Brady said.

“I was thinking, too…maybe we could help each other out in another way,” Justin said.

“What other way?”

“Giving each other our protein.”

Brady gave him a confused scowl.

“I wouldn’t mind sucking you off to get your stuff,” Justin said. And you could have mine…if you wanted to do it. I don’t shoot as much as you or Jake, but you could have what I’ve got.”


Sure, I wouldn’t mind,” Brady said. “We would still have to do Jake, though.”

“I don’t mind doing Jake,” Justin said.

“Just like I wouldn’t mind doing you.

And its…well, you oughta know, it’s not just about your protein sauce, Brady,” he added.

“What else is it about?”

“You,” Justin said. “I like you, Brady. I wanta do it because I wanta do it. Maybe you don’t feel the same way about me, but that’s okay.

I just want you as a workout partner, and a friend.”


“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Brady said.

“How many other guys are you doing it with here at the gym?”

“Nobody, except Jake, and now you,” Brady said.

“Do you think we might keep it that way? There’s nobody else I wanta do it with, except you.”

“Didn’t I hear you tell Jake you had a steady girlfriend?” Brady asked.

“Yeah, but this is something different.

You got a girlfriend, too.”

“Yeah, I have,” Brady said.

“But you’re sucking guys cocks, just like me.”

“Yeah…truth is, I don’t know how long I’m going to have a girlfriend,” Brady said. “Don’t know how long I’m gonna want one.

You know, getting fucked by Jake…it’s not all that bad.

In fact, it feels good.

And I don’t think about sex with her so much anymore.”

“Maybe I could be your boyfriend, if that’s not a turn-off for you,” Justin said.

“You don’t turn me off, Justin,” Brady said, sliding closer to him on the bench. “You don’t turn me off at all.”

They were close, sitting astraddle the bench.

They leaned in closer and Brady put his hands on Justin’s thighs.

Justin put his hands on Brady’s shoulders.

“In fact, I gotta admit, you sort of turn me on,” Brady said.

“You turn me on enough to wanta kiss you.”

“Do I turn you on enough to want to fuck me?” Justin asked.

“Ohh, Mannn, yeahhh,” Brady said as he leaned in to meet Justin’s lips with his own.

Their lips barely brushed together before Justin leaned away and lay back on the bench. He brought his legs up and pulled his thighs tight into his chest, offering his butt to Brady.

Brady scooted up further on the bench and leaned up over the young bodybuilder to finish the kiss, as his cock kissed Justin’s ass.

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