The construction worker

by Peterbilt

 A troubled young hardhat named Jordan is helped through a series of self-discoveries by Joe, a father-figure who comes to mean more and more to Jordan.

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Joe Dickerson returned from the construction site at the end of the day just in time to see the new kid coming out of the trailer. He hadn’t met him yet, but there was a lot of talk about him showing up for his interview wearing preppy jeans and a short-sleeved shirt with a button-down collar and new tennis shoes. The guys were right; he stood out like a sore thumb. Joe lingered in his truck, watching the kid walk to his not-so-late-model pickup.

Not much past eighteen, if that, Joe figured. He was a hunk. Well muscled, distributed over a frame just under six feet, weighed probably one-ninety. And good-looking. Fuck, he was good looking. Okay, maybe more cute than good looking but that was because he was so young.

The boy’s truck engine turned over half dozen times then fell silent. He pounded the steering wheel and got out to look under the hood. He hit the battery a few times then tried to start it again. Nothing. He looked like he was about ready to cry and Joe felt sorry for him.

“Looks like you’ve got a problem,” Joe said as he climbed out of his truck and walked toward the dead vehicle.

“If I didn’t have problems I wouldn’t have a life,” the boy said.

“A dead battery’s not the end of the world,” Joe said.

“Even if I could get it started, it runs hot. Needs a new fuel pump I think,” the boy said as he kicked the tire angrily. ”Not to mention four bald tires.”

“All solvable problems,” Joe said calmly.

“Not when you don’t have any money,” the boy said.

“Come on, get in,” Joe said, waving toward his own truck.

“Why? Where’re we going?” the boy asked.

“To get you a new battery,” Joe replied.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me. I don’t have the money for a new battery,” the boy said in a surly tone.

“I do,” Joe said.

The boy frowned. ”I can’t let you do that,” he said.

“Why not? Your truck doesn’t run because it needs a new battery. You don’t have the money to buy one, but I do. Sounds pretty damned logical to me.”

“I don’t want your charity.”

“Who said anything about charity? Maybe I didn’t mention, it’s a loan.”

“I don’t know when I would be able to pay you back. I don’t get a paycheck for two weeks.”

“I won’t go broke or hungry in two weeks. Now, come on.” Joe could see the relief on the boy’s face as they drove into town. ”My name’s Joe Dickerson,” he said, putting out his hand.

“Jordan Price,” the boy said.

“Good to have you with us,” Joe said.

“I just wish I could get in the construction part of it, but the office job was the only opening,” Jordan said.

“Keep your nose clean and do your job, they’ll put you out on a site soon enough if that’s what you want,” Joe said. ”I’ve got some advice for you, though. Get rid of the baggy jeans and that shirt. You’re on a construction site, not a pep rally. And get some work boots. It’ll help if you start looking like a construction worker instead of an office boy.”

“Well, the preppy look, as you call it, is going to have to do till I get paid,” Jordan said.

After they bought the battery, Joe drove on through town instead of heading back out to the site. “Where’re we going?” Jordan asked.

“To get you some work clothes,” Joe said as he pulled up in front of a men’s clothing store.

“No, I don’t want to be indebted to you.”

“You already are, son,” Joe said.

“But I won’t be able to pay all of this back out of my first paycheck,” Jordan said. ”I’m not getting construction rates, you know.”

“Then I’ll take your second paycheck, and your third and your fourth, and your first-born, if need be,” Joe said.

They got a pair of steel-toed work boots and socks, two pairs of jeans, two heavy-duty work shirts and four T-shirts. For good measure, Joe tossed four pairs of shorts on the pile along with a baseball cap and some work gloves.

“I can’t wear these,” Jordan said, picking up a package of the shorts.

“Wrong size? Get the size you need,” Joe said. ”Or don’t you wear briefs?”

“Yeah, I wear briefs, but these…these are briefer than briefs. Well, there’s….there’s not much to them.”

“Are you bragging that they won’t hold you?” Joe asked, laughing. ”Don’t worry, they’ll stretch to hold up a five pound sausage. I wear ’em myself,” he said as he took the package from Jordan and tossed it back on the pile.

“I don’t need gloves to shuffle papers,” Jordan said, picking up the gloves.

“You won’t be shuffling papers long,” Joe said.

“How do you know? Do you know somebody?”

“They’re not going to let those muscles go to waste in the office, but it can’t hurt to dress the part.”

“Okay, I guess you know what you’re talking about,” Jordan said.

“Usually, I do,” Joe said.

They drove back out to the site and installed the battery. “No wonder it wouldn’t start; that battery looks like shit,” Joe said, looking down at the old battery on the ground. Jordan got in and tried it but the truck still wouldn’t start.

“I think you’ve got a starter problem, too,” Joe said.

“Well, praise the gods, my luck holds out,” Jordan said sarcastically.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home. We’ll get a new starter put in tomorrow.”

The boy hesitated, looking down at his feet. ”That’s okay, I can sleep here in my truck,” he said.

“I can drive you home,” Joe said.

“Naw, I’ll sleep here, that way I’ll be here for work in the morning.”

“You don’t have to do that, I can come by your house and pick you up,” Joe said.

“No, this is fine,” the boy insisted.

Joe didn’t push it. He had a suspicion that there was a problem beyond just getting to work but it wasn’t any of his business. Reluctantly, he left the kid at the site and drove home. It wasn’t till he was in bed that it dawned on him that the kid probably didn’t have money for anything to eat. He worried about him all night.

The next morning Joe made it a point to get to work early, to see if Jordan was okay. He stopped on the way and picked up fast food breakfast, as well as sandwiches for Jordan’s lunch. It was barely daylight when he arrived on the site. Jordan wasn’t in his truck. Maybe he went to take piss in the woods. When Joe got out of his truck he heard water running. Thinking somebody had left the hose on, he walked around behind the trailer and there was Jordan, naked, washing off with the hose. Joe lingered behind the bushes at the corner of the trailer, watching him. Damn!! He was like a young god. The water sheeted down his tanned, naked muscles, a stream of water running down the length of his cock like he was taking a piss. Joe swallowed to get the lump out of his throat. Geezuss, the kid was big! And beautiful! His muscles were smooth and tanned except for his firm, round butt and a narrow pale strip around his waist. Joe wondered how a kid that age got built like that.

Jordan jumped when he saw Joe come around the corner. ”I decided to wash up,” he said, rather sheepishly as he dropped the hose and reached for his shirt to dry off. ”What’re you doing here so early?”

“Checking on you,” Joe drawled as he stepped over to turn off the hose.

“I don’t need checking up on,” Jordan said.

“More than you know,” Joe said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Another bit of advice. Make sure you get yourself hosed down before the guys start showing up for work,” Joe drawled. ”That cute, tight little butt of yours isn’t safe out here among a bunch of horny construction workers.”

Jordan laughed as he was putting on his clothes, taking it as a joke. Joe wanted to tell him he wasn’t joking. When the boy was dressed they walked back to the parking area.

“I’ve got us some breakfast,” Joe said. ”And I brought you lunch.” He held up his hand at the boy’s scowl. ”Before you say anything, what’d you have to eat last night?”

“A….candy bar.”

”Right. So I don’t want to hear any crap from you,” Joe said. ”After work we’ll jump-start your truck and you can drive it into town to my mechanic. Might as well get a new fuel pump along with the starter.”

“I’m not going to see any of my paychecks for a month,” Jordan said.

”Maybe longer than that,” Joe drawled. “I got to head out. See you after work.” He paused as he was about to walk away. “Better get dressed before the guys start showing up.”

Joe couldn’t keep his mind on his work. The image of the naked teenager loomed before him every moment of the day, and he could hardly wait to get back to the trailer. He was late getting back, and Jordan was waiting on him at his pickup, all decked out in his new work clothes.

”Well, goddam, don’t you look like a stud,” Joe remarked. He wasn’t kidding. The kid had that look of studliness that almost took his breath away.

”You’re the one who said I should look the part,” Jordan said.

Joe jumped the boy’s truck to get it started then led the way into town to Alec’s Garage where he had all of his own repair work done. He was already finished talking to Alec when Jordan pulled in behind him.

“Did you tell him what I need done?” Jordan asked as he followed Joe to his truck.

“Yeah, a new starter, a new fuel pump, and anything else he finds wrong.”

“That could cost a fortune!”

“It might. Just pray he doesn’t find anything else,” Joe said. Then he paused and turned around and said to the mechanic, “Hey, Alec, put a new set of tires on while you’re at it. Good ones.”

Jordan’s mouth flew open but he didn’t say anything.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home,” Joe said.

“If you could just take me….downtown….I’ve got some stuff I need to buy.”

”You don’t have any money,” Joe reminded him. The way the boy’s face turned red, Joe knew something wasn’t right. ”You do have a home,” he said dryly. He knew immediately that he’d said the wrong thing, the way Jordan kept this head down and kicked the ground with the toe of his boot. ”How come you don’t want me to take you home?” Joe asked.

“I don’t….have….anyplace to go,” he replied quietly.

Joe was taken aback and filled with pain for the boy but he tried not to show it. ”They said at work that you were a star jock in high school, and a good student. And you weren’t dressed like a homeless person when you showed up for work the first day. Something doesn’t jive. Wanta fill me in?”

Jordan let out a quiet sigh and looked away to avoid Joe’s eyes. ”My step-dad threw me out. He said when I graduated that I had to start paying rent, which I said I would. It stands to reason I had to get a job first. But he wouldn’t wait. He said I could come back when I had the rent money.”

“So, you’ve been sleeping in your truck, for how long?”

Jordan shrugged. ”Ever since graduation night.”

“That was a real nice graduation present,” Joe said sarcastically.

“He was just looking for an excuse to get me out of the house,” Jordan said. “He doesn’t want me around to see how he treats my mom.”

“Which is?”

“He treats her like crap. Worse than crap. I’m big enough to take care of her, but not if I’m not there.”

“He beats her?” Joe asked.

Jordan nodded. ”She says he doesn’t but I know she’s lying. What really pisses me off is, my dad built that house with his own two hands and now this slime-ball has moved in and taken over. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in his name by now. I don’t know why the hell she married him.”

”We can’t get into your mother’s mind,” Joe said. ”Where is your dad, can I ask?”

”He was…..he died in a work accident. The son-of-a-bitch is living on my mom’s settlement.”

”Sorry to hear that. Look, maybe we need to go have a little talk with your step-dad.”

”No, that would only make it worse, and I can’t be there to

protect her. I can’t even get my clothes and stuff out of the house till I come up with the first month’s rent.”

Joe didn’t get mad often, but he was getting mad now. ”Come on,” he said, motioning for Jordan to get in the truck.

“Where?” Jordan asked.

“You’re going to see your mom and get your stuff.”

“No, I can’t. He won’t let me in, and he won’t let her come out.”

“He will,” Joe said.

“It’ll just piss him off that I even showed up.”

”Tough shit. Now, come on.” It was a command, said in a tone not to be argued with, especially when Joe took him by the arm and urged him toward the truck. Neither of them said anything during the drive except for Jordan giving directions.

”What’re you going to do?” Jordan asked nervously as they were pulling into the short lane that led to the small house on the edge of town.

”Nothing I don’t have to. Depends on him, really,” Joe replied. ”You go on up and knock on the door and tell him you want to see your mom and pick up your stuff.”

Jordan took a deep breath and opened the truck door.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Joe promised him.

“I’m not afraid of him, I’m afraid of what he’ll do to my mom after we leave.”

“Maybe I can fix that,” Joe said. He watched the boy walk up the path and up on the porch. He turned and looked at Joe as for reassurance, then knocked on the door. Whoever answered the door suddenly disappeared and someone else appeared at the screen door. There were words exchanged and Joe could see Jordan getting angry. But then his shoulders slumped and he turned and jumped off the porch. Joe got out of the truck and met him half way up the path.

”He won’t let me in,” Jordan said, his eyes downcast. “He wouldn’t even let me see my mom.”

”Yeah, he will,” Joe said calmly.

”I don’t want to cause trouble.”

”Son, you’ve already got more trouble than any boy your age ought to have,” Joe said as he strode up the path. He took one step up onto the porch and pounded on the door. A moment later the door flew open, followed by what began as an angry tirade.

”Look, you worthless little shit, I told you…….” The man cut his words off at the sight of Joe’s hulking frame.

He wasn’t a very imposing figure of a man. Joe knew Jordan could’ve easily taken care of him except for his concern over leaving his mother alone with the guy afterwards.

”What do you want?” The man growled.

”There seems to be some misunderstanding,” Joe said politely. ”I’ve got a boy out here who would like to see his mother, and then pick up a few of his belongings.”

”There’s no misunderstanding. He can do all of that when he shows me some rent money,” the man said.

”He won’t be showing you any rent money,” Joe said. ”He won’t be living here. But he will be coming by to visit his mother from time to time. And right now he needs to pick up his stuff.”

“His mama wants him to live here,” the man said.

“And you don’t.” Joe said dryly.

“It don’t make a rat’s ass to me where he lives, but if it’s here, he’s going to pay his way.”

In a spurt of anger Joe grabbed the door handle and jerked it open, taking the hook out of the wood. The man stepped back, startled, but Joe had him by the collar and dragged out on the porch before he could move away. He pinned him against the side of the house.

“You go see your mom and pack your stuff,” he said to Jordan, “while me and your step-dad go for a little walk and get better acquainted.”

”Take your fuckin’ hands off of me before I call the cops,” the man growled. ”Hell, I don’t even know you, what right have you got to come barging in here……?”

Joe jerked him by his collar so hard his head snapped back and banged against the side of the house. ”That’s the reason we’re going for a walk, so you can get to know me,” Joe said as he shoved the man off the porch. He jumped off himself and grabbed the man before he had a chance to stumble and fall. He glanced over his shoulder to see a frightened Jordan go into the house.

”I’ll have you arrested,” the man threatened as he was half dragged toward a shed in the back yard.

”You’re not going to be able to call anybody till I let go of you,” Joe said. ”When I do, you go ahead and call the cops. It’ll give that boy a chance to tell them what you’ve been doing to his mother, not to mention child endangerment.”

”Jordan ain’t a child. He’s almost eighteen.”

”He hasn’t always been almost eighteen,” Joe said. He turned the man squarely in front of him and set his feet wide apart. ”Now, I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say.”

”I don’t have to listen to a fuckin’ word you……OOHHhh!” he yelled when Joe’s fist suddenly shot out like a lightning bolt and connected with his face.

Joe grabbed him before he could go down and brought him upright. He shoved him around to the back of the shed and slammed him against the wall so hard his head bounced.

“Now, as I was saying, I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say,” he began again. ”If I ask you a question, you can answer it; otherwise, I don’t want to hear one goddam word come out of your mouth. Is that understood?”


“Good. Now, that boy is going to be living elsewhere, not because he’s afraid of you, but simply because you and him don’t belong under the same roof. You and his mother don’t belong under the same roof either, but that’s a whole other problem. The boy’s going to be coming by to visit her whenever he wants, and there will be no repercussions whatsoever. Not against him, not against his mother. You got that?”

“It’s my house,” the man said angrily.

“Wrong answer,” Joe growled as he slammed his fist into his face again and another to his stomach, doubling him over. ”The way I understand it, the boy’s dad built the house you’re living in. You just slithered out from under a rock and moved in.” It angered him the way the man looked away with distain. “Listen to me, cocksucker, while you’re still able, because I’m about twenty seconds from beating your sorry ass into the ground. Now, secondly, if you ever lay a hand on that woman, or even verbally abuse her, you’re gonna wish you and I never got acquainted. You lay a hand on her, or if that boy even thinks you have….well, just don’t make me come back out here, because if we do, it won’t be me you’ll be facing. It’ll be the boy, and you do not want me to turn him loose on you.”

“Now you’re threatening me?” The man yelled.

“Damn right I am. Do we have a clear understanding?” When the man didn’t answer right away Joe hit him again. ”You better talk while you’re still able,” he yelled.

“Yes! Yes, we have an understanding!” The man said, cowering away.

“Tell me what you understand,” Joe said with his fist drawn back again, up close, aimed squarely at the man’s face. ”Talk, man, I would love to see blood spurting out of your nose.”

“The boy can come visit anytime he wants, and I won’t lay a hand on his mother ever again,” the man said quickly.

“Very good, because I don’t want to have to come back out here and do this all over again,” Joe said, rubbing his hand. ”And let’s keep this just between me and you, what do you say?”

The man nodded. ”All right.”

Joe took a step away from him. ”You wait right here till we drive off,” he said.

The man nodded and leaned back against the shed.

Jordan was waiting at the truck when Joe came out from behind the shed.

“You ready?” Joe asked.


“Get all your stuff?”

“Yes, sir,” Jordan replied.

“Talk to your mom?”

“Yes. But she was afraid for me to stay very long,” Jordan said.

“She don’t have to be afraid anymore,” Joe said. ”You come visit any time you want and stay as long as you want.”

“Is he really going to let me do that?” Jordan asked.

“I think he will.”

“What’d you do?” Jordan asked as they drove down the lane.

“We had an understanding.”

“Is that what got that blood on your shirt?”

“Nosebleed,” Joe said.

“Yours or his?” Jordan asked.

Joe just laughed.

“Where’re we going? Where are you taking me now, with all of my stuff?” Jordan asked.

“To my place.”

“No, I can’t let you do that,” Jordan protested. “I owe you too much already, I’m not taking charity.”

“I hate to sound like your step-dad, but it ain’t rent-free. Only thing is, I’m willing to wait for the rent money.”


Joe turned with a scowl. ”Do we have to have an understanding, too?”

“No. No, sir,” Jordan said.


Back in town, Joe turned down an alley and parked his truck close in beside the building. ”This is it.”

“Where?” Jordan asked.

”The stairs, right there,” Joe said. ”Come on, I’ll help you with your stuff.”

At the landing atop the iron stairs Joe unlocked the door and swung it open for Jordan to go in. ”It’s not much, but I don’t need much. I’m pretty low maintenance. Besides, it’s just temporary, till this job ends.”

The kitchen was small with barely room for a small table and two chairs, set at the window looking out over the alley. Joe led the way into the living room and on into the bedroom, which faced the street. ”After we get something to eat you can put your stuff away in the closet and the dresser,” he said.

He took him to Schiller’s Cafe across the street and took a window table. The waitress brought their menus and water.

”Eat good,” Joe told him. He ordered and handed his menu back to the waitress. Jordan was hesitant and shy. Finally he ordered a hamburger.

Joe held his hand up for the waitress to wait. ”How long has it been since you ate a full meal?” he asked.

”I like hamburgers,” Jordan said.

Joe took Jordan’s menu and handed it to the waitress. ”He’ll have a large rib eye, baked potato, salad, a large glass of milk, and we’ll see what else later.” When she was gone he said, “I told you to eat good. You’ve got a lot of muscle to feed.”

”Why are you doing this?” Jordan asked.

”Why not?” Joe said.

”You don’t owe me anything. You don’t even know me,” Jordan said.

“I know you’re a kid who needed a new battery and fuel pump, starter and new tires, and some clothes, and as it turns out, a place to stay, and now, a good meal. That about sums it up, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess it does.”

“Then I guess the matter is closed,” Joe said. When Jordan started to say something else, Joe held up his hand to silence him. ”I said the matter’s closed.”

After supper they walked around for a while.

“This is the neighborhood,” Joe said with a wave of his hand. Next to the cafe was a sign that read Colt’s Gym, and next to that was a strip club. Down the street was the usual; a shoe store, dry cleaners and a drug store and a corner grocery. On the other side of the cafe was a tavern and pool hall. Jordan paused in front of the strip club.

“Don’t get too interested in that place,” Joe said.

“They’ve got male strippers?”

“Something for everybody,” Joe said.

“Have you ever been there?” Jordan asked.

“Yeah, on certain nights.”

“You go to a male strip club?” Jordan asked, surprised.

“What can I say? It’s a great place to pick up women, especially after the strippers have got them all hot and bothered.”

“Do you go to the gym?” Jordan asked.

“I’ve got a monthly membership but I don’t spend much time there.”

“Where do you work out?” Jordan asked.

“I don’t much. I get all the exercise I need working,” Joe said as they headed back down the street.

Back at the apartment Joe pulled off his shirt, turned on the TV and sprawled on the couch. “Make yourself comfortable. There’s stuff in the refrigerator if you didn’t get enough to eat, or if you want something to drink.”

”No, I had plenty to eat, thanks,” Jordan said. ”I guess I’d better get my stuff put away, then I oughta turn in.”

”I won’t be long myself. At my age, I need all the sleep I can get.”

”You’re not old. How old are you?” Jordan asked.

”Old enough to be your dad.”

”That don’t make you old, I’m almost eighteen.”

”Anyway, I’ve got a TV in the bedroom,” Joe said. ”Most of the time I turn it on and go to sleep before I get to watch a whole show.”

Jordan busied himself putting his stuff away. He felt safe here with Joe. It wasn’t home, but home wasn’t home anymore, either. He wondered where he was supposed to sleep. There was only one bed. He guessed on the couch.

Joe came into the bedroom and stood at the wide window facing the street. ”How’re you doing?”

”I’m about done,” Jordan said. Then he asked, “Where do I sleep?”

“Bed’s plenty big enough for both of us,” Joe said.

”After all you’ve done, I’m not going to take up half of your bed,” Jordan said.

”It’s okay as long as you don’t take your half out of the middle,” Joe said.

”I don’t want to be a nuisance.”

”If I thought you would be a nuisance I wouldn’t have brought you here,” Joe said.

”I, uh…..well, the truth is…I’ve never slept with anyone before,” Jordan said.

”Well, you do it the same as sleeping alone. You stretch out and close your eyes. Unless, of course, you’re sleeping with a girl, then that’s the last thing you want to do.”

Jordan laughed.

”You’re blushing,” Joe said. ”Don’t tell me a big, built, good-looking stud like you never slept with a girl.”

Jordan swallowed and sheepishly shook his head no.

Joe didn’t laugh. He only smiled. “Well, I don’t want to be accused of leading you astray, but maybe we can do something about that one of these days soon,” he said with a grin. ”Well, if you’re going to be shy about sharing the bed….the couch is too small for you. For now, we can set up a make-shift bed; take the cushions off the couch and the chair and I’ll get you sheet and a blanket.”

”Okay, thanks.”

Joe tore off his top sheet while Jordan arranged the cushions on the floor of the living room. There was barely enough room to walk around them.

”I hope I’m not too much of a nuisance,” Jordan said.

”Pain in the ass is more like it,” Joe drawled.

”I’m sorry, but you didn’t have to…….”

”Hey, I’m kidding,” Joe cut in as he went into the bathroom. When he came out Jordan was in his shorts and T-shirt, looking mighty fine. Joe could hardly wait to see him out of his clothes again. He watched discreetly from his bedroom as Jordan went to the bathroom. He left his bedroom door open but turned out the light. He was disappointed when Jordan didn’t take off his shorts and T-shirt. Maybe he could work on that. The best way to do that, he thought, was to let the boy know that he slept naked and that it was okay for him to do the same.

Joe couldn’t get to sleep. He tossed and turned and fought the images of young Jordan naked out behind the trailer and now in his shorts and T-shirt right there in his own living room. It was really a losing battle now, with the boy right in the next room. He felt sorry for the kid. He wished he’d beaten the hell out of his step-dad, or let the boy do it. He didn’t wish anything bad on Jordan’s mom but he half hoped the guy gave him an excuse to do it. He managed to fall asleep a half dozen times but kept waking up. Sometime in the night he got up and went in to check on Jordan.

”Well, shit,” he swore softly. The boy was sprawled all over the floor with only one leg on the cushions. He was sleeping soundly, but he had to be uncomfortable as hell on that hard floor. He looked so young and cute and innocent lying there with his muscular arms slung up above his head. Joe thought about picking him up and carrying him into his bed. He would if he could be sure the kid stayed asleep. But he thought better of it. Jordan might take it the wrong way if he woke up. He looked at him for a moment. Finally, he squatted down beside him and nudged his shoulder.

”Huh? What’s up?” Jordan asked, coming awake with a start.

”You can’t sleep like this. Come on in the bed.”

”I’m okay,” Jordan said as he crawled around trying to put the cushions back together.

”You’re not sleeping on the hard floor. Come on,” Joe said gruffly.

”Okay.” He got up and pulled the sheet off the cushions and grabbed his pillow.

Joe went first back into the bedroom. He wanted Jordan to get a good look at him naked, so maybe he would take the hint. He helped him spread the sheet out. ”You can shed the shorts and T-shirt if you want to,” he said as he put one knee into the edge of the mattress.

Jordan took off his T-shirt and tossed it aside but left his shorts on. Joe didn’t make an issue of it. Give him time, he thought. He waited till Jordan was in bed and then turned off the lamp. The light shone in from the street like a bright moon.

”It doesn’t do much good to turn off the lights, does it?” Jordan said.

”I can pull the curtains, but I like it like this,” Joe said. ”It’s like sleeping in the outdoors.”

”It’s okay,” Jordan said.

Joe wanted to tell the boy he didn’t have to hug the edge of the bed but he left him alone, and he was soon asleep. Joe still couldn’t go to sleep. He lay there watching Jordan sleep. It was all he could do to keep his hands off of him. Godd, he was a stud, so beautiful! Finally, Joe turned his back to him in exasperation. He still couldn’t sleep, and he didn’t know how he ever would with this teenage hunk beside him. Sooner or later, something would have to give.

He’d barely dozed off when he heard soft sounds coming from the other side of the huge bed. He cocked his head to listen. It sounded like Jordan was crying. He wasn’t exactly sobbing but he was sniffling. If he wasn’t crying, he had a bad cold. Joe didn’t know what to do. He felt so sorry for the boy he ached inside, but he didn’t want to intrude. Still, he couldn’t let the kid lay there and cry.

”Jordan…..are you okay?” he asked quietly.

”Yeah.” It was a quick reply and he sniffled again.

Joe waited for a moment. He wasn’t convinced just because Jordan quieted down. Joe knew he was still feeling bad, and sad. He couldn’t take it. He reached out but held his hand back. If he touched him it could be fatal. He couldn’t even be sure if he was reaching out to comfort the boy, or for his own satisfaction.

“I don’t think you are,” he said finally as he finished reaching across the bed and laid his hand on Jordan’s shoulder.

The boy choked then broke out in soft sobs. Joe squeezed his shoulder. He really didn’t know what to do now. Finally, he moved closer to him and laid his arm more around him, down across his chest. Jordan seemed to welcome his comforting arm.

”It’s okay, let it out,” Joe said softly. ”Nobody your age deserves this kind of hell, let it out, maybe it’ll make you feel better.” He didn’t know if he was saying the right things but he had to say something to try to comfort the boy. He moved closer, pressing his body against his back, and wrapped his arm tighter around his chest. He did it out of compassion, but he couldn’t deny the lust rising within him at the touch of the boy’s thick, hard pecs. When Jordan didn’t tense up, Joe pulled him tight against him from head to foot, smashing his manhood unashamedly against the boy’s butt. Still, he didn’t seem to mind.

“Nobody needs this kind of crap,” Joe said huskily.

“It’s just that…I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

“It’s not such a big deal,” Joe said. ”I was taught, if you see a problem, fix it, don’t wait for somebody else to do it.”

”Nobody’s done anything this nice to me since my dad died, except for my coach when I was in high school, and you don’t even know me.”

“Could say we’re getting acquainted,” he joked, squeezing the boy.

“How come you’re not married, Joe? You would make a great dad and husband.”

“Who says I’m not?”

“I didn’t see any wedding ring,” Jordan said.

“I was married. It didn’t work out,” Joe said.

“Did you have any kids?”

“No, I wasn’t that lucky.”

“That’s too bad, you would make a great dad,” Jordan said again.

“Well, that’s arguable. Come on, turn over here and take in some deep breaths. You’re safe here, Jord.”

”I feel like such a fuckin’ baby,” he said as he turned onto his back, wiping his eyes. ”I’m almost eighteen years old and crying like a baby over nothing. And what the hell am I doing lying in bed with another guy?” he added, laughing. He started to move away but Joe held him tight.

“Everybody reaches his breaking point,” Joe said. “And it’s not nothing, what you’ve been through. I’d say you’ve done pretty well. You’re not in trouble with the police, you didn’t turn to drugs or booze….have you?”

“No, I would never do that to my body”

”Yeah, that would be almost a crime,” Joe said, rubbing his hand across the boy’s thick-muscled chest. He squeezed his pec and then flattened his hand on his hard abs. ”You’ve put too much work into your body to screw it up.”

”I wish I had a dad like you, or a big brother,” Jordan said. “I’m going to pay you back for everything,”

”Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my own kid, or my little brother, if I had one. I just wish I’d been lucky enough to have a son like you.”

“You said it was a loan,” Jordan reminded him.

“Okay, it is, but I’ll decide on the payments.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just want you to get your life pulled together so you can get your head on straight, then you can worry about paying me back,” Joe said.

”I will, I promise you that.”

They lay for a long time together, the boy comfortable in the older man’s arms.

”By the way, how did you get that job, being just seventeen?” Joe asked.

“I got a work permit, to work in the office only. I want to go out on a job when I turn eighteen,” Jordan said.

“When would that be?” Joe asked.

“About two weeks.”

Joe made a mental note to do something special for the boy’s birthday.

“I feel like a little boy, you holding me like this,” Jordan said. He tensed like he was going to move away but when Joe’s arm tightened across his chest again he relaxed, like he really wanted to be there. ”You’re a good man, Joe, and I got to admit, it feels good, lying here with you. I don’t believe I’m saying it, but it’s true.”

Joe closed his eyes and held his breath for a moment as he sucked up the courage he needed. But his good sense overtook him before he could tell the boy that he could make it feel better.

Joe mentioned Jordan’s birthday at work and the men took it upon themselves to throw a surprise birthday bash for him at the trailer after work. According to plan, Joe stopped to turn around when they were about half way home.

“What’s the matter? Why are we turning around?”

“Forgot something,” Joe mumbled.

At the site there were cars and pickups crowded in the clearing and along the road.

“What the hell’s going on?” Jordan asked.

“Union meeting. I forgot all about it.”

“I didn’t know anything about a union meeting,” Jordan said.

“You’re not a member of the union yet,” Joe reminded him.

“Yeah, but I usually hear what’s going on.”

“Hell, son, you don’t know the half of what’s going on,” Joe said.

“Should I go in with you?” Jordan asked.

“You might as well see what goes on; you have to join the union before you go out on a job,” Joe said.

They could hear the noise inside as they walked up to the door. Joe held the outside door open and stepped back for Jordan to go inside.

“Happy Birthday!” they all yelled in unison when Jordan came through the door.

He stepped back with a look of shock. Joe laughed and motioned him to go on inside. It was crowded. It was a big trailer but there was barely room to maneuver around. The beer was flowing freely and it was hot except at the end where the air conditioner was working overtime. Most everybody was in T- shirts, a couple of the guys had their shirts off. It smelled of manly sweat and overworked deodorant and after-shave. Joe loved the macho smell and he had a fleeting image of all these guys naked and gathered around him. Somebody shoved a cold beer in Jordan’s hand.

“I’m not old enough to drink,” Jordan said.

“You see anybody that looks like they give a shit?”

He took the beer. ”I’ve only drank beer twice in my life,” he said quietly to Joe.

“Then nurse it,” Joe said.

The men parted a path to the office end of the trailer where there were gifts stacked on the corner of the desk. It was nothing serious. A box of a dozen extra-large condoms.

“I saw you taking a piss once, and I figured you needed the large size,” someone said.

“I didn’t even know they made large size,” Jordan admitted.

“Fuck, you probably didn’t know they made condoms,” someone said.

Jordan took it in stride.

There were a couple of gift certificates to clothing stores and some work gloves and a work shirt. There was a gift pass to Michael’s, the strip club near Joe’s apartment. There was one box that they said they all chipped in to get. It was a pair of new steel-toed work boots and several pair of heavy socks.

“Those are Carolinas; the best you can get,” someone said.

“You’re gonna need those when you go out on a job site.”

The trailer suddenly went silent. Jordan looked around; it was the foreman, Brad Hamilton.

“You’re going to need this, too,” Brad said as he reached under the desk. He brought up a bright yellow hard-hat and set it on Jordan’s head. Someone had printed “NSOTJ” across the front with a marker.

“What’s it stand for?” Jordan asked.

“New Stud On The Job.”

Everybody whooped and hollered and applauded and somebody shoved another beer in his hand.

“You knew about this,” Jordan said to Joe.

Just then somebody was opening the door and another guy got up to help a drop-dead gorgeous blonde up into the trailer. She wore high heels and a short, black leather skirt with a blouse that fell off her shoulders. There were cat-calls and whistles from all around the trailer. She set a small boom-box on the table.

“Oh, my Godd!” Jordan whispered.

“I didn’t know about this,” Joe said.

The stripper stood with her feet wide apart and her hands on her hips, surveying the room till she saw Jordan. A smile came across her face and she walked toward him.

“That new hard hat says you must be Jordan,” she said in a honey-like voice.

“Y-Yeah,” he stammered.

“You don’t sound quite sure. Are you Jordan or am I picking on the wrong guy?” she asked.

“No, I’m Jordan, you’re….you’re picking on the right guy,” he assured her.

“What’s it stand for?” she said, tracing her fingers across the lettering on his hardhat.

He looked down, blushing. “Is it something dirty?” she asked.

“No, Ma’am, it’s nothing dirty, it’s just……”

“New Stud On The Job,” somebody yelled out.

That made him blush all the more.

“Well, New Stud On The Job, I’m Christy, and I’m here to wish you a happy birthday,” she said. She turned around and said to one of the men near the table, “Honey, would you push the start button for me?”

“I’ll push any damned button you want,” the man said.

“Thanks, but I think I’ve found somebody to push all the rest of my buttons,” she said, smiling down at Jordan.

“Okay, but I’m right here if he needs any help,” the man said.

The woman looked Jordan up and down then shook her head. “I don’t think he’s not going to need any help,” she cooed.

The music started and so did Christy, standing right in front of Jordan.

“Geezuss, she’s got hips that’d knock you across the room,” someone said as she began to bump and grind in time to the music.

Joe watched Jordan with interest, and with a little jealousy. He wished it could be him up there doing a strip for the boy; or better yet, Jordan doing a strip for him. But the boy needed this. It was his rite of passage; a passage into the brotherhood of the men he would be working with. Jordan’s eyes were glued to the woman’s body, moving up and down and side to side as she swung her hips and twisted her butt. He looked a little flushed in the face; maybe a little short of breath. His eyes were glazed over.

Christy was playing with the buttons of her blouse, fingering them, toying with the boy’s emotions. Then she unbuttoned the top one and there was a roar of applause. She undid the second…then the third. She left the last two and pulled Jordan to his feet.

“I’m having trouble with these last two buttons, do you think you could help me out?”

“I think I can,” he said, his voice a hoarse whisper. He flipped one button open and the woman’s tits strained to spread the blouse open. He fumbled with the last one and the men went wild, laughing and urging him on. When he got it open, the blouse swung open and the Christy’s tits fell free. The job done, he started to sit down but she kept him on his feet.

“Oh, you’re not done, honey,” she cooed as she put her hands around the back of his head. Then she pulled his face into her breasts. The trailer erupted with howls and applause. “You have to take it off of me,” she told him. He worked the blouse off and handed it behind him for someone to take.

Topless, the only thing left was the skirt, what there was of it. Jordan stood with an embarrassed grin as she fumbled with the zipper at the side. He didn’t wait to be asked.

“I can help you with that,” he said as he reached out and worked the zipper tab down for her. Again the trailer erupted with a roar of cat-calls.

“Thanks, It’s awfully tight,” she said.

“I can fix that,” he said. He tugged the skirt down off her hips and on down her thighs till it was around her feet and he was squatted down on one knee. She made a big show of lifting one leg then the other so he could take it off of her, her womanhood right in his face, barely hidden behind the triangle of a silk, lace fringed thong. She was obviously shaved.

Jordan looked out of breath, his eyes still moist and with the goofiest look Joe had ever seen.

She reached down for her skirt and when Jordan handed it up to her he started to stand but she kept her hands on his shoulders to keep him down on his haunches in front of her.

“How far is she going to take it?” Joe asked the man next to him.

“Around the world if he wants her to, if he lets her. That’s what we’ve paid her for.” the man replied.

“You mean…ALL the way?”

“All the way by way of Boston,” the man replied.

Joe hadn’t counted on that. Most strippers didn’t even strip down all the way; Christy must be a hooker as well.

The place went wild again when she pulled Jordan’s face into her crotch. Then she pushed him back to sit on the chair. She danced around for a couple of minutes, slowly turning her back to him, exposing her butt with the tiny strip of colored material separating the sumptuous mounds.

“Lap dance!” someone yelled.

The guy sitting next to Jordan said something to him and he spread his legs out and slouched down in his chair a little, ready for her. She swung her butt back and forth and churned it around as she slowly lowered it onto his lap. She brushed her butt back and forth over the front of his jeans, pressing harder and harder.

“Ohhh,” she squealed as she raised back up with a shocked look.

“She don’t know what she’s asking for,” Joe said quietly.

“Big, huh?”

“Huge for a kid his age,” Joe said. ”I’m talking horse.”

Christy turned around and leaned down with her tits hanging in Jordan’s face. He lifted them both in his hands and rubbed them in his face, lapping the nipples with his tongue.

“Somehow, I don’t think he’s led a sheltered life,” the man said.

“Last I heard, he was a virgin,” Joe said.

“No shit! That little stud, a virgin?”

“Well, I can’t keep track of him every hour of the day and night; maybe he got laid and didn’t tell me.”

“Well, he’s sure not shy with Christy,” the man said.

“I don’t think it’d be possible to be shy with Christy,” Joe said.

Christy was smashing her butt harder into Jordan’s lap and Joe knew the kid must have a foot-long rail straining to get out of his tight jeans. He was jealous as hell, but he was as excited as the rest of the men to see what she would do to him. She turned around again and squatted down on her haunches between his knees, balanced on her high heels. She began rubbing Jordan’s thighs, working her fingers into his crotch. He hunkered up into her hands and spread his legs wider.

“Give him some head!” somebody called out.

She undid his belt and started unbuttoning his jeans.

“She’s really gonna do this, take him all the way,” Joe said.

“That’s what she’s been paid for.”

“Man, most strippers don’t allow you to even touch them.”

“She’s a hooker on the side.”

When she fumbled with one of the buttons, Jordan undid all the rest with one hard jerk on his fly. Christy rubbed one hand over his shorts that were exposed and her eyes widened.

“Oh, My!” she whispered.

Jordan was obviously anxious but he let her go at her own pace. He laid his head back and closed his eyes and let her do her thing. She buried her face in his crotch and he moaned. She tugged the waistband of his shorts down and kissed his bare abs. When she tugged on his jeans he raised up so she could pull them off his hips, along with his shorts.

“Oh!” she gasped with surprise.

“Holy Shit!” somebody close to him swore.

“Son-of-a-bitch, what horse did he steal that thing from?” said someone else.

“Good thing we got the oversized condoms,”

Joe wasn’t where he had a good, direct view but he knew what Christy and the men must be seeing even though he had never seen the boy with a hardon.

“Let’s see you take that,” one of them challenged Christy.

Jordan’s face was a mask of intense expectation. Suddenly he moaned like a wounded animal as Christy touched his cock with her mouth. ”AAAAWwwhwhhhhhhhh!” he cried softly. ”Awww, Myy Godddd!”

The men around him laughed. She sucked his cock for several minutes then stood up.

“Does one of you good men happen to have a condom?” Christy cooed.

“Got `em right here, a whole dozen of `em,” someone said.

The box of oversized condoms was torn open and someone handed Jordan one of them.

“If you need help putting it on……”

“I don’t need any fuckin’ help,” he said as he tore the packet open.

Christy took it. She squatted down, placing the condom over the head of his cock and rolled it down. Then she stood and turned around. Joe was stunned when Brad, the foreman, sitting next to Jordan, casually reached over and wrapped his hand around the boy’s cock.

“I’ll hold that up for you,” he said.

Nobody seemed to be the least bit surprised that Brad had done it. Christy lowered her butt till she came into contact with the head of Jordan’s cock. He pulled the string of material from between her buns and suddenly there was another pair of rough hands with a knife.

“Let’s get this thing out of the way,” he said as he cut the material and then the waist band.

“Honey, you’re gonna have to pay for that,” she said.

“Name your price, ’cause I’m keeping it,” the man said.

Her pussy free of any encumbrances, she maneuvered around till the Jordan’s broad cockhead was set snugly against her pussy then she slowly lowered herself onto his cock.

“OOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jordan moaned as his cock was slowly enveloped in the wet, warmth of a pussy for the first time.

Christy had to pause and maneuver around some more in order to work more of the huge cock into her pussy. Finally, she sat snugly on his thighs.

“Yeah, ride that big fucker,” Brad told her as he pulled his hand away.

“Goddam. Where’s she putting it all?” somebody asked.

The room seemed to take on a singular, pulsating moan as the woman began to ride up and down on the huge cock. The loudest of all was Jordan.

“Ohhhhhh!……Awwwhhhhh!……Ohh, Fuck…I can’t believe you guys did this,” he groaned.

Joe wished he were closer, but he could see Christy riding up and down and she was using pretty long strokes. Jordan’s face contorted with intense pleasure. He wasn’t acting much like a virgin, and Joe wondered if he had, indeed, gotten laid, or had lied about his virgin status. He was humping his butt up out of the chair, pulling her butt down hard onto his cock, and reaching around to squeeze and play with her big tits.

He twisted her around so he could suck on one at a time. Joe worked his way, unnoticed, through the crowd of men till he was right next to the action. He squatted down to get out of the way of the others behind him. Truth be known, he squatted down to be closer to the action; close enough that he could smell them, smell their sex and Jordan’s body spray. He watched Christy ride up…up…up…then all the way down, and Joe wondered, too where she was putting it all. He wondered if he could take him like that.

Not surprising, Jordan didn’t last very long. His climax was the most erotic thing Joe had ever seen. The men saw it coming and began chanting, “Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!” and cheered him on with each stroke then broke out in roaring applause when it was obvious that he was shooting his load. Christy kept riding up and down his cock, bringing him down in her own special way.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold it,” Jordan apologized breathlessly as she rose up from his loins.

“Honey, you’ve got nothing to apologize for,” she said.

Jordan’s cock fell only slightly limp with a wet smack up across his abs, the condom bulging with his heavy load. Christy was gathering up her clothes from the men and letting them help her put them on, laughing at their gropes and feels.

When she was dressed she leaned down and kissed Jordan on the forehead. He stood up to tell her good-bye. His big cock hung out like a hunk of rubber hose, the end of the condom hanging heavy with its burden.

“Fuck Me! Is that all one load!” someone exclaimed.

“The kid’s a stallion,” someone else remarked.

“Yeah, fucker should be put out to stud.”

Christy was gone and suddenly Jordan seemed to be embarrassed with his big cock hanging out and with the cum-filled condom swinging around. He looked to the bathroom and the men parted to make way. Someone handed him his T-shirt. Joe noticed how they all looked at him when he passed by, almost in awe.

“Motherfuck! That was the hottest thing I ever saw,” one of the men said.

“You talking about Christy or Jordan?” someone asked.

“Fuck you,” the man growled.

“I’d let you but this is my week for girls,” the man said

Jordan came back out of the bathroom pulling his shirt on

The men whooped and applauded when he came out. He had removed the condom.

“This is a birthday I’m never going to forget,” Jordan sad. ”Thanks, guys.”

“Hell, don’t thank us; we ought be paying you for putting on the show for us,” someone said.

”I wanta know just one thing; how the hell did you grow a cock that size at your age?” someone else asked.

Jordan laughed and made his way over to where Joe was standing, holding his jeans..

”Wow! That was something,” he said.

”Yeah, it sure was,” Joe agreed.

Jordan acted like he was ready to leave.

”The party’s not over,” Joe said. ”Not till the beer’s gone.”

The beer ran out and the party began to wind down. Joe had been careful to try to prevent the men from getting Jordan drunk but when they left he had a good buzz on. Joe had to steady him out to the truck. He told him to roll the window down and breathe fresh air. At home he helped him up the outside stairs and into the apartment and on into the bedroom. Jordan sat hard on the edge of the bed and laid back with his arms flung out.

“Man, what a birthday,” he said. “I just wish my Mom could’ve celebrated with me.”

Joe laughed. “I doubt your Mom would’ve been too keen on watching you get rode by a stripper.”

“No, not that, but some celebration with just her and me.”

“Go see her tomorrow,” Joe said. “Take her out to eat.”

“I just thought of something. I’ve turned eighteen, that means she won’t get support for me anymore. Man, he is going to be so pissed.”

“Does your step-dad have any control over her finances, do you know?”

“I don’t know. I’m guessing he does. Maybe total control. He is a control freak.”

“Maybe you should try to find out, make sure she’s being taken care of.”

Jordan rose up to a sitting position and peeled off his shirt. He fumbled with his belt and couldn’t coordinate his fingers well enough to undo his jeans.

“You need some help?” Joe said with a chuckle.

“Naw, I can get it.” He stood up but barely got the top button open before he flopped back across the bed again.

“You had more to drink than you thought,” Joe said as he reached down and finished unbuttoning his jeans then pulled them down off his butt. He paused to remove his shoes then finished pulling is jeans off, leaving him in his briefs and socks.

“I never had anybody undress me before,” Jordan murmured. “Hey, remind me to get the condom out of my pocket in the morning,” Jordan said as he curled up in a ball.

“What condom?”

“The one I used tonight. I saved it.”

“You saved the condom?”

“Yeah, I lost my virginity tonight, man, I’m keeping the condom as a souvenir.

“You gonna bronze it?” Joe joked.

“I might.”

Joe tried to ignore the thoughts churning in his head as he took off his own clothes, his eyes fixed on the near nude boy in his bed. Eighteen he might be but he was still a boy; hell, just yesterday he was only seventeen. What a difference a day makes. He was eighteen, he wasn’t a virgin anymore and he was in Joe’s bed. Joe climbed in bed and turned off the light. When he brought the light blanket up over them Jordan snuggled toward his body heat and Joe put his arm over him as he’d done before.

“You didn’t just lose your virginity, Jord. You took a big step toward manhood. You’ll be going out on a site pretty quick now.”

“You think so?”

“I’m sure of it.”

“You talk to somebody?” Jordan asked.

“No, but after tonight you sure as hell ain’t the office boy anymore.”

“I like it when you call me Jord.”


“It feels good being here with you like this, Joe.”

The opportunity screamed out to be taken advantage of. Fate did not deliver a beautiful young, hung stud to a man’s bed just for sleeping. Joe swallowed hard and brought up his courage from deep in his belly.

“I could make it feel better, Jord,” he said in a quiet tone.

Silence. The boy either didn’t understand or he was scared to say anything, or maybe he didn’t hear him, or he was asleep.

“I like it when you call me Jord,” he said again.

“You don’t know what I mean, do you?” Joe said.


“When I said I could make you feel better,” Joe said as he squeezed the boy tighter against his own naked body.

“I d-don’t…..know…..for sure…maybe…..”

“Do you want me to show you? It’s nothing you have to do, it’s not any kind of payback, but I can make you feel really good if you’ll let me. Probably better than you ever felt in your life. Well maybe not as good as Christy, but pretty damned good.” He paused before he moved his hand down Jordan’s abs a couple of inches. He felt the muscles tighten even more and heard the boy swallow. ”If you don’t want me to, just tell me..….or stop me,” he said as he moved his hand farther down, his fingers crawling over the mound in his shorts.

Jordan instinctively reached down and grabbed his wrist, not harshly, just wrapped his hand lightly around his wrist. Joe held his hand still till Jordan relaxed his grip. Then he started squeezing and mauling the mound of manhood and Jordan moved his own hand.

“That’s one hell of a cock.”

“Yeah, it….it’s pretty big, I guess. The guys thought so.”

“Well, I guess it’d have to be, to match your body.”

His cock expanded in Joe’s hand till it was throbbing hard, tenting his shorts.

“Is it okay if I do this?” Joe asked as he slipped his hand down under the waistband of his shorts.

“Y-yeah…I guess….”

Jordan gasped when Joe curled his fingers around the hot,

thick meat.

“It’s hard to imagine this might be the first time you’ve had someone else’s hand around your cock,” Joe said.

“Just my own,” Jordan said. “And Christy’s. But yours feels better than hers.”

“Does it?”

“It f-feels….g-great.”

“You know where this is headed, now, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess….I never had anybody do that before.”

Joe didn’t bother mentioning Christy again. The boy obviously didn’t equate that with what he was doing. “If you don’t like it, just tell me and I’ll stop. I don’t want to do anything you don’t want me to do.”


”Is this feeling okay, or do you want me to stop?” Joe asked as he explored the length of the big cock.

“No! I mean, yeah, it feels great. You don’t have to stop.”

Joe leaned up over him and flicked his tongue around his nipple several times before he dragged his tongue across his broad chest to his other tit. He went back and forth, nibbling and licking and sucking on the turgid nipples.

“OOOhhhnnnnnn,” Jordan moaned softly.

“Bet you didn’t’ know you had feelings in your chest,” Joe said.

“No, I didn’t.”

“You’ve got feelings a lot of places besides your cock.” He moved his mouth down the gentle slope of his abs, slowly, crisscrossing the deep ridges of his muscles with his lips and tongue. All the while he was moving his hand up and down the boy’s raging cock. Jordan was moaning and gasping and writhing under him, hunkering his butt off the mattress to drive his cock through Joe’s fist. Suddenly, without a hint of warning, he went off!

He gave a surprised squeal and Joe was surprised too, to feel the hot, thick, cum suddenly splattering against the side of his face, but he didn’t recoil. It was a gusher; the stuff shot out with such force and splattered on his face like a miniature power hose. It was surprising considering the load he’d shot off back at the trailer. Joe wanted to open his mouth and catch some of it but he was afraid it might be pushing things for this first time. He didn’t want to do too much too soon and freak the boy out. When he was sure he was done, Joe rose up from his middle.

Jordan lay with his forearm flung across his eyes as he fought to regain his breathing. “I’m sorry. I never shot off that quick in my life. I can jack off for hours.”

“When you’re using your own hand, you’re in control,” Joe said.

“Aww, man, I shot all over your face! I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Joe said as he pulled the corner of the sheet to wipe his face. Then he swiped at the cum streaked across Jordan’s stomach.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t warn you, I was almost choking, it was so good.”

“It’s okay, I could’ve gotten out of the way,” Joe said.

“You…could have….but….you didn’t want to? You mean you didn’t care if I shot all over you face?”

”You did catch me by surprise; I just couldn’t get my head turned in time. But it’s okay. No harm done.”

“If you had turned your head I might have shot right into your mouth.”

Joe smiled. ”Would that have been so bad?” he said.

”I….I d-don’t know….I guess not….if you don’t think so.”

”Actually, Jord, I wouldn’t have minded, but I was afraid to let you shoot in my mouth,” Joe said. “I wasn’t sure what you’d think, and I didn’t want to freak you out or maybe scare you off.”

“I wouldn’t have been scared, and I wouldn’t be freaked out,” Jordan said. “I knew where it was headed. I didn’t at first but I figured it out pretty quick.”

Joe lay beside him and shoved his arm under Jordan’s head for a pillow and they were quiet for a moment. “I wanted to do this before but I thought I should wait till you’re eighteen.”

“I wouldn’t tell anybody if that’s what you were worried about. You think I would try to blackmail you or something?”

“No, I never thought that.”

“Well, I would’ve if you only did it once and wouldn’t do it again,” Jordan said.

“You little fucker,” Joe said, laughing, as he began tickling the boy playfully. Jordan yelped with laughter and squirmed to get away from him. They wrestled all over the bed till Joe gave in.

“Okay, you’ve got me where you want me. Whatever you say. Whatever you want.”

”Well, I didn’t last long enough for you to take it where you were taking it. And I didn’t go down,” he pointed out.

Joe reached for his cock again. ”Shit, I guess you didn’t!” he said.

”That happens a lot. It’s like my cock doesn’t know when it’s supposed to be finished.”

”That’s pretty normal for a guy your age,” Joe said as he slowly jacked the big cock.

”I usually last a long time after I’’ve already gone off once. I don’t know what happened last time,” Jordan said.

”That’s okay,” Joe said as he rose up over him again. He bent down and opened his mouth wide to take the boy’s cock in his mouth.

”AAwwwwwhhhhhhh!” Jordan moaned softly.

Joe was happy to hear his moan. He wanted to make him feel good. He wanted this first time to be something he would remember; and make him want to come back for more. But Jordan lay perfectly still while Joe sucked his cock and he wondered if he was liking it or just tolerating it. Maybe Christy compared better than he thought. Joe slipped one hand under his butt and Jordan flexed the muscles hard in his hand. Joe squeezed his butt, urging him to thrust up, to move and get into it. Jordan relaxed and began thrusting his cock up into Joe’s mouth.

”Ohh, Geezusss,” he moaned as he fucked Joe’s mouth. Then he put his hands on the back of Joe’s head and shoved up harder.

Joe rose up again. ”I can’t take you all the way,” he said.

”That’s okay, I didn’t mean you had to,” Jordan said.

”I’ll work on it, though,” Joe said. ”How’d you grow such a big cock, anyway? This fucker’s got to be ten inches long, and shit, I can barely get my hand around it.”

”I don’t know, it just started growing like mad a couple of summers ago. I was starting to wonder if it was going to stop, if I was going to grow into some kind of freak.”

”You’re not a freak,” Joe assured him. ”Just big and beautiful.” He was glad for the spurts of conversation. It meant Jordan was at ease with what he was doing. He went back down on him. The mushroom head swelled out in his mouth and he lavered his tongue around the thick, gristled rim, causing it to quiver against his tongue.

”Awww, man, I love it when you do that.”

Joe did it again. ”Like that?”

”Awww, yeah…ohhhh, you’ve got a nice tongue. Kind of like soft sandpaper. It send little jolts of electricity all through me.”

Joe continued to squeeze and massage Jordan’s butt in his hand as he sucked his cock. He gradually worked his fingers between the taut buns and Jordan seemed to be too caught up in things to notice. He sucked, up and down, slowly, lashing his tongue all around the thick meat on the way down and back up, and washing the baseball sized head when he reached the top. Using his own spit, Joe managed to work a finger deep between Joe’s butt muscles till he touched his asshole.

“UUnnnnn,” Jordan moaned with surprise.

It wasn’t a “don’t-do-that” moan and Joe spread the twin mounds apart with his fingers and pressed his middle finger harder against the hot, clenching hole.

“Awwhhhnn,” Jordan moaned again and sort of squirmed around against the tip of his finger.

Joe worked up more spit and let it run down the shaft and over his balls. He caught it in his hand and worked it between Jordan’s butt. Slicked up, it was easy to work his fingers between the tight muscles and probe at his hot hole.

”Are you gonna…do that…with your finger?” Jordan stammered as he squirmed harder on his finger.

”If you’ll let me,” Joe said.

”I don’t know…w-what’s it like?”

”Let me show you,” Joe said. ”There’s a spot in there where you can move around on my finger any way it makes you feel good.” He used more spit till the boy’s butt was wet and slick then he carefully probed through the tight, clenching hole. All the while, he was sucking his cock.

Jordan uttered a whimpering moan, mostly from surprise, but quickly relaxed his butt. Joe probed deeper, working his finger inside the hot, live hole. The soft inner muscles squeezed his finger, almost a welcoming gesture. He easily found the spongy-firm love nut and touched it ever-so-gently, sort of dancing his fingers around it.

”Awwwhhhh….OOhhhh, I think…you f-found it!” Jordan exclaimed, wide-eyed.

”Yeah. You move around, now, however it feels best,” Joe said as he went back down on the boy’s cock. Jordan squirmed his butt and humped Joe’s hand till it got to feeling so good he was thrashing his butt around.

Joe stopped once. ”How’re we doing?” he asked.

“Aww, we’re doing great! You sucking my cock, way better than that stripper and me grinding on your hand, I never felt anything like this in my life!”

Joe smiled and went back to sucking his cock.

“Awww, Joe…Joe, I know I said I was gonna last longer, but you’re getting me so close with your finger.”

“You don’t have to hold off. Let it go,” Joe said.

“In….your mouth?”

“Yes. Give it to me with both barrels,” Joe said. He slowed his mouth to a crawl up and down the thick, tall shaft, using his tongue to coax the boy’s climax while the boy worked it up himself by pivoting around on his finger. It didn’t take long. Jordan reached his arms out and clawed at the sheets and tossed his head back and forth in his fit of ecstasy. Then suddenly, he clasped his hands around Joe’s head.

”I’m gonna come!” he gasped.

Joe waited a few seconds then kicked everything up a notch to make the boy explode. He began sucking hard, up and down, all the way up and all the way down as far as he could go, using his tongue as a whip all around the throbbing meat. At the same time, he literally fucked the boy with his finger, gouging through the tight sphincter muscle and rubbing and poking at his swollen prostate unmercifully. Jordan went nuts.

“OOwwwaahhhhhh! Awww….ohhhhh….ohhhh.. OHHH, Godd…Ohh, Godd, Joe….w-what’re you d-doing to me! Ohh, Geezuss…Ohhhh, make me come….Ohhh, I wanta come so bad……..!”

Seconds later he did. His cock bolted like a steel bar in Joe’s mouth, quivered for a second then exploded. Joe could actually feel the stuff gushing up through the shaft before it shot out and hit the roof of his mouth like a power hose. He was taken aback by the sheer power and force of it, and surprised at the volume of come spewing out so soon after his previous climaxes. He let his mouth fill up as he swirled the stuff around the boy’s cock, using it to polish the head. He sucked him till he was trembling and choking on his gasps and was trying to shove Joe’s head away. Joe held on for a moment longer while he swallowed the hot, thick nectar. Godd, it tasted good! Young guys always tasted so good and fresh.

Jordan collapsed in a long heap as Joe rose up from his middle. His cock fell heavy and wet across his abs. Joe left his finger in his ass but didn’t move it. He could still feel the palpitations of his prostate.

”Geezuss…when you said you were going to find a spot, you weren’t kidding,” Jordan exclaimed.

Joe started to remove his finger but the tight muscle squeezed around it.

”You can leave it in there,” Jordan said.

”All right. You like that, huh?”

”Yeah. This must be something like a girl feels, getting fucked,” Jordan surmised.

“Maybe,” Joe said, rubbing the boy’s thigh.

“Whew! I never had an experience like that in my life,” Jordan said.

“Not even what Christy did to you?” Joe asked.

“That was awesome, partly because the guys arranged it and they were watching. But this is just as awesome, with you.”

“Do you think you might like to experience it again?” Joe asked.

“Hell, yeah, anytime,” Jordan replied.

“Maybe we just solved the sleeping arrangements, then,” Joe said. “Unless you still want me to buy you a bed.”

“I could get used to this, if you don’t think it’ll be too crowded.”

Jordan was anxious to use his free pass to Michael’s. He wanted to ask Joe to go with him, maybe show him around, but he remembered that Joe had told him not to get interested in the place, like he didn’t think he should be going there. But he was eighteen now. He waited till Joe’s poker night in the back of the pool hall. He wore a good pair of jeans and his favorite yellow T-shirt that fit him like a glove. Not skin tight, but he filled it out good. Hiking boots and his baseball cap finished his ensemble.

Michael’s was no more than he expected; a dimly-lit bar with a raised platform in the center for the dancers. A bank of lights surrounded the platform, with a brass pole at each end. In one end of the bar there were small round tables, built up high, with bar stools around them. At the other end was sort of an alcove, darker than the rest of the place with stools around the mirrored walls and the T-shaped bar that separated it from the rest of the place. Jordan showed his free pass.

“I need to see some ID,” the bouncer said.

Jordan gave him his driver’s license.

“Belated happy birthday, but I can’t let you in. Drinking age is twenty-one.”

“I don’t want to drink,” Jordan said.

“It doesn’t work that way,” the man said.

“Then how come I got this free pass?”

The bouncer looked Jordan up and down; an approving look. ”Hang on, I’ll get Michael.” The man went and got the bartender and brought him over. “This is Mike.”

“Jordan,” he said, putting his hand out.

“Nice name,” Mike said.

“I got this pass for my birthday,” Jordan said.

“There’s some mistake. Look, I can’t let you in as a customer because you’re under twenty one, but are you looking for a night job?”

”I wasn’t, but what’s the job?” Jordan asked.

”Dancer,” Mike said. ”Well, dancer-slash-stripper.”

Jordan was taken aback but immediately excited over the idea. ”I can’t get in but I can work here?”

”It’s a deal where you come in the back door and go straight upstairs to the dressing room. You do your sets and go back in the dressing room, no wandering around the bar. Which means you can’t work the place.”

“What do you mean work the place,” Jordan asked.

“You’ll see. You don’t have to give me an answer right now but I’d like to have you. You’ve got the body for it, don’t you think?” he asked the bouncer.

“Definitely,” he agreed. ”You could rake in some good tips.”

“You can stick around and watch part of the show before you decide,” Michael told him.

“Just park that tight butt on the end bar stool and don’t move,” the bartender told him.

“All right, thanks.”

Michael took him over to the bar and got him a coke. ”That’s the best I can do in the way of a drink,” he said.

“That’s okay,” Jordan said.

“Show’s going to be starting in a few minutes.”

The lights in the bar grew even dimmer but the lights that were focused on the stage went up a little, and beams of color began crisscrossing the stage. An announcer’s voice boomed out a welcome then introduced the first dancer. His name was Aaron. Everyone had names like Aaron, Luke, Jake, nothing common.

Aaron was a small but well-built kid, not much older than Jordan. He came out wearing a pair of coveralls unzipped half way down his chest. He had a good chest. He began to move in time with the music. It was sensual as hell. Little by little he took the coveralls off, teasing the crowd as he bared more and more of his tight body. He danced for a few minutes in his briefs then slowly stripped them off, down to a thong. A few more minutes and another dancer was announced, just when Aaron was getting good.

Jordan downed his coke faster than he thought. Mike sat another one in front of him. He took a sip and reared back. ”This isn’t……”

Mike waved him off. The drink had something in it. Something strong. But he liked it, and he was pleased that Mike had given it to him.

”Think you can do that?” Michael asked him.


”Do you want an audition?” Mike asked.


”Next Wednesday.”

”Sure. Hey, I know you told me not to move off of this stool, but I’ve gotta take a piss,” Jordan said.

”Right there, second door,” Mike said. ”Just don’t linger for the vultures to move in on you. Don’t make me have to come in there after you,” he said, laughing.

He slid off the stool and walked the couple of yards to the restroom door. It was a small restroom and there was already one guy standing at the long porcelain enamel trough. Two more guys followed him in. He stepped around the other guy and unzipped his jeans. Like he always did, he hauled out his balls too, and draped his cock over them. He didn’t know why, he just liked to piss with his balls hanging out. The guy next to him on his right, glanced down.

”Now I know I’m drunk; there’s nothing that big that’s real,” he said, slurring his words.

Jordan laughed and let the piss flow. Another guy squeezed in on Jordan’s right and looked squarely down at his cock.

”Fuck! I’m not drunk. But is that real? Can I feel it to see if it’s real?”

Jordan put his elbow out to stop the man from reaching for his cock. ”Take my word for it, it’s real,” he said. This was what Mike meant by the vultures. He didn’t mind the attention but he was afraid Mike might walk in. When he was done he half turned from the urinal trough to put his cock away, purposely to show off to the other two guys in the rest room.

”Show off,” one of them said.

”Hey, not so fast about putting it away,” the other said. ”Please. If you’re not going to let us feel it, at least let us look.”

Jordan waited a few seconds for them to get a good look at him before he stuffed everything back inside his shorts, then he left.

”That quick enough?” he asked Mike as he slid back on the stool.

Mike just laughed. Damian was on stage. He was a heavily muscled college kid, looked like a football player except that he had great definition. And a huge bulge in his briefs. The bulge relaxed a little when he took his briefs off and it was held up by a thong. It bounced and swung around with the weight of his manhood.

”Does anything ever fall out?” Jordan asked Mike.

”It happens,” Mike said. “We have Rage night once a

month when everything falls out,” he went on.

”They strip naked?”

”Anything goes,” Mike said.


”Anything and everything,” Mike said. “You don’t have to

participate in everything, but you do need to leave your inhibitions at the door.”

”How do you get by with that?”

”This is a private club. You would’ve had to show your membership card if you hadn’t had the pass. And we lock the doors on Rage night. Private club, members only, the cops can’t come barging in.”

Jordan watched Damian gyrating sexily about the stage, pausing often to let someone stuff money in his thong. He noticed that they were all getting a good feel of his manhood while they were at it. Yeah, he could do this. Then he noticed the other dancers were still in the bar, standing around talking to the customers and letting them feel their butts and all over their bodies and they were twisting around and smashing themselves against them and letting them feel them up pretty much everywhere. They moved from one guy to another as they collected bills in their thongs or jockstraps.

”That’s called working the crowd,” Mike said.

”And I can’t do that.”

”No, but you’ll rake in plenty of tips when you’re on stage.”

”What’s the difference if they feel me up on stage, like they are him right now, or out in the bar like they’re doing those other guys?”

”Back in the dark, they sometimes get a little bolder about it,” Mike said. “So, do you still want that audition?”


Jordan didn’t tell Joe that he had used the pass till several days later when he asked him about it.

”I used it,” Joe said rather timidly.

”You already went? When?”

”When you were playing poker.”

“Dammit, I wanted to take you your first time,” Joe said.

“I’m sorry…I was afraid to tell you after you told me not to get interested in the place; I didn’t think you would approve.”

“How’d you even get in? You’re only eighteen.”

“Used the pass. How would you’ve have gotten me in?”

“I know Michael.”

“I know Michael too, now,” Jordan said smartly.

“Was it ladies night, or the guys?” Joe asked.

“The guys were dancing, but there were a few women there,” Jordan said. “You don’t have to watch over me every minute of the day and night, you know.”

“I know. You’re eighteen. Well, it’s going to take me a little time to get used to that,” Joe said. ”Did you have a good time?”

“I had a great time,” Jordan said. ”You know what else?”

“What else?”

“I got offered a job.”

“As a stripper!”

“Well, they call them male exotic dancers.”

“No shit! Well, you’ve got the looks and the body for it,” Joe said.

“You’re not mad?”

“Well, it’s not something you would want to write home to your mother about, but I’m not your mother. What about your age?”

“They’re stretching the rules. I go in the back door and straight upstairs where the guys change. I go right back upstairs after I’ve done my thing. I can’t work the place like the other dancers.”

“When do you start?”

“I just got the offer. I have to go in for an audition tonight.”

“Well, hey, I want to be there opening night,” Joe said with a wide grin.

“Good. I’m glad. I want you to be there. I know I said you don’t have to watch over me all the time, but I would feel safer with you there in the crowd. They get pretty wild.”

Joe saw that Jordan was getting more comfortable living with him, and sleeping with him. It was routine, now, for the boy to strip down and crawl right in bed with him, and always expecting to have sex. It was rare that a night went by that Joe didn’t give the boy a raging blowjob or eat his young, tender ass. Jordan liked that almost as much as getting his cock sucked. Joe had come awfully close to kissing him a couple of times. It was a natural urge when he had his mouth full of come, to lean up and kiss him and let him have some of it back. But he thought it might freak the boy out.

Joe asked him if he cared if he went with him to the audition.

“I don’t care but I don’t know what Michael might say. It is a job interview.”

“Michael won’t care,” Joe assured him.

“Okay, if you know Michael won’t care, I don’t have a problem with it but I really don’t want you to see me screw up.”

“What is there to screw up? You’re taking your clothes off.

“Now, what’re you wearing? Have you decided on costumes?” Joe asked.

“Oh, shit, I never even thought about that! All I’ve got is briefs and a couple of jockstraps.”

“Well, nobody’s going to throw rocks at you for that but you should come up with something a little more exotic. I mean, some kind of theme or two.”

“You got any suggestions?” Jordan asked. “And where do I get exotic costumes? I guess I should’ve asked Michael.”

“We can check out the costume shop.”

“They only rent stuff, don’t they??”

“No, they also sell stuff. In fact, they only rent outer garments, like capes and masks. Thongs, jocks and the like, you have to buy. You can’t rent it and take it back. So, what do you want to be? Firefighter, cop, farm boy?”

“I don’t know, I was thinking of just being me. Just walk on the stage in jeans and t-shirt, sneakers, briefs underneath. You don’t think they would like that.”

“They’re gonna love you no matter what you have on to take off. But you oughta do a specialty or two. Like military.”

“Okay, I could do that, dress up like a soldier or Marine. Or a jock A football player maybe. Wouldn’t even have to play that part, that’d be natural for me. Only I don’t know where I could borrow the gear.”

“Hell, that’s easy we’ll go to a sporting goods store.”

“That’d be too expensive, buying football gear,” he said.

“I’ll stake you,” Joe said. “And if you wanta do the military thing, I’ve got all the gear you need for that.”

“Man, that’d be great, wearing your stuff,” he said excitedly.

Joe backed out at the last minute and didn’t go to Jordan’s audition and opted to go to his opening night instead. He caught him twice practicing in the living room but he stopped when he saw Joe.

“If it’s gonna embarrass you for me to see you, how’re you going to handle it in front of all those other guys?”

“It’ll be different with them, they don’t know me,” Jordan said.

“I am going to be there, you know,” Joe reminded him.

“I know but you’ll be part of the crowd,” Jordan said. “In fact I want you to be part of the crowd so I don’t see you at first.”

Jordan’s opening night was an event. He showered and shaved and put on some good smelling body splash, he said so he would smell good when guys came up to tip him. He was obviously nervous and just as he was about to pull on his shorts, Joe moved up behind him and wrapped his big arms around him.

“Relax, Jordy. Press back against me and let me absorb some of the anxiety.”

Jordan pressed back against him but only for a moment. He pulled away, laughing. “Pressing against you like that is only going to create a whole different kind of anxiety.”

“You got all your stuff?” Joe asked as he watched the boy’s fine ass disappear inside the tiny white briefs.


“What’re you doing first?” Joe asked.

“Football jock,” Jordan replied.

They walked together over to Mike’s, Jordan carrying his bit athletic bag with his gear in it. He went immediately up the stairs and Joe went to the bar to see Mike.

“Joe! Great to see you.”

“I brought your new boy,” Joe said

“He is going to rock this place,” Mike said.

“Just so you know, he said to tell you he’s doing the jock thing first, so you can announce him,” Mike said.

“I can’t wait. Better get a front row position.”

“No, he wants me to stay in the background where he can’t see me.

“Nervous, huh?”

“A little. No, a lot.”

“He’s got nothing to be nervous about He’s a natural.”

“That’s what I told him.”

Three dancers preceded Jordan. They were good on stage and even better at working the crowd.

“I wish I could let Jordan work the crowd, but he’ll make plenty of tips when he’s on stage,” Mike said.

When the third dancer was leaving the stage the MC announced with great fanfare, the newcomer, Jordan Hawke. Joe didn’t know he had chosen that stage name. He watched over the rim of his glass as Jordan came out of the shadow and took the stage. The next moment, he was bowled over. He couldn’t believe the smooth, fluid gyrations of his body; even fully dressed in his football uniform, he was a turn on. He did a couple of turns around the stage, twisting and churning his hips as he rubbed and groped the mighty bulge of his crotch. Then he removed his helmet. Joe was surprised to see sweat on his forehead and plastering down his hair. It was perfect.

There were some whistles when he took off his jersey, revealing the lower part of his thick chest and his rock hard stomach muscles. He really worked his abs, making them ripple in time with the music. He kicked off his cleats and pulled off his socks then began untying his pants. More whistles and catcalls. He played up the unlacing till his pants lay open, revealing the lowest layer of his abs and the waist of his lace-up jockstrap. He was a bit awkward taking off the pants but even his awkwardness was sexy. Left in his jockstrap with the cup inserted, and the shoulder pads, he started dancing but only for a moment before someone came up and handed him his helmet and asked him to put it back on, at the same time he was tucking a bill into the jockstrap. Jordan obliged and put his helmet back on while the man groped his hard-cupped jockstrap. Another youth at the other side of the stage was playing with his butt as he too tucked a bill into the straps.

It started a trend and other guys were making their way to the stage. One of them pulled open the snaps on the pouch that held the hard cup and tucked a bill inside. The next guy pulled the bill out and tucked it in the waistband and he started pulling the cup out. Jordan let him, and the guy held the cup to his face and breathed in. He asked Jordan if he could keep it as he waved another bill at him. Jordan let him have the cup.

He began undoing his shoulder pads. He made a big show of it, a ritual almost, and there were more cheers as he pulled them off over his head and held them at his side. He was in his jockstrap, looking so fuckin’ hot and studly, I could hardly keep my place on the barstool, back in the shadows. As he worked the two poles several more guys came up and stuffed bills in his jockstrap, in the waistband and inside the cup pouch. The MC announced his name again, indicating that his set was finished and he began gathering up his gear. It must have been tough for him to go right back upstairs and not be allowed to stay and work the now adoring crowd.

“He’s one of the hottest guys I’ve had on that stage,” Mike said.

Just then a burly, shirtless guy came up to the bar and asked Mike why Jordan didn’t stick around and work the crowd.

“He’s too young. He’s only eighteen. He really shouldn’t even be on stage.”

“But he is. So lock the fuckin’ door and don’t let anybody in or out during his set. Shit man, you’re denying us the chance to get our hands on that incredible eighteen year old body, you’re gonna be responsible for causing somebody to have a stroke from sheer frustration.”

Joe sipped his way through another beer while a younger guy at the next stool tried his best to put the make on him. When he went to the restroom he followed him.

“You are one tough nut to crack,” he told him as they both stepped up the urinal.

“Didn’t realize you were trying to crack m my nuts,” Joe said as he undid his jeans. Just for the hell of it he shoved his jeans down along with his shorts, down below his butt.

“Oh, sweet Jezusss where do I start,” the man moaned and boldly reached over with his hand on Joe’s butt. “Could I crack this with my tongue?” he asked.

“I guess for a minute while I’m taking a piss,” Joe said.

The youth squatted down behind him and began licking his ass crack. “Beautiful,” he murmured as he pulled the twin mounds apart to lick deeper. “Goddd!” he groaned. Joe didn’t stop him or pull away when he finished pissing, but leaned forward with his hands against the wall and jutted his butt back for the guy.

“Come home with me when the place closes,” the youth said. “Or we can leave now.”

“I wanta see Jordan’s next set,” Joe said.

“All right, after his next set, he’ll just get me more boned up for you,” the youth said.

They didn’t part when another man came into the restroom, nor the next, till there were three guys with their hands on Joe’s body and he was afraid things would get out of hand. He pulled up his shorts and jeans and went back to his stool at the bar where he waited patiently for Jordan’s next set.

When he was announced Joe could hardly wait to see him come out and go up on the stage. He hoped he remembered how to put everything on of the Marine gear Joe had loaned him. He was a stunner.

“Damn, he needs to be on a recruiting poster,” Joe said to Mike.

Mike laughed. “Yeah, he would have half the guys in the place signed up before they knew what they’re doing.”

He had on Joe’s combat gear, shirt, helmet, pants bloused over black combat boots, with the backpack strapped across his shoulders. His lean waist was cinched with the wide web belt with a canteen resting sexily on one side of his butt and ammo pouches and first aid pouch on the belt. Joe’s old bayonet was sheathed from the belt on the other hip. The first thing he did was remove the helmet and make a swipe at his short cropped hair as he laid the helmet down. Then he began unbuttoning his shirt as he moved back and forth across the stage from one of the poles to the other. Each button revealed more and more of his broad, thick chest encased in a white T-shirt, and Joe’s dog tags came into view. When he’d shed the shirt he brushed his hand across his hair again, purposely to show off his big bicep. He took the canteen from its pouch and uncapped it and brought it up to his lips and took a long drink, again displaying his arm. Then he tilted the canteen over his head and let the water chuck out all over his head and upper body. His ripped abs and thick chest and his nipples were sharply contrasted beneath the thin, wet material of his T-shirt. The place erupted in applause and whistles and catcalls.

“Nice touch!” Mike exclaimed.

Jordan displayed his arm muscles again as he undid the web belt and let it drop to the floor. Then he began unlacing the boots while trying to keep the beat of the music. It was awkward, but again, even his awkwardness was sexy. He slipped out of the boots and made a slow process of unbuttoning his pants. A man came up and tucked a bill in the waist of his shorts and took over undoing the buttons. When he had Jordan’s fly apart he reached in and lifted the heavy pouch of his camouflage briefs. While he was massaging the hefty pouch he took another bill out and stuffed it inside the pouch. Jordan let the guy help him off with his pants then danced away, out of his reach. He put the boots back on and put his entire body on display in the sexiest way he could. Guys were soon standing in line to stuff bills in his briefs and grab a quick feel in the process.

“Fuck it, go lock the door,” Mike told his other bartender. Then he squeezed Joe’s shoulder and said, “Joe, why don’t you go gather up his stuff and tell him I said to go ahead and work the crowd. He’s earned it.”

As the MC was thanking Jordan and announcing the next dancer, Joe went to gather up his Marine gear. He told Jordan what Mike had said.

“No shit!”

“No shit, Jordy, go for it,” Joe told him.

It was fun to watch Jordan move around through the crowd, talking to each one as the guys had their hands all over him, although it was too dark in some parts of the bar to make him out.

“I hope he remembers what I told him about not going too far and letting things get out of hand,” Mike said.

“What’s too far?” Joe asked.

“Well, they’re going to be feeling him up inside his shorts, that’s okay. Just don’t let â——em haul it out, that encourages them to slide down off the stool and try to give him head. That’s too far, even with the door locked.”

“I hope to hell getting a hardon isn’t too far, cause he’s sporting one about now,” Joe said.

When Jordan emerged from the dim shadows of the back into the bar proper, his briefs were tented something awful, bulging with his hardon. Guys were reaching out, couldn’t wait to get their hands on him. When he’d made the rounds he came over to the bar and half sat on the stool next to Joe as he was pulling the bills out of his shorts. “Here, count this for me, will you?”

Joe straightened the bills out and counted them. “Fuck, this money’s all sweaty,” he joked.

“That’s not sweat,” Jordan joked back, making Joe laugh.

“Two hundred and thirty eight dollars.”

“No shit?”

“Count it yourself,” Joe said.

Jordan turned to Mike. “How much is your cut?”

“I don’t get a cut. It’s all yours. You earned it.”

“Thanks for letting me do it, work the crowd I mean.”

“You earned that too.” He laughed and added, “Actually, I did that for my own safety. If I hadn’t turned you loose with these guys I would’ve had a riot on my hands. You did a great job up there, Jordan.”

“Thanks.” Then, “Can I ask you something, Mike?” as he leaned across the bar. “There were a couple of guys who offered me money to go to their motel room.”

“That’s not a question,” Mike said.

“Should I go with them? I know they wanta have sex with me. It was quite a bit of money they offered.”

“Maybe you’d better ask this guy,” Mike said, nodding to Joe.

“No,” Joe said. “You don’t know what you’d be getting into. You don’t know if there might be another guy waiting in the motel room.”

“He offered me a hundred bucks,” Jordan whined.

“Take Joe with you,” Mike said, half jokingly.

“No,” Joe said.

Jordan wasn’t happy but he went home with Joe.

Jordan was happy to be bringing in extra money and paying down what he owed Joe but Joe was becoming jealous over Jordan’s job at the strip club, having all of those men ogle him and touching his body and stuffing money in his jockstrap. It finally got to him. And there was always the doubts and fears that he might be selling himself. He never asked him but there were a few nights when he got home later than usual. One night Jordan brought it up.

“I keep getting these offers, Joe, and it’s a lot of money I’m passing up. Some of the other guys do it and they’ve never had a problem and they’re raking in the dough. I know you don’t like it, you’re afraid something might happen to me, so would you come with me sometime? I don’t know if they would pay extra but I would split what they pay me with you.”

“I doubt any of them would welcome a third party guardian tagging along,” Joe said.

“If I pointed out and told them you’re part of the package? I bet they would go for it.”

“That means I’d have to be hanging out over there every night you’re working,” Joe said. ”Look, Jordy, you don’t have to work over there,” he told him. ”I’m writing off whatever you still owe me, so you don’t have to.”

“No, you’re not,” Jordan said.

“Yes. I am,” Joe said emphatically. ”Hell, Jordan, I like having you here. I like your company and… well, all that goes with it.”

“I like living here, Joe. I thank God every night that you took me in. And I like everything that goes with it, too. But I want to pay my way.”

“That’s not the way it works when….”

“When….what?” Jordan asked.

“Well, you….you’re almost like a son to me, Jordy. If I had a son, I would want him to be like you. I would want him to be you. But I can’t act too much like a father, I know that. You don’t need me as a father, you’re eighteen.”

”I like it, Joe, when you act like my dad,” the boy said. ”I don’t mind you telling me what to do, and worrying about me. I know, I’ve fought it, but I….” He stopped and swallowed. ”Sometimes I let myself think that you are my dad.”

”Aw, fuck, Jord, why didn’t you tell me you felt that way?” Joe said, hugging the boy close to him.

”Because I didn’t know you felt that way, too.”

”Now that you know….you understand where I’m coming from….so you can quit that job.”

Jordan smiled at him. ”Are you jealous, Joe?”

”Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am. It tears me up that those guys are feeling you up and God knows what else.”

”There’s nothing else,” Jordan said. ”It’s more money stuffed in my jock if they get to feel me up, that’s all.”

”What about that Rage night?”

”I skipped that,” Jordan said. ”I didn’t feel right about it and Michael said I could skip it if I wanted to.”

”That’s good to know.”

”But there’s something else….”


”Dancing for those guys, letting them look at my body, and feeling me up and knowing they want me so damn bad that they’re sweating blood…it gets me all hot for when I come home.”

“And here I thought it was your raging teenage hormones that I had to cool down every night.”

”Stripping is what gets those teenage hormones raging,” he said.

”Will you ever do Rage night?”

”I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

”Don’t do it, Jord. It’s not you. Don’t do it at least till you know more….have more experience.”

”Is there more you need to show me?”

”Oh, yeah. A lot more.”

”Why’re you holding back?”

”I want to make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.”

”I am, Joe. I’m comfortable with anything you want to do to me. I trust you.”

”I know you do, and I don’t want to betray that trust,” Joe promised.

Joe came in off the worksite to report in to the trailer. Jordan’s truck was gone.

“Where’s Jordan?” he asked Brad.

“He said he needed to take off early.”

“Did he say where?”

“Nope. And I didn’t pry.”

Joe expected to find him at home but he wasn’t there. He fixed supper and waited. Finally, he ate alone; or tried to. His stomach was so tied in knots he couldn’t get it down. He left the table and paced from one window to the other. He went to the door to see if Jordan’s truck was parked in the alley. He went back to the windows. It was going to be dark soon. Maybe he’d gone to see his mother. But he always told him when he was going to visit his mother; he never made any secret of it. Finally, his stomach tight in knots, he headed out to check on him. First stop, his mother’s place. Jordan’s step-dad came to the door.

“What do you want?” the man asked in his bravest tone.

“Is Jordan here?”


“Has he been here?”


“I would like to talk to his mother.”

“I said, he’s not been here.”

Joe shifted his weight with his thumbs crooked in his belt. He sighed. ”Do we want to go there again?” he asked.

The man hesitated but then turned to get his wife.

”Ma’am, Jordan left work early and he’s not home yet. Your husband said he hasn’t been here.”

”No, he hasn’t. I haven’t seen him since last Tuesday.”

”Do you have any idea where he might be, for me to look for him?”

She thought for a moment. ”Well, I don’t know if he still goes there but he used to go to the falls when he had something he needed to think through.”

”Where’s that?”

”On down the road, turn left at the second cross-road and it’s about six miles. You turn off just past the cemetery, before you get to a big red barn and follow that little road down to the river. You’ll be able to hear the falls.”

”Thank you.”

”Will you let me know?”

”Yes. If I don’t come back, you’ll know he’s okay.”

”Thank you so much,” she said. Her voice trailed off and her gaze lingered on Joe’s face. ”Thank you for everything.”

”Don’t thank me, Ma’am. He’s a pleasure to have around.”

He drove hard to the cross-road and threw gravel as he tore down the six-mile stretch of road toward the barn. It loomed up ahead, a silhouette against the gray sky. He slowed past the cemetery, looking for the road, when suddenly he saw Jordan’s truck. He slammed on his brakes, skidding in the gravel, and turned into the cemetery. He eased along the narrow, grassy road, up behind Jordan’s pickup. He saw Jordan sitting on a headstone a dozen yards away. He got out and quietly closed the door. He approached him slowly. He knew Jordan had seen him although he never lifted his head.

”You okay, son?” he asked quietly as he stood in front of him. He noticed it was his dad’s headstone.

Jordan gazed at his work boots and finally nodded. Joe squatted down on his haunches and crooked his finger under the boy’s chin to lift his head. There were tears in his eyes, and streaks of wet down his cheeks.

“What’s the matter?”

“You…c-called me son,” he said as he choked back the sobs.

“I’ve called you son lots of times,” Joe said.

“Not like that,” Jordan said.

“Well, I….I guess I meant it….for real,” Joe said. He leaned forward on his knees and took the boy in his arms. He broke out in sobs and Joe held him tight, chest to chest as the boy slid off the head stone to his knees to be embraced by the big construction worker. He cried for a moment then reared back, wiping the tears from his eyes. Joe pulled out his bandana and gave it to him. He wiped the tears off his face and handed it back.

”Do you come here often?” Joe asked.

”When I need to talk to him,” Jordan said. ”I don’t know if he hears me; he don’t answer.”

”Sure he hears you,” Joe said. ”He’s watching over you. And if you need answers….answers that you can hear, well, there’s always me. I know I’m not your dad and I don’t mean to try to take his place, but I’m here for you, son.”

”Do you mean that?” he asked. ”I mean calling me son. It sounds so good to hear that again. I didn’t think I ever would again.”

”I mean it, more than I ever meant anything in my life,” Joe said. “If I had a son of my own, I would want him to be just like you. It’d be a great honor to be your stand-in dad if you’ll let me.”

“God, Joe, how was I ever lucky enough to meet up with you?”

“Maybe your dad arranged it,” Joe said with a sly grin. “Maybe he turned you in the right direction and I was just there.”

“Well, he certainly knew which way to guide me,” Jordan said.

“Will you let me?” Joe asked.

“Yes, I’d like that. I’ve been telling myself I didn’t need a dad; I’m old enough to take care of myself. I am, but…I still want a dad.

“You don’t ever get too old to need a dad,” Joe said as he set back on his haunches and stood up. He pulled Jordan to his feet.

“How’d you know to find me here?”

“I asked your mom.”

“You went to see my mom?”

“Yes, I was worried about you and she thought you might be here. She said you used to go to the falls when you had something you needed to think through.”

“I still stop off here.”

“Do you want to show me the falls?” Joe asked.

“Sure, come on. Follow me.”

Joe followed Jordan’s pickup past the cemetery through a sparse woods to a wide, grassy clearing beside a creek. He could hear the sound of a waterfall. It sounded pretty steep. They parked their trucks and Jordan led the way around a bend in the creek where the water came crashing down the rocks into a big pool that caught the water and sent it downstream.

“This is where Bear Creek begins,” Jordan said. ”Come on, I’ll show you the spot I always go to, since I was a little kid. I never knew anybody to ever go there, probably because it’s a hard climb.”

Joe followed him around the pool and up the rocky cliff alongside the falls. The sound of the water crashing down was deafening. About two thirds of the way up the falls there was a little plateau where Jordan led the way to a grassy/mossy spot in front of a shallow cave. It was quieter in the cave, and cool.

“I can see why you come here,” Joe said.

“Do you want to go swimming?”

Joe looked down at the pool. ”I don’t think I want to dive into that without knowing what’s there.”

“No, that would be dumb as hell,” Jordan said. ”I meant up top. It’s nice and calm back from where the water goes over the falls. Then we could come back down here to dry off.”

“Have you done that before? We wouldn’t get pulled over the falls?”

“No, you just have to stay back away from the current.”

They climbed the rest of the way up, to the pristine water that seemed like glass before it went crashing over the rocky ledge. Jordan started taking off his clothes and Joe followed suit, his eyes raking over the youth’s naked beauty. He paused unintentionally and Jordan caught his staring.

“What?” Jordan asked.

“Nothing,” Joe said. “Well, that’s not true, it is something. You, Son. You’re so damned beautiful like that.”

He laughed. “I’ve never been called beautiful before.”

“I don’t mean to embarrass you, but it’s true. You’re like a young god.”

“You are going to embarrass me, Joe, if you keep talking like that,” he said as he walked to the water’s edge.

Joe followed Jordan’s lead, going into the water where it was shallow enough to wade out up to their necks. He couldn’t feel any current at all.

“Just don’t get too close the falls, there’s a current that’ll suck you right along.”

They swam, quiet, and Joe was happy that he had found the boy and could be here with him. He needed Jordan more than the boy needed him. He wanted to be closer, touching. He wanted to kiss him and tell him how much he loved him.

When they got out of the pool, Jordan gathered up his clothes but didn’t put them on.

“We can go back down to our spot at the cave naked,” he said.

“The sun going down, it’s getting chilly,” Joe said.

“I know, it’s more fun to lie in the grass in the sun and dry off.”

Joe’s mind kicked into overdrive as he watched the boy climb down, his smooth, young muscles rippling with power. His cock hadn’t shrunk at all, even in the cool water, and it looked like it might drag over the rocks.

“This can be our spot now, Joe,” he said as they stood looking down at the pool below.

“I thought we had an arrangement,” Joe said.

“What arrangement?”

“You said I could call you son, and you said you were going to call me dad.”

“That’s going to take some getting used to.”

“Wanta practice?”

“Sure…dad.” He laughed softly. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around Joe’s chest from behind and pressed his body tight against his back. “It feels so good to say that again.”

“It feels good to hear it, son,” Joe said, reaching back to clasp his hand over Jordan’s bare butt.

“Maybe this is not a good idea,” Jordan said as he started to pull away.

“It’s okay, don’t move,” Joe said, squeezing his butt to hold him in place.

“I’m getting a hardon.”

“I can feel it. Leave it there,” Joe told him.

They stood still while Jordan’s young cock grew to its full size, throbbing against the back of Joe’s thighs. Joe spread his legs apart to let it swing up between them. The head throbbed against his balls and he reached down to rub the boy’s precome over it.

“Aww, that feels good,” Jordan whispered. After a minute or two, he started moving his cock a little, back and forth between Joe’s thighs.

Everything was falling into place. Joe reached back with both hands and grabbed Jordan’s butt muscles to hold him tightly in place as he slowly guided them to their knees.

“Now it’s poking at your ass,” Jordan said huskily.

“Yes. Leave it there,” Joe said again as he leaned forward on his hands and knees. He spat up some thick spit and lubed up between his butt muscles. He looked over his shoulder. ”Put it in,” he said.

Jordan’s eyes widened and his mouth went slack. ”You mean in….in your ass? You w-want me to f-fuck you?”

“Yes, but you have to put it in first,” Joe said. His spit and Jordan’s ball juice furnished all the lube they needed. Jordan pressed the head of his cock firmly against Joe’s hole but he barely pushed.

“You have to push hard,” Joe told him. ”Harder. You gotta force it in.”

“B-but isn’t it going to hurt?”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” Joe said.

“But I….”

“Just do it, son. Push hard and force your cock in me.”

Jordan did as he was told. He clasped his hands around Joe’s hip bones and pushed as hard as he could. Suddenly, Joe’s asshole spread open and Jordan’s cock slipped in and Joe’s asshole clamped around the head like a rubber vise. Joe let out a groaning gasp but stifled it as best he could.

“That hurt, didn’t it?” Jordan said.

“What’d you expect? Shit, son, you’re a horse. Fuck, yeah, it hurts but don’t pull out. Just keep going. Give me all of it.”

“You want my whole cock in you? How will it all fit?”

“It’ll fit,” Joe said.

Jordan’s butt and legs were trembling as he shoved more of his cock inside his new dad’s ass. He watched, mesmerized as the tiny stretched hole swallowed more and more of his thick meat. His cock had never looked so huge or felt so long. It seemed the more he buried it the more there was left to go. He hit something but maneuvered around the obstacle and drove deeper.

“There, you’re figuring it out,” Joe said.

“Is it still hurting?”

“That’s for me to handle,” Joe said.

Jordan kept shoving till his cock had completely disappeared. He pressed his loins hard against Joe’s spread butt.

“AWwwhhhhhhhhh!” Joe moaned loudly.

“Does that….”

“Stop!” Joe cut him off. ”Stop asking. It don’t matter how much it hurts, it’s what follows that counts. It’s starting to feel good. Give it a minute then start fucking me.”

They stayed poised for a moment and Joe squeezed his ass tightly around the boy’s thick cock to let him know it was okay to proceed. Jordan eased back about nine inches then buried all nine inches again.

“Awwhhhhhh!” Joe moaned again. He eased forward on his elbows and lay flat on the ground. Jordan moved up over him, astraddle his hips with his knees locked against his sides and began fucking him. “Awwwhh, yeah…do it, son…fuck me…fuck your dad’s tight ass…..”

Birds flew overhead and fluttered to perch on the saplings nearby and watch. A squirrel came up close and sat on its haunches to gape at them.

“They act like they never seen anybody getting fucked,” Joe said, laughing.

Just then he felt wet dripping on his shoulder. He thought at first that it was sweat, but it wasn’t that hot and they hadn’t been at it long enough to work up a sweat. He felt it again. He looked over his shoulder to see tears falling from Jordan’s eyes.

“Son, are you okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah, dad, I’m okay,” he said. ”I’m just so damned happy, that’s all.” He snotted and swiped the back of his hand across his eyes. ”Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry for being happy,” Joe said. ”Just lay down on top of me….don’t worry, you’re not too heavy….and fuck me, nice and slow. Make it good for yourself.”

“I want to make it good for you, too, dad, but you need to tell me what do to, how you like it.”

“It’s good for me every time I look at you, Jordy,” Joe said. ”It’s been good for me since the first day I saw you at the site.”

“You knew, then?”

“I knew then why my life was so empty. I knew then that I’d found what I was looking for, even though I didn’t even know I was looking till I saw you. I was just so damned afraid it wouldn’t be possible.”

“I guess we’ve got my step-dad to thank for that,” Jordan said.

There was the quiet again, with the birds and the gentle breeze rustling the trees on the few saplings. Jordan fucked him slowly, languidly and it felt wonderful.

“Don’t be in any hurry,” Joe told him. ”I could do this all day.”

“I’m warning you, so can I,” Jordan said. Then he said, “Next time.…Dad .….can we do it on your back?” Jordan asked.

“We can do it on my back now. We can do it any way you like, son.” His smile turned in a soft laugh. ”That wasn’t so hard, was it, calling me dad.”

”No. Is it hard calling me son?”

“Not a bit, easiest thing I ever did,” Joe said as he reached back and pulled the boy tight against him with his head on his shoulder. ”It feels like you’ve always been my son.”

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