Multilimb studies

by Josh Dugan

For reasons of his own, Jeff gets Mark to take a class with him.

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Jeff had corralled Mark into taking Multilimb Studies with him, since he secretly got off picturing Mark four legged. The class would be equal parts survey and practicum, and those seeking an A had the option of adding limbs to their own bodies, and Jeff was hoping Mark would go for it.

I had seen the textbooks, which I found to be pretty dry and tedious, but then again I’ve never been much of a scholar. But the long chapters on history and background delving into Ancient Greek images and Indian lore were such a snore, save for the illustrations from antique findings and artwork.

The main text had the benefit of its own art, which brought the endless historical surveys some measure of life, trying to re-create scenes out of ages past of men with more than the usual complement of limbs.

In fact, I liked the book’s own artwork better than the historical artifacts, which you can find in any internet search anyway. The book’s artwork would show realistic settings, such as a circle of nearly naked natives sitting cross legged around a campfire, comfortably seated on two or three pairs of crossed legs, as their local storyteller acted out ancient parables and tales through expressive dance, many arms helping to pantomime, added legs to illustrate the courage, poise, speed or whatever type of valor was being expressed via movement.

There were exercises to introduce the concept of being multilimbed, also illustrated realistically, and actually used in the class, according to Jeff and Mark.

One that was illustrated in the book was a simple guessing game, to guess which hand held a coin that had been secretly passed among the hands behind the back of the holder of the coin.

For ease of illustration, the two men were presented shirtless, the one using his index finger to touch the top of the closed hand that he thought held the coin, the second man opening the hand to reveal whether the hand held the coin. If not, both hands went behind the presenter’s back again, and four hands were then brought forward, four closed hands of which one held the coin.

A variant exercise was the “garage door,” in which the one man would guess which “door” had a “car,” actually the presenter’s foot, behind it, the door actually a blanket over the knees of the seated presenter, upon which were drawn four single car garage doors, numbered one to four, which the guesser would lift at various intervals according to the rules of the exercise. It was kind of like whack a mole without any whacking, as the garage doors could be successively empty or full, or all empty, or all full.

“I like the ‘all full’,” Jeff said to Mark with a smile.
“It says here imagining is the start of it,” Jeff told Mark. They were studying together, getting through the survey part of the course, although Jeff had skipped ahead to the practicum part, if only because he was restless to get Mark into four legs.

“When you think about it, you set up your brain’s nerve paths. It’s like the way musicians practice mentally, visualizing playing their instruments, even when they are riding the bus or waiting for in line for the movie to open”

“What are you imagining?” asked Mark.

“Well, I imagine you sitting there like you are, but having a second pair of your legs behind your first pair and kind of reaching around from behind you and resting themselves on top of them.”

“I could picture that,” Mark said. “I’d probably have my hand on one of them. My second pair of feet would be sort of semi hanging in air as they reached past the front legs they are resting on, and I’d probably be restless to cross my hind legs and then uncross them or vice versa.”

“Exactly,” Jeff said. “Check out this illustration.”

He handed Mark the book. Sure enough, there was a handsome naked man seated with his front feet on the floor and his hind legs reaching forward past both sides of his waist, their calves resting on the thighs of his front legs, their feet dangling past into midair. Successive drawings had him with the hind legs crossed on top of his front legs, then uncrossed, then dropping the hind feet down to the floor behind the front feet.

“I guess you can put the hind feet anywhere; it’s just a lot of feet, that’s all,” said Mark. “I mean, compared to two.”

“You think you’d like it?” asked Jeff.

“Well, look at him,” smiled Mark. “He’s beautiful with four legs.”

We were in class, and it was the part where they tried the exercises. The professor was good at getting guys to volunteer.

“You’re in this class for a reason,” he would say. “You have to do this. All your life it’s the main thing you’ve ever thought about, even though you’ve had to do all the things you have to do to get through the day and through life. When you have time to yourself, you are looking for multilimb stories, multilimb photoshops, multilimb drawings, and you are using every keyword you can think of to find them: Centaur, hextaur, boytaur, Shiva, Goretober, Inktober, crow_ra, centipede, legdad, quadruped—you know the list and you are always searching it again in case anything new has been added since you last searched.

“So you know you want this. It’s like that movie where a bunch of people had to sculpt a mountain they had never seen but could not stop imagining, for what reason they didn’t know. Well, you can’t stop thinking about guys with extra limbs. You know the web is full of girls with extra limbs, really well-crafted images, so you are a little frustrated that there aren’t so many of the guys by comparison. It’s proportional to the audiences for this kind of passion, and you wouldn’t be in this class if it wasn’t your passion.

“So here you are, all guys who are into extra limbs, right where you want to be. Now I need two volunteers, and the way you guys are obviously body-conscious with your physiques, I’m sure you don’t mind that I need you shirtless.”

Several of the students raised their hands.

“Okay, that’s good,” the professor said. He looked over the volunteers. “Okay, Bai, come up, and you, too, Sven. You can leave your shirts at your seats.”

All eyes were on their handsome torsos, their nice-looking arms, as Bai and Sven came to the front of the class. They smiled at the professor, who handed a ring of keys to Bai, holding it by one key. “If you and Sven would kindly go to the storage room in back and roll the trunk up here to the front of the classroom.”

He continued his lecture while they went to get the trunk.

“Look at all of the sleeveless T-shirts in the room, all of the bare arms. Notice all of the flip-flops and shorts. Your limbs are meant to be seen—they are as much a part of your brand as your face is, and you’ve got to get your brand out there. You ended up with them because all of your forebears had beautiful limbs or sought them out, even unconsciously, and you are the product of generations of people with beautiful limbs who looked for people with beautiful limbs, and made people with beautiful limbs. Your faces, arms and hands and legs and feet are beautiful for a reason, because they want to be seen, because that’s what they are made for.

“And for the handsome limbs of this rarified group, that’s why they want to multiply, and that’s why you think as much as you do about your architecture, your extra arms and your extra legs, because that’s what sets you up for them. Your upper bodies are aching for extra arms and are ready to welcome them and support them, just like your lower half is aching and ready to welcome and support extra pairs of legs.

“By the time you have discovered this class and gotten yourself into it, you are ready to multiply those limbs, and everything we do here is nothing more than the catalyst for something that you are ready-made for and always have been.

“And from our experience teaching this class, we know that for some of you, this isn’t about you but someone for whom you care, and by his willingness to be multilimbed for you, he is someone who cares very much for you.”

Jeff and Mark smiled at each other, Mark taking Jeff’s hand.

Sven and Bai returned, both helping to roll a large antique trunk to the front of the class.

“Thank you, Sven and Bai, and would you please open the trunk and hold up the cape that is folded inside.”

“The beauty drives the bonding,” explained the professor as Bai and Sven held up the cape. It was dark and regal, out of another era but beautifully preserved.

“Sven, if you will, please, wear the cape, and find a coin in the buttoned pocket in the cape lining and hand it to Bai.”

The cape was beautiful on Sven’s handsome bare shoulders as his arms moved under it to find and unbutton the inner pocket, and in moments he produced the coin, giving it to Bai.

“Bai, if you would, please, describe the coin you are holding.”

Bai’s eyes searched the coin, his curious expression turning to a smile. “It’s a gold coin with Michelangelo’s eight-limbed man on it,” he said, “the one where the arms and legs are shown in two positions at once.”

“Thank you, Bai,” said the professor. “If you would, please, give the coin back to Sven, and Sven, if you would, please, put your hands behind your back and pass the coin between then, and then bring both hands forward again with the coin hidden in one of them.”

The whole room was quiet as Sven’s hands disappeared behind his back, which was covered by the elegant cape; his handsome chest and his abdominal muscles were strikingly accentuated by the cape, as its movement hinted that Sven was passing the coin between his hands behind his back, underneath it. In a moment, he brought his hands forward again, emerging from under the cape, and held them out towards Bai, the hands closed and hanging down from their wrists, side by side for Bai to select.

“Thank you, Sven, and Bai, if you would, please, use your index finger to touch the top of the wrist of the hand that you believe holds the coin.”

Bai’s hands hung undecided at the ends of his bare arms, and one of them unconsciously touched his own bare chest, as he tried to guess which of Sven’s hands held the coin. “There’s no way to tell from looking at his hands,” Bai said. “I’m guessing it’s this one,” he said, touching his index finger to the top of the wrist of Sven’s hanging closed left hand.

Sven raised the hand up from its hanging position on its wrist and turned it over, palm up, and opened the hand.

“Empty,” said Bai.

“Thank you, Bai and Sven. Sven, as before, if you would, please, put your hands behind your back and pass the coin among them, and then bring your hands forward again for Bai to choose.”

Sven pulled his hands back into the folds of the cape, the cape again showing some jostling going on under it behind Sven’s back as he passed the coin among his hands.

Sven’s face colored a little, we couldn’t help but notice, as it registered a slow wide-eyed surprise, and then a pleasant disbelief; the jostling slowed behind his back under the cape.

The room was dead quiet, with Bai’s hands half-hanging, half-opening expectantly, waiting for Sven.

“Sven?” said Bai.

Sven acknowledged Bai with a quick, understanding look, and then looked into the middle distance, took a deep breath, and brought them out.

And out they came, from under the folds of the cape, Sven’s closed right hand, and after a moment, his closed left hand.

Looking like he was figuring something out for the first time, which it turned out he actually was, he moved his right and left hands apart, again exposing the beautiful chest and abs of his caped torso, and, as everyone in the room except the professor watched in stunned silence, from behind either side of his torso, taking their places between his closed left hand and closed right hand, came a new closed left hand, and a new closed right hand, identical to his two handsome original hands, Sven’s hands now very handsome times four, his four closed hands hanging from his four wrists, the cape spread a little wider on what were now Sven’s four handsome arms, the four arms that presented the coin, hidden in Sven’s four closed hands, held out, hanging down from their four handsome wrists, to Bai.

There was absolute silence.

Finally, one voice in the back said, “Holy fuck.”

Someone started applauding, and then the whole class applauded, a standing ovation filling the room as Sven’s face registered a mix of relief and consternation, with Bai’s face frozen in amazement, his index finger halfway raised, about to touch one of the four—four!—of Sven’s hands, but immobile in the moment.

“You can show him the coin,” the professor smiled. “Go ahead and give it to him.”

By now both Mark and Jeff had advanced to the practicum part of the course. They were studying together, glad to be making their way through the more interesting how-to phase, although even this part of the course was still heavily laden with history and documentation.

Thankfully, the illustrations in the main text, as usual, brought the subject to life with their realism as they recreated in a visual way the stories and practices of ancient multilimb history.

“What chapter are you on?” Mark asked Jeff, who was again farther ahead, since he typically skipped forward through the book to focus more intently when he found references to multileggedness, his goal for Mark, who was happy to pursue it.

“The one on groups,” Jeff said, putting his own textbook down and moving over to sit next to Mark, helping him page ahead to the section.

“Check this out.”

A series of well-drawn illustrations clearly bore out what pages and pages of description labored to convey, with a look back at what was actually a prehistoric antecedent to a form of basketball, showing a group of tall, naked acolytes in various states of arousal and their four-legged tribal shaman, the shaman holding a large gourd full of some kind of liquid, leading the acolytes in a ritualized exercise of pitching a primitive form of orb or ball through an improvised circular receptacle mounted almost out of reach on the trunk of a tall, slender tree. According to the ritual practice, they were taking turns pitching the orbs from a certain distance, trying to get it to descend through the receptacle, testing their aim. As part of the ritual, an acolyte who missed the receptacle would imbibe a consolation quaff from a large gourd proffered by the four-legged shaman.

“That looks like strip-shot basketball,” laughed Mark. “What’s in the gourd?”

“It says here it’s an ancient concoction, a kind of brew,” said Jeff. “Must be strong stuff, judging by the pictures.”

The succession of illustrations portrayed the progression of the ritual, generally showing the gradual onset of additional limbs among the acolytes, who over the course of the ritual as they rotated through their turns to do the pitch also became taller as their pitches became less accurate from the ritual cycle of pitch and, on the misses, quaff. Although the acolytes took long pulls from the gourd, according to the illustrations it appeared to remain full.

“The consolation quaffs symbolize the care of the gods who provide not only a balm for the soul but aid for the body in the form of added height and limbs to give the acolytes every advantage in their quest to achieve the pitches, which are a stand-in for life’s challenges,” Jeff explained as he skimmed the accompanying text.

The progression of drawings showed the group of increasingly taller acolytes in their ritual transformation, realistically portraying their humor and cohesiveness as a tribe, as they struggled to support each other, using their gradually multiplying arms to help each other aim to pitch the orb through the hoop-like receptacle, and benefitting from their gradually increasing pairs of legs to steady themselves against the effects of the potent sacred brew administered by the four-legged shaman. Their increasing arousal was marked by greatly enlarged genitalia sprouted along with their extra pairs of long legs.

“It says the point of the ritual is to build cohesiveness and mutual support as a tribe, which in that culture was expressed in the free mating of the acolytes, energized by not only their newly enormous multiple genitalia but especially by the enhanced appearance of their taller bodies and elongated multiple arms and legs,” Jeff explained. “The shaman continues the ritual until the last acolyte is unable to make the pitch, at which point the ritual mating ensues.”

In the realistic illustrations, the newly tall and multilimbed acolytes are semi-stunned by their attraction to each other’s multiple limbs, falling into each other’s multiple arms as their multiple legs collapse, with multilimbed mating wildly shared under the watchful smile of the four legged shaman, still bearing the huge, full gourd. As the mating continues with the majority, some of the acolytes are shown passed out on their collapsed piles of legs, smiling in their sleep, their huge multiple genitalia still ejaculating, as they continue mating in their dreams.

Accompanying the drawings was a photo of an actual gourd unearthed from the archeological site of the tribe where the gourd had been excavated along with dozens of ancient skeletons of multilmbed males. The gourd bore markings of writing in an ancient script. “Check this out,” said Jeff. “This is what the professor said in class. The translation of the script is, ‘The beauty drives the bonding.’”

All classes were now online, so it was just the professor, Mark and Jeff in the lecture hall, the rest of the class present via Zoom, for Jeff’s project, getting Mark into four legs.

“He’s always said four legs,” Mark laughed as the professor fitted the specially decorated blanket over his legs, Mark having seated himself on a chair, naked from the waist down. You could almost sense the oohs and ahs from the online class members as the professor set the video to capture the handsomely athletic shapeliness of Mark’s legs and his equally shapely, graceful male feet, the well-formed, sleekly muscular feet of an athlete or a god.

“But I think he’d be happy for me to have a lot of them.”

“Would that be all right with you?” asked the professor, bringing Jeff over to kneel in front of Mark’s now-blanketed knees.

“Of course,” laughed Mark, suddenly grasping the arms of the chair and grabbing Jeff with his blanket-shrouded legs, Jeff’s laugh muffled in the blanket, caught by Mark’s muscular leg-squeeze. “It turns me on that he likes them, so for him I’d be happy to overrun him with as many as he wants.”

“Well, thank you Mark, and thank you, Jeff,” said the professor as Jeff, blushing, extricated himself from Mark’s legs and got the blanket properly positioned, again hiding Mark’s legs.

“This will get us to four,” the professor explained.

With the video trained on the specially decorated blanket, the professor explained the decorations, which were basically a row of four single-car garage doors, much as you’d see on any street-level apartment building, marked 1, 2 3 and 4, and velcroed closed. You could look into a garage to see if the “car,” (the owner’s foot) was present, by peeling the Velcro up to open the door.

“Okay, then: we have two scenarios. I will read the scenario, and Jeff will respond by checking the garage doors. I assure you that for purposes of this exercise we are assuming Jeff to be the apartment owner with the tenants’ permission to open the garage doors briefly when needed.

The professor read the first scenario, which explained that the tenants had been notified that their garages were to be swept out and steam cleaned as part of annual maintenance; they would need to ensure that their cars were not in the garages between noon and four on the day in question.

“Jeff,” said the professor, “if you will, please: you are doing a pre-check of the garages to ensure that they are empty, so that you may contact directly any tenant who needs to remove his car. Please check garages 1 through 4 accordingly and report on any vehicle that needs to have its owner contacted.”

Jeff, kneeling in front of the blanket over Mark’s knees, looked at the four garage doors, and looked at the professor. “What do I do?”

“Just open each door by peeling apart the Velcro, and report to me if the garage is empty,” the professor kindly explained. “It’s a little awkward and unusual, but you’ll get the hang of it.”

Jeff reached forward to the first door, lifting the flap as the Velcro made its scratchy sound. There was nothing in the garage.

“Garage 1, empty,” he reported, replacing the flap to close and re-Velcro the door.

“Very good,” noted the professor,

Jeff opened the second garage door, this time without hesitation. It, too, was empty.

“Garage 2, empty,” he reported, closing the door.

“Very good,” noted the professor,

Jeff’s hands had already gotten Garage 3 opened. The car (Mark’s left foot) was inside.

“Um, there’s a car in Garage 3,” Jeff giggled. Mark giggled, too.

“Verify physically by touching the car,” said the Professor.

“You mean just touch his foot?” Jeff asked.

“Correct,” said the professor,

Jeff blushed and reached into Garage 3, touching Mark’s handsome foot, Mark blushing a smile.

“Verified; car is in Garage 3.”

“Very good,” said the professor. “Kindly close Garage 3 and check Garage 4.”

Jeff was ahead of him, having closed 3 and opened 4; there was nothing in 4.

“Garage 4 empty,” he reported.

“Very good,” said the professor.

“In Scenario Two,” explained the professor, “garages 1 through 4 have been cleaned accordingly, and you are performing a brief after-hours check of the work and ensuring that the tenants have moved their vehicles back into the garages.”

Jeff was kneeling at Mark’s blanket-covered knees. “So I just check the garages and report?”

“If you would, please,” answered the professor. “When a vehicle is in its garage, physically verify by touching the vehicle and reporting.”

“Ok then,” smiled Jeff, exchanging a smile of anticipation with Mark, who leaned forward slightly to see how things would go.

“Just report 1 though 4 in order?” Jeff asked the professor.

“That would be fine,” answered the professor. “Really, any order is fine, as long as you report them all.”

For all his advanced reading and scouring of the texts and his reading familiarity with this particular exercise, as he looked at the four garage doors, Jeff decided to play it in such a way as not to disappoint himself and Mark should the exercise yield nothing for them.

It was sweet enough that Mark had unstintingly and selflessly offered himself as a fantasy transformation for Jeff, for which Jeff would forever love Mark. Should for any reason a transformation not occur, he would still love Mark forever, and the gift he truly did offer for no other reason than his love of Jeff, his willingness to be multiplied in the legs for Jeff.

“Can I check two garages at a time?” Jeff asked the professor.

“No reason why not,” the professor answered.

“Checking the middle two garages, Garages 2 and 3,” Jeff reported.

He quickly pulled apart the Velcro on the middle two garages, lifting the flaps. There were Mark’s right and left feet, the right foot in Garage 2 and the left foot in Garage 3. The real feet in real life of his real-life friend, Mark. He happily touched them, beautiful as they were, and smiled at Mark, who beamed back with pleasure and anticipation.

‘Vehicles verified in the center garages 2 and 3,” he reported.

“Very good,” noted the professor

Jeff left the center garages open, Mark’s left and right feet on display. It was good enough, more than good enough, he thought to himself, and how had he come to this, to ask so much from his true friend.

“Jeff!” whispered Mark. “The outer doors.”

“You sure?” Jeff whispered back, meaning it.

“Yes!” whispered Mark.

“Checking outer garages 1 and 4,” reported Jeff.

His hands were shaking, fumbling as he tried to separate the Velcro flap on Garage 1. “I can’t believe how awkward this is becoming,” he fretted, agitated as Garage 1 seemed stuck closed.

“Take your time,” said the professor. Again, it is awkward, but you can do it.”

“Jeff!” whispered Mark. “You just focus on 1. I’ll open 4. We’ll do them two at once, just like you wanted.”

“Is it okay if he helps?” Jeff asked the professor.

“Of course!” smiled the professor.

So Jeff put his entire attention on Garage 1, desperately wishing that his hands would stop shaking. Mark was leaning forward and reaching down to peel open the Velcro for Garage 4, the Velcro making its scratchy sound.

“Jeff, I think I got it,” Mark said.

“Thanks, and I think I’ve got it for Garage 1.” But easier said than done; he was beside himself in confusion, vexed as he tried to peel back the Velcro, feeling the pressure of time now because Mark had already completed Garage 4.

“You’re too slow!” Mark said, in a mock-scolding tone, but it was Mark to the rescue. He gripped the arms of his chair and brought his legs forward to surround and embrace Jeff.

Before Jeff knew what was happening, Garages 1, 2, 3 and 4 fell away to the silly blanket decorations they were, raised up on Mark’s four beautiful legs, burying Jeff laughing in surprise under mounds of blanket as Mark’s four beautiful feet crisscrossed themselves, squeezing Jeff in a four legged leg lock.

“Garages 1 through 4 accounted for already,” Mark smiled at the professor, then smiling at the laughing man lost in the blanket among Mark’s four legs, his gift of becoming four-legged for Jeff.

“Do you think he can still breathe?” asked the professor.

There was the tiniest sound of laughter coming from the professor’s computer screen as the online class reacted.

Jeff smiled, blushing with pleasure, leaning back into Mark’s four legs as Mark beamed with joy, wrapping and re-wrapping his four beautiful legs around Jeff, teasing and confusing Jeff by touching him with his four beautiful feet, continuously playing them all over Jeff, whose blush bloomed as he squeezed the four legs to himself, loving their foursomes with their handsome swell of beautiful athletic leg muscle, the magnificent shape of the four heavily muscled calves, the four unbelievably beautiful dangling godlike male feet, reaching for any of Mark’s four feet as they circled and touched him, holding them against him and smiling at Mark, loving him for them.

Jeff and Mark were studying, Jeff as usual reading ahead.

“Check this out Mark,” he said, pointing out an illustration in the text. It was a photograph of an ancient architectural site that showed a handsome, bare chested male god smiling and sitting cross legged, his crossed legs resting on top of a second seated pair of legs with their feet on the floor.

“According to the history, it’s a pun on the meeting of the word leg, in which the statue references the four legs or foundational principals of a particular philosophy, and the sculpture has humorously taken the word for legs literally. The people of that time and place would have understood the humor. As you can see, the god looks quite pleased with his joke.”

“That looks like a comfortable position,” said Mark, sitting up and putting his own hind feet on the floor, and crossing his front legs to rest up on his hind thighs. “It’s very comfortable,” he smiled.

“It looks very cool,” said Jeff, admiring Mark’s four-legged pose.

“Well,” said Mark, “This is what happens when you read ahead.”

Jeff smiled. “I’m sorry, but I need to borrow your legs.”

“Of course,” smiled Mark, uncrossing his top legs and bringing the four of his legs over to Jeff.

“Give me some room.”

Jeff moved forward a bit from where he was sitting, to allow Mark to slide in behind him, and Jeff happily leaned back against Mark’s chest, helping Mark bring his four legs up to rest on each other on Jeff’s lap.

“That’s more like it,” smiled Jeff, caressing Mark’s four handsome legs and massaging his four beautiful feet.

“Mmmmm,” Mark said, closing his eyes and loving the feeling of his four legs and four feet being massaged. “That’s heaven,” he smiled, squeezing Jeff gently with his four legs. “Don’t stop. I could enjoy this all day.”

“No problem,” laughed Jeff, “I could do this all day, too. I just love your four legs, and the fact that you would have four of your gorgeous legs for me just rocks my world.”

“My pleasure,” said Mark. “You know I love having extra legs for you to enjoy.”

“They turn me on, and they look so damn good on you,” said Jeff, squeezing Mark’s four handsome feet, and hugging the four beautiful legs to himself as they wrapped around him.

“Move forward a bit,” said Mark, “I need more room.”

“Of course,” smiled Jeff, moving himself forward to give Mark the extra room.

“Okay,” said Mark, “you can lean back on me again now.”

“Mmmm,” sighed Jeff, leaning back against Mark’s handsome chest. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” answered Mark. He wrapped his arms tightly around Jeff’s chest, shifting and stretching, suddenly groaning loudly with pleasure and soaking Jeff’s back with enormous blasts of come from Mark’s giant penises.

He shifted his come-slicked body this way and that, and groaning, he leaned back and forth, with effort, clenching his teeth, groaning with a deep guttural growling as he held Jeff tightly, Mark’s four beautiful legs contorting as he brought forth another yet another pair of his handsome legs forward, resting their beautiful lengths on his original four legs, letting the newest pair of his legs squeeze Jeff as well.

“Wow,” said Jeff, amazed and surprised at Mark’s fantastic new pair of legs, kissing Mark’s hands as they held him, then wiping some of Mark’s come off the back of his ear and tasting it from his index finger, then embracing the handsome thighs and calves of this new, third pair of Mark’s legs.

“You really know how to pop out a nice set of legs,” he said, turning to lick some of Mark’s come off of his chin, and kissing him, Mark returning the kiss and squeezing Jeff with his plethora of legs. There was a lot of Mark’s come everywhere.

“I read ahead a few chapters,” laughed Mark, when the two of them had recovered from their kiss. “I hope you don’t mind,” he said, gently squeezing Jeff with his six handsome legs, enjoying Jeff’s confusion and arousal, teasing him with his six handsome feet.

“No problem at all, trust me,” sighed Jeff. “And all those penises are giving me ideas.”

“I love it,” said Mark. “Let’s work on them.”

It was too beautiful to stay indoors, so Mark and Jeff headed outside for a naked run on the endless expanses of soft, fresh lawn.

It felt great to be running. Jeff reveled in the glorious feeling of sprinting barefoot on soft, green lawn, and likewise Mark, his six beautiful legs a wonderful sight as they flew in synchronized glory, his six beautiful feet flying over the soft lawn as he ran alongside Jeff.

The handsome boys were a beautiful pair as they sailed over the lawn together, Jeff’s statuesque naked body a wonder to behold as he ran alongside Mark, who was even more spectacular, an amazing and fabulously erotic specimen on his six glorious legs, which ran and ran, carrying Mark and pacing Jeff, the two handsomely naked boys reveling in the day and in the joy of their flying feet.

After a while, Jeff noticed Mark slowing, seeming distracted, Mark giggling as his six legged gait became uncoordinated.

“Whoa,” laughed Mark. “Time out,” he said, laughing, stumbling on his six legs as Jeff slowed down for him, curious about his giggling and the oddly arousing sight of Mark’s six legs stumbling, getting in each other’s beautiful way, their gorgeous, shapely male feet stupid and clumsy, stepping on each other and tripping each other.

Mark was laughing helplessly, as he reached for Jeff’s shoulder to help balance himself.

“Everything okay, big guy?” asked Jeff, putting his hand on Mark’s hand on his shoulder, aroused in spite of himself at the sight of his beautiful friend’s stumbling plenitude of legs and the virile, arousing sound of Mark’s helpless laughter.

Jeff realized Mark was cumming prodigiously, with great leaping spurts of come ejaculating from Mark’s giant frontal penis, and obviously, from the come sliding thickly down his six stupidly discombobulated handsome legs, from his hind penises as well.

Mark pulled on Jeff’s shoulder and hauled him in for a kiss, embracing him, still convulsed with laughter and ejaculations, Jeff suddenly feeling the need to ejaculate as well, at the incredible experience of being held by a laughing six legged god in the throes of multiple penises blowing wad after wad of hot come all over each other and all over Mark’s six legs and, he realized, all over Jeff’s abdomen and legs as well, his own penis beginning to ejaculate in aroused sympathy.

“I gotta lie down,” giggled Mark, trying to catch his breath as his penises kept ejaculating, pulling Jeff down with him onto the soft lawn.

Mark rolled over onto his back on the soft lawn, as Jeff knelt down to hold him, Mark leaning against Jeff, who was pleasantly confused and aroused at the tumble of Marks’ six come-soaked legs, and even more so by the surprising sight of all of Mark’s giant, ejaculating penises, each more beautiful than the next, and, he realized, numbering way more than the three penises Mark had started out with.

Mark reached his arms up to Jeff. “Oh my god, kiss me,” he begged, his lips straining to reach Jeff’s, Jeff gladly diving in for the kiss as Mark ejaculated and ejaculated, his piles of penises spewing come all over each other and all over the both of them as they kissed and kissed.

It was a while before they could end their kiss, both of them ejaculating and gradually coming up for air as Mark gasped for breath, his six fallen legs idly tumbling against each other as his new collection of giant penises gradually subsided in their spasming, rivers of come running down Mark’s abdomen and legs and trickling onto the lawn beneath them.

“Oh, wow,” said Jeff, once he had caught his breath, fully taking in for the first time the increased numbers of giant penises tumbled all over each other between Mark’s six legs in their tumbled pile, the huge, drunkenly satisfied piles of penises wet with come and still pulsing, looking as if they were ready to arouse themselves for a second round of ejaculations.

“It’s the cock line,” Mark gasped, between breaths, as he continued to recuperate from the effort of so much ejaculation, leaning heavily against into Jeff’s embrace, their arms gently caressing each other.

As they lay there together, gorgeously naked on the come-soaked lawn under a brilliant sunny sky, Mark slowly caught his breath as his spent, enormous crowds of come-soaked giant penises sprawled heavily all over each other and among his six toppled, glorious legs.

“I apologize,” said Jeff, giggling in spite of himself, “but I don’t think I read far ahead enough to find out about a cock line.”

“Trust me,” said Mark, still catching his breath, “it’s the best part of the whole book.”

“Well, I guess,” laughed Jeff, squeezing Mark and kissing him as he laughed, “and I guess it’s some male variant of the milk line, the multiple pairs of nipples on the underside of many mammals, right?”

“Sort of,” said Mark, idly rummaging his hand among the giant wet pile of spent penises strewn between his six tumbled legs, some of the penises rousing themselves at the touch of his hand.

“Think centaurs,” he said. “They often have giant lines or clusters of penises running from their hind legs all the way along their underside to their giant frontal penises.”

“But you’re not a centaur, technically,” mused Jeff, “although you appear to have grown yourself the best parts of one.”

“It’s in the last part of the chapter on centaurs,” Mark said. “The chapter on multiple legs references it as well. Even if your legs are human, if you have a strong enough attraction for someone, when you multiply your legs, under the right circumstances it can cause the cock line to erupt spontaneously.”

“How cool is that!” laughed Jeff, diving in for another sincere, truly grateful and passionate kiss.

The few clouds overhead drifted slowly across the brilliantly sunny skies as they held each other after their kiss.

“Well,” Jeff said, once their breathing returned to normal, “let’s get your six legs and your stupendous enormous cock line and you back on your six absolutely gorgeous feet and head home, and if you are in any condition to run, it would be fun to see if you pop out any more crowds of penises.”

He helped Mark raise himself up as Mark’s six legs found their footing, Mark and Jeff laughing as Mark’s plethora of giant penises slapped wetly against each other, sliding against each other as Jeff helped right Mark, getting him onto his six come-soaked feet, Mark and Jeff laughing gently as they helped each other homeward, Jeff sprouting an enormous wagging boner as he wrapped his arm around Mark’s handsome torso, Mark holding him as well, and the two of them gloriously naked, gently leading each other homeward as Mark’s heavy, pendulous bevy of penises teased each other as they wetly rubbed together and against the insides of Mark’s six legs, come running in rivulets down Mark’s legs and drooling from his innumerable giant penises.

“I don’t know about you, laughed Jeff, but I like you like this!”

“Well, then, I’ll stay like this,” smiled Mark, kissing Jeff as his plethora of beautiful legs carried him and his forest of dangling penises home, arm in arm with Jeff.

“OMG,” giggled Mark, grinning into his phone into his phone at 1 a.m.

“What?” said Jeff, awakened by Mark’s guffawing.

“They’re trying to make history repeat itself,” Mark laughed. “Check out these videos in the chats. I swear they’re going to go viral.”

“Wowww,” said Jeff, aroused at the images of beautifully tall and long muscled multilimbed boys all over each other. “It’s a bunch of guys from class doing strip shot basketball from the book, by moonlight. How romantic,” he laughed, feeling a pang of aroused envy.

“Somebody went online and found a formula for the brew,” Mark said, “and they 3-D printed the gourd. Apparently the magic words written on the gourd are what does the trick.”

“The beauty drives the bonding,” mused Jeff as he felt Mark’s enormous cock line begin to swell. “What about the shaman?”

“It’s Bai,” giggled Mark, turned on by all the beautiful multiple arms and legs in the pictures and videos. “Four-legged Bai.”

“Well, it’s a warm night, so how about another nice naked jog over there? You can bring your cock line,” smiled Jeff.

“Okay, I’ll bring my cock line,” laughed Mark, giving Jeff’s handsome body a kiss, a hug and a generous, six-legged squeeze, warmed by the exponential expansion of Mark’s many clusters of enormous penises as they aroused themselves.

After a pleasant and refreshing naked, barefoot jog across the soft, fresh expanses of lawn, their handsome bodies lightly sweating in the warm night air, they arrived at the spot, a hilly, forested area, a little difficult to find except for the increasingly louder echoes as they drew near, echoes of the arousing slurred voices of virile, beautiful laughing young men.

“I’ll say holy fuck this time,” said Mark as they found their way into the clearing. “Look how tall they are.”

And there they were, extremely tall indeed, gorgeously naked, laughing and clumsy with brew, in multiple stages of enormous arousal, their handsome, swaying multilimbed bodies towering way above their previous heights.

They were cheering each other on in joyful, slurred voices, holding each other’s towering, swaying bodies with multiple arms, trying to keep each other from falling over, resplendent with their beautiful long, powerful necks, muscular wide shoulders, extremely long muscled multiple arms, handsomely elongated torsos and multiple athletically muscled legs, lengthened and entangled with each other as they tried to use their many long arms, clumsy as they were, to help each other shoot the basketball through the basket fastened to a tall, slender tree just out of reach.

They had obviously been at it for quite some time.

They all looked so good, their flushed, handsome young faces looking so nice on their long, strong necks, their beautiful long muscled arms all over each other, their big multiple hands happily dangling or reaching out to capture the multiple arms of their gorgeous, beautiful-bodied classmates, laughing helplessly and aroused at each other’s innumerable enormous, heavy penises.

Their gigantic multiple penises bobbed and swayed pendulously among their multiple long, clumsy legs, the boys laughing, helplessly aroused as many of the beautiful multiple hands found and caressed the enormous genitalia, many of the genitalia exploding on the spot with leaping, spouting ropes of hot, steaming come spattering all over the multiple arms and legs of the aroused, laughing boys.

As they wrapped each other’s tall bodies in their dozens of beautiful long arms, the aroused, ejaculating boys were saved by their many tangled long legs and clumsy beautiful feet from falling down altogether.

As they drunkenly managed to take their turns at basket, cheering each other on with their oddly musical drunken voices, their tongues shiny and slow, the aroused boys held each other with many long muscled, beautiful multiple arms, big strong gentle hands so numerous and beautiful as some of them dangled freely and others of them found and held each other’s tall, swaying, multilegged bodies.

Their camaraderie turned into sweet, stupid drunken affection as they used their gorgeous phalanxes of muscular, long multiple arms to embrace each other’s handsome bodies, using their multiple legs to help keep each other from toppling from the powerful consolation quaffs as they poured the powerful brew down each other’s throats, taking long, gulping pulls at the gourd, Adams apples bobbing on their beautiful long necks as they swallowed and swallowed, cheering each other on.

It was sweet to watch them even in their silly, muscular stupidity, helping each other aim, their elongated multiple arms so clumsy but beautiful, the ball going any which way, the many arms dangling as they laughed, keeping each other from falling over as their enormous penises swayed and bobbed in gorgeous clusters.

Poor Bai, handsomely four-legged, dutifully administered the consolation quaffs as shaman, forgetting to not sip, receiving as well as giving passionate, deep kisses to his beautiful towering classmates, likewise becoming taller and multiple armed over time from the brew, giant new genitalia sprouting among what were now his many handsome legs.

The boys reveled in each others’ sleek, muscular bodies, their incredible height and beauty, the plenitude of beautiful arms and hands, their phallic enormity, the handsome boys transformed by their bonding into gorgeous, irresistibly sexual beings, collapsing into each others arms, laughing and ejaculating as the last of the extremely tall, gloriously naked students failed to make their shots, falling into the multiple arms of their incredibly tall, handsomely drunken friends after taking their generous consolation quaffs.

And so ensued the bonding ritual, the beauty-driven mating, wildly awesome and beautiful, the boys’ joy unbounded as they held each other and mated, the gentle beauty of their muscular multiple limbs matched by the spectacular arousal and ejaculation of their giant multiple genitalia.

And true to the book, even those who finally passed out singly or in each other’s arms, their multiple legs collapsed beneath them, continued ejaculating through their multiple enormous penises in their sleep, their handsome sleeping faces smiling, their fallen, beautifully towering bodies ejaculating continuously through their enormous clusters of penises as they continued mating with each other in their dreams.

Jeff and Mark awoke gradually, wrapped in each other’s many arms, tumbled on the beautiful lawn about halfway home, their splendidly naked multilimbed bodies, still partially spattered all over by their come, kissed by the early warming rays of the rising sun.

“How did you get so tall?” asked Mark, amazed at how much of Jeff there was now, his awakening buddy sprawled in his full incredible length.

“Mmmmm, how did you get so tall?” echoed Jeff, giggling gently.

He struggled in his prone position, making an effort to embrace Mark, gradually getting Mark surrounded by what were now several pairs of his very long, muscular arms, neither of the beautiful boys quite fully awake yet, but the two of them becoming comfortably aroused at each other, not yet quite realizing how many legs they had entangled with each other.

“It’s all coming back to me,” smiled Mark, returning Jeff’s multi armed embrace. “The last thing I remember is the professor tweeting that something like this happens with almost every one of his classes.”

“Mmmmmmm, I am so glad,” said Jeff, nuzzling Mark’s beautiful long, muscular neck. “Are we bonded or what?”

“Well, you’re beautiful enough to drive the bonding,” smiled Mark, embracing Jeff and feeling the firming heat of their tangled clusters of giant penises as they begin to relentlessly engorge with arousal.

“You too, Mark,” said Jeff, only now beginning to realize how incredibly tall their bodies had become and how comfortable it was to have so many pairs of beautiful arms and legs totally lost in each other’s, totally tangled up in an endless beautiful expanse of muscle and elongated limbs, so many hands and arms and legs to hold each other, srong and gentle.

The morning sun was gently rising in the early sky.

“Want to see if we can fit inside our place?” laughed Jeff.

Well, they figured it out, because as usual, Jeff had read ahead.

The nice thing about all these limbs is that they can be re-purposed, he had explained to Mark; one suggestion from the book’s appendix was to form the legs into leg wheels, which are wonderful sex partners and exercise partners, especially when do you need a sex break during exercise, as they say you do all the time when working out with a leg wheel. “That’s cool,” Mark had said, boning at the idea.

Another handy repurposing, if you’ll pardon the pun, Jeff had laughingly told Mark, is another one shown in the appendix, to repurpose the multiple arms into an arm chair, and that’s where Jeff and his four relaxed legs were right now, his gorgeous naked, well muscled body in seventh heaven.

It was a handsome, deep, comfortable and very inviting arm chair, all the more so for being made almost entirely of his beautiful muscular arms, the headrest being a welcoming cluster of the handsome palms of many of his beautiful, strong and gentle hands, comforting to lean back into, and great for a very sweet and relaxing neck or scalp massage.

The large armrests were stunning, muscular piles of his handsome arms with his gorgeous hands, wonderfully pleasant to rest your arms upon, and amazingly good feeling, with the miles of the smooth muscular swell of all the beautiful long arms, their big, beautiful hands hanging heavily from their fine strong wrists.

The tall, deep and supportive back cushion of the chair was beautifully fashioned of dozens of his long, beautiful arms that could gladly reposition themselves to hold and comfort you with their supple muscular beauty.

Not made entirely of Jeff’s handsome arms, even though it was an armchair, below the armrests it was handsomely constructed with the smooth, long swole muscle of piles of his gorgeous folded legs composing the seat cushions, their sculpted thighs and calves glad to move themselves into different positions, to accommodate your desired comfort, even reclining, and warmly comfortable with their Intimate, gentle close beauty.

The arm chair rested on eight of Jeff’s handsome feet, with two matching gorgeous feet at each corner of the base of the chair, two right feet on the right front and back corners and two left feet each on the left corners, all facing forward.

In addition to the arm chair’s gorgeously smooth-muscled beauty, it was very friendly, suffused with Jeff’s personality since it was made of him, and offering all of the comforts that warm, beautiful young male arms can bring.

Their handsome hands would gladly hold and massage you and, as you moved the arm chair into a reclining position by pushing back on the cushion, they would tend to you to make sure you were kept comfortable as the reclining position happened.(There was also a lever on the side of the arm chair, basically another gorgeous arm whose big hand you would hold to lift the forearm to recline).

Reclining the handsome arm chair involved the gentle swell of many handsome, comfortable thighs underneath you as multiple long-muscled legs unfolded beneath you, the unfolding legs extending outward to support your own legs on the many muscle-swollen calves, strong shapely ankles and comfortably dangling big, beautiful feet.

The many extended legs serving as a human ottoman provided wonderful, comfortable beauty as they held, in this case Jeff’s own four legs and, for Mark’s arm chair, his own six legs.

Jeff’s and Mark’s repurposing of their dozens of amazing limbs afforded them entry back into their home, since they could now physically fit through the door, and afforded them the sublime comfort of these beautiful new living human-limbed arm chairs, almost too awesome to conceive of, with their purposeful density of beautiful multiple male arms and legs, hands and feet.

“I love this arm chair,” moaned Jeff sweetly, stretching his beautiful naked body and making himself so comfortable among the gorgeous piles of his own muscled limbs that formed the arm chair.

“I love to squeeze its muscles, and run my hands along the forearms, and fold the arms over me, and I love all the hands; just looking at them really turns me on, and I think they really like to be looked at, because they keep on comfortably getting themselves all over my body, and they feel so good on me, so many beautiful hands, so many muscular arms, so heavenly to be wrapped among them and have them loving to hold me.”

Sure enough, even as his spoke, one of the big handsome hands from the armrest gently took hold of his hand, interlacing its beautiful fingers with his.

The armrest hands, like all of the other beautiful hands and arms making up the arm chair, were beautifully formed, strong and relaxed on their handsome wrists and totally comfortable as they dangled from their nicely muscled forearms, absolutely beautiful to see and feel, as were the arms’ provocatively swollen biceps and triceps.

Their large deltoid muscles formed beautiful muscular clusters at the top corners of the arm chair where they crowned multiple muscular arms that hung down heavily with beautifully rounded biceps and triceps and forearms, and big gorgeous relaxed hands making up the form of the arm chair, an endless bevy of big, friendly, gorgeous limbs to hold and comfort you.

Jeff sighed, beside himself with comfort and bliss as his tall, muscular body reveled in the arm chair’s abundant, beautiful hands placing themselves on his body, comfortably finding the curves and recesses of his handsome muscles, and reaching for his own hands, the many big, beautiful hands gently feeling his muscles, and more of them letting their long muscled arms lazily wrap themselves around his handsome chest as he leaned back in pleasure, loving all of the beautiful hands and arms of the arm chair all over him.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned, unable to resist holding and kissing several of the heavy big, beautiful gentle hands that gladly tumbled themselves and their beautiful arms all over him.

In the comfortable full-length stretch of his tall, muscular four-legged body, Jeff leaned back, and as of the cushion of gentle arms behind him leaned further back with him, the wealth of beautiful legs underneath him extended, comfortably raising Jeff’s own four legs up on the many supportive multiple, long-muscled legs and their dangling, lazy feet.

“I think I may never get up out of this arm chair,” he laughed, aroused, taking hold a couple of the many beautiful arms and giving them a gentle shake, loving their big handsome hands waggling, unable to resist kissing them as more of them gently found his shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze, still more of them gently finding end comforting his swelling, giant penises.

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