Cut and paste

by Josh Dugan

 This altered computer can Photoshop John's big, beautiful body in real life.

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“Take your clothes off,” I told John. He had offered to help me test out my new webcam, which I had modified to work with the paint program in my computer. “Unless you want your clothes cut up along with you.”

He smiled and disrobed, the clothes willingly falling away from his beautiful body. How I had longed to have more of his body, to add more to his body. I was boned already. Now would be my chance. And what really boned me was that he was boned about it, too.

'What do I do?” he asked, sitting naked on the bed, then leaning back on his big arms, his boner huge and beautiful. John grew boners as spontaneously as a puppy wags its tail. He was like a puppy, too, frisky and interested and friendly and affectionate, except instead of being a puppy he had this big, beautifully developed body of his, with its fluid movement and awesome muscles.

“Well, let's try your boner,” I said, adjusting the webcam so I had him on the computer screen, in the modified paint program. I outlined John's enormous boner on the screen, using the mouse, and hit cut. It disappeared from the image. It also disappeared from John.

“Fuck!” he shouted, his muscles tensing and his beautiful face distended with astonishment. “Put it back!”

“Not to worry, bro. Watch.”

I hit paste. The beautiful boner reappeared. I held the mouse button down and moved it a little to the left, moving John's boner. John's real boner moved along with it.

“Holy fuck,” he said.

“Now here's the fun part,” I smiled. I hit paste again. Bingo. The same boner, once again. I moved it a little to the right, aligning it with John's first boner, and released the mouse button. I looked at John. whose beautiful face was now astonished and amazed.

“Holy Toledo,” he said. He hardly dared touch them, but when he moved, they moved too. Both penises were identical. “Is it real?” he said.

“You tell me,” I said. I could hardly believe it myself, even though I'd done it. The little John on the computer screen and the big John on the bed were both feeling their double penises, their hugely aroused penises. The John on the bed was the more interesting because of being lifesize and real, and I could hear his breathing as he sat up a bit and brought his big hands around to feel and compare the two aroused penises.

“It's awesome,” he said. Both of his hardons were throbbing as he ran his hands over both of them.

“Okay, look to your left, on the bed.” I said. He looked, and I moved the cursor to the spot he was looking at and hit paste again. The same boner, orphaned on the bed. In real life, another copy of John's big boner was right there on the bed, balls and everything, just like the first two.

“Oh, man,” he said. Without asking this time, he picked it up by the shaft, balls dangling and, almost involuntarily, he kissed its huge head, a tiny string of pre-cum beading between the huge penis head and John's lips. He closed his eyes, face beautifully flushed, and licked the tip of the head. “It's perfect,” he breathed. “Can I have more?”

“Sure,” I said, excited and aroused that John was so into this. I hit paste several more times, sending a bunch of John's big penises to the same spot on the bed, where they piled up and rolled off each other, slowed, of course, by their heavy balls. They were really awesome, some of them further hardening from jostling among each other.

John picked the heavy penises up lovingly. He was looking flushed and amazed, and breathing pretty heavy, his own two penises about to blow. “Man, these are all me?” he said, hardly daring to believe it. He held them to his face and inhaled their manly fragrance like a bouquet, a beautifully meaty bouquet of his enormous aroused penises, their balls dangling and jostling together. The handling of them obviously excited the penises, which had become quite erect, and then one of them blew, spewing hot cables of come all over his beautiful face and the other penises.

“Oh god, I felt that!” he said, sucking up the remaining pulses of come from the huge penis, and licking and sucking the spilled come that had glazed all the other penis heads in the bouquet. He used the huge bouquet of penises to wipe the come off his face, licking it in turn from the huge, heavy penises. However, the penises left glittering strands of precum from his face to their penis heads, which he had to wipe off with his other hand, licking the tiny precum strands from his wrist.

“Man, where am I going to keep all these?” he said.

“I think we can help,” I said. I had been outlining his waist and legs with the cursor, and I hit copy, and then I hit paste, paste, paste on the same spot on the bed. You could hear the bed squeak as it sagged under the weight of the three new pairs of John's naked legs as the first pair materialized seated on the bed next to John, the second pair on top of it and the third pair on top of both of them, their feet dangling heavily down, except for the feet of the first pair underneath them, which touched the floor, next to John's feet. They were identical.

John moaned with arousal, spontaneously turning and putting his arm around the three beautiful pairs of his legs on the bed next to him, squeezing and kissing them, his own two penises ejaculating enormous wads of come in flying pulse after pulse, beautiful twin jets of come from his two enormous penises. This was too much for the huge bouquet of penises in his hand, which blasted as well, in huge orgasms of white spurting come that got all over everything as the giant cluster of penises spurted wad after wad of enormous jets of come.

I'd forgotten than when I copied John's waist and legs that it would include his two penises, but sure enough it did, so naturally the three new pairs of legs on the bed started ejaculating through their own dual monsterhoods of penises, raining all over John as he hugged and fondled his own six beautiful legs, groaning loudly while still ejaculating from his own legs' two penises and the penises in his hand.

It was quite a while before he could catch his breath. I had gotten towels and was lovingly wiping up what had to be gallons of come from all the penises and legs, even from the feet, and put towels on the floor to soak up the pools of come there. John was still breathing hard, eyes closed with his nice arms wrapped around his beautiful pile of legs. I carefully toweled off his hair, face and shoulders and back as his breathing returned to normal.

As I came back from getting more towels, John was sitting up again, one arm resting on the legs beside him, its hand holding the partially aroused bouquet of penises, his other hand taking one of the penises and trying to decide where to place it.

“Do you want to just keep the penises and legs separate, or would you like to have them all attached to you?” I asked.

“I like them separate, but it would be so hot to have them all on me,” he smiled.

“I think so too,” I said. So I held down the control key while he decided where to put a penis, and when he was ready, I let the control key go, and the penis was his. He added a few more penises this way between his own two legs, and then added more between his three pairs of legs on the bed. It was quite a sight, all these beautiful penises clustered so intimately together. Just seeing them made him aroused, which was almost funny seeing all these penises getting huge again from him being turned on.

We did the same thing with the legs. Since they were positioned closely anyway, I had John just sit on the top of them all, and with the alternate and control keys I was able to get them all to connect. I had him stand up, which was not only sexy to see him operating four pairs of legs, one behind the other, for the first time, but it got him all aroused again, and me too. A few adjustments on the screen helped me get them all perfectly aligned, and you'd think he'd been born with them.

“Can you help me get all this stuff down to the washer?” I asked, indicating the sodden towels and bed covers. “Here's some more arms to help make it easier carrying it all.”

“Cool,” he said, shrugging his broadened, doubled shoulders. He looked hot with four of his arms, as their muscles flexed while he pulled up the blankets from the bed with his four hands. He flicked his hindmost ass in my direction. “Want a ride?” he smiled.


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