Many hands massage

by The Gecko Rose

Handsome masseur Raph uses a variety of skills and techniques to give you the best massage possible.

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Part 1—The First Customer: Rich Handsome masseur Raph uses a variety of skills and techniques to give you the best massage possible. (added: 21 May 2022)
Part 2—The Next Customer: Jeremy
Part 3—Twenty Five Weeks  (added: 28 May 2022)
Part 4—Extra Help
Part 5—The Inspection  (added: 4 Jun 2022)
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Part 1—The First Customer: Rich

I was nervous. I’d never had a massage before, but I’d been really tense lately. My shoulders and arms ached from working at my desk all day. I finally went to my doctor, who suggested my desk wasn’t ‘ergonomic’. He explained that my aches and pains were because my desk didn’t fit my body properly. He prescribed me a massage, and recommended this masseuse whom he knew from school. Apparently he was just getting started, but the Doctor assured me he was an LMT, and a really great guy. So I called him up and made an appointment.

So, here I was, sitting in the driveway. He was working from his home, but had a separate room for the massage studio. The house was picturesque, set back from the road at the end of a long winding drive. The parking area for the massage studio curved off to the side of the house, and was well marked with a wooden engraved sign. I was a few minutes early. But I decided I’d better go inside, after all, this was supposed to be help me feel better.

I knocked on the door, and a moment later it opened inward. “Hi there, welcome to Many Hands Massage! C’mon in.” He smiled confidently as he stepped back to make room for me to walk through the door. He seemed a little bashful too. “My name’s Raph, and you must be Rich?” I nodded, and we shook hands. His grip was firm and warm. “What brings you here?” He ushered me inside and shut the door.

The door opened into a lobby like area, there was a little desk opposite the front door, and behind it was a hallway that led back into the building. The floor was hard-wood, with throw-rugs in different spaces. Along the wall opposite the front door was a fireplace, and a little fire was crackling merrily, which was good as it was a chilly day. There were wood-trimmed windows across the outer walls, lined with curtains, but drawn back to show the view. There were several comfy two-seat couches and the requisite table with magazines in the middle. It all felt very comfortable.

Breaking from my reverie, I answered, “Well, I’ve been working from home, what with the pandemic and all, and my desk I guess just isn’t ‘ergonomic’. My Doctor said a massage would help.” I looked up at him, he was 6’1, wearing exercise shorts and t-shirt with ‘Many Hands Massage’ printed neatly on it. His arms were strong but not overly built. He had almost a swimmer’s build. His skin was smooth, and his eyes were blue as the sea. He had his auburn hair pulled back in a loose high ponytail. He smiled at me and I almost melted on the spot.

“Is this your first massage?” I nodded nervously. He smiled at me again. “I understand. I promise you have nothing to worry about. I’ve been doing this a long time, though you’re my first official customer. Do you have any questions before we get started?”

“Well, I was kind of wondering, why did you call your business ‘Many Hands’?”

He smiled at me again, and replied “I think you’ll understand once we get started on your massage. Come on into the studio.”

We walked down the hall to a door on the right. The room was small. A massage table was near the center, covered with sheets. Oddly, along one wall were series of large throw pillows. The light was dim, barely enough to see by. Calming music was playing. Candles were scattered in different spots. And there was some kind of essential oil scent in the air, like sandalwood. There was a sideboard at the back of the room with cabinets, the music speaker, and shelves with lotion and towels and such. In one corner there was a chair next to some hooks on the wall to hang clothing on.

“Well, here we are. See? Nothing to be afraid of. I promise. I’ll step outside while you get undressed. Go ahead and get under the sheet, lying face down, with your face in the special head rest. I’ll knock before I come back in.”

“Um… how far do I need to get undressed?” I asked him nervously. I couldn’t decide for myself.

“As far as you’d like, or feel comfortable with. Most often people relax better with nothing on. I promise you, you won’t experience anything you don’t want. But if you trust me, I promise you’ll enjoy your massage. I’ll be right outside.”

I nodded at him, and with that he stepped outside. I thought it over. And, he was right, I was more comfortable naked. I had nothing to be ashamed of either way. And as a masseuse, the human body was his domain, nothing for him to be judgmental of, just like a doctor. I removed my shoes, and socks, and then my pants and shirt. I hung them up on the hooks. Then I removed my boxer-briefs, folded them and laid them on the chair.

I pulled back the top sheet on the massage table. I saw the special head rest with the hole in it. I laid down on the table, covered my back side as best as I could, and aligned my face with the head rest. I wasn’t used to lying on my stomach so it took me a few moments to get comfortable. I had just about gotten settled when Raph knocked, and came back in.

“All ready to get started? Now, just relax, let yourself go, and leave yourself in my hands.” And with that, I could hear him move around to the head of the table. He got some lotion on his hands, and started rubbing it over my back. His hands were large, warm, firm, yet gentle, as they rubbed the lotion into my shoulders. I could feel myself relaxing, trusting that he was here to help me feel better, and that he knew exactly how. And it felt so good to have someone touch me like this, to honestly want to help me feel better. “Is anything in particular bothering you?”

“Mostly my shoulders and my upper arms I think,” I told him. I began to let go of all the stress and worry I’d been building up. Raph found a really tight spot below my right shoulder blade and started focusing on it. I moaned involuntarily, it felt so good. I got lost in the sensation. His hands felt so good rubbing over my skin, releasing the tension from my overstressed muscles underneath.

He continued to work over my shoulders and my neck. The sensation kept on going, the pattern over my back and shoulders felt so good I was almost going into a trance. I must have been imagining things, because I could have sworn I started feeling a third hand rubbing my other shoulder… It was uncanny how well Raph knew where all my trouble spots were. I guess sitting at a desk all day has common symptoms…

Raph continued working my shoulders, and then down my arms. I was amazed at how he did both arms at the same time. But it felt so good, and I needed this so much, it didn’t even occur to me that it was unusual. He started working on my hands. Both of them. He would hold each of my hands and then rub them—in perfect symmetry. I didn’t realize how bad even my hands were, as he rubbed both of my hands at the same time.

My neck, shoulders, arms, and back, had all pretty much melted now, thanks to Raph’s ministrations. I was so relaxed, I just felt incredible. I didn’t know I could feel this good. Raph moved his way down my back, on both sides, and then worked on my hips. He found muscles in there I didn’t realize I had. My lower back and hips became jelly in his hands.

“Feeling good so far?” I nodded and probably mumbled ‘mmm hmmm’. “Good, I’ll start working on your buttox and your legs now,” I could hear the smile in his voice as he started to move from my lower back down to massage my bum. I was moaning pretty good by that point, I had stress in places I didn’t even know I could have stress in.

Somehow, I think it was then that I knew for sure there was something more going on, as I felt a pair of hands on each side of my butt, rubbing the taught muscles and tendons underneath. And I was pretty sure there were only two people in the room, since the door never opened again, and I only heard one set of footfalls as he moved around the table. Either way, it felt so good I just didn’t care.

As he worked over my glutes, he moved his hands right up on the insides of my thighs, and yet it didn’t feel the least bit sexual. It was just aimed at relaxing the muscles. And boy did they relax. He started doing this sweeping motion from my hips all the way to my ankles, wave after wave, on both legs. Then he went back to my knees, and worked my shins and calves thoroughly, all the way to the ankles.

Then he began rubbing my feet. I was a little worried because I can be a bit ticklish on my soles, but that wasn’t anything I had to worry about here. He rubbed my feet with expert precision, from my ankles, to my arches, to each toe in turn. I almost had an orgasm just from that alone. I may have even been shouting Raph’s name… I’m not really sure.

Eventually, I was mush from head to toe… or so I thought. Raph had finished with my feet and was moving around the room, but I couldn’t quite tell what he was up to. I thought he was done, but I figured I should stay still until he asked me to move. Eventually he said, “Well, your back is about done, but we still need to do your front. I’d like to try something a little non-traditional with you, if you don’t mind? I really think you’ll like it!”

He sounded eager as a school boy. And as this was my first massage, I didn’t know what was ‘traditional’ anyway. I somehow managed to utter something that sounded like ‘sure’. Raph nearly giggled, and I think I heard him ‘squee’. He told me to just relax, he was going to flip me over using a new technique he learned. It sounded good to me, I already felt fantastic, and I didn’t really want to move anyway.

I felt like something large and warm gently slid me sideways off the table, onto something else that was large, and warm, and… felt like… skin? It felt incredible and smelled nice, so I just went with it. I was then gently cradled somehow, and flipped face-up, all without losing the sheet covering my boy parts. Although at that point I don’t think I’d have noticed if I had lost the blanket.

I was lying on something different now, for sure. It was warm, and smelled like lotion and… body wash maybe, or moisturizer. And it seemed to ever so gently rise and fall, like breathing. It was so relaxing though I nearly fell asleep. In short order I was distracted by pairs of hands rubbing my arms and legs, simultaneously, one pair per limb. My brain was so awash with relaxation and sensation that it didn’t register that what was happening to my body wasn’t logically possible. It just felt good. Better than good, it felt incredible.

Raph worked his way through my core. Again, he found spots in my hips and shoulders I didn’t know I had. He did some stuff to my head and my face too. He called it ‘cranio-sacral’ or something like that… though some of it felt less like massage and more like just a tender caress. I sighed and moaned happily as he continued to make me into putty.

And all the while, as I lay face up, eyes closed, I could feel the gentle rising and falling of whatever I was laying on. I could feel something pulsing too… And whenever Raph spoke, it was like I could feel vibration under me, and feel the air around me move, like he was really, really close to me. Again I was in such a haze I didn’t give it much thought. I just felt good, and Raph was doing his utmost to heal me and help me feel good, so I just went with that.

Somewhere along the line, he told me if I fell asleep, not to worry. When I woke up, I would probably be done, and I could get up and get dressed. Well, I don’t know exactly when it happened, but he was right. I woke up, laying back on the massage table, face up. There was a pillow under my knees and everything. I took a few moments to try to remember what happened. I sat up on the table, and I guess I moved to quicly because I felt a little dizzy.

I sat for a moment, trying to remember what had happened. I remembered the massage, or most of it at least. I remembered how incredible it felt, and how amazing I felt now backed that part up. But I thought I remembered… something more. Like somehow more happened than just a massage, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I chalked it up to first-time jitters.

Slowly I slid off the table, and got myself dressed. My skin was all covered with massage lotion, and I felt all soft and snuggly like a human teddy bear. I got dressed, though taking my time as I still felt a little woozy.

I stepped out of the room, and saw Raph at the end of the corridor by the front desk. I could hear voices, and it sounded like he had another client already scheduled. I tentatively walked to the lobby area. Raph must have heard me coming, as he stepped aside to make room for me. “Rich, excellent, please have a seat for me, while I get this fellow situated in the studio.”

I nodded as I wandered to sit over near the fireplace. The new client was my age, dirty blonde, with green eyes, and a little wiry. I heard Raph say his name was Jeremy. It seemed Raph liked—or lucked out with—cute clients close to his own age. Or so I’d like to think. Jeremy seemed to be looking me over as well, and I think I saw him smile a little as he wandered back with Raph.

I imagined Raph giving Jeremy the same chat he gave me. In a way I almost felt a little jealous. I wished I were the one back there, starting over again. But I felt so good right now, I think it just might have been overkill. Raph came bounding down the hall and sat right next to me. He handed me a large bottle of water for me. “You seemed a little woozy when you came out of the studio. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way after a massage, but I should have been ready for you and warned you about that, my apologies,” he blushed looking down, a little embarrassed.

I drank some water. Then my response just kinda gushed out without much thought, “Are you kidding? That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt! I feel so gooooood right now, and the last time I felt like this… well… I’m not sure I’ve ever felt quite like this. It was totally awesome! And so are you!”

He looked back at me with that cute smile of his. “Thank you so much! I had no idea I could feel this good, or that a massage would feel this good. I didn’t know what I was missing. Though—I have to say—there were one or two moments where…” I trailed off, not quite sure whether I should tell him what I thought I remembered.

“Where?” he replied inquisitively.

“…. Where I thought you had more than one pair of hands. I think I was just awash with the sensation, being my first time and everything…” I took a swig of water to hide my embarrassment.

Raph took my free hand in his and said, “Or maybe you remember just fine…” Suddenly I felt another hand on top of mine. I looked down, and saw a second hand on Raph’s arm, attached at the wrist, to the first hand, with my single hand nestled between them.

I looked at him with wide eyes and my jaw in my lap. “Secrets of the trade. And I only share this with people I know I can trust. I can trust you, can’t I Rich?” he asked nervously.

I closed my mouth and nodded vigorously. Nobody would believe me anyway.

“I’m so glad,” Raph said warmly. There was a long pause before he reluctantly released my hand from his. I paid him, and gave him a very generous tip, for which he was very thankful . And with that, Raph had to attend to his second client.

I sat for a few minutes, drank my water, and got ready to leave. I didn’t really want to go, I had so many questions. But then again, I could just make another appointment. I took a look at his business hours, and made sure I that I would schedule my next appointment to be the last one of the day.


Part 2—The Next Customer: Jeremy

I’d had massages before. 30 minute ones, 60 minute ones, 15 minute shiatsu ones at the mall, hot stone, deep tissue, cranio-sacral, you name it. I was naturally tense, and my job didn’t make that any better, being a Programmer and IT Consultant. The one thing that really helped me relax was a good massage. I’d had many, many massages, and only a few of them were really good. Masseur have come and gone, spas rise and fall, it’s rare to find someone I stick with for a long time.

I’d found that a 60 minute massage was usually the best way to tell if it was worth going back or not. If I came away feeling awesome, it was worth it. Unfortunately, my previous masseur realized he could move to a bigger city, charge 3X the price and live much more comfortably. I couldn’t blame him. But it left me looking for someone to fill the gap.

I’d found an ad for ‘Many Hands Massage’ online somewhere, FaceSpace?, MyWall?, Giggle Ads? I couldn’t remember. But, the name intrigued me. I did a little research, and found that it was just a little self-run business out of the guy’s home. Normally that kind of thing would seem shady to me, but something about it made me feel differently.

So, I clicked the link. It took me to a nicely maintained web-form, I could tell after all. I filled in my info, answered a few questions about what I needed, and picked a time slot on opening day, and clicked submit. In moments I receieved a confirmation email. I was suitably impressed.

Finally, the day of my appointment came. I was excited. I arrived at the address, and drove up the winding drive to the massage studio off to the side. There was another car in the parking area. So I knew I wasn’t his first client today. Hopefully that meant he was all warmed up.

I was about to knock on the door, when it opened. Raph, the owner and chief masseur, was standing on the other side, smiling at me. “Hi, Jeremy?” I nodded. “Welcome, I’m Raph, come on inside.” He reached out to shake hands as he ushered me inside. His hand was big, and warm, and strong. His smile was confident, infectious. I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

Raph was holding a tablet in his other hand. He clearly had my profile on it so he’d be ready for me. “I see here this isn’t your first massage? Well, I hope I’ll live up to your expectations, if not do better. My first client is just recovering from his session, so I have you in studio 2. Before we go back, there’s something you should know…”

I looked askance at him, as he reached out his hand to shake mine again. I extended my hand in turn. And he shook my hand again, with both of his… hands… from the same arm… ? I looked back at him, incredulous. “How… how is this possible?”

“Let’s just say I traveled a lot after school. I found some pretty amazing things in the world… but as someone who’s had massage before—you should know I would use my talents in advance.” He looked at me, a hopeful smile on his face.

“That’s awesome! Absolutely yes—I can’t wait!”

“Wonderful, well, we’ll get you into the studio so you can get ready.”

At that moment, someone came walking out from the hallway behind the desk. He looked happy, relaxed, and maybe a little woozy. That must have been one heck of a massage!

“Rich, excellent, please have a seat for me, while I get this fellow situated in the studio,” Raph said to his first client. Rich went to sit down in the waiting area by the fire. He was kinda cute. He was 5’8”, light olive skin, a lit plump in the middle, but not unproportionate, with dark, almost black hair, and hazel eyes. Raph started leading the way up the hallway, I turned around and looked at Rich again before following Raph down the hall. I wonder if he noticed.

“Was that his first time?” I asked curiously.

“Now, you know I shouldn’t discuss it. Client-patient confidentiality and all. But let us say, hypothetically, how good was your first really good massage? How did you feel? I think that would give you your answer. Now, if you’d like to get ready, I need to check on Rich and bring him some water. I’ll be back in a few minutes to get you started.”

I nodded as Raph stepped back through the door. I nearly ripped my clothes off, tossed them clumsily on the chair, and fairly dove under the sheet, face down. I was so psyched to get started. I could only imagine how awesome this would feel. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts and imaginings, I nearly jumped when Raph came back to the room.

“Well, Jeremy, thank you for waiting, my first client needed some post-massage care.”

“I understand, it’s nice, and very professional, to make sure your client is in good shape after a massage,” I mumbled into the face rest.

“Why thank you. Now then Jeremy, your profile said that you are a programmer, and also no stranger to a massage. So, are there any particular areas you’d like me to work on?”

“Mostly my neck and shoulders, and my arms of course. But honestly, I’d really love the full works. Don’t hold back, show me all your special talents!” It’s possible I was being a little too excited, but after what he showed me, I couldn’t wait to see what he could do.

“Well, if your sure… I’ve always wanted to try a few things. Maybe now is the time. Are you sure you want me to go all out?”

Without even thinking I said, maybe a little too loudly, “Yes!”

Raph chuckled a little bit, and set to work. I could hear him moving around the room, moving things around. First, I felt hands. Hands working my neck, hands working my left shoulder, hands working my right shoulder, hands working down my back. It was absolutely incredible. I started moaning, it felt so good, I couldn’t help it.

Raph worked on my neck and shoulders for a while. Eventually he worked down my arms, both at the same time, almost a perfect mirror image on both sides. He was able to get a pattern going, starting from my jaw line and working continuously all the way to my fingertips, and it just felt amazing. I could feel all the tenseness and pain work their way out, like following a stream to the mouth of the river.

Without missing a beat, Raph seamlessly transitioned down my back, working the small of my back and my glutes. I couldn’t help but spread my legs a little as the muscles relaxed. But I also wouldn’t have minded if Raph had gone a little further than was strictly professional…

Alas, he continued working down my hips, and my thighs, working right up to the joint, and down to my knees. I think I started feeling even more hands, working from my knees to my ankles, without stopping the attention to my glutes and thighs. It felt like both of my legs were completely encased in Raph’s hands. And finally my feet were getting attention too. Even though I sit most of the time, my feet still get sore too.

It started to feel like my whole lower body was surrounded by Raph’s hands and arms, rubbing my from my waist to my toes. I’m sure I was moaning non-stop, awash with the sensation. I was so relaxed I felt like a human rag-doll, completely at the mercy of Raph’s tender but firm massage.

The odd thing was, it felt like Raph’s hands were getting bigger somehow, as he started working back up to the small of my back again. My thighs and hips were getting a thorough working over. Slowly he kept working up from my waist, until finally he was rubbing me all over, from my toes to my shoulders.

I was mush. Absolute, complete, and utter mush. “Well, are you ready for part two?” Raph asked, knowingly. I moaned an affirmative, as I had pretty much lost executive control of my muscles at that point. I felt, or I think I felt, many hands slowly sliding under me, my chest, my legs, my arms, and lifting me off the bench. I thought he was going to flip me over so I didn’t have to. I was only partly right.

Raph held the back of my head with a hand, as he gently rolled the rest of me over. But I didn’t land back on the table. I was on something warm, and soft, and it felt like skin. My head was cradled in a little crevice, the rest of my body laid out like I was on a memory foam mattress, only better. Much, much better.

I could feel Raph’s hands begin to work my top half. My chest, shoulders, and neck were being attended to by several pairs of hands. My waist, hips, and thighs, each got a pair or two. And my legs got even more attention. He even started massaging my scalp, and ever so tenderly, and then moved to my face.

And then, if that wasn’t enough, something even stranger started to happen. It was as if the gaps between Raph’s hands all disappeared. And it felt now like hands were forming underneath me too, massaging me top, bottom, and sideways, but without any air. I was completely encased in Raph’s wonderful hands. This, truly, was the most amazing thing I’d ever felt.

With all the stimulation, I was building up to an orgasm. I didn’t even realize it until it was too late to stop it. I tried to warn Raph, but he kept going, ramping me up even more, even faster. My entire body had become like one giant cock, getting rubbed all over by a master. I’d never felt anything like this.

I came. It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever felt. It felt like my whole body was having one ginormous orgasm, and it just went on and on until I couldn’t take it any more. Safely contained in Raph’s embrace, I passed out.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed. I woke up, and I felt a little woozy, but more relaxed, and comfortable, and safe, than I had ever felt. I opened my eyes. I could see Raph looking down at me, but everything seemed blurry. I tried to rub my eyes, but my arms were too relaxed to move. Raph reassured me that everything was okay. I could feel his deep voice reverberate all around, and through me, and I fell asleep again.

I finally woke again, face up, laying on the massage table, covered by the nice warm blankets. I didn’t want to move, but I did want to go talk to Raph. I slowly rolled off the table, and pulled my clothes back on over my strangely silky-smooth skin. I got my shoes on, and walked down the hall toward the waiting area. I saw Raph sitting at the desk doing something with his tablet. He heard my approach and turned around, standing and smiling at me.

“Hi there, how are you feeling?” he asked.

“Incredible. I feel absolutely incredible. Was all of that … real?”

“What do you remember?”

“I remember being completely encased in your hands, which was absolutely amazing. I remember having the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever felt…”

Raph handed me a bottle of water, I didn’t even realize I was thirsty, but I drank it down quickly. “I wasn’t sure how ‘out of it’ you would be. But you got the high points. And this is only the beginning…”

“The beginning? You mean, there’s more?” I asked, a little awe-struck.

“For those who are willing, we can go much, much further. But we must do so carefully. We don’t want you turning into a puddle in your shower. Not to worry—that won’t happen, but we need to be careful. That is, if you’re interested….”

“Am I? Hell yeah, I’m interested!”

Raph smiled. “Excellent. Well, it’s best to take your time with this, I’d recommend waiting at least a couple of weeks before coming back. Your body needs time to recover from this first change, and you may feel woozy off and on over the next day or two. If you do, just try to sit and be still for a few minutes. And if that doesn’t work, give me a call.”

I nodded at the instructions, and we made an appointment for two weeks out. I couldn’t wait till our next appointment!

As soon as I got home, I wrote a review on Google for Raph’s business. I gave him five stars, and talked about his incredible massage skills, at least up to a point. Raph needed to handle who got his special treatment and who did not. But at least I could send some more clients his way.


Part 3—Twenty Five Weeks

Raph sat in the wingback chair in the lobby, his feet on the ottoman, the fire crackling away. It was the end of his second week in business. He’d had a dozen clients or so that ran the full gamut, from never having had a massage, to seasoned experts. All of them had tipped quite well, they each left him a five-star review, they all had scheduled a second appointment, and his schedule for next week was double the last two weeks combined. And the week after was almost totally booked already.

Raph was so happy with how everything had turned out. His… change had turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to him. And somehow, his clients had all accepted it with open arms. He chuckled at his own pun. By the same token, his new talents let him do some things in a way nobody else could, and why shouldn’t he use that to his advantage? It brought them joy, and it brought him extra business, and some joy too.

The more he looked at his calendar though, the more he started to wonder how he could handle that schedule all by his lonesome. Having two clients back-to-back was really hard to manage. He had no time to clean up the rooms and reset them, do laundry on the blankets and such, and in a few cases, he needed a shower himself. He grinned with pride for a moment about those. Of course, it helped that every one of his clients was also sexy as all get-out, he couldn’t help but be a little flirty with them.

Raph also realized his control was getting much much better. Maybe now was the time to take his experiment to the next level. He went to the hallway and walked past the studios. On the opposite wall was a wall-papered door, nearly invisible to most, but for the tiny seam around the door, and the little fabric knob made to match the print. He opened the door, and stepped into the small room beyond. Lights turned on automatically. Set along one wall were two doors to elevators, blocked by old-fashioned brass scissor-gates. He’d found them at one of those up-cycle shops that rescued old hardware from building demolitions. In fact, the whole elevator system had come as one piece, including the motor.

With the business he’d had in his first two weeks, he was more than able to repay the loan he took to get these elevators installed. The refurbished LED recessed lights inside turned on the moment the gate was pulled completely back. To the side of the elevator bank was a large clear plastic tube, like at a bank teller window, only larger. It ended with a funnel-like tapered ending, a little below waist height, at a 90-degree angle from the pipe, pointing into the middle of the room. To the side of the funnel was mounted a large button with a sign on it labeled ‘Express’. Raph smiled at his own humor, but he decided he’d save his energy for the experiment. Stepping into the beautiful art-deco transport, Raph took an old skeleton key out of his jeans pocket, attached to a chain. He inserted the key into keyhole, and rotated it to the right, past ‘B’, to the letter ‘C’. B was for Basement, of course. ‘C’ was for Cavern.

The basement was home to the washing machine, dryer, and storage for sheets, towels, lotion, office supplies and so on. The Cavern was something entirely different. The Cavern was his private space, the place he went to center himself and his thoughts. This was the reason he bought this property. It was home to a natural hot-spring in the mountains. The Cavern was Raph’s access to that hot-spring. It was also home to his secret.

Raph studied a wide variety of things in school. He had an affinity for geology, chemistry, and massage therapy. He had heard about so many natural wonders that had unusual healing properties. So, after he graduated school, Raph took some time to travel. He was very interested in the human body, and what it could do. He went to exotic places, India, Nepal, Tibet. He saw the Hindu Fire Walkers. He visited areas of Africa and South America. He met priests and monks, gurus and shaman. He visited sacred temples, ancient sanctuaries, natural hot springs, mud baths, and hidden grottos. And boy did he learn how to breathe!

During his adventures, Raph found some mud baths that had incredible properties. He was indulging in one, and found himself meditating in the warm heat of the mud. He imagined himself as pliable as the mud itself. He wiggled his toes, and felt the mud swirling around them. He imagined what it would feel like if the sensation were doubled on his right foot. And then again on his left foot. He wiggled his imaginary 20 toes and smiled at the feeling. Slowly, he let his feet drift to the surface. The cool air swirled around them… all of them… and he opened his eyes.

Sure enough, he saw 10 right-foot toes, and 10 left-foot toes. Raph was purely euphoric. He couldn’t remove the smile from his face. He sank his toes into the mud, and continued experimenting. Before long, awash in the sensation of the mud, and his own abilities, he had duplicated (or more) almost every part of his body. Unfortunately, his time was limited, and before he knew it, his mud bath was over. Twenty-five weeks spent traveling the world had climaxed in this. His travels were over, but his journey had just begun.

Raph was able to take some of the mud home with him. Customs raised an eyebrow, but there was nothing illegal about plain old mud, so they let it by. The first thing he did was contact his college buddy, close friend, and medical doctor. He got his friend to analyze the mud. Clearly there was something special about it. While his friend agreed that the mud was unusual, he couldn’t find anything truly unique about it. There were some odd biochemical compounds, nothing dangerous, but nothing he’d seen before either. He was able to isolate and even reproduce the compounds. He handed the recipe off to Raph, and thought nothing more about it.

Once Raph learned how to create those special compounds himself, he knew he was in business. He studied topographical maps and geological surveys looking for the right place to set up shop. He eventually found this grand old B&B up in the mountains. It had closed years ago, but the building was still in good repair. It had grown famous due to a natural hot spring on the property. Unfortunately over time the spring dried up—or so it had seemed. The place couldn’t stay in business without it’s primary attraction. And nobody seemed to think of asking a geologist if there was anything they could do. And so there it sat, empty and waiting.

Raph was able to convince a handful of friends to buy into it with him. They thought he was a little crazy, but he’d always been there for them, so they really couldn’t say no. Raph put all his effort into getting the place ready for business. He spent every waking hour renovating the place. Raph invited his pals to come visit, check on his progress, and maybe get some help finishing things up. During the visit, the group wandered up a paved path into the hillside. The path was in good repair, though covered by fallen leaves and pine needles here and there. Raph hadn’t yet taken the time to find the old hot springs. Fortunately, his curious friends found it for him. The path led them straight to the old entrance to the hot spring.

The path led to a waterfall. At the base was a pool, which ran down into a stream along the base of the mountain. Behind the waterfall, the pool extended into caverns inside the mountain itself. The path led around the back side of the waterfall and into the caverns. One of Raph’s buddies yelled “Look! The back side of water!” They all laughed and groaned.

Raph and his buddies explored the caverns thoroughly. They found the source of the hot spring, and sure enough, a simple rock fall had covered it over. They found the way in through a natural cave mouth, a very short walk from the house. They were able to bring in a front-loader big enough to move the rocks. Steadily the hot-spring started to return to its former glory, even bigger now than perhaps it was before. Raph was pleased that much of the cave floor was clay, and once the water hit it, it became mud, very similar to what he’d found in his travels.

Raph’s friends wandered around, and found the old wooden buildings that had been built in the caves as a shower and changing area for guests. It was around a corner, away from the spring, and at a higher altitude. Raph realized they were right underneath the house, and could easily build the main entrance and massage rooms directly over the top of the spring. A simple elevator to go up and down, with a basement for laundry and storage would work perfectly.

The more they explored the cavern, the more interesting things they found. They realized that the spring forced through some channels in the rock that led up to the top near the changing rooms, and ran back down into the spring along a rock formation smoothed by the running water. It was a natural water slide! Once it got nice and thoroughly wet again it would be fantastic.

Of course, wanting to make the best use of the geology, Raph was able to find a spot where very little digging or concrete would be needed for the elevator. In fact, the slide had given him an idea… but it would be a while before he could get that to work.

His friends stayed on for several days, helping to refurbish the changing rooms, while the basement was being dug and foundation poured by contractors outside. It was easy to lose track of time down in the caves, without the light of day to remind you what time it was. It wasn’t long before the place was like new again, better in fact. And to celebrate, Raph bought everyone some beer, okay, a lot of beer, a lot of pizza, and they all had a party inaugurating that natural slide! None of them had thought to bring bathing suits, so it was a ‘come as you are’ kind of party. Even Raph’s Doctor friend stayed for the festivities.

Raph knew he could trust his friends implicitly. But he also knew that his… abilities might be best explained while they were in a good mood, and preferably a little drunk. Raph decided to play a little game with them. After everyone had had a chance to slide for a while, and eat, and most importantly drink, they were all resting in the warmth of the hot spring relaxing.

Raph was sitting in a shallow area where his legs were barely covered by the water. His legs were sprawled in front of him, with his toes pointing up. He decided to start by adding an extra toe on each foot. The guys noticed him close his eyes for a moment. But he smiled, and opened them quickly enough. They asked if he was okay, to which he replied that he was just relaxing. And then he looked directly at his feet, wiggling 12 toes.

Eventually his friends’ gazes followed to his extra digits. Some of them were amazed, some thought they were too drunk. They all swarmed around his feet to examine them. They were shocked, amazed, and very, very curious. Raph explained that he had learned this power while he was traveling. There was something in the clay itself that made this even possible. As he explained, he put his toes back to the normal 10, and then grew an extra foot at each ankle. His friends watched incredulously.

Of course the natural questions followed? Could he do it to other people? could he do it to any part of his body? Do you need the clay to make the process happen? He himself didn’t know the answers, but they were all interested in finding out.

Raph spent some time showing off what he could do with his own body, shrinking, growing, duplicating various parts. Eventually they asked him, of course, to see what he could do with his manhood. Raph closed his eyes, and focused on making his cock grow. It started lengthening, floating across the water where it quickly encountered inquiring hands. It felt so good to have so many hands touching him. But Raph realized not everyone was getting their fair share of him. He concentrated further, and slowly, his snake divided into two, from the tip all the way down to his root.

Raph let out a pleasurable moan. It felt so good to change his body, just the act of it was nearly orgasmic. He was starting to lose control a little bit. With all the attention to his manhood, his balls started to grow, and duplicate. His friends were clearly enjoying touching his incredible growing manhood. His cocks started to thicken and get stiff. Raph was moaning—awash with the pleasure, his extra balls growing just below the surface. Pre was starting to flow from the tips of his cocks, and his friends were licking it down like ambrosia.

Everyone was getting very turned on, rubbing themselves all over Raph’s cocks, and eachother, lubed by the streams of pre coming from Raph’s now rock-hard tools. The mud was starting to get stirred up too, and the boys were rubbing it all over themselves and Raph. Raph split his cocks again until each of his pals had one to himself.

Each of the boys was rubbing their own cock against Raph’s large members, sucking down the pre, and getting covered with pre and mud. The feelings were building, getting more intense. A couple of guys started randomly duplicating their own cocks without realizing it. They were all sliding over each other and Raph’s cocks. Their moans of pleasure echoed throughout the caves, punctuated by the running and dripping water in the background.

Raph was feeling the energy from everyone driving him to his climax. His penises, covered in pre, mud, and his beautiful friends, just felt incredible. Everyone was moving and sliding, faster and faster. Raph could feel the sensation in his balls, tingling, roiling, ready for release. Finally, the boys all moved together at the same moment, and Raph went over the edge. He came, long, and hard. And as he came, showering his buddies in his man-cream, they started cumming too. It was so intense, they were all covered in a layer of cum, over the mud and pre, and then they all passed out.

Raph slowly woke first, partially under the pile of his sweaty, muddy, cum-covered friends. He felt amazing. He also felt… more of him than he should. He slowly concentrated on returning himself to normal. His balls shrank to their normal size and number. His cocks merged back together and shrank back to their original size. That was the easy part.

Raph noticed a couple of his friends had doubled their own cocks. He wasn’t sure how it happened, or what to do. He gently put a hand on one friend’s shoulder, and imagined his cock returning to normal. Sure enough, it responded to his commands. He took care of the other guys who had been similarly effected. And from then on he knew he could manipulate other people’s bodies as well as his own…

His friends eventually awoke, a little groggy about what had happened. They all felt good though, and like they had had fun. They were all getting a little pruney from sitting in the spring for so long though. They all got up, and slowly made their way to the fully-functional showers. The water flowed over them, and back down into the grotto, washing the mud, and everything else, with it.

It was late by that time, and they all retired back up to the house to sleep. Raph’s house proper had several bedrooms, and everyone partnered up and hopped into a bed. They didn’t even bother with their clothes, after what had happened there was little point. The next morning, Raph cooked a big breakfast for everyone before they left. Needless to say—Raph made sure they knew they could come back any time. And some of them took him up on it, or referred others as they thought appropriate. Things were already off to a great start!

Over the next few weeks, the contractors built the studio addition to his house, installed the elevator, and got all the furnishings installed. The basement had a bulkhead entrance installed for easy access to bring in the washer, dryer, and other equipment. The back side of the studio, facing the mountains, had French doors opening on to a large patio. This also served as a larger entrance for furniture to be brought in. The contractors also installed some other special features which they didn’t completely understand. There were lots of large plastic tubes concealed throughout the walls and ceiling, but they were being paid well enough not to ask questions.

Finally, everything was complete. The supplies were in place. The massage studios were finished. The massage tables were set up. Raph drove down to the village to pick up the final touches. The large wooden carved signs to hang on the sign post and the sign to hang by the door to the studio:

Many Hands


Part 4—Extra Help

Raph stirred from his reverie as he closed the scissor gate to the elevator, and turned the key to ‘C’. The elevator smoothly started to lower. Down it went, slowly passing the Basement, and coming to a stop down in the cavern. Raph took out the key, slid it back into his pocket with his thumb, and opened the scissor gate. The lights shut off, and Raph was alone in the Cavern, for the first time in a while. He walked over to the changing area, took off his clothes and put them in his personal locker.

Raph walked over towards the grotto. The warm smooth clay felt so good on his feet. He could almost feel the clay absorbing through the soles of his feet. He went over to the mud pits, which were fed from the grotto, and stepped in. He walked out to the center, his feet sinking deeper and deeper. The mud squished between his toes, as he wiggled his feet to dig into the mud. Up to his knees, he sat down, and then laid back into the mud. The heat and heft of the mud felt so good as he slowly sank all the way in. He felt the mud between his toes, surrounding his calves and thighs, embracing his manhood, soothing his back and shoulders, eventually submersing up to his neck.

Raph’s body tingled all over, as his pores opened and the mud worked it’s way into his skin. He relaxed from head to toe. He felt his body melting, merging with the mud. He let himself completely lose all form, becoming one oblong muddy blob. Raph enjoyed being like this, his body completely free of restraint, completely relaxed, completely flexible He let himself diffuse through the mud, absorbing it, feeling it pass through him. He could feel it energizing him, his body tingled all over.

Finally, Raph decided it was time to get on with the experiment. He quickly formed his ‘normal’ self, arms, legs, body, neck, head, fingers, toes, penis, all back to normal. He stretched, his arms raised up, his legs straight out, toes pointed. And then, Raph started to duplicate his body. He stared at his right hand, as one-by-one, each finger duplicated, followed by his thumb. The palm of his hand separated from his fingers down to his wrist. He did the same with his other hand. Next he did his toes, followed by his feet. Then, his arms and legs duplicated, raising in the air, the mud slowly dripping from his toned yet newly formed arms and legs. He felt a little like the Vetruvian Man, only in mud of course… Then he felt his head growing from his shoulders, well, head #2. He closed his eyes, looked at himself, and just started kissing himself.

Starting from his hips, he could feel his body doubling. His lower back, his navel, his chest, and finally his shoulders. This was as far as he had ever gone now. From here on he wasn’t quite sure what would happen. He could feel both of his bodies, both heads, which was weird, but he was still in control of both. But he had to take the next step. So he took an extra deep kiss, and split the last little bit of his chest still connected to his back. And boom, he was two separate people.

He was himself, and he could feel his other self, but he wasn’t in control. And yet he knew he didn’t need to worry, because his other self felt the same way he did. They enjoyed each other’s company for a while, sliding around in the mud. And then they decided to move on with the plan. They extracted themselves from the mud, and went to shower off. They showered together, and how nice it was to be able to reach his own back for once! They both giggled at the joke.

They both went to open the locker with his clothes at the same time. Their hands collided reaching for the locker door and they turned to each other and chuckled. Raph on the left thought,”I guess I forgot a second set of clothes!”

Raph on the right’s eyes widened, being able to hear is other self’s thoughts. “And here I thought I was the one who forgot!” he replied in kind.

Raph-on-the-left had his turn to be surprised. Then he smiled back at his right-hand self and looked to the hidden panel on the wall next to the elevator, right around waist-height. “Maybe it’s time we give this a try too?” He wiggled his eyebrows knowingly.

“Ooh! Can I try it first?” shouted right-hand-Raph, jumping up and down like a kid.

“Sigh… fine—I’ll meet you upstairs.” And with that, right-Raph pushed on the door to the hidden compartmnent. It recessed into the wall a little bit, then popped open, swinging to the right. It revealed a large clear plastic pipe leading up behind the wall. Near the bottom, was a funnel shapped opening, narrowing as it pointed outward from the pipe, straight at Raph’s crotch. Naturally, Raph took his cock and stuck it in the hole. He started dry-humping the opening a little, giving his twin an evil look. Left-Raph looked on while nothing seemed to happen. “Get on with it…” he groaned.

“Okay, okay… party pooper.” he replied. Right-Raph pushed a large industrial-sized button mounted next to the pipe. A large fan or vacuum sound started up, and Right-Raph could feel it sucking on him. He started deforming into his mud self, and his cock started getting sucked into the pipe. He started moaning a little bit, it felt incredibly good somehow, getting sucked through the small hole into the pipe. Raph had to be careful that he controlled himself so he wouldn’t fall over.

As Left-Raph watched, Right-Raph shrank before his eyes, as his insides got sucked into the pipe, as though he were being turned into an incredibly long cock. Left-Raph could see his copy’s body flowing into the pipe, gently rising upwards as he got sucked further into the pipe. Eventually, Right-Raph’s legs and feet disappeared, followed by his now tiny waist, chest, arms, then hands, and shoulders. He said good bye in an almost chipmunk sounding voice, his vocal cords also having shrunk. Then he was gone, sucked into the tube, and up he went. The hidden door closed itself automatically, once it sensed there was no Raph obstructing the entrance.

Left-Raph hopped into the elevator. He could hear… vibrations of some kind. It sounded like muffled moaning. As the elevator rose, and he could tell he was catching up with Right-Raph in the hydraulic-pipe. As the elevator caught up to Right-Raph, the moaning got louder and more insistent. Finally, the elevator passed Right-Raph entirely, and then came to a stop on the main floor. Left-Raph stepped out from the gate just in time to see his twin rise up through the pipe and reach the exit.

Strangely enough, Right-Raph didn’t come out quite the way Left-Raph expected. First, Right-Raph was still making very loud moaning sounds, which could be heard easily elsewhere in the house. His body filled the top end of the pipe, slowly squeezing into the funnel-shaped spout pointing into the middle of the room. Then there was a pause for just a moment, as he reached the exit of the pipe. Suddenly, Right-Raph started streaming at high pressure out of the spout, splattering on to the wall! The stream stopped and died back, and then another large spurt streamed across the room, and then another. With each one it sounded like Right-Raph was moaning in ecstasy.

Left-Raph couldn’t help but laugh while Right-Raph was unexpectedly orgasming his way out of the pipe. Right-Raph spurted intensely a few more times and finally settled back to a continual pour from the spout as the remainder of him was pushed by the gentle pressure in the pipe. After a few minutes, Right-Raph slowly pulled himself together and resumed his basic form. And even then, he seemed a little out of breath. “Oh. My. God. Raph—you have to go try this, right fucking now man!”

Fortunately by that point, the hard-on Left-Raph had gotten by watching his other self spurt out of the pipe had diminished, so he was able to down-play his reaction to his other self. He promised he’d try it on the way back down when they were done cleaning. Of course he had to keep himself from thinking about it until it was his turn, the sight of his twin launching from the pipe like that was… distracting. “We’re going to have to keep that quiet somehow if we don’t want our customers knowing about it”

“I dunno man, it was pretty intense, I don’t think I could hold it in if I tried. We may have to limit using the hyper-tube for when nobody is around…”

The two Raphs agreed to think about it some more and talk after Left-Raph had had a chance to try it himself. In the meantime, the two Raphs got to work cleaning up the massage studio space. It went incredibly fast, especially as they realized they could form extra appendages to wipe, mop, fold, and carry a lot more effectively. Fortunately, each massage room had a laundry chute that went down one floor to the basement laundry room, and a dumbwaiter so they didn’t have to carry everything.

Right-Raph went down to the basement, after getting the elevator key from his other self, to take care of the laundry. Left-Raph worked on wiping down the rooms and general cleaning. As each load finished, Right-Raph would start the next load, fold the clean one, and send it up in a dumb-waiter to the right massage room.

Working together, the two Raph’s got done more than twice as fast, as they explored new ways to morph and be more efficient as they cleaned. Right-Raph never even bothered to get dressed, which would have been a distraction to Left-Raph, had Right-Raph not been doing laundry most of the time. 25 minutes later, they were done.

Of course, there wasn’t quite enough distraction to keep Left-Raph from wondering about the hyper-tube. He got to the elevator room right as Right-Raph was coming up from the laundry. They were both a little turned on and kissed passionately. Finally, Right-Raph broke the kiss, saying “ You don’t want to be too hard right now, it might make things… awkward. “

Left-Raph took off his clothes, handing them to Right-Raph. Left-Raph set the dial to ‘Cavern’, so the hypertube would know where to send him. He pushed the big button, the compressor fired up, and a slight sucking sound came from the hypertube spout. And then, while Right-Raph looked on in anticipation, Left-Raph slowly put his penis into the spout.

He gasped suddenly as he rapidly got sucked into the hypertube. His groin was pressed against the outside, his cock getting sucked in by the air pressure in the tube. Raph started to deform, and as he did, he could see and feel himself getting sucked deeper into the tube. He started moaning, feeling himself get sucked one bit at a time, as though he were becoming one elongated cock shaft. Right-Raph watched as his twin slowly shrank, his body getting sucked into the tube.

Left-Raph became overwhelmed with pleasure, as his body slowly got sucked into the hypertube. His body shrank further and further, his arms, his legs, his torso, getting sucked in. Finally, looking almost absurd, as hands, feet, and a head, Right-Raph giggled a little. Then, as each hand and foot got sucked through, they made a ‘ploop’ sound, like getting sucked into a bottle. Left-Raph moaned with each one. And finally, his head disappeared, ‘ploop’.

Right-Raph got into the elevator and rode down to the cavern. Left-Raph’s moans were nothing if not even louder than his own had been. Right-Raph got down to the caverns just before Left-Raph made it to the Hypertube exit. Right-Raph could see and hear the tube vibrating with Left-Raph’s moans of pleasure.

Once Left-Raph had completely collected at the bottom of the tube, there was a brief pause as the pressure built up behind him. Finally, the tube released its first volley as Left-Raph burst out of the tube. He splattered all across the wall and dribbled to the floor. The pressure built up and another burst of Left-Raph came out of the tube, and another, and another. At full count, 25 shots out of the hypertube, and Left-Raph had arrived in the Caverns.

Right-Raph unceremoniously poked at the ooze with his toes. Slowly Left-Raph pulled himself together, and even then he was a little out of breath. “ I don’t know why I didn’t try that sooner. Oh my gosh… we need more of those….”

“Now now, one thing at a time. We didn’t know how awesome this would feel, but it does give me some other ideas… But we’ll have to save that for another time. We should probably merge and get ready for bed,” replied Right-Raph.

Right-Raph helped Left-Raph stand up, and they walked over to the grotto and the mud pits. They kissed as their feet sank into the mud. And then, something strange happened. As they deformed and began to re-merge, they shared each others’ memories of the time they had been separated. Right-Raph saw Left-Raph watch him come through the hypertube the first time, and Left-Raph felt Right-Raph’s sensations when he did. Suddenly, the two were cuming over each other as they merged and sank into the mud.

They shared every thought, every feeling, every experience, mixing together back into one person. That sharing was so intense, that they both orgasmed several more times, appearing like a spurting fountain in the middle of the grotto. The sound of their moaning echoed like song in the cavern.

After 25 spouts of the Raph-fountain, the roiling mud eventually settled down, and the song faded. Raph floated in a sea of pleasure as he absorbed two sets of feelings and experiences, that were both unique, and both equally his own. As he absorbed and merged his experiences, new thoughts came to mind: ideas on how to handle many clients at once; thoughts about opening a massage school; ponderings on sharing the grotto with a select few; His thoughts meandered above the sea of joy, as he recovered from his first multi-body experience.


Part 5—The Inspection

Raph woke feeling better than he could ever remember. He slowly opened his eyes and realized he was still in the grotto. He had inadvertently slept there after his first multi-body experience yesterday. He smiled and got himself up out of the mud, showered, and took the elevator upstairs, along with his clothes from yesterday. He went up into the house and got a fresh outfit on, and had some breakfast.

Raph was finishing up breakfast when he was startled by a knock on the door to the Studio. He wasn’t expecting his first client for today for at least an hour. Puzzled, he padded his way to the door and opened it. A young man met his gaze, he was a few inches taller than Raph, wearing a dark-grey suit, white shirt, maroon neck-tie with matching pocket square, and black patent-leather shoes. He was carrying a soft-side leather briefcase. He did not look happy. Actually, he looked kind of nervous. “Mister Raphael Richardson?” the man asked.

“Yes sir, please come in, how can I help you?” Raph held out his hand in friendship. The man looked at him with a practised but unnatural-looking scowl, but shook his hand anyway. The man’s hand was cold but firm. He seemed to be rather uncomfortable. He seemed to be putting on a show, not acting naturally. Raph waited for him to collect himself and respond.

“My name is Jamie… uh… James Meyers. I’m a member of the Town Council, and Business Inspector. I’ve come to inspect the premises and ensure you’re meeting all the requirements for… a business of this… type.” Raph had been expecting him, but was surprised the young man had shown up so soon. Raph invited the man down the hall into his office.

“My apologies, I’m a little surprised to see you so soon, Mr. Meyers. I wasn’t expecting you today. Please, call me Raph. Take a seat. You seem a little upset, is everything okay? Can I get you anything? Coffee? Water? “

“Oh, yes, everything’s fine, thank you. Please, call me Jamie,” he replied, blushing with a faint smile. “This is my first time in an establishment like this. This is a very small town, and you’re the first…. massage…. studio in town.” Jamie was fumbling with the words, he was uncomfortable, the suit didn’t fit very well. He looked a little overheated, and he was pretty nervous. He was almost afraid to make eye contact with Raph.

Raph smiled warmly and said, “Jamie, I completely understand. Many people are a little apprehensive their first time. But I assure you, you have nothing to be concerned about. Let me give you a little tour of my Studio. I’ll be happy to show you whatever you like. You’re welcome to look wherever you want and ask me anything. Can I take your coat?”

Jamie nodded nervously. Raph gently slid Jamie’s suit coat off and hung it on a hook on the back of his office door. Raph ushered him out the door and up the hall towards the front of the Studio. They walked into the first massage room. It was ready for a client, a little warm, dimly lit, the table enshrouded in sheets and a pillow. The side areas were clean and had a sink, hand wash, and lotion ready to go. Raph demonstrated the music, showed the hot towel cabinet. There was a chair and hooks on the wall for the client to put their clothes.

From the beginning, Jamie’s father, and his boss, had both told him he had to be firm, hard, no-nonsense, business like, and never let down his guard. People had to respect him, for he had the power to build them up, or take them down. He had to be impartial, stoic, and ruthlessly honest and fair. His commitment was to the public, the citizens of his town, not to the businesses he inspected. At least that’s what they told him. But Jamie had been inspecting most of the businesses in the town for a while, and he wasn’t so sure that being stoic was the best answer. He couldn’t believe how friendly and personable Raph was. The massage room was certainly inviting, and nothing to be scared of. Jamie was getting a little warm and loosened his tie.

Raph noticed the gesture and smiled to himself, but said nothing. Raph offered to continue the tour, and Jamie followed. In the hallway, Raph showed him the doors to the laundry chute and dumb-waiter. Then they briefly inspected the other massage rooms, which were all nearly identical but for a number on the door. Then they went down the stairs to the basement to see the laundry and storage facilities. Jamie asked some questions about how often things were laundered, what cleaning agents were used, and so on. Returning to the ground floor, Jamie raised a subject he was a little… nervous to mention.

“I understand when this property was a B&B, it was famed for underground hot springs or similar? Do you plan to re-open that facility?” Jamie’s voice was shaky and nervous. Clearly he didn’t feel comfortable asking the question. Raph decided to see if he could help.

“Jamie, you seem really nervous. You don’t need to be. You’re just doing your job, what you have to do. There’s no need to be worried about asking perfectly reasonable questions related to my business. The short answer is yes, I do. And I have restored most of the original facility. But, before I show it to you, I think you’ll appreciate it better, perhaps, with a free sample. Would you like little shoulder rub? You don’t even have to take your shirt off… “

Jamie noticeably relaxed at Raph’s words, and looking sheepishly back at Raph, he nodded his head. Raph brought Jamie into a smaller massage room, that had a kneeling massage chair. Raph showed Jamie how to sit, leaning forward, with his face in the head rest facing down. Raph turned on some music, pulled over his chair, and began giving Jamie a massage.

Jamie had never had a massage, and certainly not from another guy. But the moment Raph laid his big warm hands on Jamie’s shoulders, all of Jamie’s fears and concerns dissolved, just like his tense muscles began to do. He even started moaning a little without realizing it. “Oh that feels so goooood,” he uttered, in pure bliss.

Raph started to tone down the massage. It was getting close to his first appointment. He told Jamie he would have to go attend to his first client of the day. Jamie understood of course. Raph invited him to stay in that room as long as he wished, and then to move back to his office whenever he was ready. That suited Jamie, as his briefcase was in the office and he wanted to get to writing his inspection report as soon as he could.

Raph put a little extra pizazz into the end of Jamie’s massage, and then quietly left to meet his other client. Jamie felt amazing, his whole body completely relaxed. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt that good, and this was only a shoulder rub. He could hear muffled voices as Raph welcomed his client, and escorted them to one of the full massage rooms. Then he heard Raph leave the room, wait a few minutes, and then he went back inside. Finally Jamie decided to head back to Raph’s office. He sat down in a visitor chair, pulled out his briefcase, and took out the form for his inspection.

Jamie hated filling out these darned forms. They felt so cold and impersonal. No room for the human touch, no place for context or reasoning. Simple yes or no questions, does the business meet the minimum requirements or not? Jamie took his time, as he’d never done one of these for a ‘personal service establishment’. They didn’t even have a barbershop in town! But Jamie smiled as he was able to answer ‘yes’ to each question on the form. What a relief. Of course, there was a written portion where he had to write a summary of his own experience, what he observed and felt. Did this establishment meet the intent of the law, as well as the letter?

Jamie was finishing up his own detailed observations about Raph’s professionalism, courtesy, quality of service, and cleanliness, when Raph knocked and came into the office. Jamie gave him a huge smile as he walked in. “Well, you seem to be feeling better!” Jamie blushed and nodded. It seemed to Raph that Jamie didn’t have a reason to blush any more… or maybe he did…?

“So, you asked about the hot spring and mud baths, would you like to see them? I’d love to get someone’s opinion before opening them up, and I can’t think of anyone better than you,” Raph smiled warmly.

Jamie smiled back, and nodded. It seemed he would have to inspect the facility anyway before Raph could open it to the public. Raph led him through the front lobby, and out through the French doors. They walked up the path into the cavern entrance. They got a little wet from the spray of the waterfall that cascaded over the entrance. The path followed around the edge of the cave, alongside the stream that flowed out from the hot-spring, to the locker area. Jamie looked through the shower area and the locker room, and noted how clean and well-presented it was. Individual stalls, a group shower area, and all beautifully appointed with art-deco styling.

“Would you like to see the actual mud baths? You might want to get out of your suit though, you wouldn’t want to get mud on it.” Jamie was naturally and professionally curious. They both dis-robed, and Raph couldn’t help but notice Jamie giving him some glances. To be fair, Jamie was pretty easy on the eyes. He had pale skin and a swimmer’s build, with a smooth chest, just the faintest outline of his pecs visible, a tight abdomen, strong thighs, and his feet were on the large side, and so beautiful. There was even a pleasant bulge in his boxer-briefs that was starting to bring Raph to attention.

Jamie couldn’t help but notice Raph in the same way. Raph was darker, from all his travels, and a little more muscular through his chest, abs, and shoulders. Raph also had a noticeable package in his boxers, and his toes looked almost prehensile, and yet still incredibly attractive. Raph suggested that they should really remove their underwear as well, and Jamie agreed. They placed their clothes into lockers and walked out of the dressing area, down the path to the grotto. Jamie was surprised at how warm the clay felt beneath his feet. Raph pointed out the natural slide and hot-springs. Jamie was raptly absorbing it all, including the clay between his toes. Just as Raph was about to warn Jamie that the floor might get a little slick, Jamie slipped, and slid right onto the natural slide!

Wooooo!” he shouted, echoing through the cavern. He landed in the deeper end of the clay pool. Raph smiled, and, with little else to do, he shrugged, gave a Whoop of his own, and then followed along behind him. Unfortunately, Jamie was still a little in shock after his unexpected trip, and he was so focused on watching Raph slide down, that when Raph hit the mud, it splattered all over Jamie’s smooth chest, neck, and face. Raph waded over to Jamie, keeping his hands and arms above the chest-deep mud, and helped wipe Jamie’s face clean.

Raph was tender, gently wiping the mud away from Jamie’s forehead, his cheeks, his chin, and his soft lips. He cupped Jamie’s face, and Jamie gently grabbed Raph’s arms. They closed the distance, their bodies pressed together, sliding against each other in the mud. Jamie closed his eyes, and they were kissing, gently at first, and then more passionately. They wrapped their arms around each other, sliding over their bodies, slick with mud.

Raph could feel Jamie’s excitement build, as his cock grew to full attention. But then, something strange happened. As it happened with Raph’s friends, Jamie began transforming, his fantasies taking over. Slowly, Jamie’s cock split into two. One of them got longer, and longer, finding it’s way between Raph’s legs. The other stayed it’s normal size and continued grinding between their stomachs against Raph’s hard member, the mud acting like a fine lubricant.

Raph changed his navel so it could be penetrated, and he opened up his man-hole to allow Jamie easier entrance. Before he knew it, Jamie had two cocks in two holes, below the surface of the mud, and he was in seventh heaven. Raph moaned as Jamie’s first cock slowly sank into his belly button, all the way to the root. Raph gasped as he could feel it twitch inside him, feeling the tip of the glans slide all the way in. Then he felt Jamie’s second penis slowly work it’s way up from his balls, between his cheeks, to his anus. They rubbed together for a while, and finally it slipped in. Raph tried to suck Jamie’s cock in, making Jamie gasp in surprise. Raph turned his own cock into more of a tentacle, and sucked on Jamie’s balls. Jamie threw his head back in ecstasy, lost in the sensation.

Raph began to lose control himself. He leaned back into the mud, and curled his legs around Jamie’s, pulling him on top of his chest. A second pair of arm-like appendages grew from Raph’s shoulders, caressing and stroking Jamie’s back. Jamie was rocking back and forth, sliding his cocks in and out of Raph’s body. Together they slid over each other, lost in the pleasure, their ecstasy building, as Jamie’s cocks penetrated deeper and deeper into Raph’s body. They hugged each other together tighter and tighter, losing all sense of self. Finally, Jamie could no longer tell where he stopped and Raph began, and then he came, hard, both his cocks expelling their loads deep inside Raph’s body, over, and over, and over again. Raph’s cock was forced to let go of Jamie’s balls as it released Raph’s seed into the mud of the grotto.

Jamie was delirious. Raph was tired, and they rested together for a little while. Unfortunately, Raph had another client that afternoon. Fortunately, Raph was able to compose himself somewhat faster. First, he helped Jamie’s body return to it’s normal, single-cock state. Then he carried Jamie to the showers, cleaned them both off, got them both dressed, and took the elevator back upstairs. He lay Jamie down on the sofa in his office, and let him sleep off the effects of their encounter. Just as he left the office, he heard his next client arrive in the lobby.

While Raph was working with his next client, Jamie eventually came to in Raph’s office. Raph had left him a bottle of water, which he drank gratefully. He was a little woozy from his… experience. He wasn’t even sure if what he remembered happening actually… happened. He blushed, remembering the grotto. Then he suddenly realized and dropped his pants in a frantic rush. There was only one, regular, penis, exactly as it should have been. He pulled his pants up in relief, maybe he was mis-remembering after all… And even if he wasn’t, he couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy every minute of it, nor was he forced or pushed. He did what he’d wanted to do, what he’d dreamed of doing.

And then it hit him… when had he gotten dressed? How did he end up in Raph’s office… He shook his head trying to remember. He had a vague memory of Raph helping him out of the grotto, showering together (he blushed again), and Raph getting him dressed. He smiled to himself. Raph was so sweet. If only Raph remembered him from school… Jamie was only a couple of years behind Raph in high school, and Jamie had a huge crush on him. Apparently he still did.

Raph finished up with his client, and quickly returned to his office. He knocked first, and slowly entered where he found Jamie, poring over his inspection report. Raph was naturally a little nervous, fearing that what he and Jamie had done might… have a negative outcome. “Hi there, are you… okay?” Raph asked nervously.

Jamie continued to appear to be buried in his notes. He nodded curtly, as though he didn’t want to be disturbed. Raph was even more concerned now. “Is there anything I can do for you? Do you have any questions or concerns about…. anything?” Jamie looked up slowly, scowling, and shook his head slowly, and looked down again. Then he started to shake a little, like he was giggling. Raph knelt down to make eye contact, and saw Jamie grinning and laughing.

“I had you going there for a minute, didn’t I?”

Raph grinned and nodded. “You sure did… I thought for sure I’d gone too far and you were about ready to call the police…” Raph sat down at his desk across from Jamie, studying his face. It seemed to Raph like he was responding to Jamie as if to someone he’d known for a long time, and he sat puzzling about it. Jamie saw the look on his face and decided to give him a clue.

“You don’t remember me, do you? I guess I’m not really surprised… We went to school together. I was a couple of years behind you. I crushed on you from the first time I saw you, but you were always off with your friends, and I was always afraid to make the first move… I guess my crush never really went away. I hope you can forgive me… I wasn’t trying to manipulate you either.” Jamie looked down, feeling nervous again.

Raph reached out across the desk and took hold of Jamie’s hands. Jamie looked back up at him. “In all my travels, I have learned several things. First, I do not do anything I don’t wish to or need to do on some level. So—you couldn’t have manipulated me. I did what I did because I wanted to, as did you. Second, while I love my job, I love giving, I haven’t thought nearly enough about giving to my own heart. I do remember you from school, but back then I didn’t know what I wanted, and I was afraid even to follow my heart. After everything that’s happened, I’m not afraid anymore.”

Jamie smiled, nearly brought to tears of joy. “So… where do we go from here? I know we kind of jumped to the end without going through actually having a relationship… but that’s what I really want.”

“That’s what I want too. But I think… we’re off to a good start. Don’t you? I know we got our first ‘date’ a little backwards, but I can live with that, if you can.”

Jamie nodded eagerly in agreement. Unfortunately Jamie had to go submit his report. But they agreed to get back together for dinner, and have a more proper first date. They said goodbye, after a very, very, passionate kiss. Jamie left to deliver his report. Raph was left to ponder this new, but welcome, twist in his affairs.

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