Magic markers

by TylerGermany

A trip to an adventure park turns out more exciting than expected with the help of a prize that’s imbued with some very interesting magic.

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It was the beginning of a very long, slow, and boring summer. I was dragged along with my parents as they migrated north to Michigan. More specifically Holland, Michigan. Along the way we stopped along a hotel and people would ask where I lived and I said Holland., to which they would hold up a hand and point. They told me to wait for May when the Tulip Festival would circle around and the Dutch would celebrate their heritage. And then I would roll my eyes at the thought of people running around and dancing about tulips, with the heavy clomping of wooden shoes.

The thing I looked forward to was the theme park about an hour north of my house. And after the several days of unpacking boxes and sorting through random bits of clothes, dishes, and furniture. I was ready to go anywhere that was away from my parents. Living close to the beach my parents suggested lake Michigan but I didn’t have much of a swimmers body. I was of average height, 5’10” and with a bit of muscle but was 180 pounds. I have a square-ish jawline with low cheek bones. And blue eyes with dirty blonde short hair that was unlike me, straight.

I hugged my parents and got in my cars and started my trip to Michigan’s Adventures. I blared my music maybe a little too loud but at least 5 of my favorite songs played back to back, a rare occurance for me. As I drove past several other cars I looked in to them, as everyone looks into each others windows. A couple of hot guys but for the most part it was an uneventful trip.

I arrived a bit before opening but people were already standing in a line that was slowly gaining length to get into the park. Quickly I closed the car door and locked it. After checking the handle from force of habit I half jogged to the line before it got any longer. I looked at the line in front of me. About 100 people or so. All standing in line ever so slowly walking forward, all of them bragging about how brave they were. Or spouting fun facts as though they were Wikipedia itself. And I just stood there checking the slightly neglected foliage around the queue lines.

As the line dissipated and I got to the front of the line I handed the perky blonde girl working the booth. I smiled and told her to have a nice day and walked to the front gate. Where I was greeted and went through a turnstile. Quickly I made my way to the back of the park, where the giant wooden roller coaster awaited me. The line was short on Shivering Timbers when you arrived early enough.

As I walked to the wooden giant I took in my surroundings. Several underpaid employees stood under the shade of trees. Children were crying about not wanting to go on the scary ride. And Parents shouting at them about how the kids are making a scene, or how they spent all this money to ride the rides and the kids will do just that. A few girls that looked like they were there more for the opportunity to take selfies, or show off their bodies at the waterpark stood around. A few people stood alone near rides embarrassed that they couldn’t ride a ride because of size, height, or cowardice.

Finally I made it to Shivering timbers. The line that usually snaked up the hill was a straight shot up for the weekdays. As to be expected there was still a short line of about 30 or so. In front of me was a man about my height but had about 20 pounds of muscle on me. He stood close to two girls and I made the connection he was dating one of the girls, and that this guy was a no fly zone for dating material.

But as I watched him he seemed either uninterested in what the girls were talking about, or he was not with them. He looked back at me and I quickly looked away. He chuckled slightly in a friendly manner. “Hey it’s fine.” He didn’t break his gaze until I locked with his gaze. “Are you single?”

“Uhhh.” I started and gave him a puzzled look.

“Like a single rider. Not like relationship.” He looked down at his poor wording. I nodded and he stood to one side of the path and looked at the now vacant spot. “I’m a single rider too so you can go with me.. If that’s fine of course.” I quickly filled the vacant spot no way I was going to turn up a seat next to him.

“ I’m Caleb.” I started off. “I’ll try not to cause you deafness with my screams of mortal terror”

He chuckled. “ I’m Nick, and Ill try not to laugh at your screams of mortal terror.” He picked up a bit of a mocking tone with that statement.

The line moved forward quickly I learned he too lives in Holland. Only a couple of streets down in his own apartment. He was the older of us two. He was 20, and made his living as a lifeguard on the better beaches of Lake Michigan. Which explained why he looked so good.

As our train arrived to go next he pressured me into the very front seat. He made me get in first before getting in next. The tight cars gave no room to be shy. His broad shoulders pressed against me. The attendant came around and she pushed down our lap bars secured our seatbelts. As she bent over she flashed Nick a little too much cleavage on purpose. But he didn’t look. Maybe he wasn’t straight?

“Alright riders make sure your belongings are tied down just as well as yourself. No cameras. And keep all body parts inside the car or you may be ejected from the park.” He sounded so bored and the park had only just opened up. But with that he sent us on our way. Down the first curve I was already grabbing the handles with white knuckles.

Up the slow chain hill Nick smiled at me and grabbed my hand slowly at first, to make sure it was fine. I didn’t stop him and he didn’t stop himself. My right hand loosened as his left hand grabbed ahold of it. “Just relax.” He had a serious look to his face and we crossed over the first hill and were sent hurtling towards the earth below. Soon we turned upwards and went to the heavens only to be throw at the ground again. I normally would’ve made any blooper reel with my fear, but being close to Nick and nearly breaking his hand with my death grip made me more relaxed. Soon we were over the largest of the hills and in the turn around headed back to the station.

We both broke out into laughter when the brakes were applied. “Are you..?” I started to ask but didn’t want to be rude or ruin the moment.

“Yeah.” Was all he said and winked as we headed for the station to exit the ride. As we walked down the catwalk to the sidewalk we still held hands. Maybe it was puppy love but it was my first real crushing in years.

We checked the monitors at the end of the ride for the photos. My face was that of pure horror as Nick grinned like a mad man. He pulled me along as many people laughed at my picture. As we entered the main walk way we wandered around looking at rides and sharing common interests.

“Come on up you two young men!” Blurted out an ample man. Nick and I both looked at the man. He had a thick moustache, and wore the typical Employee uniform. “Come and ring the bell and win a prize.”

Nick was attracted to the game like a moth to a flame. I rolled my eyes, more than half the time the games here were rigged. “How much?” Nick looked at the man, and the man held up his hand displaying 3 fingers. Nick began to dig through his back pocket for a wallet and pulled out 3 ones.

The man counted the money as though it was a lot. He turned around stuffed the money into his fanny pack and grabbed the large sledge hammer. He held it confidently in his hands. He stepped to the see saw that would launch the steel ball into the bell high above.Nick flexed his fingers and brought the hammer above his shoulder. A small crowd had formed around me to watch. He quickly brought the hammer down with all of his might. And the ball hurtled to the heavens. The bell rung out loud as it was struck by the ball.

The crowd applauded and began to walk away. Nick looked at the selection of trinkets. The man pulled out a secret compartment that slid out like a drawer before Nick grabbed a lime green stuffed dog toy. The drawer had the grand prizes. Nick looked at it all soaking it in. He then selected a plastic box that looked like it had several permanent markers inside. On the lid were the words “Magic Markers!” The attendant smiled and nodded. He pulled a 3x5 card from his back pocket and gave it to Nick.

He walked over to me and handed me the box of markers. And read the card aloud. “Magic Markers! They really are magic! Pick a marker and draw a short line or a long line. All effects can be reversed with another marker. For customer support call 555-5982. To place an order to order more Magic Markers, patent pending, please call 555-5893. Warning: You may want to use the markers in private setting.”

“I wonder what they mean. These can’t really be magical can they?” I asked Nick and he just put the card in his pocket and shrugged. He looked around for a private place, but there was no where to be found. There were bathrooms, but they were the kind with multiple stalls and anyone could walk in.

“I know!” Nick began walking. I trusted his direction as he led me all the way around the artificial pond in the middle of the park. A few swan boats floated on top of the water but Nick paid no attention to them. He had his tunnel vision set on the destination. Wherever that may be.

Eventually we made it to the back of the park. And into an open cement area with a single building and several picnic tables. “Should we be back here?” I asked. He smiled at me and told me it was going to be fine. He looked to make sure no one around which made me uneasy. He went inside and I followed. He closed and dead bolted the door behind us and we went into the first room to our left.

The room was cluttered with cardboard boxes of what I presumed were the cheap stuffed animal prizes or overly priced souvenirs. All of them illuminated by the harsh fluorescent bulbs above. He also dead bolted this door. He went to a corner of the room where 3 chairs and a table were situated. He gestured for me to throw the box to him, and I did so underhand. He caught the box and put it on the table. On the inside of the top of the box were several squares and blank spaces. “ I didn’t think these things were real.” He said as he admired each marker.

“Want to fill me in or keep me in the dark?” I sat down next to him on a metal folding chair. It creaked as I sat in it.

“A year ago I heard about these things on the internet. Call me gullible but I saw this video where the guys was unpacking it and he showed what some of the markers do. They truly are magic.” I squinted at him. He was either fucking with me, or he lost his marbles. And he looked at me studying my face. “Pick a marker out of the box, doesn’t matter just choose any of them.”

I decided to play along with his little game. I chose a red marker and handed it to him skeptically. He took it and popped the cap off it. He drew a line on the inside of his forearm. Again I gave him a strange look as his face puckered slightly. He capped the marker and set it onto the table.

I didn’t notice anything at first. But slowly I noticed that his navel was now showing slightly. “What the hell?” Slowly I began to notice more changes. His chest looked like it stuck out a bit prouder. His shoulders broadened and his biceps swelled. Same went for his forearms that thickened down to his wrist. His neck and traps swelled with power, as the growth spread down to his abs that seemed to stick out a bit more. His lats also swelled outwards. The growth moved to his glutes which also ballooned outwards. Soon his quads forced him to adjust his stance a bit wider. Then came his calves which got the nice diamond shape to them.

“So what do you think?” Nick asked.

“So what do you think?” Nick asked.

I opened my mouth but no words came out I was so shocked at the event that unfolded before me. It struck me then that my cock was hard and begging to be released from its denim cage. I looked at his crotch area and his hardening dick began to test the fabric of the already taut shorts. He caught my gaze and slowly reached down to unzip his pants.

“Uhh this is happening a little too fast.” I stood up and now realised Nick was still the same height although it looked like he had grown taller during the red marker fiasco.

“Oh um sorry. It’s cool.” He scratched the back of his neck.

“Maybe some other time though.” I marvelled at his bicep as he scratched his neck. He was accidentally or purposefully flexing it. The bicep was enormous and such power packed into it made me want to lick it then and there, but it was my first time with anyone. Not to mention I only met him a few moments ago.

“I’m going to do a few more changes before we leave. Then let’s go to the water park to see some reactions.” With that he winked. “Turn around and I’ll surprise you with something.”

I turned around and vaguely it sounded like Nick lost all of his clothing. I was very tempted to look but refused. I heard him scramble through the box for several markers. He’d uncap the marker, silence, from what I presumed was waiting and transforming, a quick scribble as he filled in the key card on the box, and then a recapping of the marker and placement in the box.

After what seemed like at the very least of 10 minutes he said, “Make sure you close your eyes, I need to find some swim trunks.” I followed the order and I heard him walk around me opening cardboard boxes and cursing because they weren’t what he desired. Finally he opened a box and I heard him rustle through for something. He pulled them up. “Open your eyes now.”

I opened my eyes slowly and started by looking at his feet. They looked monstrous. His bare feet connected with the grey cement floor. I moved up and saw his impressive calves. They bulged out and were visible from the front. Next I moved to his impressive quads. They had the trademark teardrop shapes to them, several veins popped here and there climbing up before disappearing into the swim trousers that drifted only half way down his thighs. Before I could move my vision any more north he turned. His large, muscular, bubble butt stretched the tight fabric of the shorts. He kept his back faced to me and moved in several variations making the wall of muscle ripple and flex. Before I could get too carried away, he turned to face me once again. His 8-pack was very well defined but it stuck out a bit in a muscle gut fashion, which oddly suited him well. His large shelf like pecs had large nipples that stuck out about an inch and pointed forward. His shoulders dwarfed large cannonballs. The round spheres of power rippled with any movement. His traps stuck out a bit and connected to his thick bull like neck. And finally his arms. The biceps struck me as strong and they were left static, and same applies to his triceps that had the horseshoe shape to them. And his arms stuck out away from his body from the lats that looked like wings if they were to be spread. It was then that I realized that Nick was also taller. He had to have been over a foot taller than me.

He hadn’t changed his face much. The only major difference I saw was that his eyes were a rich green and not the dull brown they were before hand. “What do you think?” Was all he asked as he stared down at me.

“What else can I say other than, hot?” I was rather quiet when I said it. I was never too much of the outgoing admirer. I’d look from a far and admire the look of someone, than go up to someone and actively call them attractive. He gave me a bicep flex, that demonstrated the power within further.

“Alright, with that over. Your turn.” He looked at me and grinned. I frowned and shook my head no.

“I like the way I am.” That’s all I said. And he acknowledged it and nodded okay.

“Let’s go.” He picked up the box of sharpies and tossed them at me. He grabbed an orange towel that was rolled up into a neat roll and started to the door when we heard the front door to the building being pounded on. My heart skipped a beat or two when I hear the knocking. Nick gestured to a small high up window with a wooden box under it. “Go check.” He hissed.

I nodded and snuck to the box. I set the markers on a shelf near the window and climbed on top of the box. I peeked out the window with ease only to see a greasy faced employee. “ HELLO!?” He yelled as he continued his assault on the door. He tried the handle once more and left in a huff.

“It’s all good now.” I smiled reassuringly at Nick. And I hopped off the box and onto the ground. Nick unlocked the door and I grabbed the markers and followed him out the door. We went across the courtyard with great haste to avoid running in with the greasy faces employee.

We ran to the right and towards the waterpark. We slowed halfway to the waterpark and walked the rest of the way. He kept looking at me with a certain darkness behind his eyes, as though he was plotting something. If he wasn’t looking at where he was going he was looking at the marker box. I think he’s about to steal the box.

When we got to the water park he turned to me. “Hand me the box and you can change into your swimsuit.” He sounded sincere but he had his eyes on the box. And this look behind his eyes scared me slightly.

“I think I can handle carrying a little box into the bathroom. It isn’t exactly the weight of the world.” I laugh nervously. But he reaches out for the box and snatches it from my hands. I don’t say anything.

“Go change. Uhh.. Caleb.” He droned but his eyes were transfixed on the box he had in his hands. He began to grin, flashing his perfect teeth.

“Oh alright..” I say quietly and head off to the bathroom. What was his deal? Did he honestly think I was about to steal those markers? How do I know he won’t take off with them and do something drastic.

I find a stall and quickly take my clothes off and change into my swim suit. It was just a simple pair of red floral print. Like the type of board shorts that you would see in Hawaii, on some cool surfer dude. I had the body for it, just not the idiotic mentality. I start to pull on a sleeveless t-shirt but jump as I hear a loud roar followed by several screams. Against my better judgements I quickly pack my bag and sling it onto my back and hurry out of the bathroom.

But as I do I’m greeted with a very large man. He is hunched over making some animalistic grunts and holding onto a box. “Oh my god..” I say quietly as I realise it’s Nick. He had taken a marker and practically covered his arm in ink, and was slowly inching upwards. A small crowd had started to form around the giant teenager, all watching as he shot upwards and outwards. Loud tearing sounds and moans replaced the silence. Mothers rushed their children away as everyone’s eyes went to his pants that appeared to be painted onto his body. Some people were able to record him as his shirt burst exposing his heavily muscled torso. Others watched as his shoes burst. Then suddenly without warning he shot way up again and finally stopped at around 70 feet or so. He had his head hunched over.

He dropped the box and it began to fall to the cement. As it hit the ground, Nick let out a loud roar and took a huge step over towards the crowd. All of them were too afraid to move. Suddenly he bent over and picked up a college aged kid. The guy in his Fist looked tiny but the college kid would be much taller and more muscular than me. He started to struggle but to no avail. Slowly Nick opened his mouth and lifted the guy to his gaping maw. And popped him in. A collective gasp came from the crowd and suddenly they began to disperse screaming. But Nick was focused on chowing down on his meal. He swallowed the man and grinned. The n he started following others and popping them into his mouth like they were chips.

As others ran away I quickly darted out and to where the box had fallen. “ I might need these later. “ I whisper to myself and quickly throw the markers that fell onto the sidewalk into the box. thankfully they were all there and no one had gotten the markers before me. A loud crashing sound interrupted me packing up markers. Nick had slammed his foot into the side of agist shop and exposed several people hiding from the rampaging giant. He picked up a few and threw them into his mouth. And swallowed them whole. He wasn’t even growing as he ate them. He was just eating them. And expanding his stomach.

Quickly I finished up getting the last few markers into the box. And looked up only to see Nick eating a few more park guests. The image sent a chill down my spine, never have I seen something so sadistic. Quickly I run back to the bathroom. The bathroom was empty other than me. Slowly I peeked my head out the door to see what he was doing now. He was ripping apart a restaurant and carelessly chucking pieces of rubble every which way killing some park goers.

A few cop car sirens start to grow louder and closer to the park. Nick quickly looks up from eating a group of teenagers and spots the red and blue lights. Then he takes a few people in his hands and runs off demolishing a building on his escape. The Naked Nick runs into the woods and leaves a trail of broken trees in his wake.

Several people started emerging from their hiding place. Several people started crying but their sobbing was interrupted. “ Sorry park goes but the park is closed for obvious reasons. If a family member is lost please report to the group catering pavilion. Thank you.”

“What the fuck was that?” I mutter to myself. Slowly I walk out of the bathroom and make my way towards the front of the park. Several people lay scattered around either dead or unconscious. But I try to keep my head up and not focused on the dead people. The rubble strewn in the walkways made it difficult to move over in some parts, as well as the giant foot shaped craters that I could easily fit in.

As I reach the front of the park not many people are there. Most of the people probably went to the back of the park to meet up with their families or find out that they lost a family member. ”Hey son.” A cop vaguely yells at me.

I stop dead in my tracks and face the cop. He was slightly taller than me and definitely had a few pounds on me. He looked very confused about the whole scene that just unfolded here in the family safe place. “What happened here?” He scratched the back of his neck.

“I could tell you all about it but you would send me to a mental hospital.” I shake my head and begin to walk off. The cop doesn’t stop me, he just lets me walk away. As I go through the turnstile several news reporters rush in from the parking lot. One news lady stopped me and pulled me off to the side and her cameraman followed her. “I’m here at Michigan Adventures with an eyewitness to the scene that unfolded here as a gigantic man rampaged through the park and murdered dozens of people. Please tell us what happened here.”

“Uhh. A guy started to grow and then he ran around. He started picking people up and eating them. Then he started destroying buildings.” I scratch the back of me neck.

“Do you know what might have triggered this?” She arched an eyebrow.

I shake my head. “I just saw him grow and kill people.”

“Could you give an estimate to how tall he was?”

“I would have to say somewhere between 70-80 feet.” I shrug

She turns the camera. “Right, if anyone sees the giant man please do not hesitate to call the police as he is very dangerous.” She kept a poker face and nodded, then the cameraman aimed his camera at the ground. “do you know if anyone captured it on film?” She asked me, and took a step back.

“Several people did.” I respond. She turns away and pulls the cameraman along into the park. And I walk to the parking lot.

Upon sitting in the driver’s seat I throw the box of markers into the passenger seat. I put my hands on top of my head and take a deep sigh. I look at the box of markers. “What am I going to do with you?”

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