Letters flew across the room

by MainAttraction

A tale of a man suffering the heat and eagerly awaiting a nice breeze.

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Part 1 A tale of a man suffering the heat and eagerly awaiting a nice breeze. (added: 10 Aug 2018)
Part 2
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Part 1

It was an excruciatingly hot day here in Germany. I was glad I was on holiday and didn’t have to work. I hid in my apartment, blinds down, fan at full speed, t-shirt off. Beer in the fridge. “That’s how you survive”, I thought.

The doorbell rang, and a mailman handed me a parcel. “Nice, my new cell phone finally arrived!”

I closed the door and started unpacking the parcel. After a few layers of old newspaper, I found a little cell phone shaped box. It looked a bit chintzy. There were no real features to it, except for one little blue button on the back. I took the thingy to my bed and lay down, wondering about what it might be. “That’s definitely not what I ordered,” I said to myself.

Falling straight onto my pillow, arms to both sides, I let out a long sigh. There wasn’t any information on the parcel, so I guessed I’d have a look at it. I wiped my forehead. It was just too hot. I turned around, and grabbed the device, accidentally pushing the button. The device opened up sideways and unfolded step by step into a sort of keyboard. All letters were aligned just like normal. On top, there was a sort of slit, broad enough for a DIN A5 paper. I sat up straight and marvelled at the construction. The entire apparatus was thin and particularly well crafted.

I stood up and walked to my desk. I switched on my fan and sat down. Carefully, I took the device and set it on the table. I wondered how the mechanism worked. I took a regular piece of paper, halved it by tearing it in two, and stuck it into the back end of the device. I discovered a tiny lever that made the piece of paper clip onto the machine. I started typing: “QWERTZ”. The piece of paper slowly rumbled through the mount, which seemed to die-cut out tiny letters. It was amusing to watch, really. “That’s how they print the tiny letters in alphabet soup,” I giggled. The tiny letters of paper swirled around from the fan’s gust of air aimed at my face. A “Q” stuck to the end of my nose. I scratched it and began questioning the purpose of the device. “I mean, that’s neat and all, but it’s… well…” I thought.

I took the second half of the piece of paper I tore and inserted it into the device, now typing “A bit of fresh air would be nice”. The little machine punched out the next few tiny clips of letters, which were once again sent whirling away by the fan. I shuddered a bit. Suddenly the air felt a bit colder for a moment. But there was something odd. I couldn’t find any of the tiny letters flying around. They simply disappeared, it seems.

I looked back at the device. I guessed it was around 28 degrees in my room, so I typed “It’s 20 degrees in my room”. Again, the letters flew around in my room and I saw them disintegrate into thin air, chilling the entire room down by 8 degrees. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I shuddered by the thought of having found a weather-altering typewriter-thingy. And the cold, of course. I gazed at the empty room, feeling a bit chilly. Mind-boggled, I skimmed the room for a t-shirt to put on, but finally decided to not put it on. Instead I walked on my balcony to catch a bit of sun. It was 36 degrees outside. I didn’t last long.

I went inside, turned off the fan and, grabbing an ice-cold beer out of my fridge, I sat back at the table. “I must be out of my mind.” I took another piece of paper, tore it in two, and inserted one into the device. “Let’s see,” I thought. I started to type “My entire fridge is filled with ice-cold beer”. The letters now fell straight onto the table, and nothing happened at all. I checked the fridge. Nothing changed. I was even somewhat relieved nothing happened. I took my beer and went back on the balcony. I looked down at the garden, and watched some bees flying around my flower pots. I looked up to the sky and a bit of wind blew across my face. I didn’t realise at this point that the wind also made the tiny letters on my desk swirl around again.

I went back inside, seeing that all the tiny letters were now lying in front of the closed fridge. I raised my eyebrow and inspected the inside of the fridge. Nothing new. I slowly closed the fridge again, whirling up some of the letters. They managed to get inside the fridge. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I opened the door again. There was beer everywhere. I panicked a bit. The device seemed to work randomly. And on top of that… I mean, it was downright unbelievable! I stormed back to the device and typed in “My fridge is full of ice-cream”. The machine cut out the letters again, and they fell straight onto the table. Nothing happened again. I just didn’t get it.

I sighed forcefully, blowing away the tiny pieces of paper. Again, they started to swirl around the room, flying towards my kitchen and the fridge. I ran after them, and they, again, stopped at the fridge’s door. I decided to pick them up. I opened the fridge and tentatively blew into my palm. Again, the letters flew around and I could see the letters attach themselves to the beer, transforming it into buckets and buckets of ice cream. I fell over. “It actually works,” I thought excitedly. “I just need some airflow to make it work!”

I rushed back to the device, stuck another piece of paper into it and began wondering about what to write next. “My wallet’s full of 50€ bills.” I blew onto the table, letting the letters fly around. They landed on my wallet next to me, and to my surprise I actually saw them filling it up with cash. I started laughing like a maniac. I closed the door to my balcony and switched the fan on again, aimed at the device. I took another sip of beer, dropped my pants, sat down and typed: “I have a huge dick”. The letters flew around for a bit and started flying towards my groin. They lay down and I felt a little tingle. I felt slightly aroused, and looking down, my dick began hardening up. It started pulsating slowly. I knew I had a decently sized one with ~17cm x 5cm to begin with, but I felt the letters doing their work. The feeling was indescribable. It felt like something pulled my dick gently away from me, massaging it from the outside and the inside all at once. I watched it growing longer and fatter, touching it gently. After a minute of pleasure, I saw that my hard dick now was far bigger than before. I grabbed a ruler. “Fucking 26cm!” I couldn’t believe it. I started jerking it off furiously and being heated up by the sheer incredibleness, I came quickly and intensely. I stood up and walked in front of the mirror and marvelled at my new equipment. It was huge, even when soft.

Again, I sat down, thinking about my next step. I typed: “My balls are as trice as big as the general average” and “I can cum as often as I want to, without having to wait”. Again, the letters flew towards my groin. And God—the feeling was pure bliss. I wanked off and blew a load so big I was surprised myself. I came seven times, and then decided to fool around a bit more with the device.

“Ok. Now. What’s next?” I pondered. I stared at the wall for a minute, to find out new ways to make my every dream come true. Eventually I sat down again and wrote: “Every orgasm I have will be better and more pleasurable than the last one.” Then…. “Every part of my body is very sensitive to touch and will result in a better orgasm”. And lastly “If my entire body is stimulated, I’ll have a full-body orgasm, that will last 5 minutes and satisfy me fully”. The letters flew across the room and attached themselves to me. I didn’t feel any different though. And somewhat I looked down at myself and though “oh well”. I typed “My dick is 35cm long, as thick as a Pringles can, super-hard and veiny when erect, and feels like the most powerful weapon one can think of.” The letters flew and I couldn’t take it.

My dick grew and grew. Blood went rushing into it and started making it become a sheer unstoppable beast. I grabbed it with both hands and felt a sort of respect towards it, as well as a feeling of absolute power. My power. My hands glided up and down, feeling the throbbing of my massive cock. I subconsciously touched myself, feeling utter bliss on every piece of my body resulting in an earth-shattering orgasm. Ropes of cum flew across the room, further than before—the new extra hardness working perfectly it seemed—and splattering on the wall. I shot about 25 times and after, what felt like an eternity, looked down at my goliath of a cock and started grinning.

“And it’s only getting better,” I said to myself. I needed a pause, though. Not that I was exhausted, but I wanted to take my time using the device. I took a pair of scissors and cut about 50 pieces of paper to fit the size of the device. One sheet of paper could take about 200 letters each, so I figured I’d get some spare pieces. Then, a bit buzzed by the beer, I started having a bit of fun. First I wrote “My apartment takes up the entire floor. Every other person currently living there will be transferred to a similar building next to mine”. The letters flew towards the walls and shifted them. My room expanded in front of my eyes and to my amazement, some letters flew out of the window, and built an entire apartment complex out of nothing. I was astounded, but then hearing cries and gasps of surprise of several people on the street, realised something significant. I quickly went back to the device and wrote, “Nobody but the author is aware of the changes he conducts”. The letters immediately vanished into thin air. I checked outside if anybody was suspicious of the entire building that just appeared, but everything seemed normal.

“All right,” I thought. I walked around my now huge apartment. I added some furniture and extra gadgets before returning to the device. “Let’s terraform some more.” I sat down and wrote: “My apartment building is next to a big lake, with clear, blue water, a nice sandy beach and beautiful willows on the sides. Every other building and person and terrain affected will be safely pushed or located next to the lake.” I went outside on my balcony and watched the event. The letters swayed in the wind and formed a deep hole in the ground, slowly filling with rising water. The earth rumbled, was pushed aside and formed a sort of valley in midst of the city I was living in. It was a sight to behold, and absolutely marvellous to look at. The 25 minutes it took were spectacular and jaw-dropping, as was the final result. The fresh air from the lake brightened up the hot climate of the city and it was just beautiful.

I went back inside and played a bit with my dick. It was just so heavy, walking was an entire new experience. But I absolutely loved it. I took a glance at the mirror and my beast was chubbing up a bit again. But I decided I’ll do some more shenanigans before I play again.


Part 2

“Let’s see…” I sat down and wrote: “I’m 2 meters tall, with 10% bodyfat”. At the age of 30, I was actually happy with how I looked, so I didn’t change it for the moment. The height-change was fun, I felt my body expanding from my initial 1,90m upwards. I never was small to begin with, but the extra height was a fun idea. More substantially, my body fat before was at 23%, which resulted in me looking far skinnier than before. I looked into the mirror, and really liked the look of it. I wasn’t scrawny to begin with, I had a few muscles on me already. I looked like an off-season swimmer—if there even is something like that. My huge dick looked even bigger now than before.

I scratched my hairy chest and thought about how big I wanted to be. I thought about the fast way but decided to do more of a research thing. I sat down and wrote: “I’m as muscular as a guy that went to the gym for a hard workout 3 times a week for a year”. The letters surrounded me and attached themselves onto my arms, chest and legs. I felt a rush of power, as my muscles grew in front of my eyes. It felt amazing. After about four minutes, my transformation was done. I looked at the mirror and saw a moderately buff guy, that was already sight to behold. I was pretty hot. But I knew I could do better. I wrote: “I’m as muscular as a guy that went to the gym 5 times a week for 5 years”. I shuddered, as the letters attached themselves to me. A blast of power entered my body and was pushed to every piece of it. I felt my arms getting huge and my legs bursting with power. My abs were now pushing outside into an intense 8-pack. I roared and flexed. While transforming, I wrote “I’m as muscular as a guy training 6 times a week for 10 years”. I screamed. The power! I flexed so hard, my muscles were straining at a level I wasn’t aware was possible. I touched my pecs and rubbed my nipples, and my entire body was screaming with power and pleasure. I was getting absolutely huge. I realised I was now achieving what I wrote earlier, a full body orgasm. Every part of my body was showering in delight and I came for 5 minutes straight, my dick shooting at maximum power and covering every bit of my apartment with cum. I lay down and shot a fountain of jizz at the ceiling. I touched every piece of my body, and held my cock so firmly, it got even harder than it was. I actually ran out of cum in the end. I was so satisfied and happy after that, it was eye-opening. I realised that every bit of fear, anxiety and doubt had just vanished. I felt cleansed. And sexy as hell. And I wasn’t done. I typed in “my apartment is clean and tidy” to get rid of all the mess I’ve caused. I actually had to take the letters into my hand myself and toss them around, as the desk was sticky as well. Fortunately, the device wasn’t affected at all. I took another glance at the mirror and nearly came again. I was incredibly hot.

I stepped back and typed “I look like the most masculine, most handsome guy while retaining my normal facial features—they are only going to be enhanced to their absolute best form.” And “My body is always perfectly proportioned for my size”. I don’t know why I wrote that last sentence, but it did affect my body in a very good way. I was extremely muscular, but now every muscle became the size I actually loved it to be. I looked like wet dream. My facial features were somewhat the same, but I looked more rugged and manly. I grew a thick short beard and my blue eyes glimmered back at me.

I watched the clock. It was late already, so I decided to finish this day with a grand finale. I heaved my heavy body to the desk and wondered what I could write. Having experienced some of the most intense orgasms a living being has ever had, I shortly was afraid of having run out of ideas. But the feeling didn’t last long.

I wrote: “I have an identical clone, that acts out my every order”. The letters flew around and in front of me, I stood. We were both amazed, even if ‘creating’ someone didn’t seem extreme in comparison. He looked at me and just said “Hi, don’t forget I’m still you in a way.”

He was right. I typed “I’ll never do any harm to my twin.” He seemed content about that. “Now what do you want us to do?” he asked playfully.

I replied: “Simple stuff, you’ll fuck and suck me, for starters.”

He nodded and said all right. “Be sure to make the most of it”, he added. And he was right. He was me after all. We both sat down in front of the device, planning our little session. After a while, we both concluded the most intense stuff we could think about at this very moment.

“All right,” he said. He leaned over to kiss me. Letters flew onto us, making us the best lovers in the world. It was sort of deluxe-masturbation, kissing your own clone. Also, very interesting from a personal kind of view. I was a darn excellent kisser. We stood up and touched our two 35 cm cocks, which came to life very quickly. We lay on the ground 69 style and started sucking each other off as best as we could. The next batch of letters flew across the room, making us able to deepthroat each other off completely. Having my twins’ dick in my mouth and throat, I squirmed out of pleasure. And so did he. I was too slow though and started orgasming into my clone’s mouth. Remember the utterance “Every orgasm will be better than the last one”? I rolled my eyes and came so much and heavily, I wasn’t able to say a word. And he drank it all. Calmly, yet with vigour, my clone picked me up gently with a kiss, and placed me in front of him. His strength, my strength, was so fucking hot, it made me hard again instantly. “Your turn,” he said.

Letters flew across the room. “Remember left and right. And both,” he said cheekily. I sure remembered. We kissed and I went down to his nipples. I sucked and licked the left one while holding his massive dick. “Licking and sucking the left nipple of the last cum-drinker will result in a bigger dick and balls,” the letters had said. “Per 15 seconds, 1 cm in length x 0,15 cm in width. 15% increase in ball-size.” Oh, and I did. I loved to see my-second-self grow. I licked him good. He growled and his dick grew bigger and firmer every minute. I stopped after 2 minutes, leaving him at a gigantic 43x8,75 cm long dick and some truly massive balls.

“Fuck yeah,” he shouted. “Now go for the right.” Oh, I did. I licked his right nipple good. And he started screaming with pure pleasure. “go harder” he said. And I did. His entire body beefed up. He became more muscular and muscular by the second. After about 4 minutes he couldn’t take it anymore and came so hard his stream of cum actually pushed me away from him, leaving me completely soaked. He panted and his massive body came towards me.

Now it’s my turn. He slowly grasped me, lifted me up, fucked me and sucked me off. He replaced his hands to my pecs and started massaging both my nipples. Letters flew across the room. I was in heaven. “Licking, sucking or massaging both of the last cum-drinkers’ nipples will result in a bigger dick, balls and muscles, as well as a raise of 25% in cum volume and orgasm intensity per 10 seconds. The individual can’t cum until at least 10 minutes have passed. Growth ratios are doubled.” The pleasure… The force. I wanted to cum, but it seemed like the bar to cum has been set to unfathomable heights. Heights I’m slowly reaching. The power and the might assembling in me was too much. I grew and grew as he fucked and sucked and massaged the hell out of me. He was cumming nonstop already. I was on the verge. One minute left. I was massive, I was glad my apartment could withstand the sheer massiveness of my body. 30 seconds. My dick was gargantuan, my muscles gigantic. 10 seconds. Oh. My. Fucking. God.….

The lake was calm. We both laid down, bodies back to normal, and watched the sun rise. “Glad we typed ‘We’ll never run out of ideas’,” he said.

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