Laundry day

by John Perrot

 Bored while doing his laundry in the dorm basement, campus hunk John starts working his massive tool—only to be interrupted by someone even more impressive and potent than he is.

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Aiden went down the staircase with haste, his hands gripping his overfilled laundry basket. Three weeks since he moved into his dorm and he hadn’t done laundry once. Stomping down the stairs into the basement, turning his broad shoulders as he entered the laundry room. Placing the basket on top of an empty washing machine, he began pouring in the musky clothes. Watching as a pile of his overworn boxers, shorts, socks, and shirts entered the washer, Aiden took a sniff of his shirt. Smelling a buildup of sweat and musk, he pulled it off, adding it to the top of the pile.

Filling up two washing machines with his clothes, he started the cycles and sat down on a bench. Pulling out his phone, he began answering a flood of messages. There was some big frat party happening down the street that he was planning on going to, but got cut short by having no pants.

As much fun as it would be for everyone to see his big ol’ package more clearly, he knew it was against some stupid rule. Palming his bulge, Aiden felt his dick’s warmth through the worn out cotton. Scrolling through all the pictures of the party, Aiden groaned. Tables full of booze, guys taking their shirts off, girls looking ready to jump any one of them.

Feeling his cock stiffen, Aiden looked around, relaxing in the empty room. Sliding his boxers down, he pulled out his aching cock. No matter how horny he got, he could never tire his dick out. It was made to be a fuck machine. Gripping his throbbing cock, Aiden groaned and slid back. Leaning his naked back against the wall, feeling the cold concrete fight his sweaty back muscles. Stretching out his toes, Aiden flexed his quads, then his groin. Seeing his dick bob around, he smirked. His wrist-thick 10-incher throbbing more rapidly, Aiden inhaled through his nose, the strong scent of his unwashed cock waking him up.

Massaging the fleshy skin, he took his time, wanting to enjoy this session. After all, it would have to last him a while before he was bored out of his mind waiting for his laundry to finish.

Squeezing his cock, his hand gripping and massaging downwards. Gripping the even thicker base, Aiden tried to stretch his hand to hold the entire girth. Falling short by an inch or two, he moaned as he felt his strong grip release his cock. Pulling out his phone, Aiden took a couple pics of him holding his cock, showing how his girth rivaled his hand.

Scrolling through his photos, seeing a collage of dick pics, workout vids, and the choice pics of some of the girls he’s treated. Scrolling to his favorite pic, him plowing this girl with the biggest tits he’d ever grasped. She even let him grind his dick between those pillow-like tits.

“Fuuuuckkk,” he moaned to himself, leaning further back on the bench. He continued scrolling through his phone, seeing pic after pic of some of his favorite girls. Looking up from his phone, Aiden looked down his ridged abdominals to the base of his girthy dick. Sliding his hand down, he gripped his hefty sack, feeling his two heavy lemon-sized balls ache more under his grip.

Massaging the hairless skin, Aiden loved the feeling but more than anything how much bigger he looked down there.

Sliding to his camera, Aiden angled his phone right from the base of his pecs, pointed up towards the top of his cock. Starting a video, Aiden began massaging his cock from the base all the way up to his cockhead, making sure to emphasize its size compared to his hand. Flexing his cock, a perfect drop of precum oozing out and sliding down his shaft. Smacking his cock against his abs, Aiden moaned ‘fuck yea’, before ending the video. Sliding back up, he watched the video back.

God, watching his own cock tease made him harder than ever. Posting it on PornHub, Aiden watched as a growing storm of likes and DMs started pouring in.

Stroking his cock, Aiden began reading the comments.

I need that fucking cock down my throat Fuckkkk you’re huge

Measure it! Don’t tease!

Fuckin massive bro, DM me sometime

Groaning as Aiden put his phone down, the admiration and thirst for his cock turned him on more than ever. Quickening his pace, he put down his phone as he double fisted his cock, Aiden could feel himself getting close. Breathing in deeper and faster, Aiden curled his toes as his cock thrusted up, a thick rope of cum firing out and onto the floor.

“Ohhh fuck yea…” Aiden moaned, jerking his cock with one hand as he shot his load. Standing up, he stretched his legs and cracked his neck, feeling the satisfying pop send a shiver down his spine. Letting his cock flop around, the residual contents of his load continued to dribble and pour out. Looking down at the tile, it looked like there was a good cup of cum spread across the floor. Rubbing his nuts, he could feel them relax, his mighty pent-up load finally released.

Walking back to his bench, his cock still half-hard from slapping against his thighs, Aiden sat back down.

“Fuck it smells rank in here.” Aiden looked up from his phone screen to see two meaty black hands bringing a laundry basket into the room. Seeing him start to enter the room, Aiden is taken aback by his size. He’s wearing a baggy sweatshirt, but its larger size doesn’t diminish his bulk underneath. Aiden can tell that his arms are powerful from how his sleeve is stretched by his tricep just from turning. Stepping inside, he has to enter through sideways, his broad shoulders exceeding the width of the door.

Getting halfway in, Aiden watches as he has to duck his head under the doorframe. His hair grazing lightly against the top of the doorframe, Aiden’s cock betrays his assumed disinterest as he spurts a thick mixture of precum and cum.

“Heheh, that would explain it,” the guy chuckled, his deep base ringing in Aiden’s ears. Aiden was taking in his enormous figure. His baggy sweatshirt, while loose, was filled out by his mountainous bulk. Just from armpit to armpit, Aiden couldn’t believe the width of his chest. He had never actually seen or even thought it could get that big. And on top of it, or rather to the side of it, each of his arms only enhanced his shoulder to shoulder width. The collar of his sweatshirt was snug around his huge neck, thick cords stretching the skin as the guy turned his head. Looking down, the guy held his laundry basket to one side as he checked out the thick puddle of cum Aiden just blew.

The corners of his mouth curled up and he stifled a laugh. Chuckling in his throaty base, “nothing turns on a stud more than doing laundry.” Chuckling more to himself, he placed his laundry basket on top of a machine. Turning to face Aiden, he eyed him up and down. Looking down at his slouched position, he could see his slouched posture correct itself as he took a step towards him. Sinking his sock in a puddle of the gooey mess, he looked down and lifted his foot up, looking at the thick paste pulling his sock down. Looking back at Aiden, he could see his cock pumping and bobbing as his pulse quickened. A thick glob of cum spurting out and stringing down towards the floor.

Bending his leg up to take off his sock, the guy looked back at Aiden. “Good thing it’s laundry day for me, or else I might be pissed.” Tugging at his sock, he could feel the wetness seep through. Pulling it off and tossing it into an empty washing machine only to hear a thick ‘splat’.

“Big fucking load you blew, might as well paint the rest of the floor now that you got it started.” Looking back down into Aiden’s eyes, he began to tug up the hem of his sweatshirt, already feeling it begin to catch around his back once he got it halfway up his midsection. Grunting a bit more as he tried to stretch the hem over the base of his pecs, he had to suck in his breath and tug it up in a quick motion. Feeling the elastic band catch around his nips for a moment, he felt a shiver emanate from his groin. Finally bringing it over his head, he tugged the sleeves off his arms. Now just clad in the tank top he wore to the gym, he watched as Aiden’s cock spurted another thick glob of cum, followed by a small flow of pre that began dribbling down his shaft.

Aiden began to stroke his cock. “Not yet,” the other man commanded. Aiden immediately pulled his hand back, but he could see his cock was flexing and pulsing as he fruitlessly tried to stimulate it without touching it.

Aiden was looking up in awe at the figure standing over him. His mind felt foggy from how hard his dick was. I took every ounce of self-control in him not to stroke his cock at that moment.

Panting a little, Aiden looked down at his cockhead shaking and throbbing, a thick stream of precum oozing out of it. Looking back up, he instinctively reached for his cock before taking his hand back. Holding his hands behind his back, he looked over the massive figure. That sweatshirt did a good job of hiding his physique. Underneath, he was wearing a tanktop that was plastered on his skin. The white polyester fabric was overfilled with the man’s incredible bulk.

At just his midsection, 6 turtle-shell like bricks protruded out, forcing the fabric to be pulled down the crevices surrounding each one. He was more bulk than cut, yet his abdominals were more defined than Aiden’s. The fabric went up his abdominals only to be forced out by the pillow-like mass of his pecs. Aiden had never seen such a chest in all his years at the gym. His own chest was a meaty 51 inches of power, but this man was easily pushing 70 inches. Each of his pecs was stretching out his tank top outward by at least four inches, and that’s just unflexed.

The skin tight fabric was strapped firmly across both of his meaty nipples, each one protruding into the tank top like it was below freezing in there.

At the top of his mammoth chest, his pecs pulled the straps tightly into the deep valley of his traps, each one rising up like a small hill on his already towering structure. To each side, Aiden’s body shook at the size of his massive shoulders. Each the size of bowling balls, with two melon-sized biceps hanging from them. Almost on cue, Aiden watched as the guy raised up his right arm, revealing the crater-like cavity between his pecs and arms. A thick patch of dark hair filling the cavity. The stench of Aiden’s cum was overpowered for a moment.

Smirking, he looked back down at Aiden. Bouncing his pecs, he took in a deep breath, feeling the already constricting fabric stretch out more. As he filled his lungs, he could feel the fabric tighten around his back as his pecs protruded out more. Flexing his pecs, it became too much for the polyester. Snapping across his chest, the fabric tore down his midsection. Ripping the rest of it off, he continued to flex his chest, feeling his 72” chest swell up another couple of inches. His pecs rose up, meeting his bearded chin. Another shiver ran through his groin at the feel of his muscles grazing his face. Rubbing is nipple between his thumb and forefinger, a moan escaped his lips as another shiver ran through him, forcing his cock to swell a little.

Aiden watched carefully, focusing his breathing as his cock lurched a little. Seeing the biggest chest, probably in the world, swell even bigger before him, his cock was covered in precum.

Dripping down the bench and onto the floor, he was quickly forming another puddle. His nuts were aching as his load was filling up even quicker. Looking under the shadow of the guy’s pecs, Aiden’s focus was drawn down to his loose sweatpants. If the bulk under his sweatshirt was any indication, then this guy was clearly as big down there. But Aiden’s focus was drawn to the thick bulge that was bouncing around in his pants whenever he moved. Guessing that he would probably be hung, Aiden was confused for a moment at the way it looked.

Relaxing his pecs, he looked back down at Aiden. Seeing the growing puddle of precum, he chuckled. “You got a nice piece there,” he gestured to Aiden’s throbbing member. “But it’s about time you see a real man’s cock.” Tugging the waistband of his sweats down, he watched as Aiden’s eyes widened.

Aiden’s heartbeat quickened at the sight of his packed crotch. He was wearing a pair of black spandex shorts which were drawn skin tight across his engorged quads. But what really surprised him was the pouch. It was overfilled but only with the guy’s nutsack. It looked like he had two huge goose eggs stuffed down there. But what drew his attention was that his cock was tucked in sideways and stretched across his hip. It was hard to tell from the dark fabric, but it looked insanely thick. He watched as the guy continued to shimmy down his pants, revealing his bulging quads and calves. He looked like he could push a tractor trailer with those legs, not only from their shear width, but from their length too. Now he could really see how he seemed so tall.

Bending back up, he took his hand and began palming his bulge, mostly massaging his huge nuts, feeling their weight. Giving his cock a quick squeeze, he peeled down his spandex. In one quick motion, his cock swung out and down like a pendulum, hitting his forearm with a loud thwack. Freeing his nuts, they drooped down and swung for a moment, hanging around the middle of his quads. His cock was forced outward by them, drooping over his nuts, his cockhead near the base of his quads. Grabbing his cock, he felt the fleshy warmth, picking it up and letting it swing back down.

Aiden couldn’t hold it back anymore. Flexing his toes onto the cold floor, he gripped the sides of the bench as his cock fired his load into the air. His cock had a mind of its own, flexing and bobbing up and down as his load splatters onto the floor and onto the guy’s midsection. His whole body is shaking as he finishes firing, panting for his breath.

“Well, that didn’t take long.” Glancing at the floor around him, he added, “Not bad considering it’s your second so far.” Picking his cock up again, the bigger man continued, “But now it’s time for you to see what this thing can do.” He let it fall back down again.

Aiden was still panting his breath as he recovered from one of the best orgasms he’s had in his life only to see the guy’s enormous black cock smack against his tree-thick quad. Only, when it bounced off, it continued to rise back up. Aiden could see it thicken. Just soft it looked even thicker than his wrist-thick horsecock, it looked closer to a beer can. Rising up, Aiden watched it continue to thicken and lengthen. Already it was over a foot long and he probably wasn’t even close to being fully hard. Swinging from side to side, the guy’s cock was still sloping downwards. Aiden’s body was still shaking as he watched his cock continue to inflate. His cum-covered cock was still painfully hard, and his nuts felt like he’d been blue-balling for a month. Already, his cock was spewing precum again, leaking and sputtering onto the floor.

Looking back down at Aiden’s cock, the guy was impressed to see it leaking precum again. Not playing with his cock, he focused on puffing up his chest again. Flexing it, feeling his chest press up against his chin again, he held the position as he began flexing his biceps. Feeling his arms stretch and swell, he flexed his melon-sized biceps, watching the peaks rise higher. He had spent a grueling 3.5 hours in the gym that morning, celebrating his newest achievement. That morning, after a shower and a quick jerk-off, he measured himself at 409 pounds. Over four hundred fucking pounds stacked on his 6’8 body. He felt like a giant. Relaxing his upper body, he reached down to massage his cock, feeling it fill his hand already.

Aiden was groaning loudly now as his cock ached. With each eruption of precum, he yearned to stroke it, to fuck with it, he needed to touch his cock, but he held back. His nuts felt painfully swollen. He had never cum so much in one time, and he was pumping out pre like a fountain.

Something unlocked within him, making his nuts overproduce, making his cock spray like a cannon. Looking back over at the guy, his cock was bouncing up and down, filling his grip. It was pointed upwards, and was thick as a wine bottle now. His huge goose egg nuts looked like they had swollen too. His cockhead was flexing and pulsing, growing bigger each second as he continued to get hard. His cock looked like it was over 14 inches now.

“Aw fuck,” the guy moaned. “Almost there.” His cock began spewing out precum as he continued to get harder. Feeling the hot liquid cover his cock, he breathed in deeply. His cock continued to lengthen a bit more, growing even wider, stretching his grip. Stroking it, he felt his huge black cock fill both his hands like a baseball bat. Seeing his cockhead rise into view, his cock sloping upwards more and more. Groping his nuts, he felt their heavy contents growing heavier.

Aiden was astonished as his cock continued to grow, now twice as thick as his own cock, and nearly twice as long, it looked immense, like a true cannon. Filling both of the guy’s hands, his precum grew thicker, more honey-like, as it spewed out like a faucet. His nuts were bouncing around in his sack, the two huge grapefruit-sized orbs rubbing against his thighs.. Aiden felt his own nuts, wincing at how swollen they were, each one was nearly the size of an apple. As the guy was concentrating on his own cock, Aiden let his hands envelop his own cock, his toes curling as he gripped it. Almost letting his load blow again, he quickly held back, planting his hands behind him again.

Looking down, the guy saw his cock finish swelling. Flexing and bouncing it, it was enormous. He was truly hung like a horse, his cock stretching to 16 inches of ass-splitting length. Stroking its massive length, he felt the pencil-thick veins that added bumps and ridges to his incredible member. Grinning down at Aiden, he said, “Now it’s time.” Walking over to Aiden, his enormous cock smacking his chest, he stood a couple of inches away from him. “Lick it,” he commanded.

Aiden looked up at the immense man standing over him, his cock alone looked like it could blot out the Sun. Going down onto the floor, his knees sliding on the slick tile. His eyeline was level with the base of his throbbing cock, right where his humongous nutsack hung down from.

Inhaling the strong scent, the musky smell of his sweaty crotch filling his nostrils. Going in closer, he could feel the heat coming off of his cock. Bringing his tongue to it, he licked the black flesh. The heat coming off of it was intense, the stale sweat and dried precum made his tongue curl for a moment.

It was such a concentrated taste it startled Aiden for a moment, but after licking his mouth for a moment, he needed more. His dick spurted more precum as his tongue began licking more and more of the giant black cock throbbing above him. Licking the base, he tasted the strong layers of sweat, the taste getting stronger as he got closer to the base. Feeling a thick pencil-like vein on his tongue, he could feel his strong pulse beating through it. The man began to moan as Aiden continued to lick around the base.

Tasting the thick forest around his base, the sweaty curls of hair yielding a stronger musk.

Bringing himself lower, Aiden licked the man’s hefty nutsack. Just with his tongue, he has trouble maneuvering around the huge orbs. Each one was the size of a big grapefruit, swinging back and forth as Aiden tongued them. Bringing his mouth back up, his tongue licked the underside of his massive cock. Following the tendon all the way up the shaft, he tasted a stronger mixture of precum.

His cock was shuddering and spewing precum as his tongue was privy to taste this cock. It was incredibly thick, filling his field of view. Continuing to slide up, Aiden’s tongue met the bottom of his cockhead. Feeling the massive cock shake and flex as he licked around the ridge of the huge helmet shaped tip, Aiden’s cock began to shoot again. Not able to stop it, his body felt paralyzed, his face froze as his cock went into overdrive, blasting his load up and onto the man’s abdomen. Covering his turtle-shell abs with his third load for the night, Aiden looked down at his cock, watching it continue to shoot like a cannon. Continuing to flex and shoot after his load finished erupting, his body-shaking orgasm lasting for a few more moments.

“Lick it off,” the man commanded, gesturing Aiden’s gaze to his cum-covered abdomen.

Aiden had to push aside the hefty tool to reach his sticky midsection. Getting a feel for how much strength is needed to push the massive cock to the side, he couldn’t imagine how strong his cock would be if he was fucking someone with it. Bending down, the man’s cock was firmly pressed into Aiden’s side. Inhaling the thick aroma of cum and sweat, Aiden brought his mouth down to his mess. His cum was still very thick, given that it was his third load of the hour.

Bringing his mouth to the thick abdomen, he began to lick off his cum. Slurping up parts of it, he drank in his nectar. Each time it coated his tongue his dick jumped up again. His tongue kept searching for more and more of the cum that covered his abdomen. Licking and sucking at the crevices and valleys of his brick-like abdominals, trying to find more of it. Feeling his dick jump up again, he watched as it spurted out a glob of cum and precum. Catching it from falling, he brought it up to his mouth, slurping in the hot liquid. His nuts felt swollen again, that feeling of blue balls coming back harder.

Leaning back, the man’s cock slid across Aiden’s chest, his cockhead pressed up against Aiden’s pecs. Licking the thick spongy cockhead, he sucked and kissed it, feeling the intense warmth enter him through the massive cock. Tasting and cleaning it, Aiden felt his nuts stretch and swell, his cock bobbing up and down vigorously. Breathing in the musk of the man’s cock, Aiden began groping the cock. Planting his lips around the huge piss slit, his hands began jerking and rubbing the huge girth and length of the shaft.

Tasting cum and needing more, Aiden tried to suck in, needing to draw cum out of this cannon-like cock. Jerking him off, Aiden can feel his pulse quicken, the massive cockhead filling his mouth began to flex and spasm. The man began to moan louder, instantly, Aiden felt a stream of precum flow into his mouth. Sucking it down, the taste reminded him of his cum, but it only soothed him as he was drinking it. Pausing, he couldn’t tear himself away, going back to sucking down the drug-like nectar.

Looking down the runway-like shaft, all the way to the thicker base surrounded by his forest-like bush, Aiden brought his body in closer, grinding his cock into the man’s cock. Feeling his pre-covered cock press up against his, feeling the man’s pulse overpower his own, feeling how much thicker the man’s cock is against his own, Aiden nearly shot again. Wanting to save it, he held back. Instead, he gripped the man’s cock and began grinding his chest into it. Forcing it down his chiseled midsection, the top half of his cock was forced into the small valley between Aiden’s pecs. Basking in the warmth of his massive cock, feeling the iron-hard rod rub against him, fucking his pecs. He began to take over, rubbing his cock back and forth, up and down Aiden’s chest.

Groaning louder now, the guys moaned, “Aw fuck yea.” Reaching and squeezing his cock as he slid it between Aiden’s pecs, he added, “That’s more like it.” Flexing his cockhead, he watched as his huge cock swelled and bounced. Feeling his nuts slapping against his legs, each thwack sending him closer to blowing his load. Leaning back, he fell into the groove of thrusting into Aiden. Thrusting more and more, his nuts began swinging and slapping louder and louder. Looking up at the ceiling, he raised his arms, looking at how his enormous triceps swelled from his gym pump. Feeling Aiden’s cock start grinding against his cock again, he brought his pumped arms back down.

Stepping a foot back, he gripped his cock in both hands and brought it down. Forcing it out horizontally, he pressed his cockhead into Aiden’s abdomen, a couple inches above his cock.

With Aiden’s cock grinding into the underside of his dick, he looked down.

Aiden looked to see the man’s massive cock forcing his own cock down, dwarfing it on all sides.

Looking up to see him pumping and flexing his shoulders and arms, the man looked even wider now, dwarfing him even more.

“Fucking worship me,” he commanded, staring down at Aiden.

Aiden’s cock lurched suddenly, erupting precum all over the underside of the man’s cock.

Feeling the pulse quicken through the man’s cockhead, Aiden jumped right into licking and caressing the man’s massive pecs. Each pec stood out like a king-sized pillow, and the crevice between them felt deeper than the grand canyon. Aiden’s tongue felt every muscle fiber that he could reach, his mouth only went halfway up the man’s chest. Licking off the dried sweat, he found his way down to the underside of the overhanging muscles. Licking and sucking on each of his swollen nipples, his mouth enveloped each one, sucking the big thimble-sized nips.

Caressing his pecs, Aiden felt the immense heat coming off of them. On his left pec, he could feel the resounding beat of the man’s heart, pumping loudly and more quickly as Aiden worshiped him. Just then, he began to flex his chest, forcing his pecs to swell outwards and upwards. Aiden felt the skin tighten around them as each muscle fiber swelled. Licking the extra size, he looked up to see the tops of the muscle rise above the top of his head. Making his way around the left pec, he began caressing and licking his engorged bicep.

Feeling the steel-like muscle, the thick tree-branch like maze of veins crossing the surface.

Aiden’s cock was dripping precum like a faucet on the floor between them. Taking his hand, Aiden gripped his massive cock, feeling the iron-hard muscle of that and comparing it to his arm.

He couldn’t tell which one was harder. Squeezing the cock, the man moaned again. Lifting his arm, Aiden breathed in the musk of his hairy pit. Licking and inhaling the sweaty musk, Aiden shuddered again as his cock shot out precum, hitting the man’s leg like a paintball. Going around the side, Aiden took in the man’s meaty back, the black mountain range filling his view.

Grasping each ridge and caressing it, Aiden brought his hands up to his hill-like traps, down his protruding lats, all the way down to his wedding cake ass. A thick patch of hair was at the base of his back, Aiden felt the man’s enormous cheeks, his pulsing meat just inches away, but he knew he couldn’t. Looking down at the back of his legs, Aiden brought his fingers down the intense ridges of his hamstrings, feeling the piston-like strength they had. Going around, Aiden licked the back of his thighs and diamond-hard calves. Going to the front, Aiden felt the thick meatiness and hard ridges of his monstrous quads. They looked and felt incredibly powerful, Aiden kneeled between them, feeling and licking each one.

In between, Aiden paid attention once again to his monstrous balls, grasping and rubbing each of his massive grapefruit-sized nuts, feeling their weight in his hands. The man moaned louder as Aiden gave each one a light squeeze, tempting him to fire his load. Going back up, Aiden again gripped and licked his cock from base to tip, squeezing and caressing the hot flesh. Going back to sucking the pre off of the huge cockhead, Aiden moaned, “you’re incredible.” Looking down at Aiden fondle and suck his cock, he moaned, “I’m a fucking god.” Reaching down, he grabbed Aiden by the shoulders, picking him up with ease. Placing him on top of his shaft, he nestled his head between his massive pecs. Aiden immediately went back to licking and sucking his pecs, his cock erupting pre onto his midsection. Carrying him over to the washing machine, he dropped him on top of the rumbling machine. Aiden leaned back with his back on the wall, looking at him lustfully.

Taking a few steps back, he flexed his chest and arms, pumping his pecs up closer to his chin.

Turning around slowly, flexing his traps and lats, hearing a splat of precum hit the floor behind him. Turning around again, he stroked his cock, feeling his hand barely grip the thick flesh. He rumbled softly, but deeply, “spread your legs.” Aiden looked at the enormous man in front of him, his cock spurted precum across his abs.

Leaning back, Aiden spread his muscled legs, feeling his asshole hit the cold air. As if it had a mind of its own, he felt his hole puckering and flexing, preparing to be penetrated. Looking at the massive cock, he felt a stirring feeling, he needed that cock inside of him. He needed to be fucked by this god.

The man stepped closer, bringing his gushing cockhead up to Aiden’s hole. Aiden felt the hot liquid coat the outside of his hole. Looking up at his massive chest rising and falling with each breath, he felt the massive cockhead tease around his hole. Shuddering, Aiden felt his asshole widen as the man began cramming more of his cockhead into him. Gasping for breath, Aiden was forced back into the wall as his asshole pushed back for a moment. Relaxing his hole, Aiden felt the hot precum coat more and more of his inside, helping the cockhead squeeze itself in.

Stretching him out more and more, Aiden felt his hole open up wider as the entire cockhead crammed itself inside of him. His own cock was shooting precum around violently, coating his chest and face with his hot nectar. Instinctively clenching his ass, he clamped down on the massive cock. The man grunted and moaned loudly as Aiden gripped his cock. The force of his hole clenching was forced apart as the man grinded his dick in deeper, forcing inch after inch deeper into Aiden. Shaking and gasping, Aiden’s cock was spasming and thrusting erratically, smacking against his abs each time the man thrusted into him.

Moaning loudly, Aiden shut his eyes and winced as the man slammed another couple inches in, forcing his hole apart even more as his cock got girthier. Aiden could hear the squelch of the man’s precum lubricating him more and more. The massive cockhead burrowing deeper inside of him, Aiden could feel the cock through his midsection now. Each time his own cock smacked against his abs, he could feel it thwack against the bump of the man’s massive cock. His cock sputtered quicker and faster, spasming as his hole tried in vain to squeeze the man’s cock.

With another loud grunt, the man thrusted more into Aiden, slamming him against the wall.

Gasping, Aiden’s cock exploded another load, splattering right across his face. Looking down, seeing his cockhead aimed right at his face, exploding load after load onto him. Licking his lips, catching stream after stream in his mouth, swallowing his hot nectar. Looking at his cock continue to fire, seeing how it was overshadowed by the girth of the man’s cock behind it. He still had another 6 or so inches left to go. His cock kept firing, sputtering the thick remains of his load onto his chest and shoulders.

With each thrust, another glob of cum exploded from Aiden’s cock. Grinding his cockhead deeper and deeper in Aiden’s hole, feeling that tight little ring try to squeeze the blood out of his cock. Moaning louder as his cock was enveloped more and more, he thrusted his cock in again, stretching him out even more. Feeling another couple inches of his girthy base getting swallowed by Aiden’s hole, his nuts bounced in anticipation. Flexing his cock, he brought his legs in closer, lifting up Aiden’s heavy body with his cock. His cock bouncing with the added weight, he continued flexing his cock. Sliding Aiden off the washing machine, he brought his hand and held Aiden’s head up, helping him see more.

Aiden felt his blood pressure drop as he gasped for air. Blood was rushing to his hole as it was stretched even further, forced apart by the even thicker base of the man’s cock. The blood pumping to his waist forced his cock to stiffen even more, exploding another blast of cum and precum onto his chest. He felt weightless for a moment, like he was falling backwards into the void of space. Opening his eyes, his blurry vision watched as the man lifted him up closer, forcing his body up and on his cock more and more. Holding him up at and angle, he was actually sitting on the man’s massive cock, gravity forcing him down onto it. Like a log-splitter, he felt the massive cock force itself even deeper into him.

Grunting with each thrust, he felt inch after inch of his log-thick cock force itself into Aiden.

Feeling Aiden’s muscular hamstrings brush against his waist, he took a deep breath. Moaning, he flexed and thrusted his cock, feeling Aiden’s tight hole continue to stretch and squeeze him. His red-hot pulsing cock was leaking precum like a hose now, the thick syrupy liquid pouring out the sides Aiden’s hole. Letting Aiden’s body lower a little, forcing his cock downwards from the weight of his body. Letting go of Aiden’s head, hr let his body fall, swinging down for a moment before being brought back up by his cock. Thrusting and bouncing his hips, he felt his cock firmly clasped by Aiden’s hole. His precum faucet forcing him to slide a little, he reaffirmed his grip on Aiden, bringing him back up.

Aiden looked up dazed to see the man’s two pillow-like pecs bouncing and tensing, slick with sweat. Leaning forward, his colon aching from being forced back by the massive cock.

Managing to lick the sweaty muscle, Aiden groaned again. His cock felt filled to the brim with blood, pumping and flexing wildly. Clasping the man’s concrete biceps, Aiden pulled himself and the man’s cock forward, thrusting his body into the man’s midsection. His pumped cock coating the man’s turtle-shell abdominals with cum and precum. Sliding his cock between the sweaty hot ridges, feeling the massive cock swelling and pumping in his ass, Aiden’s swollen nuts exploded again.

Exploding like a cannon, his cock shot ropes of cum out of his sore cockhead, splattering the underside of the man’s massive pecs, his chin, and all over Aiden’s already coated chest and face. Moaning and grunting, Aiden felt the massive biceps contract and flex, lifting up. Holding on to his arms, his body was pulled up off the man’s cock. Slipping off the sweaty muscles, Aiden’s entire body weight fell back down onto the man’s cock, forcing a roar from both of them. Aiden’s cock shot again, spewing another load into the air, the man brought both his arms up to his sides, flexing them. Swelling to the size of basketballs, his massive biceps were bigger than his head.

Picking Aiden back up, he slammed him back onto his cock, feeling his cock shudder from being vacuum-sucked back into Aiden’s hole. Grunting and shuddering, his body shook as his cock flexed and swelled with more blood, his cockhead swelling like iron. Thrusting sporadically into Aiden, forcing his body to jump around, he kept flexing his cock, feeling his shaft start to spasm.

Moaning and grunting more and more, inhaling the thick smell of cum from Aiden, he was getting close. His nuts slapped against his thighs more and more as he thrusted wildly. Slamming Aiden against the wall, he thrusted his cock further up his hole.

Pressing his massive chest into Aiden’s body, feeling him squirm underneath it, grabbing at his powerful muscles. His hungry hands grasping his blocky abdominals and even reaching around to his last. Grunting and inhaling in a rhythmic procession, he kept grinding him into the wall, his cock flexing with each throb. Pressing his chest into Aiden again, he could feel the pressure of his muscles pressing against his cock. Feeling the light prick of Aiden’s cock pop up underneath his pecs, he grabbed the fire-hot shaft, gripping it in his large hand. Stroking it, he felt Aiden’s cock spasm and cum in a matter of seconds, lubricating their bodies as he continued grinding.

Hearing Aiden moan more and more, he thrusted him up the wall, forcing him to slide up a foot.

Bringing him back down, he felt his nuts get pinched between his quads and the wall. Grunting as he thrusted again, his nuts getting painfully squeezed this time, forcing his cock to explode out another cup of precum. Planting his hands against the wall, he thrusted into Aiden rapidly, fucking him like the little doll he is. Fucking him faster and faster, his breathing grew heavy.

Moaning and flexing his traps, he thrusted once more into Aiden, pushing him the wall by a foot, before his landed back onto his cock. Exploding his load into Aiden, he roared and groaned as his nuts unloaded another load of the day.

Thrusting into Aiden, his cock erupting load after load of his hot cum, rivers of it dripping down their legs. Panting, he felt his nuts start to lessen the flow of cum. Extracting his cock from Aiden, he kept spewing out his load onto Aiden’s chest and face as the athlete slunk down onto the floor. Aiden’s cock was still hard, spewing out precum as it was covered by his thicker load.

Massaging his slick cock, shuddering again at the touch of warm skin on skin contact. Walking back over, he left a trail of cum to the washing machine, putting his clothes in the drier. Toweling himself off, he tossed the cum-covered towel onto Aiden’s nearly passed-out figure. Landing with a splat on Aiden’s face, he heard the fatigued athlete moan lightly, “Again…”

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