Joined at the hip

by Cockatrice

 Gabe joins his friends for one of their regular board game evenings. There is just one thing he forgot to tell them…

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“Oh hey, you’re Gabe’s boyfriend, right?”

“Yeah, name’s Anthony,” said the man with the baseball cap.


Another guy appeared in the back. “I’m Ethan.”

Mike let Anthony in and peeked out the door down the hall outside. “Where’s Gabe?”

Anthony took off his shoes and gave an expectant look, waiting for the punchline. “He… didn’t tell you?”

“Nnno?” Mike trawled.

Anthony looked down at his pants and let out a heavy, yet playful, sigh. “Can I use the bathroom?”

Confusion took Mike a second to reply. “Sure, it’s the second door to the left...”


Anthony made his way to the bathroom and got inside without putting down his bag, leaving Mike and Ethan confused. They both went to the living room to set up the table for game night. A few minutes later they heard Anthony come out of the bathroom and make his way over.

Mike’s eyes were like saucers when he saw Anthony appear in the doorway. It wasn’t just Anthony, but Gabe as well. Gabe was connected to Anthony by his hips, as if his upper body was growing out of Anthony’s crotch. He reached all the way to the same level as Anthony, who had to wear his baseball cap backwards so as to not hit Gabe. Gabe was wearing a T-shirt, and while his upper torso looked distinctly human, what was visible under the shirt’s rim looked more cylindrical with a characteristic tube running up the front.

“You got yourself dicked?” Ethan blurted out.

Gabe touched the back of his neck, clearly nervous. “Surprise!”

Anthony playfully shook his head and moved over to the couch where he carefully sat down, positioning Gabe at the table.

“How are you two gonna play?” Mike asked.

Anthony waved him off. “Oh I’m not playing. Board games aren’t my thing. I’m just the chauffeur,” he winked.

The four men continued catching up with each other while avoiding talking about the dicking of Gabe.

After ten minutes, the doorbell rang and the final member of the game evening arrived. When he entered the doorway he froze for a brief moment examining the conjoined pair on the couch, before making his way to the table. That was his way, he was never the person for dramatic reactions.

“You got dicked?” He asked Gabe.


“And you’re his boyfriend?” The man nodded at Anthony.

Anthony introduced himself. “Anthony.”

“Seth.” He then looked at Gabe as he took a seat. “Nice jock.”

Gabe’s eyes went wide. “Seth!”

Anthony laughed. “I don’t mind.” He grabbed Gabe’s shoulders and squeezed. “I thought it was funny.”

Seth couldn’t hide a smug face. “I see your boyfriend has an excellent sense of humor.”

Gabe rolled his eyes, but before he could answer, Mike peeked into the door to the room. “We’re running low on drinks, so I’m going to the store, but I need someone to come with me.”

Ethan raised his hand. “I’ll join you.”

“We got enough snacks. Do you guys need anything else?”

Everyone shook their heads. “No, I think we’re good,” Seth replied.

“All right then.” Mike made his way to the door together with Ethan. “We’ll be back in ten or so.”

Seth waited until the door to the apartment closed before he spoke up. “So, what’s it like?”

Gabe gulped. “You mean, uh.”

“Being a dick, yes.”

“Well, uh.” Gabe started rubbing the base of his shaft. Being nervous or anxious made him soft, not entirely flaccid, but it required more effort to stand upright. “It feels good.” Gabe didn’t really know what else to say.

“Does your entire body feel like a cock now?”

“Minus the arms, yes.”

“Cool.” Seth thought for a second. “Can you even get off at full size?”

Gabe felt his face and ears become hot and he knew it was not from arousal. “Yes.”

“All right, all right, I’ll stop grilling you about the dicking.” Seth decided to change topics. “I hope you still play games.”

“A bit less nowadays, but yeah.”

“We have our daily gaming evening,” Anthony chimed up. “Where I let him out to play.”

Gabe’s face turned to mock displeasure. “Anthony.”

Seth meanwhile eyed Anthony with a conspiratory look. “‘Let him out’, huh?”

“That’s right.” Anthony squeezed what would be Gabe’s hips, causing him to perk up a little bit.

Seth turned back to Gabe. “So, any new games?”

“A few, yeah,” Gabe began.

Mike looked at the board. “Okay, I buy two ships to finish this trade route over here.”

After Mike and Ethan had returned, the four friends had played board games for a few hours now, while Anthony was reclined all the way playing games on his handheld console.

“You don’t have any wool,” Ethan pointed out.

“Ah right, shit. I keep forgetting,” Mike frowned. “Why do you even need wool for ships? They’re made of wood.”

“The sails?” Seth pointed out.

Mike paused for a moment. “Oh yeah, that actually makes sense.”

Gabe looked behind him at Anthony, who glanced back at him briefly.

He turned back to his friends. “Umm, excuse us, we need to go to the toilet.”

Anthony knew that wasn’t true. It was his bladder after all, but he gathered Gabe’s intent and paused his game to move both of them to the bathroom.

Once he closed the door he locked his hands in front of Gabe’s ‘chest’, holding him. “So what’s up?”

“Do you think you could jerk me off?”

Anthony raised an eyebrow. “Right here? Right now?”


“Does that urge come from being horny or anxious?”

Gabe sighed. “Why not both?”

“Because I’m not feeling horny.”

There was no reply from Gabe.

“What’s on your mind?”

Gabe took a few moments to reply. “Do you think my friends still like me?”


“But they’re so different now.”

“So are you.”

“Anthony, can you please stop being elliptical?”

“Look, I don’t know your friends from before, but nothing I’ve seen today seems like they don’t like you anymore. This is a new situation for them as much as it is for you. Of course they’d act differently.”

“So what do you suggest?”

“I suggest that you stop worrying and have fun. If they truly don’t like you because you got yourself dicked, then I don’t think they were ever your friends to begin with.”

Gabe frowned. “That’s not as much of a relieving thought as people think.”

“Maybe not but it beats endless insecurity.”

“All right, all right, I get it,” Gabe ceded. “But can you jerk me off anyways?”

“How about we save that for tonight, mmh?” Anthony pecked Gabe’s cheek.

“Hrmph, what on earth possessed me to get merged into the crotch of a caredom?”

“Maybe it was my muscles? My libido?” Anthony teased. “Or maybe my excellent sense of humor?”

Gabe couldn’t suppress a short laugh. “Maybe it was the whole package.”

Gabe was rocked by Anthony’s soundless chuckle.

Once Anthony had recovered from the pun, he gave Gabe a tender squeeze. “Ready to get back now and have fun?”


Anthony sat up and put his chin on Gabe’s shoulder. The other four men were currently playing a card-based game and Anthony took a break from his own game.

“Who’s winning?” Anthony put his arms around Gabe.

Gabe looked over the table. “Seth. He’s really good at this game.”

“He’s really good at card games in general,” Mike said.

Seth looked into his hand. “I just got a good memory.”

“I think Seth shouldn’t be allowed to use his memory,” Mike joked. “It’s an unfair advantage.”

There was some chuckle at the table.

“So…” Gabe showed his hand to Anthony. “Which card should we play next?”

Anthony pointed at a card. “How about this one?”

“There are no proper targets for it.” Gabe frowned. “So we’d just lose a card.”

“Hey Anthony.” Ethan pointed at the TV behind him. “When we’re done with this round, wanna play Fast-Kart on the console?”

Anthony raised his head from Gabe’s shoulder. “It’s fine. You don’t have to stop your board games for me.”

“I mean, Ethan is right,” Mike joined the conservation. “We could use a breather and you’re welcome to join us.”

“Sure, if you’re going to play anyway, I won’t mind joining you.”

Anthony sat both of them down on their bed. When they got home, Gabe used the first opportunity to grow to full-size.

“So,” Gabe began. “Are you going to jerk me off now?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Anthony nuzzled Gabe’s neck. “Wanna do it full-size?”

“Yes, please.”

“All right.” Anthony started moving his hands up and down Gabe’s body. They were both already pretty horny at this point and Gabe had gotten increasingly stiff in anticipation since he grew to full-size.

Gabe looked down his front and ran a hand down the tube that started right where his collar bones would normally meet. It had been three weeks but he was still getting used to his new anatomy and seeing his body becoming more rigid with every stroke made him even hornier.

The two men continued their love-making and Anthony had to lie down eventually as Gabe started to stick out at an almost 90 degrees angle. It almost looked as if Gabe was riding Anthony reverse cowboy style, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was growing from his boyfriend’s crotch.

It was always slightly awkward to jerk off a human-sized cock, but the inability to reach Gabe’s full body was compensated with the feeling of Gabe squirming under Anthony’s touch and Gabe running his own hands over his body.

Both men’s breaths got deeper as Gabe’s torso became more and more turgid and his skin increasingly flushed. The first time Anthony saw Gabe’s beet-red head he was alarmed, until both men learned that it was a completely normal reaction for a dicked person.

Gabe continued to throb and all the blood swelling him up made him feel larger. He was very close now and his own hands started to squeeze into his body, trying to get him over the edge while Anthony pushed down at the front of Gabe’s base.

A few more minutes and Gabe was jerked back and forth by Anthony’s muscles as he was spewing out rope after rope of cum from his mouth.

After cleaning up the mess, Anthony walked both back to the bed again and laid down for the night, giving out an exhausted sigh.

“Anthony?” Gabe began.


“Do you mind if I stay at full size for the night?”

Anthony put a hand on Gabe’s side. “Not at all.”

Gabe smiled. “Good night.”

“Good night.”

Anthony let out a tired groan. “When you asked to stay at full size for the night I didn’t think you meant not sleeping at all.”

Anthony glanced at the clock. It was near 3 am in the morning. He saw the faint light of a phone’s display behind Gabe. He raised his head to confirm his suspicion. Gabe was looking at his phone and from the looks of it he was checking private messages.

Anthony let his head fall back down on the pillow. “Are you serious?”

“They haven’t said anything.”

“That’s probably because they’re asleep,” Anthony mumbled. “Unlike some people.”

There was no reply from Gabe.

“What do you even want them to say?”


“About what?”


“Gabe, are you still on about that thing with the dicking?”

“They didn’t say anything about it. They acted like it didn’t happen. Shouldn’t-”

“Gabe,” Anthony cut him off. “You didn’t tell them that you got dicked or that you were going to. You didn’t raise the topic while you were there. What makes you think they would assume you’re comfortable talking about it?”

There were a few moments of silence before Gabe answered. “I didn’t think of that.”

“Besides, Seth did ask you about it and you didn’t really engage him in a conversation,” Anthony pointed out. “Maybe you are the one who needs to become comfortable with it first.”

“I am comfortable being a dick,” Gabe countered.

“But are you comfortable talking about it?”

Again, there was no reply from Gabe.

Anthony decided to let Gabe figure out the answer in his own time. He put his arms around Gabe and pulled him closer to his body. “Now turn off the phone and sleep.”

Gabe woke up to the sensation of falling. It took him a second to realize that he wasn’t falling but standing. He looked down to see Anthony sleeping below him. He must have turned in his sleep onto his back and now Gabe was standing upright as his morning wood. It was the one downside to sleeping at full-size.

Suddenly he heard a buzz. He looked behind him and saw the display of his phone light up. Then another buzz. Someone must be sending him messages. This was probably the reason why he woke up.

He tried to reach down, but his body wasn’t flexible enough. Anthony must be dreaming about him, he thought with a smirk.

“Anthony,” Gabe whispered, ironically trying to wake him up. “Anthony.”

Nothing happened, so he decided to tickle his body.

Finally Anthony woke up with a protesting groan. “Hey,” he muttered half-asleep.

“Can you hand me my phone?”

“No,” Anthony said without opening his eyes. “This is an intervention.”

“It’s not that,” Gabe clarified. “I just got a message.”

Anthony grumbled something incoherent and grabbed the phone, disconnecting it from the cable and handing it to Gabe.

Gabe opened the instant messenger and started to read their board game group messages.

Ethan: Thx for the evening yesterday mike <3

Seth: Yeah was fun

Mike: Np. Next date is in two weeks if you guys have time

Ethan: Sure

Seth: Im in

Mike: Gabe you can bring anthony along as well ;P

Gabe chuckled as he lowered his phone.

“Your friends?” Anthony chimed up.


“And? Do they hate you now?”

Gabe rolled his eyes and smiled. “No.”

Anthony let out a sigh of relief. “Told you.” He put his hands on Gabe’s base. “Now that that’s taken care of, let me take care of you.”


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