Jock bros

by John Perrot

 Derek convinces his friend Matt to get ‘jocked up’. They never imagined the growth that would follow…

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They weren’t huge by any means, but for freshman Matt and Derek were a cut above the rest. It all started when Derek came up to Matt.

“Hey man, I got Coach Keith to let me into the weight room after class today. Ya wanna come and get pumped with me?”

“I don’t know, Derek, I’ve never lifted any serious weights, let alone equipment.”

“Dude! That’s why we gotta learn. Gotta start getting swole!”

Derek did a double-bi pose, small mounds pushing up.

After classes were over that day, Matt walked into the weight room, wearing his gym clothes, his short sleeve and basketball shorts snug on his growing body, his above-average tool bulging out some.

“Hey Matt! About time you showed up.”

Derek already worked up a sweat at the pull downs, his exposed biceps pumped.

“All right. Up against the wall. We’re gonna start measuring so we can see how big we get.”

Matt: 5’9”, 163 pounds
Derek: 5’10”, 172 pounds

That afternoon, Matt and Derek worked every station, their sore muscles sweating profusely by the time they were done. Matt groaned but Derek was practically glowing with pride.

“Dude, if we keep this up, we’re gonna get huge!”

“Dude, I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to keep doing this.”

“Matt, you’ve already begun. Too late to stop now.”

And so it continued, Matt and Derek working out four nights a week. Slowly, but surely, the workouts were getting easier and easier. Soon they had to increase their weights.

In March, during a squat rack, Matt’s increasingly tight basketball shorts split right along his beefy ass. The pair of shorts fell to the ground, leaving Matt in his boxers.

Bro! My shorts just fuckin’ tore!”

“Hell yeah man! Talk about getting swole!”

Derek’s similarly skin tight shorts soon gave way under his increased excitement. His hardening bulge tore through the material. Derek was always decently hung, but now his thicker thighs really pushed it out, making it seem bigger. The 7½-inch tool was throbbing in the thin fabric of his boxers. Matt’s 7-inch member joined him.

“Dude, we gotta take more measurements!”

Matt: 5’10”, 178 pounds
Derek: 5’10½, 181 pounds

By the end of the year, Matt and Derek were talking about how big they were gonna get that Summer.

“Dude, I can’t believe how big we are now. Everyone else looks like ants compared to us.”

“I know man. My chest is starting to bulge out more, I can’t believe we got fucking pecs now.”

“And look at these biceps. Fuckin 19 inches of steel.”

“Speaking of steel, bro can you believe how many girls have been checking us out?”

“I know man, I just wanna take these 8 inches of pipe out and show them right now. Let them see what they’ve been missing.”

“I know man, I can’t believe how big I’m getting. I got fucking 9 inches of dick. Rock hard every morning.”

“I know dude. I’ve been cumming so much lately. Feeling extra horned up.”

Derek’s big 5” inch softie was pressed out in his cutoff sweatpants. His extra large piece of equipment stirred in his shorts.

“Fuck bro, I’m getting hard talking about this. Gotta take care of this monster.”

Walking into the stall, Derek whipped out his hardening cock, the thick nine incher throbbing in his hand. His big plum sized nuts were swelling. Scratching his thick pubes, Derek stroked his hard member to the thought of how big he is, and how big he could get. At 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, he was already a hung jock. Who knows how big he could get?

Returning that fall, Derek and Matt looked like they lived in the gym, and for the most part, they did.

Matt: 6’1”, 236 pounds
Derek: 6’2”, 251 pounds

“Fuck bro. Can’t believe how fuckin’ swole we are!”

Matt’s deeper voice rolled out of his thick neck. The telltale signs of whiskers growing on his chin and cheeks.

“I know dude. We’re getting fucking huge!”

Derek’s deepening baritone matched the jock’s thickening body. His facial scruff is a bit thicker. His thighs clung to his shorts, the material starting to hike up his thickening quads. His beefy chest and lats were stretching out his 2xl tank top. His 22-inch guns blazing alongside his hairy armpits. Down below, his extra-large package pulled the material around it. His soft dick print pressed out. All 7 inches of it. His equally large nuts, like two apples in his hairy sack, pushed out. The hung stud had been fucking around all summer, his thick 10½ inch horsecock inch delivering pleasure.

“Bro, meet me in the locker rooms after class, I got something I wanna show you.”

Matt spent the rest of the day, his mind fixed on what Derek wanted to show him. His thoughts only interrupted by feeling the weight of his 6 inch softie roll around. His bulge felt bigger, more pressed out than before. He knew that he would need to get some new underwear soon, not just for his basket but for his growing ass.

At 2:30 p.m., Derek and Matt were alone in the locker room, the smell of sweat lingering from the football equipment.

“All right bro, this what I wanted to show you.”

Derek pulls out a bottle and tosses it to Matt.

“What is it?”

“It’s a testosterone supplement, I ordered it from some Chinese website. Supposed to help one’s ‘masculinity’.”

“I don’t know man, doesn’t this shrink your balls?”

Matt unconsciously felt his balls tighten, the big lemon sized orbs stretching out his sack.

“Nah man, I’ve been taking it for the past three days, already got more hair coming in”

Derek scratched his bristly cheeks, his darkening peach fuzz crackling.

“Plus I swear my dick feels bigger, and who doesn’t want to be hung?”

“All right man, I could always stand to get bigger down there.”

Matt and Derek popped two capsules into their mouths, Derek smiling in response.

The following day, Matt woke up in a sweat. His pulsing dick standing at attention. Getting up, feeling his junk bounce around. Grabbing his shaft, Matt was thrown off at first. His thumb and forefinger were just a bit farther apart. Pulling out his tape measuring tape, Matt couldn’t believe it. His dick was now 9½ inches long and 7 inches thick.

Going into the bathroom, he studied his body in the mirror. His normally smooth abdomen now had a little treasure trail, his arm and leg hair were thicker, and his normally sparse chin now had a light dusting of brown hair.

“Fuckin’ sick,” he said to himself. Putting on some clothes, his boxers seemed extra tight, and he made a mental note to go shopping that afternoon.

Texting Derek, he told him all about his new measurements and asked about getting more pills. Texting him the link, he ordered two bottles.

That day, Matt felt even more confident than usual. His strides were longer, his shirt seemed to hug him better, his muscles flexing and his package bouncing. His thighs felt thicker and seemed to push his package out more. His cotton shorts left little to the imagination.

That afternoon after an extensive three-hour workout with Derek and another two pills, Matt went to the mall to get some new clothes.

Getting out of his truck, Matt could feel his shorts starting to tear along the underside, his massive thighs and package getting too big for normal sizes. Walking around the mall, all eyes were on him. He could feel his tensing arms and pecs testing the fabric, his bouncing junk leaving little to the imagination. The fabric now skin tight, his beefy ass pulling the cloth right across his rolling cock and bulging nuts.

Entering the store, Matt knew he needed to go to the big and tall portion now. His growing frame was going to need some proportionate clothes. Grabbing a couple 3xl shirts and sweatshirts, some sweatpants and shorts, and getting some 3xl and 4xl boxer briefs. Just in case. Matt loved having a big dick, and he didn’t want it to stop growing.

Getting into his truck, he could feel the fabric finally give way, his huge package tearing through, his boxers similarly skintight. His 6½” softie was peeking out the bottom, his thick bush pouring out the waistband.

By January, Matt and Derek were easily the two biggest sophomores in the state. Still outmatched by a few juniors and seniors with similar genetic gifts.

Matt: 6’2”, 258 pounds
Derek: 6’3”, 281 pounds

Though they were just getting started, they were already immense. Derek towered higher and wider, his broadening shoulders and grounded stance made him extremely powerful on the football field. His continued usage of the testosterone-enhancing pills plus his natural affinity for growing hair gave him quite an intimidating look. His originally wispy peach fuzz grew in stronger and thicker, now a short cropped but thick black beard. His huge melon-sized pecs now had a light dusting of curly black hair as well. Derek’s normally short wavy black hair had grown out as well. Now down to his shoulders, his glossy black hair and beard gave him a much more mature look. Down below, his equally huge and hairy thighs, now big as tree trunks stretched out his skin tight sweatpants. His globular ass and immense package were both skintight, their curves and shapes easily viewable. His bulging package had swelled to be too big for most undergarments. His 8½” soft horsecock and orange sized bull nuts needed a custom-sized nylon pair of boxer briefs just to support their immense weight. His thickening bush started to creep out the top of his waistband. Not like he could see it over his enormous pec shelf.

Matt also had grown to an equally impressive size. His thickening pecs and thighs making him formidable on the wrestling mat. His sharpened jawline now had a scratchy outline of a beard, his thickening brown hair starting to grow longer. His growing body now stretched out his 3xls, his heavy package bouncing. His soft 7½” dick and apple sized balls left a more than noticeable dickprint, not like Derek’s though.

Sitting down for a lunch together, the bench audibly squeaking under Derek’s weight.

“Bro, I can’t believe how pumped I’ve been getting. These babies are getting close to 25 inches now.” Derek hit a double-bi pose, his bulging arms stretching his jersey to the limit.

“I know bro, I’m getting fucking shredded!” Matt lifted up his shirt to reveal his cut 8-pack, his defined obliques bulging out.

“Fuck that bro! Gotta eat huge to get huge!” Derek proceeded to lift up his strained jersey, revealing a swath of furry belly, his paunch audibly growling.

“I don’t know man, I like having these abs, girls dig it.”

“Suit yourself man, but I just wanna get huge, and I don’t mind having a gut. Just more mass to add. Besides, I know what the girls really like.” Derek gestured to his packed crotch. “I already got a porn star dick and the puss is endless. Plus my balls are fucking pumping out the cum. I can already feel them fucking swelling. I measured my dick this morning, 12 fucking inches of fuckin’ cock down there!”

Derek started shoveling mashed potato in his mouth, scratching his thick beard. Matt just watched as Derek continued to load up on plateful after plateful. By the end, his gut was bulging out the fabric, a sliver of furry belly hanging out the bottom.

“Fuuuuck that felt good,” Derek said, giving his belly a pat. “Now it’s time to get jacked!”

Matt followed Derek to the weight room. The massive man was soon drenched in sweat, his massive body pumped red. It was like Derek was in a trance, his eyes focused on his pumped biceps as he did curls. Matt tried to get back to his workout, doing ab crunches and running on the treadmill. Matt wasn’t sure, but it looked like Derek popped two more pills while chugging his water.

By May, Derek and Matt’s physiques were something to marvel at.

Matt: 6’3”, 285 pounds
Derek: 6’4½”, 311 pounds

They said their goodbyes for the summer. They each had their own jobs lined up and unfortunately their gym schedule didn’t match up. Derek grabbing Matt in a big bear hug, he could feel the immense heat coming off his body, the massive man’s package grinding into his.

“I’m gonna miss you man. Can’t wait to see how big you’ve gotten next year.”

“Same man. Don’t outgrow me too much.”

“Oh, no promises.” Derek gave a little chuckle, but Matt saw in his eyes a determined seriousness.

That summer, Derek spent his time mowing lawns and doing landscaping. By the end of June, he had already grown into a little business. His customers couldn’t get enough of watching his massive physique work outside, his huge package bouncing with every step. His sweaty beard dripping onto his jutting pecs. Soon, he started charging extra for him to take his shirt off. Some thirsty women would invite him inside, his horsecock bulging at the sight of them.

Matt spent his summer teaching classes and training others at the gym. His chiseled physique earning him his credentials, he focused on teaching members on how to work their core and lose weight fast. But in his free time, he hit the weights with a ferocity. Thinking of Derek’s immensity, of how huge he’d gotten, Matt wanted to match him.

By fall, Matt stood at 6’4”, 310 pounds. Working nonstop over the summer to get pumped. His chiseled jaw was now covered in a thick brown beard, his pecs with a similar dusting of hair. His broad shoulders and giant chest stretched out his 4xls. Down below, his massive thighs and ass bulged out of his shorts, the tight nylon stretched over his muscles and package. His horsecock was even bigger. 9 inches soft, 12 inches hard. His big orange sized bull nuts equally swollen. He was waiting outside the gym for Derek to show up. He texted that he was off the clock and wanted to come by for a workout the day before class started.

Pulling around in his new diesel truck, probably funded by his landscaping business, Derek stepped out, enormous. His massive size 17 boots clomping on the ground, his huge legs contained by a worn out pair of sweatpants. Small tears in the fabric showed how pumped his hairy quads were. His huge globular ass similarly bulging. His massive package looked dangerously swollen, his massive shaft pressed out. Matt couldn’t tell how big it was, but he could tell it grew, a lot. His originally big gut looked trimmed down, probably from all the outdoor work he’d been doing. His huge midsection was plastered by a skin tight black shirt that was on the verge of tearing. His massive pecs stood out over a foot and a half, his broad shoulders looked to be 5 feet across, his biceps looked to be like soccer balls, and he wasn’t even flexing. Looking up even taller, his big, bearded face and lantern jaw greeted him with a smile.

“Fuck bro, you fuckin’ shrink?” Derek’s booming bass sounded even deeper.

“No man, you just got fuckin huge!”

“You can say that again. I blew the fuck up over the summer!”

Derek was now 6’6½” and 367 pounds.

“You ready to fucking work out bro?”

“You know it!”

Derek led the way, his massive frame causing people to step aside. Matt couldn’t take his eyes away from Derek’s body. His massive back looked like a mountain frame. The black shirt hid some of the details, but he could tell there were hills of bulging muscles there. His huge ass looked like he stuffed two globes down there. His immense legs were so huge his feet were forced apart. The massive tree trunks rippled as he walked, threatening to tear his worn out sweats. No one bothered to stop him, he just turned his cap backwards and sauntered over to the bench press. Matt was locked in a trance, like most of the others who Derek had passed. He just stared as Derek loaded plate after plate onto the bar.

Sitting down, his massive back dwarfed the bench, his legs spreading out to accommodate his height. With a creak, the bar raised up, down, up, down. Derek pumped out rep after rep, his massive biceps and pecs starting to swell with blood. After what seemed like 20 minutes of pure reps, Derek slammed the bar down.

Fuck yea!!!”

Standing up, he flexed his already pumped upper body. His failing shirt ripping across his chest and arms. Massive slabs of pec meat came into view, each covered in a carpet of black hair. His midsection, still a bit flabby, also covered with a trail of fur-thick black hair that went down to his huge bush.

That’s what I’m fuckin talking about! Puny shirt couldn’t take these muscles!”

Derek started flexing, his massive upper body twitching with stimulation.

“Fuck, now arms.” He walked over with a wicked grin and started lifting the 200 pounds dumbbells, cranking out curl after curl. His already pumped biceps began to swell larger, the massive guns soon passing 32 inches. Derek growled in anticipation. He threw down the weights once he was satisfied. Flexing his arm, the huge muscle now battled with his big traps for space. If his bull neck wasn’t so big, he could probably kiss his bicep.


He strode over to the leg press, his massive cock twitching with anticipation. The seat groaned under his weight, his legs could barely fit together. He started cranking rep after rep. His massive quads swelling rapidly under the weight. His flimsy sweats soon tearing across the massive width of his legs. His massive calves burst out, each the size of a watermelon. He stepped off, needing to adjust his stance for his enlarged thighs. With a quick flex, the rest of the fabric tore off. Leaving him in his massive pair of boxer briefs. His pumped legs were now as hairy as the rest of him, the trail getting thicker towards his packed crotch.

The massive pair of shorts were hanging on for dear life, his muscular backside and packed crotch were starting to tear the waistband. With a grin of self-admiration, Derek waddled over to the squat rack, loading it up even heavier than the bench press. With a grunt and clang, he took the bar and squated. Rep after rep, the audience could hear small rips amongst his deepening grunts. Standing back up, he gave a quick flex, and the fabric ripped to pieces. His massive package flopped out, released from the pressured confines of his briefs.

His humongous bull nuts were beyond measure, probably the size of coconuts. The massive orbs hung low in his fur-covered sack. Swinging lower, his massive horsecock, probably too big for a horse now. His elephant cock, probably 12 inches soft and thick as a wine bottle. The massive hairy man grinned, his cock twitching as it came to life. The huge shaft lengthening and thickening. His massive paw stroking it, his other scratching his massive nuts. Soon he needed two hands, the thickening shaft soon too thick for one hand. Standing with his massive 17-inch cock throbbing before them, Derek strode to the showers, needing to release his thickening load.

Bobbing up and down with his waddling steps, his huge leaking cockhead the size of a grapefruit.

Matt followed, he couldn’t believe the masculine display he just saw. His normally-perceived hulk size was more than diminished by Derek’s immensity.

What followed was an exhibition of people trying to take Derek’s massive member, some people barely getting passed his enormous head. Others took to stroking it, the huge fleshy pole throbbing and swelling with admiration. The floor was now covered with his sweet sticky pre, people were guzzling it down as fast as they could.

With a thunderous roar, Derek stopped holding back and shot load after load of his thick jock cum over the crowd. Each load smacked the opposing walls, the force making echoing splats in the locker room. It went on for two minutes, Derek’s giant bull nuts finally drained of what seemed like gallons of cum.

With an air of alpha superiority, Derek left, squeezing his massive body into his lifted truck. The normally massive vehicle was starting to get a bit cramped for the huge teenage jock.

That fall, it continued with Derek and Matt continuing to work out and get bigger. Derek’s enormous size earned him unbeatable admiration on the football field and in his private sessions. The massive jock needed special order equipment, now needing a 7xl jersey to contain his massive frame, as well as a cup bigger than a shopping bag to hold his swollen package. By December, Matt had grown to 6’7 and 374 pounds, his massive frame would be impressive if not dwarfed by Derek. Waddling in front of Matt, Derek’s enormous frame was now 6’9½”, 436 pounds. The massive jock had let his body hair and beard grow out, giving him an oversized Viking appearance. Sitting down on his reinforced bench, Derek’s massive frame dwarfed the bench on all sides. His broadening shoulders were now 6 feet across, each shoulder bigger than watermelons. His massive pecs pushed out over 2 and a half feet, covered in his luxurious rug of black curls that only seemed to get thicker when he shaved it. His massive jersey barely held on, the jock’s growing gut now adding fuel to the flame. His fur-covered gut was only outmatched by his pecs. The massive man’s hunger seemed endless, his belly rumbling again as he got up. His massive elephant cock banging against the table. At this point, Derek gave up on wearing boxers since they didn’t fit him anymore. He just shoved his 16” softie down his pant leg every morning. His swollen bull nuts were as big as soccer balls now, they’re contents audibly sloshing.

Matt focused on keeping his dick from getting hard, not an easy task with a foot of super sensitive soft cock between your knees. Still, he couldn’t take his eyes off of Derek’s huge body as he tried to make his way to the lunchline again. The enormous teenage jock looked like an overgrown warrior amongst children. Sitting down again with a mountain of food, Derek’s massive gut now pressed up against the table.

“Fuck man, I’m getting fucking huge!” Derek said between mouthfuls of pepperoni pizza. “And speaking of huge, I gotta find someone who can take this monster dick. I got fuckin 22 inches of rock hard cock with gallons of cum and no one can take it. I got the world’s biggest fucking dick and no pussy for it.”

Derek started massaging his tip through the fabric, just the thought of a wet puss was getting him hard. “I haven’t had any since last week and even then she could barely get past my cockhead before passing out.”

“I don’t know man. Have you even been able to find condoms for that thing?”

“Fuck no! I don’t like them, as if they make them my size. Maybe they would fit two years ago when I had a fuckin 8 inch shrimp.”

“Fuck man. Have you gotten anyone pregnant?”

“Fuck if I know. If they want this ride, they gotta pay the ticket.”

“Fuck bro. You could be a dad and you don’t even know?”

“Fuck it. Gotta spread my genes anyway. I could fucking overflow a sperm bank.”

“Hey that would be a pretty good way to make some cash.”

“Fuck man, you’re right. I’ll go and see if they can buy it in bulk.”

Derek went back to eating slice after slice, massaging his dick at the thought of his seed spreading.

Over the next few months, Derek made daily trips to the sperm bank, overloading their storage each day with his gallons of cum. It wasn’t until April that Derek couldn’t take it anymore. By then they had really blown up. Matt was now 6’9” and 442 pounds, Derek was 6’11½” and 509 pounds. His workout became too intense for his clothing to hold on, working out with his junk out now. His massive bull nuts hung down to his knees, each the size of a pumpkin. His massive whale cock was now 20 inches soft, the massive tip constantly leaking pre. His constant cumming at the sperm bank drove his nuts into overdrive, amping up his horniness. Derek was looking at Matt’s enormous ass cheeks, each bigger than globes. Taken over by his constant horniness, Derek went over to Matt and ripped off his skin tight shorts. The massive man’s junk flopping out. Matt could feel the insane heat coming off of Derek, his massive 16 inch softie springing to action. Turning around and facing Derek’s furry chest, the massive pecs covered in that ever thickening shag carpet of hair. His huge beard mixing with the fur, his massive gut carrying the trail down to the forest that surrounded his prodigious manhood. His massive nuts churning, his hardening cock raising to its monstrous 28 inches. Derek picked up Matt with relative ease, planting him on his awaiting whale cock, the massive cockhead tunneling its way up Matt’s asshole.

Matt could feel Derek’s heavy breath on his neck, the massive cockhead reaching his stomach now. He could feel Derek’s fur scratching his back. Reaching his climax, Derek shot load after load of his thick cum into Matt. The massive nuts spewing gallon upon gallon of his jizz.

Both Derek and Matt roared like thunder, Matt’s own 21 incher spewing cum everywhere.

That summer, Derek and Matt lived together, Derek’s size finally capping out at 7’2 and 653 pounds of beef. His body hair came back with reinforcements, covering him in black curly hair. No longer a viking, he now had a full bear appearance. His massive whale cock stopped growing at 32 inches soft, 46 inches hard, a nearly four full feet of thick cock. His massive nuts are as big as yoga balls, their enormous weight nearly reaching the ground.

Matt continued growing past Derek, finally catching up to him. Capping out at 7’3 and 584 pounds, those extra pounds on Derek owing to his massive gut. Matt tried to keep his silky brown hair in check, but after a while, he gave in to his similar appearance. Rich brown and auburn hair sprouted thicker from his midsection and limbs. Surrounding his crotch was a forest of thick fur. He was now sporting a massive 30 inch softie, 44 inches hard, a bit shorter but much thicker than Derek’s. Matt’s own massive were nuts nearly the size of beach balls, their enormous size pulling down to his ankles.

15 years later, hundreds of freshman across the country start growing much taller than their classmates, their muscles growing bigger than bodybuilders, their thick black or brown hair spreading across their bodies, their thick horsecocks continuing to grow bigger and thicker, their nuts swelling larger…

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