Ice ice baby

by David

 A well-hung rap star has an encounter with a couple of very devoted fans.

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It was Spring Break and I was in Miami for a week. A whole week of surf, sand, and studs! Cruising the beaches was a great way of passing the time and getting to meet lots of hot guys. The nights are even better with parties on every block and clubs pumping dance music. I decided to check out this one gay club and find out about the local boys. Horny as hell I checked out the crowd. Too old. Too fem. Too fat. Too much attitude. Yeah, that one right there. He was in his early twenties, Cuban, no shirt, baggy jeans hangin off his ass. I like that. He caught me looking and gave me a wink and a smile. After some dancing and drinks, Juan and I decided it was time for some privacy.

Leaving the bar, we headed towards my hotel. We got about a block down the road when our hormones just couldn’t go any further. We quickly skirted to the end of this alley next to another club and started kissing.

The back door to the club opened suddenly and a young lady ran out. A voice inside the door yelled “Yo Gina! Come on back here!” The girl shouted back “No! You’re too freakin’ big! You’ll hurt me!” and ran off into the darkness. He opened the door and stepped into the alley and repeated “Yo Gina!” but there was no answer.

He was tall, just over six feet, and lanky. His face was strong with chiseled features. He was wearing baggy jeans so loose they made Juan’s look tight. Further pulling them down was a wallet-chain with links thicker than a finger hanging down to his feet. The only thing which seemed to prop them up was a large bulge in his crotch. His chest was smooth and white, like marble. Six thick gold chains adorned his chest, one having a large medallion $ sign.

Juan stepped away from me which caught the guy’s attention. I didn’t know what to say. Here we were half-naked in the alley to this guy’s club. He didn’t seem angry at us, just pre-occupied with the girl. He shook his head and looked our way. It was then that I saw who he was, Vanilla Ice!

“We were just leaving.” I stammered.

“That’s aiight ’G’. Yo! You wanna drink or suttin’?”

Before I could speak Juan shouted “Si!” and as heading towards the door. Juan was quite the lush for alcohol but that wasn’t the drink I yearned for. I wanted what was in those baggy jeans!

The light inside was dim and the room appeared to be an office. A desk, file cabinet, chair, and sofa furnished the room. The sexy white rapper handed us a beer and sat back in the chair. Juan and I sat on the sofa. Juan spoke.

“You look familiar man. What was the deal with that girl?”

“My name’s Rob but you probably know me as Vanilla Ice. Yeah, that bitch wanted what they all want but couldn’t handle it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“She’d wanna suck the salty stick but it wouldn’t fit ’G’. You know I gots the bomb cock.”

“Bomb cock?”

“Phat like a horse. I gots so many bitches wan’it but they just can’t tak’it. I go through women like Rush Limbaugh goes through dounuts. But you know it’s aiight. I just chill and rock one yo.”

The Ice man leaned back in this chair, one hand lifting his beer to his full, hot lips, the other grabbing his enormous crotch. I could sense where this was going. The stud was horny as hell but no woman could satisfy him. Maybe when he saw us in the alley, it gave him an idea? Just thinking about it I nearly came in my shorts.

As if reading my thoughts he added “Maybe they’s just too soft. Maybe I need a tougher bitch—like a man. I know they want it. Some have cum from just lookin at me.”

Ice began rubbing his crotch. I could see his endowement snaking along his left leg as he carressed it. He shifted his leg some allowing the light to show it all. My eyes followed his hand as it slowly went from his crotch down his leg towards his knee. It stopped an inch above his knee where I could see the large bulge end.

“Looks fuckin hot, ’G’? You likes it?”

Juan had his dick out of his jeans and was stroking all 8” of rock-hard latino uncut meat. My shorts were poking up like a tent. I reached in and released my 7” piece.

“Yeah, I gots that effect on fags. They all go fuckin’ wild over a phat dick. You’re gettin your wish, money. Yo yo, check dis out.”

Vanilla Ice stood up and gave his jeans a slight push. The loose denim fell to the floor, the massive chain from his wallet making an audible crash. What was now revealed was a very loose pair of silk gold boxers. His cock slithered down towards his knee, about six inches past the leg opening of his boxers—totally SOFT! He dropped his boxers to reveal his entire manhood. Juan whispered something in Spanish probably similar to the ’Holy Shit!’ I said under my breath. Vanilla’s cock, totally limp, extended 16 inches from base to tip, 2.5 inches thick and heavily veined.

Instantly Juan and I were down on our knees licking every inch of his massive hose. Juan took the base as I sucked the head. As we worshipped Ice’s god-like dick, it graced our worship by swelling further. I could no longer fit the head in my mouth as it grew to immense proportions. Juan, more adept at accomidating well-hung latino men, was barely able to wrap his lush Cuban lips around the head. As we sucked, Vanilla Ice moaned deeply. A fabulous thought popped into my head.

“Ice. Would you mind rapping as we suck you? Rapping some sexy song or something?”

“Sure money. Jus’ keep on with da lip-work. Y’all doin better’n any bitch every did.”

He took a swig from his beer while Juan and I continued to fullfill our dream of sucking the biggest dick of all. Then he began.

“…suckas gettin mad cuz I’m gettin all the money ’G’ plus I’m fillin’ all the boys ’G’ and the fans wanna ride my pickle like it was a bicycle or just lick it like a popcicle you see I’m not the white type to get caught havin lots of talk I’ve got so much swing I’ve got a battle with boxer shorts”

My mouth sucked on his giant pole as he jackhammered his dickhead against the back of Juan’s throat. His dick was now rigid and erect. It was so heavy it wouldn’t stand straight up but tilted some. I glanced at his desk where I saw a ruler. I had to find out how big this stallion’s cock was. Placing one end at the base, Juan helped me hold his heavy dick against the ruler. I noted where the ruler ended at the 12” mark and placed my finger there. I then put the ruler against my finger and held the rest of his prick against it. The tip ended between the 7 and 8” marks. I trimbled with the knowledge that I had a 19.5” dick in my hands. That this manhood belonged to none other than superstar Vanilla Ice sent a shiver of ecstasy down my spine. The head was as large as my fist with a massive slit. The shaft was as thick as a one-liter soda bottle! His softball-sized nuts hung low, full of testosterone-laden cum. Juan stood back and made the sign of the cross and said something again in Spanish. Vanilla Ice seemed to get a little frustrated with this.

“Aiight fags, don’t be like dem bitches. Do you wannit or not?”

Immediately Juan and I resumed our lip service to his cock. As we continued our work on his gargantua dick, he resumed his rap.

“and I’m about to letcha have it I’m talkin ’bout my carrot, you’re the rabbit here is is honey, grab it Straight stranded on a beach ’G’ While you climb up and down This tall coconut tree Open up that hood and let me check that oil I got a mighty big dip stick for the job honey watch is swing past my knees as I whip it out my jeans”

Suddenly the slit began oozing massively, filling the room up with the scent of the Ice man. Juan was sucking it as fast as he could but it was too much. The fluid poured out of his mouth. I pushed Juan out of the way and began drinking when it suddenly dawned on my that he wasn’t cumming. This was pre-cum! He had already ejected more pre-cum than any man alive cums and that was just the begining! I glanced down at his balls and was amazed at how much they had swelled.

We licked and stroked his meat as he filled the room with his erotic words. Soon he shouted he was going to cum. Juan and I began to push over who would get the priviledge of swallowing his cum. Suddenly Ice’s monster cockhead enlarged and erupted scortching-hot cum at the pair of us. His slit was so large we could both put our mouths over part of it and suck and we kissed each other. The sight was unreal! Even with the two of us sucking in his cum, it began to overtake us, pouring out of the sides of our mouths. The creamy-white sperm continued to flow as both of us stroked his twenty inch cock. Juan and I came at almost the same time, emptying our load onto the floor where Vanilla Ice’s cum had fallen. The white rapper stud’s muscles convulsed again and again. Each eruption of semen larger than the first. Juan and I had to pull back for air as Ice’s dick continued to blast streams of thick semen into the air. Our chests were completely covered in scrumptously tasting sperm. For six minutes the megastud pumped his dick empty of his ambrosia. When he stopped, he simply looked up at us and smiled wickedly. Juan began to put his clothes on when Vanilla Ice threw a tube of K-Y at him and began to rap some more.

“oh yes you’ll be my sex slave and with my head gear on I wanna go and expand your cave open up wide if you want more and you know this that’s why I do you far or should I say long if you know what I mean I’m talkin about my big ’D’ I see K—Y in your hands yeah ’G’, you know whatta do ’cause I’m gonna nail you, impale you, tear you in two”

Juan looked at him like he was joking. The young latino boy looked back down at Ice’s 16” limp cock, which was begining to harden again, and grabbed his clothes and ran out the door. The superstar rapper looked at me inquisitively. I picked up the tube of K-Y Juan had dropped and tossed it aside. Instead, I scooped up the massive ammounts of cum on the floor and began to rub some on his dick with one hand, some on my ass with the other. There was more than enough for the job. Vanilla’s wicked grin got wider and he began rubbing more of the cum onto this massive piece. Within five minutes it was rock hard again.

I turned around to face him doggie style. He turned me back around and said, “Nah, I wanna see yo face as I fuck ya ’G’. I want you to see my lips as I serenade and then fuck yo ass.”

He picked me up and placed me on the sofa. I grabbed my knees and pulled back to show him my cum-slicked hole. He positioned his incredible dick in place. Vanilla rubbed the giant cockhead against my hole, spreading his sperm all over it and began to push slowly. He teased my gaping ass with the tip of his dick, pressing it in and out, but not going inside. Suddenly, he pumped the head of his prick in. Ice’s cum had slicked my ass enough to where the pain wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. He looked down at me to make sure I was alright and then began to pump his dick inside a little more.

Further and further he filled my ass and intestines. I could feel his gigantic cock impale my insides but the pleasure was far stronger than the pain. With a mere 11 inches inside of me, he stopped, pulled out a little, and then shoved back in. My intestines gave way and accomidated his horsecock a further six inches. I now had 15 inches of white rapper cock buried deep inside of me and a further five inches to go.

Vanilla Ice began to pump my ass to the rythm of his rap. His cock went deeper and further with every six inch stroke. The deeper he went, the longer the strokes were. As the last inch of his massive cock impaled my ass, his strokes were now nine inches long.

I gazed up at the god gracing me ass. His ivory smooth chest sparkled with the gold of his thick chains and medallion. They clanked as he pistoned my hole, falling down on my chest, their cold touch contrasting the burning hot feel of the superstar Vanilla Ice. He suprised me then when he bent down and kissed me, tonguing my mouth with precision. His long tongue explored one end of me as his tremendous manhood conquered the other. After a passionate kiss he resume his serenade and plunder of my ass.

“I’m gonna pull up to your bumpa
and pull this mighty cable out and jump ya
pump ya with the juice
to keep the engine runnin
oh yea you’ve got the body work
to keep the Ice man cumin
I’ll make you scream as I fill you with juice
vanilla ice is gonna make your ass loose
see if you can make the ICE cream
come here boy and take a lick of this ICE cream”

I could feel him getting close. I looked up at his chiseled face and beautiful eyes, now burning with fierce intensity. The ecstatic genius of his rapping rolled off his lips to the rythm of his thrusts. I knew then that no other man could compare to Vanilla Ice sexually. From now on, no other man will be able to fill me up or arouse me like the Ice man.

Suddenly his cock expanded even more, almost splitting me open. I felt his shaft bury itself further in me than ever before, over four inches further. I could feel all two feet of his rock hard cock widen to make room for the flood of cum making its way deep into my bowels, feel every inch of it as it flowed inside of his cock, expanding it, gushing towards his head. Then he came, the wave of boiling hot Ice cream filling my intestines. I shot my load all over my chest as he continued to pound my ass without mercy. His dick filled one exit so the sperm worked its way deeper inside of me, filling me up. For five minutes he shot his load with no end in sight. My dick was rock hard again. I couldn’t help it, I had never felt so erotic in my life. After the ninth minute I felt like I had a gallon of cum inside of me and the sperm continued to flow! I then shot my second load against the white rapper’s chest. Cum dripped from his gold chains and back onto my already cum-soaked chest. By the twelvth minute I could actually feel the cum begin to enter my stomach. That made me hard instantly. I began to worry though when the sperm began to work its way up my esophagus and into my mouth. My mouth quickly filled and the cum poured from my lips. I came a third time, shooting directly as Vanilla Ice who caught it in his mouth. By now, fifteen minutes after he began to cum, he began to slow down and the cum stopped filling me up. He could see I was having trouble breathing so he leaned over and placed his mouth over mine. Using his long tongue he licked his own sperm out of my mouth and lips. His schlong softened and he pulled it out, letting tremendous amounts of semen flow out of my intestines. I looked on the floor which was now totally covered in Ice’s cream to the point where it was standing 1/4 inch. My mouth popped open at the sight.

“Yeah ’G’. I know whatcha mean. Da doctas sez ma body makes sperm so fast I can almost keep up with da demand as I be creamin.”

His balls were almost already back to their regular size. I began to search for my clothes among the sperm and found them, totally drenched. I put them on anyway and began to turn towards the door.

“Yo! Wait up holmes. You forgot suttin’.”

Vanilla Ice turned my face torwards him and licked some cum off my lips. He then took off one of his thick gold chains and placed it around my neck. It had some of my cum on it but I didn’t mind.

As I left the office and headed down the alley. The club was blasting “Ice Ice Baby” so loud the building shook. I then heard a loud “Yo!” and turned to see Ice standing at the door, cock rock hard AGAIN. With a few quick strokes his cock erupted sperm all over the alley floor as he shouted: “Word to your mutha!—PEACE!” and closed the door.

It was almost a year since my visit to Miami and encounter with Vanilla Ice. Since then, every night I have dreamed about having his enormous cock inside of me. I have searched long and hard for a man as sexy and hung as he but all in vain. Just when I was planning a return trip to Miami, I saw it. At the newsstand on the front cover of “Playgirl” was none other than Vanilla Ice himself! I could barely control my hands as I flipped through the pages. Sure enough, they had a full spread and interview with the stud. His hair was short now, shaved as close as a two guard or less. He still had the sexy looks and all the rage was about this new dance single he was gonna release which was suppose to rock. He was wearing super-baggy jeans hanging real low and surprisingly no underwear. His pubic hair was clearly showing and even the base of his cock. Unfortunately that was as far as “Playgirl” went but in one pose he was grabbing his dick through his jeans and the outline could easily be seen stretching all of the way to his knee.

Within weeks Vanilla Ice was the hottest thing on MTV, “Rolling Stones” magazine, and “Spin”. People were starting to recognize his contributions to the hip-hop movement, not the least of which was introducing the music and style to whites and starting a fashion trend of baggy jeans and chains which dominate young dress styles to this day. As one write stated “Before there was Marky Mark, before 311 or East 17, there was Vanilla Ice.” His single “Raw Flava” was released it’s skyrocketed to the top of the charts, being especially popular in all the dance clubs. Even his style of baggy jeans with no underwear was starting to catch on with the hip-hop boys. I knew where I was heading for vacation.

Once in Miami my first destination was the club where I spotted Vanilla last year. I was told he wasn’t there because he was opening a new club a couple of blocks down—exactly where the gay club was where I met Juan. Seems like Vanilla bought the place and spiced it up a bit. The place was packed and much nicer than the last time I went. After cruising for a bit I saw a familiar face—Juan. He spotted me and came over. After some talk I found out Juan returned to Ice’s bar that night last year right after I left and Vanilla fucked him wildly until dawn. Juan got the word out about Vanilla to someone who worked at “Playgirl” and that’s how the whole deal started. He said Rob (Vanilla Ice) didn’t think it was a good idea at first but after Juan told him about how Marky Mark wouldn’t have a career without his gay fans, he decided to give us a try. It seems there were a lot of closeted fans of the Iceman out there who kicked the door open once he did the “Playgirl” spread. Rob purchased the bar two months ago and made Juan the manager. Tonight is going to be the grand opening with a surprise special guest and Vanilla Ice himself. Juan told the bartenders to give me anything I like all night long and said when Ice comes in about an hour, he’ll let me sit up front of the stage.

Since it was going to be another hour before Rob shows up, I decided to resume my cruising. The style at the bar was baggy jeans, no underwear, and lots of chains—wallet-chains, thick gold links, you know the look. The crowd was hot tonight! I downed a few shots and danced some until the stage was cleared and Juan took me to a spot in front. The lights dimmed and a stage light came on. A now familiar beat began, it was Rob’s smash hit “Raw Flava”, but live. Out came Vanilla Ice booming on the mic. He looked better than ever with super-baggy jeans hanging so low two inches of his dick were in clear view, six thick gold chains around his neck and two large gold medallions, one was a dollar sign with diamonds imbedded, the other was a platinum male sign. The left side of his jeans was especially hung low with a dozen chains linked to his wallet and jeans, hanging as low as his calf. The performance was awesome and to top it off, midway through the song another familiar face came from behind the curtain. Doing backup vocals was none other than sexy Brian Austin Green. Brian was wearing loose black vinyl pants, hanging so low his pubic hair was showing, and three thick gold chains and one gold medallion—a peace sign. The crowd was going wild to the rapping duo on the stage. Some guys had their dicks out and were stroking. More than a few had already shot their load.

Once the song ended Vanilla and Brian took a bow and Vanilla began to speak.

“Yo yo wat’s up!”

The crowd cheered.

“Dat was my fresh cut ’Raw Flava’—numero uno on the charts. This here’s my homeboy Brian. Yo Brian! You lookin’ fly boo.”

Brian steps up to the mic and speaks.

“Yeah Rob, I see some peeps out in da crowd already bust a nut and we just startin’.”

Vanilla takes the mic and points to Juan.

“I’d like to thank my vato, Juan, here. Thanks to him Vanilla’s in full effect with the phattest hit to hit the waves since ’Ice Ice Baby’.”

Brian grabs the mic.

“Word money. That ain’t all that’s phat G.”

With that Brian starts caressing Vanilla’s crotch. Vanilla presses forward and sticks his tongue in Brian’s mouth. The two stand there, french kissing one another while a crowd of hot and horny men watch. Ice’s cock is stretching the denim of his jeans to the limit and Brian’s vinyl shows the outline of a very impressive piece. Slowly Brian starts pulling down Rob’s baggy jeans, revealing inches upon inches of manhood. The crowd holds their breath as Brian displays more and more of the white rapper’s horse-cock. A few inches past the knee the head pops out. Juan hands Brian a yard stick and which he puts aside the monster in his hands. Vanilla’s cock makes it to the twenty inch mark. Brian then stands and whips his dick out, fastening the button of his vinyl jeans above his manhood so it sticks out the zipper. Compared to most men, Brian Austin Green had an enormous dick. Only half-hard it passed the twelve inch mark on the ruler. With a few strokes it was rock hard at fifteen.

Just as they began to get busy, Brian stopped.

“Hold up G. I got suttin’ for ya.”

Reaching behind the stage curtain, Brian pulled a gift-wrapped box out and handed it to Rob. It was large enough to hold a massive boom-box. Vanilla unwrapped it and opened the box. He pulled out the largest penis pump I’d ever seen.

“I had it custom-made for ya.”

“Yo, what is it homes?”

“It’s a prick pump. Scope this G.”

Brian took the pump and placed it over his tremendous cock. It was loose on him since it was made for a cock the size of Vanilla’s. The pump was rulered up to three feet and was as thick as a two-liter bottle. After some rigging, he got his dick firmly inside the pump and pressed a button on the side. Slowly his cock began to swell past the 16 inch mark. As it grew, his head became darker and more purple. It swelled to the 17 and then 18 inch marks. The crowd became silent as they watched in awe of the manhood displayed in front of them. He leveled the pumping action off at nineteen inches. Brian whipped out a leather cockring and tied it around the base of his dick and balls. Releasing the vacuum in the pump, he pulled his 19 inch prick out and proudly displayed it to all. Vanilla began stroking Brian’s cock with his own. They were almost the same size now. Vanilla grabbed the mic.

“Yo money that shit is crunk! You mean I can stick my bone in that and it’ll be on swo? Dat shit is boo-yaa G! I’m down with that! Ay yo trip! I got a phat rap for ya and it goes suttin’ like this…”

Sticking his massive 20 inch dick inside the pump, Vanilla Ice turned it on and began to rap.

“Since I stripped for Playgirl’s camera,
all you fags wanna ride my two foot banana…”

The gargantuan cock began to fill up the pump. The tip quickly passed the 2 foot mark with no sign of slowing down. The blood engorged monster grew and grew and turned a beautiful purple. Vanilla temporarily stopped his rap as he moaned from the buzz the pump gave him. His cock was now as thick as a Morton salt container and 30 inches long—still growing! Vanilla resumed his rap.

“…wat’s this? a pump for my peter
fuck G, let’s make it a meter…”

His cock now completely filled the pump. Brian Austin Green’s mouth was gapped open in complete shock at the sight. He grabbed a leather rope and wrapped it around the base of Ice’s cock and nuts. The dick, now bigger than horse’s, made an audible plunk noise as he whipped the pump off. The white rapper then forced Brian on his knees and made him start sucking his THREE FOOT COCK! A handful of guys in the crowd saw the enormous god-like prick and ran for the exit. More than a few fainted. I stood firm, dick in hand, getting ready to shoot my load.

“…now that it’s pumped, check it out
36 inches of hip-hop cock I clout
some of you fled when you saw the head
, cuz Vanilla’s dick takes up half the bed
you say it’s way too long,
when ya see my ding dong
but yo I do a damn good job
that’s why ya on my dick like a human shish kebab
I’m tossin’ and forcin’, my style is awesome!…”

Considering how big Rob’s cock was, Brian was doing a hell of a job sucking it! He licked the head up and down while rubbing the shaft with his left hand. His right hand was busily jacking his own 19 inch manhood.

“…I’m talkin’ to all the fellas that look fine,
my prick is Moby Dick—have a whale of a time
Now I’m not a deep-sea diver
but I love it when my dick’s covered with saliva…”

With that invitation, several hot guys from the crowd, including myself and Juan, got on-stage and began worshipping Vanilla Ice’s dick. One guy stated Vanilla Ice must be God and several others agreed. The white rapped just leaned back, smiled, and continued his rap.

“…you say you can take it all—come on fella, don’t make me laugh you couldn’t deep throat Vanilla if you was a motherfuckin’ giraffe…”

I shot my load all over the stage along with two other guys. Brian Austin Green was getting close and Vanilla wasn’t far behind. I knew from the last time that the white rapper came in bucketfulls and decided to try something. I slipped out to the bar and grabbed a bucket. As I got back, Brian’s massive cock began to erupt. His sperm shot on the floor, totally covering that of the six guys who have already cum. I noticed Vanilla was getting close so I put the bucket up to his cock. The other guys were unprepared for what followed. The stuper-stud Vanilla Ice’s cock swelled slightly, stretching a few more inches. Juan quickly grabbed the ruler and saw the end passed the yard point by over two and a half inches. Then he came, filling the bucket faster than a guy could piss. Shot after shot of sperm blew from his cock, each one after the other, getting faster until it was one solid stream of cream shooting into the bucket. After five minutes, the one liter bucket was full and he finally began to subside. I looked around and only Brian and myself were still up. The other guys were either exhausted or had fainted. Both of us knew Vanilla would soon be ready for more.

I lifted the heavy cum-laden bucket to my lips and began to taste the scrumptious cream I had missed so much. The flavor was outstanding! Never had I tasted a guy with as much testosterone as Vanilla. He smiled at me.

“Now ya know what I mean by ’Raw Flava’.”

Brian Austin Green began playing with the pump some.

“Yo G. I didn’t know you could fill it up. I figga this was plenty phat for ya.”

“Maybe I can help.” I said. “I am an engineer.”

I looked around and found a two-liter plastic water bottle and emptied it. I cut off both ends of the bottle leaving me with a hollow tube. Pulling the rubber where you stick your dick through off one end, I attached the tube to the end of the pump and taped it in place. I then fashioned the rubber back onto the end of the extension. Using the yard stick, I added the ruling to the side of the tube marking it down to the 48 inch mark. By now, Vanilla was getting hard again. First though, Brian wanted to give it a try. He slipped his hardening dick inside the pump and turned it on.

Several of the guys were coming to now and a few had since re-entered the club to watch. Brian Austin Green’s cock again quickly passed the sixteen inch mark. It turned a dark purple as it reached twenty inches but Brian was determined to make it as long as he could. Finally at 22 inches he felt it was about to burst and tied his cock and nuts off with a leather rope. With the pump off his dick, he just stood there admiring his piece. I started stroking it and sucking the head as Vanilla began pumping his twenty inch cock.

As before, his dick was fast to past thirty inches. It began to slow its growth at 33” and at 36” in length, it’s width now pressed against the sides of the pump. His head was turning purple and darkening. At 38” Ice’s cock was near its peak. Juan was now up and watching intently. He saw Vanilla’s problem and reached in his pocket.

“Take this. Stick under your tongue.”

Vanilla took the pill and within minutes his cock began to expand again. Apparently the pill was some form of stimulant which helped increase his blood flow. His dick pressed past 41”. Finally at 44” he had to stop. Juan tied a leather rope around his base and the white rapper removed the pump. Brian Austin Green poured half the bucket of Vanilla’s cum on his dick and began lubbing it up. He then turned me around and positioned his cockhead on my anus. He gently began working the head inside my hole until it all went in. Slowly inch after inch he penetrated deep inside of me. I took all two feet of Vanilla’s cock before so I knew I could take Brian’s 22 inches, even if he did expand some when he came because no one cums like Vanilla and that’s what Vanilla’s dick expands so much before he shoots. As he buried his prick to the hilt, I felt the sexy texture of his cum-stained vinyl pants slap my ass.

“Damn boo! I’ve never had a bitch take it all!”

As Brian fucked me, Vanilla resumed his rap.

“…hit the sack cuz I ain’t jokin
when I start pumpin, I leave it smokin
you thought the Ice Man was just makin’ rhymes
but I’ll leave your ass with more stitches than Frankenstein
I’m so good I should be teachin fuckin’ lessons
you think it’s painless? I hit the anus and fuck up your large intestines
You say you wann’it inside you from end to end
but after sex with me you’ll be buying Depends
I ain’t bullshittin, you get hit with hysteria
cause I’ma bury a big one inside your private area
and the first fellow who shows me his rump
is gonna end up gettin his stomach pumped…”

Vanilla looked around at any takers. No one dared to turn there ass to a dick like Rob’s. He turned to Brian who was too busy impaling me to realize he had his back turned to the Ice god. Vanilla grinned and ripped a hole in the crack of his vinyl pants poured the rest of the sperm in the bucket on his 44” godhood.

“…for demonstrations, watch me slam him,
put the head to his hole and ram him
Brian, grip on the ass yo fuckin and hold on to it
or get sent right through it…”

Without warning, Vanilla grabbed Brian Austin Green’s ass and lunged his massive dick inside. Using his muscular arms, he whipped Brian’s neck back and covered his mouth with his hand, squelching the hip-hop actor’s scream. Luckily for Brian, pumped dick is more spongy and giving than regular hard dick. Still, tears streamed from Brian’s eyes and blood began to trickle from his ass as Vanilla plunged more of his dick up his ass.

The other fellows stared in awe as Vanilla had half his dick up Brian’s ass and Brian had 22” of his cock up my ass. Again Ice pressed his cock deeper inside of Brian. The poor kid screamed in agony and his face turned red but Vanilla was much stronger and held him firm. I could feel Brian dick grow some as it began filling my ass with sperm. He was in pain but enjoying it all the same.

Vanilla Ice’s dick was now well over halfway in. Brian’s ass began to bleed with over two feet of white rapper dick now buried deep inside of him. Rob continued his rap.

“…notice the sound of steady poundin’
like a jackhammer once on it, he can’t cop out
I’m pounding him down until his eyeballs pop out
his pain is insane, ya hear him cryin for his mommy
but even the Witness Protection Program couldn’t hide my salami
ya see I’m not your ordinary player
because you’ll leave in a wheelchair, after I lay ya…”

I have no idea how Brian’s body made room for all that cock. With a little over two feet of cock up his ass, he was managing somehow. Maybe he trained his ass with large dildos like I did.

“…so if you’re still confused when I’m screwin
let me explain to you exactly what I’m doin
I’m gonna pound your ass worse than a fist
and when you shit you’ll see more stars than an astrologist
swingin with this here stud, you need practice,
I’m leaving floods of ya blood on the mattress…”

Vanilla was clearly ready to cum soon. Brian was hard again and seemed to be enjoying himself more. Vanilla took his hand off the actor’s mouth and bent him forward, allowing his free hands to now stroke the 16” of dick still outside Brian’s ass.

“…when I shoot, my load ain’t small,
the Ice cream flows like Niagara Falls
I’m given ya back spasms,
cuz Ice has ’em orgasm after orgasm
change the sheets? ya must be jokin,
ya gotta change the whole mattress the way its soakin
Vanilla’s floodin the whole block
with the juice flowin from his hip-hop cock.”

When he felt close to cumming, Vanilla shoved Brian off his dick, forcing him onto the floor where he collapsed, blood draining from his stretched hole. The sexy actor got back on his knees with the rest of us and began rubbing Vanilla’s tremendous piece. Vanilla then grabbed the pump and squeezed it back on his dick. He switched it on high and we watched as it grew. Suddenly Rob began moaning and I knew it was close. I rubbed his chest and gold chains as I kept an eye on the pump. His dick now passed 46”! As the pressure grew, I could see the cum engorge his prick as it made its way along. Finally, at the moment of eruption, his cock touched the end of the pump. The sperm shot out and blew the pump off his dick like a bullet. White Ice cream spewed out in monster quantities from the stallion’s FOUR FOOT COCK! The stage quickly turned white with the sperm of the master rapper’s orgasm. Brian Austin Green shot another load from his dick adding to the overflow. We continued to worship his dick as God and shoot our loads again and again. For twenty minutes his dick erupted. I went through six loads before falling exhausted onto the cum-drenched floor. By now, the bar was quickly filling up as people came back in to watch. All stared in awe of Vanilla Ice. No man ever alive could compare to the white rapper.

Still leaking sperm, Vanilla reached behind the stage curtain and grabbed a pair of his baggiest jeans. He put them on and used some kind of tie on the inside to affix them to the middle of his dick so they wouldn’t fall off. His jeans hung so low a foot of his cock was visible and his wallet-chain scraped the floor. He donned a few more gold chains to his already sparkling chest and proceeded to strut out the door. Brian followed with his cum-stained vinyl pants half-unzipped, showing six inches of cock, and a huge rip in his pant’s rear exposing his fine stretched ass. He looked behind the curtain and put the rest of Vanilla’s chains on his neck, over a dozen in all, including a huge gold medallion which spelled “Nilla’s Boy” with diamond studs. At the door, Vanilla shouted to the crowd.

“Drinks on da house! Yo, we outta here, 5000, G!”

With Brian’s hand on the base of Vanilla’s cock and Ice’s hand rubbing Brian’s soar ass, they stepped outside to Vanilla’s 5.0 covertible as cool as a couple holding hands. Vanilla got in the driver’s seat as Brian sat next to him and whipped the Ice man’s hardening dick out. The club rocked the block to “Ice Ice Baby” as Vanilla hit the gas and Brian licked his two-foot dick for all to see the Raw Flava of Ice Cream.

I woke up soarer than ever before. The events of the previous night began to play through my mind. The fabulous party at Vanilla Ice’s bar. The wild pumping and fucking that went on was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. My ass was still tender from Brian Austin Green’s massive cock.

It was just after noon on Saturday and I still had a week of vacation in Miami left. Juan and I had made plans to hang out at the beach until night and then head back to the club. He told me there would be a special guest there tonight that even Vanilla Ice didn’t know about. If tonight’s special guest is anything like last night’s, horse-hung Brian Austin Green, I knew I was in for a treat. The pair of us met at Juan’s and cruised around Miami Beach until it began to get dark. We then headed back to the club. It was only nine o’clock and already a line had formed. Apparently the word had spread about the wild party last night.

Juan took me to his office backstage. Just down the hall I could hear two guys having an argument.

Juan says “It looks as though our special guest has arrived.”

Sneaking down the hall and peaking through the door I saw Brian Austin Green, wearing only skin-tight vinyl pants which hung low enough to see the base of his cock and five thick gold chains, yelling at someone whose back was to me. From behind I could tell though this guy was built with some nice muscles. His baggy jeans hung low revealing a pair of Calvin Klein underwear.

“This is not a good idea. He don’t like you G.” shouted Brian.

“I know man but I need the publicity. My movie comes out in just a week.”

“Is that the only reason you came here?”

“Naw baby. You know I haven’t forgotten ’bout us.”

The two kissed deeply as the guy’s hand caressed Brian’s massive bulge which snaked down over halfway to his knee. A slight push from Brian’s hands sent the baggy jeans down to the guy’s feet and the underwear soon followed. From behind I could clearly make out the stranger’s cock. It was long, but not as long as Brian’s and certainly nothing like Vanilla Ice’s. The muscled stud slowly unzipped Brian’s black vinyl pants and peeled them down the hip-hop star’s knees. Sticking out was Brian’s big cock. It looked as though Brian had done quite a bit of pumping last night and with amazing results. His manhood looked much bigger than before. Rock hard now it was around 18”.

“Man has your dick grown or what?!” exclaimed the muscle-stud.

“Yeah G, it’s from all that pumping. Some dicks don’t pump well, some do. Some guys it’s temporary, some guys it’s permanent. I guess I’m one of the lucky one’s.”

I couldn’t help but wonder what it had done to Vanilla’s cock. Just as the stud was getting ready to go down on Brian’s cock, he stopped him.

“Yo man we can’t do this. Check out this phat medallion. It says ’Nilla’s Boy’. I love the feel of Rob’s cock up my ass more than any fuck we’ve had.”

“You mean you’re a bottom now?!”

“With Rob I am. He’s a top. I still like a good ass to fuck though once in a while. I had some real nice rump last night.”

I couldn’t help but grin at the reference to our fuck last night.

“It can’t be as big as they all say. Nobody can be bigger than you Brian. I need to feel your dick inside of me. I can’t take it much longer man.”

“Yo Mark, just chill. Maybe Ice will be cool about it.”

A shiver went up my spine as I realized who this muscle-stud was. He turned around then and I almost came in my pants. There was Marky Mark naked. His cock was a good 6” soft. His eyes were closed as he positioned his ass against Brian’s horse-cock.

“Oh baby don’t that remind you of the good times?”

“Yeah Mark. That ass sure looks fine.”

Brian positioned the head of his dick at Marky’s ass and began to ease it in. Who would have thought Marky Mark was a big ole bottom?! His cock began to get hard fast as Brian pushed several inches into his ass. Marky opened his eyes as Brian’s dick pasted his prostate gland and saw me.

“Come here and suck on this funky dick.”

Immediately I was down on my knees worshipping Marky Mark’s hard 11” cock. Brian noticed me and handed me his dick pump.

“Let’s see if it works on Mark as well as Rob and me.”

I placed the device over Marky’s cock and began to pump. The muscle stud moaned as his dick expanded, passing the foot mark with ease. Brian’s cock was now deep inside of Marky’s tight ass. The hip-hop stud’s cock making 6” long strokes ramming from 12” to 18” where his huge balls slapped against Marky. Marky Mark’s dick was now at 13” and still going strong. His eyes widened at the sight of his enormous endowment. At 14” it stopped growing so I tied a string around the base of his cock and took the pump off. As soon as the pump was clear my lips were on his 14” white rapper cock. Every time Brian pumped Marky’s ass, Marky’s cock pumped my face. Within minutes I could feel hot sperm hit the back of my mouth. Marky moaned intensely while Brian shot his load deep inside of his ass. Just then we heard someone behind us clear his throat. I looked up to see Vanilla Ice standing there, looking intensely at Brian and Marky. I was shocked to see what the super- stud was wearing. Instead of his usual baggy jeans, he wore a pair of skin- tight leather pants, clearly outlining his massive cock as it ended near his knee. Like Brian’s, Vanilla’s pants were low enough to see his pubic hair and a little bit of the base of his cock. Eight thick gold chains adorned his lanky yet muscular chest and one medallion of a gold dollar sign. Brian began to mutter.

“Awe Rob, I’m sorry honey. I don’t know what got into me.”

“Chill G. I’m down with that. Just get ready for da show.”

Vanilla walked off toward the backstage where the music was pumping. Brian and Marky both seemed shock that Rob was taking it so well. He had just walked in on his lover doing his lover’s ex and just shrugged it off. Marky Mark began flexing his muscles and cockily proclaimed “That boy’s all talk. He knows he can’t compete with a player like me. Wait until I come onstage and tell those fellas about my movie ’Boogie Nights’ coming out next week. They’ll fuckin’ go wild.” Brian didn’t seem so sure.

Marky Mark put his baggy jeans back on and Brian followed with his vinyl pants. The music was pumping loud and I recognized the song they were getting ready for—Vanilla’s #1 hit “Phat Flava”. I quickly got around to where I could see the stage and Vanilla rapping loudly as the crowd roared. Very few artists can put on a show like Vanilla. I love it when he grabs his crotch as his lips work the mic. As with last night, about halfway through the song Brian Austin Green comes onto the stage and sings along Rob. All too soon the song was over.

“Yo yo wat’s up fellas?”

The crowd roars.

“We got a special guest here ’night. Yo Marky, come on witcha bad self!”

The crowd exploded as Marky appeared from behind the curtains. His baggy jeans were straining at the crotch. He must have used the pump again before coming on-stage because his dick’s outline was massive. Marky grabbed the mic and began singing his hit song “Good Vibrations”. Vanilla and Brian just leaned back and watch Marky work the mic and the crowd. By the time the song was over, the half the crowd had shot their load. Marky then begins to tell everyone about his new movie and suddenly whips his dick out to give a sneak preview. He proudly displayed all 14 inches of muscle-cock sticking out of his baggy jeans. He then walked over to Brian and began to rub Brian’s bulging crotch. I could see Rob was getting a bit pissed at Marky but he was cool as ice. Marky slipped Brian’s monster cock out of his pants and began to lick the head. Brian looked nervously at Rob who simply nodded ’ok’.

Marky quickly stripped his jeans and underwear off and pointed his ass at Brian. Brian hesitated, looking up to Vanilla. Marky seemed to be getting impatient.

“Come on Brian, don’t let that loser boss you around. I got wat you want right here.” smirked Marky as he patted his ass.

Again Brian looked up to Vanilla who again nodded ’ok’. The hip-hop stud then positioned his dick at the base of Marky’s ass. I could see Ice beginning to rub his hardening cock. Brian’s dick penetrated Marky’s tight, muscular ass and rammed its way inward. Marky let out a deep moan. Rob then peeled his leather pants down revealing his gargantuan cock. It had grown indeed from the pumping. Halfway hard his dick now extended 24 inches and was growing fast. His prick was so long Brian could easily suck it while standing up to fuck Marky. Vanilla began to rap as Brian sucked and fucked.

“Ya know you want this meat
watch it swing to my feet
when you part your lips that way
ooo…I want you night and day
when you squeeze my balls so tight
I wanna blow my load with all my might!!”

Brian now had all 18” of his hard cock deep inside Marky. The muscle stud rapper was moaning, his eyes closed in ecstasy. Vanilla’s cock was rock hard now at 36”. Every guy in the club was jerking his meat at the sight of the three rapper gods on stage. Vanilla continued his sexy lyrics.

“You wanna go down on it—why not
I be like Herbie and hand you a big cock
Get on your knees—make like the breeze—begin to blow
But don’t give me no coy grin if you’re not down to go low
I’m all about mouth fuckin’ but I prefer butt fuckin’…”

Suddenly with amazing speed Vanilla pulled Brian out of Marky’s ass with such force Brian fell backwards onto the stage floor. The Ice man then positioned his own dick at the muscle-stud’s hole. Marky’s eyes were still closed as he begged “Please fuck me Brian. I want it all the way. Ram it back in as hard and far as you can.”

With one quick lunge, Rob’s cock plunged over a foot inside of Marky’s tight ass. Marky’s eyes opened wide and he turned his head to see Vanilla impaling his ass. His eyes got even wider when he looked around behind him to see two feet of cock still behind him. The sight and feel made Marky shoot his load all over the guys in the front row, many of them catching it in their mouths. Before he could react, Vanilla plunged another foot of his cock deep inside virgin parts of Marky Mark’s intestines. Marky tried to struggle but Vanilla held him fast. Marky might look more muscular than Vanilla, but Vanilla seemed to be stronger.

“I sneak up on you like a snipper at your back door
I’ll be up in you til you just can’t take more
stretchin’ your ass as far as I can
if my dick won’t fit I’ll have to ram”

In one powerful thrust, Vanilla’s cock went in to the hilt. Blood began seeping out of Marky’s ass as he cried and whimpered. Brian just stood back in awe. Taking long, deep strokes of almost a foot, Vanilla pistoned Marky’s butt. The muscular rapper now seemed to become more used to Rob’s massive intrusion and was partly humping Vanilla’s cock.

“your rump lookin’ fine since I gave you my head
I fuck your ass ’til it bleeds turning the stage red
I’m moving faster now you quiver with delight
you say it feels so good and that you wanna fuck all night
well my head starts spinning as I shoot my heavy load
gallons and gallons gush out as my cock explodes”

Marky’s eyes opened wide again. I knew the feeling he was experiencing as his bowels were being filled with Ice’s cream. I shot my load in memory of the ambrosia which shoots from the sexy rapper god’s cock. Marky Mark then shot his second load. Guys were fighting over who gets a lick of the white stream erupting from his 14” cock.

Five, then ten minutes later, Vanilla was still cumming deep inside of Marky. As he came inside Marky, Vanilla sucked Brian’s 18” cock until it blew its load inside of Rob’s mouth.

At fifteen minutes after he started cumming, Vanilla’s cream was still spurting into Marky’s guts. Marky then began to taste the Ice man’s sperm. When Vanilla saw it leaking from Marky’s mouth, he resumed his rap.

“well you can lick it—you can taste it
I’m talking every drip drop boy—don’t you waste it
baby slurp it up it’s more than enough to fill you up
boy I’m shootin’ such a tasty treat all in you chump”

Vanilla pulled his dick out of Marky’s ass, spilling gallons of sperm tintet with blood on the stage. He then pushed Marky who was completely exhausted now, on the floor. Ice’s dick was still shooting sperm, covering Marky from head to toe in his white cream. He finally stopped shooting after twenty minutes of continuous flow. Marky lifted his head and looked at his body. Every inch was drenched in Vanilla Ice’s semen. He looked up at Rob who sneered at him cockily. Vanilla reached behind the curtains and grabbed something which he then through at Marky. It was a chain and medallion identical to Brian’s which said, “Nilla’s Boy” in gold. Marky donned the chain in a heartbeat and kissed it. Haughtily, the Ice man spoke.

“From now on both you fellas are my boys. I’ll fuck you whenever I please and as often as I please. You’re mine!”

Brian and Marky nodded ’ok’ and followed Vanilla behind stage. Just before the music started blaring again I could hear moans of pleasure coming from behind stage. Peaking behind the curtain I saw Vanilla Ice leaning back with his hard 3 foot godhood in the air with Brian Austin Green sucking one side while stroking his own 18” cock and Marky Marky licking the other side and jerking his own sizable 14” dick. As he began rapping “Ice Ice Baby” all three shot their loads together as did I all over the stage curtain.

Six months had pasted since my last visit to Miami. Since then I had spent many hours jerking off to Vanilla Ice’s video to “Phat Flava” and Marky Mark’s movie “Boogie Nights”. Now that it was out that Ice was hung bigger than a horse and his sex slaves, Brian Austin Green and Marky Mark were huge too, the buzz in all the entertainment magazines was who else was hung. Juan, my friend who manages Vanilla’s bar in Miami, called me up to let me know Vanilla was holding a special underground sex party and has invited the hugest of the huge in Hollywood. He said it was by invitation only and he had an extra ticket for me! In no time I was on my way to Los Angeles.

Juan met me at the airport and took me to the a large mansion in Beverly Hills owned by Vanilla Ice. Since the party was still two hours away it was pretty quiet. Juan and I had a few beers and talked about the fun times we’d had with Rob, Brian, and Mark. I could hear a car make its way up the driveway and the door open. In walked the man himself, Vanilla Ice, followed by Brian Austin Green and Marky Mark. All three wore baggy jeans and no underwear, showing pubic hair and the base of their cocks. Their naked chests sparkled with thick gold chains and medallions. Rob recognized me and smiled. Before I knew it his thick, full lips were pressed against mine and I felt his luscious tongue enter my mouth. I could feel the full length of his elephant cock rubbing the length of my leg. He turned away then and gave Juan a quick kiss before heading upstairs. Brian and Mark simply waved and followed the super-stud. I knew it was going to be one hell of a night!

Juan wasn’t sure who exactly was going to be there tonight. He had heard there would be at least a dozen horse-hung celebrities, the best from what his contact at ’Playgirl’ could muster. Within an hour the music was blasting and the five of us were getting a nice buzz. Vanilla told us the stars coming tonight all had one thing in common, they were exceptionally hung. Like any man with a monster cock, they liked comparing and seeing who’s the biggest. That was what this party was about, to see who’s the most hung celebrity around. He even showed me the medals that would be awarded, a gold, silver, and bronze, three sets of each—one set for the biggest dick soft, the second for the biggest hard, and the third set is for the biggest pumped dick. He had a whole set of monster-sized pumps in the corner for each man. Rob continued saying there would be 12 guys, two would be famous athletes, two would be fellow rappers, two would be heavy metal stars, one punk rocker, two tv stars, and a movie star.

The doorbell rang and Brian went to answer it. I heard a new voice and then saw them as he came around the corner. To my amazement there stood Lorenzo Lamas! He wore a pair of worn, brown leather jeans, biker boots, and a brown leather vest—no shirt. His tattoos and muscular chest looked incredible! In the crotch of his leather jeans was a huge bulge which worked its way 1/4 to his knee. Juan and I stared as Brian and the Lorenzo chatted, occasionally rubbing their full baskets. Within minutes the doorbell rang again. Brian went to answer it as Ice and Marky continued talking with Lorenzo. Brian returned with a slew of familiar faces. Wearing tight blue jeans and a shiny black leather jacket was Richard Grieco. He had a sexy smile and a cigarette dangling from his full lips as he shook hands with the other studs. Also present was punk rocker Billy Idol, in tight black PVC pants and an open red shirt. His blond hair was spiked and tough-looking.

The party was getting hot when the doorbell rang yet again. Brian welcomed the last of the guests in. Some of the faces looked familiar. There was Brett Michaels from Poison, wearing faded blue jeans (with a few strategically placed rips and tears) and chaps, no shirt. Beside him was Slash from Guns and Roses, in black leather pants, also no shirt, with a cigarette between his sexy lips. Towering above him was someone who looked familiar but I couldn’t place his name. Standing almost seven feet tall, Christian Laettner of the Hawks was a real giant. He was wearing slacks and a t-shirt. The next guys I saw were reggae super-star Snow and British rapper Brian Harvey from the group East 17. Snow had on baggy red jeans with about two inches of boxers showing and a t-shirt. Brian Harvey was dressed similar to Vanilla, in baggy jeans with no underwear or shirt. His pubic hair and about half an inch of cock were clearly visible. His hot chest shined with several thick gold chains. He walked and acted especially cocky and from the look of his crotch, he had every right to. The last guy looked vaguely familiar but I wasn’t sure from where. He had on a backwards baseball cap, gold hoop earing, goatee, sexy glare, baggy jeans with a loose t-shirt. Brian Austin Green introduced him as Olympic gold medallist Tom Dolan. He seemed the most nervous of the group as well as the nicest.

With everyone present, Vanilla Ice spoke.

“Yo homies! We got in goin’ on in da house tonight! Together we got the biggest dicks on the planet G’s. We’re gonna see who’s got wat and have a little f—u—n if ya know wat I mean and I think ya do.”

The group cheered and Vanilla smiled. He went on to explain to all what he told me earlier about the three categories and said we’d go in alphabetical order. Then he shocked me by stating that I, yes I, would be the one to measure the lengths of each guy! He a measuring tape which I barely caught in my trembling hands. Juan seemed a little hurt that it wasn’t him, but he was happy just to be there.

Everyone’s attention went to Tom Dolan who walked up to me and took off his shirt revealing a nice swimmer’s body. His loose jeans showed three inches of Calvin Klein briefs. He seemed a little nervous as he pushed his jeans down to his ankles. His box was respectable but not huge. With a quick pull his briefs were down too. A nice cock with dark blond pubes was mere inches from my face. I got the tape out and recorded its soft length at 4”. Next in line was Brian Austin Green whose dick was already poking out of his baggy jeans and was strutting his stuff as he walked my way. His long cock swung like a pendulum with each stride. He cockily looked one way and the next at the crowd as I placed the tape against his limp yet hung cock. Brian Austin Green came in at a nice 9” soft. Behind Brian was Richard Grieco. His jeans came down but he kept his black leather jacket on. It contrasted nicely against his tan skin and jet black hair. He lit another cigarette and walked up to the tape. He too came in at 9”.

While mostly unfamiliar with him, Brian Harvey of the British rap group East 17 was very sexy. He stood with his hands under his armpits as his baggy jeans dropped. His monster uncut cock was 13.5” long and extremely thick! Next in line was Vanilla Ice. He stood in front of me and sexy lyrics began rolling off his tongue.

“My homeboyz scream and moan
beggin me ta give them da bone
Come on unzip my pants
then take a look, a glance”

I slowly dropped his loose jeans showing inch after inch of white rapper cock. His head passed his knee at 18” and I heard several in the crowd gasp. Vanilla simply strutted aside, dick swinging low and heavy.

I was rock hard and about to cum when the next guy, sexy punk rocker Billy Idol came to me. He kept his PVC pants on but whipped his long dick out revealing 10” of soft uncut British cock and blond pubes. As I called out his dimensions, he gave me a tough sneer. With that I could feel my pants soak with a load of white cum! I couldn’t help myself but was hard again before the next stud came to me.

Nothing could prepare me for the next guy. At 6’11”, Atlanta Hawks player Christian Laettner pulled his pants down, showing inch after inch of all-star cock. His pants were down to his knee now and still his cock continued. Finally, well below his knees, the head plopped out. Everyone in the room was in awe as I read the measurement at 22”!

Coming after Laettner, Lorenzo Lamas seemed a little nervous. Soft, his dick was a thick 9 1/2” long. Marky Mark took his jeans off next displaying 6” of soft cock. Behind him sexy Brett Michaels had ripped a hole in his jeans where his cock was. The long, thick organ stuck out of the ripped jeans and chaps to 11”! Even longer was Slash who’s prick snaked out of his leather jeans a full foot soft! Snow was measured last at a decent 7” soft.

Just as Juan was getting ready to hand out the awards, the door burst open and in walked David Faustino, aka Bud Bundy.

“I heard you were havin’ a dick contest and though I’d come to pick up the gold.”

With that he unzipped his baggy jeans and whipped out a monster of a cock. I got down on my knees before him to measure the enormousness of his manhood. I looked above me at the short, yet built actor with a light goatee and full lips. He was unbuttoning his shirt to reveal an awesome chest, smooth and lean, with a single gold chain. I held the tape measure against his cock, amazed at how heavy the limp, thickly veined organ felt. Placing the end of the tape at the base of his cock, I let it fall to the floor where his cock was a mere two inches shy of touching. At 28” soft, he was by far the winner!

Juan was given the honors of awarding the winners so at 28” soft, David Faustino was given the thick gold chain with gold medallion. Christian Laettner donned the thick silver chain and silver medal. Juan then handed Vanilla Ice the bronze for his 18” soft manhood.

Vanilla Ice addressed the crowd.

“Now for da fun part…”

With that he reached over and began kissing Snow. The reggae star was shocked but quickly began to reciprocate, slipping his tongue deep inside Vanilla’s mouth. Brian Harvey stalked over to Brian Austin Green and forced the hip-hop actor on his knees. Then, grabbing the back of the actor’s head, the cockney British stallion began forcing his monster dick into his mouth. Marky Mark made a bee-line towards David Faustino. He began sucking the mammoth pole as David moaned and groaned. The rest of the crowd began jerking their cocks and stroking one another. I stood back and whipped my 7” hard cock out and began masturbating. Juan was quick to do the same.

As Snow began sucking Vanilla’s cock, the white rapper began with his magic lyrics.

“I’m gonna do ya ’round the clock
’cause you know how to blow a cock
Now open ya mouth real wide
’cause I’m gonna cram my big dick inside
lick the beef hangin’ below my knees
slurp dat Ice cream, it’s delicious
don’t believe me? ask my bitches”

As he spoke, he pointed over to Brian Austin Green and Marky Mark. Marky was going to town on David’s gargatua prick. Brian Austin Green was choking on Brian Harvey’s huge piece. Vanilla suddenly whipped Snow around and plunged his massive cock up the stud’s ass.

“Now I’m gonna open ya ass real wide
and give ya a 3 foot surprise
Plungin’ my dick up ya rump
ya know I ain’t no chump
’cause I be spreadin’ ya butt cheeks real wide
you gonna feel it when I hock a luggie inside
I’m bruisin’ ya ass wit dat pelvic thrust
fuck ya wild until my balls bust”

Snow was in agony and ecstasy as Vanilla plowed his rear with his 3 foot cock. Everyone looked as though they were going to shoot their load when Vanilla remembered the contest and stopped. By now everyone was rock hard and it was time to measure.

Everyone began looking around for Tom Dolan. He stood in the corner stroking a rock-hard dick of amazing length. I had heard that some people grow a lot when from their soft to hard length but this was incredible! My hands trembled as I ran the tape along his length. The head jutted at me an incredible 14 1/2”! Next up was David Faustino. His dick wasn’t much of a grower when it hardened compared to Tom. His rock hard Bundy cock was 31” hard. Standing next to him with his hands on his hips and a dirty smile, Brian Austin Green’s hot penis was a whopping 18” hard!

As I measured it, he pressed my head against it. My tongue licked the length of his shaft as my left hand rubbed his toned chest and my right hand his firm ass. It felt so hot feeling the cool touch of the six thick gold chains, one as thick as my pinky, on his steaming chest while my other hand felt the mountain of chains going from his wallet past his muscular ass to his unzipped crotch. There must have been over a dozen and most hanging almost to the floor! Brian looked over to Richard Grieco, who was next in line, and smirked “Top that if you can homeboy!”

Lighting another cigarette, Richard Grieco’s man cock reached to 15 3/4”! Like a monster, the rapper-skinhead Brian Harvey’s dick was enormous at a mystical 34”!!! After I measured it he slapped my face with it a couple of times and laughed. Vanilla Ice’s dick reach an even greater length of THREE FEET!!!

Billy Idol’s thick uncut prick towered a whopping 17 1/4” above his tight PVC pants. That was nothing compared to the guy beside him, knock-out stallion Christian Laettner, whose dick stretched to 32” of dream-team cock! Now I knew how he got his number! Lorenzo Lamas’s thick cock was half the all-star’s size at 16”. Marky Mark’s 11” hard cock was respectable but dwarfed by Brett Michael’s dick which pointed a full 17” above his torn jeans and leather chaps. Next to him, Slash’s dick rose a whopping 19” out of his black leather jeans. Slash gently stroked it with a cigarette in hand. Snow had a nice 12” of hard cock.

Juan awarded Vanilla Ice with the gold medal. The white rapper’s chest now glittered even more with the twelve thick gold chains and one bronze chain along with five medallions. Brian Harvey’s chest was sparkling even more too with the addition of a silver chain and medallion. Christian Laettner captured the bronze.

Vanilla began passing out the pumps, giving the larger ones to the biggest studs and the smaller (yet still much larger than average) pumps to the smaller yet still hung celebrities.

Vanilla placed the pump over his engorged dick and turned it on. Everyone was silent in awe as he showed how to use the pumps. Excited at the prospect of an even larger cock, everyone eagerly began pumping. Juan and I even decided to give it a try. I could feel the blood pouring into my dick and feel it stretching to lengths I never dreamed before. I looked around to see the others amazed at their new dimensions. Within a few minutes, my dick was now 10” long and much thicker. Juan’s uncut latino dick measured 12” long. As big as they seemed, they were nothing compared to the others. With the pumps off their engorged dicks and a leather band tied around the members to keep the blood in, they were truly a sight to be seen. Some had grown larger than the pump given to them and were now working on an even larger pump.

Tom Dolan’s face was alight at the piece of meat hanging between his firm legs. It measured in at just over 17 1/2”! Bud’s dick was definitely a grower when pumped! It had quickly filled up the 3 foot pump and was an incredible 3 FOOT 8 INCHED fully pumped, thick as a two liter soda bottle! Brian Austin Green’s dick was 22” pumped and as thick as a one-liter soda bottle. Richard Grieco’s cock had expanded to 20” but not quite as thick as the hip-hop actor’s. Brian Harvey’s skinhead cock had long since filled the three foot pump and was now rapidly filling the four foot pump. Within minutes his cock was maxed out a mere two inches from the end. The pump came off with a loud ’plunk’ revealing THREE FEET AND TEN INCHES of skinhead-rapper British cock! Vanilla Ice had filled up the four foot pump and whipped it out. I had seen it that big once before but seeing it again was truly amazing! FOUR FEET of white rapper dick sticking in the air is the sexiest view in the world! Billy Idol was next with 23” of punk cock. He gave me another sneer as he slapped me in the face with his manhood.

Christian Laettner was still filling up his four foot pump so I skipped over to Lorenzo Lamas. The rebel’s dick was definitely a grower! It had almost filled the two foot pump, maxing out at 21”! As before, Marky Mark’s cock reached 14”. Brett Michael’s heavy metal cock was a heavy TWO FEET long and thick as a two liter soda bottle when hard!! Slash had him beat at TWO AND A HALF FEET LONG and just as thick!! Snow’s dick had grown to a nice 15”. By now Laettner’s dick was as big as it could get at 3 1/2 feet!

For the absolute largest dick, Vanilla Ice was awarded the gold medal. Second place was awarded to sexy skinhead-rapper Brian Harvey. David Faustino came in third with the bronze and 3 1/2 feet of dick.

I noticed after giving the awards that there was still a set in the box. Vanilla saw the look on my face and spoke to the crowd.

“Yo homies! There’s gonna be another competition. If ya wanna join, feel free. I know not all of ya get into a little homeboy to homeboy action so if ya wanna leave, feel free.”

No one left the room so Vanilla continued.

“Check dis out G!”

“Ok homies, let’s see who has the stuff ta fill ’em up!”

What occurred next was an awesome sight! All these studs began jerking their engorged dicks. You could feel the pressure begin to build at the stroking of so many feet of cock in one room. First to cum were Snow and Tom Dolan. Tom Dolan’s 1 1/2 foot dick shot a nice two ounces of semen while Snow’s 15” blew 1 1/2 ounces.

Marky Mark’s muscle cock of 14” erupted next with just over an ounce of rap cum. Billy Idol sneered and yelled as his dick stretched even more to 24” and shot sperm into the container. His dick continued to shoot even as others began to cum! Soon Lorenzo Lamas followed with three ounces of rebel sperm shooting from the 21 inch cock towering above him. Billy Idol was still shooting sperm and his dick was still getting larger as more and more juice tried to burst its way through the tip! The container was already 1/4 full and his dick had stretched a few more inches to 26” of punk rock cock!

Brian Austin Green shot his load of hip-hop cum from his 22” hip hop dick, a full 3 1/2 ounces of it. Finally I saw Billy Idol’s cock reach its potential and the sperm begin to taper off. His dick was an incredible TWO AND A HALF FEET long and gushing out a total of 1/2 gallon of punk sperm! Christian Laettner shot next from his 3 foot 6 inch pumped dick. A giant 1/4 gallon of dream-team cum shot into the bucket at record speed. Richard Grieco’s dick erupted next spewing 5 ounces of sperm from his cum-enlarged 22” cock.

Vanilla Ice then began to shoot from his 4 foot cock. It looked like a dam had broken as his cum shot in a steady stream from his god-like prick. As the cum worked its way from his balls, I could actually see it expanding his superdick! The container rapidly filled as the others began shooting.

Brian Harvey shot next from his 3 foot 10 inch cock. I could see it too swell like Vanilla’s as it blew. As he filled the bucket, Slash and Brett Michaels came ejecting globs of heavy metal sperm. Slash’s 2 and a half foot dick shot 1/4 gallon of sperm. Brett Michael’s two footer shot almost as much. David Faustino’s dick had stretched to 3 feet 10 inches as it filled the bucket up to the 1/4 gallon mark.

Brian Harvey and Vanilla Ice were still filling up their containers. It was a battle for the gold as they stroked their engorged dicks. I could see the pressure of the sperm expanding their pumped dicks to the limit. I measured Brian’s at just over 4 feet and still growing. Ice’s was at 4’ 3” and expanding! After each filled their containers a fresh one was put in front for them. The skinhead’s dick was now at 4’4” and was still gushing its torrent of British sperm. Vanilla’s dick, at 4’5”, was still shooting strong. Both smiled at the crowd as they stared in amazement.

Several of the others were hard again and stroking at the sight of these two super-studs. For fifteen minutes both shot until finally, after filling up 1 1/4 gallons of sperm, Brian Harvey’s load subsided. His dick was soar, having stretched to accommodate the load to an astounding 4 1/2 FEET! Next to him, still shooting strong, was Vanilla Ice’s cock, now over 4 FEET and 7 INCHES! It took another ten minutes of Ice to stop and even then cum continued to leak out at a reduced rate, dripping on the floor. Ice was by far the winner with almost 2 gallons of cream!

By a long-shot, Vanilla was awarded the gold. Brian Harvey came in second with the silver and Billy Idol third with the bronze.

With their nuts drained the their cocks soar, the super-studs began to leave one-by-one. Still hot and horny, Vanilla Ice and Brian Harvey left together to Ice’s bedroom. I also noticed Marky Mark and David Faustino sneaking out together as well as Brian Austin Green and Snow. Juan snuck out with Tom Dolan leaving me alone, or so I thought. I felt a hand rub my ass but before I could turn around, I was held tight. I reached my hand behind me to find a massive cock sticking out of a pair of tight PVC pants. The punk rocker twisted my head to the side and chewed on my ear, sucking it and licking all around it. His hips gyrated against mine and I could feel his cock hardening. Soon he had the tip in my waiting ass and began pushing it further inside of me. Having taken two feet of Vanilla’s cock once, I was just able to accommodate Billy Idol’s two foot punk rock cock. He turned me around and sneered as he fucked my ass. His medallion hung from his hot chest, falling on my chest with each thrust of his piston. Unlike Vanilla whose thrusts were long and slow, Billy’s were short and fast. At one point I reached up to kiss him but he spat in my face. That turned me on even more and I reached up to kiss him again and he licked the spit off my face, then stuck his incredibly long tongue down my throat. With a load yell, I shot his punk sperm deep inside my bowels. Just as quick as he came, he pulled his leaking cock out and headed for the door. He walked out in broad daylight with his two foot cock hanging out of his skin-tight black PVC pants still leaking cum. Now THAT was a STUD!

The memories of Vanilla Ice’s horse-hung celebrity party kept me hard for months afterwards. Some of the biggest dicks in Hollywood had gathered at Rob’s Beverly Hills mansion to compare their dimensions and see who was the biggest, and I had the fortune of being the one to measure each stud. That party though was to pale in comparison with the next, which would also happened to be my last encounter with the Ice man.

I was flipping through the channels on TV when the phone rang. It was Juan calling about plans for another party. Some of the celebs from the previous party were contacting other celebs who were rumored to be hung. Juan also stated a male celebs who was not horse-hung but who was interested in helping me judge the contestants would also be there, but his identity would remain secret—a surpass for me.

As we talked, the VCR suddenly which the station and began recording. The show was a live wrestling match my roommate had ordered on pay-per-view and set the VCR to record. Juan and I continued to talk as the first match began. As I expected, the first wrestler was some fat slob with an ugly face. The second wrestler caught me totally by surpass. Coming out in a neon-red thong and an open leather jacket was the hottest stud I had ever seen. The screen flashed the name “Alex Wright—das Wunderkind”, and the wrestler began this erotic dance shaking his hips and strutting his stuff. He came up to the camera and said something in German and went on to the stage. Granted I rarely ever watch wrestling, but I found it hard to believe this guy had been on TV for long and I didn’t know about it. I mean, this stud was HOT! Further exciting me was the tremendous bulge in his g-string. I hadn’t seen anything like it since the party at Ice’s! I told Juan to turn to the station but since it was pay-per-view, he didn’t have it, so I told him about the guy.

Alex Wright climbed up the ring and stood atop the ropes with his back to the center. Doing a back-flip, he vaulted high over the ring and landed on his feet in one smooth motion. He then continued his erotic dance for a few seconds before unzipping the last few inches of his jacket to reveal the World Cruiserweight Champion belt. He took off his jacket and the belt and faced his troll of an opponent. Watching this stud in action was giving me a hard-on! Alex was quick and muscular, a large contrast to the other wrestler who was slow and bulky. Nevertheless, in one bad move, Alex was thrown down on the mat with a loud “thud”. Amazingly, he arched his back and jumped back on his feet before the other guy could pin him.

We continued to talk about the party until something fantastic happened in the wrestling match. The two wrestlers were grappling with one another and the fat guy had a grab on the side of Alex’s g-string. When the German wrestler threw him off, the g-string pulled back exposing Alex’s uncut cock! The crowd gasped and the announcer was shocked but the two wrestlers were apparently unaware of the situation. Totally soft, his dick was at least 9 inches and thick! No wonder that bulge was so big! It took about five seconds for Alex to realize his dick was out and he quickly stuffed it back in his g-string and the match continued. In the end, the German wrestler won by flipping his opponent over his back and holding him down for the count. After his finish, he did his erotic dance again, this time grabbing his crotch and humping at the crowd.

As I told Juan about the match, he promised he’d get his friend at “Playgirl” to contact the wrestler. With that, Juan finished by saying he’d call me when the party was set.

About a month later, Juan called with details on the party and said he had already mailed me an airplane ticket. He then switched the subject.

“Have you been keeping up with the TV wrestling?”

“Yeah, they’re calling Alex Wright ’das Wunderdick’, were you able to get in touch with him?”

“No, but ’Playgirl’ has and is doing a full spread of him in their next issue. My friend there is trying to talk him into coming to our party but he hasn’t confirmed. You’ll never guess how big he is!”

“I figure about 9 inches soft.”

“Close, 9 1/2 soft. In the spread, they have a shot of him only semi-hard and it’s well over a foot!”

“I wonder if any other wrestlers there are hung?”

“I’ll check. I’ll also redouble my efforts to get him invited. I’ve got two weeks so maybe…”

Those two weeks felt like two years but finally I was at the front door to Vanilla’s mansion in Beverly Hills. Juan answered the door with a smile and a beer. He said Vanilla and Brian Austin Green were upstairs and Marky Mark was preparing the rec room for the party. Even from the front door I could hear the two studs upstairs going at it! We continued into the rec room where Mark was fixing things up. He looked pissed. Juan glanced at me and then shifted his eyes upstairs to where the bumping and grinding noises were taking place upstairs. I had to admit though, he somehow looked sexier with a pissed look. Maybe it was the sneers or perhaps it was the baggy jeans hanging off his ass showing off his Calvins?

The room was looking nice. Chairs were set up along the room’s perimeter. In one corner was a box full of custom-made pumps and medals as before. On a table in another corner were drinks. I was getting ready to down one when Mark stopped me.

“Not yet, those are for latter.”

The white liquid looked a little like milk but I thought it was ’Sex on the Beach’ or some other drink but it smelt funny.

“What’s in it?”

“A little secret a friend of Rob has been working on. Let’s just say it is partly to account for Rob’s tremendous success with the pumping. It’s to dick what steroids are to muscle.” stated Juan.

“Yeah, and that sucka’s kept it to himself until after the last party when my homeboy Brian and me confronted him ’bout it.” smirked Marky. “Since then we’ve used that shit like they ain’t no tomorrow. That dope is da shit!”

Juan winked at me and whispered in my ear “I’ve tried it too. You’ll be amazed at how fast and good it works.”

Mark then opened the door to a smaller room where two short chairs and a measuring tape were. Juan noticed my confusion and informed me on it.

“Some of the new celebs felt squeamish about showing their stuff in front of other guys, especially after hearing how hung Vanilla is. This time, you and Simon will measure each guy in private. Then, if all is cool, those who want to stay can for the main event.”

“Simon who?”

“That’s the secret I told you about.” answered Juan with a finger to his nose.

That question plagued my mind. Simon who? As I pondered, Vanilla Ice and Brian Austin Green appeared. Both were wet from a shower and clothed only in a towel. Their bodies shimmered with water droplets. Vanilla saw me and approached, giving me a deep french kiss and a pat on my ass. Brian followed with a quick kiss and a placed my hand on his package. I squeezed on the huge mass beneath the towel. The two head towards the kitchen, grab a couple of beers, and go back upstairs to change.

Shortly afterwards, the doorbell rings and the first guest arrives. Marky goes to answer it and returns with MTV VJ Simon Rex.

“Here’s the other judge G.”

My mouth gapped open as Simon Rex came over and shook my hand. He was dressed like a skateboarder with baggy jeans showing off a few inches of red silk boxers and no shirt. As we shook hands, I spoke.

“I saw your video tape. You were hot!”

Simon blushed a little and thanked me. He must still be a bit embarrassed about the porn tapes he made before becoming an MTV VJ.

“I know I’m not as big as Vanilla or the others but I hear they have a way to help with that.” said the VJ.

“Yeah, but we’ll come to that later.” interrupted Juan as the doorbell rang again. Juan left to answer it and returned with a slew of celebrities. Some were at the last party while others were new. First was Billy Idol, wearing as before tight black PVC pants but this time an open blue shirt, and black boots. With him was Tim Armstrong of the punk group Rancid. Tim was amazing-looking with his spiked hair in a mohawk, the spikes about a foot high. He wore a pair of bleached skin-tight jeans, white t-shirt, and a green bomber jacket. My eyes almost popped out at the sight of his bulge. In those skin-tight jeans, his cock made an incredible impression which worked its way from the huge mound at his crotch all the way to his knee! It was incredibly thick too, almost as thick as my wrist! He seemed a little nervous though, being the tough punk rocker type but Billy kept on reassuring him it was cool. Behind them were other familiar faces—the action star Dolph Lungren, who was a towering man wearing a tight muscleshirt and jeans. Behind the hulky man was Richard Greico, wearing tight blue jeans and a shiny black leather jacket.

At this point Vanilla Ice and Brian Austin Green came downstairs and began greeting their guests. Vanilla was dressed even more wild than his usual with his jeans so baggy six full inches of cock showed. His chest was adorned with two dozen thick gold chains and six big medallions. Some of the chains were as thick as my pinkie and one almost as thick as an average man’s cock! Brian Austin Green wore baggy black vinyl pants, showing about two inches of cock. He had just as many chains on as Rob, but only a few around his neck, the rest were attached from his wallet hanging well past his knee and connecting to his pants near his crotch.

Again the doorbell rang and several other celebrities joined the party. There was Brett Michaels from Poison, wearing his usual torn jeans and worn brown chaps, cowboy boots and no shirt. With him was Slash, from the group Guns and Roses. Slash also had a pair of jeans and chaps, but his chaps were black and shiny. Behind them were Jason Priestly, Brad Renfro, and Devon Sawa. Those three were dressed kinda preppy with Brad being a bit on the skateboarder side of prep. It kind of made me nervous though that he was here since the upcoming movie star was under 18, but you could hardly tell from the looks of him.

The party was going well when several more guests arrived. Straight out from England, the group East 17 came in. I had fond memories of Brian Harvey’s skinhead horse-cock and wondered how well his fellow rappers were hung. Brian, wearing baggy jeans and no underwear to show off his pubic hair and the base of his cock, introduced me to his friends. John was also a skinhead and wore vinyl sports pants and a sports jacket, no shirt. Terry was as rough and gangsta-looking as any black man in rap. He had a bandanna and a pair of loose black jeans on and a t-shirt. The last guy was one of the lead singers (along with Brian) of the group, Tony. He was dressed more casual than the others. In the rear was two other musicians. Ulf Ekberg of the group Ace of Base was in sexy black vinyl pants and an open black silk shirt. His dirty blond hair and goatee looked so sexy on his tanned face. Next to him was David Navarro from Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He too had shoulder-length hair and a goatee, but his hair was black. He woar black leather jeans and a black latex shirt, so tight his defined chest showed right through.

Juan seemed a little edgy and whispered in my ear. “It looks like Alex and his wrestler friends won’t show.”

Just as he finished his sentence, the doorbell rang and in came Alex Wright. The 6’3” stud, now nicknamed “das wunderdick” was an amazing sight. His tight muscleshirt accentuated his chest and several gold chains added to the effect. His tight black jeans showed his nice ass and huge package so well I was convinced he must stop traffic as he walks down the street! Next to Alex was the hunk wrestler Shawn Michaels. I had seen him in ’Playgirl’ once before. I figure he was probably the key Juan’s friend used to get Alex to come. His dirty blond hair hung below his shoulders and onto his black tank-top. His tight blue jeans looked very sexy.

With all of the contestants ready and seated, Vanilla spoke.

“Yo! Wassup fellas! No doubt you know why you’re here, ’cause yo hommies are hung and wanna compare to see who’s the biggest. Da other reason is I have a special way of permanently increasing da size of ya cock so’s you can have a bomb cock like me—bigger than a horse.”

There were several suprised looks on the guests as well as myself. He continued his speech.

“Ya know I’ve got a big one and I’m proud to say I can cum bucketfulls. After my spot on ’Playgirl’, several scientists came buggin about checkin out my DNA. They were able to isolate the gene which makes my dick so big and my balls so productive. It works fast and it works good. They’ve even improved it and made it permanent. So yo hommies, let’s start da party!”

Several in the crowd cheered. Simon motioned for me to follow him into the room. Vanilla told the crowd we’d be checking each one out in the privacy of the room. I was to measure, while Simon was to keep track and help “stimulate” if needed.

I could feel the excitement as I picked up the tape. The first guy I was to measure was Tim Armstrong of the punk group Rancid. He walked kinda bow-legged, probably from the tight jeans and ample package they contained. Vanilla handed him a glass of the white liquid which he quickly swallowed. With the door shut, the punk peeled down his jeans showing inches of monster cock. My fingers shook as they reached for the measuring tape.

I turned to Simon and asked “If this is what that drink does, I think I’ll have a few!”

Tim spoke up. “Yo man this is how big it always is! That shit ain’t done nuthin yet but make me wanna puke!”

“It only starts working shortly and during orgasm.” stated Simon. “At least that’s what Juan told me.”

With his dick hanging out of his skin-tight jeans, I measured Tim Armstrong in at 16” soft. Now it was time to get him hard. The punk was straight so Simon handed him a “Playboy” to look at as I began working on his manhood. He moaned in pleasure as my lips worked its way up and down his shaft. There was plenty for Simon who joined me. I looked down to see Simon stroking his dick as he licked Tim’s. He was a nice size, looking bigger in person than on film. I placed the tape on it and measured it at 6 inches hard. My own 7 inches was free and getting a workout by my hand. As I licked his hardening rod, I looked up at the punk. His eyes were closed and his head tilted back. The spikes from his mohawk rubbed against the wall. He began removing his green bomber jacket, revealing muscular yet lean arms and a few tattoos. His jacket fell to the floor and his hand grabbed the back of my head. Clinching my hair, he forced me up and down his prick. It was so thick I could hardly get the head in my mouth! By now it hung well past his knee, almost to his calf, and was still not hard! Simon and I continued are worship of the punk dick until we felt it stiffen. It was so heavy it still hung down, but was elevated to a 45 degree angle. I picked the tape up and placed it against his punk cock. Hard it measured a whopping 30 1/2 inches! The stud mocked our gasps.

“You fags love a big dick ehh?! Well I’ve got the biggest.”

I responded with “Actually, Vanilla Ice bigger than you.”

He seemed shocked, but an evil grin came to his face and he continued “Try the pump then.”

I placed one of Vanilla’s custom-made pumps on Tim and switched it on. Tim moaned in pleasure and awe as his big dick began expanding. In less than a minute, his dick had filled the three-foot pump so we removed it and began using the four-footer. Again, his dick continued its rapid engorgement. I began rubbing his fine smooth ass and he caressed my face. Simon stood and, to my amazement, the two kissed. Tim had the longest tongue I had ever seen probing deep into Simon’s mouth. God what a woman must have felt when he tongued her cunt! I stood and he pressed his tongue deep into my mouth, licking my tonsils. I could feel him spasm some and new he was getting close.

Suddenly Simon looked down and yelled “My God!”

I followed his eyes and gasped at the pump. The four-foot pump was about to explode as Tim’s punk cock filled it completely! I opened the door and called out for the five-footer, making many in the room stare in awe through the door at the stud’s monster dick, now four feet long and as thick as a two-liter soda bottle! Vanilla handed me the largest pump he had and I closed the door. The smaller pump came off with a loud “plunk” and the larger one was quickly put in place and turned on. Tim grinned wickedly at the two of us and mocked us again.

“Yeah, look at that dick fags! Look at my motherfuckin cock! That’s a real man’s dick there! Yeah faggots, lick it good!”

As Simon licked the side of the tube along his shaft, I lifted up the punkers shirt and began licking his pierced nipple. My hand caressed his ass until he grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards his rear. I knew what he wanted and was happy to oblige. My tongue licked his waiting ass fiercely. This seemed to stimulate him further.

He began to spasm and shouted out “I’m gonna cum faggots! Get it while it’s hot!”

Simon whipped off the pump and I grabbed the tape. Before I could measure him, his dick erupted in a guiser of punk cum. The gene potion of Rob’s was doing wonders for this spiked-headed stud, pushing his dick to the limits. Not only was it making it bigger, but it also made him cum more. Simon grabbed the bucket to contain Tim’s sperm. As I measured his dick, it continued to expand to accommodate the torrent of manjuice flooding from his punkhood.

He smirked at me and demanded “Okay fag, who’s got the biggest cock?”

I was shocked and in awe as I whispered “You have, it’s 4’10” long, 17 inches around!”

Simon Rex stood back in awe. Both of us looked at each other and opened the door asking for two of the smaller pumps and two glasses of the white potion. As Tim continued to fill the bucket, we both drank the potion and began pumping ourselves.

I had the strangest feeling of pleasure in my cock as it filled the chamber. Suddenly I felt overwhelmingly horny and my dick tingled with a sensation I had never felt before. It felt unreal as my once 7 inch cock began to orgasm. It was now 15 1/4 inches long! Simon had even better results than I. His once 6 inch cock was now almost 18 inches long and gushing semen like Tim’s. When I reached orgasm, I felt like I was in heaven. The pleasure centers of my brain were shooting off like never before and my dick passed the 16 inch mark as it exploded in sperm. My balls were larger than ever before and the sperm just kept shooting. The feeling was similar to when you finally pee after a six-pack of beer, relief, mixed with sexual passion. The sperm shot out just as fast as piss and felt hotter than normal. I was to find out later, the sperm is heated to 103 degrees F in this frenzied state! After five minutes, my balls were emptied. A minute later, so was Simon Rex’s, yet we both still felt horny as hell! In five minutes, after a full quarter hour of non-stop gushing, Tim Armstrong’s 4’10” monster dick finally subsided. In our orgasms, Simon and I had forgotten about the bucket which had long since overflowed with cum. He told us he had filled the bucket about five minutes ago so we figured he had cum about 1 1/2 gallons worth of sperm!

Juan looked up as the door finally opened. Tim Armstrong strutted out. His cock was way too big to fit back in his jeans and he was still horny from the potion so it hung out it’s full 4’10”. He had to lift it to keep it from dragging on the floor.

From the other room, Simon shouted “Sixteen inches soft, FOUR FEET and TEN INCHES hard. Next!”

Juan watched as Terry Coldwell, the gangsta-stud from East 17 drank the genetic juice and made his way to the room. As the door shut, everyone in the rec room simply stared at Tim Armstrong in awe and admiration. Vanilla Ice’s mouth gapped open. Tim was actually bigger than Rob!

Ten minutes passed before the door opened and out came the British stud with a heavy piece of meat hanging from his pants.

Simon shouted “Nine and a half inches soft, 13 3/4 inches hard. Next!”

I wiped Terry’s cum from my lips as Ulf Ekberg entered the room. The Scandinavian stud unzipped his black vinyl pants and removed his thick uncut cock. It measured 7 3/4” soft. As I began to suck him, he motioned Simon over. Simon still had his 18 inch prick out which Ulf quickly began to swallow. I worked his dick with my lips as my hands rubbed his vinyl- covered ass and smooth tanned chest. Ulf’s dick quickly hardened, doubling in length and thickness to 14 1/2 inches long and 9 inches around. I placed the pump on it and pressed the ’on’ button. He closed his eyes and groaned as his dick filled the pump chamber. He was about to cum when I removed his prick from the pump and measured him at 22 inches. He shot his load in my mouth filling it up with Scandinavian sperm faster than I could swallow. His white passion flowed from the corners of my mouth which Simon quickly began licking up. Once done, Ulf lifted me up and kissed me, sucking his own sperm back into his mouth.

Ulf opened the door and Simon said, “Seven and 3/4 soft, twenty-two inches hard. Next!”

Brian Austin Green strutted in next. Always the cocky stud, he downed a glass of Vanilla’s potion and whipped his big dick out. I was becoming very familiar with his prick and new it was 9” soft. He grabbed the back of my head and began forcing me to take all of his manhood into my mouth. He didn’t have to try hard because I was more than eager to engulf his hip-hop cock. Simon licked his nipples as I worked my lips over his studly piece. Once hard, I measured it at its usual 18”. I then placed the pump over it and turned it on. The intense pleasure I felt before was now evident on Brian’s face. I rubbed his vinyl-clad ass and licked the mass of wallet-chains, some hanging so low they almost touched the floor. He soon filled the two-foot pump so we switched to the three-footer. In minutes he was about to cum so I whipped off the pump and measured him at 28” before his cock blew its load of hip-hop cum. As it shot ounce after ounce of hot sperm, his cock grew a little bit to an amazing 30 inches! For ten minutes his dick shot its load until it finally tapered off. He smirked at me and picked up the bucket containing 1/4 gallon of his sperm and gulped it down.

Brian Austin Green opened the door and walked out, his 30 inch dick hanging well past his knees reaching as far as his longest wallet-chain. Simon Rex yelled out “Nine inches soft, 30 inches hard. Next!”

Juan looked over to Richard Greico as the actor drank a glass of the potion. He lit a cigarette as he entered the room and closed the door behind him. About sixteen minutes later, the door opened again and Richard Greico came out, dick hanging much lower than Juan remembered it last time, and dripping cum. The sexy actor lit another cigarette, inhaled deeply, and exhaled as Simon called out “Nine inches soft, 28 inches hard. Next!”

Brian Harvey, the skinhead rapper from East 17 was the next stud in line. He swallowed the potion and went into the room. Juan looked back over at Richard Greico whose cock was still leaking sperm over the floor. His leather jacket was open revealing a tanned and defined body. The actor noticed Juan was staring and motioned him to come over. Juan went across the room and Richard took a long drag from the cigarette, grabbed the back of Juan’s head, and pulled him into a deep french kiss. Juan could feel the warm smoke filling his lungs as they shared their passion. The latino stud’s hand wandered down to stroke Greico’s two foot four inch prick.

Some of the other guys were getting a little nervous and Vanilla called out to Juan to hold off until after the contest. Juan reluctantly went back to his seat and Richard gave him a wink and promised “Later.”

Brian Harvey was gone for almost half an hour before the door opened. He turned to the crowd as he held his still-hard cock and said in a cockney British accent “Blokes, eat your hearts out!” With a few quick strokes, his gargantuan cock shot its load all over the floor.

Simon Rex called out in a gargling voice “Thirteen and a half inches soft, FOUR FEET EIGHT INCHES hard! Next!”

Juan could see inside the room where Simon was busy downing the gallon of sperm Brian had shot BEFORE his second load in the rec room.

I knew who was next and couldn’t wait. The stud walked in, licking the potion from his lips, and shut the door. Billy Idol pulled his uncut British punk cock out for me to measure it at 10 inches soft. He sneered at me and rammed his prick deep into my mouth. Simon Rex got down on his hands and knees and began licking the punk’s biker boots. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and asked if he’d sing one of his songs as I sucked. He have me a tough snarl and forced me back to sucking his cock. I shot my load as he began chanting his song “Rebel Yell” while I worked his rebel dick.

His hard cock was 17 1/4 inches long before we put the pump on it. I knew from last time not to even bother with the two-footer and go directly to the three-foot pump. Within minutes he maxed out a mere three inches from the end of the pump! The pump came off with an audible “plunk” just before his manhood shot its load of jism all over my face. The stud came all over me for ten minutes, totally drenching me in his punk sperm. Once done, he gave me another sneer and opened the door.

Simon shouted “Ten inches soft, TWO FEET NINE INCHES hard! Next!”

The moment I had waited for arrived. Vanilla Ice strutted into the room and dropped his pants. As before, he came in at 18 inches soft, the head reaching just past his knees. He knew what I liked and as Simon and I began worshipping his godhood, the rap idol began singing sexy lyrics.

“You’re no fuckin’ fool,
ya know ya can’t live without my love tool.
Cause I’m tha fella with the monster prick,
you know tha one, so long and thick.”

I felt his muscular chest, rubbing the patch of hair around his navel and then the chains on his sparkling chest. Simon felt his firm ass while Vanilla continued his rapping.

“One look and you be droolin’,
Yo sucka let’s get to groovin’.
Lickin’ my dick was your dream,
slurpin’ and drinkin’ da Ice cream,
Stroke my shaft and dock my cock,
’til I grasp your cheeks, divide the mass
and ram my big dick all up in your ass.”

With incredible speed, Vanilla Ice grabbed Simon Rex and turned him around, ramming a foot of his cock up the VJ’s ass before Simon knew what was happening. Simon moaned in pleasure with each piston-thrust of the Iceman’s three-foot cock. When he felt he was getting close to orgasm, Rob pulled out so I could measure his dick. Simon collapsed onto the floor, blood leaking out of his stretched ass. Vanilla Ice measured exactly three feet in length hard. I then placed the five-foot pump on the white rapper-god and activated it. Vanilla moaned as his cock passed the 40” mark. It rapidly expanded to 44”, then 48”! He removed the pump as he maxed out at FOUR FEET SIX INCHES of white rapper cock! I prepared myself for the onslaught of his orgasm. Simon Rex stared in amazement as the sperm made its way from his giant nuts down his dick, expanding it further still, and bursting out of his cock. I continued to rub Vanilla’s chest with all of his chains and medallions with one hand as the other rubbed his expanded 4’9” cock. Simon slurped some of Ice’s cream, surprised at how good it tasted. The best rapper in the world continued creaming for over half an hour! Once done, he opened a drawer in one corner of the room and placed his cum-drenched jeans. He then opened the second drawer and pulled out a clean pair of jeans, the same pair he wore when he left the club in Miami last year, the ones which showed a foot of his cock. He also grabbed several more chains, some reaching down to his crotch, and placed them around his neck.

As he left the room, Simon shouted “Eighteen inches soft, FOUR FEET NINE INCHES hard! Next!”

Vanilla sat next to Juan as Dolph Lungren drank a glass of the potion and entered the smaller room. As the door shut, Rob looked over at Tim Armstrong who gave the rapper and evil grin and continued stroking his bigger manhood. Vanilla had finally met his match!

In about eight minutes, Dolph Lungren left the room and Simon called out “Twelve inches soft, 22 inches hard. Next!”

Marky Mark gulped down a glass of the potion and disappeared into the measuring room. Juan couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for his friend Rob. Some of the guests were getting a little edgy from waiting so long. Several began to complain to Vanilla who then suggested everyone whip it out and have them all measured together. The guests agreed so Vanilla opened the door and told us about the change in plans. I quickly went from guest to guest and called out the measurements.

Soft, Marky Mark came in at 6”, Brett Michaels at 11”, Shawn Michaels had 5 inches soft, David Navarro was an astounding 14” limp, Jason Priestly came in at 7 1/2 inches, the teenage Bran Renfro was 11” soft, Tony Mortimer of East 17 had 6”, Devon Sawa had him beat with 7” soft, Slash had a full foot of limp cock, and Alex Wright measured in with 9 1/2” of soft uncut German dick.

Everyone had a glass of Vanilla’s potion and began stroking their cocks. Some guys coupled together, sucking and stroking each other. Devon Sawa and Brad Renfro paired off as well as David Navarro and Slash. Shawn Michaels was going down on Brett Michael’s manhood as Marky Mark swallowed Alex Wright’s organ. Once everyone was hard, I measured them again.

Hard, Marky Mark’s prick was 11”, Brett Michaels stuck out a full 17”, Shawn Michaels was a respectable 9”, David Navarro monster cock measured 20” hard, Jason Priestly had 13 3/4” of dick, Bran Renfro’s teen manhood was 16 1/2”, Tony Mortimer’s hard 10 1/2 inches was nice, Devon Sawa had thirteen inches of hard flesh jutting from his blond pubes, Slash stoked his 19” of heavy-metal dick, and Alex Wright’s “wunderdick” growth reminded me of Tom Dolan’s last time. He had over 29 inches of hard Aryan cock!

Each stud was given a pump and began working on his cock. Moans and groans of pleasure filled the room. Several others who had already been measured took the opportunity to enlarge their dicks again. The feeling was so great I couldn’t resist doing it again myself.

Marky Mark and Jason Priestly were the first to reach orgasm. Marky Mark’s muscle-cock stretched to 19” and Jason Priestly’s to 23 1/2” as they shot their loads. Brett Michaels and Slash came next, with Brett’s 28” cock blowing globs of Poison cream and Slash’s 32 inches flooding the floor. Tony Mortimer and Shawn Michaels followed with 15 1/2” and 14” each. Brad Renfro and Devon Sawa were locked in a passionate kiss as their cocks erupted simultaneously. Brad’s 34” and Devon’s 21” of teenage dick would make a good argument against the “sex with a minor” laws. David Navarro screamed as his Red Hot cock stretched to THREE AND A HALF FEET and blew ounces of Red Hot juice all over the floor.

Alex Wright was now the center of attention for the room. His wrestler dick was now rivaling Vanilla Ice’s and Tim Armstrong’s. He moaned in German as I grabbed the measuring tape and placed it against his “wunderdick”. He had long since filled up the three and four-foot pumps and was now rapidly approaching the end of the five-footer! Juan reached over me with a pitcher of the growth potion and began pouring it into Alex’s mouth. As he drank the elixir, his dick grew even more. It’s length and thickness swelled to completely fill the pump! The passion filled his body as Aryan blood filled his dick. At the moment of orgasm, the pump cracked and Alex’s dick broke free of its confinement. The steaming sperm shot from his dick with so much force is knocked me down! I got back on my feet and measured his cum-expanded cock at FIVE FEET TWO INCHES LONG AND TWO FEET AROUND! Everyone shot their loads at the sight of the biggest dick ever! After fifteen minutes, the German stud was still shooting his load, now on his feet with his dick being worshipped by the other celebs, dancing his erotic dance as he does on TV. After half an hour, only Tim Armstrong, Brian Harvey, Vanilla Ice, and Alex Wright were still cumming. Tim and Brian’s sperm began to stop about five minutes later and at half an hour, Vanilla Ice’s cream was tapering off, but Alex Wright was still going strong! Nobody could believe their eyes.

Marky then whispered to me “I’ve been waiting for this for years man. Juan told me how big Alex was and I sent him loads of the potion and a pump over a month ago. He’s been using both non-stop! I also gave them to Tim a few months ago too. I figured between the two, they’d be bigger than Ice.”

Vanilla Ice seemed upset about having been bested in his own house and stomped upstairs. Tim Armstrong and Alex Wright looked up at Marky who knodded and the two followed after Rob, Alex’s cock still erupting sperm. I followed them as the orgy of horse-hung celebs continued in the rec room. As I left, Brian Harvey was fucking the hell out of Brian Austin Green, Juan was getting impaled by Richard Greico, Brad Renfro’s teen idol cock was ramming into Shawn Michael’s ass, and Devon Sawa was choking Dolph Lungren with his 21” prick.

By the time I got upstairs, Tim Armstrong had Vanilla Ice in a hold and Alex Wright had ripped the rapper’s jeans off. Rob struggled but Tim held him fast as the Aryan wrestler positioned his whale-sized cock at the virgin hole. With one beastly plunge, half of the “wunderdick” was up Ice’s rear and deep into his intestines. As Alex continued to impale Ice, Tim forced Ice’s mouth onto his monster 4’10” punk prick. Vanilla choked on Tim’s gargantuan cock as Alex pressed his piece deeper and deeper inward. Within fifteen minutes, Alex had three feet of his cock up Vanilla’s ass and cum began dripping from the rapper’s mouth. Tim looked down in amazement and pulled his dick out. Looking down at it, I realized Tim hadn’t cum yet, but Alex had never stopped! Alex looked over at me and pulled his dick out of Rob. Vanilla Ice fell to the floor, totally exhausted with cum leaking out of both ends. Alex Wright’s dick was still exploding sperm which I eagerly swallowed. As I licked the wrestler’s dick, Tim and Alex kissed. Tim began to shoot another load and I placed their two cockheads together to get both jets of manjuice. In ten minutes, Tim’s load subsided and five minutes later, after a full hour of cumming, Alex Wright’s dick began to stop it’s torrent.

The two looked down at Ice and then gave each other a high-five and went downstairs. I followed them and joined in the rec room orgy which lasted until morning.

When I woke up around noon, the guests had left and only Juan and Marky were there. Brian Austin Green came downstairs. He had just taken a shower and was wet and naked. He looked angrily at Marky Mark.

“I think you should leave. He can kick your ass and will if he finds you still here.”

Marky seemed a little hurt but left only moments before Rob came downstairs. Ice had just taken a shower too and was also naked, his long cock swinging just below his knees. I looked up at him.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah G, I’m aight. Ya know that’s the last dick party I’m havin, but there is one good thing outa all dis.”

“What’s that?” asked Brian Austin Green.

Vanilla looked over at his lover and smiled. “All dis time you’ve been a bottom for me and you really like being a top.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Come on up stairs boo. I wanna know wat 30 inches of hip-hop feel inside.”

Brian’s eyes lit up and the two of them raced upstairs. Juan looked at me as the sounds of Brian Austin Green fucking Vanilla Ice filled the mansion. Brian Austin Green began singing a familiar song as he pounded the Iceman’s rump—“Ice Ice Baby”.

Three months have past since the party where Vanilla Ice turned Marky Mark into one of his “homeboyz”, so I was suprised when I received a call from the Iceman himself.

“Yo yo—wat’s up boo? You know who dis is?”

“How could I forget! How’s it going?”

“Aight. Yo check dis out—I’m gonna be in town dis weekend for a show. Let’s hook up if ya know whatta mean. Brian and Mark’s gonna cum too.”

“Hell yeah! Sounds great! Where at?”

Rob explained that the show was at a mixed club in town—black as well as white. He said he’d let the doorman know to let me in free and take me backstage. I was so excited at the thought of being with the master rapper again I could hardly contain myself. Just listening to his sexy voice on the phone made me rock hard.

Saturday night was unusually hot and humid so I wore a white tank top and some low-haning denim shorts. The doorman quickly showed me backstage where I saw Marky Mark sitting on a sofa watching television. He was wearing his usually baggy jeans showing an inch or two of CKs and no shirt. He smiled when he saw me and motioned for me to sit next to him with a pat on the sofa.

“Hey man! What’s up?” I asked.

“Not much, just chillin. Rob and Brian are getting dressed in the other room. They should be ready soon.”

Moments later the two came out. They were both hot and sweaty as though they had been messing around. Brian Austin Green was wearing some Nike pants and a tank top while Vanilla Ice had a pair of extremely baggy jeans and no underwear. His jeans hung low on his hips revealing his pubic hair and and inch of soft monster-sized cock. He wore no shirt so his chest glistened with sweat and five thick gold chains. Brian had just lit a cigarette and smiled when he saw me.

“Yo G! You’re lookin fine!” commented the sexy actor as he approached and gave me a deep french kiss. Vanilla smiled too and followed Brian with another deep kiss.

“So what are you planning to do for the show?” I asked.

“The usual—sing a few songs, strip down, and get fucked by Rob.” answered Marky Mark. “The manager said he has a suprise for us too.”

“Another horse-hung celebrity?” I wondered.

“Maybe. I’ve always heard AJ from Backstreet Boys was hung like a horse. Who do you think it is?” queried Mark to Brian.

“I don’t know. I know from backstage on 90210 that Jason Priestly is huge—about the same size I am! Who do you think it is boo?”

“I don’t know but whoever fly is they gonna get fucked witha phat one.” responded Vanilla as he grabbed his massive crotch.

Just then the door opened and the manager walked in.

“Are you ready? The crowd is excited tonight!

I followed the manager out to a table at the front as the lights dimmed and the beginning chords to “Phat Flava”—Vanilla’s hit new single—began to play. All together, Vanilla Ice, Brian Austin Green, and Marky Mark came onstage rapping the lyrics to the dance hit. Everything was perfect until midway through the song the music stopped and the lights went out.

There was a hush throughout the club until the stage lights came on as three figures approached the stage. The manager, a big burly man of dark ebony skin, leaned towards me and confidently stated “This is the suprise I told them about. Now we’ll see who’ll measure up.”

As the three white rappers looked on, the three figures came on stage and into the light. Many in the crowd gasped when they saw it was none other than Mase, Puff Daddy, and Usher. Cockily, the three rappers approached Ice and his ’boyz and took their mics right out of their hands. Shocked, the three white rappers were speachless.

Mase spoke first.

“Look at what we have here. Three wanna-be rappers who claim to have what it takes.”

Puff, clad in a black leather trenchcoat and black leather pants spoke next.

“Yo Mase—I’ve never yet met a white boy who had anything close to what you’ve got between your legs. They say they’re rappers but they’re nothing but little rich boys.”

The sexy Usher taunted the gawking white rappers.

“You think you got what it takes, then bring it on. We’ll see who has the bomb dick of rap. Let’s separate the MEN from the boys.”

With that, Usher grabbed his crotch. He was obviously very well endowed judging from the size of his package.

Vanilla regained his cool and snatched the mic back from Usher.

“Yes—let’s.” were his only words.

With that he grabbed a tape measure from a nearby stool and tossed it to me. Taking my que, I went on-stage as the crowd watched.

Mase and Marky Mark stood side-by-side. I got down on my knees in front of the two studs. Marky Mark unzipped his jeans, letting them fall to his ankles. I reached up and pulled his CKs down, revealing six inches of cock. Mase giggled a little and quickly pulled his pants down revealing seven inches of soft cock. He grabbed the back of my head by my hair and jerked me over to his cock. My eyes were wide at the sight of his monstrous jet-black cock. It was incredibly thick and smelled strongly of testosterone. Marky jerked his cock as I went down on Mase’s meat. Soon they were both hard and I measure them, voicing the results to the crowd.

“Marky Mark—11 inches. Mase—12 inches!”

Mase grabbed by hair again and forced me back on his cock. I gagged on its massive size but was finally able to deepthroat it all. Marky had a pissed look on his face as Usher and Puff giggled. In seconds Mase’s cock shot its hot load down my throat.

Next up was Usher and Brian Austin Green.

I pulled Usher’s jeans down and followed them with his underwear. His rock-hard 10 inch cock sprang forth. Apparently he was quite turned on by Mase’s massive piece. Brian giggled a little which gave him a quick sneer from Usher.

Real cocky, Brian put his hands on his hips and said to me “Yo G! Let’s show this BOY what a real COCK looks like!.”

With that, I pulled down his Nike pants and a foot of semi-hard cock popped out. I eagerly began sucking his monster dick and Usher’s mouth popped open. Soon it was a solid 15” of hip-hop cock I was working on. Before I knew it, hip-hop jism was coating my esophagus and stomach so fast it began leaking out of my mouth. After drinking my full, I yelled out the results.

“Usher—10 inches. Brian Austin green—15 inches!”

Puff approached with his hands on his hips, pulling back the leather trenchcoat and waited as I unzipped his leather pants. His large black cock sprang out. I was suprised to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Soft, I figure his cock was about 5” long. Suprisingly, Vanilla walked up and leaned over and began rubbing Puff’s chest through his black silk shirt. Puff responded by kissing Vanilla deeply. This seemed to irritate Marky and Brian as well as Mase and Usher but the crowd was loving it. Puff Daddy was instantly hard before Vanilla even showed him his cock. I slowly unzipped Vanilla’s loose jeans which promptly fell to the floor showing all 16 inches of soft master-rapper cock. Everyone in the crowd gasped but none more than Usher, Mase, and Puff Daddy. An audible “Damn!” escaped Mase’s lips. Puff Daddy exclaimed “My God!” and fell to his knees. He was on Vanilla’s dick so fast I was pushed to the floor.

Vanilla began his rap as Marky went down on Mase’s cock and Brian began forcing Usher on his 15” manhood.

“Now open ya mouth real wide
I’m gonna cram my big dick inside
’cause I’m tha fella with the monster prick,
you know tha one, so long and thick.”

Ice’s cock was hard at 20” now but I knew how it grew even more when he came close to shooting his load. Puff Daddy was all over Vanilla’s cock as Brian was choking Usher with his. Mase had turned Marky around and was ramming his thick foot-long cock up Marky’s ass. Vanilla saw this and acted quickly. In a flash he had grabbed Mase from behind and held him firm as he plunged all 20” of his cock in at once. Mase let out a roar and tried to free himself but Vanilla was much stronger, not letting him budge a bit. Usher tried to help but Brian pushed him against the wall as he pistoned all 15 inches deep inside. Puff was so mesmerised by Ice that as Mase was getting impaled he couldn’t help but feel Vanilla’s firm ass and rub his ebony hands up and down the white rapper’s muscular, gold-adorned chest. Vanilla began rapping again.

“Now I’m gonna open ya ass real wide
and give ya a 2 foot suprise
Plungin’ my dick up ya rump
ya know I ain’t no chump
’cause I be spreadin’ ya butt cheeks real wide
you gonna feel it when I hock a luggie inside
I’m bruisin’ ya ass wit dat pelvic thrust
fuck ya wild until my balls bust”

Vanilla’s was about ready to blow his load and Mase could feel his cock expanding to its full 2 feet of length. Brian, still pistoning Usher, grinned at Mase and smugly asked “So how does it feel to be fucked by a cock TWICE the size of yours? Who’s the MAN? Who’s the MAN?!!”

As Rob’s load began filling Mase’s intestines, Mase moaned “Vanilla’s da MAN.” and began cumming himself.

Brian shot his load deep inside Usher at the same time Usher blew his load in Marky’s mouth. Puff was begging for another taste of Vanilla’s dick so the master rapper pulled it out of Mase and made Puff lick it clean as it continued to shoot his white abrosia. Vanilla started rapping once more.

“ Lickin’ my dick was your dream,
slurpin’ and drinkin’ da Ice cream…”

Puff couldn’t take it any longer. He shot his canon all over his black leather pants and trenchcoat—which was already covered with Vanilla’s cream.

As quickly as he grabbed him, Vanilla released Mase and pushed him onto the stage floor where he collasped, totally spent, next to Puff. Brian did the same to Usher. The three lay there on the stage floor, worn out, as Marky Mark, Brian Austin Green, and especially Vanilla Ice continued to cover them with their load of white sperm. By the time they were done, the three black rappers were completely covered in semen. Vanilla turned around, dick swinging well past his knee, and strutted backstage before he paused, turned back to the crowd, and spoke to the manager.

“Yo G! If you got any more chumps I can rump, bring ’em on. Word to ya mutha.”

“Create file named ’report’ under “Pre-Revolutionary Literature’ subdirectory.”

{ DATE: 12 JUNE 2099 }

“Title this report: ’Pre-Revolutionary Homoerotic Literature and the Internet’.”


“Search the Global Database for archives containing homoerotic literature posted on the Internet from 1990 to 2010.”



“Display according to source.”

The holoscreen flashed the names of all archives before Sean in relation to their source. The largest source was the FBI. This intrigued the young student.

“Why is the FBI the main source of homoerotic literature from this period?”



Sean was surprised the files remained to this day. Much of the data from FBI’s mainframe was deleted during the counterrevolution of 2084. Browsing through the list, he found one which peaked his interest.

“Display contents of the selection labeled ’Nifty Archive’.”


What followed was a long list of thousands of stories. Sean knew this would take some time. One particular category looked promising: Celebrities. He had read about “the Greats” of the last age of Hollywood: Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Josh Hartnet among others. Even after the Revolution and Hollywood’s films were banned, many of their works remained. Some of the celebrities were unfamiliar to Sean though.

“Access file ’Ice Ice Baby’ from the Nifty Archive.”


What the computer displayed shocked the handsome young man. ’What odd fantasies people had back then!’ he mused. He continued reading the story as well as the sequels which followed.

“Who was this ’Vanilla Ice’?” he asked himself.


Standing before him was a holoprojection of the famous white rapper.




The whereabouts of most people was lost due to the chaos of the Revolution and Counterrevolution. With the advent of genetic age therapy in the first quarter of the 21st century though, he knew this stud could easily still be alive and handsome.

Sean walked slowly around the projection. It looked so real he wanted to reach out and touch it. He admired the chiseled face and muscular body. The clothing worn by the star was colorful, especially by Revolutionary standards.

“Do we have an audio file of any of his works?”


“Play ’Ice Ice Baby’.”

The rhythmic vibrations of the opening beats filled the room. Unusual—that was the word that came to mind. Sean had heard several songs from that era but most were grab and depressing. The label “grunge” applied well to them.

“Computer—can you recreate the settings of the story ’Ice Ice Baby’?”


The room around Sean melted away and a new room took its place. He was in an alley outside of a nightclub. Loud music filled the air. He heard two men approaching, kissing one another as they walked. Suddenly the door to the nightclub opened and a woman entered the alley.

“Yo Gina! Come on back here!” shouted a voice from inside the bar.

“No! You’re too freakin’ big! You’ll hurt me!” screamed the girl as she fled down the alley.

“Yo Gina!” repeated the rapper.

“Computer—freeze program.”


Sean approached Vanilla Ice, admiring his beauty. An idea came to mind.

“Computer—can you extrapolate from the story provided the scene before this event?”


The alley morphed into the office room of Vanilla’s bar. Sean looked on as the Ice man was kissing the girl he called “Gina”. She ran her hands over his muscular chest, feeling the warmth of his body against the cold of his thick gold chains as her other hand worked its way down towards his crotch. Upon contact with his massive member straining the fabric of his jeans, her hand squeezed and continued down its length. The look of awe on her face slowly faded into a look of fear. Once he reached the end of his cock—she quickly jerked her hand away.

“Is that real?!”

“Yep yep—phat like bitches like it.” He replied.

Gina began dressing. A look of frustration dominated Robert’s face.

“Yo Gina! What’s wrong.”

The girl opened the door towards the alley and began walking out.

“Yo Gina! Come on back here!”

“No! You’re too freakin’ big! You’ll hurt me!”

“Computer—freeze program.”


“Computer—delete the two characters in the alley.”

Though very dark, Sean could see the outline of two figures in the alley disappear.

“Computer—resume program.”

“Yo Gina!”

Nothing but silence responded to the Iceman’s pleas.

Sean unzipped his pants as he continued admiring the sexy rapper. His dick was harder than he had ever felt it before. He could enter the story himself—and it was tempting—but he continued to observe only.

Vanilla Ice reached in a small refrigerator in his office and grabbed a beer. He sat on the couch and rubbed his massive cock—he felt so horny. After another swig of the beer, he placed a cigarette between his full lips and lit it. He slowly began unzipping his jeans. Reaching in them, he pulled out his massive cock. Sean was unprepared for the sheer size of it. Ice leaned back and began stroking his cock with his right hand. He took his beer and poured gently over his cock—using it for lubrication. The cold beer felt so good flowing down his hot massive cock. His cock was way too large for only one beer so he reached in the fridge and grabbed another. The room quickly filled with the smell of testosterone, beer, and smoke as he fucked both hands with his beer-soaked manhood.

Sean could feel his knees weaken—he knew he was close to cumming. The sight of Vanilla Ice masturbating—the smell of the beer and testosterone—the sound of the rubbing of flesh against flesh and the clanking of his gold-adorned chest—all came to a climax as both shot their load. Within seconds Sean was drenched in holographic sperm as was the rest of the room. Long after he stopped cumming, the white rapper was still shooting at full blast.

“Computer—save file and end program.”


The room returned to normal. Sean giggled like a child who has found a new toy. He couldn’t wait until the next time—the next story.

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