How it’s done

by phallicphan

 College centaur shows his younger brother how to breed.

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Kyle entered the garage where his brother, Kurt, was working out on his home gym. He had missed his older brother during the time Kurt had been away at college and was happy to have him back home. He had missed the companionship, even the teasing and tormenting, and was looking forward to spending some time with his big brother over the summer.

“Hey, squirt,” Kurt said as he placed the weights he had been using on the rack. “Come to join me?”

Kyle gave his brother an unamused look. Kurt had always been the jock in the family, while Kyle was the artist. Despite their different interests and all of Kurt’s teasing, they got along very well and were good friends. “No. I came to remind you that you said you’d go with me to the mall.”

“Oh, yeah.” Kurt took a moment to stretch his swollen arms. “Man, I miss just being able to work out whenever I want. Classes, studying, working, they all take too much time. Bro, go back and stay in high school as long as you can because it really is all different after graduation.”

Kyle heard his brother speaking but was not listening. His eyes were taking in his brother’s body. Eighteen hands high at the withers with another three feet nine inches on his torso, Kurt, like their father, was a massive centaur with a total height of nine feet eight inches. Kyle, though still large by centaur standards, was nearly a full foot shorter than his brother and in moments like this he was well aware of the difference in their sizes.

Kurt’s hairless torso looked as if it had been made by the hands of a master sculptor. Deep lines and curves outlined all of his muscles and looked even more prominent under the sheen of sweat from working out that covered his lightly tanned skin. The equine portion of his body was solid with similar curves outlining the muscle groups beneath his chestnut colored body hair. Even when he had been a freshman in high school, Kurt had been able to hold his own in strength contests with adults twice his age.

It was obvious to Kyle that college had not taken a toll on his brother’s grooming regimen. His coat was just as shiny and the long, black feathers that he had grown out just below his knees looked to be as well-kept as ever. Though it looked a few days past its prime, his black tail was thick and recently brushed out. On his face there was the same meticulously trimmed shadow of a black beard outlining his square jaw that he had worn for years before leaving for college. His waist length black hair was currently tied up in a messy, loose bun that rested just below the hairline on the back of his neck. Even the moderately sized diamond studs in his ears were perfectly chosen to enhance his appearance, and with his hazel eyes and pointed, but not too prominent, nose Kyle understood how his handsome brother had been popular with the girls in the neighborhood.

As he grabbed a towel to wipe down his body, Kurt asked, “What are you shopping for today? More art supplies?”

When Kyle didn’t answer, Kurt glanced over at his brother and saw an uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassed expression on the younger centaur’s face. He opened his mouth to ask what was wrong but nothing came out as he got a whiff of something. As a smirk slowly crept across his mouth, he took a deeper breath and confirmed the scent of arousal in the air. He made a show of stepping around his brother then looked underneath Kyle to see the penis that had dropped from the younger centaur’s sheath. While it was smaller than his, it was larger than average and impressive in its own right.

“Nice,” Kurt said upon seeing his brother’s member. “Something you want to tell me, bro?”

“No,” Kyle said quickly. “It’s just you’ve got an awesome body. I wished mine looked like that. I keep trying with the girls but they don’t seem interested. They keep going for guys like you. Even Alexys wouldn’t go all the way with me.”

Kurt looked surprised. “You dated her for, what – almost two years? – and you guys never fucked?”

“No,” Kyle said dejectedly and a blush crept into his cheeks.

Kurt’s jaw dropped as he understood his brother’s embarrassment. In a surprised, disbelieving whisper he asked, “You’re going to college in the fall and you’re still a virgin?”

Kyle, in his embarrassment, responded with a slow nod.

Kurt schooled his face into a blank expression as a thought began to form in his head. As he considered it, he began to slowly walk around his brother.

With exams, papers and end of semester projects to deal with, it had been over a month since Kurt had fucked anything. While he did prefer women, he had mounted more than a few guys over the years when he wanted a fuck without the romance. He also wasn’t embarrassed to say that he had been mounted a few times. Though the first time was after a drunken night with his roommate, he had found it to be a pleasurable enough experience that he occasionally offered himself up to a few select friends.

Even though he was smaller and not as muscular, Kyle had a lean, toned body that Kurt never gave his brother enough credit for. It reminded him of some of the track and field guys around his university campus. During his first year away, Kurt had learned that he liked the way some of the runners on campus enjoyed being chased as a form of foreplay before being mounted and the memory of doing it threatened to make his own dick drop. If he was able to pull this off, he could take care of his own needs and rid his brother of his pesky virginity.

As he drew alongside Kyle and his rear came alongside his brother’s front, Kurt began to slowly flick his tail back and forth, waving his scent in his brother’s face. He looked down and saw it had the intended result: His brother’s cock began to flex and twitch with arousal, occasionally thumping up against his belly. Continuing his walk around his brother’s body, he appreciated the younger centaur’s coloring. Unlike himself, whose coloring took after their mother, Kyle took after their father with his mottled brown and tan coat. His light brown hair was shaggy and hung just below his shoulders making him look like a surfer or skater though he engaged in neither activity. Kyle’s grooming was not as meticulous as his but the shaggy look of his dark blonde feathers and the frizzy look of his similarly colored tail was attractive in its own way. “You know, bro, I’m surprised a good looking ‘taur like you hasn’t mounted anything yet.”

Kyle suddenly felt nervous. He could sense a change in his brother’s attitude but didn’t quite know what to make of it. “Not for lack of trying.”

They lapsed back into a tense silence as Kurt completed his circle. He stopped in front of Kyle and faced him. “I’ve been told I’ve got a pretty nice piece of ass. Want to give it a try?”

It was Kyle’s turn for his mouth to drop open in surprise. After a few moments trying to wrap his mind around what his brother was offering, he asked, “Are you gay?”

“Fuck, no,” Kurt responded with a snort. “But I’ve mounted and been mounted by enough guys to know it feels good when there’s not a girl around.”

“You’ve been mounted?” Kyle asked not hiding his disbelief.

“Yeah.” Kurt reached out a hand and ran a thick finger along the thin line of dark blonde hair that ran between Kyle’s navel and equine coat. “And right now I wouldn’t mind being mounted by my little stud brother.”

Kyle stared at his brother unsure of what to say or do. Of all the various fantasies he had ever entertained about his first time, none of them had included mounting another guy let alone his brother. However, the way his older brother’s slightly callused fingers were grazing over his torso was doing nothing to calm the twitching of his dick.

With a gentle touch, Kurt used both hands to trace lightly over Kyle’s torso. As he anticipated, the caresses were helping to increase his brother’s arousal and the musky, almost woodsy scent of it became stronger in the enclosed space. Knowing what he and many of the other guys he had been with liked, he purposely drew near but did not touch his brother’s stiff nipples or the highly sensitive line where torso met body. When he saw Kyle’s nostrils remain wide as he inhaled the smell of his own arousal, he knew the time was right. He turned and lifted his tail to expose his puckered hole, presenting himself for his brother’s use. “Come on, bro. Just you and me. No one will ever know.”

Instinctively, Kyle closed the distance with his brother and inhaled deeply, smelling the musky scent of his brother’s ass. While it wasn’t the same as the scent of a pussy, it was arousing enough to cause his cock to begin leaking. Letting nature and arousal guide him, he reared up and took a few shaky steps forward on his hind legs to let his front legs fall to either side of his brother’s back. Either due to their size difference or his inexperience, he slid off his brother’s muscled ass without his cock nearing its target. With a grunt, he made another attempt that proved to be somehow less successful due to his eagerness.

“Get up there, man,” Kurt said over his shoulder. His tone was a mix of mockery and his own horny frustration from keeping his arousal and dick in check. After two more failed attempts, Kurt bent his rear legs to assist his brother. He let out a moan as he felt the younger centaur find purchase and push his dick inside.

With the tip of his cock inside his brother’s passage, Kyle quickly scrabbled forward, driving himself deeper. He couldn’t believe this was happening and felt his dick tense threateningly. He knew he should stop moving in order to attempt to hold off what he knew was inevitable but the moist warmth surrounding him urged him deeper. His breathing became ragged and a split second before he was fully sheathed he gasped and let out a high pitched squeal that was a mix of pleasure and disappointment. “Oh, no.”

Though Kurt was a little disappointed, he wasn’t surprised when he felt his brother’s dick stiffen inside him and begin to convulse in orgasm. For slightly longer than it had taken to mount him, Kyle filled him with his virgin seed and Kurt enjoyed the short-lived feeling of the warmth seeping into him. Too soon, he felt Kyle slowly slide off his back as the young centaur was unable to control his body and lost the tentative grip he had. As Kyle’s dick slipped out of him, the flared cock head pulled at his ring and he winced at the momentary pain. He then felt a few warm shots of cum hit his ass and thigh before he heard more land on the floor. Even though it had been brief, Kurt thought it was cool that he was the first to take his brother’s load.

Kyle saw a trickle of his load run out of his brother’s ass just before Kurt lowered his tail to hide his slowly closing hole. However the hair didn’t cover the milky streaks running down one of his brother’s powerful legs. “I’m sorry,” he said dejectedly after his cock calmed and he regained some of his composure.

“Nothing to be sorry for.” Kurt moved to the side and stepped backward in order to stand next to his brother. He placed a hand on Kyle’s shoulder and gave it a supportive squeeze “It was your first time. At least you made it in. My first time, I barely grazed the chick’s hole when I started shooting off. Covered her ass and tail good, though.”

Kyle gave a sad smile appreciative that Kurt was trying to make him feel better and not making fun of him. “I guess that is pretty bad.”

“It just takes some practice. The next time will be better.” Kurt began to move backward. He let out a small grunt of relief as he finally let his own cock drop. “Now, let me show you how it’s done.”

Kyle turned his head intending to ask his brother what he meant but his words caught in his throat when he saw Kurt’s penis dangling from its sheath. It wasn’t the sight of the penis itself that surprised him considering what had just happened. It was the size of it. Even if Kyle hadn’t frequently checked his own growth in the mirror and had nothing to compare it to, it would be easy to see that his brother was carrying around a cock that was large. While his own penis left its sheath and dropped to slightly lower than his knees in a shallow arc that ended about three-quarters of the way to his front legs, Kurt’s continued down past his knees until it was skimming mere inches above the ground just behind his front hooves. In addition to the substantial difference in length, there was no question that Kurt’s girth was easily half again as large as his. He watched as the head began to rise with jerking movements as his brother’s cock hardened fully. Once at full mast, it still pointed toward the ground heavily with the end reaching just beyond the knees of Kurt’s front legs. With a resigned sound that was a mix of sigh and whimper Kyle realized that he shouldn’t have been surprised to see that his stallion stud of a brother was seriously hung.

Kurt gave his younger brother a horny smirk. “Not the first time I’ve gotten that look.”

“But I don’t… I’ve never…” Kyle stuttered trying to find words to express his lack of desire to be mounted. A simple no didn’t seem sufficient and his brother didn’t seem like he would be swayed by a word salad that expounded upon his not being gay, especially since he had just fucked Kurt’s ass. It wasn’t simply the general idea of being mounted that was causing a knot of fear in his stomach, it was seeing what Kurt wanted to stick inside him.

“Don’t worry,” Kurt said as he lined up behind Kyle. “It won’t hurt. Much.”

That was all it took for Kyle to begin sprinting across the room heading back toward the door.

Kurt, however, was ready for that. He absently thought that chasing some of the track team and more than a few guys who had second thoughts about being with him had been a sort of training for this. He immediately burst into motion behind his brother and within only a few steps he closed the distance. With little effort, he reared up on his hind legs and slammed his body down onto his brother’s back causing the younger centaur’s hindquarters to buckle. At the same time he launched himself into the air, he flexed his cock causing the tip to rise so that when his belly came into contact with his brother’s back it was in position. Squeezing his front legs tightly around his brother’s body to remain in place, he gave a tentative thrust and found he needed to readjust his angle of attack slightly. As his brother continued to try to run with more of a scooting motion because of the weight on his back end, Kurt moved his hind legs a little faster to climb further up Kyle’s back putting more weight on the young centaur to push his rear down while he relaxed his cock some. He finally felt the tip of his cock graze the puckered opening he was seeking and with a sharp thrust, he penetrated Kyle’s ass and heard the young centaur give a yelp immediately followed by a moan. Not giving Kyle time to get used to what was happening, Kurt continued to move up his brother’s back, sliding more of his cock into its new, temporary home. With his brother trying to escape and the tightness of the virginal passage, it took some time to become fully sheathed but Kurt enjoyed the process. Once his chest pressed against his brother’s back and he became fully encased in his Kyle’s ass, he let out a soft moan of satisfied pleasure. He placed his hands on Kyle’s shoulders and held on to the tight muscles to help balance himself as Kyle continued trying to run with shaky steps.

“Relax, bro,” Kurt said quietly though his voice was tight as he restrained himself from starting his fuck. Kyle’s ass was pleasantly tight around him and the virginal muscles were twitching and flexing both because of the sudden intrusion and Kyle’s continued, but slowing attempt to get away. As he walked his hind legs behind his brother to keep up, his cock trembled involuntarily in anticipation of the satisfaction that was to come. “That’s all of it.”

Kyle stopped moving. His breath came in heavy, loud pants as he tried to come to terms with what had just happened. He could feel his brother’s large cock inside him and though there was substantial discomfort, it wasn’t as painful as he had expected. Probably due to the dual distractions of trying to escape and fighting the weight on his back, his hole had been relaxed enough to easily accepted the intrusion. In fact, the stretch against his spasming ring was becoming arousingly pleasant but he wasn’t yet ready to admit to the feeling.

“That’s it.” Kurt used a soothing tone as his hands began to massage the still tense shoulder muscles beneath them. “Now, that’s not so bad, is it?”

“I guess not,” Kyle said grudgingly around his labored breathing. “But I think you’re a real asshole for doing this.”

Kurt moved his hands down Kyle’s torso and began to play with his brother’s stiff nipples. “You’ll change your mind before I finish.”

Kyle wanted to express his doubt about that but as Kurt pulled back dragging some of the cock out of him, all that escaped his open mouth was a soft moan. His suddenly hyper-sensitive body registered the ring connecting Kurt’s sheath to his shaft leave his body. There was a slight pause as he felt Kurt adjust himself behind and above him. A breath was forced out of him as Kurt suddenly thrust his hips forward and drove his cock back inside to the hilt only to pull out slowly then slam back in.

From his perch above his brother, Kurt could see warring expressions cross Kyle’s face when the younger centaur tilted his head back against his chest. Pain, pleasure, surprise and even need all took turns on the smooth face. He could feel the muscles of Kyle’s torso relax under his hands as he continued to rub over them. Kyle’s ass also became less tense around him and he soon established a steady and less forceful rhythm moving through it. “How’s that feel?”

“It’s good,” Kyle replied breathlessly.

Kurt pinched one of his brother’s nipples and was rewarded with Kyle letting out a soft moan. “Just good?”

“Really good,” Kyle offered shakily. Even though he had already released a load, his dick had dropped again. Stiff from his renewed arousal and the motion of Kurt above, behind and inside him, it repeatedly thumped against his belly further stimulating it. Though the danger was not as imminent as when he had penetrated Kurt, he felt himself getting close to another orgasm with only that stimulation.

“Feels fucking great for me, bro,” Kurt said intensely. It was always exciting hooking up with a guy the first time and even better when the guy was new to taking it up the ass. But being the one to completely relieve his brother of his virginity was an experience he knew he’d never forget. “Fucking hot ass on this little stud body. I should’ve mounted and bred you years ago.”

Kyle couldn’t exactly say what triggered it but the drumming of his dick against his belly and hearing his brother mention breeding set off his second orgasm. He let out a loud, sustained groan as volley after volley of cum left him and shot out between his front legs. It wasn’t as large as his first load but the orgasm itself felt more satisfyingly intense.

Kurt let out a moan seeing his brother’s cum land on the floor a few feet in front of them. Each shot was accompanied by a convulsion in Kyle’s ass that milked his still moving cock. “That’s so fucking hot, bro. Fucking the cum out of you. Gonna fill you with a fresh supply soon.”

Weak from his second orgasm and from supporting his brother’s weight, Kyle’s hindquarters began to slowly sink to the ground.

“No you don’t. Not getting off that easy,” Kurt said. He tightened his front legs about Kyle’s body and moved his rears ones closer to Kyle’s ass shortening his strokes. It helped keep his brother in position as he increased the pace of his thrusts.

With his brother truly dominating him now, Kyle let out a tired moan. Exhausted, he wanted it to end but at the same time he had to admit it was feeling really good.

“Oh, shit,” Kurt said, his words stuttered due to the force of his thrusts. “About to cum, bro. Get ready. Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Kyle let out a weak but surprised grunt as he felt Kurt give a final, harder thrust. Inside him, the already massive cock stiffened and swelled thicker with the flared head seeming to lock itself against the wall of the fuck passage inside him. A searing heat quickly followed that warmed his entire body from the inside out. He could feel his brother’s cock pulse almost in a wave from base to tip as it released each shot. The sensation of being bred was more intense and satisfying than he had expected. “Oh, wow.”

After pumping the bulk of his load inside his brother, Kurt began to gently move his hips again fucking the rest of his load into Kyle. He enjoyed the feel of his slowly softening cock sliding through his brother’s loose, cum-slicked ass and moaned loudly in reaction. After he caught his breath and felt his flow slow to a trickle, he asked, “How was that?”

“Better than I expected,” Kyle said honestly.

“I told you you’d change your mind.” Kurt gave each of his brother’s nipples a final tweak then slowly dismounted. Standing behind his brother, he lifted the blonde tail out of the way and watched a thick stream of his cum flow from Kyle’s hole. The opening was red and puffy and flexed repeatedly as it tried to close. The contrasting trail of white ran down between Kyle’s muscular cheeks and over his balls where it began to fall in thick drops to the ground. Kurt’s own cock that had begun to grudgingly slide back into its sheath paused in response to the sight. “Damn, that’s hot.”

With his legs still weak and shaky, Kyle turned around pulling his tail out of his brother’s hands. “It kinda was.”

Kurt raised an eyebrow and reached out to give one of Kyle’s nipples a teasing pinch. “Kinda?”

“Stop,” Kyle said with a giggle as he pulled back and swatted Kurt’s hand away. “Fine. It was seriously hot.”

Kurt looked his brother over and saw the younger centaur examining him as well with a thoughtful expression. He was about to speak when Kyle spoke first.

“Think I can try to mount you again some time?”

Kurt let a smile slowly pull at the corners of his mouth. “Any time you want, little bro. Just so long as I get a turn in, too.”

“I can get on board with that.”


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