Hot tub happenings

by Dakon

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When I got to the party, no one was around. I knocked loudly on the door (I have a thing with letting myself into someone else’s place), but no one answered. I was about to give my friend Jenn a call on her cell, as it was her house, but I suddenly heard laughter from the back. Intrigued, I headed around the side of the building and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.

I was a few hours late to this gathering. I was held up at work, and little did I know that it would, in the end, be a blessing in disguise. In the back of the house, there was a small wooden patio, and in the center was a large hot tub. As I approached it, I began to distinguish voices.

“Do it!” shrieked a high-pitched female voice.

“C’mon, be a man!” said a deeper, stronger, yet still feminine voice.

Laura. Her voice was unmistakable. We had dated back in high school, before I came out, though it would be hard to tell. She was butch, more athletic that I was, and I cringed at hearing her voice. She was tough to be around, especially when she had been drinking and from the sound of it, she probably already had. I almost turned around, but took a deep breath and climbed up the patio stairs.

The tub was bigger that it looked. It could easily hold eight people comfortably, and only five of the seats were occupied. I quickly scanned the faces of the occupants to see if there was only one I recognized here, but I soon realized that their focus was not on me. The three females in the pool were all staring at the two males. With a passionate look in their eyes, the two college guys were kissing intensely. It was amazing to watch, so I can only imagine how the participants felt. An eerie silence fell over the area, and it was hard to tell how long the pair was locked together, but a girl I didn’t recognize finally gave a catcall and broke the magical moment. Laura, snapping out of a daze-like stare slashed the lovers with a forceful wave of water, causing them to split away. The guy furthest from me looked at his partner with a coy smile, before returning an equally large wave back at my ex.

“Jealous Laura?” He asked mocking with a laugh.

“You seemed to like that a little too much, Mark,” Laura chastised.

“You know I did,” laughed her assaulter.

“Not you,” argued Laura. “My Marc.” And with that she slid closer to the other guy in the hot tub.

“Are you crazy?” said the other Marc defensively. “I only did it cause you told me to.”

Yet the look on his kisser’s face and my aerial glance at his crotch easily told me he was lying. Realizing I myself was sporting quite a noticeable hard-on, I crouched down and placed my hand on my knees, hiding my excitement. Yet, I was not quite fast enough. The Mark opposite me, the one who had admitted enjoying the kiss, saw me. He studied me from head to toe, spending particular interest in my groin before I had time to hide it, and smiled approvingly giving me a sexy wink. I blushed, but decided to make my presence known before someone else did it for me.

“Hey guys,” I greeted coolly.

The occupants of the hot tub turned in their seats at the sound on my voice and greeted me accordingly.

“Trent! I’m so glad you came!” Jenn was always eager to see me and tonight was no exception. She jumped out of the pool and went to hug me, but realizing she was wet simply kissed my cheek instead. She was a nice girl and the first person I told I was gay a year ago. Though only a few trusted people knew, I hadn’t hesitated in telling her how I really felt. She had taken it better than I thought, though she was surprised and a bit disappointed. Yet tonight she was bouncy and seemed a little drunk. “Come on in!” She said enthusiastically.

“I would, but I didn’t know you had a hot tub and I don’t have any shorts” I responded.

“It’s new,” she said, regret in sounding in her voice. “I completely forgot to tell you about it. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not a big deal,” I replied.

“I think it is,” came a voice from the hot tub. I turned and saw the Mark opposite me stand up. He looked even hotter in full-view. Though his face was truly attractive, with short brown hair and deep blue eyes, thin, but still showing visible dimples, and nearly perfect white teeth, his body was what truly grasped my attention. He was buff. It was as if I was staring at a professional model with a perfect neck leading to two firm pecs only to be followed by well defined abs and a stunning V-cut that seemed to be pointing direct to a bulge in his swimsuit. His legs were equally firm and before he even turned around I could tell he had nice ass. I couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s not a party unless everyone is partying,” he declared. With that he got out of hot tub, water dripping down his hot body following the perfect grooves of his body. I couldn’t help tracing their paths with my eyes as he walked toward me. He stopped a few feet away, and bent over. His ass was tight, very muscular and I couldn’t help but stare…again. I was falling for this guy and all I knew was his name. After a quick rummage in what appeared to be a sports bag of some sorts, he held up a swimsuit and tossed it to me.

“I always bring an extra one,” he said and then pausing for only a moment. “Just in case.” And with that he gave me another of his suggestive smiles. I could feel my heart race. This man knew his facial expressions.

I held up the suit, analyzing it. “It might be a little tight on me,” I stated. No one seemed to object, so with Jenn’s permission I headed inside and changed. When I got back outside, I hurried into the water and found a spot between Jenn and Laura, opposite of the Mark whose shorts I was wearing. I had never been fat, but throughout high school I had been a little overweight and thus my confidence level in my bodily appearance had never been too high. Yet, by hitting the gym often and exercising whenever I got the chance, I had not only slimmed down, but also made my body a lot stronger and toner that it had been. Despite the man compliments I got from guys and girls alike, I still had that sense of insecurity welled deep inside of me. Yet, with the looks I was getting from the rest of group, I was sure this feeling would pass really quickly.

After being introduced to the unknown girl, Nancy, a friend of Jenn’s from college, and meeting Laura’s new boyfriend Marc, who she met online and emphasized his different spelling from the other Mark, Jenn introduced me to the man of my dreams.

“This is my cousin Mark. Mark, this is my friend Trent.” He leaned forward and shook my hand with a tight grip that didn’t last long enough.

“The pleasure’s all mine,” he declared.

“He’s in town for a few weeks with his parents. My mom went down to Maryland with them for the weekend and they figured he could stay here with us,” Laura continued.

“That’s cool,” I said approvingly. Jenn handed me a drink from the bar that was attached on her side. “Thanks.” I could tell this was going to be a goodnight already.

Jenn, Laura, and I caught up with one another. We hadn’t seen each other in a few months so we filled each other in on the details of our lives, but Jenn’s friend Nancy soon got bored, got out of the steaming water and dried herself off. Always the good hostess, Jenn got out to accompany her friend and taking her lead, Laura left too.

“Sorry to leave, just as you got here,” Nancy apologized, “but we’ve been in there for a while already.”

“Oh, it’s not a problem at all,” I replied. And it really wasn’t. I hadn’t found her too exciting or interesting. “But, if it’s not too much trouble, I would like it if I could stay in a bit longer. Work’s been kind of stressful lately, and this is sure hitting the spot.”

“Go for it,” said Jenn with a smile. “Us girls are going to go dry off and change, but we’ll be back in a bit.” And with that the three girls left us three guys alone, half naked, in a steaming hot tub. And it was a whole lot better that way.

I took a deep sip of my drink, finishing it off, and looked up at the Mark across from me. He was staring again, yet remained silent. The Marc on the other hand, seemed to be content to just be away from Laura and was relaxing with his arms on the sides of the tub. I hadn’t fully realized it before, but he was really good-looking as well. With dirty-blonde hair that was shaggy unkempt and dark brown eyes, the kind you could get lost in, he had a very handsome looking face. He was thin. Really thin, and rather feminine looking, especially compared to the other Mark, but there was some definite muscle formation there and overall he was a decent looking guy.

“So…” I finally uttered breaking the awkward silence. Then looking at the blonde Marc, “You and Laura, huh?”

“Yeah…” he sighed. “Me and Laura.” He looked off into the distance, a look of despair filling his face.

“You don’t seem too excited about that,” piped in the other Mark.

“Well… I’m not. Don’t get me wrong; she’s a nice girl…sometimes.” He hesitated and sighed again.

“How’s the sex?” asked Mark quite frankly with a smirk.

He looked up at his interrogator. “To be honest. It’s rough. Too rough.”

I let out a quick laugh. I couldn’t help it. Imagining jacked and buff Laura dominate this thin guy in bed was a sight too hilarious not to.

Marc, on the other hand didn’t find it so funny. “She scares me.”

“I’m sorry,” I replied. He simply shrugged and stared off into the distance again.

And with that the second awkward silence of the night took hold of our group.

With nothing to say, and feeling bad for bringing up the topic to begin with, I decided to make myself comfortable. Leaning further into my seat, I let all but my neck and head feel the warm touch of the heated water, stretching my legs to the middle of the hot tub in attempt of releasing some tension. I closed my eyes and began to breathe deeply. I was beginning to truly relax, when suddenly something brushed against my foot. I looked up, and there was that coy smile on Mark’s face again. A second later, I could feel his foot brushing up against mine again, this time slower, more sensually. He had big feet. I myself wore a size 11, and I could tell his were at least a few sizes bigger, broader as well. In response to his touch, I moved my foot over his, reaching higher and grazing his ankle, suggesting that I was indeed interested. Why the hell not. I was single, and getting buzzed, and he was one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen. Mark’s smile broadened at my touch and he rearranged his body, clearly turned on by my touch and unafraid to show it. I had a raging hard-on and I could feel it pulsing. All this, with merely a touch of his foot. Mark slid into a similar position to mine and I could feel his foot rub in between my legs, slowly working its way up past my knees, by my thighs, which tensed up at his touch and finally, with a gentle touch, caressed my cock with utmost care. I looked down and could barely see his foot, the water was steamy and the jets at the bottom were creating a lot of bubbles, but boy could I feel his massive foot. I gasped slightly with pleasure, and Mark beamed with joy. That face, I was falling for it. I could tell, so I wanted to return the favor.

Taking his foot in my hands, I began to massage it tenderly. I had fooled around with a physical therapist a few months ago, and he had taught me a few tricks of the trade, so I used these skills on my newfound friend. Moving my thumbs in just the right spots, I could literally feel the pleasure pulsing down his leg, and Mark thrust his head back in pleasure. He pulled back his foot, and I reluctantly let it go and he just stared into my eyes again from across the tub. It was then that I had realized that we weren’t alone. I had forgotten about the other Marc, and though he was still in his own world, and unaware of what was going on just below the surface, it was still awkward having him there as a bystander. I glanced over at him and nodded my head, signaling to my Mark that he was still there. He looked over at him, and smiled devilishly.

“Hey Mark,” he said snapping the boy from his daydreaming. “Tell me the truth. Am I good kisser?”

“Well… I don’t know man. I mean, it was just a dare, right?”

“Come on, inquiring minds want to know,” replied Mark, looking at me with that look he had. The other Mark followed his gaze, staring at me as well. I smiled. It was true. I really did want to know.

“Um…” he stuttered. “It was good…” He laughed to himself. “Who am I kidding it was great. One of the best I’ve had.”

The other Mark beamed. “Thanks.”

Wanting to get in on this, I brushed my leg up against his, and when he looked at me, I signaled with my head that he should come over. Not hesitating for even a moment, he slowly waded over to me, a hungry look in his eyes. He walked over my legs, which opened automatically for him, and sat on my broad thighs. Then placing his arms behind my neck, tilted his head, closed his eyes, and moved delicately in for the kill. Our lips met and I felt a chill go down my body. This felt right; it felt so right. My tongue had no problem finding his, and I found myself wanting more. I grabbed the back of his head and kissed deeper and deeper, stopping only for quick breaths and the occasional biting of his lip, which only caused him to moan even more than he already was. This boy knew how to kiss, and I was about to cum in my, no, his shorts (man was that a sexy thought), but as if sensing my near climax, he withdrew from our embrace.

I let out a passionate sigh. That truly was the most amazing kiss I had ever experienced. Mark left the position he was in headed back to his place across from me, and smiled sexily, as if there were much more in store for me.

Unable to look at the stud across the way anymore, for fear that I may just cum in the hot tub if I kept looking at him, I turned my glance to Marc and was truly astonished at what I saw. There he sat, switching his glance from me to Mark, all the while slightly stroking his cock, just visible under the surface of the water. A look of intense curiosity filled his face and as we focused our attention on him, he began to redden and stopped moving.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I just… couldn’t help it.”

“It’s no big deal,” I reassured him. “Happens to the best of us.” I myself was indeed resisting a similar urge.

Just then, I felt the now familiar brush against my foot and I looked up at the Mark opposite me. He smiled and nodded to the blonde to my right, with an excited look in his eye. I gave him a questionable look, unsure of what he was getting at, and he responded by simply hold three fingers up above the water. My eyes widened and I immediately understood.

Within a matter of seconds, both Mark and I had slid over to the other Mark and before he could realize what was happening, we both kissed him simultaneously and engaged and a nearly orgasmic three-way. Both ‘Marks’ were great kissers, and I found myself stroking the blonde Marc’s slender body, starting from his narrow shoulders, and sliding down his washboard abs until I got to his hard cock, the raging mast of his sunken ship. Meanwhile my other hand had interlocked with studly Mark and we had formed some sort of connection as if our hands themselves were mating fervently. Blonde Marc was now shaking with pleasure, and I soon realized that I was not the only one down below pleasing him; model Mark was also lending a helping hand, and it wasn’t long at all before the slender guy to my right left the three-way as he rolled his head back in pleasure, breathing deeply, and swaying back and forth in time with Mark and my rhythmic motions in our double hand-job. While Mark and I continued making out, hardly noticing that Marc had left and barely realized what our hands were doing, a scream of passion resounded through the night. Blonde Marc had cum, but we didn’t care. It meant that now our hands were free and we took advantage of that fact. Mark opened his legs for me and I stepped between them, still kissing his smooth face, my arms exploring his muscular shoulders with the most delicate of touch, rubbing them methodically. I felt Mark’s legs close around me, trapping me within a prison a muscular thighs, but I had no intention of escaping.

With Mark holding onto my neck and using his tongue to investigate every crevice of my mouth, and his thighs, tightening around my waist, I easily lifted him from the water with my arms under his and cradling the back of his head. There, in the middle of the tub, there was only us, and I couldn’t be happier. After what seemed like an eternity, Mark pulled back his head, looked down at me, and smiled and kissed my forehead gently and rubbed my arms warming them. Fully exposed to the night’s cold air, I thought it best if we returned to the warm waters below, so I let go of my lover and sank back down, relieved to feel this warm sensation return to my body. Again we returned to our respected positions.

We lost track of how long we were up there for, but spent Marc was still catching his breath, and there was a small puddle of cum floating above the water by his arm. He blissfully looked at the two of us, and was about to speak, when we heard a sliding door close and we all looked in that direction.

It was Laura. She sat there, tapping her foot impatiently, a stern look on her face. Without saying a word, our new blonde friend rose from the water, and jumped over the side. Much like a beaten dog remorsefully returning to its abusive master, Marc trudged back inside and Laura gave us a reproachful look, as if she somehow knew what we were doing before closing the door perhaps a bit too forcefully.

“Well I guess that just leaves the two us,” I said, as sexy as I could.

“Not necessarily…” Mark trailed off. And with that, he slowly sank beneath the surface with that same brazen smile on his face, until his head was fully submerged. I had no clue what he was up to, but I knew it had to be something great.

A few seconds later, the face I had come to know and love resurfaced, shortly followed by a floating pair of swimming trunks. A coy smile filled his face and he reached behind him to the master control for the hot tub. Suddenly a pleasurably painful burst of water shot up my ass and caused me to literally jump in the air. Mark laughed hysterically, turning the dial down a bit and I returned back to my position to receive a gentle anal massage. I rolled my eyes back in pleasure, accepting the watery jet inside of me. Within moments, I felt two hands tugging at my shorts and I shifted my weight so they could easily take back what was rightfully theirs. My cock shook with pleasure, finally free of its cloth confinement. It felt wonderful; I was in ecstatic bliss.

Somehow, overcoming all the satisfaction I was feeling, I opened my eyes, and saw Mark, sitting there smiling, turned on by my enjoyment. Yet it seemed like he hadn’t moved at all. I shrugged and shook the thought out of my head. I thought I heard a noise from inside the house so I turned around, only to find out it was nothing at all. When I looked back at Mark, I was truly taken aback.

Perhaps it was one too many drinks, or I had turned my head too quickly back, but I seemed to be seeing things in triple vision, for there Mark was, sitting next to himself, on each side. I blinked a few times, trying to get my eyes into focus, yet upon closer inspection, I realized that two of the Marks were soaking wet, as if they had just come from under the surface while the third one in the middle was relatively dry in comparison.

“Whoah man,” I stammered. “I think I need to lay off the drinks for a while.”

The Marks laughed in unison and the one in the middle replied, “Nah, no need to do that. I just thought… it was getting a little lonesome in this big hot tub with just the two of us. You know what they say, the more the merrier”

The Mark on the left then held up the swimsuit I had been wearing moments before and tossed it over his shoulder with a playful smile.

“Well in that case…” I trailed off giving each Mark a wink.

They each looked at each, grinning and then returned their gazes to me. With identical movements they approached me, surrounding me in a blissful circle of gorgeous triplets. This was going to be a night to remember.

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