Honey and cum

by Ro_burrr

 Anna helps her husband with his “small problem”, with (un)foreseeable consequences.

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“And you’re sure this is going to work?” Anna eyed the little plastic bottle that was pressed between her fingers, raising an eyebrow to the girl sitting across the table, cars passing by behind her.

“Well,” the other girl sighed, resting her cheek on her right hand, “because this is about the fifth time you’ve already asked, I can only tell you that the sooner you try it, the sooner you know it does work.” She took the mug that was resting on the table with her free hand and finished the coffee inside, then straightened herself on her chair and crossed her arms over her chest, “You must be running out of options if you even dared to talk to me about your problem,” she said with a smirk.

“It’s just…Jan, it just sounds too good to be true,” Anna said.

Jan puffed and stood up, taking the bottle from Anna’s hand and stuffing it into the girl’s bag. “Go!” she said as she grabbed Anna by the arms and pulled the shorter girl up, bumping the metal table from the coffee shop, “Yes! It is going to work! Once you can’t keep your husband off of you, you’ll feel so stupid for being so doubtful.”


“No ‘but’s! You married him 3 months ago, and you still haven’t—”

“Shush!” Anna’s eyes burst open, and she pulled her hands over her friend’s mouth, looking over her shoulder to see if any of the other customers on the street had heard Jan. They pretended not to.

“I’m not going to shut up!” Jan said, taking her friend’s hands off her mouth, although she lowered her voice, “It weirded me out that you never did it when you were going out, but I assumed it was a religious thing or something like that for him. But your fucking married now. No!” She raised her hand as Anna opened her mouth to protest, “You. House. Bottle. Eric. Bed. Now!”

Anna made a straight line with her mouth, still unsure. As Jan was about to give up, Anna sighed, “Fine. I’ll try it out.”

Jan let out a big sigh, “You’re very hard to convince for someone who was asking for help, you know?” she took Anna by the shoulder and made her turn around, pushing her towards the street, “For the last time, go!”

Anna started walking away, giving a last look to her friend, both thankfulness and nervousness in her face, and finally giving a little wave as she started walking to the metro station.

Jan puffed, blowing a strand of hair from her face. Hands on her hips, she smirked in Anna’s direction. Maybe I should’ve told her the truth about what the bottle does, she thought, but then again, why ruin the surprise?

Anna closed the door to her apartment, leaning on it and letting out a sigh.

“Honey, are you home?” she called, pushing herself off the door and taking off her shoes, leaving them on the rack next to the door with the others. Eric didn’t answer. “Honey?” she called again, unconsciously squeezing her bag’s handle, coming into the small room that was both her kitchen and living room. The kitchen counter and a sofa divided the room in three, the sofa pointed to the right where a piece of furniture supported a TV and some books against the wall. A short hallway ran next to the sofa and TV, leading to the bathroom and bedroom.

“Reading,” Eric replied this time, his juvenile voice answering from their bedroom.

“What are you reading?” Anna asked, scooping the little bottle from her bag. She untwisted the tiny cap and, squeezing her eyes, gulped down the whole contents.

Hopefully, what she was about to do wouldn’t take too much effort to tear him off his book. Or maybe it would. Wasn’t that her whole predicament, after all? Anna gave long strides towards her room, her heart beating increasingly fast, a knot in her throat making it harder to breathe. She found her husband lying on the bed, wearing a pair of running pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Every piece of clothing looked oversized on him, making him look lankier than he actually was. The curtains behind the bed were closed except for a ray of soft light which Eric was using to read the book. He had the book up to his nose, the thick pages covering his face, and he didn’t react when Anna entered the room through the open door.

She stood there for a second, knowing he wouldn’t put down the book to say hi to her properly. It wasn’t that he was rude or he didn’t care about her, it’s just that once he was focused on something, it was hard to pull him out of it. Whether it was a book, a project, or even herself. When he was focused on her, she really was everything in his world. It just so happened that right now his world was a history book, apparently. Still, frustration welled up inside her. It was irrational, she knew it, but it had festered long enough that she had called Jan for help. She figured her friend would give her some tips or advice, but instead, she had shown up with that little container and claimed it would solve all her problems as if she knew more than what Anna had told her. Damned woman. She had refused to tell her why she had to take the aphrodisiac instead of giving it to her husband. When pressed, Jan had just said, “That’s how it works. Trust me.” Insecurity and all, Anna did trust her. Just enough, at least.

Anna frowned and dropped the bag to the floor. She could feel a soft tingling between her legs already, as well as a warm sensation building up at the base of her belly. Unsure as to whether it was actually the aphrodisiac Jan had given her, or just anticipation, she couldn’t tell.

Without taking her eyes off Eric, who hadn’t put down the book, she reached for her panties under her salmon sundress and pulled them off one leg at a time, leaving them on the floor. She carefully climbed on the bed, crawling up Eric on all fours.

“Did you know that the battle of Empel was the only battle ever won by infantry over a naval force?” Eric said as he felt her weight on the bed, “The river where the Dutch warships were stationed froze overnight, allowing the Spanish army to-,” his excited explanation was cut short as Anna pulled the book from his hands and looked directly into his eyes. She was taken back for an instant, as his baby blue eyes stared back at her in confusion. In combination with his sandy blond hair, pale skin, and hairless boyish features, he had always seemed too attractive, making her feel like she was the plainest girl on the planet. She hid her brown eyes between her eyelashes for a second, suddenly self-conscious, but the warmth between her legs was expanding through the rest of her stomach, and the tingling sensation had been building up between her legs. She lifted her eyes to Eric’s still confused look, and without a word dove into his lips.

Eric gave a muffled yelp, suddenly taken from his book and having his wife on top of him with a strange look on her face, kissing him like this out of the blue. However, he gave in to the kiss, closing his eyes and putting his right hand on the back of Anna’s head where he knew she liked to be scratched when kissing. Anna’s kiss deepened, but as soon as she pressed her chest into Eric’s taut body, he broke the kiss, pushing her away from him. “Hey, if you wanted to make out, you just had to say so,” he smiled, trailing his hand along the side of her face, “you didn’t have to take the book away like that.”

“Make out?” Erica asked, straightening herself on top of Eric’s lap, feeling the warmness now turn into a hot sensation throughout her body, her thoughts becoming fuzzy, focusing on one single desire…

“Yeah,” Eric continued, pushing himself off the bed with one elbow, “we can go to the sofa, I’ll play some music, and we can—”

“No!” Anna pushed him back to the bed, his smile disappearing, her eyes wide open and staring directly into his. “No, I don’t want to make out, Eric,” she pulled one of his bony hands and put his palm on her breast, sending a small jolt of pleasure at his warm contact, “I want you like this, now,” she said with a ragged whisper, her cheeks red.

“What?…it’s just, I…” Eric’s eyes widened, and he forced another smile.

“Please…” Anna let go of his hand and moved her knees closer to his face, her now dripping slit hungry for her husband’s lips, “Please…“ her voice a murmur. She thought she’d have to give him the same justification Jan had given her to get him to have sex with her, some logical explanation that would convince his rational mind, but with the aphrodisiac’s effect growing, all she managed to do was plead to him. The feelings and needs she had been holding down for five years were breaking through to the surface and leaking down the space between her legs.

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck Eric thought. That, and another, damnable word for his shame echoed through his mind.


The 2-inch long traitor had perked up inside his briefs the moment he had had Anna’s face next to him, her feminine scent inundating him, initiating a chain reaction down to his pants.

Rationally, he knew this day would come, he knew he couldn’t keep kicking the issue. A part of him chastised him for not rejecting Anna when she declared to him. A bigger part of him chastised him for allowing her to get married to him, for thinking he could satisfy her -after all, there was only so much a mouth could do. A greater part of him chastised him for merely keeping the secret from her. Not lying, but not being honest either. But a simpler fact trampled over all the arguments, as it had done since he’d met her.

He was in love, and he knew she loved him as well.

Eric swallowed and then nodded. He braced himself for the humiliation, opening his mouth to explain to her, but Anna kissed him again. Her lips and cheeks were hot, and she was breathing heavily through her nostrils. His right palm returned to the back of her head, and his other went to her lower back, slowly stroking her up and down, rocking lightly as they kissed, moans escaping their interlocked lips. Without saying anything else, he broke the kiss and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her closer to his face. He slowly lifted her sundress, not even daring to graze her thighs with his hands yet, revealing her swollen sex for the first time, discovering that it didn’t have any hair at all. It was round, pink, and shiny with her juices. His breath caught in his throat, and he could feel his cock hardening inside his pants, embarrassing him, but the warmth of his wife was too alluring, and soon his soft face was lost under her dress.

Her husband’s mere breath, so close now to breaking that barrier between them, made her bite her lips and let out the very smallest groan. Eric couldn’t see very well, the fabric obstructing his view, but he could feel his wife’s juices dripping on his lips. Wetting his lips with his tongue, he tensed his abs and barely pushed himself off the bed, gently closing the final distance between their two souls. He planted a peck on her and could feel her whole body tremble, another small groan escaping her lips. He wet his lips again and bit his lower lip before going for a longer kiss, feeling his own breathing become heavier, heart racing inside his chest and sending a pounding sensation to the very tips of his hands and feet.

Anna felt Eric’s tentative kisses, electric jolts making her whole body shake with unprecedented pleasure, moans leaving her lips between short breaths. She slid her fingers into the hairs in the back of his head, gently motioning him towards her core.

Eric became even more aroused, and soon enough he gained enough confidence to intensify the soft kissing and open his mouth to her. The sensation was intoxicating, unlike anything he had ever tasted before. So human, so intimate, so… sweet. In some back corner of his mind, the usual, rational Eric, was surprised at how sweet Erica’s pussy tasted. From what he’d read on books and on the web, and heard from unscrupulous friends, the taste was supposed to be salty, metallic, perhaps a little bit sweet, but her opening was as tasteful as fruits, the taste stronger when he swallowed the abundant fluids flowing from it. The more animal part of him, the one growing in control now, didn’t care about the how or why, he just knew that this woman, his woman, tasted good, and he wanted more of it.

His hands had been resting on her thighs until now, but now they slowly drifted to her bottom, sliding under her dress, cupping her cheeks and tenderly squeezing them, prompting a rocking motion from her hips, increasing the contact of their lips each time he would grip her ass towards his face, and soon they were in a coordinated back and forth of moans, groans, and hums. Eric could feel his body matching Anna’s heat, his breath heavy, making his chest expand fully with each intake, his member so hard it felt like it would explode, flexing and stretching his legs as his muscles ached for movement. And yet he couldn’t take his mouth away from his wife’s pussy, practically drinking from it, licking, and sucking from it as if he had never had a drink in his life and Anna’s slit was the first sweet, sweet spring he had ever found and would ever need.

Between the moans and thoughts fogged by pleasure, Anna had noticed his husband’s hands grappling her buttocks, smiling widely and the display of confidence and desire, the faintest shadows that Eric didn’t desire her sexually finally fading away as he thirstily kissed and tongued her. She removed one of her hands from his locks under her dress and placed it on top of one of the hands that were grabbing her ass, with the intention of motioning them to rock her faster. However, as soon as she placed her hand on top of his, something made her open her eyes and turn her head around. She grabbed the back of her sundress, revealing not her husband’s long, bony and delicate fingers, but a pair of thick and strong hands with a soft coat of blond hair covering their backs. Anna looked at her husband’s arms, pulling down the fabric of the long-sleeved t-shirt to reveal a solid arm, coated in the same blond hair. He wasn’t buff by any stretch, but the muscles were hard and corded, far from the lanky man she was accustomed to.

Eric was moaning and groaning even louder, barely closing his lips against her opening anymore, merely licking and sucking, which made her whole body quiver with renewed waves of pleasure, threatening to fog her mind once again. Yet now she could see other changes in her husband. He had grown a little bit taller, his t-shirt now fitting his size, same as the sweatpants, and the top of his trashing feet also had a hint of growing hair. Eric gripped her ass, forcing a gasp out of her, making her eyes close for a second, but she opened them again. Now that he was literally drinking from her pussy, from which a stream of thick fluid entered directly into Eric’s mouth, she could see her husband growing in size.

She couldn’t believe it. This couldn’t be happening. Yet she could actually see how his body swelled beneath her, clothes stretching over ballooning muscles, his chest growing to such size that the muscles bumped her ass, pushing her closer to Eric’s tongue. Anna turned her head back and lifted the front of her dress, revealing her husband’s face. Even though half of his features were hidden under her swollen mound, it was clear that the boyish traits were all but gone. An angular nose, thick eyebrows, and strong, high cheekbones greeted her from beneath. However, what sent her over the edge were her husband’s now deep blue eyes, which halfly opened and looked at her with such animalistic lust that she couldn’t stop the whimpers that escaped from her lips.

Eric closed his eyes again, barely noticing the straining of his clothes, so enthralled by his wife’s sounds, the intoxicating peachy smell of her wet opening, and, above all, the heat that dominated every other sensation. His wife’s hot sex on his lips, and the burning ache that the felt on his whole body, especially between his legs where he could feel his length swollen and throbbing, wetting the inside of his underwear with precum, demanding to be freed from its restrains.

It was too much, and as addictive as Anna’s juices and moans were, more imperative instincts took over him. It was difficult for him to breathe at this point as if the collar of his t-shirt itself was too close and the fabric around his chest too small. Indeed, as he stretched his arms from his wife’s rear to her waist, he could feel and hear the fabric of his clothes giving out with a loud tear. He found it easy to lift her wife’s whole body weight, and with a grunt, he sat up on his knees and dropped her on the bed in front of him.

“Arghh…!” he felt his lungs fill with air and his chest expand as the seams of his T-shirt split with a rip down the collar, finally giving in to his ferocious mass, revealing a pair of heavy, bulging pecs that grew even larger as they spilled out of the defeated rags. His sweatpants expanded and groaned, and finally gave up too, revealing a pair of hairy tree trunks for legs, so massive and wide that they left no gap between them, pushing the contents of his briefs forward. Sweat dripping from his whole body, Eric tore off the remnants of his clothes with deep grunts, flinging them away over the bed, leaving him only in his strained briefs. Panting, he looked at his wife, who looked back at him with wide eyes.

Anna didn’t know where to look first. Eric’s face was the mirror image of masculinity. A sharp jaw, thick neck, messy blond hair, a deep look that made her insides clench, and a snarling mouth that threatened to eat her whole. Not that she would mind. Basketball sized shoulders and bulging traps supported his wide, veiny neck, leading down to a pair of arms that were bigger than his legs ever were before, each with a thick vein that snaked down to those spider-like hands. Two round and thick, heavy pecs seemed to giggle with each breath of his broad chest and lats, so big and overdeveloped that their nipples pointed down towards his rock hard abs, a pelt of short fur trailing from the base of his neck down his midsection. Anna’s legs were barely surrounding his waist, and she could feel him trembling, a feverish temperature exuding from his body. But between her legs, something burning and heavy was yet to be unleashed. His briefs could hardly contain the size and weight of his bulge, his tennis-sized balls so heavy they pulled down the cloth, revealing the head of his throbbing manhood, from which gushed a transparent fluid that leaked out onto his leg in a thin continuous stream. The whole picture was too much, and she whined at the size of this man… no, this beast, her husband now was.

Eric had never hit a gym in his life, but he felt his muscles and cock throbbing with blood, filling him with confidence and clouding his thoughts, akin to a workout pump. Eric was half aware of what was still happening to him, but the only thing he could think of was making his wife moan, moan louder and louder. He couldn’t deal with the pressure in his manhood much longer. With a growl, he tore his briefs, letting his heavy meat flop atop his wife’s sensitive mound, making her squirm, splattering her belly with thick pre. He leaned over her, planting a deep kiss on her lips, grabbing her head with one hand and her lower back with the other, pressing her against his hard body. He could feel his shaft twitching between them, Anna surrounding him with her arms and legs and pulling his hair and the back of his head. After some moments, it was too much for both of them, breaking their kiss.

“Anna…” he said, his voice panting an octave lower.

“Clothes… off me,” she demanded, grinding her heat against his.

Eric let go of her, grabbing her sundress around the chest and tearing it in two as she squirmed and pressed her legs harder against him. Smirking, Eric grabbed her bra by the middle with both hands and got rid of it in the same fashion, throwing it away along the tatters of the dress, provoking a loud moan from her, her round breasts bursting to freedom. Eric took a moment to bask into his woman for the first time. Her pale skin matching his, her small, delicate frame, her spread out dark hair surrounding her head like a halo, the look of lust and vulnerability on her face…

For a moment, he regained some of his senses. Looking into her eyes, he reached for her face and slowly stroked her cheek, brushing her lips with his thumb, receiving a kiss in return. He leaned over, supporting his weight with his other arm, and grabbed his manhood, pointing it towards his wife’s wet pussy. The thing was red and burning in his hand, fat veins enveloping the shaft, which was thicker than the head, making it look even bigger than it actually was. His member continued to bubble out lube like a faucet, and as the head touched the opening, he felt it twitch and spit out even more in anticipation. The feeling made him wince, and he gave a last look to his wife.

“Ready?” he asked, to which she merely replied with a nod, biting her lower lip. He looked at her swollen mound and clit, and pressed the head into her, parting her lips and slowly filling her.

Only a third of his dick was in, but she was already moaning loudly, grabbing and pulling at his hair, the sensation of having her insides penetrated, unlike anything she had ever felt before. She flexed her legs and pulled his waist against her, prompting Eric to go deeper. She wanted to have him whole, her insides craving to be filled by his hot shaft. Smirking, he resisted his wife’s attempts to go deeper, and pulled out until only his head was left in, and then slowly pushed in again, just a little farther than before, starting an in and out motion, each thrust slowly going deeper each time. Eric soon was losing control over his hips, thrusting harder and harder, basking in the feeling of Anna’s tight snatch. Pre continued to gush from his slit, which mixed with Anna’s own juices, dripping off his balls and making a loud squelching sound each time he pushed against her. His shaft throbbed and he felt Anna become tighter and tighter, and he could feel himself edging on an orgasm that kept evading him, making him thrust harder and faster.

Anna felt it too, the pleasurable ache of him opening her wider and wider, never to the point of pain, but the harder he thrust, the better it felt, crying out loud each time he entered her. Words and coherent thoughts escaped her, her lips only letting out louder and louder moans. The pressure kept building up inside her belly, each time he penetrated her feeling like a glorious orgasm on its own, the dirty sound of his groin splashing into her and his heavy and hard dangling bull balls slapping her ass.

With each slap, Eric grunted like an animal, sweat running down his feverish body, frustrated by the position that didn’t let him give more pleasure to his wife, letting him hear more of those screams that drove him crazy. He gave a last, powerful thrust with a loud smack, taking her hands off his hair and straightening himself, still inside her. Anna opened her eyes, frowning in protest. “I bet you’re going to like this more, honey,” his voice deep and raspy, grabbing her by the waist and turning her around, pulling her close to him. He grabbed her tail from behind and motioned her to lift her ass, grabbing his engorged cock and positioning it back into her trickling pussy. When the head entered her again, pushing out of her one of those desired moans, he grabbed a breast with one hand, pulling her even closer to him, and slipped the other one towards her clit, rubbing it as he started pounding again. Anna started groaning, then moaning, and soon enough she was screaming out in pleasure as she felt his wide rod fill her in and out again.

“Oh, Eric, yes..!” her voice lost in between moans, “M-o-o-o-o-re!”

His hands rubbed her firm bust and swollen clitoris, and she could feel each ragged breath of his sweaty steely body behind her, taking the breath out of her lungs with each thrust that hit the back of her pussy, sending shock after shock of pleasure through her body each time his wide and meaty pecs and hard abs hit her back as well. Eric started licking and biting her neck, tasting the strange sweetness that ran down her whole body, making his dick feel tingly again, getting even harder and wider.

All that was left of them were their most animalistic instincts of mating, the only sound his own moans intermingled with his wife’s, and the vulgar, wet sound of flesh hitting flesh, in the loving violence of passion. Time and place were lost, their burning skin and interlaced bodies all that existed, and all they needed. However, soon Eric felt a growing pressure at the base of his manhood, and as the pace of his strokes and breath quickened, Anna’s instincts picked up on the subtle change, she starting ramming down on him, her own thrusts rougher and more rabid, eased out by the constant flow of thick fluids from her stretched opening, “Don’t stop, don’t…!“ she gasped, barely untangling the words from her fuzzy brain.

Eric gave a thrust, his cock touching the end of her passage, his wife wrapped tightly around his arms, feeling every crevasse inside of her, every swollen vein of his own ballooning cock, his shaft thickening until he hit that point of maximum pleasure for his mate. Anna felt it force itself even wider inside her, her walls clamping down around him, throwing her head backward, her spine arching in a tremor of ecstasy, her mouth wide open and letting out a deep scream, juices squirting out of her pussy.

Eric’s thick muscles tensed as he grabbed his wife’s quivering body, pulling her to him, and then pushed inside with one last thrust of his powerful, striated glutes, joining her with a primitive roar of his own. His heavy nads clenched and pushed from behind, the pressure at the base of his manhood finally snapping, releasing his load inside Anna, turning into bliss. She felt his hot seed fill her up, and then spill out on the soggy sheets and down her legs as Eric continued pumping load after load of his thick yellowish cum inside of her in a continuous flow.

After Eric finally emptied himself in what felt like an eternity, he collapsed on his back, holding the still trembling Anna. Cock still inside of her, he felt it twitch and reduce its enormous size, not minding the mess on the bed and between their legs. Their breath slowly calmed down, and he made her turn around by the waist, his wife almost limp, pulling her closer and kissing her on the forehead, basking in the afterglow of their very first love session.

Many minutes passed in silence, yet as his cock started growing once again, to the delight of Anna, who let out a small moan, Eric became more conscious of the changes in his body. Ignoring the purrs of the woman on top of him, Eric said, “I don’t know what just happened,” It was the first time he could pay attention to the now low tone of his voice, making him feel out of place, like it wasn’t himself talking. Raising one of his hands and looking at it, he then smiled broadly and hugged Anna closer “But it was wonderful.”

Anna took a deep breath, the tingling in her pussy inviting her to melt herself in the half-hard member filling her up again. She ignored it, mainly because she wanted to come clean on her part of all of this, and also because she actually didn’t know what to make out of it. She collected her thoughts and appreciated Eric’s comfort, who merely stroked her head.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” Anna said in almost a whisper, the frustration of those years coming weakened by the feeling of fullness she felt now, but it was still something she didn’t want to think about. However, it was what motivated her to go to her friend in the first place. “But I was growing impatient… because we never, you know,” she shrugged, “I told Jan many times about this, but I didn’t go through with some of the stuff she told me because I didn’t want to force you. And when you asked me to marry you, I stopped trying because I figured you had just been waiting until then,” Eric took a deep breath and sighed, a sharp pinch in his chest biting at him. “But then we got married,” without looking at him, Anna turned her head so her cheek rested on Eric’s pecs, “and time passed, and nothing happened. So I asked Jan again. She told me about this aphrodisiac a guy she was seeing had tried. Got me a bottle. Convinced me to use it. But she never mentioned the… growth. She just said that it would make me irresistible to you.”

Eric lowered his head and pulled Anna’s chin towards him, “You thought you weren’t irresistible to me?”

“Well, what else was I supposed to think?!” she said, looking up at him, frowning, “You never made any advances on me.”

“Anna,” Eric replied with a smile, “I asked you to marry me!”

“Then why? I’ve wanted for so long for you to take me like this!” Her eyes were wide, pain trickling through her voice.

Eric groaned, letting his head fall back to the bed. A few moments passed before he finally took a deep breath and sighed “I know it’s going to sound really stupid, but I never thought I was good enough for you. Yes, I know you said ‘Yes’ to marrying me, but still. I was afraid I wouldn’t satisfy you because…I was too small…” he lowered his voice and closed his eyes, his lips pressed together. “That’s why I eluded you for so long. I thought if I expressed my love in other manners, manners which I knew were in my control, you might not grow tired of me.”

“Did you go deaf when you grew this much?” she grazed his cheek, and he opened his eyes, “You did satisfy me.”

“Yeah, I guess I did,” he sighed, a tentative smile lighting up his face. He pulled her closer, “I’m glad. And I’m also sorry,” he whispered.

“You have to be more open from here on, okay?” she said as she rested her head back on his chest and surrounded his wide neck with her arms, as his hand returned to her favorite spot behind her head.

“Sure, I promise. You too, alright?”

“Sure,” she purred, “You did like it when I opened myself to you, didn’t you?” she said as she wiggled her hips.

“Oh, I sure did,” he snorted, reaching for her plump ass and squeezing it to Anna’s delight, feeling himself growing harder inside her, “Wanna go at it again?”


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