Harley muscle

by Jax Sobieski

The author remembers a brief encounter with a startlingly huge, hog-riding bodybuilder.

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It was in the late summer of 1997, the weather was hot and humid and I was out on a Saturday Morning for a drive. Just wanted to get away from all the bullshit of family and work. I drove my car out on a highway in New Jersey going west. I just got on route 3 in our state and was heading out to a lake side area about 35 miles from where I lived.

Now 3 goes into 46 west and 46 turns into 80 west. I knew there was going to be a lot of traffic since summer was winding down. I just got onto 46 west and the traffic was dead stop. I thought to myself this isn’t worth it, and was going to turn around at the next over pass and go home. The over pass was 3 miles ahead and the traffic was literally moving at a snails pace. I was in the middle lane of a three lane highway. I had some CD in my sound system playing and was just waiting to get to the over pass to turn around. I was literally going 3 miles an hour.

All of a sudden on my left in the side view mirror a Harley Davidson is powering its way up the right lane with that over powering grunting throttling sound that I really can’t stand. It almost deafens a person’s audio perception! I wasn’t even ready to take another look, but the sound grew more intense as it grew closer. I looked over and there was the most hulking, massive guy I had ever seen in my life.

I had seen some of the biggest guys in bodybuilding over the years in the 90’s—like Yates, and Francois and Fux. This guy was F***ING HUGE. He had just been on my right side for about 20 seconds and I was drinking in his enormous girth and size, when he took off cause his lane opened up ahead of me. I was hell bent on seeing him up close so I jumped into his land and was two car lengths behind him, I could only hope that the car in front of me would exit so i could be right behind him. After about 2 miles the car in front did exit and I was right behind him. From the size and shape of his back and his arms, which were awesomely huge, he could have been 28 to 32 years old. His hair was almost black and long to almost his shoulders under his helmet.

The traffic had opened up and we were off, I kept close enough, but just far enough back in following him. This went on for the next 22 miles or so.

I almost gave up when I saw his directional on for a small town area that I didn’t really know! I said to myself “What the Hell?” and kept following him! Thank God he only drove another mile or two before he stopped in a parking lot for a small town park. I didn’t know where I was or what was to happen.

Now in the late 90’s a lot of people didn’t have cell phones like today. I pulled into the lot and made sure that I parked my car 4 spots away from him. I could look out my driver’s side window and just see his frame from the other cars parked next to me. He was on a phone and it took an eternity of time before he hung up.

He then swung his massive trunk like right leg over the Harley and then opened the cargo hold of his bike and took out a blanket and a small igloo container. I then saw him walk towards my car on his right, and continued past my car to the opening of the park.

I could see all his size and shape as he walked by, dressed in cut off shorts and boots and a ripped up T shirt. Could it get any better? He was HUGE! I jumped out of my car and grabbed some towels I had in my trunk and followed him for about 30 feet or so, not to be conspicuous! I saw him walk into the park area and he set up his little “Camp” by edge of a man made pond area.

I was ready to cum when he stripped down to just his shorts.He had on this tight white shirt that was form fitting to his body. You could see his that his arms were around 23” or more. I couldn’t believe my luck to find this god on a great sunny hot day!

In the 90’s a lot of these guys were getting immensely huge, I was in Florida for a family reunion with some of my cousins in 94 and just lucked out and was in a hotel in Orlando that was hosting a Bodybuilding and fitness expo on the weekend I was there. I decided to go and spend the early morning at the expo center for the seminars and was in heaven when I found out that my favorite Bodybuilder of the time was giving a seminar on nutrition and supplements. Not only Mike Francois himself! Now he was in his all time heaviest weight of about 300 pounds. I actually sat next to him and got to ask him a few questions before the seminar was to begin. I thought I had won the “Muscle Lottery” then… He was so cordial and receptive to my questions I couldn’t believe how genuine he was. He was also a HUGE MF then!

Now this guy I followed on his Harley was even bigger and just as nice. I sat about 15 feet from him as he laid in the sun and somehow I was able to start a conversation with him for about 20 minutes. He was the beefiest Bull I had ever laid eyes on. I got to finish my small conversation with him, very inane and superficial. Then he got up and left about another 30 minutes later and he was gone. He was like a Huge Bull laying in the sun and catching rays smearing lotion on his chest and arms and his legs that were immense and bloated.

When I passed that park for years to come I always thought of him and the short time in history of what I remembered of him.

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