Biking buddies

by Eric Aaldersen

 Simon and Adam enjoy racing their bikes through the countryside together, Adam getting extra enjoyment from watching Simon’s ass as he rides ahead of him on the trail. This time, Adam gets to do more than just look.

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Simon raced behind Adam, bits of mud flying up from his tires and spattering his naked chest like bits of chocolate cake batter. It was a hot and steamy afternoon on a weekend at the end of July, the two friends raced under a canopy of maples beeches on their mountain bikes. It had rained that weekend and the trail was just finishing drying up—just the way they liked it.

The sun filtered through the tree branches above, spots of sunlight moving over their hard, young bodies like fireflies in the shade. It was Simon’s twenty-first birthday on Tuesday, and Adam had promised to go with him for a day long workout so that he would be in good shape for his girlfriend.

Adam had turned twenty one just over two months ago and they had gone out drinking just the two of them. Simon got a little drunk and ended up taking home a girl he met there. What was here name? Liz? Lisa? Laura? Anyway, his girlfriend would never find out—Adam was the only one who knew, and they had been best buds since their first year of high school. Adam never picked up anyone though, even in high school, and Simon often wondered why. Adam was easily the hottest guy in their class: six-foot-five, blond, tanned, killer blue eyes, a smile that could stop traffic, and a body that any guy (any age) would have killed for. Since, Adam had only improved his looks, but to Simon’s knowledge he had never dated a single girl, and he told Simon everything.

Simon pumped his legs like mad trying to keep up with Adam. Looking ahead, Simon could see Adam’s moulded ass staring him in the face through those spandex biking shorts that he always wore on these trips. Adam wasn’t wearing a shirt and he was getting just as muddy as Simon, bits of the chocolate earth sticking to his golden, taunt calf muscles, getting caught up in the light covering of blond hair. It was sweltering hot, so they were both topless, Simon wearing his favourite pair of cut-offs and runners.

They had been riding for nearly a solid hour and Simon’s legs were killing him, he wasn’t used to this extended aerobic activity like Adam was. But Adam had said to him, “Hey, if you want that six-pack, you’d better hit the bike.” And Simon did want that six-pack.

After a few more minutes, Adam called back to Simon: “Slowin’ down! River up ahead!”

They skidded to a stop on the bank of a small river, about fifteen feet across.

“C’mon,” said Adam, getting off his bike. “It isn’t deep, and we’re almost at a place where we can get cleaned up and rest for a bit. Follow me.” With that Adam hoisted his bike behind his back and started to wade into the cool water. Simon did the same and followed him.

The water reflected the sunlight like a moving strip of tin foil and Simon was glad that he’d brought his sunglasses. Simon looked up and saw Adam’s arm fully flexed, supporting the weight of his mountain bike. “Man,” thought Simon, “what I wouldn’t give to have those arms. Those biceps must be close to twenty inches!” Simon himself didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about though. He was in the weightlifting club at college and had a great body as well: 6’1”, flawless white skin, thick black hair, eyes that were almost black as well, a killer chest, and eighteen inch biceps. In fact that’s how he and Adam met; they started out spotting each other at the gym in high school.

As Simon stumbled and tottered through the moving stream while trying to keep his eye on Adam he could feel a little movement below the equator. “Shit! Must be the movement,” he figured.

Simon watched Adam expertly scale the other bank—he obviously done this trail quite a few times before—showcasing that ass of his once again. “Goddamn,” thought Simon. “I’d better get on the bike again before I have a full blown woody! Must be the movement.”

“C’mon,” Adam mounted his bike again. “Let’s go! I’m dying to get out of these shorts and get cleaned up!” Adam stretched his arms and legs, and Simon thought he saw him checking out his crotch.

“Shit!” thought Simon. “He’s noticed.” But then Adam just powered into the trees once more and Simon followed: “Hum. Maybe not.”

They had been riding for another twenty minutes or so when Adam slowed down and led them off the path leading downhill. Simon remarked that this was a bit difficult with the bikes, but Adam said that it would be worth it.

As Simon stumbled to the bottom of the slope, he could see a sandy beach, good sized pond, and even a small waterfall under the sunlight, all hemmed by two groves of willow trees. Simon’s mouth hung open as he approached this almost mystical space. “Holy shit!” Simon exclaimed as they approached the small beach. “How the hell did you find this place?”

“I chased my water bottle down that slope one day last summer. Nice, ain’t it? C’mon!” Adam threw down his bike, kicked off his biking shoes, and pulled down his shorts. “Last one in’s a pussy!”

Simon followed suit, and inside of thirty seconds they were both buck naked, splashing each other with the sunlight-warmed water.

The water was just more than waist-deep, clean, clear, and as warm as bath water. The two young studs got cleaned up, but more as an indirect result of their wrestling and tackling each other into the lagoon-like pond. They wrestled, grabbing each other in bear-hugs and dunking each other under the surface. Their appearing as pre-adolescent boys was only betrayed by the obvious and striking visual evidence of their well-developed man-hood. And after twenty-minutes or so of play, the boys retired to the small, sun-bathed beach and Adam brought out two large beach towels from his bike carrier for them to lay on.

Reclining naked on the warm sand, Simon couldn’t help but admire Adam’s golden, muscled body: his broad, round shoulders; sculpted arms; hard, chiseled abs; long, tanned, muscular legs; and of course that fabulous package that hung between them. Simon had known how big Adam was for a while now; they only saw each other in the shower room almost every day. Nor did Simon have anything to be embarrassed about in that department, his girlfriend just loved his beer-can-thick eight-incher, but he still admired Adam in that respect. His flaccid appendage arched out from a triangle bush of golden-blond hair beneath his cobblestone abs (covered with a light treasure trail), hanging about six inches long, heavy, and thick between his powerful thighs.

Sitting naked on a beach, it didn’t take long for the small talk to shift to sex, and Simon made the transition: “So, how come you never date?” Smooth as a gravel road, as usual.

Adam looked over at him with a puzzled look and then looked back, his throat contracted and relaxed. “I dunno… I guess I just never liked the whole dating thing, ya know?”

“Yeah, I guess… but you’ve had sex right?”

Adam laughed. “Oh, yeah.”

Simon paused for a minute, “So… how come you never tell me about it? I mean, I thought we were best buds.”

“We are, man… I just… don’t like to talk about it, okay?”

“Okay… that’s cool,” said Simon, reclining on his beach towel. He smiled: “So, you mind if I talk about it?”

Adam laughed. “Go right ahead, man.”

“I can’t wait ‘til my birthday on Tuesday. Erin and I haven’t seen each other in over two weeks. You know what that means?”


“I-miss-you sex and happy-birthday sex all in one!”


Simon got comfortable and let his hand wander toward his crotch. “Man, it is gonna be great! She has got to be the best lay I have ever had. Great legs, sweet ass, nice and tight pussy.” Simon smirked. “Although, for me most pussies are pretty tight.”

Adam chuckled with, what Simon thought, a bit of uncomfortableness.

“I’ll bet you can say the same,” said Simon.


There was a bit of an awkward silence, which Simon soon broke with his own brand of bluntness. “So, how big can you get yours?”

Adam looked over at him and smiled. “I’ll tell you if you tell me first.”

Simon nodded. “Alright. Eight. You?”

“Uh… about nine and a half.”


Adam laughed again. “Sorry, man. You asked.”

“Shit!” Simon exclaimed. “You serious?”

“What do you want,” said Adam, “proof?!”

Simon smiled. “Yeah, why not?”


“Yeah, c’mon,” said Simon, getting to his feet. “We can make it a bit of a contest.”

“A contest,” said Adam as he rose to hit feet and folded his arms across his chest.

“Yeah, and my first challenge to you, boy,” Simon jokingly poked Adam in the chest, “is to show me your meat! And I’ll show you mine.”

Adam stood there for a minute and considered. “Alright, you’re on! But you are in for a beating.”

“We’ll see,” said Simon, knowing full well that we wouldn’t be able to match Adam. Simon never really knew why he made this little challenge, knowing he would lose. He just concluded for that for some strange reason, at that moment that he wanted to see a cock that big in the flesh. At that moment, he wasn’t entirely sure why either.

Adam shrugged, “Alright,” grabbing his penis with one hand, “let’s get to it.”

“Wait, can’t you do it without touching it?”

Adam looked up, “Of course I can. Can you?”

“Of course.”

“Alright then,” Adam smiled and folded his arms across his chest once more. “Let’s go.”

Simon assumed the same posture, facing him, and their young, muscular appendages started to swell, and lengthen. Simon looked right into Adam’s eyes as Adam looked into his, friendly looks of competition on each of their faces. Then Simon felt something and looked down; Adam looked down too. Their swelling cocks had brushed each other on the upswing, and they laughed as they watch each other’s rock hard love-pole swell larger and larger. Simon looked at Adam’s huge appendage thrust up from his crotch; it was even thicker than his! If there was one thing that Simon prided himself on, it was his girth, but it seemed that Adam even surpassed him there; Adam’s cock was so thick that it took up almost all the space between his legs when it was hard. “Shit,” he thought as his own woody reached full-staff. He could even see a bead of pre-cum forming on the head of Adam’s huge cock. He watched it slowly swell and then slowly trickle down that big, muscular, tanned, throbbing fuck-pole toward his huge sack of balls where it got caught in that light, golden blond fuzz that decorated Adam’s lower body.

“Well? You ready?”

Simon was awoken from his reverie and quickly recovered his cool, as he looked up at Adam, whom he could see had been looking at him observe his cock. Simon blushed for a second, only a second, before he smiled and said, “C’mon, stud. Let’s see.”

Adam moved and stood beside Simon so that they could compare. Simon’s own muscular shaft was thrust up from between his thighs—thick, vascular, and dripping sticky pre-cum—but it was obvious who had won their little contest. Simon was even convinced that Adam was being a little modest in his earlier estimation—he must’ve been ten inches at least

“Not that you’ve got anything to be ashamed of, man,” said Adam sitting back down on his towel, slowly stroking his huge member with his left hand. “That’s one nice cock you’ve got there.”

“Oh, I’m not,” Simon replied. “I know it is. But what are you sitting down for, man. It’s your turn.” Simon smiled. “What’s your challenge?” Simon wasn’t quite sure how far this would go, or how far he wanted to take it. All he knew was that he was having fun.

Adam smiled and got up, his cock still throbbing and hard. “Alright… uh…” he got an idea. “Let’s see who can shoot his load the highest.”

Simon laughed, “Sweet! I haven’t got off in like three days.”

“Me neither. This could get messy!” They both chuckled.

“Well,” said Simon. “Let’s go.”



Adam scooped up the beach towels and tossed them away. He sat down on the sand with his legs parted and arched a bit backward so that his cock was pointing skyward. He grabbed his massive man muscle with both hands and started pumping. Simon assumed a similar posture, facing Adam, and started doing the same, using his right hand.

They started with long, slow, strokes and then began to gradually accelerate.

“Tell me when you’re about to go,” said Simon, his breath a little raspy.


They continued to work their huge, young cocks. Simon thought this was amazing. It was like he and Adam were two young kids exploring the power of their manhoods together for the first time. Simon never had a brother, and he felt like some strange bond was forming between he and Adam through this stupid contest. But he quickly dismissed it—no way was Adam feeling the same way, and he would feel stupid trying to talk to him about it.

They increased their speed as the two young studs approached orgasm. Adam cried: “I’m close!”

“Me too!” said Simon. “Ready? On three. One… Two… Three! AUUUNGH!”

Adam let out a groan of pleasure too as they simultaneously shot their rocket loads into the air.

Simon gave an impressive show. He had a good pair of balls himself, and not having gotten his rocks off for about three days, he was able to shoot a few good, thick streams a good distance over his head for the first few volleys. After this initial show he shot another half a dozen at about chest-height and then died off. Watching Adam, however, Simon was once again left in a state of awe at the powerful cum cannon that Adam had thrusting up from his loins.

Adam’s first half-dozen volleys were big, thick streams that must’ve shot about eight or nine feet into the air! He then continued to cum shooting another dozen or so volleys to about eye-level before he was finally stopped, his pole still rock hard and leaking a steady stream of cum into the sand.

The ground between them was now covered with thick pools of their mixed cum. Simon and Adam looked at each other, still breathing heaving from their exertions.

“Ah!” said Adam, throwing his head back and laughing. “That was fuckin’ fabulous!”

“Yeah,” said Simon, looking around. “Shit, we made a real mess.”

“Yeah,” Adam wiped some cum from his chest with his hand and looked at it for a second. Simon kinda wondered what he was doing, but then he just jumped up, his hard cock springing down and then up again, slapping against his rock hard stomach. “C’mon, we’d better get cleaned up again.”

Simon got up and followed him, wading into the pond again, his own cock still hard and leaking as well. As he walked behind Adam, watching his sculpted ass flex as he walked and then slowly disappear beneath the shimmering water, Simon thought he could feel something inside him ignite. Like a lit match had been thrown against the inside of his chest and slowly extinguished, a little surge of heat ran through him. Then Adam turned around to face him, the head of his cock still sticking out of the water, pointed right at Simon’s face. Then the surge of heat came back. Simon looked up at Adam’s face, and saw him smiling, looking right into his eyes. Simon could feel himself blush; he smiled and turned his face away.

Adam looked like he wanted to say something, but then he just laughed and threw his arms into the air, jumped up and flopped backward into the warm water: “Wooooooo!”

Simon did the same and they stayed in the water splashing and playing around for another ten minutes or so. One time Adam sneaked up behind Simon and put him in a bear hug. Simon laughed and struggled to get free, but as he struggled he could feel Adam’s flaccid cock pushing into his ass cheeks and he thought for a moment that he could feel it getting hard. Simon tried pulling his arms up, his hard, flexed biceps sliding over Adam’s, the water making their hard bodies shimmer like steel and copper. Eventually Simon got free and turned around, grabbing Adam in another bear hug from in front.

He squeezed and squeezed, Adam laughing and grunting trying to get free. Adam might have had the better body over all, but Simon had pecs of steel and was able to hold Adam really tight. As their bodies were squeezed together, thrashing about in the water, Simon felt Adam’s cock stiffen and rise up between his own thighs. Simon’s cock was being pushed against Adam’s hip and it was starting to stiffen as well with all this roughhousing.

Adam struggled and struggled, but found that he just couldn’t escape. He let out one more grunt as he tried to free his arms, but couldn’t and went slack in Simon’s grasp. He smiled and looked into Simon’s eyes, “Fuck, man! You win.”

“Damn right,” said Simon giving Adam one more big squeeze. Then he loosened his grasp, but kept his arms around him. Adam then brought his arms around Simon and pressed his now rock hard cock against his. Simon felt the surge of heat move through him again.

Adam moved closer, leaning in toward his face, and said, “We’d better get going.” And then they released each other and walked toward the beach do get their towels and dry off. Their now half-stiff cocks swayed to and fro and they dried them selves and pulled their shorts and shoes back on. They both had a little trouble stuffing them back into their shorts, and Adam showed a huge bulge down the leg of his blue spandex biking shorts.

They downed a couple of protein drinks that Simon had brought with him, and soon they were on their way again, plunging into the filtered shade of the forest, legs pumping, hearts pounding.

At about four o’clock they reached the end of the trail on the outskirts of the city where it intersected a highway. Hardly a four hundred series, though. You could probably get a good nights sleep on that road without ever having to worry about a car coming by. Once again, they were incredible muddy from their ride, but they were still near the river. The highway ran over it on a big, old stone bridge. They crossed the highway and then staggered with their bikes down to the river where they, once again, got naked and washed off. They were being much quicker about it this time, as they had to get back into town and hit the gym before supper.

However, as it turned out they weren’t quick enough getting cleaned up. As they were walking out of the river and back toward where their bikes, and clothes were, a group of three high school girls emerged from the brush alongside the water; they had been hiking along a trail, and neither Simon nor Adam had heard them coming. The girls obviously had neither seen nor heard our boys either, because they all stopped and gasped when the saw them. It was then that Simon and Adam looked up and noticed them for the first time.

Everyone just stood in silence for a moment, staring at each other, the girls were each about sixteen years old. All three of them stood with their mouths open as their eyes devoured every inch of these incredible specimens of masculinity which fortune had been kind enough to allow them to come across. One of them became rather faint and leaned against a tree as her one hand wandered to the crotch of her green cotton hiking shorts where a small wet spot had started to appear.

Adam and Simon looked at each other and subliminally decided to play this one cool.

“Hey, girls,” said Simon. A lupine smile spread across his face as he walked toward them where their bikes and clothes were. Adam followed. The girls were paralyzed.

The boys reach their bikes, their towels flung across a tree branch. Simon grabbed them and handed one to Adam.

“How’s it goin’?” said Adam as he threw his towel around his neck and started to dry his hair, water dripping down his body. Just for fun, he made his pecs bounce and twitch a bit as water droplets ran down them, down his cobblestone stomach, down the long, thick, muscular shaft of his flaccid appendage, and onto the grassy ground.

Then Simon spoke up. “Sorry about this. We were just getting cleaned up before we headed back into town.” He started drying off the rest of his big, hard body, raising his one leg and resting his foot on a rock nearby as he dried off his lower half. He spent a little more time drying his crotch area than he normally would have, going down the length of his shaft a couple times so that he would start to get hard—just a little bit.

Then they wrapped the towels around their waists. Simon gathered his at the front and split his legs in a manner which allowed his massive appendage to still be displayed through a crack in the cotton material. He knew that he was doing this, but acted as if he didn’t.

Adam stood beside Simon. He raised his arms and knit his hands behind his head, stretching and flexing his meaty arms. He smiled at the trio of melting females. “So what brings you girls here?”

The one in front attempted to make some sort of reply while the other two just tried to keep on their feet. “Uh… um… walking.”

“Cool,” said Simon who had been keeping himself occupied by flexing and stroking one of his pecs. “Well,” he said, turning to Adam, “we’d better get going.”

“Yeah.” Adam nodded.

They both flung their towels off, and started to fold them and pack them away while a couple of the girls just make small, breathy “Uh… uhgh” sounds.

The boys pulled their shorts and shoes on. Simon pulled a water bottle out of his pack and took a big chug. He then handed it to Adam who did the same and then, holding it out to the girls, said, “Thirsty?”

The girls just stood silent, staring.

Adam laughed. “Guess not.” He stowed the water bottle and started to mount his bike as did Simon.

“Well,” said Simon, flashing his killer smile. “It was nice meeting you gals. See ya ‘round.”

As the boys rode away up the river bank toward the highway they could hear the girls coming to their senses, exclaiming: “Oh my god!”, “I am so hot right now!”, “Those were the hottest guys I have ever seen!”, “Could you believe the size of their dicks!?” The boys just smiled and rode.

The ride into town was much more straight forward. The old highway would eventually lead them right into the downtown area where their gym was. It was mostly uphill and pretty straight. With the late-afternoon sun beating straight down on them, they were working up quite the sweat. Adam was in the lead once again, Simon pumping like crazy trying to keep up. Adam was standing up, and leaning forward while he rode up the slight but steady incline, and Simon once again found himself staring at Adam’s backside as he powered along the highway. As Simon pumped his own legs he thought he could feel some movement in his crotch. “What the fuck!” he thought to himself. “Why am I so fucking horny today?” He continued to stare at Adam’s sculpted ass. “Yep, definitely some movement going on down there.” He took a look at his crotch for a moment and could see he thick shaft slowly expanding down the leg of his cut-offs. He looked up again, staring at Adam’s ass. “Man,” he thought. “I could fuck anything that moved today.”

The ride into town didn’t take very long riding the highway the whole way. By five o’clock they were at the gym changing into their gym clothes, which pretty much just involved changing shoes. There weren’t many guys there; the gym was scheduled to close at seven, so they pretty much had the whole place to themselves.

Simon was still as horny as ever though. He was actually kinda worried that Adam would see him getting hard in the change room, but he was able to change without Adam noticing. Pretty soon, however, Simon wouldn’t be able to hide anything anymore.

They had been blasting their arms and legs for about an hour, working out the burn from the biking, when it was time for Simon’s favourite exercise: the bench. He went first and Adam spotted him. He decided to start with two hundred pounds on the bar. He laid down and started to get his grip, but his eyes soon wandered from where he was placing his hands to what was more directly before his eyes. Adam had changed into a loose pair of fleece shorts and had apparently forgotten a change of underwear. From his position, Simon could see clearly up the leg of Adam’s shorts to see his equipment. Simon wasn’t sure how to broach the subject, so he decided to try to ignore it.

“Ready,” said Adam.

“Uh… yeah.”

Simon started pumping out the reps, working his rock-hard chest muscles as he stared at Adam’s soft cock hanging heavy and long over his huge balls. Simon didn’t know what it was, but working his chest and staring at Adam’s package got him incredibly turned on. Simon also hated to break up a set so he just kept going until he had finished the twenty. He didn’t even notice that by rep sixteen or seventeen he had a raging hard-on straining the fabric of his cut-offs which was highly noticeable to Adam and anyone else who might have been in the gym.

“Eighteen… nineteen… twenty!”

Simon clanged the bar back onto the bench and sat up so quickly that he got a bit of a head-rush.

“Whoa! Man,” said Adam as he walked around and laid his hand on Simon’s shoulder. Then he lowed his voice and said, “I had no idea you got so turned on by working your pecs!”

Simon was breathing heavy. “Uh… yeah.”

Adam smiled and leaned toward Simon’s ear, despite the fact that they were now the only ones in the gym besides the staff. “Listen, man. I’ve had a pretty good workout already. Why don’t we hit the showers.”

Simon looked up and found himself staring into Adam’s eyes. He had never noticed this before, but his eyes were such a gorgeous, bright green color. “Sure,” he said quietly.

Then they did a quick stretch and headed for the showers, Simon’s hard-on still raging in his shorts, a wet spot now forming at the head of his cock which was seconds away from bursting free of his shorts completely.

When they hit the locker room, Simon stripped faster than he ever had before, he huge cock springing free from his shorts and pointing skyward, now leaking a steady stream of precum. Adam got undressed just as quickly and followed Simon into the showers. Simon turned on the water, grabbed a big wad of soap from the dispenser on the wall, and started to wash himself. When he got to his cock he started pumping it with his hands, the warm water pouring over his back, he closed his eyes and let the cum churn up from his balls into his swelling cock

Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He jumped a bit, as he open his eyes and looked over. It was Adam, of course, but now he had a raging hard-on too. All ten inches of his muscular cock swaying in front of his rock-hard abs.

“Hey,” said Adam. “You wanna try something?”

“What?” Simon looked puzzled.

Adam came closer, his huge cock touching Simon’s hips. “To get off,” he continued. “Do you wanna try something different to get off? It could be just what you need today. You’ve been pretty boned all day.”

“Uh… sure,” said Simon, still pumping his cock, the precum streaming from his head.

Adam turned around, his backside facing Simon, and put his hands on his ass. “Put it in here, man.” He turned his head around and smiled at Simon.

Simon, looked at Adam and then looked at his hard, sculpted ass. He thought for a second, but his cock took over his thinking for him, swelling and throbbing at the sight of Adam’s naked, willing body. “Sure,” he said as he stopped stroking his cock and walked towards Adam.

Adam braced himself against the wall of the shower as Simon approached his back and put his thick, throbbing cock to his hole. Simon put his hands on Adam’s round, broad shoulders and started to push into him.

Adam moaned as each thick, vascular inch penetrated his muscular glutes and entered his body. It didn’t even occur to Simon to look around to see if anyone was approaching, he just started thrusting, in and out, in and out. They both moaned like a couple of stags in heat, the sound muffled by the spraying shower heads, as their slick, muscular bodies grinded against one another. Simon reached around with his hands to Adam’s chest as he continued to pound Adam’s ass, but Adam redirected them onto his throbbing cock, now slick with precum. Simon took Adam’s cock in his hands and started thrusting down on his huge, thick cock—with both hands—as he thrust his own mammoth dick deeper and deeper into Adam’s hole.

They continued for about fifteen minutes or so, their moist, flexed, hard muscled bodies shimmering like polished metal until they could feel their approaching orgasms. Their moaning grew louder and louder as Simon jack-hammered Adam’s ass with that beautiful, rock-hard fuck-pole of his. Simon had no idea why he was doing what he was doing, all he knew was that it felt good—really good! So he kept going. Judging by Adam’s moaning, he figured that he was pretty good at it too.

Simon’s cock had been so full of cum for so long now, that he thought it was going to explode. He’d never been able to hold it back for this long before, and he didn’t know why he was; he just wanted Adam to cum before he did. And so it happened. Adam’s balls had been pumping a motheload of hot, rich, man cream into his big ten-incher and with one final, mighty thrust from Simon he shot his load. The cum blasted from Adam’s dick like water from a fire hose, half a dozen thick jets splattering the ceiling and walls of the shower room, the rest falling all over his face, neck and chest, several thick gobs also running down the length of his huge shaft, over Simon’s hands and onto his tight, engorged balls.

Then it was Simon’s turn to finally let loose. He groaned like a grizzly bear and shot his hot load of cum up Adam’s ass with such force at the beginning that it seemed to hurt Adam to take it, but then as he slowed down Adam also started to moan with please as he accepted Simon’s sizable shots. Simon kept on cumming so much that it started to squirt out of Adam’s tight ass and collect in puddles on the floor. Simon couldn’t believe how much he was cumming after having gotten off just hours before. But then it hit him. What does this all mean? Is he fucking another dude or just getting off in a different way? It sure felt good. But did it make him gay?

It had been a few months since Simon and Adam’s “encounter” in the shower at their gym, and as far as Simon was concerned, things couldn’t have worked out better. He and Erin had broken up a few weeks ago after she started talking about wanting to “get serious”. Fuck that! Simon was only 21! Settle down? He was just getting started. And his buddy Adam was more than supportive in that decision. After their first encounter, there developed an unspoken understanding that when Simon or Adam really needed to fuck (which was pretty damn often) one could call the other up and they’d get it on. It took Simon a few weeks to compute all this: he really liked fucking Adam, he also still really liked fucking girls. Once he realised that this was all cool, there was really nothing to get over. Shit, there was even a word for it: bisexual. He could live with that. And over the past few weeks, he and Adam had done pretty much everything he could think of, except Simon had not yet considered letting Adam fuck him. That was something yet to be explored.

School had started again. Simon and Adam found a place downtown together, as Simon put it: “Within stumbling distance of the clubs!” In fact, they were planning their first real “night on the town” since they moved in for that very night.

Simon sat on the edge of their living room couch, wearing his prized pair of Calvin Klein jeans as he pumped out biceps curls, his best shirt slung over the couch beside him. If they were going cruisin’, Simon wanted his guns looking their very best. It was dark now. Simon watched his reflection in the glass door to their balcony. After all the money he and Adam each raked in over the summer, they could afford a pretty decent place between them. Simon split his attention between watching his form and admiring that big muscle as it rolled under his skin. All the aerobic stuff he and Adam had been doing over the summer had really helped his definition.

“Ninety-eight… ninety-nine… one hundred,” he whispered, lowering the 20lb weight to the floor. He stood up and admired his shirtless image in the door, flexing his pecs. Fuck, he looked hot! From his sleek, spiky do to his bowling ball wrestler’s ass, to his 30” waist, to his hard, round biceps which, after all the work he’d been putting into them, were closing in on 19 inches when pumped. He struck and double-biceps pose, letting a shit-eating grin spread across his face. “They haven’t got a chance,” he said to himself.

He reached over to the table and grabbed a can of Axe, giving himself a light spray, and then started to put on his shirt. As he buttoned the front, he could see that by the end of the year he’ll have out grown in—especially in the arms. And then turning to check out his profile, he smirked as he caught sight of his basket. He’d decided to go commando, as he did whenever he was on the prowl, and it was obvious to anyone who cared to look that he was one big stud. Simon loved his cock. Even when it was soft, it hung low, arching out and over his heavy balls, creating a nice bulge right where it counted. He was ready to hit the town.


Simon turned around to see Adam standing in the hallway; he was ready to prowl too. He was wearing a sleeveless, fitted, blue dress shirt and black pants. He had obviously been pumping his guns too, and with the top two buttons of his shirt undone his pecs looked like they were ready to burst out of his shirt—his nipples just slightly visible under the fabric. Simon’s cock twitched just from looking at him. “It smells like sex in here!” Adam continued as he walked to the closet.

Simon laughed. “You better believe it, man. I am on the prowl tonight! Ladies, lookout!”

“Aw, shit!” said Adam, grabbing his good leather jacket from the closet. “I can see this night shaping up right now. You’re gonna land a chick in less than an hour and then I’m gonna be left on my own for the rest of the night.” He tossed Simon his jacket.

“Well, you’re half right. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to score in less than an hour, but whaddaya mean by ‘chick’? Start thinking plural, dude.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yup. I am so fuckin’ horny, I’m setting up my very first threesome!”

“Well, good luck stud. I hope you’ve got enough condoms.”

They both laughed as they left.

The next morning, Simon sat at the breakfast table entertaining Jen and Rachel. And Adam was right, it didn’t take more than an hour at the club before he was leaving with his arm around both of them—Jen a blond and Rachel a brunette. Both the girls were sitting rather lightly after the night they’d had. Simon had fucked each of them twice last night with his thick 8-inch cherry popper and then once each again this morning—even he was surprised at how horny he was lately. Simon was wearing his pajama bottoms and each of the girls was clothed in one of his shirts.

The threesome sat munching on bagels and sipping coffee when some strange guy turned the corner, yawning and said, “Whoa, full house.”

Adam quickly appeared behind the stranger and wrapped his hands around his waist. “Hey, guys. This is Nick.”

And so the five of them sat down and had breakfast together. Well, four of them sat (Nick the most lightly of them all), because they only had a table for four, so Adam stood at the counter. Nick was a pretty nice guy. Simon had wondered for a while if Adam was gay, so this wasn’t really that big of a surprise. Nick was going into his second year of the Theatre program. He was cute too. A whole head shorter than Adam, but perfect skin, nice head of short black hair, blue eyes, and a tiny little nose that you’d expect to see on a boy half his age. He was wearing one of Adam’s t-shirts, and swimming in it of course. And he really hit it off with Jen and Rachel. “A little too well, maybe,” thought Simon. He was fully expecting this to be a one-night thing with both girls. Whatever. He’d cross that bridge if he came to it.

Simon was laughing to himself about how the five of them were there just chatting as though nothing sexual had happened just hours before. When Nick and the two girls left, however, the cone of silence came off.

“Dude!” Simon said, as soon as their apartment door was shut. “What the fuck was that?” This could have been an incredibly negative moment in the two boys’ relationship, but it wasn’t. Mostly because Simon was grinning from ear to ear.

Adam laughed. “What can I say, man. I found the needle in the haystack. Well, actually he found me.”

The two guys moved to the couch to talk more about their conquests. Simon still wore just his pajama bottoms, Adam in a pair of old jeans with several holes in them.

“It was about an hour or so after you left, and I was about to go home myself when this guy, Nick, comes up to me and just starts chatting. I can’t even remember what his opening line was, but it must’ve been pretty casual, ‘cause I didn’t even clue in that he was coming on to me. I did think he was totally hot, of course, but given that we were in the straightest of bars it didn’t even occur to me that he might’ve been gay.

“We had a couple more drinks together, standing at one of those café tables, and then all of a sudden I feel a hand on the inside of my leg. It’s his. I look up at him and he’s giving me this look that could’ve melted steel. All I’m thinking is ‘Score!’

“So I return the look, lean over, and ask him, ‘You wanna come back to my place?’ and he’s like ‘Thought you’d never ask.’

“In the cab ride back here we could barely keep our hands off each other, but we had to try for fear that the driver’d kick us out or something. But still, he slips his hand inside my pants and starts groping me. His eyes, of course, nearly fly out of their sockets when he feels what I’m packin’ down there.”

“Fuckin’ right,” Simon chimed in.

“But we get back here, fly up the stairs, crash into the apartment, try to ignore the sounds of two females screaming in ecstasy down the hall…”

Simon smirked.

“…and tear into my room almost as fast as we tear each other’s clothes off. And this dude wanted it bad! He wrecked my blue shirt!”

“Holy shit!” Simon chuckled.

“He’s naked, and pulls down my underwear, like, really fast. And my cock, which by now has been straining the fabric for almost half an hour, flies up and smacks him in the face! And he just kneels there staring at it for, like, five seconds. But then he starts suckin’ me off and man is he ever good at it. My balls start churning up the pre-cum and I lead him to the bed. In a few minutes he’s takin’ like seven or eight inches of me down his throat and I’m holding onto his head as he bobs up and down like some machine

“After a few minutes I can feel the cum rising up my shaft, so I grab his head and hold it there. And I shoot this rocket load of cum into his mouth—he tries to swallow it, but it’s sprayin’ everywhere, which is a good thing. It lubed me up nice and good for round two.

“He pulls off my cock, mouth full of cum, and kisses me. It was sooooo hot, my cum sloshing in our mouths and around our tongues as we kissed. But then I roll him under me, and put his legs on my shoulders. My cock is still spurting some cum, so I use that to lube his hole a bit. I put my cock to his hole, lean forward, and kiss him as I grab his hips and get ready to ram it home. Then he says, ‘Wait! Just promise me you’ll go slow, okay? That thing is fuckin’ huge.’ I look into his eyes and smile. ‘Don’t worry,’ I tell him. ‘I’ll make it feel good.’”

“So I push forward and my cock-head slips in. He winces, so I just leave it there for a few minutes while kissing him. After a while I can feel his chute starting to loosen up, and my balls are churning out a copious amount of lube, so I slowly start to push into him. It takes, like, five minutes before I’m even half way in, and believe me it’s killing me, man. Every atom in my body wanted to just ram it home and pump this little fucker so full he bursts! But I stopped myself, ‘cause I didn’t wanna hurt him.

“Anyway, he’s just going nuts as I push into him, and then completely out of nowhere, he starts cumming! I’m not even all the way in yet and he’s shootin’ all over himself. All over my headboard too—that guy can really sling the jizz

“So, after that, I start licking up some of his spunk and kissing him. He’s still rock hard, and I’m almost all the way in, so I’m, like, ‘Fuck it.” I ram it home and he just screams into my mouth. But only for a second or two, then I slowly start to move it in and out just a little bit and before you know it he’s moaning like a stag in heat! And he cums again! I gotta tell ya, what this dude lacks in size he more than makes up for in recovery time

“Over the next hour or so I slowly build up my pace until finally my balls are just slappin’ his ass. By this point, he’s cum twice again! Little ones, but still. And I’ve really been holding it back—my balls had been packin’ my cock full of cum for a good ten or fifteen. So I ram it home one more time, and let the cum fly! It just blasts out of my cock and he makes it really obvious that he can feel it. He didn’t have any cum left, but I swear he orgasmed again.

“Anyway, I’m pumpin’ it out for almost a minute straight before I stop. I totally filled his ass and just kept going—my bed looks like a nuclear accident. But at this point, I’m so keyed up that I wanna go again. I don’t even pull my cock out of him. So I lean forward and tell him to wrap his legs and arms around me and hold on. He’s pretty light, so I get out of the bed with him on my front, right, just sittin’ on my cock. And he’s like, ‘Holy, shit! You’re fuckin’ amazing!’

“And I tell him that he ain’t seen nothin’ yet! I walk us over to my chin up bar, grab it, and start doin’ reps. I just bounce him on my cock at the bottom of every rep, and he’s goin’ nuts! As I go I can feel my balls just churning, swelling, and building up for round three. On the bottom of rep 45 I let it loose, spraying the top of his ass with another rocket-load of cum. I groan so hard I rattle the walls, and I can feel another load of his cum shooting between our abs. Then I walk us over to the bed and we just collapse. I was holding him in my arms, my cock still inside him, when we fell asleep.”

“Damn!” said Simon. “And I thought I had a wild night.”

By now, both Adam and Simon were sporting huge erections, again, and not trying to hide it.

“So, Nick’s pretty hot, eh? You gonna see him again?” said Simon.

“Oh, yeah, man. He can take it so good, but…”

“But what?”

“Well, this morning we decided to go for another round, only he wanted to fuck me. And it was good, he’s got a respectable cock, but… well…” Adam stared at Simon’s crotch as he stroked his cock through the material of his pajama pants—a big stain of pre-cum now appearing at the tip. “It’s nowhere near as good as your cock, man.”

“Oh, yeah.” Simon sported that shit-eating grin of his. Then he pulled his waistband down and put it behind his balls, displaying his throbbing, athletic equipment in all its glory. “You like this cock?” He continued coyly.

Adam nodded and licked his lips. “You ready for a third round?”

“Third? Man, this’ll be my seventh! The question is, are you ready?”

Adam just nodded and undid his fly.

Simon smiled, “Just show me that ass, dude!”


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